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Surfer's Paradise Cabarete

The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) will receive 1.12 billion pesos as part of the financial contribution provided by the Dominican government due to winning more than 5 percent of valid votes in the past 2010 congressional and municipal elections. The three major political parties will each receive 374,189,333.33 pesos, while other 23 minor political parties get 280,000 pesos for less than 5 percent of the votes. MIUP and the Greens of PVUD get nothing.

Kitesurfing on the beach of Cabarete.

Photo: Jürgen Warschun

Money Laundering The Dominican Republic is not on the list of the countries, accused for money laundering. Alejandro Rebolledo, Venezuelan expert of prevention of money laundering, notified this result of an international investigation, when he announced the second International Conference against Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism in the Hard Rock Hotel of Punta Cana in July. “The organized crime does not only affect the Dominican Republic but the whole world”, said Rebolledo. Between 500 millions and three billion dollars are laundered worldwide each year - seven percent of the global GNP. According to Rebolledo, the Dominican Republic is below average with one billion or two percent of the GNP.

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Different Results in Surveys continue First Danilo, then Hipólito ... / Sued supports Mejía / Journalist inculpates Primera Dama The poll circus goes on merrily. One time Hipólito Mejía is clearly ahead Hipólito Mejia, now it is Danilo Medina's turn again. This time the newest results come from the Benenson Strategy Group, which also works for president Obama. According to these results Danilo leads with 50 against Hipólito with 46 percent. In this survey, where only 915 persons were interviewed, 42 percent of them said they would vote definitely for the PLD candidate Danilo Medina, 18 percent think it is possible. Also 42 percent will vote for the PRD candidate for sure, an additional ten percent believe it is probable. 39 percent will certainly not vote for Danilo, and 47 percent of the respondents would never vote for Hipólito Mejía. Danilo Medina is considered honest by 48 percent, while 41 percent say this about Hipólito Mejía. In the Cibao another survey says, 54 percent will vote for Hipólito, while only 40 percent back Danilo. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

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While the PRSC officially backs the campain of Danilo Medina, José Enrique Sued (photo), former mayor of Santiago, announced that he will support the PRD candidate Hipólito Mejía. Therupon his party fired him immediately, although Sued before confidently assured, that no one could throw him out of the PRSC. Ramón Rogelio Genao, Secretary General of the PRSC, called Sued ungrateful, because the PRSC sacrificed ten candidates in 2010 to ensure Sued's campaign for reelection in Santiago. Sued had been one of those who got the most support of the PRSC to promote him. Sued is also accused of irregularities amounting to three billion pesos during his time as mayor of Santiago.

The imputation of lawyer, journalist and anchor man of the TV program Diario 55 in Santiago, Marcos Martínez, that popular and highly respected Primera Dama Margarita Cedeño de Fernández had a bank account of 43 million euros at the Danish Danske Bank, caused a major political earthquake. Margarita and several other polititians of the PLD threatened to sue Martínez for slander. Margarita said the allegations are a part of Hipólito Mejías dirty camapign. Hipólito answered that the PRD had nothing to do with this. Margarita's lawyer Luis Pereyra showed documents of the Danske Bank that should prove that Margarita doesn't have any accounts there. But Martínez said they are fake, because Danish banks wouldn't give any dates of customers. He said he is not afraid of legal steps against him, because we are living in a democratic state under the rule of law and he would look forward for a legal dispute with the president's wife where she could prove her innocence. Martínez said, he had more documents.

Government Statement President's Speech / Critics of Opposition and Coalición Digna / Stable Exchange Rates

President Leonel Fernández speaks to the Chamber of Deputies. On 27 February, the Dominican Independence Day, President Leonel Fernandez held his government statement. He said that while some people start to lose hope by facing all the violence, crime and drug trafficking, he is convinced that these evils can be overcome with cohesion and exchange at international level. During his past seven years in office, gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 150 percent, said Fernández, in 2011 by 4.5 percent - above the average in Latin America which is 4.3 percent. The average inflation of the last eight years was 5.9 percent and unemployment has declined. The Dominicans abroad sent 3.2 billion dollars to their families and the foreign direct investment last year amounted to 2.4 billion dollars.

