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Edition No. 78 / September 5, 2012

Coastal Cleanup

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3 Years LA PLAYA

The Vida Azul Foundation has announced that an estimated 25,000 volunteers will join forces on Saturday, 15 September to clean up beaches around the Dominican Republic. 127 countries will join the Annual Coastal Cleanup. Volunteers can register at the website before 14 September. Volunteers can choose their location. “It is not just a cleanup activity. We seek to create awareness, so that after this event people do not throw garbage,� said executive director Patricia Cardona. All plastics will be donated to recycling companies.

LA PLAYA, the only foreign magazine printed here. Read the editor's thoughts on page 10.

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End of Cockaigne?

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Damages and Death

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OAS backs Ecuador

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Drug Debate is ideological

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Three Years LA PLAYA

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Horoscope for September

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Join the Newest Community for Foreign Residents, which is located on the Malec贸n in Puerto Plata. With 24 hour security and power you will want to be a part of this one of a kind lifestyle in the heart of Puerto Plata, steps away from the beach, with a huge pool, only 10 minutes away from the supermarket and now with a new cafeteria. The lush tropical gardens at the Costatlantica Complex are gorgeous and after 7pm every night the dozens of Ylang Ylang trees release their famously romantic scent.


Clear Announcements Praise for Inauguration Speech / Too many former Ministers / Slogan: ¡Manos a la obra!

The inauguration of the new Dominican President Danilo Medina Sánchez on 16 August was generally perceived as very positive. It was emphasized in particular that Danilo Medina made clear and generally understandable statements, in contrast to his predecessors. Only the fact that in the new cabinet more than 60 percent of the old ministers regained their former positions met with harsh critizism. In his speech, Danilo Medina stressed that the main aim of his government will be to reduce the extreme poverty and social inequality significantly. With the help of a “big social pact” he will lead out of poverty half a million people and strengthen the middle class during the next four years in office. 400,000 new jobs will be created. The so called Greater Covenant will consist of at least three specific covenants: first, a fiscal pact, secondly, a pact for education and thirdly, a pact for electricity. Without education, there is no real freedom, without constant and efficient power supply competitiveness and growth are at serious risk. And without a fair, transparent and sustainable tax system, develop plans and social justice can not be achieved. Danilo said, in the same way as he was a loving but demanding father, he would also

be head of state, loving the good, the honest and humble, but relentless with the dishonest, the opportunists and the arrogants. President Danilo Medina announced a plan “Quisqueya sin miseria” (Quisqueya without misery), with the goal to end poverty and inequality, strengthen the food security, and to support organizations and associations, especially in tourism and small and medium sized companies. At the same time, nature will be protected and preserved. One of the primary tasks was to eradicate illiteracy. It has to be regarded as a national, social and personal insult that there are brothers and sisters who are enslaved by ignorance. 700,000 Dominicans were waiting for this. Education was the new name of freedom. Starting next year, the law's mandatory four percent of the gross domestic product will be allocated for education. One should not condemn future generations to ignorance or poor education. Another key point is to improve the system of social security. So 1.3 million people must get access to the subsidized health insurance, so that health doesn't depend if one is rich or poor. There will be zero tolerance for the shameful domestic violence and violence against women. With the program “Vive mujer” (Live, woman) there will be created victim support units, including homes for the affected children and youth.

According to the new president, impunity for crime and corruption will now come to an end. Tourism will be the locomotive of development. Danilo Medina's plan to attract ten million tourists to the country remains the goal for the next decade. With an aggressive marketing plan, the brand Dominican Republic has to be developed. This includes security for investors and the expansion of the cruise industry. The repeated motto of Danilo Medina was: ¡Manos a la obra” Get to work! His motto for his government is a phrase from the Gospel: “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

The former director of prisons, Mario Acosta Santos, was arrested and accused of accepting one million pesos of Pascual Cordero Martínez (El Chino), a major drug dealer, accused of money laundering, to send him from his jail in Higüey to Santo Domingo. Acosta Santos denied the allegations and said there was a plan of the director and ex-director of the New Model Prison, Paniagua and Santana, to associate him with the drug business.

End of Cockaigne? Danilo Medina orders Austerity Measures for Officials / No more Luxury on State Funds

To set an example, Danilo Medina came with a significantly reduced escort to his new job, the presidential palace, on the first working day. In the following days, the ministers and officials of the new government have been announced. Apart of a few new faces, the ministers are more than 60 percent the same like in the former government. The opposition PRD party critizised, that the good impression left by Danilo Medina's inaugural, had been thwarted by appointing so many ministers of the previous government. Medina's opponent in the election, former President Hipólito Mejía, advised the new president, whose speech, he said, was “pretty good”, not to rouse the expectations in the new government overly high, so that the people will not be disappointed later. Mejía said, Medina had no idea, which debt he had inherited from his predecessor. The declarations of the new minister of the presidency, Gustavo Montalvo were true, that he doesn't even know what had left the government of Leonel Fernández and how big the deficit really is.

A Code of Ethics was signed first by the new president Danilo Medina and vicepresident Margarita Cedeño de Fernández. Afterwards, it was the new ministers' turn. They committed themselves to the code to govern ethically, morally, transparent and based on social justice. The Code of Ethics has 18 articles, which tell the officials what has to be observed. The officials commit themselves do give a sworn declaration on their assets within 30 days after taking office, to publish their tax declaration annually and to prove that they pay their taxes. Furthermore, the Code prohibits the officials to accept gifts and perks, either personally or through intermediaries. In the Austerity Plan, which is valid for one year, the government is attempting to prevent the unrestrained wastage of funds as it had apparently been usual. So among other new regulations, the functionaries are no longer allowed to buy cars at government expense, to use credit cards to buy gasoline if the amount exceeds 15 percent of their basic salary. Expenditures will be closely scrutinized, and the one who violates the regulation shall be removed from office and prosecuted. Trips to foreign countries have to be kept to the bare minimum. Parties, dinners, Christmas baskets, etc. on state funds are prohibited. The measures were broadly supported across all sectors, even in the restaurants of the capital which were the main beneficiaries that the officials preferred to dine in

luxury restaurants at government expense rather than to eat in the cafeterias of government buildings. Augusto Sánchez, President of the Dominican Restaurant Association Adere, with 60 member restaurants in Santo Domingo, said that in the restaurants 70 to 80 percent of the invoices are paid with “plastic money”, and more than half of it were public officials. However, José Manuel Nina, President of the used car importers, feared no loss. Their cars are inexpensive, officials bought only luxury cars. President Danilo Medina opened the school year in San Juan de la Maguana, while apparently the affected, students and pupils, didn't recognize the signs of the time. Because, as usual, during the first school days, the classrooms all over the country were largely deserted (pic above).

