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A survey about “Social Climate and its Influence on the Development of Democratic Awareness” was carried out by the Juan Bosch Foundation and the Salomé Ureña Teaching Institute with 4,650 students between 15 and 18 years. The results showed that 82 percent of students were concerned about not getting a job when they finished and may not finish the course due to lack of funds. Therefore 58 percent would like to leave the country. 60 percent of students put effort into their studies whereas about half are just there to pass time.

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UN Award The Dominican government's People's Pharmacy program was recognized at the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations Public Service Day Awards Ceremony. The Dominican Republic was awarded for the Essential Drug Program/Logistic Support Central (Promese/Cal). This program primarily deals in making readily available imported generic low-cost medicines. Promese/Cal has a network of pharmacies that provide expanded health services, improved quality in services, and increased training and personnel management. Promese has resulted in better access to medicines of certified quality and other pharmaceutical products to the most vulnerable groups. This for example led to an improvement in child mortality rates.

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Population more optimistic Foreigners with expired Cédulas granted new Grace / Second Metro Line nearly finished The INTEC University General Confidence Index has gone over 50-points for the first time since 2008. Expectations are for better times ahead. Expectations for personal improvements and the economic performance of the country were up 6.83 points from July 2011 to April 2012, up from 44.67 to 51.50. This is the first time the index has exceeded the half-point mark since 2008. The study was conducted by the INTEC business school. The ICG Future Confidence Index shows confidence is up 47.81 to 56.01 points, reflecting a general optimism for months to come with the change of government. But for the present, confidence

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is at 47 points, an indication of the current pessimism. The study says that there is a general perception that the country's economic situation will improve. The index showed that prospects for improvement went from 42.83 in June 2011 to the present 56.85 points for April 2012. The Central Electoral Board (JCE) reports that an estimated 37,812 foreigners resident in the country have cédulas that have expired from 1998 to date. This includes foreigners of 141 nationalities, of which people from the US make up the majority with 9,700 names on the list of residents with expired cedulas. The rest consist of Haitians (8,922), Spaniards (5,421), Colombians (4,903), Cubans (4,495), Italians (3,616), Chinese (3,530), French (2,983), Germans (2,795), Venezuelans (2,127), Canadians (1,749), Mexicans (1,302), Swiss (1,270), Peruvians (1,353) and Russians (1,079). The JCE is giving foreigners until 31 December to renew their cédulas. Last year the JCE granted foreigners from 25 January to 30 April a period in which they could renew their documents paying the fees, plus a much-reduced penalty. The government is now granting a new grace period for reduced penalties from 1 July to 31 December. A pre-requisite for renewing the cédula is having the residency permit up to date. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

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Santo Domingo residents could soon be riding the second line of the metro. Leonel Carrasco, spokesman for the Opret office in charge of the construction, said that seven new cars had recently arrived of a total of 45 that will run on the line. The second line was originally intended to span a length of 22 kilometers, from Los Alcarrizos to the northwest to San Luis in the southeast, but only 14 kilometers are scheduled to enter into operation this year. Carrasco says that construction of the 14kilometer stretch is 90 percent complete, but there is no official opening date yet. He said that work is still under way on the 19 and 20 stations. The second line is completely underground and there is a transfer station at the Máximo Gómez intersection with the first line. The second line will be in operation from Avenida Luperón in western Santo Domingo to Av. Padre Castellanos to the east. Carrasco says that it would double the number of users of the first line. The Metro sells 100,000 fares a day on the first line. The second line was tested in August, using cars from the first line, on the occasion of the Santo Domingo Book Fair celebration. The disputed second line of the metro in Santo Domingo could enter into operation after August.

