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Edition No. 85 / December 12, 2012

Public Holidays

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¡Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!

The strange custom of moving public holidays to Mondays in order to have a longer weekend, possibly will find an end next year. The Labor Ministry has announced the public holidays for 2013. Tuesday January 1, New Year's Day, will not be moved, nor will Epiphany (Three Kings Day) on Sunday 6 January. Neither will Altagracia Day be moved, and it will be celebrated on Monday 21 January, and also the anniversary of founding father Juan Pablo Duarte's birthday will be commemorated on the actual day, Saturday 26 January.

Dominican Christmas specialty: Deliciously roasted pork - nothing for vegetarians.

Deficiencies Dominican universities are not in optimal shape to feature in an international level ranking, because they lack teachers with doctorates, masters and specialties, infrastructure, laboratories, education technology and computers, as well as modern university management. The biggest deficiencies are the low number of teachers with post-graduate degrees, other dedicated full-time or part-time to classes, weaknesses in infrastructure, especially in laboratories, limited access for students to educational technology, low investment in education and a saturation of the courses offered. Low subsidies of the universities by the government and lack of investment by the private sector are what keep them from offering an excellent education.


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Hundred Days in Office President Medina's Speech / Calling for Patience / Many Projects were initiated already In his speech after a hundred days in office, the Dominican President Danilo Medina called on his countrymen to be patient, because the transformation of the society could not be achieved from one day to another. He acknowledged that citizens, especially the young, have more than sufficient reasons for not trusting politicians in general. He asked the people not to doubt his willingness to take the country forward, with firmness, honesty and justice, although there are a lot of deficiencies. After all, Medina drew a positive balance, even though according to a recent survey, his administration found only 34 percent approval among the population. Danilo Medina emphasized that for him transparency meant dialogue, exchange of ideas, a renewal of the agreement and a permanent disclosure of what is being done. Of which he said he was pleased to be able to do after the first hundred days in office, because much has been started. The big change has begun, and nothing could stop it anymore. But a peaceful and democratic revolution does not happen from the night to the morning. The privileges of the officials were abolished, if the members his government do not stick to the signed code of ethics, they will be fired and possibly put on trial. The tax reform was carried out in order to meet the four fundamental objectives of the

country. Justice - those who earn more, will have to give their share, so that the poor can be supported. Tax evasion and smuggling are leading to an annual loss of millions and shall be stopped. Large parts of the micro-enterprises should be integrated into the formal economy, by this way many workers will be covered by the social insurance. The most important aspect, however, is the development of the country. Danilo Medina was aware that the times demanded sacrifices now, but the good results will be permanent. After the first bitter sip there will remain the sweet taste of more work, better health and education. There will remain the sweet taste of social justice, less poverty and especially that every citizen has the same rights and the same obligations. After three months, Danilo Medina could already pride himself with a list of achievements: the education, not just the four per cent of GDP, but also the promotion of higher education. Next year, 29,000 domestic and 2,000 international scholarships will be awarded. For 7 January 2013, when the two-years campaign for alphabetization is starting, already 6,000 volunteers and 124 organizations have agreed to participate. The plan “Quisqueya without poverty” will interrupt the circle of poverty and social

exclusion. In the province of Monte Plata there were founded cooperatives already. All cooperatives with solidary production will be supported in order to improve the living conditions of the people in the countryside. More will follow all over the country. Small and medium enterprises already got cheap loans. The Banca Solidaria (Bank for Development), which is one of the promises of the campaign, has provided more than 400 million pesos in loans, thus making 4,500 micro entrepreneurs creditworthy for the first time in their lives. This opens a new opportunity for them and a great door for the country. Banco Agrícola gives subsidized loans up to 50,000 pesos to farmers without funds. The program Mas Pyme (more small and medium enterprises) will provide training and technical assistance to 25,000 entrepreneurs. That is to support each entrepreneur, not just with loans, but in all processes, with support and training, to achieve to be successful. Hundreds of miles of dilapidated roads throughout the country were repaired in these first three months, next year will follow at least another 1,100 kilometers. The construction of 29,000 classrooms in the next four years has already begun. For the first time, these buildings are properly tendered and any qualified company can participate. With a newly-organized and better-paid police the fight against crime will become more effective. Medina called not to take revenge but look to the future and not backward and throw stones, but to use them instead as bricks to build a great future for the Dominican people. ¡Manos a la obra! Get to work!

Four Percent for Education In the Budget for the first Time / PRD promises Support / Christmas Dinner for all

For the first time in history, the Dominican government will spend four percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) on education at primary and secondary schools in the budget of 2013, although this was legally established already in 1997. Thus, a requirement of the civil rights movement “Educación Digna” (photo above) was met, who has demanded this with their “yellow protest” for four per cent for months. The Autonomous University (UASD) will get 1.25 billion pesos more than in 2012, also vocational schools and other institutions whose grants have been frozen since 2003, will have a lot more money next year. The opposition PRD party, whose candidate Hipólito Mejía was defeated by the current president Danilo Medina in May, will agree to the budget of 2013 for this reason. The budget of 2013 will amount to nearly 517 billion pesos, 83.4 billion are to repay debt. The budget is in deficit, because only 376 billion pesos revenue are expected. The local authorities will receive a billion pesos more than in 2012. For citizens safety and protection of women the government will spend 835 million more than a year before, the police will get 500 million more to modernize and to fight crime better.

