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LA PLAYA now in Santiago

International analysts feel that garbage is the business of the future. Recicladora de Plásticos Dominicana (Repdsa), extracts more than one percent of the scrap that is deposited in Duquesa, the largest dump in the country. Every day they receive 100,000 to 200,000 pounds of plastics, paper and cardboard that the „divers“ recover from the garbage that arrives at the dump. For the purchase of all the material they pay 300,000 pesos every day. Last year the country sold scrap to 44 countries, like China, Korea, United States or India.

El Monumento, landmark of Santiago de los Caballeros.

Visions of Future At a meeting of the Funglode (Global Foundation for Democracy and Development), led by President Leonel Fernández, representatives of various sectors met in Puerto Plata, to discuss the future of the neglected province on the north coast. Education, tourism, health, agriculture and fisheries were some of the topics on the agenda. A vision for an ideal future in the next ten, 20 or 30 years should be designed. At the event, ideas were exchanged, what government councils and provincial development councils could do to alleviate the current needs of the communities of Puerto Plata province in the short, medium and long term. The President wants a timetable for the development of all provinces.

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“El Paquetazo” Danilo fears Disadvantage for Candidacy / Meeting with the IMF / Agreement with Bank Especially the opposition, but also parts of the PLD, warned a long time already of the wasteful spending of the loans conceded by the World Bank, Interntional Monetary Fund (IMF) and others. Now it seems that the moment of truth has come. The government had to explain to the IMF how they will pay back the loans. The very first “good idea”: raising taxes. “I know it's a bitter drink that will damage the popularity of the government and my candidacy, but there are requirements of the IMF to fulfill”, said Danilo Medina (photo), the most probable presidential candidate of the ruling party PLD. Alejandro Santos, head of mission of IMF, said during a visit to Minister of Finance Temístocles Montás, the government had to agree with the National Congress and generate higher tax revenues (called “el paquetazo,” the big package), or the situation could deteriorate, until to the neglect of public services. “There is a serious problem in the tax payments, and it is a recurrent problem. I ask the people to consider, that the tax revenues went down to three percent of the GDP, this is a tremendous monstrosity. If this continues, it will be impossible to guarantee basic

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services”, said Santos. In addition to Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, also the spokesman of the PRSC, Genao, called the government to first think of austerity measures before raising taxes, which could otherwise result in social unrest for the current poor economic situation. The Dominican people can bear no further price increases any more. This might be quite difficult, because according to the agreement with the IMF, the fiscal deficit can not be more than 33 billion pesos. The Central Bank indicates, that already for the first three months of this year the fical deficit is 16 billion pesos, until the end of the year a deficit of 65 billion pesos is expected. In the “Paquetazo” measures will be taken, such as a one percent property tax, which would bring eight billion pesos, taxes on investments, land and all types of gambling. According to a survey in 139 countries, the Dominican Republic is the winner in favoritism for political functionaries, second in the waste of government money, sixth in the diversion of public funds, but only 133th in the quality of education. Nevertheless, the World Bank praised the high growth of the country, which will be up to 5.5 percent thid year, according to numbers of the IMF. The macro-ecological situation is positive despite price increases for staple foods and energy. Inflation will be six to seven percent by the end of the year. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1)

The mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the administration's economic team concluded the talks on the fifth and sixth reviews of the Stand-by Agreement; but there are “still some technical things pending” that the directors of the financial agency will have to discuss in order to approve a new Letter of Intention (LOI). This information was given by Hector Váldez Albizu, the governor of the Central Bank, and Alejandro Santos, the chief of the IMF, mission after a meeting with President Leonel Fernández. Váldez Albizu said that in principle they have agreed “on practically all of the main points,” on which the IMF commissioners will consult with the directors in Washington and report back to the government. “From the point of view of the government, they have reached, in principle, some satisfactory aspects, which will be pending until the IMF board of directors discusses them, and then they have to consult with their superiors regarding a point of form; but they need to consult,” assured the Central Bank governor. The official did not identify the points of difference. “There are some technical things that still have to be discussed and we hope to finish up as soon as possible,” said Santos. The commercial banks will provide about 4.5 billion pesos a year to the state after agreeing with the government to a one percent tax on productive assets such as their loan portfolios and investments over a two year period. Váldez Albizu, governor of the Central Bank, said that the decision of the banks guarantees the macro-economic stability and will guarantee the permanence of this stability for some time.