Medina's Challenges Leonel Fernández leaves a heavy Burden / Investment from Latin America and Canada Víctor Pavón, Dominican entrepreneur for air and sea transportation and president of the Movement for Danilo called Muro, named the major challenges of the newly elected president: the high indices of poverty and illiteracy, and promotion of tourism. Pavón pointed out that poverty and illiteracy are evils that exist for many years and could not be eliminated overnight. But he had confidence that the new government that will take office on 16 August will go a long way and solve these problems. Pavón called on the Dominican entrepreneurs, to show patience and trust that Danilo Medina knows how to interpret the hope of the Dominicans, who gave him their votes on 20 May. The coming government takes office “in the midst of an international crisis, as well it has large domestic and foreign debts and a range of social problems that date back for over 40 years. Therefore he must be given sufficient time to resolve them,” said Pavón. “We have a humane President, with clear and precise ideas about what needs to be

done to lead this country to results, as we saw them never before.” The new PLD government would empower the poor to direct the economic activities. Danilo Medina is open to all sectors who want to help to solve serious problems of the country. That it will not be too easy for Danilo Medina, still President Leonel Fernández will leave a heavy burden to the new president. Medina already has tied hands for the high public debt. Six weeks before his departure, Leonel Fernández caused a lot of disbelief when he announced eight massive building projects. After eight years of government, Fernández decided to construct the much discussed new north-south highway six weeks before leaving his office, debated over the past three decades. These megaprojects look as they are made to call for media attention in Fernández' next reign, which he obviously already seems to plan, because before his good-bye trip to Europe, there were rumors about a campaign for his return to power in 2016. Which certaily is not very soothing for Danilo Medina.

In recent years the United States lost its top position of the biggest investor in the Dominican Republic. Now, Mexico and Canada fight for the top score. But in the two last years, also Venezuela and Colombia reinforced their investments. In 2010, Mexico became the biggest direct investor in the Dominican Republic, Canada is very close behind, both with a little less than 330 million dollars. The third place take the United States with nearly 307 million dollars, Spain follows fourth with nearly 300 million U.S. dollars in direct investments. Mexico's top company Claro - America Movil, owned by the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, has invested more than 3.8 billion dollars in recent years. More than 20 Mexican companies, including Cemex Dominicana, Aerodom, Hard Rock Hotel or Bepensa (Coca-Cola) provide 15,000 direct jobs in the country. The Canadian company Barrick Gold invested for its gold mining project in Cotuí, but also Scotiabank and tourism and agricultural projects have brought money.

Petrocaribe Treaty Country ows more than four Billion Dollars to Venezuela / New Agreement with IMF? The Venezuelan ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Alfredo Murga (photo), said after a meeting with the next Dominican President Danilo Medina, that there is a good cooperation between the two countries and Medina was very interested in strengthening the Petrocaribe Treaty. For Petrocaribe the Dominican Republic and other countries in the region get their oil at preferential terms by Venezuela. The Petrocaribe Agreement was signed by 14 countries of the Caribbean region in 2005, today 18 countries are members. The signatory countries get oil from Venezuela at a special rate - they agree in return, to use a part of the saved money for social purposes, such as health, education, housing, agriculture, tourism and sports. Murga met with the President of the Dominican Petroleum Refinery (Refidomsa), Francisco Méndez, and said: “We only just began.” In the context of the deep crisis that currently shake particularly the European countries, the treaty will continue to gain importance in the coming years. With agreements like this, the Latin American and

Caribbean countries could overcome the crisis. Such agreements reflected a “new economic model,” unlike the “worn-out and failed ones of the North,” said Ambassador Murga. The president of Refidomsa, the Venezuelan government is involved by the company Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) with 49 percent, said that this agreement has served as an “oxygen tank” for the Dominican economy and helped against the economic difficulties of the region - thanks to the “solidary vision” of Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez. Mendez said the benefits to the Dominican Republic were about two billion pesos in 2011, as much as in the previous year. On 1 July, Refidomsa's President Méndez revealed via the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC), that the debt of the Dominican state to Refidomsa have increased to four billion pesos during the first five months of this year. The reason was that the government did not pass the sharp rise in oil prices to the consumers during this time. Méndez denied that the increase of the debts had to do with the election campaign. If the oil price climbs exorbitantly, it never is passed directly to the consumers. Méndez assured that some of this debt has been paid off to Refidomsa in the meantime.

