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The Brazilian construction company Odebrecht assured that the new 70-kilometer four-lane Autopista El Coral which will connect La Romana with Punta Cana will be ready in July next year. Thus, the main tourist area of Punta Cana and Santo Domingo will have an almost complete direct connection with roads of international standard. Weak points are still the route between the Airport Las Américas and Boca Chica, a part of the bypass of San Pedro de Macorís, the last couple of miles before La Romana and the city of La Romana itself.

Paddy Fields and Coconut Trees close to Bonao.

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Some more, please! There would be an export market for food, worth two billion dollars, if there was some support of the government, said Osmar Benítez, Vice President of the Council of Dominican Agricultural Enterprises (JAD). Alone the Turks and Caicos have a need of foodstuff for one billion dollars, mainly for tourism. In New York Dominican supermarkets buy vegetables and other foods in Costa Rica, where more attention is paid to what the markets need. The Dominican officials wouldn't show any interest. And also the exports to Haiti could be much higher. The Dominican agricultural companies complain that they don't get enough financial and organizational support nor other backing of the government.

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Margarita as Danilo's Vice? Danilo Medina tough against Corruption / Estrella requires Purge in Police and Military

During his visit to New York, President Leonel Fernandez mentioned his wife Margarita Cedeño de Fernández as a possible candidate for the vice presidency under Danilo Medina (PLD) publicly for the first time. Unlike the challenger of the of the opposition party PRD, former president Hipólito Mejía, who named Luis Abinader as his candidate for vice presidency a long time already, Danilo Medina, always held back with mentioning names. Leonel Fernández said: „I think she has the qualities and conditions, the preparation and experience to be Vice-President of the country. But obviously that is a decision of the candidate, compañero Danilo Medina.“

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Danilo Medina said in response that he thought the same as the President. Doña Margarita met all the conditions: „She is a woman with great social responsibility, a woman who selflessly serves her country.“ Danilo, however, said he would decide when the moment had come. He is „still studying the market,“ to see who was standing closest to him for this task. He said, he still had plenty of time. But his candidate would nominated this year. Margarita is in the race for a long time already, because in the polls for the precandidacy she was in the lead, far from all the other candidates. In addition, Danilo must catch up, because Hipólito is far ahead in the polls. Margarita probably would bring many votes of female voters. Another factor is that President Leonel Fernández would have a foot in the government until 2016, when he may run for president again. If, however, Danilo plans to nominate Margarita, he can not wait much longer, because the party members would ask about the meaning of this hesitation. At the conference on „Reform and Modernization of the State“ in the Hotel Meliá, Santo Domingo, PLD-candidate Danilo Medina warned, he'll fire any official and bring him to justice, if there are rumors that he was corrupt. He first would call him to explain the rumors in front of all his companions. And if he couldn't convince Danilo, he'd bring him to court and remove him from office. Danilo also demanded longer sentences for contract killings and drug trafficking.

Eduardo Estrella, presidential candidate of the party Dominicans for the Change (Dominicanos por el Cambio - DxC, photo), demanded a purge of the military and police to restore the reputation of these institutions. Estrella, coming from a family with a long military tradition, wonders how some highranking military and police with a small salary, and without any inheritance, could have luxury apartments, villas and flashy cars, while most normal officers do not even have their own roof. Estrella said, he still believes that most officials are honest and hard working men. But impunity and corruption would gain more ground every day. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

Day of the Virgin Patron Saint of the Dominican Republic / Bishops preach on Violence and Drug Mafia 24 of September is the day of the Virgen de las Mercedes. The Virgin of Mercy is the official patron saint of the Dominican Republic, while the Virgen de la Altagracia (Our Lady of Highest Grace) in Higüey is the protector of the country. Both are worshipped since the Spanish conquest in the 16th Century. In various celebrations all over the country, the bishops expressed their concerns about the in creasingly disturbing wave of violence to the faithful. The Apostolic Nuncio of the Pope, Cardinal Jozef Wesolowski (small pic, left), called to break the chain of violence and death that is currently plaguing the Dominican Republic, when he celebrated the principal Mass in the Church of Las Mercedes in the capital Santo Domingo. The representative of the Pope said: “There is so much violence, so much lack of respect for other people in the Dominican Republic. One crime creates another crime, one violent death creates another death. It is urgent, it is important to break this deadly and bloody chain that holds captive so many populous quarters of our cities.” Together with the other Dominican bishops, Wesolowski shares the concern about the difficult situation in the country. Violence had its deep roots in the drug trade and other vices. Adding the low formation, the desperate poverty of many and the progressing disintegration of families. Cardinal Wesolowski called on the Dominican people to ask their patron saint for a united family and a social union and help to stop the violence and the reasons for it. At the mass for the day of the Virgin of Mercy in the curch of Santo Cerro in La Vega, the Bishop of La Vega, Monseñor An-

