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Free Press

San Pedro de Macorís

At a meeting with newspaper publishers and entrepreneurs, Milton Coleman, President of the Inter American Press Society (Spanish acronym: SIP), praised the freedom of the press in the Dominican Republic. He said, it is better than in most other Latin American countries. The situation of the press in Ecuador, Argentina and Venezuela he called “problematic”. The drug mafia is becoming an increasing threat to the freedom of press in the Caribbean and Central American countries. The most dangerous Latin American countries for journalists are Mexico and Honduras.

Two more cities where readers can find LA PLAYA: San Pedro and Monte Plata.

Swinish The Association of Market Traders of Los Mina in Santo Domingo, complains that the price of pork is shooting up before Christmas. Chairman José Veras says that the price of pork of the Cibao region is going up two or three pesos per kilo every day. On Christmas Eve the price for this traditional Dominican menu will probably be twice as high as normal. Veras thinks this is unjustified. The customers complain every day, but he finds himself unable to do anything about it. According to Veras, many poorer families will not be able to afford their traditional suckling pig for Christmas this year due to the high prices. He asked the customers to understand, but the only one to blame are the hog raisers.

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Warning of Drug Money in the Election Campaign Donations have to be examined / Margarita shares Danilo's Visions of the Future Tasks One of the issues in this election campaign is the problem that the drug mafia is possibly trying to gain some influence in the next government by generous donations to the different parties, as they did it in other countries, too. Major General Rolando Rosado Mateo, head of the National Drug Control Authority DNCD (photo), warned: “They try to stick their tentacles everywhere. We now need to prevent them from entering into political organizations.“ It's not only the political parties but also the armed forces, courts and prosecutors, and all sectors of society that they are trying to infiltrate. Recently a man was arrested, wanted by the United States for extradition. He was head of the movement “Nuevo Renacer de Papá” that supports the presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía. After his arrest, PRD and PLD accused each other of having accepted money from him.

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The Foundation Institutionality and Law (Finjus) also warns of the possibility that drug traffickers and organized crime could try to interfere in the election campaign. Finjus Director Servio Tulio Castaños Guzmán recalled that during the last local elections there were detected several candidates that were supported by the drug mafia and therefore excluded from the election. He called on the Central Election Commission (JCE) to not only supervise the money of the state funds, but also private donations and especially to scrutinize the donators. At the proclamation of Primera Dama Margarita Cedeño de Fernández as candidate for the vice presidency in Santiago (photo above right) late November, PLD candidate Danilo Medina said, the wife of President Leonel Fernández was the woman the country needs at this time to secure the profound changes that are necessary. Margarita took the appointment and said to agree with Danilo's visions about the future.

Danilo Medina assured at a meeting with a delegation of the Inter-American Press Society (SIP) that he wants to check exactly both the origin of money as well as the donor before accepting donations. The candidates and parties would need to make sure that the donations are not associated in any way with the drug mafia. Danilo assured that in general this kind of donations still is rare here, but, nevertheless, the candidates and parties must be careful to ensure that such funds will not be accepted. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

Chaotic Traffic Too many Accidents / Horrible Accident in Puerto Plata / Latin America lagging 20 Years

Recently, an accident at the Malecón of Puerto Plata (photo above), shocked the population of the “Bride of the Atlantic.” Three young men were killed in their red Camaro after a risky overtaking with excessive speed on the rain-slicked road when they crashed into a palm tree, and burnt to death in front of the horrified spectators. But this accident is just one in a row of the high number of accidents with a death toll, with 2,400 deaths this year almost double

as high as the average of the neighboring countries, with 16.75 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. These figures were published by Ana María Arce, a representative of the tire company Bridgestone at an event that should show how accidents could be prevented with simple precautions. It is natural at an event sponsored by a tire company to point out the importance of the condition of the tires before departure. Other tips are to never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fasten the seat belts, to observe the traffic signs and speed, to fasten the children in a child seat and to omit phone calls while driving. Very obvious rules, but for many drivers they seem to be unaccomplishable. At the beginning of the Christmas holidays, the time that most of the accidents happen, there are messages such as “Piensa antes de

conducir, porque hay muchas razones por las que vale la pena vivir” (Think before you drive, because there are many reasons which are worth to live for), calling the drivers for more responsibility. The safety of vehicles in Latin America lag 20 years compared to the U.S. and Europe. It is not about the moving scrap heaps, but the best-selling brand-new cars. This results of a study were published in São Paulo. It detected severe defects on the vehicles themselves as well as the airbags. The cars offered on the Latin American market, like the Brazilian VW Gol (not Golf), Peugeot 207, Fiat Palio, Ford KA, Chevrolet Corsa Classic and Fiat Novo Uno, all without an airbag, as they are usually sold in developed countries, got just one of five possible points for the safety of the passengers on the frontseat. Toyota Corolla had the best result with four points. Argentina and Brazil passed a law that double airbag and ABS are mandatory from 2014.