According to President Fernández, the investment has been increased by 500 percent in the education system in the past two years, which shows the priority that his government is giving to this sector. Hipólito Mejía, the candidate of the oppostion party PRD for the presidential elections in May, accused the president to move in an unreal world, and that he was “colliding with the trees of the stratosphere.” Maria Teresa Cabrera, representative of the Dominican Assciation of Teachers (ADP) and the Coalition Digna, which is demanding the statutory four percent of GDP on education, responded the data of the President are far away from reality. According to the ten-year plan from 2008 to 2018 this year 4.09 percent of GDP should be spent for education. But in reality it is a mere 2.45 percent.

A heartbreaking document: Children of a rural school don't even have seats to do their studies. The Coalición Digna (Dignified Coalition) reminded that in the Dominican Republic eleven of 100 children can not go to school, which means half a million of children are deprived of the right of education.

Central Bank Governor Héctor Valdez Albizu has pledged that exchange rates in the country would be stable before and after the elections. He expressed regret at what he described as attempts to alarm the country because the exchange rate has risen three cents. Valdez Albizu said that there was no reason to get upset or excited about three cents in a country where some 15 billion dollars is in circulation. “There is no reason to be alarmed, there are no monetary reasons, there are no fiscal reasons and besides that the Central Bank can handle this situation perfectly,” he said. According to Valdez Albizu, this situation comes about because every three month merchandise is renewed, what was bought in December is paid off and new lines of credit are taken out, so that the announcement of price increases for some products is not right. “The people can rest easy, and whatever traders are saying, this cannot be influencing prices. This is a slight appreciation, creating unnecessary expectations,” concluded Valdez Albizu. Leaders of the Dominican Traders Federation attributed the increases in the prices of primary foodstuffs “to the increase in the cost of a dollar.” Increases in the prices of milk products can be attributed to the increases in the cost of a dollar because the international prices of this foodstuff have been stable.

Trigger-happy 66 Percent of Murders with Firearms / Mexico destroys seized Weapons of Drug Cartels 116,925 permits have expired since January because the weapon holders have not yet renewed them. Actually, this does not seem a sign of reliability that is required of an owner of weapons. The cost of a permit to posess a weapon depends on the type and ranges between 2,840 and 11,240 pesos.

A frightening number, which normally should keep awake at night every responsible of policy and legislation: In just six years, between 2005 and 2011, 10,955 people were killed by firearms in the Dominican Republic which has less than 10 million inhabitants. In Mexico, a country with 113 million inhabitants, often cited as an example of horror, where a bloody war on drugs is raging, about 50,000 people were shot in the same period of time - an average of just half of here! Responsibles of such a disaster should search for solutions really quickly. Nevertheless Ernesto Camasta, president of the Association of Armory, complains about the embargo on imports of firearms and ammunition, which took effect in July 2006 (Decree 309-06). He is certainly right when he says that criminals do not buy their guns in the stores of his union. But not all murders are committed by criminals with illegal guns. A total of 333,436 citizens are allowed to carry a weapon legally, which is about one in every 30 inhabitants. Deducting children and women, probably one of ten male residents walks the streets legally armed. It is difficult to estimate how many illegal weapons are in the country.

Mexico's President Felipe Calderón inaugurated a big sign with the words “No more weapons!”, forged from three tons of previously destroyed weapons, at a bridge on the border with the United States in the city of Ciudad Juárez, which is shaken by brutal fights of members of different gangs who try to get the exclusive “right” to transport drugs across the close by border. The sign was posted in protest against the many

weapons that the violent drug cartels get from the United States. In his desperate address, Calderón pleaded the United States to prohibit the legal sale of weapons with great firepower which are a real problem because they even can penetrate armored cars of the police and army. “Dear friends in the United States, Mexico needs your help to stop this terrible violence we are suffering. The best way to do this is to stop the flow of automatic weapons into Mexico”, Calderón said. Since December 2006, 140,000 firearms were confiscated by the army and special police forces from members of drug cartels in Mexico. According to Calderón, this number of weapons would be sufficient to equip completely the armies of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Chávez operated again Capriles will cut Help for Cuba if elected / Haitian Prime Minister Conille resigned Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez did not sound quite as optimistic as in earlier times, when he flew to Cuba on February 24 to undergo another cancer surgery. A malignant tumor was found that must be removed, Chávez said before his departure. The opposition hopes to win the elections in Venezuela due to Chávez' illness, while Chávez in his usual fine style called the newly elected leader of the coalition “Table of the Democratic Union - MUD” Henrique Capriles Radonski, a “pig”.