Increase of eight Percent again 600 Million Pesos seized of unwilling Payers / ”Encourage People to save Electricity”

Paris would probably burn if the French government made such a announcement. Electricity prices were increased by eleven percent end of last year, and now there was a second risae of another eight percent on June 1. The state power company CDEE seems to proceed according to the motto, if you are unable to provide a good service, at least let it be paid well. Although Celso Marranzini, Vice President of the CDEEE (photo top right) said, this is exactly not the case. The modernization of the electricity networks had to serve as a justification for the hefty price increase last year. Now the excuse is the rise of the oil prices. But Marranzini also has some good news: The fight against the theft of electricity has led to 7,000 charges in the past two years. Between January and April this year, non complying customers had to pay 250 million pesos. According to Marranzini, the electricity companies enforced 600 million pesos from 2010 until today. In an interview at the American Chamber of Commerce, Marranzini said, he feels a climate of confidence among investors now. “Major investors are close to con-

clude a contract on a 400-megawatt plant.” Marranzini also confirmed that currently a 104-megawatt gas plant is built by the company Seaboard, which will be connected to the grid in 14 months. “Investor confidence is so high, that the mining company Barrick, which has bought two generators for their own companies, decided to remain connected to the national grid system (SENI). Ssomething that was unthinkable a few months ago,” says Marranzini. The renovation and organization period, which started in August 2009, meanwhile is successfully completed, assures Marranzini. “Now we can begin to move forward, but the path is not short, and the distance can not be covered with a few steps.” Everybody is working hard, “and the people notice that,” believes Marranzini. The CDEEE Vice President said that some investors finally showed some interest in investing in the development of solar energy. The oil price rose by 43 percent since the beginning of this year. The Dominican electricity production depends on oil to 42 percent, which is absolutely fatal in this context. To the rebuke of economist Arturo Martínez Moya, the CDEEE better should save money than raise prices, Marranzini answered, that the state energy company had saved 700 million pesos in the past 18 months already. Marranzini also pointed out to the changed policy of the “24-hour electricity supply”, which previously only worked on political relations. Today CDEEE fulfills strictly the agreements with neighborhood associations, churches and other sectors, assures

Marranzini. One of the factors is the payment within these preferred circuits that are receiving this service. Marranzini reassured, "If the payment is not working in one of these circuits, it will be suspended and it gets a supply that meets its payment practices.” Currently, there are a total of 724,000 of these preferred circuits, in which the 24hour supply is guaranteed. The big question is, how many of them are really working. Because everywhere in the country people are complaining angrily, that they pay very high tributes without receiving the promised benefits. By the end of the year, Marranzini wants to have one million of these preferred circuits. Temistocles Montas, Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, said the eight percent electricity price increase should also serve to encourage saving energy. “When you walk in the streets and see all the traffic jams, you get the impression that people have not realized yet that gasoline and electricity have to be saved.”

Museum of the Resistance th

Inaugurated on 50 Anniversary of Trujillo's Death / Trujillo's Crimes / Torture Chamber After ten years of construction, the Memorial Museum of the Dominican Resistance was inaugurated by President Leonel Fernández in Santo Domingo for the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina on May 29. The museum is located in a restored twostory house, built in 1870. The collection of the Museum of the Resistance includes 168,000 single objects, such as photos and documents. In the basement there also can be seen the reproduction of a torture chamber of the infamous prison “La 40”, where many opponents of the dictator were tortured cruelly (picture above). The Resistance Museum consits of nine theme rooms. The first one is called “The myths of the era”, where Trujillo is shown as “savior of the economy,” as he saw himself. Another room has the topic of the first U.S. intervention in 1916 and shows the heroes of the resistance against the occupation.