According to plan, the deficit at the end of 2013 will be at 2.69 percent, to the end of 2014 it will be down at even 1.4 percent. The calculations used a dollar rate of 41.60 pesos and the oil price at 106 dollars per barrel. The Dominican government will give a copy of the budget to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in order to analyze it. After the previous government has accepted IMF loans, there came two missions of the IMF, the one last in November, that depicted the economic situation of the Dominican Republic as “difficult”. The government wants to reach an agreement with the IMF. The micro, small, and medium company share in government purchases could reach 29 billion pesos next year, according to Public Contracts director Yokasta Guzmán and other government officials who deal with government suppliers. According to Guzmán the 29 billion pesos will go to small businesses all over the country as part of the 20 percent that Law 488-08 establishes for all government purchases. She said that each institution should show how this 20 percent to the so called “Mipymes” is being spent. She said that the Directorate General of Government Procurement would be monitoring the purchases to guarantee access to government purchasing orders for these small companies. Guzmán said that this measure fulfills one of President Danilo Medina's campaign promises.

At Christmas time the provincial governors, senators, deputies, mayors and other local officials will be present at 155 feedings to be held by the Comedores Económicos (economic dining place) in all towns of the country where the needy will get free meals starting from 20 December. President Danilo Medina ordered that there will no longer be celebrations of functionaries in the institutions of the state. The needy will be offered “moro de habichuelas” (rice and beans) with pork, lettuce, grapes and apples. At each Comedor Económico up to 5,000 people can be fed. The whole campaign will cost more than 150 million pesos. Furthermore, the Interior and Police Ministry will hold community meals in the 113 districts where the progams “Vivir tranquilo” (Live quiet) and “Barrio seguro” (Safe hood) are implemented. For that campaign 37 million pesos will be spent. The aim of these campaigns sponsored by the government is that during Christmas time everybody can enjoy the company of his neighbors and that no Dominican has to go to bed hungry.

Object of Dispute: Leonel Youth Movement: Myth disenchanted / Frente Amplio wants to try Dominican Ex-President

While some would prefer to see former Dominican President Leonel Fernández behind bars, others make pilgrimages to his support. One “pilgrim” came with his cross from Dajabón in the west, the other from the Altagracia province in the east. They were received by their former president and celebrated by enthusiastic fans (photo). Amid shouts “Ruge, ruge el león” (The lion roars, he roars - word-twister: El leon, Leonel) they said Leonel is the most valuable asset of this country.

“Our only guide is Juan Pablo Duarte, the father of our country”, however, say the young people of the “Dominican Spring”, when they demanded in nationwide demonstrations to end the impunity of corrupt officials and to explain the reasons for the financial deficit that former President Leonel Fernández has left. “We achieved that people are upset about the way the state is run.” They say that for their demonstrations the world public became aware of the economic and political situation in the Dominican Republic. “It is strange that a president who has not spoken with the national press in eight years of his reign, his explanations were very rare, now appears in just two weeks five or six times daily in newspapers and TV channels to justify his term. We have shown who Leonel Fernández really is, we have disenchanted the myth Leonel.“ After Attorney General Domínguez Brito refused the request of the president of the party Alianza País, Guillermo Moreno, to prosecute the former president, for there was no evidence for prosecution in his accusations, the party Frente Amplio (Broad Front) wants to bring Leonel Fernández to regular courts, where he must face the charges, which will then be presented. Leonel Fernández had to be brought to ordinary courts, not the Supreme Court, as now he was a normal citizen, and no longer the president of the country.

At a meeting of former President Leonel Fernández with a commission of the political committee of the PLD and representatives of most of the PLD allies represented in the Bloque Progresista, the members assured the beleaguered former president their full support in the “relentless campaign of attacks, to which he is exposed.”

On the newest list of Transparency International (TI) on global corruption, the Dominican Republic is ranked 118 of 176 countries. In Latin America, only Nicaragua, Honduras, Paraguay, Haiti and Venezuela are ranked lower. This year, the country ranks 118, together with Ecuador, with a score of 32 points on a scale from 0 to 100. The most honest countries are Denmark, Finland and New Zealand (90 points each), the worst are Somalia, Afghanistan and North Corea with eight points each. “The region (Latin America) was well out of the international crisis. The economic model showed good macroeconomic results, which did not lead to improve the quality of life of the citizens. Latin America is the most violent region with the highest inequality,” said TI director for the Americas, Alejandro Salas.

