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Rum lovers should be on the lookout to purchase a bottle of some of the finest rum in the world. On its 125th anniversary next March, Brugal is preparing to launch a new luxury edition of its rum, to be named “Papá Andrés”. Only 500 bottles of the ultrapremium rum, priced at 1,200 dollars, will be released. Named in honor of Brugal company founder Don Andrés Brugal, “Papá Andrés” was originally created for and consumed by five generations of the Brugal family on special occasions, with just a few bottles sold at charity auctions.

Threatening clouds at the bridge over Río Higuamo near San Pedro de Macorís.

Top Ten in 2013 Influential Lonely Planet travel guide publisher has included the Dominican Republic in their Best in Travel 2013 list. The editors describe the Dominican Republic as “The Caribbean's 'Next Big Thing'” and say it is best for: activities, value for money and events. Lonely Planet writes: “In the first quarter of 2012 the Dominican Republic saw an 8.4 percent increase in tourism. With more airlines offering stops to the country's eight international airports, as well as cruise ships adding the Dominican Republic as a major port of call, more people are escaping to the land of sun, sand, and surf comparable to anywhere else in the Caribbean.” Other countries listed are Sri Lanka, Montenegro, South Korea, Ecuador, Slovakia, Solomon Islands, Iceland, Turkey and Madagascar.

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No Charges against Leonel Ex-President Fernández explained Fiscal Hole / Expenditures served the Economic Growth The hopes of many, that former president Leonel Fernández will be put on trial for corruption at the request of the chairman of the party Alianza País, Guillermo Moreno, were disappointed by Attorney General Francisco Domínguez Brito: The evidence that Moreno has shown, was no basis for an indictment. He said, he is strictly committed to the requirements of the laws and asked Moreno to end “the circus”, because by unfounded allegations he was impeding the


For further informations please call 829-373-1218 or mail to

judiciary, said the Attorney General. He had set the target for himself to act relentlessly against corruption. One proof is that he wants to reopen the case against Senator Félix Bautista, a close friend of former president Leonel Fernández. The statements of exPresident Fernández on the reasons for the fiscal hole over 187 billion pesos provoked harsh protests in the population and by the opposition parties. Although the country is classified as the number one in waisting public funds worldwide, according to studies by international experts, Fernández claimed, that during his eight years as Dominican president no money has been wasted. The main reasons for the debt are the international crisis in 2003, the tax revenues that turned out lower than expected, the high subsidies for social programs such as the Tarjeta Solidaridad, investments in infrastructure, salary increases of police and military, as well as for power generation. After violent protests and demonstrations in many parts of the country against the tax reform of the government, Leonel Fernández located a campaign of slander, libel and “grossest manipulations” against him, sparked by forces that are trying to confuse the people and to destabilize the government of Danilo Medina. It is strange that in Europe people are protesting against cuts, while here the protests are against spending,

which is stimulating growth and creating jobs. For these spendings, the economy had grown by 4.5 percent in the past year. “There are people who have lost sight of the fact that we are experiencing the deepest crisis of humanity for 80 years," said the expresident. The protests that have taken place these last few weeks against the Tax Reform are not part of a plan to destabilize the government led by Danilo Medina, or against the nation, said the Minister of the Armed Forces, Admiral Sigfrido Pared Pérez. For the military chief, these are protests that occur when well defined sectors are organized and they have the right to protest, which he feels does not represent any threat or attempt against anyone. “The persons that carry out these demonstrations arrive at a place, spend an hour or two and then simply withdraw in an orderly fashion, and up until now we have had nothing to worry about and nothing to worry about for the Armed Forces,“ he said. In the first three months of this administration, there have been 372 demonstrations or protests. (Sources: Listín Diario Hoy Diario Libre, dr1)

1,300 Traffic Fatalities Loosening Curfews and Sale of Alcohol for Christmas / Four Million new Trees planted According to the Director of Traffic Police (Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte - AMET), General Juan Gerónimo Brown Pérez (photo), about 1,300 deaths in traffic accidents have been counted to date this year. Compared to the previous year's figures, 500 people less were killed in traffic. The director of the AMET published these figures at the memorial service for the “World Commemoration Day of Traffic Victims”. At the service Merenguero El Jefry, also a victim of a traffic accident, asked the authorities to work to ensure that accidents are avoided on public roads. Brown Pérez announced campaigns to create awareness among the population in order to avoid

accidents. That doesn't include only road safety, but it is also essential to prevent the looting of the victims of accidents. Most dead are motorcyclists, so AMET starts new campaigns in Santo Domingo to wear a helmet. For the many injured motorcyclists in clinics are reflected in the state budget because the state must pay for the costs in the public hospitals caused by them. For Christmas, Interior and Police minister José Ramón Fadul (photo) announced the annulation of the curfew, in which no alcohol can be sold. Between the 10th December and the 8th January 2013 bars, discos, restaurants and other facilities are allowed to sell

alcohol from Sunday to Thursday also after midnight and on Fridays and Saturdays also after 2 clock in the morning. However, the Minister said that the police will pay attention to the prevention of violations of security and public order. He warned that the entry with weapons and the access of minors still is banned and the owners of these businesses are responsible for the compliance with these regulations. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources announced that the goal to plant four million new trees all over the country, has already been surpassed by 200,000. Environment Minister Bautista Rojas Gómez praised the enthusiasm of the public and representatives of various sectors of society, brigades and volunteers who actively participate in the planting to increase the forested area of the Dominican Republic. There still are millions of seedlings prepared.