CELAC Community without USA and Canada / Only for Caribbean and Latin American Countries

The 33 participating heads of state gathered in front of the statue of the liberator Simón Bolívar (1783 to 1830) for the photo. Simón Bolívar dreamt of a united Latin America, which is strong enough to oppose the imperialist powers (in that time this was Spain). His dream of a united Latin America, however, never came true. Now all the Latin American and Caribbean countries founded a new union called Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). In Latin America there are

already a couple of organisations, such as Mercosur, Caricom or ALBA, which do not represent all the countries. Then there is the Organization of American States (OAS) All the 35 states of the Americas are member of OAS. But that is precisely the point which incommodes many Latin countries, especially those with left-wing governments. They often accuse the OAS to be a tool of the USA to interfere in other countries and put them under pressure. Therefore, now CELAC was founded in Venezuela under the leadership of President Hugo Chávez. CELAC explicitely didn't admit the two northernmost countries of the continent as members, the United States and Canada. Dominican President Leonel Fernández called the founding of CELAC in the Venezuelan capital Caracas useful to find common formulas in defense against the global economic crisis in political talks with politicians of this part of the continent. Leonel Fernández said he was optimistic about the role that CELAC will play on the international stage. But only the future will tell what will happen to this new community. Some say, it's a historic moment for Latin America and the Caribbean, for others it's just another huddle. The idea of CELAC was conceived in 2008 when the USA and Europe primarily cared about their own economic problems and lost the Latin American countries more or less out of sight. Latin America thus looked for ways to overcome the crisis without its two biggest trading partners. Since both old

partners are now again busy mainly with their own solution of the crisis, there came a new, more powerful partner: China. Chinese President Hu Jintao welcomed the founding of CELAC, while the USA remained silent. China says it is ready to build and develop a mutually beneficial cooperation with CELAC .One of the tasks of CELAC will be the intermediation of oil-producing countries and others with no oil to help them in their energy supply, just as it is done aready with the Venezuelan Petrocaribe Agreement. The host of the conference, President Hugo Chávez, made a plea for unity, to learn to live together peacefuly despite the existing differences of the member countries.

Sonia Pierre has died

Donations poorly utilized

Human rights activist Sonia Pierre has died of a heart attack on December 4. Sonia Pierre is the founder of the Movement of Dominican-Haitian Women (Mudha), an organization that is defending the rights of Haitian immigrants and their children. Sonia Pierre was born in the Batey Lechería, Villa Altagracia, in 1963. She was the daughter of Haitian immigrants that were brought here in the fifties from Haiti to work in the the sugar cane fields. Sonia Pierre got various international awards for her work for equal rights of immigrants. But she was not very popular with the Dominican government nor with the population, because she accused the Dominican Republic of violation of the rights of Haitian immigrants at the Inter American Human Rights Commission (CIDH) on several occasions. However, beside Haitian President Michel Martelly, also many Dominican politicians of all parties appreciated the valuable and courageous work of Sonia Pierre for the human rights and dignity in the sometimes not easy cohabitation of Haitians and Dominicans on this part of the island..

Martelly laments Waste of Money / Plans for Haitian Army

If you can help, or want more information, please call Maggie on 829-9949295 or email

Haitian President Michel Martelly complained that the donations for Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 12 of January 2010, had better been invested to reconstruct the infrastructure immediately, instead of distributing water and food to the victims So the affected could have been working from the beginning and earn their own money to be able to take care of themselves at least partially. “The money was given to organizations that were doing things, of which the government knew nothing. Some have taken advantage of our weakness, and we must prevent that,” said Martelly. But after he took over the presidency in May, the most critical stage has been overcome. However, now is not the time “to blame somebody,” but to look into the future. Martelly asked to have no fear of a new army, after the old one was dissolved 17 years ago for several coup attempts. Mar-

telly pictured the new army as a modern army with doctors and engineers that are able to help in major emergencies, and it could be used against the drug mafia and border protection. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Brownfield said, his country was considering to lift the arms embargo against Haiti, which was imposed in 1993, in order to arm the Haitian police. While the former U.S. President Bill Clinton emphasized the good opportunities for private investors in Haiti and the hotel chain Marriott announced 45 million dollars for a hotel construction, half a million of the victims of the earthquake still vegetate in camps.

