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Edition 88 23 January 2013

Traffic Tickets

Pico Duarte

Only three percent pay the fines of the tickets issued by the traffic police (AMET). The reason is that the law 241 does not provide the debt recovery of the tickets. Nevertheless, AMET issued more than one million traffic tickets during the past two years. AMET is now demanding that the law is changed and the payment of traffic violations must take place within one month. Otherwise, there shouldn't be issued a new driver's license nor ID cards (cédula) for the offenders and they should be banned from leaving the country. Today AMET often confiscates cars which is lawbreaking itself.

Juan Pablo Duarte's bust on the highest mountain in the Caribbean. Pic: Frank Mahrenbach

Foreign Investment Foreign investors have more confidence in the Dominican Republic. The direct investments by foreign companies in 2012 increased by 1.1 billion compared to the previous year to now 3.5 billion dollars. The largest funds flowed into the sectors of telecommunications, mining and tourism. Thus, the Dominican Republic has attracted 53 percent of all foreign investment in the Caribbean. These figures were published by Jean Alain Rodriguez, director of the Center for Exports and Investment (CEI-RD), on the occasion of receiving a donation of the Republic of China (Taiwan) of the amount of 210,000 dollars for the completion of the Single Window for Investment (VUI). Using the VUI, foreign investors can complete all the necessary administrative procedures at one single location.

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Different New Year's Reception Budgetary Restrictions of Danilo show Effect / Usual slow Start of School after Holidays Since the times of Trujillo, the New Year's reception of the Dominican President is a big event. Everyone of rank and name enjoys the festivities, and the proximity to the first man in the state. Until the last reception by President Leonel Fernández, this was the custom. The new president Danilo Medina seems to turn his words into action. For the first time in decades of luxuries for the upper ones, only a small group of selected individuals was invited to the presidential reception, which furthermore was postponed from the first to the 7th of January, the first working day of the new year. In a ceremony of only 21 minutes, President Medina and Vice President Mar-

garita Cedeño de Fernández welcomed 36 ambassadors, ten consuls and nine representatives of international organizations as well as representatives of the Catholic Church. Government ministers, representatives of the army and the bosses of the big companies were not invited. In the first three months of President Medina's austerity measures, the government had a surplus of 10.8 billion pesos. The revenue from September to November amounted to slightly more than 93 billion pesos, the expenditure was limited to 82.6 billion pesos. The budget office said that about one-third of the budget is spent on wages and work, another third is for financial services and the final third is for the government's projects and other. Despite the urgent call of the Minister of Education, Josefina Pimentel, the teachers and students should remind to come back to the classrooms after the Christmas holidays on the first day of school, the reaction was as weak as usual. At some schools, teachers apologized that they are still in the province, others sent a certificate of the doctor. Also the students had apparently no particular motivation to come back to school. During a tour of the newspaper “Listín Diario” in the capital, for example, in the school center General Antonio Duvergé


there were found only 29 of 439 enrolled students. The motto of President Danilo Medina, “cambiar lo que está mal”, change what is bad, obviously has not reached the people yet. The consumer protection organization Pro Consumidor assured that also in the new year it will not to slacken in its efforts to protect the consumers. Thus, at the outsets of 55 shops and supermarkets in Higuey and Constanza, 6,816 products were removed from the shelves. The reasons were as usual: expired date or dented and rusted cans, which were no longer good for consumption.

The “Ninis” 6.7 Percent of the Population do just nothing / Tourism needs 100.000 skilled Workers

According to a report from the Ministry of Labor's Dominican Labor Market Observatory, based on the National Labor Force Survey (ENFT) 2000 - 2012, 636,833 people between ten and 34 years in the Dominican Republic feel no motivation to learn or work. Especially for them, a new word has been created, the “Ninis”: ni trabajan, ni estudian, ni buscan trabajo they do not work, nor study, nor look for work. This number represents a 6.7 percent of the whole Dominican population or even 14.31 percent of the stated age group. In the group aged between 20 and 24 years, which is supposed to be the most active,

the number of lackadaisicals is even at 30 percent, or 189,091 people, followed by the 25- to 29-year olds with 24 percent, or 155,118 people. In the group of 30- to 34year olds, 23 percent or 144,935 people don't have any motivation to do something useful. Among the young people from 15 to 19 the number is at 20 percent, and in children between ten and 14, 23,391 or four percent do not feel like going to school. 44 percent of unmotivated have completed secondary school (secundaria), 40 percent finished the primary school (primaria) and ten percent have never seen the inside of a school. Eight percent have a university degree. The study's author probably has not, otherwise he would have noticed that the sum of the numbers is 102 percent. The difference between men and women is clear: 71 percent are female, 29 percent male. 63 percent live in urban areas, 37 percent in rural areas. 37 percent of the people between ten and 34 are living as children in the household of the parents, 35 percent are wives, eight percent are men who are sustained by the woman. These high percentages reflect the difficulties of finding work, or a lack of motivation on the part of young Dominicans to enter or remain in the labor or academic worlds. As a result, many have problems finding that first job and their jobless rate is two or four times higher than the adult rate. Their lack of experience, training and contacts seriously limits their chances, according to the Inter-American Development Bank. But although they are not that interested in working, at least they seem to be busy in phoning: there are now 9.925,141 lines in existence in the Dominican Republic, which is more than the total population, put at 9.3 million as at the last census.