tonio Camilo González (small pic, central), mentioned the greed for a quick buck as the main cause of the current wave of violence in the country. The bishop complained that there are more casinos than churches and schools in this country. He called on politicians to stop lying to the people and to tell the truth. Peace was based on truth, the people should not be lied to. He lamented the reluctance of politicians to the education of the people. But a nation without education is becoming a society of killers and people without heart. He compared the situation in the country with a piece of wood that is infested with termites (comején). If this is not combated, the whole house will collapse in the end. Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez (small pic, right) chaired a day of prayer and fasting for peace and respect for life the day before. He said, society could no longer stand by idly and only watch the alarming, embarrassing and degrading activities of ruthless criminals. He called on all Dominicans to unite in prayer for peace. The cardinal said that he recognized the efforts of the responsible authorities to control this difficult situation. But it seems that evil has deeper roots, as even institutions that previously appeared immune, were covered by this shameful epidemic. Criminals could no longer be controlled,

because they have accomplices smuggled into the institutions of which they actually should be controlled. He acknowledged, however, that there still were men with moral solvency in these institutions. “It was reported to us, that there are drug dealers moving from other latitudes to our country in order to submit their claims here in their own style, in macabre performances of unusual cruelty and barbarism,” added Cardinal López Rodríguez. He stressed that respect for human life is the primary route to peace. Violence destroys what must be protected: the dignity, life and the freedom of man. In his homily the Cardinal also condemned the millions of “murders” commited in the world's legal and illegal abortions.

The Virgin of Mercy

The Virgin of Mercy is a subject in Christian art, showing a group of people sheltering for protection under the outspread cloak of the Virgin Mary. It was especially popular in Italy from the 13th to 16th centuries, often as a specialised form of votive portrait, and is also found in other countries and later art, especially Catalonia and Latin America.

“Barrio seguro” Successful Program / Coastal Cleanup Day / Marcos Diaz swims for the Environment Even 11,421 policemen have been trained in human rights, use of police force, first aid, courtesy and discipline, capture and use of firearms as well as detection of banned substances in a hundred-hour course. The “Barrio seguro” program which was started in 2007, aims to educate the population to awareness, motivation and attention to the evils of society and so combat the overwhelming crime in these places, in a total of 113 districts, mainly in Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Cristóbal With the program called "Barrio seguro" (Safe neighborhood), the government is trying to help residents living in dangerous neighborhoods with a high crime rate, backing them with social services and simultaneously increased police patrols to return to normality and to show them a future perspective. To promote education, 1,453 scholarships were given to students in the past four years. For Wanda Esmeralda de los Santos (photo above), for example, it was made possible to complete her studies with the financial support of 3,000 pesos a month, donated by the BanReservas. Condition was, however, that she was joining the social work of “Barrio seguro” in her neighborhood Espaillat. Through small loans in the total amount of far more than 60 million pesos, mainly to women, poor people were enabled to open their own small business. Young people were encouraged to engage in sports. 41,406 of them took part in baseball, basketball and volleyball tournaments. This should stop them from loitering on the streets and come up with stupid ideas. Since 2009, 19 young people play in a symphony orchestra of a quarter.