Damages and Death Tropical Storm “Isaac” brings Lots of Water / Five Dead and Thousands of Deplaced The Dominican Republic was hit by the first severe storm of this year's hurricane season, with heavy rains in many parts of the country, however, it mastered this weather phenomenon reasonably well. Totally five people drowned in rivers. In Haiti, 19 died.

The kitchens can prepare 7,500 hot meals for the needy in a day. They will stay for two weeks in Haiti and will then come back to go on with their beneficial work for the poor of the Dominican Republic.

Tarjeta de Turista

Renewal of the Marbete All car owners are reminded by the tax authorities DGII, that they can buy their new “Marbete” sticker and adhere it to the windscreen of their car from now until November 30. Who is caught after this deadline by the traffic police AMET without “Marbete” will have to go on walking, because his car will be confiscated until he can prove that he paid the tax plus the penalty. The motor vehicle tax for all cars older than the year 2007 is still 1,200 pesos, for cars newer than the year 2008 it is 2,200 pesos. This tax can be paid in all the offices of DGII and various banks as well as on the internet at

now out of the Teller The Emergency Center (COE) was publishing the number of displaced persons who had to leave their homes due to flooding, with 29,875 on press date, 116 villages were still cut off from the outside world five days after the passage of tropical storm “Isaac”. 6,693 houses were damaged. Particularly affected by "Isaac" was the capital Santo Domingo (Photo above: cleaning up the Malecón) and the provinces of the southwest. The power supply collapsed in many parts of the country, but in most places it works now again. Also in the neighboring countries Puerto Rico, Haiti and Cuba, tropical storm “Isaac” caused major damage, but never reached the category “Hurricane” on its way through the Caribbean. In Haiti, tent cities have been evacuated, in which hundreds of thousands of the victims of the earthquake of January 2010 still vegete under unacceptable inhumane conditions. President Danilo Medina sent five mobile kitchens to the neighboring country in order to provide affected families with food. They were handed over to the Première Dame of Haiti, Sophia Martelly.

Previously it often was very annoying, to line up in a queue at the arrival in an airport to buy the “Tarjeta de Turista” before entering the country after a long flight. Now the relevant tax authority has set up tellers at the airports and ports of the country. Juan Hernández, General Director of the Tax Authorities (DGII), said at the presentation that 80 percent of the tourists arrive without the Tarjeta. The machines are installed at strategic points and the visitors can insert bills of 10 dollars or 10 euros, after which a receipt and the Tarjeta de Turista are printed. It's even easier to pay the tax prior to departure via the Internet. On can be found different options of interest to tourists. They are listed in Spanish, English and French.

OAS backs Ecuador Great Britain's Threat to occupy Embassy rejected / Colombia plans to negotiate with FARC France was asylum for Haiti's Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, and no one accused the French to do so. The United States granted asylum to the hated Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, no one even thouht to condemn the U.S. for this decision. Chile took pity on the Chair-man of the State Council of the extinct German Democratic Republic, Erich Ho-necker, because a sovereign country may grant asylum to whomever it wants. This is international law, which ususally is disputed by no one. By no one? Or is this measured again with double standards, depending of who is the country and who is the beneficiary? This seems to be the case in the reaction of Great Britain on the decision of Ecuador, to grant asylum to the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, who has asked for asylum in the Embassy in London. London even threatened Ecuador to storm its embassy in London, if Assange was not delivered to extradite him for court proceedings in Sweden. A monstrous occurance, because to attack the embassy of a country is synonymous to attack the country itself. According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, signed also by Great Britain, an embassy is invulnerable.

In response to the threat of Great Britain, Ecuador called the Organization of American States (OAS) for support. While all 23 Latin American countries declared solidarity with Ecuador and rejected the threats of Great Britain, there were five abstentions and three votes against: the USA, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago. The United States and Canada defended their rejection of the resolution, because this was not a case for the OAS, and didn't sign the declaration of solidarity with Ecuador. Here, again, the northern neighbors showed, as for instance in the conflict Falklands/Malvinas, that in doubt Britain's interests always are closer than those of Latin America. Of course, the Argentinians reacted promptly, too: “This action shows the arrogance of British diplomacy”, said a statement of the Argentine embassy. “It doesn't come as a surprise for the Argentinians, as it is similar to the British statements of the Malvinas question, in wich the U.K. has also disregarded international law.” Britain has been accused by the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, to act “contradictory”. In 1998, the UK has refused to extradite the internationally wanted former president of Chile, General Augusto Pinochet, to Spain when he was arrested during a visit to London. Pinochet should stand trial in Spain for crimes against humanity during his term. London had then refused for “humanitarian reasons” to extradite the former dictator. A confidential document that was taken by a photographer of The Associated Press, shows that Assange is in serious trouble. In the document, held by an official, it is written by hand: “Assange has to be arrested

under all circumstances.” If he left the embassy, he would be immediately arrested and extradited to Sweden, where Assange will be tried for a rape accusation. Then he faces extradition from Sweden to the United States, where he might even be sentenced to death penalty for publishing highly secret government files and wire-tapping of foreign politicians on the Internet, which is the reason why Ecuador granted asylum to the founder of WikiLeaks.. Consent for his course, to elicit the possibilities for negotiations with the rebel group FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), was shown to President Juan Manuel Santos by large parts of Colombian politics. Only the followers of Santos' predecessor, Álvaro Uribe, are against negotiations with the leftist rebels. The FARC are the oldest active insurgents in the world, waging war against the government for the last 50 years. Negotiations will start in October in Norway. The secret talks in Cuba between the Colombian government and the FARC have been mediated by Cuba, Venezuela and Norway. The aim of the negotiations is that the FARC will lay down arms and sign a peace treaty.

Drug Debate is ideological Ex-President of Colombia: No Solution without USA / Uruguay plans Decriminalization

Uruguay is trying to decriminalize the cultivation and trafficking of marihuana - consumption is already exempt from punishment. In an interview with AFP the former Colombian president César Gaviria (1990 to 1994) and former Secretary General (1994 to 2004) of the Organization of American States (OAS), contradicted on charges that this was a violation of international drug treaties, such an amendment could not be done by a country alone, but only carried out collectively. “With respect to the drug trade, especially internationally, the agreements are very strict. But in terms of drug use they are very flexible agreements and talk of respecting the internal legislation,” said Gaviria. “I do not think, the way of Uruguay violates international agreements.” According to Gaviria, every country must find its own way, and it would be useful to watch which routes are taken in Europe.