Manolo Tavárez Justo can be seen as a robot, giving a speech. Over a replica of the Duarte bridge, that played an important role in the April War in 1965, the last topic is the twelve-year era of Joaquín Balaguer (1966 to 1978), after the second occupation by the Americans, who left the country in 1965. Balaguer also was not squeamish with his opponents, as 2,000 names of his victims testify on a wall. Then there are shown the first crimes of Trujillo and the first conspiracies against his regime. The failed invasion of Constanza, Maimón and Estero Hondo, where patriots planned to topple Trujillo, can be seen in the next room, showing clothing of the invaders. In a hologram can be seen the “three butterflies”, the Mirabal sisters, Patria, Minerva and María Teresa, whose murder caused outrage and hastened the downfall of the despot. Next topic is the assassination of the dictator at the Malecón on 30 May 1961. (That's why today the Malecón is called Avenida 30 de Mayo.) On a screen, the background facts are explained and some clothing of the assailants can be seen.

Museo Memorial de la Resistencia Dominicana The museum is located in the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo, Calle Arzobispo Nouel 210. The opening times are Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is 200 pesos, children under 12 and seniors over 65 have to pay 100 pesos, students with ID also pay 100 pesos. Guided groups 5 to 15 people pay 500 pesos per group. On the last Sunday of each month admission is free for Dominicans.

Virtual Trujillo-Museum Also the descendants of the defunct dictator are mobilizing again. On the 50th anniversary of the death of the despot, they announced a virtual Trujillo Museum in the Internet, where where they want to display the light and dark sides of the dictatorship. For Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo, son of Angelita, who published a controversial book on her father ("Trujillo, mi padre"), banned in the Dominican Republic, in the beginning of 2010, the 31-year iron rule of his grandfather was “the golden era of the Dominican Republic”. In the virtual museum the Trujillo family says to show the true story. “The purpose of the museum is to cover every aspect, all the shortcomings, there also have been deficits in his government, but also the glorious things that make us great as a nation”, so the descendant of the tyrant. The Trujillo family wants to comply with its historical obligation and provide documents and information to the network, so that future generations could have an impartial view of this period.

War against Cholera Ten contaminated Rivers identified / Floods are worsening the already precarious Situation

Epidemiologist Eddy Perez Then of the hospital Robert Reid Cabral in Santo Domingo is pessimistic. He fears that there will be a disaster if cholera cases will appear in the rural areas. “This is a national emergency.” More people have to be educated how to cope with the danger of getting infected and chlorine and clean drinking water has to be distributed. In Santo Domingo and Santiago, where there are many cases of cholera already, the patients have no other choice than to return their old environment after recovery, where there is no sanitation, no clean drinking water and polluted canals. The Ministry of Health identified rivers and waters where the cholera bacteria was found. A very tragic reality is, that the bacteria could be found in the Río Ozama and Río Isabela in Santo Domingo, because

hundreds of thousands of people in the slums of the capital are living on the banks of these rivers and use their water. Similar situations at the Río Yaque del Norte in Santiago and the Río Higuamo in San Pedro de Macoris, where also many cases of cholera can be found already. But also the Río San Juan in San Juan de la Maguana and the Río San Marcos in Puerto Plata are affected, as well as the Río Sanat in Higüey and some rivers in Nagua and San Cristóbal. Every day many patients with diarrhea are brought to the hospitals across the country. But not every case is cholera, because it is normal, that in rainy seasons the number of cases of diarrhea show a sharp increase. Terrible scenes had to be seen in the hospital Francisco Moscoso Puello, where doctors and staff were completely overstrained by the many patients with cholera. Accompanying family members of patients complain that nurses and doctors are afraid of their patients and leave them in their own feces and urine, for fear of getting contaminated by cholera, too. Brígida Suriel, three members of her family have cholera, says: “They are feeling disgusted by us. Neither a porter nor the nurses or the doctors want that we are coming close to them. The director of the hospital told us we should do what we want.” In the slum areas of La Barquita, La Lata, La Lechuga, as well as Los Arrozales and La Ciénaga hundreds of dwellings were flooded with sewage. No authorities showed up.

After the long dry season, now heavy rains are causing major damage in most provinces of the country. 11,229 people had to leave their homes and 3,860 houses have been damaged until press date. 34 villages are cut off from the outside world. Santo Domingo was flooded nearly in all sectors (photos below). The traffic collapsed nearly completely. The Ministry of Health proclaimed the highest alert, Red Cross and civil defense prepared emergency shelters for flood victims. Two people were found drowned in the Rio Yaque in Santiago.