Dominican Republic’s tourism sector needs as many as 100,000 skilled workers. Therefore, the Dominican hoteliers and tourism businesses grouped in Asonahores called the planned training center, to be sponsored by the Avignon Hotel School, a great contribution. Asonahores vice president, Arturo Villanueva, said the hotel trade and pastry school will be built in Higüey, the area which receives the most tourists, but noted that the training offer should be expanded to other parts of the country. The business leader stressed that the Avignon Hotel School is one of France’s most prominent training centers, not only in gastronomy, but also in services, for which its support for the National Training Institute (Infotep) will be of great significance for local tourism. Villanueva said just like Infotep, other agencies should also increase and improve their training of human resources for the country’s currently 60,000 hotel rooms in the tourism industry. The goal is to reach more than 150,000 hotel rooms over the next ten years, when the expected 10 million visitors will require 1.2 workers each. Villanueva noted that this requires that Infotep and others have to improve the training offered for the sector. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

Juan Pablo Duarte Born on 26 of January, 200 Years ago / “Father of the Nation” died lonely in Venezuela Juan Pablo Duarte, honored as one of the “Fathers of the Nation” was born on 26 of January 1813 in Santo Domingo, as the fourth of eleven children of a Spanish merchant family. Before he was born, Duarte's parents emigrated to Puerto Rico in 1802, after the occupation of the eastern part of Hispaniola by the Haitian Governor Toussaint Louverture in the previous year. In 1809, the family Duarte came back to Santo Domingo after the War of Reconquest (Guerra de la Reconquista). When Juan Pablo Duarte was 15, his father sent him to England to study. Later, Duarte went to France and Spain. In Europe, Duarte knew the romanticism, liberalism, nationalism, and utopian socialism. Here the political ideals of Duarte were shaped. His nationalism and liberalism were built on romantic ground: He saw the Dominicans as an own people, which makes them worthy of independence. In 1833 he returned to Santo Domingo, which was reoccupied by Haiti since 1822. However, Duarte had the problem that the aristocracy and the upper classes were feeling fine with the Haitian occupation. But at least in the urban middle-class was interested in his ideas of independence. On 16 of July 1838, Duarte founded the secret society “La Trinitaria”, which later was joined by the two other “Fathers of the Nation”, Matías Ramón Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez. The motto of this secret society was “Dios, Patria y Libertad” God, Fatherland and Freedom, the motto in today's national emblem. In 1843, Duarte joined the Haitian revolutionaries who wanted to overthrow the regime of Jean Pierre Boyer, who had converted from a liberal president to a brutal dictator. However, Duarte's real goal was the independence of the former Spanish part of Hispaniola.

Portrait in oil of Juan Pablo Duarte by the Dominican painter Abelardo Rodríguez Urdaneta from the year 1892. So after the successful overthrow of Boyer, Duarte soon got problems with the new Haitian government and had to go into exile to Curaçao on 2 of August 1843. Nevertheless, Duarte's ideals had followers, and on 27 of February 1844 they declared the independence of the Dominican Republic. Before he returned from exile, Duarte bought fire arms with the money of his family in Curaçao. He was received as a

national hero and assigned General of the Army. Mella proclaimed Duarte as President of the Republic, but he refused, he wanted to be elected by the people. The Haitian president Hérard tried in vain to reconquer the eastern part. General Pedro Santana, a conservative landowner, was the commander of the Southern Army, Duarte ordered the northern section. The country was ruled by a junta under Tomás Bobadilla, who requested the connection to France, after which he was overthrown by Duarte and Sánchez. The Northern Army again proclaimed Duarte as president, which again he did not accept. Nevertheless, Santana took this as a pretext to overthrow the ruling junta in Santo Domingo, headed by Sánchez, and to arrest Duarte. Santana declared Duarte, Sanchez and Mella “traitors of the nation” and sent them into exile in Hamburg. From there, Duarte went to Venezuela for twelve years. In 1861 President Pedro Santana reunited the land with Spain: the end of the First Dominican Republic. In 1864 Duarte returned to Santo Domingo, to once again fight for independence. He was sent to Venezuela as a consul to organize funds for the fight for the restoration of independence. But, since he didn't get money from home, his now impoverished family fabricated candles and Duarte died in Caracas on 15 of July 1876.

Border Problems Many Haitians couldn't return after Christmas Holidays / Special ID Cards for Workers

There were ugly scenes at the border crossing of Dajabón at Epiphany. The Haitian side of the border was crowded with hundreds of people who have spent the Christmas holidays with their families and now wanted to return to their jobs in the Dominican Republic. The problem: Many of them work illegally and without any legal papers in the neighboring country. The immigration office (Migración) informed the vacationers via the NGO Solidaridad Fronteriza, led by Father Regino Martínez (small pic), that they should get an ID card from their employers and legal identifications of their own country, in order to come back unhindered after the holidays. Obviously these warnings were taken seriously only by few. Or the Dominican employers didn't give them identity cards because by this they would admit to employ illegal Haitians. The situation got that precarious that the Dominican army and the border guards Cesfront sent units to keep control. The Director of Immigration, José Ricardo Taveras, made clear that Haitians with a valid passport and a visa may enter the country without problems again. Alone on

Sunday and Monday 1,166 people had been allowed to cross the border. The international border market in Dajabón remained closed on Monday after Epiphany. The city claimed a loss of 50 millions pesos. On the following Friday, the market was reopened after the situation had calmed down. On Tuesday there was a lot of agitation, when a group of Haitians hindered some limousines with security personnel of the Dominican ex-President Fernández from entering Haiti. Leonel Fernández flew by helicopter to visit the Henri Christophe University in Lemonade close to CapHaïtien, built with Dominican funds - his staff had to go ahead on the roads. The Haitian Vice Consul in Dajabón, Alexis Rafael, implored his countrymen to let the cars pass. José Manuel Tejada, the Commissioner of Migración in Dajabón made it clear once again that no undocumented Haitian would be allowed to enter. And certainly not with “passports” issued by Father Regino. The Senator of Dajabón, Sonia Mateo, said that the proposal of Father Regino was illegal, but the Haitians would cross the border anyway. “The government has no control that the Haitians will pass illegally, because they walk across the Masacre river and pay the military, which is even more dishonorable.” On Wednesday, Dominican President Danilo Medina met with the Haitian ambassador Fritz Cinéas and various ministers to find a solution to the tense situation. On the Haitian side, police used tear gas to disperse its compatriots.

Also Father Regino Martínez met with Dominican and Haitian public officials. It was agreed that the Haitian authorities will issue birth certificates to the 800 affected persons, while another 280 just had expired visas, which could easily be renewed. Meanwhile, the situation returns to normal. The Migración distributed identity cards to the workers, and a total of 217 companies have submitted applications for the legalization of some 7,000 previously illegal Haitians. What also has positive implications for the Haitians, who can now be insured, which was denied to them as illegal immigrants. For the company - alone in the construction sites, 59 percent are Haitian workers - that means also more security, because there will be no longer any danger for legal workers of being arrested and deported in the increasingly organized raids. 20 major farms and livestock associations of San Juan warned that more than 9,400 hectares of crops could perish because 90 percent of the pickers are Haitians. José Ricardo Taveras said, all this had nothing to do with the unrest of the past few days, because this was a long prepared issue. He criticized that during decades illegal Haitian immigration was tolerated, which led to serious disturbances on the labor market at the expense of Dominican workers, and the social security system had annual costs of six billion pesos for illegals.

