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Deficit 2010

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According to interim calculations of the General Office for Budget (DIGEPRES) the 2010 budget closed with a deficit of 53.6 billion pesos. This represents a 12.1 percent increase, which hasn't been approved by the Congress. Particularly the December deficit of 21.3 billion pesos stands out, an unprecedented sum in the history of the Dominican Republic. New borrowings amount 49.9 billion pesos, new credits of 117.9 billion pesos were taken, while 52.2 billion pesos were paid back. The deficit amounts to 2.8 percent of the GDP, estimated by the Central Bank.

Quiet of the Evening close to Nagua.

Sale of Alcohol The new Minister of Police and Interior, José Ramón Fadul, made clear that the program for the sale of alcoholic beverages (COBA) remains in force. He did not rule out that the law 316-06 will be reviewed, to make it even more effective. Last year, more than 900 stores, mainly colmados, have been warned. In the province of Santo Domingo, more than 400 stores have been admonished, 36 were closed. In Santiago, there were 328 warnings, eleven stores were temporarily closed. ”It must be clear that we will suspend this regulation under no circumstances and enforce it determinedly and vigorously.” Fadul took over from Franklin Almeyda Rancier a couple of days ago.

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Preliminary Results of Census Country's Population currently is 9.3 Million / Protests on International Women's Day

In the past nine years the number of Dominicans rose by 800,000 to 9.3 million people now. The the census was realized end of last year from December 1 to December 7. The preliminary result have been published now by the Minister for economy, planning and development, Temístocles Montás (left), and the Director of the National Statistics Office (ONE), Pablo Tactuk, during a press conference in the Presidential Palace. Montás as President of the Comission asked to take into consideration, that the data were not yet the final ones and the final results, which will be published in October, might show some different numbers. According Tactuk there will be known the exact number of foreigners living in the country in October, too.

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The census cost a billion pesos and 60,000 people were sent out to every place and corner of the country to count the population. However, many of them complain about the fact that they have still not received the money that was promised for their work. As a result of the Ninth National Population and Housing Census 2010, it was told that, of the 9.3 million Dominicans, 4.6 million are women and 4.7 million are men. And according to ONE there are 3,097,857 housing units in the country. At the last census in 2002 there were counted 2,445,315 housing units. How they are composed exactly will also be published in the final results in October. The most populous province is Santo Domingo with a population of 2,359,327 persons, Santiago is second with 942,509 inhabitants, and a “surplus of men” of only three souls. 557,269 people live in San Cristóbal, in La Vega live 379,372 residents and Puerto Plata counts 328,196. The speech of President Leonel Fernández on 27 February, the Independence Day, caused some confusion, because he spoke of 9.9 million Dominicans.

This March 8 was the centennial of the International Women's Day. On this occasion, women of the PDI (Institutional Democratic Party) protested against the “big evils” of society in Santo Domingo. The female protesters waved large banners that read, “Today the woman is in mourning. No to corruption in government. No to expensive food. No to blackouts. No to citizen insecurity”. They said they are the most affected by the high prices, the constant blackouts, unemployment and the common uncertainty. To the sounds of Juan Luis Guerra's song "La Guagua va en reversa" (The bus goes in reverse) the demonstrators marched backwards. This was described as “mocking” the popular slogan “E pa'lante que vamos” (It's forward where we're going) of President Leonel Fernández. ”Every time the government says the country is stepping forward, it is ridiculing all the people, that are living a different reality in the Dominican Republic,” the demonstrators told in a statement to the press. (Sources: Diario Libre, Listín Diario, Hoy, DR1)