Zelaya back in Honduras Back to the OAS / International Conspiracy? / Sanctions against Venezuelan Company

Manuel Zelaya, former president of Honduras, ousted and exiled by the military on 28 June, 2009, returned to Honduras via Nicaragua on 28 May, after he had left his 16-month asylum in Santo Domingo. “My wife, my family and I want to thank you for all the love and support we have received in these months,” said Zelaya during his farewell visit to President Leonel Fernández. President Fernández replied: “In the Dominican Republic, we felt honored by your presence, in spite of the adverse

Traffic Policeman Chávez Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, the country with the absolutely cheapest price for gasoline (1 gallon costs only 50 US-cents), narrated two anectotes in his TV-show “Aló Presidente”. At the moment, Venezuela tries to regulate the caotic traffic with very strict controls. Chávez told, how he persecuted a bus, full with passengers, that drove far too fast (“about 180 kph”). “I asked my bodguards that they let me hunt him. We stopped the bus and I asked for the driver. But he didn't want to come out of the bus. I said: Fine, tell him, it's the authority. He got out and his eyes nearly popped out, when he saw me”, said Chávez. At the other occasion a truck overtook the president's car on the right hard shoulder, because he couldn't pass on the left side due to the traffic. “They nearly forced me to swerve into the traffic on my left side. I stopped them, too.” Chávez dwelt on the importance of stricter enforcement of the law: “Because they drive drunk with 180, 200 kph. It's crazy.”

circumstances, when you and your family came to us under almost tragic circumstances due to the interruption of a democratic process.” The return of Zelaya to Honduras was negotiated by president Hugo Chávez (Venezuela) and president Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia) in the Agreement of Cartagena. Honduran President Pofirio Lobo had to guarantee for the security of Zelaya. Zelaya said: “The Agreement of Cartagena has only one message: Never again a coup in Honduras and Latin America!” Honduras was expelled from the OAS (Organization of American States) after the overthrow of Zelaya, but now, after Zelaya's return, was admitted as a member again. Manuel Zelaya wants to run for the newly formed party FNRP (National Front of Popular Resistance) in the elections in 2013. Members of this party received him enthusiastically at his arrival in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa. Zelaya said that his fall was a conspiracy of different groups. His rapprochement with Chávez and the ALBA have disturbed the United States. “George W. Bush told me what can give Chávez to you what we can not give?” In Venezuela there were sharp reactions after the United States imposed sanctions on Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA. The U.S. Government accuses the company to do business with Iran, in spite of the fact that there are UN embargoes on Iran. The company now cannot close any contracts with the U.S., does not receive export credits, but is still allowed to sell oil to the USA, because Venezuela is one of the main oil suppliers of the northern giant, and the USA is the main buyer of Venezuelan oil.

President Chávez of course took advantage of this fantastic opportunity immediately to increase his popularity. He accused the opposition to agree with the sanctions against their own country: “They are the servants of the Empire. They are completely indifferent to the fate of our country.” Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez put it even in sharper words in front of a huge crowd in Caracas: “Nobody will mess around with Venezuela. We are sons of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, our country is the heritage of the fame of the Liberators of America. The gentlemen of imperialism made a mistake once again, the U.S. Government made a mistake once again. We do what benefits the people of Venezuela and the Venezuelan nation.”

Ollanta Humala next President of Peru Left Nationalist wins second Ballot / Reflection on Indian Heritage / Stock Exchange tense Latin America has a new left-wing president. According to the first provisional official figures, Ollanta Humala got 51.36 percent approval of the voters in the run-off elections in Peru on 5 June. His opponent Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, who was sentenced to 25 years for crimes against humanity and corruption, serving it in a prison in Lima, got 48.63 percent of the votes. It was the second attempt of the 48-year-old former military to become president of the Andean country. The first time in 2006 he made the mistake to show too much sympathy for the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. This time he tried to keep a distance, but he left no doubt that he wants to lead Peru to a new road, similar to his colleague from the neighboring country Bolivia, Evo Morales. Peru currently has one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. Therefore, the financial markets are concerned that the left nationalist could stifle the recovery. Humala encouraged the Peruvian and international investors to trust his nationalist project, however. He wants a change of the economic model, maintaining the current development, but he puts more emphasis on a more equitable distribution of wealth. The day after the election, the stock market in Lima was nervous and lost 12.45 percent. But meanwhile the situation cooled down again. Ollanta Humala grew up as the son of a marxist military. His father baptized his eight sons with Inca names. Ollanta means, ”The warrior who sees everything”. Ollanta Humala studied law at the Sorbonne in Paris and political science at the prestigious Uni-