Breaking Chains Three Years after the Quake / Martelly wants Reforestation of Haiti / Year of Environment children get a daily hot meal at school. What continues to stand at the top of the plan was to consolidate the rule of law.

On the eve of the third anniversary of the earthquake on 12 January 2010, which claimed some 300,000 lives, Haiti's President Michel Martelly reaffirmed his commitment to the reconstruction of the country and recalled the efforts of his government that such a catastrophe can not be repeated. „Everything that was destroyed in an earthquake of 36 seconds, needs more than four years to be rebuilt. We have to be persistent and may not stop working for a minute. This is a future project and we are working hard to move the country forward in the hope that one day we can give back to the international community what it has done for us,“ said Martelly. Haiti wants to break the chains of underdevelopment. Martelly recalled that still 54 percent of Haitians lived in extreme poverty, the government, however, wants to reduce the social exclusion. With programs of his government, three million children were vaccinated, 1.2 million poor children can now go to school and one million of

At the memorial service for the third anniversary of the earthquake on 12 January, the Haitian President Michel Martelly announced the reforestation of the country. According to official estimates, reforestation, protection of cities across of flood control structures, land management, water conservation and the planning of the transformation of poor neighborhoods, will allow the creation of 30,000 jobs. The plan of reforestation and land management will increase the vegetation cover and integrate the management of natural resources to reduce the vulnerability of the environment and stop the repeated flooding, the watershed erosion and the transport and deposition of sediment, which continue to threaten lives, property and infrastructure in Haiti. This year, the government plans to create community forests to increase between 2013 and 2020 forest cover of 27percent and implement a plant of multiplication of plants, in the ten departments of the country, to achieve an annual production capacity of 50 million plants in the second year of operation. According to calculations of the government, 6,000 Haitians lost their lives through direct environmental influences in the last ten years, a million people lost their homes, agriculture lost 281 million euros, and the supply of food and water is constantly threatened. For the government, therefore, fighting these threats is a moral imperative of health and public policy.

„It is necessary and urgent to rethink current models, that justify the exploitation of our resources beyond their capacity to regenerate and adopt eco-responsible behavior: the use of our soil, in the construction of our cities, in our production process and in the implementation of our infrastructure,“ said Martelly who lamented that for more than four decades, the governments have not been able to implement policies to meet the challenges of the environment in Haiti. This initiative is part of the „Year of the Environment“ 2013, announced by Martelly. Dominican Minister of the Environment, Bautista Rojas Gómez, said, „We welcome this decision, because the two countries share the territorial space of the same island. This decision will have a positive impact on the island," A group of Deputies of the opposition Parlamentarian Block for the Institutional Reinforcement (PRI) in the National Assembly prevented Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to read the government balance with horns and whistles. According to the Constitution, the Prime Minister has to present the government's balance and plans before any new round of parliamentary sessions. Since it was impossible for him to be heard, Lamothe handed the report to the President of the National Assembly, Simon Dieuseul Desras.

Chewing Coca in Bolivia Evo Morales celebrates Victory at United Nations / Cubans may leave Country freely

With a garland of coca leaves around his neck, Bolivian President Evo Morales celebrated his success. After years of fighting, the United Nations accepted with 15 dissenting votes that the traditional chewing of coca leaves in Bolivia, common for centuries, is not a criminal offense anymore. In front of tens of thousands of supporters in Cochabamba, Morales, who apart of Bolivian President also is the leader of the „cocaleros“ (coca farmers), celebrated the re-entry of Bolivia to the Anti-Drug Convention of 1961, from which it has withdrawn, particularly for the pressure of the United States, to classify the so-called

„acullicu“ as a crime, equated with drug abuse. „I want you to know that, under international law, the coca leaf is no longer regarded as cocaine. The coca leaf will never again be seen as a drug, which is why the coca farmer is no more seen as a drug dealer and the consumer is no longer seen as a drug addict,“ Morales exclaimed. Next on the plan is to sell the benefits of the coca bush: the traditional „mate de coca“ for northern Argentina, ointments, medicines, energy drinks, etc. These plans, however, immediately were interrupted by César Guedes, Peruvian representative of the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention: „This is in no way the legalization of the coca leaf. It still is on the list of controlled substances. You can not take your coca leaf into other countries, because there the local laws apply.“ This permission was only an internal affair of Bolivia. Meanwhile, the Bolivian army and police launched their annual raid against illegal coca plantations. According to UN figures, the area of coca plantations in Bolivia were reduced by another twelve percent compared to the previous year to 27,200 hectares in 2011. For the first time in more than fifty years, Cuban citizens are now allowed to leave their island without any official permission. The reform which was announced on 16 October last year by President Raúl Castro, started on this 14 January. Beside the citizens who want to leave, also about two million people who emigrated from Cuba mainly to the United States now can visit the still communist homeland without huge bureaucracy and special permits. Although the government eliminated now permits and invitation letters as a require-

ment for the permission to leave, most of the countries require entry visas for Cubans. According to the migration agreement, Washington must give 20,000 visas to Cuban citizens annually. Nobody now expects a storm of emigrants. The lines in the consulates of the United States, Spain, Canada and Mexico, the traditional countries of emigration for Cubans, were not longer than normal. With one hundred dollars, the Cuban passport is the second most expensive in Latin America, after Chile's, which costs 102.94 dollars. Not very cheap in a country where the average wage is at 20 dollars per month. The Peruvian passport is the cheapest for only 15 dollars. On 10 January, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, re-elected on 7 of October last year, should have been sworn in. But since his fourth surgery for cancer on 11 of December, he is still fighting for survival in Cuba. So thousands of Venezuelans took his place to swear the oath of office. The opposition demands new elections and the United States hope for a „democratic transition“, which alone was already considered an indebt interference by many and led to protests. Vice President Nicolás Maduro (photo) said after a visit to Cuba, Chávez was conscious and was on the mend.