XXII Ibero-American Summit Seven of 22 Presidents didn't show up / Brazil's President Rousseff comes in early 2013

A day later than originally planned, President Danilo Medina flew to Spain for the Ibero-American summit. He wanted to be present at the speech of his predecessor, Leonel Fernández, on the budget deficit. It was the 22nd Summit of Latin American countries and Spain, which was founded in 1991 by Spain and Mexico. The IberoAmerican Summits intend to ensure that the heads of state agree on joint operations against emerging problems. In Spain, where the summit was held for the first time since 2005, new ideas should revive these meetings, which are fallen asleep in recent years, something that can be noticed in the decreasing numbers of participants. This time, seven of the leaders were absent. The last cancellation came from Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, who had important appointments at home. The other truants were Raúl Castro from Cuba, which has never taken part in any Latin American Summit, Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who currently has serious problems at home after her triumphant re-election, and neighboring José Mujica from Uruguay, both could not participate for health reasons. Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala

had to cancel his participation because of the recent earthquake, which has caused serious damage in the Central American country. And Federico Franco from Paraguay has disinvited himself because his government is not recognized by its neighbors after ousting elected president Fernando Lugo. Paraguay is the only country that had no representatives at the summit, as the other sent senior representatives of their government, like Cuba, which was represented by Chancellor Bruno Rodríguez. The summit was opened by King Juan Carlos at the presence of 15 heads of state. Special guests were Michel Martelly of Haiti, which now has an observer status in the Ibero-American community, and the Moroccan Foreign Minister Saadeddin al-Othmani, whose country attended the summit as an observer for the first time. The themes of the summit were primarily economic. Thus, the European crisis and the

strong economies in Latin America were in the focus. King Juan Carlos called for strengthening relations with Latin America, “to be heard in the world with one voice”. For Danilo Medina it was the second official trip abroad since taking office on August 16. Before the summit, he had talks with tourism and telecommunications companies in Madrid. “The Dominican Republic is very enthusiastic about this important event, looking how the living conditions of the poor can be improved,” said Medina. Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, who already has met with Danilo Medina even before he took office, announced her visit to the Dominican Republic for early 2013. Brazil would help to overcome the energy crisis, unresolved for many years.

Survey on Danilo Medina Only 34 Percent give positive Valuation / Top Marks for Vice President Margarita Cedeño The polling firm Penn, Schoen & Berland, in October made a survey on the leadership of Danilo Medina, then ruling for two months. The institute found out that only 34 percent of the respondents said that the new president is doing a good job. 47 percent said it was average and 17 percent it was bad or very bad. But this result is still better than the opinion of Medina's predecessor, Leonel Fernández, whose government was judged as good by only 22 percent, for 32 percent his reign was mediocre. But almost half, 45 percent, of the population found that Leonel Fernández has governed badly or very badly in retrospect. The personal prestige of President Medina contrasts sharply with the image of his government, because 54 percent rate him personally positive (24 percent negative), only surpassed by his deputy and the wife

of the former president, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, rated positive by 60 percent (23 percent negative). Thus, both have grown at the plus factor compared to a research before the elections in May, when Margarita Cedeño had 54 and Danilo Medina 47 percent of positive perception. All the other Dominican politicians were valued at less than 50 points. Ex-President Leonel Fernández came off here badly, because he is seen as positive by only 29 percent, 53 percent see him negatively. When asked what Danilo Medina has been doing well, 35 percent answered, “so far he has not done anything at all, but the time is too short,” 19 percent praised the cuts in public spending and 15 percent approved his commitment to four percent of the GDP for education. As his best personnel decision is seen the appointment of Francisco Domínguez Brito as Attorney General by 15 percent. The biggest problems are inflation (19), unemployment (17) and crime (15 percent) as well as education and corruption with 7 percent each.

20 Years for Leonel

More than 100 people gathered in a park of Naco in Santo Domingo where they staged the first parody of popular trials against former president Leonel Fernández, who in a symbolic first conviction was sentenced to 20 years in prison, forfeiture of all assets acquired after 1996 and 187,000 “hat slaps” to represent the country’s estimated 187 billion pesos fiscal hole. The activity was organized by different movements like Juventud Caribe or the Political Action Network (RAP).

Extreme Living Conditions UN Report on Situation in Haiti / President Martelly asks Haitians abroad for Solidarity

After the hurricane „Sandy“, Haiti still has huge problems caused mainly by further heavy rains in recent weeks. There were reported several deaths, and the number of cholera deaths is rising again.