Hipólito Mejía PRD Candidate Next Presidential Elections in May 2012 / “Vincho” Castillo: Mejía is the Easiest to beat Former president Hipolito Mejía (2000 to 2004) won the elections in the primaries on 6 March and will be the presidential candidate of the opposition party Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD - Dominican Revolutionary Party). He got 53.3 percent of the votes and therefore will challenge the candidate of the ruling party PLD who has not yet been chosen. After the ballot, there were some mishaps during the publication of the results. On election night, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, the rival candidate to Hipólito, came out much too early and declared, he clearly won the ballot. The team of Hipólito held back and said they had different numbers. They also accused Vargas of having failed to

comply with the agreements, that the candidates are expected to wait until the first results are published by the Electoral Commission. Miguel Vargas accused Hipólito to have gained with illicit votes of PLD members, so that the ruling party will run against Hipólito, supposedly the weaker opponent. The number of 1.2 million votes were the evidence. The dispute went so far that there came up speculations that the PRD could fall apart. Hipólito: “What will fall apart! Do you think the party is a puppet show? Haven't you seen what happens to those who have gone?” And about complaints that the ruling party had helped him to win: “How could this be, when the whole world knows the Peledeístas (members of the PLD) in each village of the country. These are things that make me laugh.” Mariano Vinicio “Vincho” Castillo, chairman of the ethics comission of the PLD government, said Hipólito Mejía is the easiest to beat of all opponents. But Hipólito is still very popular with many Dominicans.

Hipólitos election campaign in Maimón.

Sayings of Hipólito When a reporter reminded him that his fly is open: “With a large yucca opens the earth.” When Hugo Chávez canceled a visit because he suspected a conspiracy: “"If he knows that they want to kill him, he simply should not come." During a visit of Juan Carlos II, King of Spain: “Tell me, Juan Carlos, what is it that a king is doing?” And at the ceremony: “Queen (Sofía of Spain) come to dance! Rosa (Hipólitos wife), go and get the king!” Explanation of the economy: “I combine the macro with the micro, so the lower class also gets some crumbs.” In a television interview: “If the road is hard, they should walk on the sidewalk.” "If there are problems in the supply of bananas, they can eat ñame or other things.” ”Eight out of ten Dominicans are corrupt.” ”99 percent of the politicians are corrupt.”

Geologist warns of Consequences of Earthquake Massive “Repatriation” of Criminals and Illegals / Population shocked for Murders The horror quake of Japan showed once again, that even the best prepared are completely helpless, when Mother Nature wants to show to the little megalomaniacs of the human race, what she is able to do. Better don't even imagine what would happen here in such a case. The Dominican Republic is located in a danger zone, as the mighty earthquake showed last year in Haiti. “Fortunately” (but only for the Dominican Republic) the quake occured a couple of hundred kilometers west, and not in Santo Domingo. The geologist Osiris de León (photo above) has accused the government of having plans for a law on earthquake resistant construction in the drawer, but it does not want to put it in force. “The government knows the reality and is irresponibly testing its luck,” said de León. The geologist recalled that since 1562, when Santiago was destroyed, there have been six strong earthquakes in the region of Cibao, in the center of the country.

He called it particularly irresponsible, that even for schools and hospitals nobody insists on earthquake-resistant constructions. In addition to 486 criminals, which have served their sentences in the United States, there are different other countries that also deported many Dominicans, that did not redound to their country's honour. During the past six weeks there have been repatriated more than 800 Dominicans, most of them women at the age of 22 to 33. 75 of them even came from Cyprus! Also in Greece there are waiting several Dominican citizens in jail for their expulsion, arrested in raids. The other countries are Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, Aruba and Curaçao. The majority of women from Aruba and Curacao were investigated there as prostitutes. Every peso spent on education and training can help to keep young people engaged in meaningful activities and sometimes help to prevent a criminal career this way.

There is a great dismay in the population for the murders of the last days, when very young criminals aged 14 to 25 years were committing horrendous crimes. Within ten days, there were 20 deaths by shooting each other or in disputes with police forces. For example a major of police was shot dead by four youths who had abducted a couple to extort a ransom of 50,000 pesos, his colleague was injured by gunfire in the same case. The most frightening thing of the cases is, that young men are pulling the triggers seemingly without the slightest inhibitions. Investigations accuse the courts to be far too “flexible” with the young defendants.

Education remains a Topic Harvard Studies give poor Marks / Even best Students are only Average internationally minican education system doesn't use this potential and produces results that would be unacceptable in any other country.” New students of the UASD (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo) had a level of education which corresponds to the sixth grade. In the past 20 years there was little change and progress.