Tubi? No, thanks! Aesthetes in Sosúa launch Anti-Tubi Movement / Stop the horrible "Mushroom Women"! The woman as a whole, usually is a quite sympathetic institution, which even can be used reasonably for a couple of things in daily life. Logically, she is not perfect, otherwise she would be a man. But it can be said without big exaggeration, it's not really bad, that she is existing. There are many things that you can or must forgive her. But there is a habit so incomprehensible that you hardly dare even to touch the subject. Here comes the better half and needs money for the “salón” at the weekend. Depending on the salón or the friend who will work on her and on what she wants to do with which “products”, at best, it is 300 pesos (just blow-dry), with an unlimited upward scale. There you send her with the hard earned bucks. After four to eight hours she is back again. But how? Does she look better than before? No, the exact opposite! Instead of a beautiful new hairstyle for which you actually gave the money, she has an incredibly ugly thing on her head. With a black hairnet, her head has taken the shape of a mushroom. Horrified, you wonder why she goes to the hairdresser to then hide the freshly blow-dried hairdo under a net. That it is protected, she says. Protected from what or whom? Why giving her good money for the hairdresser, if you cannot enjoy the work afterwards? Because at home from now on she will only wear the Tubi - that's the name this devilish invention. Day in day out you have to endure this horrible sight. Not even when you go shopping you will be relieved of it. The net will only be removed for the very important meetings with

her friends or when she will visit her family in the province with Caribe Tours. These are the only two reasons to remove the Tubi. For then the sweetheart revamps, as if she wanted to go to Pedro Clisante in Sosúa to walk the street: freshly bathed, made up, the new shoes and the trendiest clothes and the hair - open! As if there were no heat and no dust, from which the wonderful (sewn or glued) mane has to be protected. In ancient times it was hard to imagine that there could be something more un-aesthetic on God's wide earth than the sight of a woman in a housecoat with curlers, but this gruesome offense of any feeling for beauty is beaten clearly by the Tubi. Even the most beautiful princess with the Tubi is turning to an ugly ... mushroom (proof: pic right). In Sosúa there now is launched the laudable anti-Tubi-movement in which women with this “thing” on the head should be banned of the access to shops. The Compucentro in Alejo Martínez is giving free stickers (see left), which also can be printed when you open the webpage La mujer - por lo general - es una institución bastante simpática, que hasta es útil para algunas cosas. Claro, no es perfecta, si no fuese un hombre. Pero sin exagerar se puede constatar que no es realmente malo que existe. Tiene cosas que se le puede y debe perdonar. Pero tiene una costumbre que es tán difícil de comprender que hasta uno casi ni se atreve a tocar el tema. Ahí viene la doña el fin de la semana y necesita dinero para el salón. La suma depende del salón o la amiga que la trabaja y de lo que se quiere hacer con los “productos”. Después de cuatro a ocho horas vuelve a casa. ¿Pero cómo? ¿Es mas bonita que antes? ¡No! A todo contrario.

En vez de un peinado nuevo y bonito, por lo que se supone ha cogido el dinero, tiene una cosa increíblemente fea en su cabecita. Mediante una red negra su cabeza tomó la forma de un champiñón. Llenado de horror uno se pregunta, ¿por qué va al salón para después esconder su nuevo peinado bajo una red? Para protegerlo, dice. ¿Proteger de quién o de qué? ¿Para que se le dio el dinero si después ni se puede disfrutar la obra de la peluquera? Porque en la casa nada mas se pone el tubi - así se llama este invento diabólico. Día por día hay que soportar esta vista cruel. Uno ni se salva de ella yendo de compras. La red nada mas se quita cuando va a las importantísimas reuniones con las amigas o cuando se va en Caribe Tours a visitar a su familia en la provincia. Esas son las dos únicas razones para quitarse el tubi. Se va bañadita, maquilladita, con los zapatitos nuevecitos, la ropita mas linda y el cabello - ¡abierto! Como si viajando no hubiese ni calor ni polvo de lo que hay que proteger su maravillosa (cosida o pegada) melena. En los viejos tiempos … Lea el texto completo en la nueva página web:

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A guy dials his home phone from work. A strange woman answers. The guy says, “Who is this?” “This is the maid”, answered the woman. ”We don't have a maid!” “I was just hired this morning by the lady of the house.” “Well, this is her husband. Is she there?” “Uh ... she's upstairs in the bedroom with someone who I just figured was her husband.” The guy is fuming. He says to the maid, “Listen, would you like to make 50,000 bucks?” “What do I have to do?” “I want you to get my gun from my desk in the den and shoot that witch and the jerk she is with.” The maid puts down the phone. The guy hears footsteps, followed by two gunshots. The maid comes back to the phone. “What should I do with the bodies?” “Throw them into the swimming pool!” “What? There's no pool here?” Long pause ... “Uh .... is this 221-1811?”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

A newly married sailor was informed by the Navy that he was going to be stationed a long way from home on a remote island in the Pacific for a year. A few weeks after he got there he began to feel very lonely and missing his new wife, so he wrote her a letter. “My love,” he wrote, “we are going to be apart for a very long time. Already I'm starting to miss you and there's really not much to do here in the evenings. Besides that, we're constantly surrounded by young attractive native girls. Do you think if I had a hobby of some kind I would not be tempted?” So his wife sent him back a harmonica saying, “why don't you learn to play this?” Eventually his tour of duty came to an end and he rushed back to his wife. “Darling” he said, “I can't wait to rip off your clothes and throw you into the bed to make passionate love to you!” She kissed him and said, “First let's see you play that harmonica.”

Sudoku No. 173

 A man is coming to a nearly full restaurant. He goes to a table with a pretty young lady and asks her politely, if he can take the free chair. She looks at him and sreams, ”What? To your hotel room?” All the other customers get quiet and the man is looking for another place with a red face. After a while, the young lady comes to his table and says, “I'm very sorry for my attitude before. I'm a student of psychology and I'm testing the human reactions in extreme situations.” The man looks at her and screams, “What? 200 dollars?”