A UN report on the situation in the poorest country in the Americas shows that the country is far away from being out of problems. According to this report, the majority of the Haitian population lives in extreme conditions, „unworthy and degrading“. The situation for these people was of „extreme vulnerability“, immersed in poverty, violence, legal uncertainty and insecurity in the food supply. Since the earthquake in 2010, some 370,000 people still live in makeshift tent camps that offer no protection to them. They live abandoned by the non-governmental organizations (NGO), who crowded around them as long as there was money for them, vulnerable to displacement and in particular women and girls are threatened by rape. 70 percent of the prisoners are on remand and are waiting for far too long for their trial in inhumane conditions in overcrowded and dirty prisons, exposed to diseases. In addition, the International Federation of Leagues of Human Rights (FIDH) accuses the Haitian government not to prosecute the former dictator Jean-Claude „Baby Doc“ Duvalier, causing serious concern about the will of the Haitian judicial system, whether it wants to pursue the atrocities committed during his dictatorship. President Michel Martelly called his expatriate countrymen for solidarity with the people of Haiti at the Ibero-American Summit in Cádiz, Spain, and asked them to invest in their home country and come back

to the country to help to rebuild it all together. According to the Haitian Embassy in Madrid, about a thousand Haitians are living in Spain, most of them devoted to medicine. Some of them are medical students, but most are trained doctors and nurses who worked in hospitals and clinics for many years. Martelly used his stay in Europe, to visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where he thanked the European Union for the great help after the earthquake and at the same time he was asking for more money for the reconstruction. Martelly said, Haiti still needs help, but more important was the creation of productive jobs, the trade with other countries and foreign direct investment. Martelly invited European companies to come to Haiti: „We have natural resources and a young population, courageous and hardworking.“ During his visit in Rome, Martelly was welcomed by the Pope.

Your Horoscope for December 2012 Virgo, wake up / Good Times for Capricorn / Scorpio needs a Change / Cancer too busy

Accept what can’t be avoided, but try to do it with a smile instead of a frown. Compromise is not always a dirty word and you might profit by adding it to your vocabulary. Physical exercise and improved health habits could solve a major problem for you, but don’t try diagnosing other people unless you have a physician’s license. Keep your head down and your voice low when it involves office politics.

The good deeds of a friend may prove much more helpful to you in the long run than the flattering words of one who has his own axe to grind. Operate out in the open in romantic affairs as much as possible, because there are those who would like to have information about your affairs that could benefit them at a later time. Everything you've been craving in your job can come to fruition at the end of this year.

Stick to your guns if you believe in a cause and don’t let yourself be swayed with what some people consider “practical considerations.” In business deals, be cautious about signing your name or giving someone the go-ahead until you know all the facts. Romantic attraction could prove very exciting and it could involve a very longterm relationship. Something very special will come along, when you least expect it.

A long vacation trip, possibly involving water, could be on the horizon for you. Take people at their word, but then make sure that they live up to it. Office procedures could be improved by some of your ideas if you will make the move to get them started. Look for correspondence or other messages from a long-time sweetheart, but be cautious in reacting to what seems like a sure thing.

Exercise your right to speak your piece, particularly in a family or close business relationship. Avoid the error of trying to live someone else’s life for him. Although at times you may feel as if you're a pawn of the fates, there's really nothing for you to worry about. The only outcome you need fear is if you start to ignore your own instincts, which have always been your best and most trusted ally.

Maintain your self-respect by refusing to accept unearned money, even when someone attempts to thrust it on you. Home life could be more pleasant if you get rid of the idea that you are the boss. Learn to share responsibility with others and you may find the load is much lighter. Expect others, however, to do their share and give them the freedom to do so. This month will be a busy one, with several projects to juggle.

When you are planning a quiet weekend with your loved-one, make sure that at least one person knows where to reach you in case of emergencies. Job opportunities could abound for you this month, but you might be wiser to stay with the one you have, as unexpected promotions could be already in the mill. Try to keep your social life to a minimum for a while and get some of the urgently needed rest.

Get up off your duff and quit wasting time. Your ability to turn out first-rate creative work has never been sharper, but you may not realize it because of sloppy work habits and an ingrained laziness. In romantic situations involving a married person, you would be wise to avoid becoming deeply involved. If you want to be happy, you'll have to cut back on anything that's not making you feel peaceful and calm.

Let yourself go wild for a day or two. Indulge a few whims and spend some of your mad money. But don’t let it become a habit. You need a fling now and then, but you should strive to buckle down hard in between them. A good chance at a promotion or new job could be lost if you appear to be too much of a gadabout. Romance will probably be a little less exciting for some time.

Give serious thought to changing your lifestyle to make room for a loving and gentle partner. Should you decide to do this, plan on a lengthy relationship, as this could be a very serious affair. In business, you could make a killing if you will just use your intelligence and make use of the knowledge that is common to all. Avoid selfindulgence and overdoing things in general for your health’s sake.

When collecting an old debt, make sure you pay one at the same time. Offer a young person the chance to benefit from your experience, but don’t be put out if they refuse it. A new love or the renewal of an old one could make your life brighter for a while - but it will not last forever. Someone will inspire you to open up your whole heart to them, and once you've done that, you'll find a new side of yourself.

Good times are in store for you, both at the office and in your romantic life. Keep a smile on your face and avoid being cross or testy for no particular reason. In dealing with colleagues on a touchy situation, allow others to contribute, but try to keep your own hand in, as your experience may be needed. No matter what you're assigned to do at work this month, you'll enjoy it. Check on a health problem without delay.