Central Bank Governor Héctor Valdez Albizu has been in Washington, D.C. honing the final details for the celebration of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Central American and the Caribbean Region scheduled to be held in the Dominican Republic at the end of this month. The Central Bank admitted that governor Héctor Valdez Albizu had met with the executive director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington to discuss the possibility the agency might sign an agreement with the new Dominican administration. The Central Bank governor visited the IMF offices earlier in the same week to coordinate details of the regional meeting scheduled to take place in the Dominican Republic later this month. Several economists are suggesting that the new administration should deal with the deficit (they say is around 73 billion pesos) that it will inherit from the current administration by talking to the IMF. Eduardo Tejera noted the need for measures, since he indicated that the Supplementary Budget is an indication of the serious problems facing the administration. Tejera suggested a Stand-by arrangement rather than a precautionary agreement as suggested by President-elect Medina. (source: dr1)

Luperón Museum Homage in Puerto Plata / Hero of the Restoration / Provisional President for 14 Months

At the inauguration of the Museo Casa General Gregorio Luperón in Puerto Plata on 28 June, President Leonel Fernández emphasized the outstanding importance of General Gregorio Luperón for the restoration of Dominican independence from the colonial power Spain. The President said during the inaugural that the Dominican Republic was one of the few countries in the continent that after having achieved independence went on to have another revolution, the War of Restoration, in which General Luperón played a leading role. The house in Calle 12 de Julio, where Luperón lived, was reconstructed by the Dominican Government at a cost of 90 million pesos and designed as a museum to

show the life and work of Luperón. It will become a tourist attraction and is meant also as a historical homage to the national hero, native of Puerto Plata province. There will be exposed cultural items and personal pieces from the house where Gregorio Luperón lived. Gregorio Luperón was born into a poor family on 8 September 1839. During his youth he had the opportunity to read good books, and when he was arrested after the reintegration of the Dominican Republic into the Spanish colonial empire (18 March 1861), because he beat up someone who spoke bad of Dominicans, Luperón fled to North America via Haiti. In 1863 he returned to Montecristi, in order participate in the fight against the Spanish colonizers. After the rebellion of Sabaneta in the same year, when the rebels were defeated by the Spaniards, Luperón fled to the mountains

near La Vega to organize resistance against the Spaniards from there. On 16 August 1863, Gregorio Luperón and Santiago Rodríguez pushed forward to Santo Domingo and raised in the Dominican flag in Capotillo, known as the “Grito de Capotillo”, which marked the beginning of the war of independence against Spain. In 1865, the Dominican Republic has regained its independence, but Gregorio Luperón needed to leave the country several times because of the instability with frequent changes of presidents. Between 1879 and 1880, Luperón himself became president of a provisional government in Puerto Plata. But again in 1886, Luperón had to go into exile. General Gregorio Luperón died in Puerto Plata on 21 May 1897.

Closing Border Markets? Lamothe wants to extinguish Smuggling / Haiti powers Tourism / Contracts revocated

Together with President Michel Martelly, the new prime minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe has the goal to better secure the border with the Dominican Republic, in order to prevent the illegal trade and smuggling of goods and to use the due import and export taxes to raise more funds for the reconstruction of the ravaged country. Customs, immigration and police authorities should work together better. The 14 bi-national border markets on the 340-kilometer common border convert huge quantities of goods, but don't pay any duty. Dominicans offer goods that are needed in Haiti, and Haitians bring anything that is cheaper in Haiti than in the Dominican Republic. Annually goods worth 100 million dollars are sold back and forth on this border.