Sudoku No. 174

Lori, the pert and pretty Nurse took her troubles to a resident psychiatrist in the hospital where she worked. “Doctor, you must help me,” she pleaded. “It's gotten so that every time I date one of the young doctors here, I end up in bed with him. And then afterward, I feel guilty and depressed for a week.” “I see,” nodded the psychiatrist. “And you want me to strengthen your will power and resolve in this matter?” “For God's sake, no!” exclaimed Lori. “I want you to fix it so I won't feel guilty and depressed afterwards.”


The Page of Health Fast Food

Study shows Links to Asthma, Eczema and Rhinitis / Best Prevention: Eating more Fruits According to a publication of the journal “Thorax”, part of the “British Medical Journal”, the consumption of so-called “fast food” at least three times a week can cause severe asthma and eczema in teenagers. A group of scientists from the Universities of Auckland (New Zealand) and Nottingham (UK) came to this conclusion after analyzing data from more than 500,000 children in more than 50 countries. The team found that young people who consumed fast food regularly, had a signi-

ficantly increased risk of developing allergic asthma, eczema or rhinitis. The “International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood” noted that eating plenty of fruits apparently is sufficient to protect the body against the reactions described. The fast food, food that was prepared in specialized stalls on the street to be served and consumed quickly, normally has high levels of saturated fats, which are known to weaken the immune system, while fruits are

rich in antioxidants and other positive components. The experts found that young people who ate fast food more than three times a week at the beginning of puberty, had an increased risk of 39 percent of later developing severe asthma. Children between six and seven years had an elevated risk of 27 percent. However, the consumption of fruits at least three times a week, lowered the risk at eleven to 14 percent.

What are these People singing? “Corre” by Jesse y Joy The big winners of the Latin Grammy 2012 were the siblings Jesse y Joy with their album ¿Con quién se queda el perro? Me abrazas y no siento tu calor. Te digo lo que siento. Me interrumpes y terminas la oración. Siempre tienes la razón. Tu libreto de siempre tan predecible. Ya, ya me lo sé. Así que corre, corre, corre, corazón. De los dos tu siempre fuiste el mas veloz. Toma todo lo que quieras pero vete ya. Que mis lágrimas jamás te voy a dar. Así que corre como siempre, no mires atrás. Lo has hecho ya. Y la verdad, me da igual. Ya viví esta escena. Y con mucha pena te digo no, conmigo no. Di lo que podía, pero a media puerta se quedó mi corazón. Tu libreto de siempre, tan repetido. Ya no no te queda bien. Así que corre, corre, corre, corazón. De los dos tu siempre fuiste el más veloz. Toma todo lo que quieras, pero vete ya. Que mis lágrimas jamás te voy a dar. Así que corre como siempre, no mires atrás. Lo has hecho ya. Y la verdad, me da igual. Tu, el perro de siempre los mismos trucos. Ya ya me lo sé. Así que corre, corre, corre, corazón. De los dos tu siempre fuiste el más veloz. Toma todo lo que quieras, pero vete ya. Que mis lágrimas jamás te voy a dar. Han sido tantas despedidas, que en verdad dedicarte un verso mas está demás. Así que corre como siempre que no iré detrás. Lo has hecho ya. Y la verdad, me da igual. Lo has hecho ya. Y la verdad, me da igual. Lo has hecho ya, pero al final me da igual.

You embrace me and I don't feel your heat. I tell you what I feel. You interrupt me and finish the sentence. You are always right. Your always so predictable script. Now, now I know it. So run, run, run, heart. Of the two you were always the fastest. Take all you want but go now. I will never give you my tears. So run as usual, don't look back. You did it already before. And frankly, I do not care. I have lived this scene already. And with great sadness I tell you, no, not with me. I gave what I could, but at half door my heart stayed back. Your script of always, so repeated. It doesn't suit you any longer. So run, run, run, heart. Of the two you were always the fastest. Take all you want, but go now. I will never give you my tears. So run as usual, don't look back. You did it already before. And frankly, I don't care. You, the dog with always the same tricks. Now, now I know it. So run, run, run, heart. Of the two you were always the fastest. Take all you want but go now. I will never give you my tears. There were so many good-byes that really to dedicate you a verse is too much. So run as usual, I will not go after. You did it already before. And frankly, I don't care. You did it already before. And frankly, I don't care. You did it already before. But in the end, I don't care.

The duo Jesse y Joy consists of the siblings Jesse Eduardo Huerta Uecke, born on 31 of December 1982, and Tirzah Joy Huerta Uecke born on 20 of June 1986 in Mexico City. During their childhood, the two got the opportunity to practice on different music instruments as long they wanted in the Evangelist Church, where their American mother is a member. In 2001, the two decided to make music. Already their first song “Llegaste tú” was a success. Jesse although played street basketball until 2005, when they signed a contract with Warner Music. Since then, Jesse y Joy published three successful albums and won numerous awards, including six Latin Grammys. They are considered the most successful siblings in the music history of Mexico. Their last album “¿Con quién se queda el perro” (With whom will stay the dog?) had already Gold status in less than 24 hours after the release. Jesse plays drums, bass, piano, guitar, harmonica, and is also composing for other popular singers, Joy plays guitar and is considered one of the best voices in Mexico.

Vladimir Dotel


Fleeting Stars at Dembow

Again and again Omega!

Martha / Vakeró Did he mistreat her? Vladimir Dotel, head of the group Ilegales, which has been successful for 18 years, said at the launch of the new album “Ilegales. El Sonido”, the new artists of the so-called Dembow mostly are fleeting stars from which after one successful song, never is heard anything again. The reason primarily is their lack of musical education. “I think the movement of the Música urbana just goes through an evolutionary process and its best representatives are making an effort to make the things better. We see this in the change in their texts and in the arrangements,” said Dotel. He stressed: “The discipline and the education play a vital role.” Vladimir Dotel announced that the new album of the Ilegales is almost finished. “It's an album full of electronic sounds, mixed with the base of Merengue.” The Ilegales were a group of fusion and will continue to be the avant-garde. On the new album there can be found twelve tracks, including the two previously released songs with remarkable success, “Haciéndome el loco” (Playing the fool) and “Ayántame” (Fool me - read the text in LA PLAYA edition 82).