Marcos Díaz, the internationally successful Dominican far-distance swimmer and goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) wanted to call attention on environmental issues the day before the annual beach cleaning campaign. On 18 September, he swam the distance from the beach of Sosúa to the Malecón in Puerto Plata in 4 hours and five minutes. There he was received enthusiastically by some 20,000 people. With his project “Swim for the Shores”, Marcos Diaz wants to raise awareness in the polpulation for clean shores and beaches. His last performance of this kind in the Dominican Republic dates back to December 2006, when Marco Díaz swam about 50 kilometers in the open sea from Boca Chica to the Malecón of Santo Domingo in a similar action. In September of the same year, Marcos Díaz was first in the 63rd World Longest Distance Swimming Competition in Murshibabad, India, swimming 81 kilometers in in ten hours and 34 minutes.

It all began with one woman walking along the beach of South Padre Island, Texas. Appalled at the amount of trash she saw, Linda Maraniss immediately felt compelled to do something about it. As a former employee of Ocean Conservancy (then known as the Center for Environmental Education), she knew something about solutions. In a mere two hours, 2,800 Texans picked up 124 tons of trash along 122 miles of coastline. Since 1986, that effort has rippled out across the globe, and over a quarter century has grown into a much-loved and much valued experience that nearly half-a-million people look forward to each September - with more joining each year. The Dominican Republic also partipates every year with thousands of volunteers all over the country. This year 84 beaches and river shores in 17 provinces across the country could be cleaned. Ernesto Reyna, the Dominican Environment minister said the beaches are Dominican Republic’s main tourist attraction, which needs to be protected and keep them from overflowing with trash. The campaign was coordinated by Ocean Conservancy in partnership with Dominican Republic's Fundación Vida Azul.

66th UN General Assembly Latin America backs Independent Palestine / Rousseff first Woman ever opening Session

The 66th Assembly of the United Nations was held under the impression of the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to demand the recognition of his country as a full member of the United Nations. More than 120 countries around the world already recognize Palestine as an independent state and maintain diplomatic relations. Nearly all Latin American countries are backing the Palestinian demands. Only Colombia will abstain from the vote. At a meeting with Abbas, the Dominican President Leonel Fernandez (pic in the middle) assured his support for the application of Palestine. In return, Abbas said he stands behind the claim of Fernández for an initiative against speculation of food and oil. President Mahmoud Abbas will come to a state visit to the Dominican Republic on this October 7. Critic against the Palestinian motion came not very surprisingly - from Israel and the United States. 70 U.S. congressmen sent a letter to 31 countries, where they demanded the decline of the Palestinian request. They called the historical claim “a direct threat to peace in the Middle East.” If the application of Abbas would pass the consultations, the United States threatened to veto in advance. Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu called for negotiations, first between the two par-

ties. Some of the participants of the Israeli delegation left, when Abbas entered the meeting to make his speech, including the extremist Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mahmoud Abbas rejected the calls for renewed negotiations, which led to no success for decades.. He assured that negotiations remain meaningless as long as Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank. “This policy is responsible for the ongoing failure of recurring international efforts to save the peace process”, said Abbas. Whether the application will be accepted in the end or not, does not change the fact that Israel continues to be the occupying power in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the strict control of the Gaza Strip is maintained, which is governed by the radical Islamic Hamas. Countless resolutions of the United Nations have never led to any compliance by Israel. Like in a bad show, Netanyahu offered Abbas to start negotiations “here and now”. The Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega criticized the fact that the countries of the world would quickly recognize the Transitional Council in Libya, a rebel group that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi with NATO help, but denied the independence of Palestine. “We join the voices today, cal-

ling for recognition of Palestine, and of course the existence of Israel. We do not say that with a recognition of a Palestinian state, the state of Israel must disappear,” said Ortega. The Chilean President Sebastián Piñera emphasized that the two peoples could live peacefully only with secure borders. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (pic above) was the first woman who ever opened a United Nations General Assembly. Rousseff demanded a seat for Brazil as a permanent member of the United Nations. The UN General Assembly became a scene of a rebellion of the emerging countries, who lead global growth, in demand for greater participation in global governance. The current global crisis was “too heavy to be mastered only by a small group of countries. Everyone has the right to contribute to solutions”, said Rousseff. The United Nations must be reformed. The developed countries today are no longer the sole owners of the world. Mexico's President Felipe Calderón also called for a reform of the Security Council. It cannot be that always the same minority can make decisions on international issues. “We can not allow that only a few of the governing body become the multilateral decision-makers”, Calderón said, recalling that the rules of the Security Council “have not been reviewed in over forty years.” Argentine's Cristina Fernández said, a world wide balance doesn't exist any longer.