Lamothe said during a visit to the market in Malpasse, at the other side of the border of Jimaní, that custom revenues had declined significantly despite increased trade in 2011. The bi-national markets caused that untaxed goods enter the country coming from the Dominican Republic. This meant losses between 300 and 500 million dollars for Haiti through lost tariff revenues, said Lamothe. He promised in Malpasse to continue his “crusade” against corruption and smuggling, the main obstacles to the development of Haiti. Manufacturers on the Dominican side in Dajabón and Pedernales protested against these plans, since the bi-national markets would bring benefits for the vendors of both countries. Tourism Minister Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin (pic) has major plans to boost tourism in Haiti. Her idea is to animate the four million Haitians living abroad to spend their holidays in their native country in order to assist the country with much-needed foreign exchange for the reconstruction. In addition, Haiti wants to participate in the tourism market in the Caribbean - 23 million tourists per year. Last year, just 310,000 tourists visited the country. At the moment there are only 2,500 guest rooms in the country, they should be increased by another 3,500 by 2014. Haiti was the guest of honor at the 16th Caribbean Tourism Fair. Villedrouin reminded that not the whole country was destroyed by the earthquake in 2010: “The people have no idea that Haiti has beautiful beaches, that Haiti has interesting handicrafts, that Haiti has a very decent people.” Villedrouin, determined: “It will not be easy, but we are on the way to do it. “

The Council of Ministers of Haiti has announced the revocation of 39 construction contracts awarded during the emergency period that followed the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince. The contracts for the reconstruction of parliament and the rehabilitation of the area of a former airport were confirmed. The measure affects Dominican companies that had benefitted from the contracts. Earlier this year, TV journalist Nuria Piera revealed that millions in contract work had been allocated to Dominican senator Félix Bautista, a close aide of President Leonel Fernández. The contracts had been awarded without public tenders. The decision was reached at a meeting chaired by President Michel Martelly. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe presented a report by a commission set up by former prime minister Garry Conille that recommended the cancellation of contracts for which disbursements had not yet been made.




On the last issue we promised you instructions to learn this innovative and ingenious game, Game-Ycle. Here they are! ... Five easy steps to learn a Game-Ycle 1: COPY the serial number on from the bill onto the top line of the form. 2: CHOOSE a two digit number without a zero and write each digit in each of the first two spaces of the bottom loine of the form. 3: WRITE OUT THE NUMERYCLE to complete the bottom line. Each digit is obtained by adding the previous two. If the result is larger than 9, add the digits in the result to get ONE digit. 4: TRANSFER and ADD: transfer the digits you want; move them to suit your solution. ADD whatever you need to add to each digit to obtain the digit you want in each place. You can also add to a digit after it has been transferred. You cannot subtract, only add. If, for example, you have a 6 and you want a 4, you will have to add 6 + 7 = 13 and then the 1 and the 3 in 13 added up give you the 4 you want. 5: FIGURE OUT P, THE VALUE OF YOUR SOLUTION by adding t points = to the number of digits you transferred (ie 1 for each transfer) and s = how much you added to obtain the numerycle digits that you needed.

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A guy's eating in a restaurant and spots a gorgeous woman sitting all alone. He calls over his waiter and says, “Send that woman a bottle of your most expensive champagne, on me.” The waiter quickly brings the champagne over to the woman, and says, “Ma'am, this is from the gentleman over there.” She says to the waiter, “Please tell him that for me to accept this champagne, he better have a Mercedes in his garage, a million dollars in the bank, and eight inches in his pants.” The waiter delivers the message, and the guy says, “Please go back and tell her I have two Mercedes in my garage, three million dollars in the bank, but I haven't even met her … so why the f... would I cut off four inches?"

Sudoku No. 145

A handsome young lad went into the hospital for some minor surgery and the day after the procedure, a friend stopped by to see how the guy was doing. The friend was amazed at the number of nurses who entered the room in short intervals with refreshments, offers to fluff his pillows, make the bed, give back rubs, etc. “Why all the attention?” the friend asked. “You look fine to me.” “I know!” grinned the patient. “But the nurses kinda formed a little fan club when they all heard that my circumcision required 27 stitches.”

Why? P = t + s = 2 + 7 = 9. The value of this solution is 9 because you have scored 2 points from transfers and 7 from sums.


Sudoku No. 146

Why is it allowed to kill animals and eat them, but not to pick plants and smoke them?