Antonio Peter de la Rosa alias Omega again produced negative headlines. A bus driver in Santo Domingo accused Omega of having threatened him with a gun to shoot him for blocking the way of his vehicle. Only for the intervention of one of Omega's bodyguards, he was still alive. Omega now has to show up in court again on 23 of January to respond to the allegations.

Tony Dize Manuel Varet Martes alias Vakeró, one of the few lasting stars of the Música urbana (“Echale agua”) denies the allegations of his ex-girlfriend Martha Heredia vehemently to have abused her physically and emotionally. Martha Heredia, once the winner of “American Idol”, declared as model for the youth by the current Vice-President, published photos in facebook showing her with bruises. She also met with prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso. Vakeró was arrested after showing up at the court. “La Baby” actually wasn't that successful after her “Idol” victory, she rather called attention with scandals, like killing a Haitian in a car accident.

Psy Enough of “Gangnam Style”

It was the hit of 2012: “Gangnam style” of South Korean rapper Psy. Now he says he has had enough of the song. He was working on a new piece, to prove that he is more than a one-hit wonder.

Concert on Valentine's Day

Antonio Feliciano Rivera alias Tony Dize, born in Boston, USA, as a Puerto Rican descent, representative of a romantic Reguetón (“El doctorado”), will come to the Hard Rock Cafe in Santo Domingo to give a concert on Valentine's Day.

Specials of Ready for DR and Best Sosua Real Estate

co630 Fabulous 3 BR, 2 BA Ocean View Villa. Lot 3,000 sq.m2/ sq.ft.32,290, Building 250m/sq.ft . 2,691 furnished, Reduced to US$ 290,000, owner finance, athumeyer – 809-462-8140

a247 Furnished 2 BR, 2 BA 3rd floor condo, low maint., Sosua, 80 sq.m/ft²861, US$75,900. Athumeyer – 809-462-8140.

a241 Fantastic Ocean Front 1 BR, 1 BA Condo, furnished, 2nd floor, 72.36 sq.m2/775 ft., Cabarete. Reduced to US$110,000! athumeyer - 809-462-8140

a215 1 BR, 1 BA Pool View Apartment. 83sq.m/sq.ft.893, furnished, 2nd floor, before $85,000 - NOW only: US$79,000. athumeyer – 809-462-8140

Land in Villas Cofresí, Puerto Plata, 926 sqm, in a quiet location, loadfree title, 1 million RD$, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321

a329 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom Penthouse, furnished, Sosua, 161sq.m/sq.ft.: 1,732 - on sale US$ 118,000. 809-462-8140

Small finca, 10,000 sqm with fruit trees (100 trees), beautiful house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 studios, pool 8 x 4 m, cistern 80,000 liters, electric plant, Inverter, pavilion with seating, water + electricity 24 hrs, title unencumbered, 275,000 US$., Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321

a220 Large Renovated Furnished Studio Condo. fully furnished, 50 sq.m/sq.ft. 538, only US$29,900, – 809-4628140 a315g Small Ground Floor 1 BR Apartment Sosua. Building Size: 23,80 sq.m/sq.ft.: 256, low fees, ON SALE ONLY US$28,000. athumeyer – 809-462-8140. a327j 2 BR, 2 BA Junior Suite, close to beach! Sosua/Cabarete, Built: 2012, uilding Size: 61,52 sq.m/ sq.ft.: 662,19 – US$136,999. athu or 809-462-8140 co438 3 BR/2 BA Townhouse Sosua/Cabarete furnished, Lot: 300 sq.m/sq.ft.3,230 Building: 150 sq.m/sq.ft.: 1,615, US$110,000. athu – 809-462-8140. co614 Cute 2 BR, 2 BA House Sosua, furnished, pool, garage, maintenance only US$40, 1,011 sq.m/ft.10,883, built 90 sq.m/ft.969, US$129,000. – 809-462-8140 co661 4 Bedroom Duplex Villa Sosua – Cabarete, Lot 1,029 sq.m /sq.ft. 11,078, Size 300 sq.m/sq.ft 3,230, Baths: 4.5, Reduced to US$225,000 ! Owner finance. athu – 809-462-8140. co583 Unfurnished 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Villa. Lot: 2,630 sq.m/ sq.ft.: 28,309, Size: 155 sq.m/sq.ft. 1,668. Reduced to US$155,000. – 809-4628140

House with 3 apartments, good investment, quiet location in Puerto Plata, later extension to 6 units possible. 60,000 euros, info@rialto, Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321 Apartment Block for sale, Sosúa, central, excellent income, US$ 365.000. Call 829-461-9324 For sale in Costambar, Puerto Plata, land 780 sqm with 2 houses of 150 sqm., each with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 40,000 L tank, Inverter, garage, Price US$ 250,000 negotiable, call 809-426-6643 Apartment in Sosúa for sale or rent, 80 sq.m., fully furn., 5 min. to the beach, US$65,000. Call 809-5711822

Long Term Rentals

Re#60 2 Bedroom, 2 Ba Town House, Building Size: 126 sq.m/sq.ft.: 1,356. AC, Balcony, Garage, US$600/month, athumeyer@gmail .com or 809-462-8140 Beautiful apartment in La Mulata, 1 bedroom, bath, great dining area with open-plan kitchen, tastefully furnished, 58 m². TV, WiFi, Inverter, beautiful garden and parking lot, very calm. For Long-term-rent available US$ 320 pm + electricity + 2MM Deposit. Call 809-571-9942, Cel. 829-877-9826 Apartments for rent, Sosúa, central, quiet, clean, 1 bedroom & studios, from RD$ 9,500. Call Matt today: 829-461-9324 Apartments for rent in Cabarete, furnished, 2nd floor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Big swimming pool, parking. Rent incl. water and electricity. 10 000 RD$. Rooms – 6500 RD$, tel. 809-8757701. Apartments for rent, Sosúa, central, quiet, clean, 1 bedroom, 4 studios, from RD$ 9,500. Call Matt today: 829-461-9324 Furnished House for rent Puerto Plata, Safe area near Mountain with view, 24 hr water & elect., Close to everything, private bar, Karaoke & Gym, billiards. 20,000 RD$/month, 1 & last+dep. 809-303-0091