“The drug debates are held very ideologically, they accept very few arguments,” said the Colombian economist and politician. One should observe the pros and cons and do what the Europeans call “damage control”. “What causes less harm to a country, to put all these people in jail as criminals, or to sup-port them with a health care system?” asks Gaviria. “The purely prohibitionist policy that makes a criminal act of using drugs, can hardly be defended any more. The United States spend a tremendous amount of money, wage a war for 40 years, they have the highest consumption in the world, more prisoners for drugs than all European countries together, and there is clearly no progress,” said César Gaviria. The Latin American countries that are victims of trafficking will hardly find a solution to their problems, if the USA don't change their drug policy at the same time. “To stop these deaths and violence in the Andean countries, Mexico and Central America, the region has recognized, that an internal debate in the U.S. is necessary to hopefully detect drug use as a health problem,” said Gaviria. César Gaviria is a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, which was set up three years ago in Latin America. This committee promotes a change in the drug

war, which is being waged by the United States in four decades. Gaviria said that they would now extend the work of the Commission on Africa and Asia, as this debate has do be held globally, not just in Latin America. Latin America and the Caribbean far exceed the world average of homicides with firearms, with only Cuba and Surinam below this percentage, according to a report released by the Small Arms Survey. This organization, which monitors trade in small arms in the world, indicates that in 21 of the 23 Latin American and Caribbean countries, the percentage of homicides committed with firearms is “above the world average.” El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica and Venezuela have very high homicide rates (over 30 per 100,000), and those rates increased steadily between 1995 and 2010. Along with Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Puerto Rico, these countries have an extremely high percentage of homicides committed with firearms (over 70 percent). By contrast, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Peru, Suriname and Uruguay have reduced homicide rates (less than 10 per 100,000), with figures downward or stable between 1995 and 2010 and with percentages of those committed with firearms below 60 percent. Worldwide, at least two million people are living with injuries caused by firearms in conflict-free environments for ten years, Small Arms Survey suspects that “this figure is probably much higher”.

Body Art Bodypainter Irina donates Cover Girl for Anniversary of LA PLAYA / Staying after Holidays

Irina formerly was a “normal” painter who decorated sketchbooks and canvases with designs and paintings. Then, about 15 years ago, she has been commissioned by an airline to paint models for an event. “The result was that great that it initiated an avalanche.” Suddenly, not only organizers of events were interested in the exceptional services of Irina. Individuals became enthusiastic about the art of the lady. Pregnant women wanted to decorate their belly with a piece of art. “The women seem to want this kind of unique experience to crown this special phase of their lives”, suspects Irina. In everyday life, Irina's aim is to create eyecatchers. At the keyword eye-catching, she remembers a story in Mallorca, where a contractor wanted “some little black dress” that wears as light as possible for a candlelight dinner party. With her eye for the beautiful, Irina conjured a work of art upon the body, together with plain black pants it “looked just great.” The funny thing

was the attention of the passers-by who responded equally curious and insecure, but were afraid to look more closely, if the lady was wearing something or not. While Irina also adorns children at parties or smaller celebrations with little works of art, which usually is great fun, the job can be quite strenuous for professional models, such as during a photo shooting in Menorca, when a young woman had to endure naked on a rock for hours, while the bodypainter transformed her into a part of the environment little by little. Body paintings seem to be a kind of a basic need of mankind. Indigenous peoples as Indians or Aborigines have a long tradition in it. During carnival, people turn to true works of art. Maybe therefore usually everybody is in a good mood at bodypainting sessions, suspects Irina. After all, which woman does not like make-up to accentuate her own personality? Earlier this year, Irina and her husband Uwe came on vacation to the Dominican Republic, where they liked it right away that much that they decided to stay here. For the third anniversary of LA PLAYA, Irina donated the “Pretty girl of page 1” of this issue. Irina wants to stress that she understands her gift also as a moral support for LA PLAYA in the recent debate on whether the girls of page one are offensive.

If anyone is interested to make his party or another event to a memorable happening, he can get in contact with Irina on facebook on “Body Painting by Irina” or by sending an e-mail to

Dear readers and advertisers. When I left my country three and half years ago with a small indemnity of the newspaper where I worked for many years and came to the Dominican Republic to live here, I knew already well by several vacations that I spent here, that this country does not belong to the so-called low-cost countries. Nevertheless, I decided to live in this paradise in the Caribbean for various reasons. After six months of doing nothing (except spending money) it came to the question: what to do now? Since the start of the experiment, everybody tried to discourage me, to edit a newspaper, now three years have passed. I must acknowledge that I am certainly one of the lucky ones. Because based on advertisers who made advertising in LA PLAYA, I can see that there are not that many who made it. Now sometimes I even have the feeling when I know a new advertiser, if he will be successful or not. When somebody starts to think, if investing 1,000 pesos in advertisement might be too much … LA PLAYA is not yet “grown up” after these three years, as the only foreign publication with a larger circulation area, its real potential is far from exhausted. That it didn't grow more yet had been mainly due to the fact that an individual person has his limits.

Estimados lectores y anunciantes. Hace tres años comencé con un experimento - un periódico. Debo admitir que ciertamente soy uno de los felices. Por los anuncios en LA PLAYA puedo ver que hay otros negocios que no sobrevivían. Después de tres años, LA PLAYA aún no está “bien formada”. Como ahora es la única publicación extranjera con una distribución mayor, su potencial es más grande. Desde hace algunas semanas, LA PLAYA colabora mas con Nice People Networking. Y el inventor de los “GameYcles”, el argentino Pablo Baqués, intenta hacer interactiva LA PLAYA mediante la página laplayadominicana.

For several weeks, LA PLAYA works more closely with Nice People Networking, that publish LA PLAYA on their website for some time already, the magazine can be read when you click “La Playa Magazine”. Also the inventor of the “GameYcles” on the page of entertainment, the Argentinian Pablo Baqués, tries currently to make LA PLAYA interactive under the page laplayadominicana. Whether this attempt will be successful, depends of course primarily to the readers of LA PLAYA. When distributing LA PLAYA, I unfortunately see again and again that some readers or advertisers are “limited” (Excuse the bold expression that is meant only spatially), because on the north coast some don't see no point why LA PLAYA also is distributed on the south coast. If I may ask one question, what is wrong with it, when a reader on the south reads ads of Sosúa and Cabarete. Some day he might come to the North. The huge advantage of advertising in a magazine, is that some readers look at the ad even after a couple of months. In the south, some see LA PLAYA as a magazine of the north coast, which is also not correct, because in relation to the number of companies, the south is represented really well with ads. If the north would advertise like that, LA PLAYA had 40 pages.