Christmas 1


Christmas 2

Sammy asked his mum if he could have a new bike for Christmas. She told him, the best idea would be to write to Santa Claus. But Sam thought it would be better to write to the baby Jesus. So he went to his room and wrote “Dear Jesus, I have been a very good boy and would like to have a bike for Christmas.” But he wasn't very happy when he read it over. So he decided to try again: “Dear Jesus, I'm a good boy most of the time and would like a bike for Christmas.” Still he wasn't happy with that one either. He tried a third version. “Dear Jesus, I could be a good boy if I tried hard and especially if I had a new bike.” He read that one too, but he still wasn't satisfied. So, he decided to go out for a walk to think about a better approach. He passed a house with a small statue of the Virgin Mary in the front garden. He crept in, stuffed the statue under his coat, hurried home and hid it under the bed. Then he wrote this letter. “Dear Jesus, If you want to see your mother again, you'd better send me a new bike.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Two old ladies are attending Christmas mass. After listening to the sermon for more than half an hour, one lady says to the other: “I think, my butt is falling asleep.” The second one answered: “I think, I heard it snore three times already.”

Sudoku No. 115

 Daddy pensively: “When I was young, I loved Christmas gifts. But today I have to buy them.”

 A family sits in the livingroom, singing Christmas carols. The door bell is ringing and the little daughter runs to the door. She opens it and there stands Santa Claus: He looks at the little girl and says: “Ho ho ho, little girl. What would you like to grab in my sack?” The girl runs back to her parents, yelling: ”Mama, mama, the old pervert of last year is back again!”


Sudoku No. 116

Pineapple Farm in Monte Plata Best Quality for Europe / Three Days from the Fields to the Plates / Global GAP Certified

The new Autopista Juan Pablo II, which connects Santo Domingo with Nagua and Samaná, is a tremendous improvement of the situation for the small village of Monte Plata. And hence for the route of transportation to the International Airport of Las Américas (AILA) for a delicious fruit that is grown here on a large scale: pineapples. Swiss businessman Emil Trüeb (third photo from left), called Miki, is growing successfully this tropical delicacy on his farm Rancho Carlos, located about two miles from the Autopista, since about 20 years now.

“Rancho Carlos is not just a farm, but was a project that started to export 50 cartons of pineapples a week to France,” says Miki. Today this number increased dramatically. 12,000 cartons are flown now every week not only to France but also to Spain and Switzerland and since very recently to Germany in a still smaller quantity. The secret of success is the quality and freshness of the pineapples of Monte Plata when they get to the plates of European gourmets. The difference of Miki's pineapples to the low-priced pineapples that are

usually found in European supermarkets is that they are harvested ripe and sweet as sugar and flown immediately to Europe. Not lying in containers as green fruits, ripening for weeks, having a lousy taste in the end. The time pineapples need from planting (photo right: preparation of the new plants, photo left: harvesting) to the ripening is one whole year. Rancho Carlos is certified by Global GAP, which monitors compliance with international standards of goods and the working conditions of the mostly Haitian workers.



Intangible Cultural Heritage

“La Casa de San Juan”

El Lápiz Change of Style for Kids “Mariachi is with us from our baptism, all the way to our funeral”, says Alejandro Cravioto, Secretary of Culture of Jalisco state. “There is no other Mexican musical expression, better known around the world.” End of November Mariachi was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage of the UNESCO in Bali, Indonesia. With the recognition, Mexico agreed to a couple of commitments, like the creation of a music library of mariachi songs, the preservation of its sounds, an image archive, to preserve its aesthetic, to organize Mariachi meetings to keep the tradition and to teach this artistic expression to the coming generations. The traditional Mariachi ensembles may have four or more musicians that play trumpet, violin, the vihuela (a fivestring guitar) and the guitarrón' (bass guitar). They wear regional costumes, adapted from the traditional charro costume. Musicians usually learn by ear from father to son and through performances at festive, religious or civil events.