Negotiations in Havana Colombian FARC announces unilateral Ceasefire / New Head of the Southern Command

At the beginning of the negotiations with the Colombian government in Cuba's capital Havana, the chief negotiator for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Luciano Marín Arango, alias „Iván Márquez“, declared a unilateral ceasefire until 20 January. The government refused and announced to continue to fight against the FARC. Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón said that the government had to fulfill the task to fight any illegal groups throughout the national territory. President

Juan Manuel Santos said at the beginning of the negotiations, the government will only sign a truce with the FARC at the successful conclusion of the negotiations, in a battle that lasts for almost 50 years. Because of the negotiations, in Colombia the nerves are laid bare. Opponents say it is pointless to negotiate with the terrorists and drug dealers, because anyhow they would not comply with the agreements. President Santos, however, accuses his opponents of hypocrisy, for his predecessor Álvaro Uribe, the toughest opponent of the FARC, had offered unconditional negotiations to the FARC during his government. „And now they cry, what a horror, they negotiate with terrorists“, says Santos. In areas occupied by the FARC, farmers oppose that the military and police take positions there. They sit between all chairs, because on one hand they fear retaliation by the FARC for collaborating with the government, and the military and police takes action against them because they

accuse them to support the guerrillas. For according to the government, the farmers that grow the coca leaves in the mountains of Colombia, grant cover and shelter to the FARC, for which in turn they are allowed to grow the main substance for the drugs. John Kelly, General of the U.S. Marine Corps, is the new chief of the Southern Command of the Pentagon, in charge of military operations of the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Southern Command also was involved in the largest relief operation in recent U.S. history after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Kelly was the commanding general of the Multi-National Force - West in Iraq from February 2008 to February 2009.

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Potent Oldies



It was the stir of the town when an 80-yearold man married a 20-year-old girl. After a year she went into the hospital to give birth. The nurse came out to congratulate the fellow. “This is amazing. How do you do it at your age?” He answered, “You've got to keep that old motor running.” The following year she gave birth again. The same nurse said, “You really are amazing. How do you do it?” He again said, “You've got to keep the old motor running.” The same thing happened the next year. The nurse said, “You must be quite a man.” He responded, “You've got to keep that old motor running.” The nurse then said, “Well, you had better change the oil, this one's black.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

Why did God steal one of Adam's ribs to make a woman? He wanted to show that theft engenders nothing that makes sense.

 He: “May I call you Eve?” She: “Why?” He: “Because you were my first one!”. She: “May I call you Peugeot?” He: “Why?” She: “Because you were my 206th one!”

 A woman came to the doctor, covered with bruises and blood all over. She tells the doctor it was her husband. The doctor, “I thought your husband went to a business trip.” She: “That's what I thought, too.”

 Grandma and Grandpa were visiting their kids overnight. When Grandpa found a bottle of Viagra in his son's medicine cabinet, he asked about using one of the pills. The son said, “I don't think you should take one, Dad. They are very strong and very expensive”. “How much?” asked Grandpa. “Ten dollars a pill,” answered the son. “I don't care,” said Grandpa, “I'd still like to try one, and before we leave in the morning, I'll put the money under the pillow.” Later the next morning, the son found 110 dollars under the pillow. He called Grandpa and said, “I told you each pill was ten dollars, not 110.” “I know,” said Grandpa. “The hundred is from Grandma.”


 He: “Do you love nature?” She: “Of course!” He: “That surprizes me, after all what it did do to you!”

Sudoku No. 165

 Beat your wife every day, even you don't know why. - She knows it!

 What do women and clouds have in common? When they dissappear early, there's a chance for a wonderful day.

 What's the proof that there are female hormones in beer? After drinking a few, you don't know how to drive any more and start to talk foolish things.

 Sudoku No. 166

She: “Honey, give me a baby!” He: “Babies are not given, they are born.” She: “Okay, then bore me one!”


The Page of Health

Abuse of Antibiotics WHO warns of Super Bacterias / Ineffective with Viruses / From 16 to 60 in 15 Years

“I got a headache, go to the Farmacia and buy me some Amoxicilina.” Who didn't hear requests like this? The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on the occasion of the European Day for prudent use of Antibiotics in Geneva of the rash self medication with antibiotics, as this can lead to an epidemic of so-called super bacterias. “The unnecessary use of antibiotics weakens your ability to fight infection, when it is necessary. This allows the bacteria to develop resistance to the antibiotics,” says the communiqué of the WHO.

Marc Sprenger, Director of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, said: “The antibiotic resistance remains a major threat to public health in Europe and around the world, and for the most part is to blame the misuse of antibiotics.” Between 2007 and 2010, bacteria such as Klebsiella pneumoniae and E. coli have been increasingly resistant, making the fight against diseases lengthy and expensive. The Regional Director of WHO for Europe, Zsuzsanna Jakab, recalled that the antibiotics allowed to fight diseases that once were fatal for 70 years now. By the unscrupulous use of this valuable medicine, sold without a prescription in many countries, the number of effective antibiotics is reduced, which is “alarming” because in the last 25 years was not discovered even one new antibiotic. “If we want to hold upright the medical miracle of antibiotics, we need to understand them,” said Jakab. The World Health Organization pointed out that antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, not against viruses. But it's the viruses which are responsible for 90 percent of the inflamated throat and one hundred percent of flu cases.

In the past 15 years, the number of Dominicans that are too fat, rose from 16 to 60 percent. These figures were shown by the cardiologist Rafael Pichardo on 14 November, the International Day against diabetes. 29 out of a hundred women and 21 out of a hundred men were obese with high blood fat and bad cholesterol, mainly due to an unbalanced diet. This leads to a high risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes, and their treatment leads to high health care costs.