Distribuyendo LA PLAYA me di cuenta una y otra vez de que algunos lectores o anunciantes son bien “limitados” (excuse la expresión - me refiero al área), porque en la costa norte no ven por qué LA PLAYA también se distribuye en la costa sur. ¿Pero qué hay de malo si un lector en el sur lee un anuncio de Sosúa o Cabarete? Hasta puede ser que se acuerde de un anuncio cuando viene al norte. En el sur, algunos ven LA PLAYA como revista del norte, lo que tampoco es correcto, ya que en relación con el número de negocios, el sur está bien representado. Aunque LA PLAYA es muy bien recibida por la mayoría de lectores, es evidente que

Although LA PLAYA is received very positive by most readers, it obviously can not please everyone. Some critizise that the news are old. Of course! A magazine that ist published bi-weekly cannot be on a daily basis. The reader of a newspaper usually knows the news he reads in the morning, because he saw them already on the evening news on TV or the Internet. Some contend with various sections in LA PLAYA, as the presentation and translation of the song, which others think is particularly great, and even collect it. One just never can please everybody. The aim of LA PLAYA is to make more understandable this beautiful country, its people and its culture to the interested parties. Music plays a very large role in the Dominican Republic. For example, Dominicans always look first, what song is presented in a new issue of LA PLAYA, and in most cases they start to sing it. Which is a confirmation for me to be right. I surely will not do - what some people want - to write about the countless crimes or rip offs committed on foreigners. To read this, there are more than enough sites on the Internet. I want to thank you sincerely for the kind support from many sides. Cheers to the next three years! Werner Rümmele, editor

no se puede complacer a todo el mundo. Una de la críticas es que las noticias son viejas. ¡Lógico! Una revista bisemanal no puede ser actual al día. El lector de un periódico ya conoce las noticias en la mañana, porque ya lo había visto por TV. El objetivo principal de LA PLAYA es hacer comprender mejor a este hermoso país, su gente y su cultura a los extranjeros. Algunos quieren que reporte sobre los crimenes contra extranjeros o como los “despluman”. Pero de eso hay más que suficiente en el Internet. Les doy las gracias por el amoroso apoyo de muchos lados. ¡A los próximos tres años! Werner Rümmele, editor

Your Horoscope for September 2012 New Energy for Pisces / Time to rest for Cancer / Aries has to be careful with Counsels

While you might have found yourself stuck in a creative rut the past few months, for a number of reasons, you need to realize that you were just saving up your energy for a better time to create - now! This month, you will begin to see that the creative problems you were having were actually leading you to the answers you really needed. Make time in your life to be quiet with yourself, as your creative powers are strong.

With this newfound energy, you might also begin to see solutions to problems you’ve been noticing in the workplace. Speak up about what you see to be the solution and see what others have to say. You will find they have been waiting to hear your opinion. The changes that you can make in your office setting will allow you to become a leader, and you will also learn more respect from those who are around you.

The counsel of a friend this month might seem to be well intentioned, but you should also be skeptical. Though they mean well, they might not have your best interests at heart. This friend may be going through something difficult, which could be coloring their perceptions of the situation. When you get advice from this friend, thank them, but don’t follow it until you’re absolutely sure you can trust what you’ve heard from them.

Though you might not admit it, you’ve got love on your mind this month. You have an opportunity to reach out and find someone special, and those with partners may find their relationship suddenly feels brighter and more positive than it has in a while. Enjoy this, because you deserve it all. And even if you don’t want to share your loving feelings with others, you should still get out and enjoy what’s coming your way.

When you’ve been considering a big step in your life, this is the month to do it. Toward the end of the month, you’ll find that your luck is improving, in the strangest ways. Maybe you’ll get a refund check or you’ll see a friend you needed to see in an unexpected place. Just because you’re getting lucky in small ways doesn’t mean you can’t also find luck in bigger ventures. Try out your luck and see what happens.

With all of the turmoil you’ve been experiencing in the last few months, it’s amazing that you’ve held it together so well. But let’s face it; no one can be strong forever. This month, you might find that you’re taking naps more often, being by yourself more often, and just being a little sulky. This is okay. This is normal. And you need to take this time to relax after all of the stress you’ve endured during such a long time.

You have a glow about you, and it’s something that others will notice. Whether you’re trying to look for a new relationship or not, others will be drawn to you. You will have people come up to you and want to be with you, even if they’ve never noticed you before. Enjoy the attention that you’re getting. This month will seem as though there is some sort of spotlight on you, so why not take advantage of it?

At times, you’ve been feeling that you aren’t getting enough from your life, that you’re not as productive as you think you can be and you’re right. Toward the end of the month, you will begin to see that some of your dreams are very likely going to come true. Close your eyes and trust in the universe around you. It knows what you need. But only you can take the steps you need to take to have success.

This is a month where you’re going to get some attention that you hadn’t been expecting. Whether you’ve been working hard on a project or you’ve just been steady in the work you do, the people at your workplace are going to notice. While it might have seemed like no one was watching you, they’ve actually been watching you closely and you may be sought out for a role that includes more leadership and responsibility.

The love that you’ve been enjoying in the past and that you’ve wanted more of is going to become even more important this month. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’re ready to commit on a deeper level than you realized you needed. You are always the intense one, the one that wants to have more passion. As the smoke begins to clear this month, take time to think about what you really want from a lover.

You’ve been in a process of deep change in your personal and professional life. Though you tend to get what you want, you also have begun to realize that you don’t know what it is you’re trying to accomplish. With this new question in your mind, you might begin to see that you’re not only already in the process of changing what needs to be changed, but you’ll also notice that you’re figuring out where your true priorities lie.

The troubled times you have experienced around money will begin to dissipate. If you’ve had some ideas about how to make more money or how to have more abundance in your life, now is the time to get started. Even if this doesn’t sound like the right work for your life right now, you will still notice that money is something that comes to you more easily. And this couldn’t come at a better time.