On the other hand, Capriles wished that Chávez will be healthy again soon to testify his own defeat in the coming elections. Some of the neighboring countries are afraid to lose Chávez' financial support in order to bolster them up against the big enemy in the north if he would die. Because Capriles made it clear that he would cut Venezuela's help for Cuba immediately if he wins the elections. The Dominican Republic has something to lose, too. Venezuelan Ambassador Alfredo Murga asserted: “As long as Chávez is alive, the Petrocaribe agreement is not jeopardized.” But after that? By the Petrocaribe agreement, the Dominican Republic and other countries in the Caribbean can buy Venezuelan oil at special conditions. But how long Chávez will be still alive? How serious is his cancer really? WikiLeaks said that Russian and Cuban doctors gave him less than one more year to live - last June. Chávez always dismissed this as evil propaganda of the opposition.

Less than four months in office, Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille (photo right) resigned on February 24, which deepens the simmering political crisis in the neighboring country. Conille got the job as the third candidate after strong pressure from the USA on 18 October 2011. But due to a conflict with President Martelly, Conille was completely isolated and did not finish even one project in his four-month term. President Michel Martelly complained that Conille's resignation came at a time when the country is close to fall apart. Now the U.S. Embassy asked the legislature and the Parliament to work together and find a new prime minister as quickly as possible. Also Minustah said that the reconstruction cannot wait any longer.




A man and his wife were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The wife says to her husband, “For our anniversary this year, you can ask me one question, any question you want to. I will answer it truthfully.” The husband replies, “Okay, this has been bothering me for a long time, but I haven't had the courage to ask before … but I have noticed that all of our eight children look similar to one another except one. I can't figure out how he got to look so different. Did he have a different father than the rest?” The wife stops. She is unable to look her husband in the eyes. Slowly she replies, “Yes he did have a different father.” Her husband was taken aback. “Oh! Okay … I must know. Please tell me. Who was that child's father?” Again she cannot look her husband in the eyes. She is very distressed, and after a long silence she slowly said, “You.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A father put his three year old daughter to bed, told her a good night story and listened to her prayers which she ended saying: “God bless mummy, God bless daddy, God bless grandma and good-bye grandpa.” The father asked her, “Why did you say good-bye grandpa?” The little girl said: “I don't know, daddy, It just seemed the thing to say.” The next day grandfather died. The father thought, it was a strange incidence. A few months later, the father put the girl to bed and listened to her prayers again which ended like this: “God bless mummy, God bless daddy and good-bye grandma.” The next day grandmother died. Oh my gosh, the father thought, this little girl is in contact with the other side! Several weeks later when the little girl went to bed, her father heard her say: “God bless mummy and good-bye daddy.” For the shock he couldn't sleep all night and got up at crack of dawn to go to his office. He was nervous like hell all day and looked at the clock every five minutes. He figured, when he could get by midnight, he would be safe. Instead of going home, he decided to stay in the office until midnight, watching every second of the watch and jumping at every little sound. Finally midnight arrived, he breathed a sigh of relief and went home. When he got home, his wife asked him: “I've never seen you work that late, what's the matter?” He answered: “I don't want to talk about it. I've just spent the worst day of my life!” She said: “So you think you had a bad day. You'll never believe what happened to me. This morning the milkman dropped dead in front of our door!”

 A husband, so proud of the fact that his wife had given birth to six children, begins to call her “mother of six” rather than by her first name. The wife, amused at first, chuckles. A few years down the road, the wife has grown tired of her husband's description. “Mother of six,” he would say, ”Get me a beer!” “Hey mother of six, what's for dinner tonight?” This type of situation persisted to a boiling point. Finally, while attending a party with her husband, he jokingly yelled out, “Hey mother of six, I think it's time to go!” The wife gladly seized the moment for revenge and shouted back, “I'll be right with you ... father of four!”