Me gusta mi feo. Me preguntan que yo le veo. Si tiene el truco en la boca o en lo deo. Feo, feo me gusta mi feo. Me gusta mi feo. Feo lo lindo solo yo se lo veo. La mujere no me lo quitan, por eso tá bueno. Feo, feo me gusta mi feo. Me gusta mi feo. No te llene de odio, mi linda, que no e pa tanto. Atiende a lo tuyo y deja de tá averiguando. Que mi feo me resuelve - y tu lindo no. Que me trata como reina - y tu lindo no. Y entonce no me pregunte por qué yo lo quiero. Mira mi monedero, no me falta dinero. Lo que a mi me gusta es que él es mío entero. No como tu lindo que en la noche es un grillero. Me gusta mi feo. Me preguntan que yo le veo. Si tiene el truco en la boca o en lo deo. Feo, feo me gusta mi feo. Me gusta mi feo Feo, lo lindo solo yo se lo veo. La mujere no me lo quitan por eso tá bueno. Feo, feo me gusta mi feo. Me gusta mi feo. Cuando salimo pa la calle el siempre sofoca. La gente tá pendiente si me besa la boca. Y entonces pa que yo quiero un lindo. Si mi feo es mío de domingo a domingo. El tuyo es bonito y no se mueve ni un chin. Desabrío y robotico, como un maniquí. Ah, por eso es que tu vive aburría y siempre tá pendiente a la vida mía. Me tiene aficiaita - tó eso me gusta. Me lo como yo solita - tó eso me gusta. Sabe que no soy interesá – tó eso me gusta. Los hombre me quieren robar, to eso le gusta. Feo, lo lindo solo yo se lo veo ... Ahora voy para el salón a ponerme linda para mi feo. Pero muchacha, ¿y tu con ese tipo tan feo? Y tu llenándote de odio, lindo. Pero yo soy mas lindo, ven. Ay sí, tu puedes ser mas lindo pero no tienes lo que el me da, mi lindo. Tu sabe tu nada mas sirve para posarte y ponerte en vitrina. No te mueves, paraces un maniquí, jaja. Así que síguete llevando que la belleza no es todo, mi lindo. Y no te cuento mas nada.

I like my ugly one. You ask me what I see in him. If he has the trick in the mouth or the fingers. Ugly, ugly, I like my ugly one. I like my ugly one. Ugly, the beautiful only I can see. The women don't take him away from me, that's why this is good. Ugly, ugly, I like my ugly one. I like my ugly one. Don't fill yourself with hatred, my pretty, it's not for that much. Look at yours and stop inquiring. My ugly resolves me - and your cute doesn't. He treats me like a queen - and your cute doesn't. So don't ask me why I love him. See my purse, I don't miss money. What I like is that he is entirely mine. Not like your cute one who at night is going out with ugly women. I like my ugly one. You ask me what I see in him. If he has the trick in the mouth or the fingers. Ugly, ugly, I like my ugly one. I like my ugly one. Ugly, the cute only I can see. The women don't take him away from me, that's why this is good. Ugly, ugly, I like my ugly one. I like my ugly one. When we go out to the street he always makes them choke. People wonder if he'll kiss my mouth. And then what for I want a cute one. If my ugly is mine from Sunday to Sunday. Yours is handsome and doesn't move even a little bit. Tasteless and robotic, like a mannequin. Ah, that's why you live bored and always watch my life. He has me asphyxiated - all that I like. I eat him all by myself - all that I like. He knows that I am not greedy - all that I like. The men want to steal me, all that he likes. Ugly, the beautiful only I can see ... Now I'm going to the beauty parlor to make myself pretty for him. But girl, and you with such an ugly guy? And you filling yourself with hatred, cutie. But I'm more handsome, come. Oh yes, you can be more handsome, but you don't have what he gives to me, my cutie. You know that you serve for nothing but posing and putting you in a display window. You don't move, you are like a dummy, haha. So go on believing that beauty is not everything, my cutie. And I'll tell you nothing else.

What is she singing? “Me gusta mi feo” by Melymel "Me gusta mi feo" is a song from the Dominican comedy “Feo de día, lindo de noche” (Ugly during the day, handsome at night).

Melony Redondo, alias Melymel, alias “La Melmelada” is a Dominican rapper who has invaded the domain of men, and makes gentle rap music. She sees herself as a pioneer of female Dominican Rap and HipHop. “I don't turn me into a man, to make Rap music,” the 24-year-old assures. In her youth, she has been partially raised in the United States and studied cinematography for a semester at the UASD (Autonomous University) in Santo Domingo. Last year, Melymel was the female voice in the song “Todo lo mueve” of Presidente beer for the summer campaign “Verano Presidente”. The comedy “Feo de día, lindo de noche”, where the song “Me gusta mi feo” comes from, got harsh criticism for of racism, because the ugly once more are black.