“Ecological Corridor” Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is helping / Increasing Number of Haitian Muslims

On a three-day workshop in Santo Domingo, eight representatives of the Ministry of Environment of Haiti met with eight of the Dominican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Also governmental and non-governmental organizations of both countries came to learn about the state of knowledge and to exchange the experiences of their efforts to protect nature in the two neighboring countries. Biodiversity of both countries is highly vulnerable because of soil erosion, deforestation and over-exploitation of natural resources and the resources of the sea, often because the people don't have another choice to survive or simply by ignorance. The conference was held on the initiative of the „Ecological Corridor in the Caribbean“, which also includes Cuba, supported by the Programme for the Environment of the United Nations, as well as with financial assistance of the European Union. Léogâne, west of the Haitian capital of Portau-Prince, a city badly affected by the

earthquake in 2010, had famous visitors. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn helped along with dozens of other volunteers with the construction of a hundred houses that the organization „Habitat for Humanity“ has donated, which is working in Haiti for 28 years. „We have a deep and personal commitment to invest in the future of Haiti," says Carter. „Rosalynn and I worked here last year together with volunteers of 'Habitat' and families who were without shelter because of the earthquake, to build much-needed houses in Haiti. We were both very moved by the experience we had in this country that we know and love since many years.“

Muslims in the Caribbean? Countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and Guyana have large Islamic communities for their Indian and Indonesian immigrants. In contrast, the Haitians came from West Africa, where Islam was not yet common in that time. Still, in Haiti there is a rapidly growing number of people who believe in Islam (photo above). Ironically, the movement comes from the USA, where many Haitian criminals who were deported after serving prison, came in contact with the Black Muslims in prison. Last year the American leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, visited Haiti for the first time, where an estimated number of

some 2,000 followers are living. In Catholic Port-au-Prince, where the Christian hymns in the many churches resound in the streets, there are at least five mosques. A 43-year-old Muslim woman says she's been converted because of the self-discipline and the emphasis on education and cleanliness in Islam. The washing before the five prayers also prevents cholera, she believes. Robert Dupuy, an imam in the city, says that after the earthquake many took his faith: „We were well organized, we had space in the mosques, where we could feed the people.“ Islam has come to stay, says Dupuy. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) gives a 50 million dollars grant to Haiti, for a project that will improve access to quality education for as many as 360,000 children from preschool until the end of fundamental cycle (9th year). The grant will fund the building of new schools, tuition-free primary education, student health programs, and strengthen the Ministry of Education. 20 new public schools will be built, benefitting 8,200 children. When completed, these schools will include equipped libraries, sanitary facilities, a school canteen, energy and water systems, and be made accessible to disabled children.

Mexico has new President

Just Mexico!

Protests at Peña Nietos Inauguration / “Deficit Zero”

Mexico's new President Enrique Peña Nieto took his office for the next six years on 1 December under massive protests in the capital. The protesting youth movement “Yo soy 132” accused Peña Nieto to be a president who was installed by TV-channel Televisa. The leftist opposition and its leader López Obrador called the government takeover by Peña Nieto a “black day” for Mexico's democracy. Peña Nieto brought back the power to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which ruled Mexico for seven decades until 2000. This sparked many fears that the old corrupt, authoritarian politician guard will again determine the direction of the country. But Peña Nieto promised a new policy that will address the needs of the people. Presenting his program, the new president explained that it is based on five axes: the first was to achieve that all Mexicans could live in peace again. He'll end impunity, a working judicial system is the basis for safety. The second point is to overcome the inequalities that divide the Mexicans, and the fight against poverty. “It is degrading and unacceptable that millions of Mexicans are starving,” said Peña Nieto.

The third axis will be the education, parents would have to find a good job so that they are able to feed their children and send them to school. In order to create a prosperous Mexico, the fourth axis is the sustainable use of the country's immense natural resources. The products have to serve the people of Mexico today and in the future. And as the fifth axis, Mexico will stand in solidarity with the noble ideals of humanity and with global responsibility to promote the coexistence of peoples. President Peña Nieto promised a “Deficit Zero” in public spendings for next year in order to ensure the current economic stability of the country. “The sustainability of public finances will remain a pillar of the national economy,” said the president. The governments of the Mexican states had a moral obligation to operate economically. In Mexico, only eight of every 100 crimes committed are reported and 99 percent of them go unpunished, said the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) in a report. The Commission is currently investigating 2,126 cases of forced disappearance of persons, it counted 46,015 people executed during the last six years and 15,921 dead and 1,421 unidentified bodies buried in unmarked graves. In 418 detention centers there were counted 239,760 prisoners. The State disburses huge resources to combat crime and to arrest criminals, but virtually abandons them once the person is in prison, says the report of the CNDH. In recent years torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners, arbitrary arrests, illegal searches and raids, forced disappearance and murder increased.

A few days before his departure as President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón requested that the Mexican Parliament should approve the abolition of the official name “United States of Mexico”, which is fixed in the Constitution since 1824, “with all objectivity, and all seriousness”. Just “Mexico” was enough. The name “United States of Mexico” was created at a time when the United States of America were a political model for many. However, 200 years later this fact was overcome. Mexico is a name that is unique and distinctive, a “beautiful, fitting word, with the accent on the third to last syllable, sonorous, which is identified around the world,” said poetic Calderón. The initiative, initiated by Calderón when he was sworn as a deputy in 2003, is seen positive by historians, but critics say that Calderón has revived this initiative at the end of his term, to divert attention from other problems.