El Lápiz Conciente (The conscious Pencil), an exponent of the Música urbana, appears as a chastened performer of the genre in his new album. “Part of my change comes from the fact that I am in a more mature phase. This does not mean that I have stopped my social critics.”, says El Lápiz. His lyrics now are clean and no longer vulgar because he is aware that many children and young people hear his music. He had a message for the young Dominicans, “Do not allow that anybody steals your dreams, remain positive, keep away from drugs, do not leave the school because poverty goes hand in hand with lack of education.”

Chespirito Honored in 11 Countries He is known all over Latin America like a one-legged dog: Roberto Gómez Bolaños aka Chespirito. Next year, the Mexican comedian will be honored in eleven countries for his 40-year career as an actor of legendary figures like El Chapulin Colorado (photo) or El Chavo del 8.

The movie is announced as the first Dominican thriller that was filmed with modern technology. Francisco “El Indio” Disla's movie was shot in Mao and San Juan de la Maguana. The main role plays Dominican star Martha González, resident in Miami. The film narrates the experiences of Sofia, a medical student - nothing for weak nerves. Director Disla says that the film could cause controversies for its topics like voodoo and the massacre of Haitians by Trujillo in 1937 . “It's a film that shows us how we are. And it is difficult for people to accept their reality,” said Disla. Release will be in March 2012.

Eva Longoria filmed some Scenes here "Desperate Housewife" Eva Longoria and Andy García came to visit the Dominican Republic to film scenes for the Canadian film “The Truth”, recently.

What is this Guy singing? “Alegre vengo” by El Varón de la Bachata “Alegre vengo” originally is a so called Villancico, a Christmas song of the villages, that exists already since many years in different Merengue-variations. El Varón de la Bachata extracts in this song, what Christmas is about: eating and drinking. Otra vez, es tu Varón. Aquí voy, vieja. Llegó Navidad, compay. Que si yo me fui hoy a la mañanita. No hay un abriguito por allí? Bueno, llegó Navidad, compadre, a matar lechón. Alegre vengo de la montaña, de mi cabaña, alegre estoy. A mis amigos yo les traigo flores de las mejores de mi rosal. A mis amigos yo les traigo flores de las mejores de mi rosal. Si no te levantas y me abres la puerta te estaré cantando, te estaré cantando hasta que amanezca. Alegre vengo de la montaña, de mi cabaña, que alegre estoy. A mis amigos yo les traigo flores de las mejores de mi rosal. Y a mis amigos yo les traigo flores de las mejores de mi rosal. Oigame compadre yo se lo decía que esta parrandita, que esta mañanita yo se la traía. Alegre vengo de la montaña, de mi cabaña, y alegre estoy. A mis amigos yo les traigo flores de las mejores de mi rosal. A mis amigos yo les traigo flores de las mejores de mi rosal. Otra vez. Felicidades esta Navidad! Traiganme mas romo, y traigan champaña, traiganme mas romo, y traigan champaña. Pa' que celebremos en esta parranda. Pa' que celebremos en esta parranda. Esta mañanita vamos a cantar. Esta mañanita vamos a cantar. Y con mi familia vamos a celebrar. Y con mis amigos vamos a brindar. Que venga el pavo, que venga el lechón. Traigan romo, es a celebrar que vamos destrasnochao. Muchachos, todo el mundo pa' ca. Aquí voy, vieja. En la navidad no se mata lechón, ya es una vaca que se mata. Felicidades! Qué jartura tengo.

Again, it's your Varón. Here I go, old lady. Christmas is here, buddy. It's that today I left in the early morning. Isn't there a coat? Fine, Christmas is here, buddy, to kill a suckling pig. Happy I'm coming from the mountain, from my hut, I'm jolly. For my friends I bring flowers, the best of my rose tree. For my friends I bring flowers, the best of my rose tree. If you don't get up and open the door I will sing for you, I will sing for you until it's dawning. Happy I'm coming from the mountain, from my hut, I'm jolly. For my friends I bring flowers, the best of my rose tree. For my friends I bring flowers, the best of my rose tree. Listen to me, buddy, I told you that I will bring this little party, this little serenade. Happy I'm coming from the mountain, from my hut, I'm jolly. For my friends I bring flowers, the best of my rose tree. For my friends I bring flowers, the best of my rose tree. Again. Congratulations for this Christmas! Bring me more rum, and bring champagne, bring me more rum and bring champagne. To celebrate in this party. To celebrate in this party. This morning we will sing. This morning we will sing. And we will celebrate with my family. And we will toast with my friends. Might there come the turkey, might there come the suckling pig. Bring rum, we will celebrate until becoming tired out. Boys, everybody come here. Here I come, old lady. This Christmas it's not a suckling pig to be killed, it's already a cow that will be killed. Congratulations! I'm so replete.