the ideological compatibility with the Bolivian President Evo Morales. Especially the plans to grant more rights to the native Indios, who are the majority of the population also in Peru. He also referred to the common past of the two countries: “Peruvians and Bolivians have a very similar culture. One history, one language, the same appearance, a common life, and also the challenges of gas and coca. We have only been separate for 180 years, but we have been together more than 1,500 years. How could we not think of uniting again! And the coca leaf is fraternizing us with Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador ... Why should we not think, from here in 50 years, to build a large national community? “

versidad Católica in Lima. Later, he made a military career and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Humala caused a sensation in 2000 when he stormed the presidential palace together with 50 recruits in Lima, trying to topple President Alberto Fujimori, the father of his opponent candidate in these elections. The coup failed and Humala was put in custody. After the fall of Fujimori, he was released and became military officer at the embassies in France and South Korea. When Ollanta Humala ran against Alan Garcia, the actual president, in 2006, his political views were a bit more radical than today, which led to the suspicion, to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. He then stressed

A federal judge in Miami dismissed the request of “Chiquita”, to reject the million dollar lawsuit of 4,000 Colombians against the banana company. The applicants accuse “Chiquita”, that they were tortured themselves or family members were tortured or murdered by right-wing paramilitaries, which were paid by the US-based company. “Chiquita” admits to have paid 1.7 million dollars to the United Self-Defenses of Colombia (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia - AUC) in the years from 1997 to 2004, when “Chiquita” sold its lands in Colombia. The AUC are qualified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Administration. “Chiquita” has been sentenced to a fine of 25 million dollars already in 2007 for that reason. “The payments were made in order to protect the employees, not to support terrorism, “ is the defense of “Chiquita”.



Still alive

Three dead bodies turn up at the mortuary, all with very big smiles on their faces. The coroner calls the police to tell them what has happened. “First body: Frenchman, 60, died of heart failure while making love to his mistress. Hence the enormous smile, Inspector,” says the Coroner. “Second body: Scotsman, 25, won a thousand pounds on the lottery, spent it all on whiskey. Died of alcohol poisoning, hence the smile.” The Inspector asked, “What of the third body?” “Ah,” says the coroner, “this is the most unusual one. Billy-Bob from Oklahoma, 30, struck by lightning.” “"Why is he smiling then?” inquires the Inspector. “Thought he was having his picture taken.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A passenger in a taxi leaned over to ask the driver a question and tapped him on the shoulder. The driver screamed, lost control of the cab, nearly hit a bus, drove up over the curb, and stopped just inches from a large plate glass window. For a few moments everything was silent in the cab, and then the still shaking driver said, “I'm sorry but you scared the daylights out of me.” The frightened passenger apologized to the driver and said he didn't realize a mere tap on the shoulder could frighten him so much. The driver replied, “No, no, I'm sorry, it's entirely my fault. Today is my first day driving a cab. I've been driving a hearse for the last 25 years.”

 A woman accompanied her husband to the doctor's office. After his checkup, the doctor called the wife into his office alone. He said, „Your husband is suffering from a very severe stress disorder. If you don't do the following, your husband will surely die.“ „Each morning, fix him a healthy breakfast. Be pleasant at all times. For lunch make him a nutritious meal. For dinner prepare an especially nice meal for him. Don't burden him with chores. Don't discuss your problems with him, it will only make his stress worse. No nagging. And most importantly, make love with your husband several times a week. If you can do this for the next 10 months to a year, I think your husband will regain his health completely.“ On the way home, the husband asked his wife. „What did the doctor say?“ „He said you're going to die,“ she replied.