Jesse y Joy

Romeo Santos

Four Latin Grammys

Concert in Santo Domingo

El Gran Combo 50 Years of hot Salsa The Mexican siblings Jesse y Joy were the winners of the evening at the 13th Latin Grammy Award in the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a total of four awards. The song "¡Corre!" (Run!) won the award as the Song of the Year and the Record of the Year, their album “¿Con quién se queda el perro?” (With whom will stay the dog?) was chosen the best Pop album and their Video "Me voy" (I'm leaving) was awarded as best short music video. This time there were only two Dominicans who won two Latin Grammys, and both of them are old foxes in show business: Milly Quezada and Juan Luis Guerra. Milly Quezada received the award for “Toma mi vida” (Take my life) as the best song of the section Tropical, which she sings along with Juan Luis Guerra, and her album “Aquí estoy yo” (Here I am) as the best album of the section Tropical. Juan Luis Guerra won the second award as the Producer of the Year for his collaboration with the Colombian superstar Juanes, who got the coveted statue, showing a grammophone, for his album “Juanes: MTV Unplugged”.

The legendary Puerto Rican band El Gran Combo is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a world tour. The founder Rafael Ithier left Rafael Cortijo y su Combo, who dominated the market in the sixties after eight years in 1962 and founded the Gran Combo, which published 55 albums in the 50 years of its existence, with numerous Salsa classics, such as “Brujería” or “Un verano en Nueva York.” In this half century the combo had nine singers, including Andy Montañez for 15 years, only surpassed by the current singer Charlie Aponte for 39 years now.

Zacarías Ferreira 'Bachata still discriminated' After a successful career of now 13 years, Bachata singer Zacarías Ferreira published his tenth album “Mi dulzura”, first in the USA, then in his home country Dominican Republic. In an interview, the star lamented that even today Bachata still is disreputable in some clubs in this country. Before his performances in exclusive social clubs he had been asked to sing his popular Bachata hits just as Ballads. His new album, Zacarías Ferreira produced at his own expense (two million pesos).

Who still hasn't got enough of continuous irrigation of Aventura / Romeo Santos after three years now, she or he has the chance to adore “The King” of Bachata, Anthony “Romeo” Santos, in his only concert in the Dominican Republic at the Estadio Olímpico (Olympic Stadium) in Santo Domingo on 15 December. In early November, the organizer Saymon Díaz had to counter rumors that the concert was sold out already. The ticket prices range from 800 pesos at the page ranks up to 5,000 pesos for the VIP Seats in Category A. Any criticism of the music of the 31-year-old American with Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother, former leader of the group Aventura, is classified higher than blasphemy by his fans (especially the female part of the Dominican people), a critic once called his music the “highest perfection of Bachata” - actually an insult of other Bachata singers, of which three of the best (Raulín, Antony Santos and Luis Vargas) let themselves be ridiculized in the silly song “Debate de 4”, where a courted woman has to decide for one of the four pretenders. Romeo laughing about them in this song: "How can a King fear soldiers? Har har har."

Specials of Ready for DR and Best Sosua Real Estate a215 1 BR, 1 BA Pool View Apartment. 83 sq.m/sq.ft.893, furnished, 2nd floor, NOW only: US$75,000. 809-4628140. a241 Fantastic Ocean Front 1 BR, 1 BA Condo, furnished, 2nd floor, 72.36 sq.m/775ft., Cabarete. Reduced to US$110,000! athumeyer or 809-462-8140 co614 Cute 2 BR, 2 BA House, Sosúa, furnished, pool, garage, maintenance only US$40, 1,011sq.m/ft.10,883, built 90 sq.m/ft.969, US$129,000. athumeyer or 809-462-8140 a220 Large Renovated Studio Condo, fully furnished, 50 sq.m/sq.ft.538, only US$29,900. or 809-4628140 a307 Luxury Furnished 1 BR, 1.5 BA Townhouse, Sosúa, 112 sq.m/1,206 sq.ft, ocean view, finance! US$109,000, www.bestsosuarealesta or 809-462-8140 co548 3BR, 2BA Villa Plus Construction. Lot 1,300 sq.m/13,993 sq.ft., furnished, Building 150 sq.m/1,615 sq.ft., now US$142,500. 809-4628140. co676 2 BR/2BA Ocean View House, Sosúa, before US$250,000 now US$129,000, finance! 970 sq.m/10,440 sq.ft.. furnished, needs TLC. Building 140 sq.m/1,506 sq.ft. 829-429-7887, www.bestsosuareal

Unique Opportunity 4 minutes to the center of Sosúa (close to Casa Linda), completely renovated house with 800 sq.m. land, swimming pool, double garage, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, big livingroom with kitchen and bar. US$ 125.000 US$

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New Bungalow

a332 2 Townhouse Style Apartments in 1. Reduced to US$89,900 Owner finance available! 2BR,2BA, furnished, 96.6 sq.m/1,040 sq.ft. 829-4297887, a258 2nd Fl. 2BR, 1BA Apartment, Sosúa - furnished, 80.5 sq.m/867 sq.ft, Now US$48,500 for a quick sale!!! 829-429-7887, co677 Almost Finished 3BR Home with Jeep & Boat! 500 sq.m/sq.ft.5,382, Building 104sq.m/ 1,120sq.ft. furnished, Cabarete. 829429-7887, www.bestsosuareal

about 36 sq.m., completely furrnished in a guarded and safe complex, close to the center of Sosúa. Beautiful garden with big swimmingpool, waterfall, pool bar, sun loungers, pavillion with BBQ and seating area. Glosed and guarded parking. 24h electricity and clean water, High-Speed WiFi Internet and all the 247 international TV-programs. Long term rental: US$378 + US$60 add. costs/p.m. Phone 809-801-8686, 809-801-8660