New President for Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto to solve immense Problems / “Institutional Coup d'Etat” in Paraguay

Enrique Peña Nieto (photo above) candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), won the presidential elections in Mexico. According to the official preliminary results Peña Nieto got 38.14 percent - his rival, leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, got 31.64 percent of the votes. López Obrador refused to recognize the result and called for a recount of the votes. Now the Executive Secretary of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), Edmundo Jacobo, announced that 51.4 percent of the votes will be counted anew, the same will be done with more than 60 percent of the votes of the elections of senators and federal deputies. Anyway the next president is facing enormous challenges: The Mexican economy has

lost its kick, his predecessor Felipe Calderón started a bloody war against drug cartels in 2006 which until now cost more than 50,000 lives, and in his party, the PRI, which ruled the country continuously for over seven decades until 2000, the old guard still has a lot of power. Victor Peña Nieto promised that he will try to reconcile the divided country. However, there would be no way to a cease-fire pact with organized crime which woud be a nightmare to ally USA. But he would apply a new strategy to reduce violence and to protect the lives of Mexicans. Through the Merida Initiative to combat drug cartels, Mexico is bound to the United States, but Peña Nieto is not a great fan of this pact, because he can not see any results. However, Peña Nieto took the former Colombian General Oscar Naranjo as his security consultant, the man, who led the operation against drug lord Pablo Escobar.

In South America, Paraguay's president Fernando Lugo was ousted for bad governance by the Parliament and Vice President Federico Franco (above) was appointed as his successor. Franco said it was “not a coup”, but a parliamentary decision, while the deposed Lugo spoke about an “institutional coup d'etat”. Latin American countries protested and Venezuela stopped its oil shipments to Paraguay.

What is this Guy singing? Merengue-Classic: “Dame agua” by Peña Suazo y La Banda Gorda A groovy, innocent Merengue of Peña Suazo y La Banda Gorda from 1996 trying to match the current oppressive heat. Dame agua, que tengo calor. Dame agua, que tengo calor. Me quemo. Dame agua, que tengo calor. Dame agua, que tengo calor. Y qué tu buscas en la calle sin camisa, muchacho? Pero tu crees que este calor está fácil. Esto es pa' hombres! La Banda Gorda Dame agua, que tengo calor. Me quemo. Dame agua, que tengo calor ... Resulta bien fascinante un verano en Nueva York. Mujeres con poca ropa, porque hace mucho calor. Mujeres con poca ropa, mira esa mami! Dame agua, que tengo calor Me quemo Dame agua, que tengo calor Echenme agua! Dame agua, que tengo calor ... El frio se fue de viaje, invitó la primavera. En los parques y la playa todo es una gozadera. La gente bota complejos y se pone lo que sea. Y no le da mente a nada, no importa como se vea. Dame agua, que tengo calor Me quemo. Dame agua, que tengo calor Ay Dios mío Dame agua, que tengo calor. Echenme agua, agua, agua! La Banda Gorda. Agua! Dame agua, que tengo calor. Ay Dios mío. Dame agua, que tengo calor. Me quemo. Dame agua, que tengo calor. Mójenme, mójenme, mójenme. Dame agua, que tengo calor ... A las mujeres les gusta que les echen agua. Echale agua … a Seni ... Dame agua, que tengo calor ... Y en Miami también se usa poca ropa así con este calor. Dame agua, que tengo calor, Aja. Te quitaste la camisa tu también!

Give me water, I feel hot. Give me water, I feel hot. I'm burning. Give me water, I feel hot. Give me water, I feel hot. And what are you looking for in the street without a shirt, boy? But do you think, this heat is easy? This is for men! La Banda Gorda. Give me water, I feel hot. I'm burning. Give me water, I feel hot. It is quite fascinating, a summer in New York. Women wearing few clothes, because it's very hot. Women wearing few clothes, look at that Mami! Give me water, I feel hot. I'm burning. Give me water, I feel hot. Throw water on me! Give me water, I feel hot … The cold went for a holiday, invited springtime. In the parks and on the beaches everything is pleasure. People get rid of complexes and dress with anything. And they don't worry about anything, it doesn't matter how it looks. Give me water, I feel hot. I'm burning. Give me water, I feel hot. Oh my God. Give me water, I feel hot. Throw me water, water, water. La Banda Gorda. Water! Give me water, I feel hot. Oh my God. Give me water, I feel hot. I'm burning. Give me water, I feel hot. Make me wet, amke me wet, make me wet. Give me water, I feel hot. The women like it when they throw water on them. Throw water … to Seni … Give me water, I feel hot. And also in Miami few clothes are worn with this heat. Give me water, I feel hot. Ah, now you also took off your shirt!