Withdrawal Plans Martelly regrets MINUSTAH's Decision / "Rape" was only a "Joke" / Protests continue The Haitian Senate approved a motion to withdraw the Mission of the United Nations for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH) during a period of three years, starting next year. In the text of the decision, the United Nations are asked to agree to a plan with the Haitian authorities to an orderly withdrawal in no more than three years. The legislators also called on the authorities to make a formal request to MINUSTAH, to participate in the development of Haiti more than up to now, especially in the redesign of the national armed forces. Haitis president Michel Martelly is known as a strong supporter of a new Haitian army. The old army was dissolved in 1995 by former president Aristide. Martelly wants the new army to guarantee stability in Haiti and so attract foreign investors. Financial help to cover the 95 million dollars needed, will come from Brazil, France, the United States and also from MINUSTAH. MINUSTAH was sent to Haiti in 2004, when Haiti's elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide was overthrown in a US-backed coup. Far from providing security for Haitians after the coup, MINUSTAH stood by while thousands of Haitians who had supported the elected government were killed, and officials of the constitutional government jailed. Recent WikiLeaks cables confirm that the US government sees MINUSTAH as an instrument of its policy.

In December 2007, more than 100 soldiers from Sri Lanka had to leave Haiti, after they have been accused of sexual abuse of underage girls. The latest scandal is an alleged rape of a young Haitian man by Uruguayan soldiers in the barracks of Port-Salut. The soldiers were already arrested and deported to Uruguay, where they are facing a trial already. To their defense they said, that the “rape” was just a “joke”.

This scandal was one of the reasons for the demands for a final withdrawal of unpopular MINUSTAH, which is also accused of doing nothing but driving around in the refugee camps, where more than a million people were living in shabby tents, unprotected against rapes and robberies after the earthquake in January 2010. Photographs taken with a cell phone, show how two young Uruguayan soldiers are ridiculing a young Haitian man on a mattrass, his arms turned backwards, so that he could not move. A medical certificate filed with the court in Port-Salut, a southern coastal town where the incident took place, says that the victim was beaten and had injuries consistent with a sexual assault.

While the protests against MINUSTAH went on, the Haitian president Michel Martelly regretted the decision of the United Nations to reduce the MINUSTAH troops. “I am aware of the unacceptable abuses that have sullied the prestige of the mission. But the trees can not hide the forest.” A deduction of the MINUSTAH troops without an effective national alternative is irresponsible and dangerous, warned Martelly in his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations (pic above, left) where leaders of 193 countries met.

Cartels show Muscles Massacre in Veracruz: 46 People killed / How can Venezuela's Population be disarmed?

The brutal drug war in Mexico doesn't seem to find an end, despite the army and police force is supported by massive U.S. help. Obviously unimpressed by any authorities or human appeals the drug cartels are partitioning the land among themselves and submit their claims mercilessly. In the city of Veracruz at the Gulf of Mexico, first there were found 35 dead bodies and two days later again eleven corpses. By 5 p.m four cars stopped, fully armed men stepped out, stopped the traffic and started to throw the corpses on the street - 23 men and twelve women. The bodies showed signs of torture and had their hands tied behind their backs. Some of the dead had their heads covered with black plastic bags.

The prosecutor of Veracruz, Reynaldo Escobar, said that all the identified bodies seem to be members of a cartel, because all had previous convictions of kidnapping, extortion, murder or drug trafficking. There was found a letter to Los Zetas, a cartel known as a particularly brutal group of former elite former soldiers from northern Mexico, and their “collaborators”. Presumably this was a bloody settlement of the Gulf cartel, which dominates the Veracruz region. Two days later, again eleven bodies were found in different places of the city, killed in the same way. Journalists live dangerously in Mexico. This year there have been killed twelve, nine in just in the last three months. Who dares to report on the cartels, lives in danger. The 39-year-old María Elizabeth Macías, chief of the newspaper “Primera Hora” in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, paid her engagement with life. As “La nena de Laredo” she used the Internet to denounce the criminals. Now her headless body was found on the lawn of the Columbus monument, right on a busy avenue, and shortly after, her head was discovered in a flower pot, decorated with the keyboard, mouse, headphones and speakers of her computer.