Defective Parrot

Hello again, GameYcles players! Here is the promised solution for a serial number 35369005. We thought pounds would be appropriate after London's great hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games. The eight digit serial resolves best (as far as we can tell, anyway...) by picking 32 to develop your target numerycle: 32573145. You then transfer the 5, 3 and 9 around, and add as needed. In transmission format, this solution would be expressed as: 35369005, 39563005, 32573145, t3, s8, P11. Any BETTER ideas?...

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

Thanks to Fergus Forsyth in UK for the picture! If you would like to send pictures of bills for GameYcles please send them to Also, you can visit our web site cana (see?... there is no www and no dot com!) to leave suggestions or solutions to GameYcles, or simply messages to the editor. This is also a good way to get your FREE classified ad in. Here is the next GameYcle challenge: 17535199 is on a Uruguayan peso bill. If you happen to find it around the island, the reward is RD$ 400,000. Yeah. About ten grand US. Thanks to Pablo Buydid in Piriápolis, Uruguay, for providing the picture. No I did not pick his because his name is Pablo. Of course not. Solution: September 19. See you then!

Sudoku No. 153

A guy walks into a pet shop and sees a parrot sitting on a little perch. It doesn't have any feet or legs. The guy says aloud, “I wonder what happened to this parrot?” The parrot replies, “I was born this way. I'm a defective parrot.” “Wow!” the guy exclaims. “You actually understood and answered me!” “I got every word,” says the parrot. “Oh yeah?”, the guy asks, “Then tell me. How do you hang onto your perch without any feet?” “Well,” the parrot says, “this is very embarrassing but since you asked, I wrap my willie around this wooden bar like a little hook. You can't see it because of my feathers.” “Wow” says the guy, “you really can understand everything!” “Yes, and I can converse on almost any topic: sports, politics, religion, philosophy. I'm especially good at ornithology. Buy me. I'd be a great companion.” The guy looks at the 200-dollar price tag. “Sorry, but I can't afford that.” The parrot says, “I'm defective, nobody wants me cause I don't have any feet. You can probably get me for 20 dollars.” The guy offers 20 dollars and walks out with the parrot. Weeks go by. The parrot is sensational. The guy is delighted. One day the guy comes home from work and the parrot goes “Pssst, I don't know if I should tell this , but it's about your wife and the postman.” “What are you talking about?” asks the guy. “When the postman delivered today, your wife greeted him in a black nighty and kissed him.” “What?” the guy asks incredulously. “Then what happened?” “Then the postman lifted up her nighty and started to kiss her all over her body.” “Then!?” demands the frantic guy, “Then, what happened?” “Damned if I know! I got a hard-on and fell off my perch!”


Sudoku No. 154


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Concentration Enough Specialists for Heart Diseases - but only in big Cities Ischemic heart disease, including myocardial infarction, unstable angina and sudden death, are the leading causes of deaths in the Dominican Republic. The country has 445 cardiologists, enough to meet the demand of all 10 million inhabitants, but the concentration of these professionals is in the big cities, leaving remote communities, and therefore the poorer people without that lifesaving service. This situation requires that people have to travel long distances in search of a cardiologist, although the time is

essential when it comes to prevent cardiovascular complications or sudden deaths. This was revealed by the cardiologists Carlos Lamarche Rey, Fulgencio Severino and JosĂŠ Reyes Troncoso during a press conference at the Symposium on Atherosclerosis and Coronary Disease in the Hospital Salvador B. Gautier. They said that the concentration of these specialists in cities is due to the low wages paid to physicians, little incentive to practice in remote areas and lack of the necessary technologies.

Rectification to Moringa In the last issue of LA PLAYA it said, that doctors were warning of an overdose with the consequence of kidney and liver damages. Since the ingredients of Moringa are water soluble, the body excretes what is too much, so there can not be an overdose. The capsules with Moringa usually are taken three times a day without a temporal limit. Moreover, it is recom-mended to use the Moringa products over a longer period so that the desired effect of strengthening and rejuvenating the body can take place.

José A. Rodríguez

Marc Anthony

Singer is Minister of Culture

For the Benefit of Orphans

Raphael “I'll never resign!” While in the neighboring country a singer managed to become president, the singersongwriter José Antonio Rodríguez at least made it to the Dominican Minister of Culture in the Cabinet of the new government of Danilo Medina. José Antonio Rodríguez (“No es lo mismo pero es igual” - It's not the same, but it's equal) follows José Rafael Lantigua, who held the office for eight years under the previous government of Leonel Fernández. José Antonio Rodríguez is one of those who advocates to give the value to the Dominican culture that it deserves: “If one values the culture, he estimates the whole people.” With his appointment as minister, Rodríguez, who can look back on a long musical career, feels himself committed more than ever to promote the art, as it is planned in the program of the new government. “We need to focus to appreciate what we do. The Dominicans have to love what it is, because it's a lot and it's very good,” said the new minister.

The Spaniard with the big voice and the big gestures will come to the Dominican Republic. On 27 September, he will give a concert in the Gran Arena del Cibao in Santiago, two days later, on 29 September, Raphael will come to the Eduardo Brito National Theater in Santo Domingo. After a more than 50-year career, the wiry singer seems more active than ever. Before touching Dominican soil, Raphael will sing in Colombia, and in November he'll make a tour in Russia. For months, his presence is announced, and Raphael says: “In my dictionary, there doesn't exist the word 'retirement'. Those who are born as an artist, die as an artist.” He never would go on a farewell tour. Yes, he will take more time out, time to spend in his house in Ibiza, where he also paints, but “I will never say, I quit.” Raphael, who has already recorded songs in many different languages, including English, German or French, says he'll only sing Spanish. His songs (“Yo soy aquel”, “Digan lo que digan”) and his concerts had to be sung in Spanish. Raphael is known to “dramatize” his songs with gestures. “I didn't have to search for that. It was born with me. I always wanted to be myself. And finally I have achieved it,” says Raphael. In his concert, he will sing his best songs, which the audience also love.

In November 2011, Salsa star Marc Anthony built his Foundation Maestro Cares together with the Colombian music promoter Henry Cardenas, with which he supports organizations that help poor children in Latin America. Marc Anthony organized a cocktail party with 200 people at the Sofitel in Chicago a with silent auction. So for example a guitar of Maná or a shirt of the Argentine national team signed by Lionel Messi were auctioned off. The proceeds of the auction, 100,000 dollars, will go to the orphanage of the Foundation Niños de Cristo in La Romana, in which 200 children are accommodated.