Latin America backs Palestine Vehement Opposition of Israel and USA / Panama said No The Dominican Republic already has diplomatic relations with the Palestinian state that does not yet exist, so it was no question that it would agree to the application for the admission of Palestine to the United Nations (UN). Despite vehement opposition of Israel and the United States, the United Nations agreed on the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on 29 November, exactly 65 years after the UN mandate for the partition of Palestine to build a Jewish and a Palestinian state, to accept Palestine as a UN member with observer status - as the Vatican. 138 countries voted in favor of the application of Palestine, 41 abstained, only nine voted against it, including, as expected, Israel and the United States, but also Canada and Panama, the only Latin American country. The other nay-sayers were the Czech Republic, and the Pacific island states Marshall Islands, Palau, Nauru and Micronesia. Paraguay, Guatemala and Colombia abstained. The Dominican Republic was the fifth country of Latin America after Cuba and Nicaragua (1988), Costa Rica (2008) and Venezuela (April 2009) to recognize the existence of Palestine in July 2009. Except for Mexico and Colombia, which have not yet recognized Palestine, the rest of Latin America followed in 2010 and 2011. In Europe, the main proponents for a recognition were France, Italy and Spain, the UK and Germany abstained. The greatest attention for the Palestinian application was in Chile, since more than 400,000 mostly Christian Palestinians live there, the largest Palestinian community outside their homeland. Since 1974, when Palestine was granted the recognition of self-determination by the UN, this was the fourth request of the Palestinians at the UN to get more international support. The latest application for recog-

nition as a state was vetoed by the USA in September last year. Yet on 31 October, the UNESCO recognized Palestine as a state and a full member, despite the rejection of Israel, the USA and Germany. Also this time the Israelis and Americans had harsh critics on the decision. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Abbas' speech „defamatory, toxic and a completely mendacious propaganda.“ The American Ambassador at the UN, Susan Rice, said the recognition was „unfortunate and counterproductive“ and an obstacle on the path to peace. Also Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used the same words. And as to show that Israel never cares about any decision of the UN, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the building of new settlements with 3,000 units in the occupied areas of Cisjordania and East Jerusalem the day after Palestine's success at the UN. Furthermore, Israel will keep120 million dollars in Palestinian funds this month as punishment for disobeying orders to hold off on its UN bid. “We made it clear to the Americans that if the Palestinians go to the UN, this will be our response,“ sad Israel's finance minister Yuval Steinitz.

LA PLAYA says Adios! Since the world will end on this 21 December, I would like to thank all our readers and advertisers for their three years of loyalty. It was a very nice time and I am happy to have met many nice people, but also the opposite of it. Since Christmas and New Year will not take place anymore because the date is after the world's end, I prefer to save the good wishes. However, if aso the Mayans just told nonsense, and contrary to all expectations the world will not end, the next edition of LA PLAYA will be published as scheduled on 26 December.

Newly discovered Mayan epigraphs.

And if instead the world's end a new era begins, as interpreted by some, it would be great if there would be some benefits for LA PLAYA, too. For example, that advertisers will not let me show up five times for a few pesos, but simply pay at once. That they do not haggle about the price, but just accept the price as it is usual in a restaurant, and when they like the ad maybe give a tip, for the design is for free and elsewhere they had to pay a couple of thousand pesos for it. They generally could advertise more, and if it is only to support LA PLAYA a little bit. Because LA PLAYA is still the (currently only) medium to address a welldemarcated target group - the Englishand German-speaking visitors and residents almost all over the Dominican Republic. For according to the experience, an ad in LA PLAYA often has a long-term effect. Often readers call after weeks or even months to ask for a specific ad published in an earlier edition. And maybe some day even some official institutions of Tourism or Culture will discover and honor the valuable promotion that LA PLAYA is doing for their country.

But since probably everything will stay as it was, I wish a Merry Christmas to all readers and advertisers. Werner Rümmele, editor

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It's me, the Pope!


Work by Results

The Pope dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter greets him and asks him his name. “I am the Pope!” “Pope, Pope,” Saint Peter murmures, “I'm sorry, there is no one with this name in my book.” “But ... I am God's representative on earth!“ “God has a representative on earth?” Saint Peter asks amazed, “funny, he never told me about that.” The Pope is getting red like a lobster, “I am the head of the Catholic Church!” “Catholic Church ... never heard of,” says Saint Peter, “but wait a minute, I'll ask the boss.” He goes back in the Heaven and tells God: “Hey, there is a guy who says he's your representative on earth. His name is Pope. Does that sound to you? " “No,” says God, “I have no idea. I don't know anything about that. But wait, I'll ask Jesus. Jeeesus!” Jesus comes running, “Yes, Father, what's up?” God and Saint Peter tell him the situation. “Wait,” Jesus says, “I'll check that. I'll be right back.” Ten minutes later he's back, laughing tears. “I don't believe it”, he gasps, “do you remember the little fishing club I founded 2,000 years ago? It's still existing! "

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

Sudoku No. 167

A priest dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. Ahead of him is a guy with sun-glasses, a golden necklace and jeans. Saint Peter addresses this guy, “Who are you, so that I may know whether or not to admit you to the Kingdom of Heaven?” The guy replies, “José Gómez, taxi driver of Santo Domingo!” Saint Peter consults his book. He smiles, “Take this silken robe and golden staff and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Then it's the priest's turn. He stands erect and booms out, “I am Joseph Snow, pastor for the last forty-three years.” Saint Peter consults his book. He says to the minister, “Take this cotton robe and wooden staff and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” “Just a minute,” says the priest. “That man was a taxi driver, and he gets a silken robe and golden staff. How can this be?” “Up here, we work by results,” says Saint Peter. “While you preached, people slept; while he drove, people prayed.”