Eduardo Cabrera Acevedo, who also calls himself Dionisio Cabrera or Edward José, was born in the village called La Llanada, La Isabela, Puerto Plata province, as the youngest of eight siblings in a poor family. At ten, he got a guitar from his mother. Together with brothers and cousins, he started to sing Bachata in different clubs of the region and until the capital Santo Domingo as El Varón de la Bachata. By the time he was successful in television shows or as a supporting act for renowned artists. Like many other local artists, El Varón de la Bachata and his brothers first saw the music as a way to help their family out of poverty. His beginning in the music world was rather difficult, but through his perseverance and his desire to learn he now is one of the well-known interpreters of Bachata. His idols are the more sober stars of Bachata like Zacarías Ferreira, Antony Santos and Raulin Rodríguez. Downright irritating, is the similarity of the voice and the music of El Baron de la Bachata with Antony Santos. He assures, however, he did not copy his idol..

New: You can listen to this song on facebook at “La Playa”


The Page of Health

One Million disabled Persons Many Reasons for Disability / Benefitting Law postponed To mark the International Day of Disabled Persons on 3 December, Magino Corporán, director of the Foundation Pro-Bien, informed about the situation that people with disabilities continue to face in the Dominican Republic. According to a study of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are living more than one million people with disabilities in the country, most of them in the poor suburbs or the countryside. Corporán said that it was very clear that disability is also a consequence of poverty. Thousands of these people have no access to development and a dignified life. Many of them survived only with great difficulties. The causes of disability manifold: beside genetic predisposition, disabilities are often caused by accidents or diseases. Magino Corporán also mentioned malnutrition, squalor, epidemics and even medical malpractice by doctors.

The law on equality for disabled persons, which includes also a fund for wheelchairs, scholarships and other aids for the disabled, has been postponed in the House of Representatives, after it had passed the Senate several months ago already. So it sems that help for disabled people will remain a private matter, such as the unselfish action of a couple of businessmen in Sosúa's Calle Perdo Clisante that built a ramp to the sidewalk in front of the internet cafe next to the Central Bar for the disabled.

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Daniela Sommer Thai-Restaurant Chili Casa Goethe Compucentro DSD Pharmacy Super Super CMC Klinik Ceducompp Sol del Choco Plan B Casino Playa Chiquita El Cultivo Pappaterra Call a Pizza Bermuda Dreieck IN CABARETE Janet's Supermarket Bayerischer Hof ABC Inmobiliaria Yamazato El Rincón Goloso Gordito's Fresh Mex Hotel Viva Wyndham Hotel Villa Taína Restaurant Serenade Miró Restaurant & Bar Emerald Beach Club José O'Shay's fun tours Iguana Mama Tropicoco Salón My Dream Restaurant a bailar! Dollar Shop IN CABRERA Blue Pools

IN LAS TERRENAS Pino de Austria Almercado Hotel Piedra Marrón Hotel Kahuna Plaza Kanesh Big Dan's Polar Bar Pizzeria Don Yvon Boulangerie Française Bar Las Flechas Pamela's Magic Hair Mercado La Banana Navia's IN EL LIMÓN Restaurant Santi IN SAMANÁ Chinese Restaurant

Embutidora Tropicana D'Alemania Gourmet Erdinger Beergarden La Cafetera, El Conde IN BOCA CHICA Hotel El Tronco Ulis' Kneipe Tortuga Bar Gusto Tropical Pequeña Suiza Madhouse Route 69 Isla Bonita IN GUAYACANES Deli Swiss Cococane Playa del Pescador

IN SANTIAGO Seguros DHI Atlas opposite Caribe Tours

IN JUAN DOLIO Bar Cacique Fredy's Snack La Brasa Grill

IN LA VEGA PC Clinic German Language Institute


IN BONAO Parada Alemana IN SANTO DOMINGO German Embassy Librería in Caribe Tours Hotel Señorial Hotel Palacio Hotel Condo-Parque Rancho Suizo Vienna Caribe

IN LA ROMANA Hotel Frano Hotel River View El Trigo de Oro IN MONTE PLATA Hotel El Toro IN REFORMA Parada Turística Don Francisco at the highway Nagua – Santo Domingo

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