I'M SO SORRY ... Música urbana-star Don Miguelo said on the TV show “Hola Gente”, with tears in his eyes, that he had apologized to his ex-girlfriend and especially to God for having beaten Paola. He is ashamed of this, but now he tries to get his life and career back on track.

What is this Guy singing? “Ahora soy yo” by Eddy Herrera The song “Demasiado niña”, in which Eddy Herrera sang about a 13-year old girl that falls in love with her teacher, was a scandal in 2000. Now the girlie grew up, and now it's him (“Ahora soy yo”), who falls in love and wants to have her. Ahora soy yo que quiero tenerla. Ya no es una niña, es toda una hembra. Ahora soy yo que ando loco por ella. Me tiene perdiendo el sueño y en la cama dando vueltas. Yo pensaba que todo era muy fácil que todo era tranquilo como profesor, pero mentira. Conocí a una nena, que estaba bien buena y me llamó la atención. La miré, me miró, sonreí, sonrió, me acerqué, se acercó, le dije: “¿Cómo estás?” Le pregunté su edad, me dijo: “Veintitres, soy la niña, ahora toda una mujer”. Ahora soy yo que quiero tenerla. Ya no es una niña, es toda una hembra. Ahora soy yo que ando loco por ella me tiene perdiendo el sueño y en la cama dando vueltas. Y ahora soy yo que quiero tenerla. Ya no es una niña, es toda una hembra. Ahora soy yo ... Y pensar que eras demasiado niña. Y ahora soy yo. Quiero hacerte mía, de un dia para siempre. Y ahora soy yo. Estoy loquito de amor, loco, loquito por tí. Y ahora soy yo. Quiero una oportunidad, quiero amarte de verdad. Eras demasiado niña cuando me quisiste amar. Ahora yo quiero tenerte dejemos el tiempo atrás. Solo quiero estar contigo, no me niegues tu cariño. Dame la oportunidad, que ahora el que esta loco soy yo. Ahora soy yo que quiero tenerla. Ya no es una niña, es toda una hembra. Y ahora soy yo ... Y ahora soy yo. Quiero hacerte mía, de un dia para siempre. Y ahora soy yo …

Now it's me who wants to have her. She's no girl any more, she's a real woman. Now it's me who is crazy for her. She makes me lose my sleep and roll around in the bed. I thought that everything was easy, that everything was quiet as a teacher, but it's a lie. I knew a girl that was really good and she called my attention. I looked at her, she looked at me, I smiled, she smiled, I got close to her, she got close to me, I said to her, “How are you?” I asked for her age, she said, “23, I'm the girl, now a real woman.” And now it's me who wants to have her. She's no girl any more, she's a real woman. Now it's me who is crazy for her. She makes me lose my sleep and roll around in the bed. And now it's me who wants to have her. She's no girl any more, she's a real woman. Now it's me … And thinking that you were too much a girl. And now it's me. I want to make you mine, from one day forever. And now it's me. I'm crazy for love, crazy, crazy for you. And now it's me. I want an opportunity, I want to love you really. You were too much a girl, when you wanted to love me. Now I want to have you, let's leave behind the time. I only want to be with you, don't deny me your affection. Give me an opportunity, because the one who is crazy now is me. Now it's me who wants to have her. She's no girl any more, she's a real woman. And now it's me … And now it's me. I want to make you mine, from one day forever. And now it's me …

Eddy José de los Ríos Herrera was born in Santiago de los Caballeros on 30 April 1964. At the age of nine, he took guitar lessons because he loved boleros and ballads. At 17, he won the first prize at the “Festival de la voz” in Santiago. Eddy Herrera was a good baseball player and started to study architecture. Finally ”El galán del Merengue”, as Eddy Herrera is called, chose the music. After 1984 he was one of the singers in the orchestra of Wilfrido Vargas, where he remained until 1990. With “Carolina” on his third album, Eddy Herrera had his international breakthrough. He is possibly the most international of all Merengueros who probably sang in every country of Latin America and the Caribbean, in more than 20 states in the USA and in most countries of Europe. And, of course, Eddy Herrera also won a lot of prizes, including the Casandra.

You can listen to this song on facebook at la playa

Specials of a304 2 Bedroom Town House Style Apartment, Sosua, 90m2/sq.ft.969, furnished, Reduced to US$75,000. or 809-4628140 a305 2 BR, 1 BA Condo, Ground Fl, furnished, Sosua, 78,68 m2/ft. 847, maint. US$105, pet friendly, US$84,900, or 809-462-8140 a332 Furnished Townhouse with 2 Apartments, Sosua. Size 96,6 m2/ft² 1,040/ Owner finance! NOW US$89,900. or 809-462-8140 a215 Large 1 BR, 1 BA Pool View Apartment, 83 m2/sq.ft. 893, furnished, 2nd floor, before $85,000 NOW only: US$79,000, athumeyer or 809-462-8140 a329 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom Penthouse, furnished, Sosua, 161 m2 /sq.ft.: 1,732 - on sale US$118,000. or 809-4628140 a220 Large Renovated Furnished Studio Condo, fully furnished, 50 m2/sq.ft. 538, only US$29,900, or 809-4628140 co548 Villa, Apartment Plus Construction. Sosua, Reduced to US$142,500 – Owner finance, 2 BR, 2 BA, lot 13,993 sq.ft. or 809-4628140. co662 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom House, unfurnished, needs TLC, Lot 300 m2/sq.ft. 3,229, Building Size 100 m2/sq.ft. 1,076 only US$69,900. athumeyer@gmail.comor 809-4628140. co671 Unfurnished 2 Bedroom, 1 BA Bungalow - lot 336.29 m2/sq.ft 3,620, size 73 m3/ft 785 only US$99,000, or 809-462-8140.

co397 2 Bedroom House In Sabaneta Lot 1,300 m2/sq.ft.13,992, furnished, Build. Size 160 m2 /sq.ft.: 1,722, only US$95,000, or 809-462-8140.