Sudoku No. 168

A postmaster received a letter addressed to Santa Claus: “Dear Santa, could you give me 50 dollars for a bike? My mother is a widow and we are very poor. The bike would help me deliver newspapers and get some money for the family.” The postmaster was touched, took it to his church and read it aloud. It prompted a collection which raised 48 dollars. The post master slipped the money into a church envelope, and sent it to the boy. The following week there was letter to Santa, and he read it in the church: “Dear Santa, thank you for the money for the new bike, but next time make it sure not to send it through the church because those bastards took a 2 dollars commission.”



The Page of Health

HIV Test for Home OraQuick reacts to HIV Antibodies / Number of new HIV Infections declining steadily

On World AIDS Day on 1 December, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that 34 million people worldwide are infected with HIV - in the Dominican Republic the number is estimated at 75,000, although there are many who are unaware that they are carriers of the virus. One of the good news is that fewer people are newly infected than in past years. The peak of new infections was in the nineties, since then the number is declining - to 2.5 million last year, 1.7 million died of AIDS. The bad news is that only 54 percent of patients have access to the essentials drugs, and worse: only 28 percent of the children.

This year's theme for World AIDS Day was “get to zero”: zero new infections, zero deaths for AIDS and cero discrimination of the patients. Víctor Terrero, director of the National Council on HIV and AIDS (Conavihsida), said that the good coverage with antiretroviral drugs is another important step forward. Today, 22,000 patients received the necessary medicine. Conavihsida got 107 million pesos to support the programs for prevention and treatment in the Dominican Republic, donated by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria late November. Thus, the supply of people with HIV with drugs was guaranteed until May. Terrero described it as a disgrace that today there are still children getting infected with HIV by their mothers at birth. The organizations of society were called for a crusade, so that infected can give birth to healthy children. For the coming year it is expected that still nearly six percent of newborns will be infected by their mothers during birth. OraQuick, the HIV test for home, which is already used in 37 countries worldwide, now also is available in Dominican pharmacies. Just like a with pregnancy test it can

be found out at home, whether you have been infected. The test strip is used for a saliva test on the upper and lower gums. In the result there can be seen in less than 20 minutes, whether or not there are HIV antibodies in the saliva. However, the test is not 100 percent reliable.

What is this Guy singing? “Esta Navidad” by Elviz Martínez Of course, a successful and popular Bachata star like Elvis Martínez also has his own Christmas carols in his repertoire. Ay sí, Elvis Martínez, tu Camarón! Esta navidad no quiero pasarla sin tí. Es un año mas y tu no te acuerdas de mí. Es duro pasar otro año nuevo sin ti. Yo se mi amor que estás muy lejos pero no es imposible venir. Esta navidad yo quiero verte, quiero tenerte junto a mí. Esta navidad, que triste será. No quiero pensar pasarla sin ti Esta navidad que triste será. No quiero pensar pasarla sin tí. Eh, eh. Tu Camarón, Elvis Martínez! Te voy a guardar un arbolito hecho por mi. Lo voy a decorar pensando en que tu vas a venir. Quiero ver la luz de tu arbolito junto a mí. No me vayas fallar que puedo morirme mi corazón no aguanta mas. Otro año mas si tu no vienes no lo voy a soportar. Esta navidad que triste será. No quiero pensar pasarla sin tí. Esta navidad que triste será. No quiero pensar pasarla sin tí. Eh, eh. Que triste estoy esta navidad pensando en que tu no vas a venir. The Argentine cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better known under his artist name Quino, creator of the incomparable comic character Mafalda (in LA PLAYA always on the page “Fun and Sudoku”), received the Order of Arts and Letters from the French Minister of Culture Aurélie Filipetti. She thanked Quino that with his drawn characters he makes us smile and think at

Oh yes, Elvis Martinez, your Shrimp! This Christmas I do not want to pass without you. It's another year and you do not remember me. It's hard to pass another new year without you. I know, my love, you're far away, but it is not impossible to come. This Christmas I want to see you, I want to have you close to me. This Christmas how sad it will be. I do not want to think to pass it without you. This Christmas how sad it will be. I do not want to think to pass it without you. Eh, eh. Your Shrimp, Elvis Martínez! I'll save a little tree for you made by me. I'll decorate it, thinking that you are going to come. I want to see the light of your little tree next to me. Don't fail for I could die my heart can not take any more. Another year if you do not come I will not endure it. This Christmas how sad it will be. I do not want to think to pass it without you. This Christmas how sad it will be. I do not want to think to pass it without you. Eh, eh. How sad am I this Christmas thinking that you're not going to come.