A study by experts of the Harvard University (pic above) makes clear that education spending must be increased in the Dominican Republic. In the first two stages there should be detected positive changes in the educational system and then applied in pilot projects in the second stage. As the main problem of the generally poor education in the country the experts identified the insufficient training of teachers and the centralization of the system. The mere increase in expenditure would not lead to any improvement. It would need good students to be filtered out and then to promote them goal-orientated. Not suitable teachers should be filtered out, too, and their work be done by better motivated students. These students could be transferred to be a teacher without a title after a qualifying examination and could be trained as a teacher after they decide to chose this profession. “On average, even the most excellent students of the Dominican Republic would be students with learning problems in countries like South Korea, the Netherlands or Canada,” said another sad result of the study called “Building a better future for the Dominican Republic”. This does not mean that Dominican students don't have the same potential as students in any other country, but “the Do-

In X. Mathematical Olympiad of Central America and the Caribbean, Dominican students got 19 points in the tests. The second worst country, Nicaragua, got 39 points. If the country would take part in International Mathematics Olympiads, it would finish under the ten worst of 90 countries, so the study. The Coalición Educación Digna (Coalition for Decent Education) announced that they will intensify their demand for four percent of gross domestic product (GDP) for education as it is demanded by law. The Coalition for Decent Education interpretes the criticism of the speech of President Leonel Fernández on Independence Day on 27 February, in which he defended the low spending on education, as a sign that the country's population is tired of the government's justifications for noncompliance with laws.

Local and international studies had shown that the education system would require substantial additional expenditure. “Instead of justifying, why it is not possible to comply with laws, better explain to the Dominican people, what can be done to get a really good education.” The coalition pointed out that Unesco classified the Dominican Republic among the three countries in the region, whose education system is in a critical situation. “In addition, only in the year 2010 there is missing an investment of 11.6 million dollars for the project to eradicate illiteracy among adults,” so the Colalición Educación Digna further. And they asked, why the President and the Vice President signed international commitments to increased education spending to 5.5 percent of the GDP in recent months, if an increase is not necessary, as the government insists again and again. The Coalition for Decent Education is formed by 210 organizations that want the government to meet with the General Law 66-97.

Haiti after the Elections Martelly leads in Opinion Polls / Candidates want an own Army / Will Aristide return? The preliminary results of the presidential election in Haiti, held on last Sunday, 20 of March, will be published on 31 March, the final results will be known until 16 of April. The latest survey shows that Michel Martelly, also known as “Sweet Micky”, a popular Konpas-singer, led the polls with 50.8 percent before madame Mirlande Manigat, a Sorbonne educated former First Lady, who could get 46.6 percent of the votes. Whether the ousted former president JeanBertrand Aristide (pic) would arrive in Haiti before the elections from his exile in South Africa was not known until press date. Martelly said on this topic: “Jean-Bertrand Aristide and JeanClaude Duvalier - both have / had the right to return to their country. It does not matter whether it happens today or tomorrow. This should not disrupt the elections. If I had the authority, I would ask him if he could not wait until Monday or Tuesday next week. This would be good for the stability during the polls.” The U.S. government insists that Aristide should return to Haiti only after the 20 of March, in order that the elections “can take place in a peaceful atmosphere.” Aristide was overthrown and forced into exile by the United States in 2004. No matter who wins the election, both candidates have at least one common goal: they want to rebuild a Haitian army. The Haitian army was dissolved in 1995 by then-