New Bungalow co659 Bargain 4 Bedroom, 4 BA Villa – Gated Lot 1,340 m2/sq.ft. 14,424, Size 178 m2/ft. 1,915, furnished, on sale US$159,000. or 809-4628140. co664 Opportunity! Spacious 3 BR/2BA Villa – Gated, lot 1,048.66 m2 (11,288 ft), Size 196 m2 (2,110 ft), US$132,000 - owner finance! or 809-4628140. House, Special Offer, to be sold for only US$100,000 US$. Please call 809 571 0089 or mail to House with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, very big lot, in a safe place to be sold for a good price. Please ask at 809 571 0089 or Small Villa above Sosúa. 150 sq.m. building size, area 1.300 sq.m. view on pool an possibility for amplification. Only US$129,900 or €105,000, private sale. Tel. 829-849-6073. 230 s.qm in a „Plaza Comercial“ in Avenida Luis Ginebra , Puerto Plata, complete ground floor, 2 bathrooms, new building, constructed in best quality, 5 parking lots included, US$325,000 O.N.O. Tel: 809-7124321 (English or Spanish)

Specials of Re#006 a323 3rd Floor 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment - Town Center, 61 m2/ft. 657, US$350 per month, 1 year and longer. or 809-462-8140. Re#60 2 Bedroom, 2 Ba Town House. Building Size m2: 126 /sq.ft.: 1,356 - * AC * Balcony * Garage * US$600/month, athumeyer@gmail .com or 809-462-8140 Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment, Sosua, 83 m2, furnished, 2nd floor, US$525/month – andrea or 809-462-8140 Apartment in the center of Cabarete, completely renovated, to rent. Please ask at 809 571 0089 or Apartment in Maranata, furnished, with garage, RD$2,800/month. Cel. 809-497-6913 Small house in Sosúa, El Batey, in a safe, small compound, living and dining room, American kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, covered terrace, carport, US$450, incl. water, Cable TV, electricity. 2 months deposit. Internet possible. Tel. 809969-1333.

about 36 sq.m., completely furrnished in a guarded and safe complex, close to the center of Sosúa. Beautiful garden with big swimmingpool, waterfall, pool bar, sun loungers, pavillion with BBQ and seating area. Glosed and guarded parking. 24h electricity and clean water, High-Speed WiFi Internet and all the 247 international TV-programs. Long term rental: US$299 + US$60 add. costs/p.m. Phone 809-801-8686, 809-801-8660 Apartment, 100 sq.m, in 1-2 Family House in Sosúa, El Batey, completely furnished, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, 24 h electricity/water, Inverter, US$450, incl. water, Cable TV, electricity. 2 months deposit. Internet possible. Tel. 809-969-1333. Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546 For rent Vista del Caribe 1 Playa Encuentro. In a gated condominium 24 h security. Deluxe Penthouse in great condition, with fant. Ocean view. 2 BR, 2 BA, living-dining-room with open modern kitchen. Cable TV, internet, Wifi, washing machine. Tropical garden w. pool, parking, 24 h electr. Special price all incl. 750 US$/month. Call 829-883-6527.

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Lot in Puerto Plata, 900 sq.m, beautiful and quiet location, price: RD$2,800/sq.m, Tel. 809-261-1156 / 809-978-5608 Apartments beside Caribe Campo, Casa Carrera, between 40 and 80 sq.m, furnished, no additional costs except electricity (own counter) From US$35,000. For further informations please call 809-396-1926.

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Child Car Seat (6 m. until 3 y), RD$7,000. 2 matrasses, used for 4 months, RD$6,500 each. Tel: 809875-7310 Prof Treadmill (Landice L-7), (New 100,000), Only 45,000 OBO, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to UNIQ44 (New) Prof Portable Massage Table 30”, (PriceSmart 13,000), Only 10,000, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to 4 piece livingroom set, 1 couch, 2 lounge chairs, 1 coffee table with smoke glass top, US$2,800, red. to US$950. 4 comf. bar chairs matching livingroom, US$320, red. to US$220. Email, for pictures 829-559-2056 Small freezer in good conditions, RD$3,500. For further informations please call 809-571-2963 or 809545-0538 or 809-517-4309 Apple iMac (24”, 2.8GHz, 500GBHD, 4GB-RAM), (PriceSmart 90,000), Only 55,000 OBO, Call: 829-3228982 or HP Pavillion Elite PC (30” Monitor, 2.66GHz, 1TB-HD, 4GB-RAM, Bluetooth Keyboard-Mouse), (New over 150,000), Only 65,000 OBO, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to Nikon SLR Camera, 12 megapixels. Like new, m. Press battery grip, zoom lens and accessories, RD$28,000. Phone 829-392-7165 (New) Sony VAIO Netbook (10”, 1.83GHz, 250GB-HD, 1GB-RAM), (PriceSmart 25,000), Now Only 15,500, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to Security Camera System: (New) Lorex “All-In-One” Professional Security Camera System (PriceSmart 95,000), Now Only 47,500 (50% Off), Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to Black Cordless Electric Kettle as new. RD$500 Tel: 809-750-7618 Disco-Nightclub Equip: LED Light Strips (Programmable), Black Lights (24” & 48”), Disco Ball, Bubble Machine, Fog Machine, Lasers, Strobes, Karaoke Stereo, & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 or mail to

Restaurant Equip: All Items New, Heavy-Duty, Prof., Commercial Grade: Juice-Machine (30-perminute), Tunnel-Toaster, Panini-Grill (Split-top), Xtreme-Blender (3.5HP), Frozen-Drink-Machine, Popcorn-Machine w-Cart, Hobart 12” Meat-Slicer, Stand-Mixer (5-Qt), Espresso-Cappuccino-Latte-Machine (w-Grinder), Gourmet-Displays, Dinnerware & Utensils, Folding Tables & Chairs & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 or mail to Vidal Sassoon Professional Haircutting System (20 Pieces) Complete in case, never been opened. RD$800. Tel:809-750-7618 Estate Sale: Mahogany Furn (Night Tables, Dressers, Rocking Chairs), Acacia-Wood (Portable Bar w-Stools, Club-Chairs), Folding Tables & Chairs, (New) Security Camera System, (New) Wii & Xbox Game Systems, Popcorn Machine w-Cart, Treadmill, Air Compressor, Karaoke Stereo, Computers-Printer-Accessories, & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 or mail to iPhone 3gs unlocked. RD$4,500 Tel: 809-750-7618 Hardware-Tools: 36-ft Ext Ladder, 17ft Multi-Purpose Ladder, 3-N-1 HandTruck (1,000-lb, Adjustable Dolly), 20-gal Air Comp, 3-gal Air Comp, Electric Power Washer (1,450 PSI), Wet-Dry Vac (16-gal, 6.5HP), Steam Machine, Battery Charger (12-24V), Mechanics Tool-Set (171-pcs), Clamp Meter, 30” Bolt Cutters, Halogen Const Lights, Painting Equip, & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 or mail to Fridge, purchased in 12/2010. RD$8,000. Call 849-356-4376 Tantra (Sex) Chair – unique chair for advanced Sexual Positions (Kama Sutra) – like the ones in the Cabanas – only 12,000, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to Power Boss (Honda GC190) Gas Powered (Easy-Start) Pressure Washer (3000 PSI), 25-ft Hose, 10” Wheels (PriceSmart 26,500), Used 5times, Now Only 20,000, Call: 829322-8982 or mail to Bosch Professional Rotary Hammer Drill (GBH-4-DFE SDS Plus), (Ochoa 36,500), Now Only 25,000, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to