Sudoku No. 127

Sudoku No. 128

Montellano on the Rise Deserted Sugar Factory will be reopened / Hope for the whole Province of Puerto Plata After more than six years of hardship, misery and decay, Montellano finally can look again with hope to the future. After a long search there was found an investor who will bring back to its feet the village between the provincial capital of Puerto Plata and the tourist town of Sosúa, which caused great rejoicing in Thousands of

people that are hoping to find honest labor now again like they had before. After the investor Edward Smith celebrated with invited guests from politics and finance in the beautiful restaurant beside a large pool in Las Cañas in La Mulata, Sosúa, on Friday night (February 24), the following Saturday morning, the population of Monte-

Eridania Llibre, Governor of Puerto Plata, and investor Edward Smith celebrated with invited guests in the elegant restaurant of Las Cañas in La Mulata, Sosúa. llano was invited to a big celebration with free food to the Leisure and Sports Clubs Montellano after a thanksgiving service, which hundreds accepted gratefully. Operator of the sugar factory is Consorcio Azucarero y Biocombustibles Quisqueya (Cabioqui), run with American capital. It will invest 40 million dollars and promised to start production within ten to twelve months. The project will provide direct work for 1,600 people. Another 6,000 indirect employees will also benefit from the reopening. Luis Toral Córdoba, manager of Cabioqui, promised that the company will also create social plans for the surrounding areas. It will create programs to improve schools, health insurance and housing supply. According to Toral Córdoba, the modern factory will produce sugar, ethanol, and biogas. It constitutes a major step forward with modern technology - and the environment will not be affected adversely.

Parada Alemana German and Turkish Specialties in Service Area / Perfect Location on Autopista Duarte So there is a new swimming pool since last summer which is frequented by families at weekends, which drive all the way from Santo Domingo to spend a nice, relaxing afternoon with their kids splashing in the cool waters or playing at the children's playground.

If you have to drive from the northern coast of Santiago to do some business, shopping or paperwork in the capital Santo Domingo or want to visit the north coast coming from Santo Domingo, the way often is long and arduous. For a recreative rest directly at the Autopista Duarte, the Parada Alemana invites you near the exit Bonao, coming from Santiago it is located on the right side of the highway. The Parada Alemana is announced by big road signs, but you have to watch out that you are not passing. Once you have parked your vehicle on the spacious parking lot, a very clean restaurant invites for dinner. Next door, there are sold German and Turkish bread and sweets such as baklava (photo above). You can enjoy a German ice cream or goodies that you have not eaten in a long time, such as sugared almonds or a yummy doner kebab. If you want, there also is sold German beer. But the Parada Alemana offers much more than just a little break in transit.

And you definitely should not miss to visit the breeding of orchids of the Parada Alemana and take home one ore more of these beautiful tropical flowers to decorate your garden or balcony. It would just be a pity, to go on driving and pass the Parada Alemana.

Manny Pérez

Juan Luis Guerra

“El Rey de Najayo”

Jealous Wife?

The movie “El Rey de Najayo” (The King of Najayo) will become Dominican film history before it can be seen in the cinemas. For it is the first movie that was filmed with the help of the new law of cinema. This new law wants to encourage the new, emerging Dominican film industry, taxes may be depreciated if the money is invested in the domestic film industry. But with this fact-based action movie, producer Fernando Báez also wants to show that there can be other block-busters but only comedies. Dominican actor Manny Pérez (“La Soga”), specialized in this kind of roles, plays Julián, the King of Najayo, based on the character of Rolando Florián Féliz, one of the most notorious figures in the drug business of the nineties, who spent 13 years in the prison of Najayo, from where he went on to control the drug market until he got nine shots in jail, of which he died afterwards in hospital in 2009. The film cost 490,000 dollars, and according to director Báez shows “the unvarnished reality of drug trafficking and corruption in our country.” The movie started on 1 March.