José Virgilio Peña Suazo was born in 1967 in Cotuí and started his musical career as a trumpeter in the orchestra of Cuco Valoy, for whom he composed his first song “El milloncito” (The Little Million), which immediately became popular, because it was used in the film “Hard Way”. In the eighties, Peña Suazo played and composed for the band La Artillería, then he went to Pochy y su Coco Band until its dissolution and after that to Rokabanda, before he formed his own group in 1994 and called it Peña Suazo y La Banda Gorda. With its funky Merengue style, La Banda Gorda quickly shook up the charts. In the nineties La Banda Gordah was pretty successful in the USA and Latin America and even had great performances at Madison Square Garden. Then it became quiet around La Banda Gorda. After 2000, they published albums only sporadically, however, they always contained one or two hits.

Dania Ramírez

Michel el Buenón

Adventurous Life

Invited by El Gran Combo

Antony Santos Jailed and released on Bail “I had a life of many adventures, difficult, but also good, and all that helped me to identify myself better with the figures I play,” says 32-year-old actress Dania Ramirez, who grew up with her grandmother in Cotuí and dind't have neither TV nor water in her home during her childhood. Her parents went to New York when she was six months old and came to pick Dania up, when she was ten. Ramírez, who starred in television series like “The Sopranos” or “Heroes”, says it is not easy to open doors in Hollywood. In “American Reunion”, the sequel of the comedy hit “American Pie” of 1999, she now plays the only Latin role.

Bachata star Antony Santos was accused of plagiarism. The plaintiff is seeking 12 million pesos in damages. Santos arrived at the court accompanied by his lawyers and his manager and denied the accusation, saying that he would demonstrate that he had written the song “Me quiero morir” and that the plaintiff just wanted to rip him off. He denied that he had come to an agreement with the plaintiff. Assistant prosecutor asked the judge to set bail at three million pesos and impose an exit ban on Santos. He said that the Bachata singer also had another writ against him for plagiarism, by the singer Ney Nilo for the songs “Mensaje” and “Mi triste carta”, for which he was asking for 15 million pesos. Santos said that he is seeking to reach an agreement with Ney Nilo whom he admires. The judge however, produced an arrest warrant and Anthony Santos was taken to jail. Later the singer was set free after he apologized for being a no-show at least three times. Santos has to pay 2 million pesos bail and has to show periodically at a judge.

Recently, the Dominican Salsa star Michel Batista, nicknamed “El Buenón” was invited by the Colombian Salsa band Grupo Niche to tour and sing with them throughout Colombia for their 30-year anniversary. Now the Gran Combo de Puerto Rico had the same idea and invited him to accompany them at their big 50th anniversary concerts in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, the stadium of Cartagena and other parts of the country. “For us and the Dominican Salsa this is a great honor”, said the popular singer. Michel says he is very proud to show that in the Dominican Republic they play good Salsa. His specialty is to re-write ballads of other singers to thrilling Salsa versions.