president Aristide after a coup attempt against him, which he only survived thanks to the help of the United Nations (UN). Since then the only soldiers in the country are the blue helmets of the UN (Minustah), which are not welcome by many Haitians. This idea of both candidates fell on fertile ground. There are training groups of young people (picture right) under the instructions of veterans, in the hope for a future in a new Haitian army. One of the countless problems of Haiti is the population structure. 70 percent of the Haitians are younger than 30 years and most of hem are unemployed. Therefore thousands of young people see their future in an army. A 36-year-old man says: “If there is an army again, I want to be a part of it. Even if they will pay no money, I want to offer myself to protect my country.” Another says: “I want that there will be law and order in my country again.” Reed Brody, a Human Rights Adviser, says: “The former Haitian army was mainly used against the Haitian people. It served as an instrument of repression and it is difficult to imagine that with its reconstruction there will be gained something.” Manigat objects: “ No one wants an army as before. The old practices will not be repeated under any circumstances.” And Martelly says, any kind of military would include engineers and doctors who can help with natural disasters. The Haitian soldiers will replace then the Minustah troops who have been in the country since the dissolution of the army by Aristide. But the patriotism of Haitians suffer from the presence of these soldiers. David Dorme, a former army sergeant who trains

volunteers at Carrefour, said that the foreign soldiers were never controlling criminality. Moreover, Nepalese soldiers are accused to bring the cholera to Haiti. The Haitian rightists stand behind an own army. “When we had an army, there was no kidnapping nor robbery”, so their transfiguring review.

Tough Guys



A tough-looking group of motorcycle bikers are riding down a highway. As they near a bridge, they see a girl about to jump off the bridge so they screech to a stop. The leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike, approaches the girl slowly and says, „Hi. Er … what are you doing?“ „I'm going to commit suicide,“ she says. While the guy did not want to scare her into jumping, he also didn't want to miss an opportunity for a little affection. So he asks, "Well, before you jump, why don't you give me a kiss?“ The girl sighs and turns to him. She gets close and kisses him - and it was a long, deep lingering kiss. After they've finished, the biker says, „Wow! That was the best kiss I have ever had! That's a real talent for loving that you are wasting. You're beautiful and romantic. You could be famous! Why do you want to commit suicide?“ „Because my parents don't like me dressing up like a girl ...“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 13.

A married couple in their early 60s was out celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in a quiet, romantic little restaurant. Suddenly, a tiny yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table and said, “For being such an exemplary married couple and for being faithful to each other for all this time, I will grant you each a wish.” “Oh, I want to travel around the world with my darling husband” said the wife. The fairy waved her magic wand and poof! - two tickets for the Queen Mary II luxury liner appeared in her hands. Then it was the husband's turn. He thought for a moment and said: “"Well, this is all very romantic, but an opportunity like this will never come again. I'm sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me.” Both the wife and the fairy were deeply disappointed, but a wish is a wish. So the fairy waved her magic wand and - poof! the husband became 92 years old. The moral of the story: Men are ungrateful bastards and should remember that fairies are female.

Sudoku No. 77

A truck driver pulled over to the side of the road to pick up two homosexuals who were hitchhiking. They climbed into the cab and the truck driver pulled the rig back onto the highway. A few minutes later, the first one said. „Excuse me, but I have to fart.“ Then the truck driver heard a low „Hsss.“ A few miles down the road, the second one said, „Excuse me, but I have to fart, too.“ The announcement was followed by another low „Hsss.“ „Jesus Christ!“ the truckie exclaimed. „You fairies can't even fart like men. Listen to this.“ A moment later he emitted a deafening staccato machine gun burst. „Oh!“ one gay exclaimed, turning to the other. „A real virgin!“


Sudoku No. 78

A young man and his date were parked on a back road some distance from town. They were about to have sex when the girl stopped. “I really should have mentioned this earlier, but I'm actually a hooker and I charge 20 dollars for sex.” The man reluctantly paid her, and they did their thing. After a cigarette, the man just sat in the driver's seat looking out the window. “Why aren't we going anywhere?” asked the girl. “Well, I should have mentioned this before, but I'm actually a taxi driver, and the fare back to town is 25 dollars.”

Your Horoscope for April 2011 Unexpected Gains for Virgo / Challenges for Capricorn / Abundant Energy for Aries

This month, lots of travel is on the cards though it will be plagued with delays and cancellations. Vehicles too may need repairs and replacements. Communications difficulties that erupted recently will ease after 23rd or so. Relatives or neighbors may pose difficulties and challenges, the best solution may be time and space. Monetarily all your needs will be provided though there may not be anything extra.