In Venezuela, a presidential commission tries to find a formula since May, in which way the weapons that are in the hands of the population, can be controlled better. In Venezuela, every half hour a human is murdered by a firearm. The 28 million Venezuelans posess an estimated ten to 14 million firearms. No one knows an exact number. In the Latin American macho societies, the firearm is a sign of masculinity. The middle class of Venezuela considers it as quite normal to be armed, and the youth of the underclass see the possession of a firearm as “an element of their identity, a perverse elemet to justify their masculinity,” analyzes Pablo Fernández, the technical secretary of the commission. Fernandez continued: “Disarmament first must pass through the heads of the people. Starting with the question of how we, as a society, can solve conflicts. It does not work to drive to the barrios with a truck and wait until people bring their arms.” The first task of the commission is to find out, how many weapons and ammunition are in circulation at all. There are no confidential numbers available, complains Pablo Fernández. The Venezuelan arms producer Compañía Anónima Venezolana de Indústrias Militares (Cavim) is in the focus of the discussion, because they don't publish any numbers. 80 percent of the confiscated arms had ammunition of Cavim - ammunition made in Venezuela, sold to civilians by a military company. The big question is: Who sells it? Now the commission wants to study the experience in Brazil, going to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Experts of the OAS and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) came to Venezuela already.

That's women!


Animals on Drugs

One day God and Adam were walking the garden. God told Adam that it was time to populate the Earth. “Adam, you can start by kissing Eve.” Adam looks puzzled at God, “Lord, what is a kiss?” God explained, and then Adam took Eve behind the bush and kissed her. A little while later, Adam returned with a big smile and said, “Lord! That was great! What's next?” “Adam, I now want you to caress Eve.” Puzzled again he asks, “Lord, what is caress?” God explained, and then Adam took Eve behind the bush and caressed her. A little while later, Adam returned with a big smile and said, “Lord that was even better than a kiss! What's next?” “Here is what gets the deed done. I now want you to make love to Eve.” Puzzled yet again, “Lord, what is make love?” asked Adam. God explained, and then Adam took Eve behind the bush. A few seconds later, Adam returned and asked, “Lord, what is a headache?”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A little rabbit is running happily through the woods when he comes across a giraffe rolling a joint. He says, “Hey, giraffe. You shouldn't do that. Think of your health. You should come running in the woods instead!” The giraffe looks at the little rabbit, looks at the spliff, shrugs his shoulders, tosses the joint over his shoulder and runs off through the wood with the little rabbit. After a while the giraffe and the rabbit come across an elephant about to do a line of coke. The rabbit says, “Oh, elephant you really shouldn't do that. You should come running with us in the wood. It is much better for you.” The elephant looks at the rabbit looks at the line of Charlie, shrugs his shoulders, then runs off through the wood with the giraffe and the rabbit. Shortly they come across a bear about to shoot up heroin. The rabbit runs up to him and says, “Hey, bear, you shouldn't do that, think of your health. You'd be better of running in the woods with us.” The bear looks at the rabbit, looks at the syringe, spoon and stuff, shrugs his shoulders, kicks the whole lot away and runs off with the rabbit, the giraffe and the elephant. After a while they come across a tiger drinking his way through a six pack of beer. The rabbit runs up to the tiger and says, “Hey tiger, you really shouldn't d that.” and the tiger immediately jumps up and starts beating the living crap out of the rabbit. The giraffe grabs the tiger and pulls him off the rabbit and says, “What the hell are you doing, man?” The tiger gets one more kick in and says, “Ah, that little fucker really pisses me off; he always makes me run around the bloody woods when he's on ecstasy!”

Sudoku No. 105

 A man and a woman who have never met before find themselves in the same sleeping carriage of a train. After the initial embarrassment they both go to sleep, the man on the top bunk, the woman on the lower. In the middle of the night the man leans over, wakes the woman and says, “I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm awfully cold and I was wondering if you could possibly get me another blanket?” The woman leans out and, with a glint in her eye, says, “I have a better idea, just for tonight, let's make pretend that we're married!” The man says happily, “OK! Awesome!” The woman says, "Good ... Then go and get your own fucking blanket!”