Sudoku No. 89

Mrs. Johnson decided to have her own portrait painted by a very famous artist. She told the artist, “Paint me with 3-carat diamond earrings, a large diamond necklace, glimmering emerald bracelets, and a beautiful red ruby pendant.” “But ma'am, you are not wearing any of those things.” “I know," said Mrs. Johnson. “My health is not good, and my husband is having an affair with his secretary. When I die I'm sure he will marry her, and I want the bitch to go nuts looking for the jewelry ...”

Sudoku No. 90

In a Bavarian bar a young man is drinking his fifth jar. Another guest watches him worried and asks: „Young man, don't you know that every year 50.000 Germans die of alcohol?“ The young drunkard answers: „So what? I'm Austrian!“



In Seventh Heaven

Did he need it so badly?

Arcángel Grateful to Mother Carmen Shakira seems to be heavyly in love with her new boyfriend Gerard Piqué, the Spanish soccer star of Champions League winner FC Barcelona. In an interview before her concert in the Moroccan city of Rabat, the Colombian superstar, whose father has Lebanese roots, said that for the “vitamins of love” she is full of energy and ready to do everything. Shakira performed at the final concert of the tenth Festival Mawazine, the most important of Morocco, which this year was in danger to be canceled because of the demonstrations for democracy, which also take place in the western Maghreb country, as the demonstrators said the festival was a “a waste of money”. The concert took place without major incidents, however. Shakira said that she has grown up with Arabic music. Its influence is evident especially in Shakira's first hit, "Ojos así". “Moving and dancing to the music of Fairuz and Oum Kalsum ... With them I learned to love and appreciate the Arabic music and rhythms. I think they are very present in my music”, says Shakira.

Arcángel is one of the first Reguetoneros, who brought back romance in this once notorious music. That he is a romantic guy, the star showed on Mother's Day in late May, when he was with his mother. 25-yearold Austin Santos, born in Harlem, New York, says he is proud of his mother, Carmen Santos, who abandoned her successful music career with the popular Dominican merengue group Chicas del Can because of her pregnancy. Arcángel sentimentally: “She gave up fame for me. Now I can do something for her. Because if she would have wanted to continue with her music, I would not be here.”

Rita Indiana Multifaceted Talent

Rita Indiana proves with her novel "Papi" that she is not only able to bring fresh air into the Dominican music, but also into the Dominican literature.

Obviously, even a Terminator cannot resist the power of hormones. A broken marriage and a law suit are the result of a relationship between the former Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Guatemalan domestic worker Mildred Patricia Baena (photo above), now 50 years old, with a now 13-year-old offspring. The Colombian husband of the former lover of the star sees a promising gold mine in the case. He is thinking to sue Schwarzenegger for damages, because on the birth certificate of the boy he is named as father, even though both, the mother and Schwarzenegger, knew that he isn't. That means forging a document, which is a crime. Just a few weeks ago, he learned that the boy is not his son. However his feelings towards the child will not change, he said. Schwarzenegger said, he had only learned that he had a son with Mildred, when the boy could walk already, long before his political career. Meanwhile, also obsolescent model Brigitte Nielsen confessed that she had a hot love affair with the Austrian muscle man when they were filming “Red Sonja” in 1995.

Ay, siempre me pasa a mí, doy mi vida y me la vuelven pedacitos, a mi alma me la tienen de cuadritos. El amor no es para mí, nunca puedo ser feliz. Se porta esquivo conmigo. Por una mujer yo di, todo lo que había de mi, pero me tiró al olvido. Decepcionado de tantas penas, los tropezones me hicieron alzar los pies. Analizando mi vida entera, puse corazón duro y esta decisión tomé: Malo, a mi corazón lo voy a poner malo, la que venga me la gozo y la despacho, y no me entrego a nadie, no me enamoro de nadie, y así sabroso la paso. Malo, a mi corazón lo voy a poner malo, la que venga me la gozo y la despacho, y no me entrego a nadie, no me enamoro de nadie, y así sabroso la paso. Y no me enamoro más, de mi no se burlarán, por que ahora voy a ser malo. Sigue hablándome de Flow. Malo Flow. Jijí. Juré que nunca más, ni una lagrima mis ojos botarían, y a mis penas las convertiría en poesía, y me enamoro de la luna, y así no tengo la duda, de que mal puedan pagarme. Amé una mujer con locura, le di toda mi ternura, y no supo valorarme, se aprovecharon de mi nobleza, y a mi pobre alma la rompieron ni un papel, me desmigajaron, como a hoja seca. Y desde entonces esta decisión tomé. Ay, malo, a mi corazón lo voy a poner malo, la que venga me la gozo y la despacho, y no me entrego a nadie, no me enamoro de nadie, y así sabroso la paso. Por los desamores de mi triste vida, juré que nunca me volvería a enamorar, hoy mis canciones cortan espinas, de aquellas rosas que me querían lastimar. Malo, a mi corazón lo voy a poner malo, la que venga me la gozo y la despacho, y no me entrego a nadie, no me enamoro de nadie, y así sabroso la paso. Y no me enamoro más, de mi no se burlarán, por que ahora voy a ser malo ...