With Neptune entering your sign on the 4 th, Pisces experience comfortable energy. Charm and charisma will be at a high and your natural instincts will give you an advantage. With Jupiter luck on your side, money may flow your way, possibly an opportunity on the side. It’s easy to feel good when life is going so well! Luck is with you and this will make you feel like you just can’t lose this month.

With abundant energy and drive this month it will be necessary to take time to not interrupt sleep habits, get involved in risky activities and mishaps. You are ready to tackle anything and everything. With the Full Moon on the 17th of the month being in Sagittarius, this brings a good influence in relationships. Financial rewards can be had at the end of the month. Be careful with words this month!

April may find the Taurus pushed in every direction - with relaxing calm spells to hectic chaos. Relationships will be no different. You will experience friendly to loving to stressful and conflicts. Coupled Taurus’ may have trouble with their in-law. Work will be full with extra work after the 18 th. Concentrate on your career life with possible advancement. Be a little bit nicer to yourself.

If you have become involved with a networking group, let another skilled person take care of the financial issues. Enjoy being by yourself this month. One of your friends may threaten the relationship when your values differ. But let him know clearly that threats are not very prolific if they are made by a friend. You might have dating opportunities but better be careful. The energy this month may be a little off.

Relationships at the workplace may have a trying time. You may be under great stress everyday. This is also a month of positive effects as you will be easily inspired to look into the future and seek unlimited possibilities. Family relationships may be a good break for your daily tensions. Hosting get-togethers around the full moon would be a good idea. Money-wise you are still on the upswing - balance optimism with reality.

Patience should be your keyword for this month as you may face problems communicating with colleagues and relatives. Despite the communication problems you will be reaching out to more people and with an open mind you will be able to broaden your horizons. Money-wise you will still be on the higher side but ensure you pay bills on time and have your financial records organized.

There will be unexpected gains and expenses. You may take a vacation even if only for a day. This will jump-start your day with a renewed mind body and soul. People close to you may inspire you for newer achievements but be wary as everyone is not as ethical as you. Money-wise you will have the incentives to keep your finances under control. For better results involve other members of your family.

April will be a rocky month for relationships. The week of the 18th is a good time to plan a special evening with friends or a romantic partner. By the end of the month you will determine how you feel about that somebody special. You will enjoy creative energy on the work force. But people will be eying you. Be certain to be balanced. As long as you focus on balancing your life, there will be few health issues.

Challenges in the workplace for Scorpios this month. Keep your cool. This month will have the Scorpio experiencing happiness. Take time to enjoy yourself and treat yourself well, this is the month. Romance is strong for both coupled and singled Scorpios. Enjoy! You will also experience high energy and accomplish goals. But don't forget to take your time to relax, meditate and get plenty of rest.

Challenges of the earlier month will linger on, be patient and answers will come on their own. Neptune triggers creativity and a special soft spot for family members. Take time out with your friends and you will feel refreshed. On the financial front, there may be a rise but avoid any major purchases as expenses may increase in the near future. Do not make major decisions, but also don't limit yourself unnecessarily.

Domestic challenges will continue though tensions will tend to ease by the month end. Your mantra should be patience and communication. Through the challenges, you will have a delightful time with friends and family. You will also serve as an inspiration to others and conversing and receiving responses from people will be quite easy. Full moon indicates power struggles and a clash of egos.



Donated Gadhafi's Fee

40 Years of “Chavo del 8”

Secreto Unlike some of her colleagues, Beyoncé showed that she is a woman with character. In the New Year's Celebration 2009 at Nikki Beach in St. Barts, she sang five songs for Gaddafi's son Muattasim. For this short show she got one million dollars. Jennifer Lopez showed even more character, rejecting a two-million offer of Gadhafi. According to her spokeswoman Yvette NoëlSchure, Beyoncé donated this money to the Clinton-Bush Fund for the victims of the earth quake victims in Haiti already one year ago. “When she learned that the host had to do with the Gadhafi family, she decided to donate the money to a charitable cause.” The Clinton-Bush Fund confirmed the receipt of the donation. It was known that also other stars like Usher, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi and Nelly Furtado were singing for similar fees for members of the Gadhafi clan. Except for Nelly Furtado, who said, she also wants to donate the money now, no other of these stars gave any comment, if they will do do the same or prefer to keep the money.