Sudoku No. 106

Sonia Silvestre


Honoring a great Voice

Father of Música de calle

Toño Rosario The Wannabe-Rocker Sonia Silvestre is recognized as one of the best Dominican singers of all time. Now she was added to the series “Reserva Musical” of the Banco de Reservas in which musicians who made an important contribution to Dominican musical history are honored with a special CD edition. Sonia Silvestre was born in San Pedro de Macoris on August 16, 1952. After growing up in Hato Mayor, she moved with her family to Santo Domingo in 1963, where she got in contact with rock music and the hippie movement. She committed herself in the peace movement with protests against the Vietnam War and demonstrating for a just society. In 1970 she made her first appearance on television. 1973 was the most successful year of Sonia's carreer and she was invited to participate in a concert tour in Cuba together with other artists. In the nineties, she sang Bachata, along with Luis “El Terror” Diaz who has died last year. Silvestre was always a great friend of Cuba and its people and is currently working at the Dominican embassy in Havana.

At the Hard Rock Cafe in Santo Domingo, Merengue star Toño Rosario wanted to present a new facet of his music to his fans. In the first part of the show he planned a performance as a “Roquero”, a rocker. But only a few of his fans wanted to see this, and the few who did come, didn't find it that sparkling. The place was not too crowded until the second half of the concert, when the eccentric star played the music, for which he is idolized by his countless fans.

I Love Bachata Movie starts on October 27

The fourth movie of Dominican producer Roberto Angel Salcedo, is a comedy called “I Love Bachata” that tells the story of CD seller Marcos from Santo Domingo, Tommy, who repairs old cars, and Carlitos, who works in the bookstore of his mother and plays the cello, and how they try to become famous. The movie is entirely Dominican.

To celebrate his 16-year stage anniversary, Manny Rivera, artist name Tulile, performed a big show in the Maunaloa Night Club in Santo Domingo for his fans. Tulile is always good for surprises, so he interpreted popular boleros in his unmistakable style and proved his skills on the saxophone. In Colombia Alcántara's program “El Especial” on Channel 13, Tulile gave an interview in which he said, the young and now very popular performers of the Merengue urbano have to be grateful to him, because now there is the division “Música de calle” at the Casandra Award ceremonies. He said, it was him who paved the way for this in a ten-year battle. The interpreter of very cheerful, but often ambiguous and controversial hits like “La Cuca” or “Prende la Hooka”, will soon publish his newest work of art, called “Si quieres pegarte, lanza un disparate” (If you want to be successful, publish any kind of rubbish). Is he possibly thinking of his younger colleagues?

What is this Man singing? “La rebelión” of Joe Arroyo y La Verdad In this great Salsa Classic of 1986, for sure one of his most popular songs, Joe Arroyo describes the rebellion of a slave. Quiero contarle, mi hermano, un pedacito de la historia negra, de la historia nuestra, caballero. Y dice así: Uh! Dice: En los años mil seiscientos cuando el tirano mandó, las calles de Cartagena aquella historia vivió. Cuando aquí llegaban esos negreros Africanos en cadenas besaban mi tierra Esclavitud perpetua. Que lo diga Salomé, U ché ché. Un matrimonio africano, esclavos de un español. El les daba muy mal trato y a su negra le pegó. Y fue allí, se rebeló el negro guapo tomó venganza por su amor. Y aún se escucha en la verja: No le pegue a mi negra. No le pegue a la negra. Oyeme! No le pegue a la negra, no, no, no. No le pegue a la negra Oye esa negra se me respeta. No le pegue a la negra. Eh, aun se escucha, se escucha en la verja: No le pegue a la negra No, no, no, le pegue a la negra. Negra que me dice Nene, Chapalacaté, Chapalacaté. No le pegue a la negra Y aún se escucha en la verja: No le pegue a la negra. Español con el alma negra. No le pegue ná. No le pegue a la negra No le pegue Abusador que le pega la jeva. Porque el alma, que el alma, que el alma, que el alma, que el alma se me revienta Eh! no, no, no le pegue a mi negra ná. por que el alma se me agita, mi prieta. Hay lamento en la playa, nena. En la playa de Cartagena. No, no, no, de Marbella bella. El alma negra que canta, que llora. Porque entonces el negro se venga. No le pegue a la negra El Chombo lo sabe y tu también. No le pegue a la negra