The Page of Health

Maternal Mortality Decline by 41 Percent in Latin America / Worrisome Teenage Pregnancies and Abortions Per 100,000 live births in Latin America, still 80 mothers die at childbirth. Thus, the number has declined since 1990 by 41 percent. The global average is 210, while in developed countries less than ten mothers per 100,000 die at childbirth or shortly after. In Latin America there are vast differences, the numbers are highest on the countryside and among indigenous people. For example, in Guatemala, 70 percent of the deceased are indigenous women, while in

Bolivia in the country die twice as many women as in the cities. According to the UN report, 95 percent of these deaths could be avoided. Another reason for concern are the early pregnancies. For example, in Latin America 38 percent of pregnant women are not yet 20 years old, and nearly 20 percent of all women in labor are teenagers. Recently the Dominican Health Minister Bautista Rojas Gómez called the teenage pregnancies “the worst epidemic in the Dominican Republic”, which was partly responsible for the increase in maternal mort-

ality, the reproduction of poverty and subsequent diseases. Many of the teenage mothers stop going to school. Every year there are 4.2 million abortions on the sub-continent, often under unsanitary conditions, because abortions are illegal almost everywhere.

Cuba wipes out Hepatitis B After reporting on the situation of this country, news of neighboring Cuba say that Hepatitis B is is eradicated there. Thus, Cuba was able to control hepatitis B successfully. Since 1992, all newborns are immunized systematically with the self-produced vaccine Heberbiovac HB. Later, the campaign has been expanded on Students and risk groups such as employees in hospitals. According to the newspaper “Granma”, all under 31 year olds in Cuba today are vaccinated against hepatitis B. While in 1989 there were still 2,194 new cases, this number dropped to only 21 in 2010 - all were older than 30 years. Hepatitis B at young age easily can become chronic and later cause liver cirrhosis and cancer.

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co397 2 Bedroom, 1.5 BA House In Sabaneta. Lot m2: 1300 / sq.ft.: 13,992, Size m2: 160 / sq.ft.: 1,722, reduced to US$95,000, athumeyer – 809-462-8140

Well cared House in an international condominium for sale at a good price. Please call 809 571 0089 or send a mail to

House, Special Offer, to be sold for only US$100,000 US$. Please call 809 571 0089 or mail to House at a river with a lot of land to be sold inexpensive. Please ask at 809 571 0089 or New House in good area to be sold for a special price! Please call 809 571 0089 or send a mail to 230 s.qm in a „Plaza Comercial“ in Avenida Luis Ginebra , Puerto Plata, complete ground floor, 2 bathrooms, new building, constructed in best quality, 5 parking lots included, US$325,000 O.N.O. Tel: 809-7124321 (English or Spanish)

Specials of Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment Sosua, 83 2, furnished, 2nd floor, $600/month. andrea@ – 809-462-8140 Re#68a a241 Stunning Ocean Front 1 BR Condo, furnished, 2nd floor, US$750/months - 6 months and longer - 1 to 5 months US$900, andrea@ – 809-4628140 Re#75 co619 Marvellous 2 Bedroom Villa – Gated Lot m2: 1000 / sq.ft: 10,763, Building m2: 185 / sq.ft: 1991 US$1,200/month 6 months and up. andrea@ – 809-462-8140

Spacious House close to Casa Linda, to let by owner: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, partly furnished, big swimmingpool, parking, garage, Please call (1) 809 -815-3130 Luxury Villa in safe facility with a fantastic sea view, to rent. Please call me at 809 571 0089 or mail to 2 Apartments with 2 Bedrooms in a well cared condo close to the sea for rent. Pls. call 809 571 0089 or mail to: Apartment, Sosúa, 5 min. to the beach, 80 sq.m., 2 bedrooms w. bath, fully furn., kitchen, terrace, pool, tennis court, guarded, UD$450/ month extra costs incl. 809-571-1822 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom Apartment in Duplex, 1.6 km from center of Sosua, oceanview, internet, fully furnished, large garden, US$350.00 plus electricity, no kids, pets welcome, deposit required, phone 809-571-3038

Diesel Genset KUBOTA GL-6500S, 6,5 kW, used as emergency plant only, very economic, for 110 and 220V, incl. Manual, 2,970$. Further details from: Golf clubs, Titleist, steel shaft, 3 iron to 9, PW plus SW, 2 sets, used, partly new grips, 6.500 RD$/set. Phone 809-803-0615