Minor used for a Sex-Scene

While at the international level, there can be observed a professionalization of Música Urbana (better lyrics, perfect arrangements), in the Dominican Republic some of the performers still seem to experiment how to reach the deepest depth. Apart from the unspeakably primitive and vulgar lyrics and the amateurish music, some of the “stars” distinguish themselves above all by an incredible self-confidence, provoking scandals seems to be the goal. Odalis Pérez Vicioso aka Secreto, el famoso Biberón (Secreto, the famous baby-bottle), one of these dubious stars, who after all has been nominated for the Premios Casandra, which met strong opposition of many, had to appear in court. The parents of a 15 -yearold minor accused Secreto to let her play in one of his videos - she probably enjoyed it. “The minor is making a lewd show, drinks alcohol, simulates sex and is dancing like only adults should do, and he knew she is a minor,” said the lawyer. According to Youth Law a minor doesn't have legal capacity to sign a contract. The girl had been told that she had to do a few extras for the video, “but never was told she had to dance in a bikini, much less to bathe in a Jacuzzi and drink alcoholic beverages.” Secreto, representatives of Yakuza Records as well as the mother and a sister of the girl are facing now measures of coercion.

If anybody watched TV in any part of Latin America in the past 40 years, he certainly has seen the slapstick series “El Chavo del 8” somewhere, whether in the Dominican Republic, in Mexico, Peru or somewhere else. There have been shown 290 episodes of this immensly popular series between 1971 and 1980 on channel 8 in Mexico. Millions are fans of the Chavo, Quico and Chilindrina, who are living the craziest adventures in their backyard. In 1995, ”El Chavo del 8” was the the most-watched program in Andalusia, Spain. Since 2006, there are also available comic book series and video games with the Chavo. Now 82-year-old Roberto Gómez Bolaños (“Chespirito”") is the producer of the series and the performer of the eight-year-old boy who lives in Apartment 8, which never can be seen. Rather it seems the little starveling is living in a barrel, his “secret place” that everyone knows. Actually some educators discuss about the series, given that it is hailing clouts and cuffs in each episode.

What is this Guy singing? “Escobita nueva” by Yoskar Sarante Currently there can be heard everywhere the old story of the “new broom that sweeps clean”, sung by Yoskar Sarante. This Bachata of the master can be found on the album “Vuelve, vuelve”, published in the year 2008 already. Maybe this song is not necessarily the masterpiece of Yoskar Sarante, but anyhow it is a catchy Bachata-tune, difficult to be ignored. Si acaso te dijeron que te olvido. si acaso te dijeron que hay otra mi camino, si acaso te dicen que hay otro abrigo, que me da el calor que jamás tuve contigo. Haz caso al comentario que es verdad, yo no me ando arrastrando a tu falta de piedad. Pués cuando el río suena es porque agua trae Y en vez de suicidarme ella ocupa tu lugar. Y ella sí me sabe amar. Escobita nueva barre bueno queria que murieras en tus besos. Te equivocaste mujer y soy feliz otra vez. Escobita nueva barre bueno tu no eres sola en el desierto. Te equivocaste mujer y soy feliz otra vez.. Si acaso te dijeron que no lloro, que olvidé ya tu desgracia, que ando como un loco, que es una santa la mujer que está comigo, que me sacó el veneno y te borro de mi camino. Haz caso al comentario que es verdad, yo no me ando arrastrando a tu falta de piedad. Pués cuando el río suena es porque agua trae. Y en vez de suicidarme otra ocupa tu lugar. Y ella si me sabe amar. Escobita nueva barre bueno queria que murieras en tus besos. Te equiviacaste mujer y soy feliz otra vez. Escobita nueva barre bueno, tu no eres sola en el desierto. Te equivocaste mujer y soy feliz otra vez. Escobita nueva barre bueno queria que murieras en tus besos. Te equiviacaste mujer, y soy feliz otra vez Escobita nueva barre bueno, tu no eres sola en el desierto. Te equivocaste mujer y soy feliz otra vez.