Ay, it always happens to me, I give my life and they turn it to pieces, my soul they have it in small cubes. Love is not for me, I never can be happy. It behaves elusive with me. For a woman I gave everything what there was of me, but she threw it into oblivion. Dissapointed of so many pains, the stumbles made that I lift my feet. Analyzing my whole life, I hardened the heart and made this decision: Bad, I will make bad my heart, the one who might come, I will enjoy and then dispatch, and I will hand in myself to nobody, I will fall in love with nobody, and like that I will have a good time. Bad, I will make bad my heart, the one who might come, I will enjoy and then dispatch, and I will hand in myself to nobody, I will fall in love with nobody, and like that I will have a good time. I will not fall in love again, nobody will laugh at me any more, because now I will be bad. Go on talking about Flow. Bad Flow. Hihi. I swore that never again my eyes will shed even one tear, and my pains I would convert into poetry, I will fall in love with the moon, so I don't have the doubt, that they can pay me bad. I loved a woman like crazy, I gave her all my tenderness, but she didn't know to treasure me, they took advantage of my nobility, and destroyed my poor soul, not a paper, they crumbled me like a dry leaf. And from then on I made this decision: Ay, bad, I will make bad my heart, the one who might come, I will enjoy and then dispatch, and I will hand in myself to nobody, I will fall in love with nobody, and like that I will have a good time. For the indifference of my sad life, I swore never to fall in love again, today my songs cut the thorns of those roses that wanted to hurt me. Bad, I will make bad my heart, the one who might come, I will enjoy and then dispatch, and I will hand in myself to nobody, I will fall in love with nobody, and like that I will have a good time. I will not fall in love any more, nobody will make a fool out of me, because now I will be bad ...

What is this Guy singing? “Malo” by Krisspy In a more modern style of Merengue típico, which sometimes can be hard to bear for normal European or American ears, Krisspy gets even with the lovely ladies.

Juan de los Santos had his nickname “Krisspy” since he was a little boy, and he kept it as his artist's name. As a child he moved to Santiago, where he enjoyed singing his favorite songs. In 1993 recorded his first own songs with the group Expresión Tropical. In 1996 he arrived in Santo Domingo, where he worked in various groups such as Banda X and Aguacate. Merengue típico or Merengue ripiao is the music of the rural areas, “peasant music”, mainly heard and danced in the mountainous center of the Dominican Republic, the Cibao. Krisspy's manager David Jiménez complains, that most of the interpreters of this music got stuck and have no new ideas. So they would never come out of the Cibao. Young people preferred to listen Música urbana. Krisspy with his cheeky songs that come straight to the point, is trying to modernize the Merengue típico and has great success with it, even abroad, as his current tour in the USA (until June 29) is proving.


The Page of Health 30 Years AIDS

34 Million Infected worldwide / The only real Protection against AIDS still are Condoms 30 years ago appeared the first cases of a disease that was to change the sexual behavior of (most) people fundamentally. On 6 June, 1981, a medical study was published, that described the cases of five young American homosexuals, whose immune system was completely destroyed. Initially, AIDS was seen as a gay disease and a disease of drug addicts that have been infected by contaminated needles. Some attributed AIDS even as God's punishment for their peccant lives. Today, however, 50 percent of the infected are women. While it was easy to deal relatively carefree with the “old” sexually transmitted diseases, because usually they can be cured without too much effort, in the early years an infection with the HIV virus was like a death sentence for the infected. Over the years more and better drugs were found that slow the course of the disease. Recently there have been unconfirmed news, that the first HIV patient has been cured.