Cristian Castro José José's Family is angry

Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra objected rumors that he left his evangelical community “Mas que Vencedores” (More than winners) because of his jealous wife, Nora, with whom he has been married for 26 years. He said he is a member of this community for twelve years and director for praise and worship, what is the greatest privilege for a musician. “The Lord led me to the community, not anyone. Today and always I will sing for Him”, said the international star.

Franklin the Boss USA withdraw Request The incredible success of Cristian Castro with his homage to “El Principe”, his Mexican compatriot José José, caused the disapproval of José's family. They blame Cristian Castro to make a killing with the songs of José José. “I want to close this chapter José José and extend it no further,” said Cristian Castro disappointed. “I'm very sad about it because I consider myself a good friend of the family of José and his brother and friend.”

Jennifer Lopez With new Boyfriend in Rio Not too long after her separation from her husband Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez (42), native of a Puerto Rican family, appeared at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro with her new boyfriend, the 24-year-old dancer Casper Smart. Jennifer Lopez was invited to the carnival by the Brazilian brewery Brahma.

Merengue urbano singer Franklin the Boss (Jose Altagracia Corcino de León) is released from Najayo after the U.S. withdrew its request for extradition. The Boss was accused of forced child prostitution, including a 14-year old girl in the U.S. in 2003, along with his mother and his brother.

What is this Guy singing? “Armao, bebío y con cuarto” by Mozart La Para Mozart La Para is one of the most active and surely one of the most original singers in Música urbana, weird and cool. Mo, Mozart La Para de ete lao. Light GM. Tu, tu si ere un lokito serio, Daddy. Hay Mami, te quiero. No me de dólar, dámelo en euro. Ando armao, bebío y co cuarto. Amao, bebío y co cuarto. Amao, bebío y co cuarto. Armao - cuidao! En el cielo manda Dios. En la iglesia manda el padre. En mujeres mando yo. Y en mi guee... no manda nadie! Mucho mueren mientra “yo stin biber”. Si me buco tó fue que me buqué una gripe. No tire má foto, súbete el zipper. Soy el único flaco con valor de hacer un stripper. La doña del colmado un ron me fió. Un pana que viaja pal de peso me empretó. Y pasó un borracho y la tola se le cayó y la cogí yo. Si preguntan no fui yo. Por eso ando armao, bebío y co cuarto. Amao, bebío y co cuarto. Amao, bebío y co cuarto. Armao - cuidao! En el cielo manda Dios. En la iglesia manda el padre. En mujeres mando yo. Y en mi guee... no manda nadie! Una ve yo fui a evacuá a un weekend. Y no hice ná porque el baño de hombre decía “Men”. Ni en frito ni en papa e que yo toy en cura. Me dí cuenta que lo mejor de la muerte son las viudas. La doña del colmado un ron me fió. Un pana que viaja pal de peso me empretó. Y pasó un borracho y la tola se le cayó y la cogí yo. Si preguntan no fui yo. Por eso ando armao, bebío y co cuarto ... Una vaina bákana. No tengo que ve con eso, porque si uno ve con eso, e lo mimo que ve con lente, Osea que, uno no e ciego. Eeh. No sé si utede me entienden.

Mo, Mozart La Para on this side. Light GM. You, you are seriously crazy, Daddy. He Mami, I love you. Don't give me dollars, give it to me in euros. I go armed, drunk and with bucks. Armed, drunk and with bucks. Armed, drunk and with bucks. Armed – be careful! In heaven God commands. In the church the priest commands. In women I command. And in my dii.. nobody commands! Many die, while I'm still alive (pun on Justin Biber). While I'm looking for everything I only found a flu. Don't take more pictures, pull up your zipper. I'm the only brave skinny one who would make striptease. The lady of the colmado (little shop) gave me a rum on credit. A friend who's traveling lent me a couple of pesos. And a drunk passed and his pistol fell down and I took it. If anybody asks, it wasn't me. And that's why I go armed, drunk and with bucks. Armed, drunk and with bucks. Armed, drunk and with bucks. Armed – be careful! In heaven God commands. In the church the priest commands. In women I command. And in my dii.. nobody commands! Once I went to defecate on a weekend. And I didn't do anything because on the men's toilet it said “Men”. Neither in fries nor in potatoes, it's I'm made for fun. I noticed that the best of death are the widows. The lady of the colmado (little shop) gave me a rum on credit. A friend who's traveling lent me a couple of pesos. And a drunk passed and his pistol fell down and I took it. If anybody asks, it wasn't me. And that's why I go armed, drunk and with bucks ... A cool thing. I have nothing to see with this, because if anybody sees with this it's the same as if he saw with eyeglasses. Or I mean, you are not blind. Eeh. I don't know if you understand me.