Apartment in Sosúa for sale or rent, 80 sq.m., fully furn., 5 min. to the beach, US$65,000. Call 809-5711822 Land in Villas Cofresí, Puerto Plata, 926 sqm, in a quiet location, loadfree title, 1 million RD$, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321

Small finca, 10,000 sqm with fruit trees (100 trees), beautiful house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 studios, pool 8 x 4 m, cistern 80,000 liters, electric plant, Inverter, pavilion with seating, water + electricity 24 hrs, title unencumbered, 275,000 US$., Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321

Long Term Rentals Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment, Sosúa, 83 sq.m, furnished, 2nd floor, US$600/month. 809-4628140

co672 2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom Villa – Sosúa. 434 sq.m/4,678 sq.ft. Building 120 sq.m/1,291 sq.ft. furnished, Now only US$119,000. 829-429-7887, www.bestsosuareal a323 3rd Floor 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment - Sosúa Center. Building Size 61 sq.m/657 sq.ft. low maintenance fee, Reduced to US$52,500 - - athumeyer - 809-462-8140

Super Offer! Apartment-House in Sosúa, 2 apartments 130 m2, 2 penthouses 250 m2, pool, parking lot, only US$299,000 Tel: 809-753-7541 or mail to

Re#60 2 BR, 2 BA Town House/Apartment, 126 sq.m/1,356 sq.ft., US$620/months. AC, Balcony, Garage. - 809462-8140

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Apartment Block for sale, Sosúa, central, excellent income, US$ 365.000. Call 829-461-9324 House with 3 apartments, good investment, quiet location in Puerto Plata, later extension to 6 units possible. 60,000 euros, info@rialto, Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321

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Penthouse Studios from November for Rent. See the YouTube video. Re#023 a337 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment - Sosúa Center, 55 sq.m/591 sq.ft., US$395/month, furnished, athu - 809-462-8140 Apartments for rent, Sosúa, central, quiet, clean, 1 bedroom, 4 studios, from RD$ 9,500. Call Matt today: 829-461-9324 House with 2 Bedrooms in Cabarete, garden/garage, 300 m to the beach, incl. Edenorte, rent 10.500 RD$. Tel. 809-571-0961 For rent: Duplex, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, open floor plan, furnished, ocean view, 20 minutes on foot from Playero, quiet residential neighborhood, no kids, pets welcome. US$350.00 plus electricity, deposit required. For information call 809-571-3038. House with pool between Sosúa and Cabarete for rent, furnished, internet, cable TV, safe, quiet and safe location. Perfect for pets. rent US$ 850 plus electr./pool. Tel. 809 889 4441, 3 bedroom villa for rent in Lomas Del Sol 3. Fully furnished, pool, security, back up power and AC in the master bedroom. Long term rental US$800.00 a month. Includes pool maintenance, gardener, water and waste disposal. Contact Alex 809 350-1441.

Apartment, Sosúa, 5 min. to the beach, 80 sq.m., 2 bedrooms w. bath, fully furn., kitchen, terrace, pool, tennis court, guarded, UD$450/ month extra costs incl. 809-571-1822 Apartment to rent in Villa Betania, Sosúa, 2 bedrooms, 2 verandahs, Kitchen, bath wit WC, 120 sq.m., unfurnished, call 829-246-6028 Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546

Yamaha Pacifica V112 Electric Guitar fully working and restrung. The best guitar to learn on due to its ease of play. RD$6,000. A Yamaha THR10 amplifier could also be available if required for US$300. Call: 809 841 0237. RCA flat screen TV. Bought brand new with one month of use. US$400. Email: Two Mitsubishi 4000 k generators. Brought from US. Like new never been used. US$900 each. Email: 2 toddler beds with mattresses, booster seat for car and may tag stroller. US$1500. Email: 42 inch T.V. Digital Lifestyles. 2 years old. US$450. Call: 809 879 7988

iPhone 4 (new condition), 13.7 GB, includes earphones and charger, 495 US$, Please contact Thomas 829601-8383

Battery Trojan Black, 6 V for inverter, bought on 16.10.12 (never used), now only 4,000 RD$. Tel. 809571-0961

Extenstion ladder Cosco, 17 feet, closes to 5 feet, can be used as a step ladder or scaffold and wall ladder, please contact 809-507-5320.

Household Clearance in Sosúa: Furniture, decoration, household appliances, ceiling fans, etc. Everything has to be sold. Call 829286-6952

Christmas slim tree, 9 feet, good quality, used once. Price: 4,900 RD$. Tel.: 809-571-1083 32 inch HDTV Sony Bravia + 1 Blue Ray Player hardly used , RD$ 16,000.00 or best offer. Call 829570-5846.

Rooms and Apartments in Sosúa, from RD$6,500. Call 809-571-3375

Kid's chair, playpen, crib, all made of wood. Prices on request: 829-4624304

For rent: Apartment in Puerto Plata, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, RD$5,000 + utilities,, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321

Beautiful Takamine G 116 Guitar. Clean as new, good tone, sustain with great sound. Little used. RD$6,000. Call Robert (Sosua) 809 841 0237.