Worldwide, an estimated 34 million people are infected with the AIDS virus currently. Half of them do not even know it. More than 25 million have died since AIDS appeared 30 years ago. In Africa, the continent with more than 60 percent of the HIV infected, AIDS is the number one killer. But even after 30 years, apparently there are still more than enough ignorant people that seemingly never heard that using a condom is still the only effective protection against AIDS. Normally, nobody should have unprotected sex even with his new love until making an AIDS test. But the uneducated “macho man” only laughs. He? Using a condom? Ignoring that any unprotected infidelity not only is putting in danger his own life, but also the lives of members of his family. The Latin American country with the most AIDS cases is Brazil, but only because of its sheer size. The countries with the most cases in relation to the number of their population are Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. In Latin America, where some 1.8 million people are infected with the AIDS virus, only about 60 percent receive the treatment

they really need. An anti-retroviral treatment cost up to 15,000 dollars per person and year in earlier times. But for the pressure of activists, with donations from rich countries and funds from the Global Fund, these costs could be scaled back to now 140 dollars in Africa.

The Origins of AIDS Researchers believe that sometime in the 1930s a form of simian immunodeficiency virus jumped to humans in central Africa. The mutated virus becomes HIV-1. The first known case of HIV in a human occurs in a person who died in the Congo in 1959, later confirmed as having HIV infection from his preserved blood samples. Genetic studies of the virus indicate that, in or about 1966, HIV first arrived in the Americas, infecting a single person in Haiti. At this time, many Haitians were working in the Congo. The disease spread from the 1966 American strand, but remained unrecognized for another twelve years

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Sudoku solutions from page 9:

Sudoku No. 89

Here you can find the edition No. 47 of LA PLAYA starting on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 (Deadline for your adverts is Tuesday, 22 June 2011) IN PUERTO PLATA in 15 places

IN BONAO in 1 place

IN COSTAMBAR in 3 places

IN LA VEGA in 2 places

IN COFRESÍ in 6 places

IN LAS TERRENAS in 6 places

IN PLAYA DORADA in 4 places

IN SANTO DOMINGO in 13 places

IN MAIMÓN in 2 places

IN BOCA CHICA in 6 places

IN SOSÚA in 34 places

IN JUAN DOLIO in 3 places

IN SABANETA in 1 place

IN GUAYACANES in 3 places

IN CABARETE in 17 places

IN LA ROMANA in 4 places

IN CABRERA in 1 place

IN BÁVARO in 1 place

Now also in Santiago!

Sudoku Nr. 90

Lincoln Continental Limo, 90,000 km, dark blue, recent recon. Radio/CD,Auto with power by gasoline & L.P.G. Luxury at low cost. Ideal airport and tourist trips. USA import – view POP. Price includes H-Lights, Susp.Hub Caps (spares), RD$ 230,000 o.n.o. Call 849-658-8765 For Sale - Ford Focus Wagon. Yr. 2000, Station Wagon, 81 year old "Sosua owner" states. Low milage. Runs great! A/C, Stereo, CD and no dents. USD $5,000.-, to view 809571-1140. BMW 2005 X3, 22.000 US$, BMW 2001, 325d, convertible, 13,000 US$. Tel. 829-342-6272 Mercedes Cabrio 500 SL, AMG, '97, 32 V, totally restored, like new, collector's item. For information please mail to A limited edition Kym 100cc pasola, 4 strokes, discbrakessunshine yellow with matching electric mirrors,ouble rear suspension,low mileage, almost brand new, 2 tone yellow seat, everything in perfect running order. 28,500 pesos. e-mail to Beautiful Yamaha Jog moderna pasola 1997,50cc, 2 strokes, jayaco special muffler, zenon lights blue, 2 tone lime green seat, new tires, chromed motor cover, green lime color, perfect condition, 20,000 pesos. Yamaha WR 450 Cross Motocycle, 2005, 450cc, Top Condition, 5,200 US$, Call 829-399-40 35 Yamaha V Max, '87, 145 HP, collector's item, must be repared, 185.000 RD$ o.n.o. For information mail to

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