If they told you, I forget you, if they told you, there is another in my way, if they told you, there is another coat, that gives me the warmness that I never had with you. Pay heed to that remark, it is true, I will not drag myself under for your ruthelessness. For when the river is brawling it's because it brings water. And instead of committing suicide, she is occupying your place. And she knows how to love me. A new broom sweeps clean, I wanted you to die in your kisses. You were wrong, woman, and I'm happy again. A new broom sweeps clean, you are not the only one in the desert. You were wrong, woman, and I'm happy again. If they told you, I don't cry, that I already forgot your disgrace, that I walk like a crazy, that the woman is a saint, the one who is with me, she took off the poison and erased you out of my way. Pay heed to that remark, it is true, I will not drag myself under for your ruthelessness. For when the river is brawling it's because it brings water. And instead of committing suicide, the other is occupying your place. And she knows how to love me. A new broom sweeps clean, I wanted you to die in your kisses. You were wrong, woman, and I'm happy again. A new broom sweeps clean, you are not the only one in the desert. You were wrong, woman, and I'm happy again. A new broom sweeps clean, I wanted you to die in your kisses. You were wrong, woman, and I'm happy again. A new broom sweeps clean, you are not the only one in the desert. You were wrong, woman, and I'm happy again.

Yoskar Sarante was born in the populous district Villas Agrícola in Santo Domingo in 1970. After his father Domingo noted that his boy has a good voice, he took him for singing on the street corners to gain a few additional pesos, playing the guitar himself. As a child, little Yoskar sang with various bands. Getting older, he worked in construction to earn money for his singing lessons in the Academia Musical Iris del Valle in Los Mina. After Yoskar Sarante was singing in various merengue groups, for example with famous Aramis Camilo, he reflected that Bachata is the music to express his feelings better. In 1998 Yoskar Sarante published his first album, the big breakthrough came only in 2000 with the album “"Llora alma mía” (Cry, my soul) Aside from the title track this album had at least three other songs that were played day and night in those days, such as “Cama separada” (Separate Bed), “La noche” (The Night) or “No te detengas” (Don't Hold Back). His next album, “No es casualidad” (It is no coincidence) was very successful, too. Then it was quiet again around Yoskar Sarante who is living a decent family life in Santo Domingo. His most recent album, "Vuelve, vuelve, " came out in 2008.


The Page of Health

Statistics of Tuberculosis Deadly Combination with HIV / Number of double Infected going up, Death Toll sinking In the past nine years there were reported 47,197 cases of tuberculosis (TB) in the Dominican Republic. 2,847 of these patients (six percent) were additionally carrying the AIDS virus, a combination, which increases the mortality rate significantly. Another problem is the high number of TB patients that break off their treatment. Their number decreased slightly, which was not relevant statistically. These data are found in a study of the Maternal and Child Research Center (Cenismi). Cenismi is an institute, founded by the late Dr. Hugo de Mendoza, who was considered one of the top 50 doctors in the world.

The number of simultaneously infected with tuberculosis and the AIDS virus increased significantly in proportion to the total number of infected: from 5.1 percent in 2000 to nine percent in 2009. However, the deaths of infected with both diseases could be reduced from 39 percent in 2000 to 22 percent in 2009. As a positive point the study emphasizes that the cure rate for tuberculosis could have been increased from 39.4 percent to 62.4 percent. The number of people who are suffering from tuberculosis plus AIDS, and are getting a preventive therapy, increased from only 47 in the year 2000 to 822 patients in the year 2009.

Tuberculosis On a 500,000 year old fossil of a Homo erectus, researchers found traces of meningitis caused by tuberculosis. So TB is one of the oldest diseases and currently leading on the list of fatal infectious diseases. About a third of the world population is infected with TB germs. Nine million people get infected with TB and 1.8 million people die every year from tuberculosis. The treatment of tuberculosis is very lengthy and expensive. Not a very good combination in Third World countries. In addition, there are found more and more multi-resistant strains. TB is an indicator of the living conditions in a society, as it is pushed back by good nutrition and hygiene. The bacillus causing tuberculosis was identified and described on 24 March 1882 by Robert Koch. He received the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 1905 for this discovery.