Total Car Sales

Well known and well established Real Estate Company is looking for a female

in the Rumba Bar Parking Lot SOSÚA 2008 Toyota Tacoma 2007 Mazda 6 Sedan 2007 Chevy HHR Jeepeta 2008 Chevy HHR Jeepeta 2007 Mitsubishi Jeepeta 2007 Dodge Caliber 2007 Cadillac 7 pass. SUV 2007 Saturn Sedan 2008 Mazda Tribute SUV


Tel. 829-329-4126

Wanted! Surfboard, Longboard, 9 ft – 10 ft. Reasonable price. Call 829601-8383, Tomas.

Conditions: Experience, record of success, knowledge of Spanish, English and German (German is desired, but no condition). Developed personality, specialized knowledge from introduction talk to conclusion, Honesty and engagement are the two most important conditions! Further informations on: Who is looking for someone who takes care for your Mom, Dad or as a Nanny? Spreaks German, English and Spanish. Call 829-721-1881 Art FotoGrafico. Young German and Russian speaking photographer and image editing. Taking pics of parties, birthdays, marriages, area: Sosua / Cabarete / Puerto Plata. Image editing, collages, lettering. Tel.: 809-909-3049

Suzuki Grand Vitara, 1999. 6 cyl, 4x2, new engine with only 500 miles, new batteries, tyres, radiator, breaks, belts. Price: US$5400. Call 849-6079301 Motobike HJ 125 cc (Hadjuel) 2008. All lights work, chain and sprocket in excellent condition, 8,400 km, inc. helmet & security chain. RD$20,000. Call 849-607-9301 Cadillac Escalade (2004), Pearl White, Fully-Loaded, Low Miles, Great Condition, Only $18,000 OBO, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to Custom 22” Chrome Wheels/Tires, GWG “Savanti”, (New 90,000), Only 45,000 OBO, Call: 829-322-8982 or mail to Nissan Pathfinder, 99, white, US$6,000. Tel. 829-849-6073

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Pasola Yamaha, 1.000 ccm Mercedes Benz 200, Diesel, 1983, in best condition, to sell for US$ 3,800. Please call Klaus Noack for offers: 809 877 6671

Very fast, in good condition, no damage of accident,

RD$39,000 o.n.o. Call 829-717-8279

Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2009, 4WD, 6.0 cylinder, 31,000 km, Color white, no damages, excellent condition. US$29,000. Call 829 399 0837 Motocross bike, Suzuki, 2006, RM 250. RD$130,000. Email: Terrios Daihatsu, RD$182,000. Call 809-495-0565

Learn and teach Spanish, English, Italian and German by attending interactive sessions at local restaurants. Message to laplayadominicana or contact Pablo at:

IN BONAO Parada Alemana

D'Alemania Gourmet Erdinger Beer Garden La Cafetera, El Conde a.o.

IN CABRERA Supermercado Soma Blue Pools

IN PUERTO PLATA Supermercado Tropical Supermercado José Luis Puerto Plata Beach Club Eiscafé Mariposa Barco's Entre Amigos Ceducompp Casa Nelson Tienda Jiménez La Red Cyber Café Rialto Services Sugar & Salt Dr. Díaz Meyreles a.o. IN MAIMÓN Taxis of the RIU-Hotels IN COSTAMBAR R & B Bakery Jenny's Market IN COFRESÍ Los Tres Cocos Tiroler Stüberl Ocean World Hacienda Lifestyle a.o. IN PLAYA DORADA Mar y Sol Hemingway's Pizza Hut a.o. EL PUEBLITO Le Petit François IN SOSÚA Supermercado Sosúa Good Old Germany Parada Típica El Choco Bakery Moser Butcher's La Mulata Butcher's Bavaria Hotel Don Andres Aparthotel Las Cañas Hotel Plaza Europa

Hotel El Rancho Hotel Orchidee Hotel Colibrí Charly's Bar Pommes & Fritz Verena's Café Waterfront Restaurant Schlemmer Stube Restaurant Al Porto Valentino's Thai-Restaurant Chili Casa Goethe Compucentro Super Super Sol del Choco Plan B Pappaterra Call a Pizza Bermuda Triangle a.o. IN CABARETE Janet's Supermarket Bayerischer Hof ABC Inmobiliaria Yamazato El Rincón Goloso Gordito's Fresh Mex Hotel Viva Wyndham Hotel Villa Taína Restaurant Serenade Miró Restaurant & Bar Emerald Beach Club José O'Shay's ServiMed fun tours Iguana Mama Tropicoco Kahuna Restaurant & Bar The Dollar Shop IN LA VEGA PC Clinic German Language School

IN BOCA CHICA Hotel El Tronco Ulis' Kneipe Isla Bonita Schweizer Besenbeiz Tortuga Bar Gusto Tropical Pequeña Suiza Route 69 a.o.

IN LAS TERRENAS Pino de Austria Almercado Hotel Piedra Marrón Hotel Kahuna Plaza Kanesh Big Dan's Polar Bar Pizzeria Don Yvon Almercado Lounge Bar Las Flechas Pamela's Magic Hair Mercado La Banana Navia's

IN GUAYACANES Deli Swiss St. Tropez Caraïbe Playa del Pescador

IN EL LIMÓN Restaurant Santi

IN JUAN DOLIO Bar Cacique Fredy's Snack La Brasa Grill

IN SAMANÁ Chinese Restaurant


IN SANTIAGO Seguros DHI Atlas (at CT)

IN LA ROMANA Hotel Frano Hotel River View El Trigo de Oro

IN SANTO DOMINGO German Embassy Librería in Caribe Tours Hotel Señorial Hotel Palacio Rancho Suizo Vienna Caribe Embutidora Tropicana

IN MONTE PLATA Hotel El Toro IN REFORMA Parada Turística Don Francisco Autopista Nagua - Sto.Dgo.

IMPRESSUM Editora LA PLAYA Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

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