Beautiful new Bungalows From US$399/month all inclusive about 40 sq.m., completely furrnished in a guarded and safe complex, close to the center of Sosúa. Very beautiful garden with big pool, pool bar, waterfall, 5 mts wide, Cana covered pavillion with BBQ and seating area. Glosed and guarded parking. 24h electricity and clean water from own well, High-Speed WiFi Internet, HD-TV, Radio, CD, DVD. Tel. 809-801-8686 or 809-801-8660 Mail: 2 Bedrooms, 1 living room/dining area, 1 bath, Urb. Joel beside Torre Alta, Puerto Plata, 24 h water, closed parking, rent includes cable, water and common area maintenance. 12,000 RD$, Tel. 829-262-2315. Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546 For rent: Apartment in Puerto Plata, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, RD$5,000 + utilities,, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321 Rent a space for your business in the office of LA PLAYA in Sosúa. Internet included. Just bring your desk and computer and start to work. Infos at 829-373-1218

Sudoku solutions from page 12:

Re#006 a323 3rd Floor 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment - Sosua Center, 61 sq.m/ft. 657, US$350 per month, 1 year and longer. athumeyer@gmail .com or 809-462-8140. Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment Sosua, 83 sq.m, 2nd floor, US$525/month, 1 year and longer. or 809-462-8140

Sudoku No. 173

Sudoku No. 174

Rooms and Apartments Rooms from 6,500 pesos/month

Playa Laguna, 809-571-3375 JUST PERFECT FOR DOM.REP. NEWCOMER for Rent exclusive 4 room furnished apartment Terrace / Swimmingpool 2 Bathroom / WC / Douche Household can be taken over. Top deal! Monthly rent 675 US$ More information cel. 809-974-2316 line 809-571-3726

For rent from 1 March 2013 SOSUA, PLAYA CHIQUITA Apartments with fantastic Ocean view 166m² fully furnished, in a quiet, gated Condominium with 24h security, tropical garden with central pool. 2 bedrooms with AC, 2 bathrooms, living-dining room with mahogany wood kitchen, utility-room, spacious terrace. Long-term rent US$ 1’000. p. month, incl.TV/Internet, gas and parking lot, excl. electricity and cleaning Tel. 809 974 3073

Looking for a restaurant to rent, completely furnished, in the area Sosúa/Cabarete. For offers please call 829-592-7376

Bose speakers with stands. The legendary Bose 901 in piano lacquer. Best box of all time with an equalizer, RD $ 40,000, Phone 829-392-7165 Behringer mixer for musicians with built-in amplifier, 500 watts. Ideal for bars, musicians, karaoke etc. Like new, with case. Price negotiable. Phone 829-392-7165 Dryer, like new, 220 V, RD $ 15,000, dishwasher, RD $ 15,000, Quad / Yamaha, with many spare parts (seat, fenders, etc..) neg; electric tile cutter - new, neg.; wall joint saw, 220 V, new, neg.; ironer 220 V, 80-cm-roll, neg., Vacuum Cleaner, 220 V, neg. Phone 829-23-6863

Professional Restaurant Equipment: Double Gas Fryer (Dean brand) / 6Burner Gas Stove & Oven (Sunfire brand), Large Griddle, Stainless Steel Prep Tables, Garland Master 450 Convection Oven, and more ... Call Cliff 809-994-0289 Bronce Statue 100x50cm. Very beautiful. Email me and I send Foto and price. Info: hegopromo Complete Golf Set, Iron: Ping, Driver Callaway. US$350, Tel. 809-9742316 Industrial, Heavy-Duty 26-inch Pedestal Oscillating Fans (DF650-T) 3-speed, 13,000 cubic meters airflow per hour, noise reduction design, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

Plants for sale: We have sago palms, norfolk island pines, mint, chives and more! Call 829-540-6606, La Mulata, Sosúa

TV - Panasonic 50-inch HDTV Viera 720p Plasma, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

40'-Container, steel, 12 m long, 2,33 m wide, 2,37 m high, weight 3.8 t, 67 cubic meters, US$ 5,000 o.n.o. Tel. 829-359-9316

Electric welder type Elektra Beckum Turbo CT SB 200, 230/400V, 20-80 Amp, electrodes from 1.6 to 4 mm, RD$ 9,500. All used but in good condition. Phone 809-866-0188, email:

Mizerak pool table for sale 205 cm x 112 cm with accessories, in the area Sosúa, RD$ 14,000 o.n.o.. Tel: 809571-9942 Decorations made of clay and concrete for home and garden. Also worn stone figures and containers can be processed and repainted here. Tel 809-571-3407

Wanted OPCs in Cabarete. Five days 9 till 5pm. Must speak English. Info call 809 991 2636.

Inverter 1.5 kW plus 4 Black Trojan batteries (Feb. 12) to sell for RD $ 15,000. Phone 809-571-2219

Houskeeper for Boca Chica, no kids, own room, good salary, call 829-3599316. Se busca ama de casa en Boca Chica, sin niños, propia habitación, buen sueldo. Por favor llame a 829359-9316

2 Ceiling fans, 52”, with light, brandnew, shipped in from the USA, still in box, also power saw, best offer, Tel. 849-884-1947 or 849-8827719

Looking for a job as a manager or assistant in a restaurant in the area Sosúa/Cabarete, German professional, please call 829-592-7376

WD hard disc 250 GB 3.5” IDE, used, no defect sectors. 1,500 pesos. Installation of Windows plus 500 pesos. Other parts of PC on request. Tel. 829-324-7624

Leica Construction level surveying instrument with aluminum stand (Swiss), US$ 1,500. Phone 809-5712219 Professional Conveyor Belt Tunnel Toaster: (New) “Dosilet” (TT0001), Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