Gasoline-Generator, 7,5 kW (15 HP), not much used, 33.000,RD$, Sosúa, Call. 829-707-0692 Beautiful apartment near Sosúa, 53 m², fully furnished, 1 bedroom, bath and great area connected to the kitchen, Inversor, TV, terrace with garden and parking lot, very calm in La Mulata 1. For longterm-rent 320 US$ pm + electricity + deposit. Call 809-571-9942, 829-877-9826 3-Bedroom-House in Sabaneta, electric included, 6.000,- RD$, call 829-586-3620 Apartment in Maranatha, garage, RD$ 3,000 a month, 809-497-6913 Apartment in Sosúa, 1 bedroom, kitchen living, 45 m2, always electricity, always water, price on request. Call 809-571-3383 Apartment, 79 m2, living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, big terrace, 2nd floor. 39 US$ daily or 500 US$ monthly: 829-669-1605. Frestanding small house, bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, little terrace, for rent all incl. 500 US$, Call 809-571-3027 Bungalow in Sabana Grande de Palenque for sale. 140 m² , area 1.350 m², Terrace, tropical garden, fully furnished, close to Playa Najayo, Playa Palenque, 129.000 Euro or 180.600 US$. Call 829-431-3397, 829-255-3397.

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Million-Dollar-View: Forest, Coastline, Sea. 10.000 m2, 17 – 30 US$ depending on location, size eligible from 1.000 m2. If you want to buy all, the owner will make a super special price. Call 809-880-4551

Professional English speaking Canadian woman, living in Sosua. 25 years experience as a Social Worker in Canada, working with children and families. I am interested in working with the youth in the Dominican Republic including the education system. Please respond to

FOR SALE in Santo Domingo, Malecón

Well known Swiss Restaurant with tropical Garden, Bar etc. and adjoining residential house. 2 floors and terrace with ocean view. 3 rooms, salon, 2 bath rooms, big storeroom, patio and maid's room with separate entrance, shower


Cel. 809-390-8796 Tel. 809-483-1411 Tel. 809-274-8103

Looking for Job as a tiler or similar. I speak 4 languages and can work with tourists, too. Pavan Franco, Tel. 829-810-3978

Job Mate Kit - over 150 items, sockets metric/standard, spanners, hammer, level, tape measure, vise grips, screw drivers, allan keys, etc, RD$ 1,500. Call Dennis 829-5863620. 220-foot-steel-container, with separate entrances, interior panels, one prepared for office with desk, the other for storage. 30,000.- RD$ each, both for 50,000.- RD$. 809-571-1666 Sports - Skate boards children, 3 each, new, 1500. Safety helmet childrens, 3 each, new, 500. Roller blades, mens 11, new, 2000. Misc Tool belt, leather, like new, 7 plus pockets, 500. Contact Dennis 829 586 3620

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TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR.4WD, red, 1996, Motor given a general overhaul

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Skoda Fabia Kombi Unique hand-made silver jewelry from Brazil and Chile for sale. Stone pieces set masterfully in .925 sterling silver. From Colorful agates and Jasper, to amethyst and quartz crystal. Ph: 809-377-1021 email:

silver metallic, 2006, mechanic, in perfect condition

265.000 Peso (o.n.o.) Tel. 809 571 1970 or Cel. 829 424 1546

If you want to put a

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IN PUERTO PLATA in 15 places

IN SABANETA in 2 places

IN COSTAMBAR in 3 places

IN CABARETE in 17 places

IN COFRESÍ in 6 places

IN CABRERA in 1 place

IN BOCA CHICA in 6 places

IN PLAYA DORADA in 4 places

IN BONAO in 1 place

IN JUAN DOLIO in 3 places

IN MAIMÓN in 2 places

IN LAS TERRENAS in 6 places

IN GUAYACANES in 3 places

IN SOSÚA in 34 places

IN SANTO DOMINGO in 13 places

IN BÁVARO in 1 place

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