Boat for sale, 19ft BAYLINER, 115 HP Evinrude / trailer Following is new VHF system, Bimini top, paint Color fishfinder/gps/chartplotter, anchor+200ft rope, 10 rod holder also included: Life vests, compass, 1000watt sony mp3/cd/iphone radio, bilge, stainless steel fitting, fenders, much more. 12.500 US neg. 809-884-5858 Thermos jugs, ice bucket, bottle cooler, pump cans of the German World Company ALFI / WMF. Duty free, without freight charges, different models, all new. As long as supplies last. Info. Phone 829-392-7165

German beer dispenser from Bavaria, ceramic column blue and white, carbon dioxide cylinder, pressure gauge, hoses, keg, very good tap, top condition, RD$20,000. Please call 829-392-7165 Sony music station, Genezi, MP3, 3 Disc Changer, USB Rec-Play, 180 W RMS, 2000 W RMPO, 1 year old, remote control. New RD$13,500, now fixed price RD$7,800 RD$. Call 829-561-2308, or 849-941-9000. Dining table (1.70 m x 1.00 m), with 2 armchairs and 4 high-back chairs, seat patterned light beige, 1 year old, like new, from a German household, factory price RD$17,500, now only RD$9,500. In Moca, Tel: 849-9419000 or 829-561-2308, ask for Klaus. Kubota 6.5kW Diesel generator, used as a stand-by genset only (= 867 hours), very economical, with manual, 2,900 $ obo. Further details from: or call 809248-2803

Blue-eyed man, in his mid-fifties, unkempt, but housetrained, lazy, looking for a woman for life, not older than 30. Phone 829-493-7015 Dominican woman, 27, very darkskinned, lesbian, looking for woman to share her passions. Phone 809873-2372

Opel Astra 2000, 4 Door Sedan, New Timing Belt, Valves Redone, clean interior and body. Price: RD175,000. Call: 829-717-0599

LOTY CAR RENTAL Carrtetera Sosúa – Cabarete Renta y Compraventa de vehículos Car Dealer & Car Rental

829-906-7228 Mazda 6 Sedan, 2007, color red, 460,000 RD$, Total Cars Sosúa, Phone 829-329-4126 Toyota Tacoma, 2008, Camioneta, color white, 520,000 RD$, Total Cars Sosúa, Phone 829-329-4126

SURFLESSION – all day/every day, loving it: 809-963-SURF (7873),

Mercedes Benz 200, Diesel, year 1983, in best conditions, to sell for US$2,800. Offers please to Klaus Noack 809-877-6671

Looking for Suzuki Samurai to repair, condition doesn't matter, but technically okay. Offers at 829-9834463 or 809-991-1928 Chevrolet Captiva, 2007, color gold, 7 seats, 3.2 L, 4 WD, autotransmission, full leather, US$15,900, call 809-841-1598

Pure Doberman puppy for sale. Male. Fully immunized, tails cropped, eating dry food. Father - the champion of Mexico. 9 months. US$200. Call 809-330-4884 (Alexandr)

Motorcycle leather jacket with fringes, brown, size 52, new, super quality and stable. RD$8,000, Phone 829-392-7165.

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Here you find LA PLAYA ... at Hotel Las Cañas in Sosúa

Daihatsu Terios, year 1999, 4X4 Overdrive, US$ 5,250, please call 829-678-3311 Honda Capa, year 2001, five-door, 150,000 km, good condition, 220,000 RD $. Phone 809-715-9110 Mitsubishi Montero Jeep, year 1998, re-upholstered, new battery and tyres, gas or petrol, US$ 8,000 o.n.o, please call 829-678-3311

Dominican geriatric nurse, 40 years old, very reliable, with experience, looking for new work in the area of Sosúa / Cabarete. Phone 809-5712818 Dominican looking for work in an office or home, 30 years old, has worked for 5 years in a banca, speaks a little English, area of Sosúa / Cabarete. Phone 809-571-2818

Subaru Forester, 2002, AWD, body and engine in great condition, low mileage, A/C and all extras lovingly maintained by German mechanic, for owner, reluctantly forced to sell for return to the States. US$7,500 or 292,000 RD$. Call 809-858-4900

The Aparthotel Las Cañas is located at La Mulata rents apartments or sells them each with its own separate title. The buildings are located around a huge pool and the facilities of the unit include a small supermarket and a restaurant.

For rent: Honda CR-V 23 US$ a day, Honda Pilot 38 US$ a day, Telephone 809-517-5212

Except in SOSÚA you also can find LA PLAYA in Puerto Plata, Costambar, Cofresí, Maimón, Playa Dorada, Cabarete, Cabrera, Las Terrenas, Santiago, La Vega, Bonao, Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, Guayacanes, Juan Dolio ...

Minibus Toyota Previa, 1991, in extraordinary good condition, only 101,000 miles. RD$130,000. Call 809-261-1156 Chevy Impala, 2004, brought from US, only one owner. 60'000 miles. US$9,500. Email: madelaine471 Honda C GL 125, 2012 motocycle, only 2.000 kms. With matrícula, in best conditions. RD$39,900. Call 829-329-7165 Looking for cheap Motorcycle, from 200 cc. Offers at 829-983-4463 or 809-991-1928 Nissan Quest, 2008, minivan, 7 seats, 3.5 L, Autotransmission, US$ 15,900, call 809-841-1598

* The presented delivery points of LA PLAYA are advertisers and are chosen randomly and without any preference.

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