Battery Trojan Black, 6 V for inverter, bought on 16.10.12 (never used), now only 4,000 RD$. Tel. 809571-0961 Computers: HP Pavillion Elite PC (30” Dell Monitor, 2.66GHz, 1TBHD, 4GB-RAM, Bluetooth KeyboardMouse), Sony VAIO Mini-Laptop (New) (10.1”, 1.83GHz, 250GB-HD, 1GB-RAM), Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Laptop Expansion Base (Docking Station): HP-Compaq XB-3000 Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Video Camera: (New) “Sony” HD Handycam (HDR-CX350V) & “Sony” Accessories (Underwater Cases, Shooting Grip-Tripod, Video Lights, Zoom Microphones, Extra Batteries) Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Billiard Table, Professional, Good Condition, Only RD 29,000 / Call Cliff 809-994-0289

External Network Hard Drive: (New) 4-TB (4,000 GB) “Western Digital” MyBook World II, Dual Drive, Media Streaming, Remote Access, AutoContinuous Back-up Call: 829-3228982 / Email: Webcams: (New) “Logitech” HD Pro (C910), Full HD (all directions) 1080, 10MP, Carl Zeiss optics Call: 829322-8982 / Email: uniq44 iPhone 3 & iPod Accessories: OtterBox Case, Blue-Storm CaseBattery, iSound Battery Backup, Scorsche Battery Backup, Monster iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter, AC Wall Chargers, Auto Chargers Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44 Video Game Systems: “Nintendo Wii”/ “XBOX 360 Pro (60GB)” (both New with extra Games & Accessories) Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Professional Panini Grill: (New) “Waring” (WPG300) 19-inch Splittop, Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Professional Espresso Machine: (New) “Mini Moka Demoka” (M593) Full-Auto, Pump Pressure System, Integrated Grinder, Portion System, 2-Cups, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Professional Extreme Blender: (New) “Waring” (MX1000XTS), Hi-Power, Heavy-Duty, Stainless Steel, 64-oz, 3.5-HP (45,000 RPM), Call: 829-3228982 / Email: Professional Frozen Drink Machine: “Donper” 12-Liter (3.2-gal), Single Canister, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Point-of-Sale Receipt Printer: “Star Micronics” (SP500) Dot Matrix Receipt Printer Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Estate Sale: Mahogany Furniture (Night Tables, Dressers, Portable 3Shelf Stand), Portable Bar w-Stools (Acacia Wood), Club Chairs (Eucalyptus Wood), Folding Tables & Chairs, 6-Light Chandelier, Décor Wrought Iron Side-Tables, and More … Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Cash Register: “Sharp” (XE-A101) High Contrast LED display, 8-preprogram depts., 4-Clerk #’s, 80 price lookups, auto tax system Call: 829322-8982/Mail:

Air Compressors: “PowerMate” (Heavy-Duty, 20-Gallon, 1.5-HP, 135PSI, Electric) / “Pro-Force” (Portable, 3-Gallon, 1-HP, Electric), Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Professional Portable Bar w-Stools (Acacia Wood), and stackable Club Chairs (Eucalyptus Wood) Call: 829322-8982/Mail: Professional Rubber Mats: (3’x3’x5/8”) Heavy-Duty, Commercial Grade, Snap-Together, Anti-Slip, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Grease/Chemical (perfect for Restaurants & Bars) Call: 829-3228982 / Email:

Hyundai Tucson, 2008, 73.000 km, first owner, excellent conditions, 590,00 RD$, Tel. 809-866-0188 Cadillac Escalade (2004), Pearl White, Fully-Loaded, Low Miles, Great Condition, Only 700,000 (Lowest Price in DR), Call: 829-3228982 / Email:

LOTY CAR RENTAL Carrtetera Sosúa – Cabarete Renta y Compraventa de vehículos Car Dealer & Car Rental


Here you find LA PLAYA ... at José O'Shay's in Cabarete

SURFLESSION – all day/every day, loving it: 809-963-SURF (7873),

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Front bumper for Mitsubish Montero, IO, in the area POP/ Sosúa/Cabarete, RD$ 4,500 o.n.o., Tel: 809-571-9942 Mitsubishi Montero Jeep, year 1998, re-upholstered, new battery and tyres, gas or petrol, US$ 8,000 o.n.o, please call 829-678-3311 Pasola Padoni 2009 (AZ150T-6), 150 cc, great condition, Call: 829-3228982/Email:

Wanted urgently: Doner Kebab/ Shawarma machine. For offers please call 809-523-6188

Professional Folding Tables (6-feet) & Folding Chairs (Contour): “Lifetime” brand, Commercial Grade Call: 829322-8982 / Email: Mechanics Tool Kit: “Channel-Lock” (171-pc) Professional Set, Call: 829322-8982/Mail:

Mazda 6 Sedan, 2007, color red, 460,000 RD$, Total Cars Sosúa, Phone 829-329-4126 Lexus Sports Car Cabriolet in top condition. Yellow. Ideal gift for your wife. Price: 35,000 US$. Negotiable, unique car in the Island, Year 2002. Info: hegopromo Mitsubishi Endeavor Jeep, 2004, all options, 4x4, leather,runs perfect, VERY CLEAN, burgandy, great ac, low mileage, maintained well, 430,000 pesos, Americain owned, leaving country, (809) 507 5320, Shawn

VECINOS SATURDAY MARKET @Cabarete – 300 m east of Texaco every Sat 8 – 2 pm / Pulga Garage Sale Delicious Lunch Specials / Cheese Cakes Sell your stuff – Vendor tables RD$200 Join the fun (809-571-0260) Reception Hall Rental / 20 - 250 people Fiestas, Cumpleaños, Anniversaries

Roughly at the middle of the beach of Cabarete, you can find the bar and restaurant José O'Shay's. One of the specialties, besides Guinness or Stew and José's Pizza Shack on the road side, are the various sports leagues you can watch on eight screens. In addition, José O'Shay's holds events at the Irish holidays, like the next, Saint Patrick's Day on March 17. * The presented delivery points of LA PLAYA are advertisers and are chosen randomly and without any preference.

Except in SOSÚA you also can find LA PLAYA in Puerto Plata, Costambar, Cofresí, Maimón, Playa Dorada, Sosúa, Cabrera, Las Terrenas, Santiago, La Vega, Bonao, Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, Guayacanes, Juan Dolio ...

IMPRESSUM Editora LA PLAYA Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

5.000 copies English 2.500 / German 2.500

Your ads: by mail: by phone: 829-373-1218

LA PLAYA office in Sosúa, beside the German Bakery Open: Mon. - Fri. 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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