Erickson Fernández was born in the suburb Los Mina in Santo Domingo on 31 January 1989. At 14 he started to participate in freestyle competitions of hip-hop, many of which he won. As a boy of a not particularly privileged barrio of the capital city, Mozart La Para, as he called himself now, took topics of his own environment as subjects for his music, which he often gives a comical style with the typical Dominican slang of the streets. He is considered one of the best rappers in the Dominican Republic. In contrast to many others of Música urbana, Mozart's songs are pretty varied and original. However, the lyrics are not quite housebroken as it is usual in this genre. Of course, also a few of his songs are forbidden, like the pretty cool Reggae “María”, which is not about a girl, but an illegal green plant with a similar name, for which he would do anything, even steal and kill.

You can listen to this song on facebook at “La Playa”


The Page of Health

High Suicide Rate 35 Suicides in less than two Months / Alarming high Number of Teenage Pregnacies Doctor José Miguel Gómez Montero, president of the Dominican Society of Psychiatry, shows concern about the high suicide rate in the country. He said despair, mental illness, unemployment and an often desperate financial situation can encourage the decision to put an end to life voluntarily. In less than two months, 35 people commited suicide, including two minors. Men end their own lives three times more than women, generally with more radical methods than women, so they often succeed on the first try. Women typically take as many as five suicide attempts until they reach the desired result. The doctor asked people who feel depressed to seek medical help. In addition to economic motives, there are often problems in partnership, separations and divorces that lead to suicide attempts. There also is a high risk for suicides in drug addicts who become depressed. Family members are living dramatic phases, when the parents separate. The doctor is very worried about the many orphans in the southwestern provinces. Gómez Montero points out that most of the regional state hospitals have units for mental health.

About three percent of teens who become mothers had a relationship with men over 30 years, a similar percentage has the same age like the young pregnants, but in most cases the fathers are young adults who do not study and work only on in informal jobs, said Esther Portes, coordinator of Motherhood Program of Our Lady of La Altagracia. In only one day in February, ten teenage girls between 14 and 18 years were admitted to the Teen Room of this medical center. Seven of them said the father of their baby was between 21 and 28 years old, two fathers were 19 and one 18. Eight of the ten adolescents had left school after pregnancy. Portes said she noted an increasing number of fathers betwen 17 and 19 since two years. 80 percent of the mothers are cohabiting with the father of the child. “When parents are teenagers from 17 to 19 years, the girls usually are below 15 years, and almost always live in the house of their fathers, but we also found cases of girls living with men from 38 or 39 years.”

Portes considers it essential to curb this problem with education and the empowerment of the family in the role of educating and guiding children and teens in sex education. Marisol Tobal, coordinator of the General Prosecuting Authorities, warned when there is a relationship between a child or a teenager with an adult, parents should intervene. She recalled that the law provides that impregnating a girl until the age 13 is a violation if the father is an adult. According to law, even in cases in which a 16 year old girl has a sexual relation with an adult of 25 years, the law states it as sexual abuse which means the perpetrator shall be punished with two to five years imprisonment and a fine of three to ten minimum wages. Tobal said something that worries is that when parents have a pregnant teenager at home, they bear the responsibility for food and all economic responsibility which demands that new creature, but the father can not made responsible.