I want to tell you, my brother, a little piece of the black history, of our history, Sir. It goes like this: Uh! It goes: In the years 1600, when the tyrant commanded, the streets of Cartagena lived this story. When these slave-traders came here, Africans in chains kissed my land. Perpetual slavery. Salomé might tell it, U ché ché. An African marriage, slaves of a Spaniard. He treated them very bad and beat his black woman. And it was there, the handsome black rebelled and took revenge for his love. And still he can be heard behind bars: Don't beat my black woman. Don't beat the black woman. Listen to me! Don't beat the black woman, no, no, no. Don't beat the black woman. Listen, that black woman has to be respected. Don't beat the black woman. Eh, still you can hear, can hear behind bars: Don't beat the black woman. No, no, no, don't beat the black woman. The black woman tells me Nene, Chapalacaté, Chapalacaté. Don't beat the black woman. And still he can be heard behind bars: Don't beat my black woman. Spaniard with the black soul. Don't beat her. Don't beat the black woman. Don't beat her. Abuser who beats the dame. Because the soul, the soul, the soul, the soul, my soul will burst. Eh! no, no, don't beat my black woman because that stirs my soul, my brown girl. There is a wail at the beach, baby. On the beach in Cartagena. No, no, no, from beautiful Marbella. It's the black soul that sings, that cries. Because then the black will take revenge. Don't beat the black woman. El Chombo knows and you too. Don't beat the black woman.

Álvaro José Arroyo González was born in Cartagena, Colombia on November 1, 1955. Joe Arroyo, as he called himself, recorded his first songs in 1970. He played in various groups, including The Latin Brothers, Los Titanes, two internationally very successful Salsa bands. Joe Arroyo is considered one of the most important composers and performers of the Caribbean music in Colombia. In retrospect, one day Joe Arroyo said, it was the song “Manyoma“ by Fruko y sus Tesos, arranged by him, which was the origin of the eponymous “Joesón” - the typical sound, a mix of “Salsa, Soca, African music, the breeze of the sea and 50 percent of me, but of which I have no idea what it is.” In 1981 Joe Arroyo founded his own orchestra, La Verdad (The Truth). The song “Rebelión” became an overnight hit, also for the piano solo by Chelito de Castro, and is still played today in many discotheques and clubs all over the Latin American subcontinent. Since the early eighties, Joe Arroyo was in poor health and was frequently declared dead by his fans. The artist finally died on July 26, 2011, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Joe Arroyo composed over 200 songs and should have been awarded with a Latin Grammy for his lifetime achievement and his contribution to the development of Salsa on this November 9.


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38 Percent of all the Dominicans suffer from high Blood Pressure / “World Heart Day” Due to the “World Heart Day” on Sunday, 25 September, cardiologists seized the opportunity to check the blood pressure, body mass index and waist circumference of interested visitors in the Parque Mirador Sur, Santo Domingo. Petronila Peguero Martínez, president of the Dominican Cardiology Society, called it alarming to see how many children in the Cominican Republic are clearly overweight. These children are the future patients with

heart problems, which means that a more effective prevention work is needed at home and in schools, and a greater insistence on this issue to create a better consciousness in the people. Obesity is a major cause of heart problems, warned the cardiologist. The Cardiology Society also presented statistics that showed that 38 percent of the Dominicans have high blood pressure, and 14 percent of the population suffer from diabetes.

The Council of the specialists urged not to smoke, to do adequate exercise, to control blood pressure, to avoid stress, to observe weight and the waist circumference, to keep cholesterol levels low, to avoid excesses of alcohol and caffeine and to visit the doctor if some family members suffer from heart problems. Cardiovascular diseases claim 17.5 million lives a year. The “World Heart Day” takes place every year on the last Sunday in September, is a joint effort organized by the World Heart Federation, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, and the United Nations Sport for Development and Peace initiative. “World Heart Day” has been celebrated annually since 1999.


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