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Sudoku No. 145

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

IN PUERTO PLATA Supermerc. Tropical Supermerc. José Luis Puerto Plata Beach Club Heladería Mariposa Barco's Entre Amigos Ceducompp Tienda Jiménez Casa Nelson Mega Moda La Red Cyber Café Rialto Services Restaurante Armando Dr. Díaz Meyreles IN MAIMÓN Taxis of the RIU-Hotels IN COSTAMBAR R & B Bakery Jenny's Market IN COFRESÍ Los Tres Cocos Tiroler Stüberl Le Papillon Ocean World Hacienda Lifestyle Los Charros IN PLAYA DORADA Mar y Sol Mini Market Hemingway's Pizza Hut a.o. EL PUEBLITO Le Petit François

Check out what is LA PLAYA in our new office in Sosúa Calle Villa Ana María just beside the German Baker

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LOTY CAR RENTAL Isuzu Bighorn Diesel, 2000, 7 seats, automatic, 4 x 4, in very good condition, US$5,400 O.N.O. Tel: 809-712-4321 (English or Spanish)

Here you can find the edition No. 75 of LA PLAYA starting on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 (Deadline for adverts is Tuesday, 17 July 2012) IN SOSÚA Supermercado Sosúa Good Old Germany Parada Típica El Choco Bakery Moser Butcher's La Mulata Butcher's Bavaria Hotel Don Andres Aparthotel Las Cañas Hotel Plaza Europa Hotel El Rancho Hotel Orchidee Hotel Colibrí Pommes & Fritz Verena's Café Waterfront Restaurant Schlemmer Stube Restaurant Al Porto Valentino's Oh La Vache Latino Mini Mercado Thai-Restaurant Chili Casa Goethe Compucentro Super Super CMC Klinik Ceducompp Sol del Choco Plan B El Cultivo Pappaterra Call a Pizza Bermuda Triangle

IN CABARETE Janet's Supermarket Bayerischer Hof ABC Inmobiliaria Yamazato El Rincón Goloso Gordito's Fresh Mex Hotel Viva Wyndham Hotel Villa Taína Restaurant Serenade Miró Restaurant & Bar Emerald Beach Club José O'Shay's ServiMed fun tours Iguana Mama Tropicoco Salón My Dream Kahuna Restaurant & Bar The Dollar Shop IN SANTIAGO Seguros DHI Atlas opposite of Caribe Tours IN LA VEGA PC Clinic German Language School IN BONAO Parada Alemana IN MONTE PLATA Hotel El Toro

IN CABRERA Supermercado Soma Blue Pools IN LAS TERRENAS Pino de Austria Almercado Hotel Piedra Marrón Hotel Kahuna Plaza Kanesh Big Dan's Polar Bar Pizzeria Don Yvon Bar Las Flechas Restaurant Kalli Pamela's Magic Hair Mercado La Banana Navia's IN EL LIMÓN Restaurant Santi IN SAMANÁ China-Restaurant IN SANTO DOMINGO German Embassy Librería in Caribe Tours Hotel Señorial Hotel Palacio Hotel Condo-Parque Rancho Suizo Vienna Caribe Embutidora Tropicana D'Alemania Gourmet

Carrtetera Sosúa – Cabarete Renta y Compraventa de vehículos Car Dealer & Car Rental


Erdinger Beer Garden La Cafetera, El Conde IN BOCA CHICA Hotel El Tronco Ulis' Kneipe Isla Bonita Swiss Besenbeiz Tortuga Bar Gusto Tropical Pequeña Suiza Madhouse Bar Route 69 Mambroki Pizza IN GUAYACANES Deli Swiss Cococane Playa del Pescador IN JUAN DOLIO Bar Cacique Fredy's Snack La Brasa Grill IN SAN PEDRO Pizza HOT IN LA ROMANA Hotel Frano Hotel River View El Trigo de Oro IN REFORMA Parada Turística Don Francisco at the Autopista Nagua - Sto. Dgo.

In our new LA PLAYA office in SosĂşa you will be personally attended and informed about prices for ads in the only English magazine published in the Dominican Republic, distributed reliably all over the island every second Wednesday. Visit us in our new office beside the German Bakery Moser.