Elvis Martínez was born in San Francisco de Macorís and sang in different groups in his hometown when he was a teenager. His professional career started in the USA in 1993, when he got an offer to play in a Bachata group, sponsored by the record label Premium Latin Music. For this purpose he had to learn to play the guitar first, which he did in only a few days. In 1998, Elvis Martínez, known as “El Camaron” (the shrimp), published his first album “Todo se paga” (You pay for everything). For this he received both, the Premio Estrella Music Award as well as the Latin ACE (Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos) Awards in New York as the “Discovery of the Year”. The presented song “Esta Navidad” was published on Elvis Martínez's second album, “Directo al corazón” (Directly to the heart) in 1999. In May this year, “El Camarón” who now prefers to be known as “El Jefe”, published his ninth album, the first in five years, with a big show in New York. The video for the lifted single “Yo te voy a amar” was shot in a military camp in Medellín, Colombia, and allowed Elvis Martínez to return at the forefront of the Tropical music section. Beside the Dominican Republic, Elvis Martínez' Bachata has been very successful in the United States and Central America, as well as in Europe in the Dominican colonies especially in Spain and Switzerland. the same time. Quino, who was born 80 years ago in Córdoba, Argentina, said that, like any other of his generation, he had a great relationship with French culture and this award was “the pinnacle” of his life. He said that he had drawn because that's the way he can express himself better than with words. Also in Argentina Quino was honored for his 80th birthday.

José Luis Perales


To cry for Love is beautiful

Songs against Violence

The 67-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter José Luis Perales, in the music business for 40 years, with 25 productions and 50 million albums sold, one of the most successful Spanish-speaking singers, came to Santo Domingo to perform two concerts on his tour “Calle Soledad” as part of his Latin American tour. He confessed that his knees are still trembling before every tour, especially at the beginning, when he meets his audience. He finds it difficult even after so many years, to appear before an audience, the main reason why he makes such a few tours. He also confessed that when he is writing his romantic songs, he always is crying. Asked whether he is aware of how the people are moved to tears with his texts, Perales affirmed, “Because I cry too when I write them. And it is fantastic to cry for love. When the soul is crying in real emotion - not from pain but from emotion I think that's wonderful.” He loved it, when his emotions run free. José Luis Perales writes all his songs by himself and says he has never interpreted the song of another. Asked if sometimes he is thinking to end his active career, Perales said, as long as he still has a voice, he will not stop to sing.

A month after his release from prison, Omega El Fuerte came back in a television program, where he said he wanted to tape two songs on violence against women. This was the best way for him to show that he, who was in Jail for supposedly abusing women, has changed. In the program, Omega dreamed to become “a representative of Latin music in the world”. However, he acknowledged that he was not ready yet, even though he traveled a lot and his music is heard in many countries. Omega recently is talking about his social works to change his negative public image. Omega assures that secretly he had always done social works. “I helped to build the road in my barrio, I helped to build a sports field, and then I fenced it, now it has light and then I repaired the road again.” He wanted to open a “comedor económico” where poor people can eat for little money. When Omega came to the program “Nuria Piera”, she estimated him to wear more than twelve million pesos in jewelry and clothing: a Rolex with an estimated 105,000 dollars, a necklace with a value of an estimated 120,000 pesos, he did not remember the price of his earrings, but his bracelets cost 70,000 and 35,000 pesos. His Cavalli pants cost 1,000 dollars. Diamonds, his specialty, he needed that something is shining on him, in times when he doesn't.

María Susana Flores Beauty Queen shot dead

The Lords of the Underworld love being surrounded by beautiful women, which often ends bad for them. This is what happened to the Mexican 22-year-old beauty queen María Susana Flores Gámez of Culiacán in Sinaloa state. The winner of the contest Mujer Sinaloa 2012 was in the car of her boyfriend, a suspected sicario (contract killer) of the cartel of Sinaloa, when there was a shootout between soldiers and the gangsters. She, her boyfriend, two other gangsters and a soldier were shot dead. In their car the police found a wide arsenal of weapons.

Iglesias / Martelly Together on Stage

On 28 December, Haitian President Michel Martelly, formerly a popular Kompa singer, will sing with Julio Iglesias at the concert in the amphitheater of Altos de Chavón.

Super Offer! Specials of Ready for DR and Best Sosua Real Estate a220 Large Renovated Furnished Studio Condo, fully furnished, 50 sq.m/583 sq.ft, only US$29,900. or 809-4628140 a215 1 BR, 1 BA Pool View Apartment. 83 sq.m/893 sq.ft, furnished, 2nd floor, NOW only: US$ 79,000. - athu - 809-462-8140. a241 Fantastic Ocean Front 1 BR, 1 BA Condo, furnished, 2nd floor, 72.36 sq.m/775 sq.ft., Cabarete, Reduced to US$110,000! athumeyer or 809-462-8140 a247 Furnished 2 BR, 2 BA 3rd floor condo, low maint., Sosua, 80 sq.m/861 sq.ft, US$75,900, athu - 809-462-8140. co614 Cute 2 BR, 2 BA House, Sosua, furnished, pool, garage, maintenance only US$40, 1,011 sq.m/10,883 US$, built 90 sq.m/969 sq.ft, US$129,000, athumeyer or 809-462-8140 co604 Bargain Unfurnished 3 Bedroom Villa. Lot 292.24 sq.m / 3,146 sq.ft, Building 140 sq.m/1,507 sq.ft, Reduced to US$59,900! - - athumeyer - 809-462-8140 a315g Small Ground Floor 1 BR Apartment, Sosua. Size 23,80 sq.m/256 sq.ft, low fees, on sale only US$28,000. 809-462-8140. a323 3rd Floor 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment - Sosua Center. Building Size 61 sq.m/657 sq.ft, low maintenance fee, Reduced to US$52,500 - - athumeyer - 809-462-8140