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Economic Corner Building Lot in Hills. 421 sq.m/4,532 sq.ft., Sosúa, Reduced to US$17,500. 809-4628140 or 2 Storey Building for a special price, only one minute to the beach. Please call 809 571 0089 or send a mail to Luxuious Apartments, 120 sq.m., in safe community at the beach, very inexpensive. Please call me at 809 571 0089 or send a mail to Very nice house with Garden and Pool. Quiet, at a good price, Please call 809 571 0089 or send a mail to

Las Terrenas. Bar Las Flechas für 8.000 Peso/Monat zu vermieten. Übernahme 20.000 US$. Tel. 829801-2394 2 BR Apartment in the center of Sosúa El Batey, completely furnished, guarded, everything at a walking distance, US$500/month + electricity Please call 809-571-4319 or write to Rental of Apartments and villas in Sosúa and surroundings. Short and long term rentals from US$ 150/month, Tel. 809-571-4319 or, 2 BR House, ca. 80 sq.m, unfurnished, in Sosúa El Batey, US$320/ month + electricity. T.: 809-571-4319 or 1 BR Apartment in Sosúa, Villa Ana Maria, completely furnished, only long term rental, US$450/month + electricity. Tel.: 809-571-4319 or Sosúa, center, Studio 10.000 Pesos, room 8,000 RD$/month. Incl. power, cable TV 400 RD$, mail to or call 809-571-2546

Metal detector "TEKNETICS T2 Special Edition”, brand new, original packaging + second coil. Highperformance detector for big depths. US$1,150 fixed price. Blackberry Bold 9000, 3G, gsm unlocked, 2.0mp camera, 1gb storage+sd chip, wi-fi, great cond, case+extras, 6500 RD$ neg, 849340-7405, Sosúa

LOTY CAR RENTAL Carrtetera Sosúa – Cabarete Renta y Compraventa de vehículos Car Dealer & Car Rental

829-906-7228 Suzuki VX 800, 91/92, Motor, clutch and brakes completely renewed. RD$90,000. Call 829-790-1765 or 0042-79 754 3152.

Condos Administrator Small condos complex with 20 units, pool, groundsman & nightwatchman is looking for a new administrator from April 2012. Mainly rental properties, wellmaintained, in heart of Sosua. Relevant experience e.g. buildings maintenance, property or rental management required. Good working English and Spanish needed. Main duties include managing maintenance/repairs for common areas and pool, supervising staff, collecting common fees, keeping accounts, creating budgets, ensuring security/dealing with emergencies on site. You report to owners, monthly and annually. Hours 10-15 per week, pay US$400 per month plus legal benefits. For more information, or to apply, contact condosdominicanoapplications@ Applications with a letter, CV and references. Please provide at least two references

Toyota 4Runner, 2003, in best condition, 550,000 RD$, Tel. 809885-3201

Wanted - reasonably priced used restaurant furniture and equipment. or 809-9355119

Motorcycle X 100

Looking for electric Dart in good condition. Tel. 829-299-0175

2009, 2,000 ccm, Tuning, 6,000 kms, in very good condition. RD$47,000

Motorboat with Outboard Motor, 25 HP, Length 3,60 m, Width 2,00 m, Fiberglass, white, best condition, 2011. RD$110,000 without Motor RD$35,000

International Tennis School is inviting adults and juniors of any levels: 2 clay courts, individual lessons, group lessons, hitting partner (pro), stringer. Tel. (829)886-7345 / Sosúa Ocean Village.

Please call 809-302-1499 or 829-716-4157 E-Mail: Pics can be sent by mail

Carlos Alvarez Experienced Teacher for Spanish Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

in Cabarete and Sosúa Also speaks English and German

Tel. 809-697 2463

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IN CABRERA Supermercado Soma Blue Pools IN LAS TERRENAS Pino de Austria Almercado Hotel Piedra Marrón Hotel Kahuna Plaza Kanesh Big Dan's Polar Bar Pizzeria Don Yvon Boulangerie Française Bar Las Flechas Pamela's Magic Hair Mercado La Banana Navia's IN EL LIMÓN Restaurant Santi IN SAMANÁ China-Restaurant IN SANTIAGO Seguros DHI Atlas opposite of Caribe Tours IN SANTO DOMINGO German Embassy Librería in Caribe Tours Hotel Señorial Hotel Palacio Hotel Condo-Parque Rancho Suizo Vienna Caribe Embutidora Tropicana D'Alemania Gourmet Erdinger Beer Garden La Cafetera, El Conde

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