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Land in Villas Cofresí, Puerto Plata, 926 sqm, in a quiet location, loadfree title, 1 million RD$, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321 Small finca, 10,000 sqm with fruit trees (100 trees), beautiful house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 studios, pool 8 x 4 m, cistern 80,000 liters, electric plant, Inverter, pavilion with seating, water + electricity 24 hrs, title unencumbered, 275,000 US$., Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321

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House with 3 apartments, good investment, quiet location in Puerto Plata, later extension to 6 units possible. 60,000 euros, info@rialto, Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321

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House with 2 Bedrooms in Cabarete, garden/garage, 300 m to the beach, incl. Edenorte, rent 10.500 RD$. Tel. 809-571-0961

JUST PERFECT FOR DOM.REP. NEWCOMER for Rent exclusive 4 room furnished apartment Terrace / Swimmingpool 2 Bathroom / WC / Douche Household can be taken over. Top deal! Monthly rent 675 US$ More information cel. 809-974-2316 line 809-571-3726 Furnished House for rent Puerto Plata, Safe area near Mountain with view, 24 hr water & elect., Close to everything, private bar, Karaoke & Gym, billiards. 20,000 RD$/month, 1 & last+dep. 809-303-0091 Apartments for rent, Sosúa, central, quiet, clean, 1 bedroom, 4 studios, from RD$ 9,500. Call Matt today: 829-461-9324

For rent: Duplex, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, open floor plan, furnished, ocean view, 20 minutes on foot from Playero, quiet residential neighborhood, no kids, pets welcome. US$350.00 plus electricity, deposit required. For information call 809571-3038.

Extenstion ladder Cosco, 17 feet, closes to 5 feet, can be used as a step ladder or scaffold and wall ladder, please contact 809-507-5320. Christmas slim tree, 9 feet, good quality, used once. Price: 4,900 RD$. Tel.: 809-571-1083

Bronce Statue 100x50cm. Very beautiful. Email me and I send Foto and price. Info: hegopromo

32 inch HDTV Sony Bravia + 1 Blue Ray Player hardly used , RD$ 16,000.00 or best offer. Call 829570-5846. Kid's chair, playpen, crib, all made of wood. Prices on request: 829-4624304

For rent: Apartment in Puerto Plata, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, RD$5,000 + utilities,, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321

Dryer, like new, 220 V, RD $ 15,000, dishwasher, RD $ 15,000, Quad / Yamaha, with many spare parts (seat, fenders, etc..) neg; electric tile cutter - new, neg.; wall jooint saw, 220 V, new, neg.; ironer 220 V, 80-cm-roll, neg., Vacuum Cleaner, 220 V, neg. Phone 829-23-6863

Apartment, Sosúa, 5 min. to the beach, 80 sq.m., 2 bedrooms w. bath, fully furn., kitchen, terrace, pool, tennis court, guarded, UD$450/ month extra costs incl. 809-571-1822

Toshiba Laptop, 320 GB harddrive, Windows 8, brandnew in the sealed box, 19,000 RD$, Mail to, or phone 829-843-7462

Rooms and Apartments in Sosúa, from RD$6,500. Call 809-571-3375

InStyler Hair Dryer, new in box, with a large 1.25 inch barrell to curl long hair. Call 829-260-0310.

Villa, 220 m2, 3 bedrooms, 3½ bathrooms, balcon, terrace, pool, 650 USS. 809-571-46-29, nathalie SOSUA, PLAYA CHIQUITA Apartments with fantastic Ocean view 166m² fully furnished, in a quiet, gated Condominium with 24h security, tropical garden with central pool. 2 bedrooms with AC, 2 bathrooms, living-dining room with mahogany wood kitchen, utility-room, spacious terrace. Long-term rent US$ 1’000. p. month, incl.TV/Internet, gas and parking lot, excl. electricity and cleaning Tel. 809 974 3073

Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546

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Modern 3 BR, 2 Bath Villa in quiet, safe, picturesque gated community of Casa Linda. 24 hr security, power, internet, cable TV, water, Jacuzzi, Oversized dual pane windows, 14 foot vaulted ceilings, air conditioned, dual car port, pool, and fully furnished. Price only US$219,000. Call Mike 809-860-6907 or email: (English Only Please).

Left-handed golf clubs, Set of 12 clubs with bag, RD$1,000. Tel. 849401-2598,

Beautiful Takamine G 116 Guitar. Clean as new, good tone, sustain with great sound. Little used. RD$6,000. Call Robert (Sosua) 809 841 0237. Yamaha Pacifica V112 Electric Guitar fully working and restrung. The best guitar to learn on due to its ease of play. RD$6,000. A Yamaha THR10 amplifier could also be available if required for US$300. Call: 809 841 0237. 42 inch T.V. Digital Lifestyles. 2 years old. US$450. Call: 809 879 7988 Battery Trojan Black, 6 V for inverter, bought on 16.10.12 (never used), now only 4,000 RD$. Tel. 809571-0961

Complete Golf Set, Iron: Ping, Driver Callaway. US$350, Tel. 809-9742316

German beer dispenser from Bavaria, ceramic column blue and white, carbon dioxide cylinder, pressure gauge, hoses, keg, very good tap, top condition, RD$20,000. Please call 829-392-7165

Thermos jugs, ice bucket, bottle cooler, pump cans of the German World Company ALFI / WMF. Duty free, without freight charges, different models, all new. As long as supplies last. Info. Phone 829-392-7165

Sony music station, Genezi, MP3, 3 Disc Changer, USB Rec-Play, 180 W RMS, 2000 W RMPO, 1 year old, remote control. New RD$13,500, now fixed price RD$7,800 RD$. Call 829-561-2308, or 849-941-9000.

LOTY CAR RENTAL Carrtetera Sosúa – Cabarete Renta y Compraventa de vehículos Car Dealer & Car Rental


SURFLESSION – all day/every day, loving it: 809-963-SURF (7873),

Dining table (1.70 m x 1.00 m), with 2 armchairs and 4 high-back chairs, seat patterned light beige, 1 year old, like new, from a German household, factory price RD$17,500, now only RD$9,500. In Moca, Tel: 849-9419000 or 829-561-2308, ask for Klaus. Kubota 6.5kW Diesel generator, used as a stand-by genset only (= 867 hours), very economical, with manual, 2,900 $ obo. Further details from: or call 809248-2803

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or 8 rescue dogs for adoption, all kinds and sizes. Need good homes, please help. 829-566-0520 and 829-2622315

Lexus Sports Car Cabriolet in top condition. Yellow. Ideal Christmas gift for your wife. Price: 35,000 US$. Negotiable, unique car in the Island, Year 2002. Info: hegopromo

Minibus Toyota Previa, 1991, in extraordinary good condition, only 101,000 miles. RD$130,000. Call 809-261-1156

Chevrolet Captiva, 2007, color gold, 7 seats, 3.2 L, 4 WD, autotransmission, full leather, US$15,900, call 809-841-1598

Chevy Impala, 2004, brought from US, only one owner. 60'000 miles. US$9,500. Email: madelaine471

Motorcycle leather jacket with fringes, brown, size 52, new, super quality and stable. RD$8,000, Phone 829-392-7165.

Here you find LA PLAYA ... at Bar Cacique in Juan Dolio

Mazda 6 Sedan, 2007, color red, 460,000 RD$, Total Cars Sosúa, Phone 829-329-4126 Toyota Tacoma, 2008, Camioneta, color white, 520,000 RD$, Total Cars Sosúa, Phone 829-329-4126 Mercedes Benz 200, Diesel, year 1983, in best conditions, to sell for US$2,800. Offers please to Klaus Noack 809-877-6671 Daihatsu Terios, year 1999, 4X4 Overdrive, US$ 5,250, please call 829-678-3311 Mitsubishi Montero Jeep, year 1998, re-upholstered, new battery and tyres, gas or petrol, US$ 8,000 o.n.o, please call 829-678-3311 Subaru Forester, 2002, AWD, body and engine in great condition, low mileage, A/C and all extras lovingly maintained by German mechanic, for owner, reluctantly forced to sell for return to the States. US$7,500 or 292,000 RD$. Call 809-858-4900 For rent: Honda CR-V 23 US$ a day, Honda Pilot 38 US$ a day, Telephone 809-517-5212

VECINOS SATURDAY MARKET @Cabarete – 300 m east of Texaco every Sat 8 – 2 pm / Pulga Garage Sale Delicious Lunch Specials / Cheese Cakes Sell your stuff – Vendor tables RD$200 Join the fun (809-571-0260) Reception Hall Rental / 20 - 250 people Fiestas, Cumpleaños, Anniversaries

At the Plaza Oasis in Juan Dolio, you can find the Cacique Bar with access to the beach. Czech and international cuisine and German sausages are on the menu. On Mondays there is a “Presidente Special”, Thursday you get 15 percent discount on national drinks and on Fridays it's Karaoke time. * The presented delivery points of LA PLAYA are advertisers and are chosen randomly and without any preference.

Except in JUAN DOLIO you also can find LA PLAYA in Puerto Plata, Costambar, Cofresí, Maimón, Playa Dorada, Sosúa, Cabarete, Cabrera, Las Terrenas, Santiago, La Vega, Bonao, Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, Guayacanes ...

IMPRESSUM Editora LA PLAYA Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

5.000 copies English 2.500 / German 2.500

Your ads: by mail: by phone: 829-373-1218

LA PLAYA office in Sosúa, beside the German Bakery Open: Mon. - Fri. 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Respect all the people who have to work hard to give you a pleasant time on Christmas!

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