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Edition No. 39 / March 9, 2011

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Blue Flag

Nature's Beauties

Hotel Bahía Príncipe Río San Juan has raised the prestigious Blue Flag, a certification of the high quality of its beach in Escondida, Gáspar Hernández. This is the fifth Bahía Príncipe (Grupo Pinero) hotel to obtain the coveted certification and the first in Espaillat province. The certification requires the highest standards of water quality, environmental performance, security and services, in addition to maintaining a public beach. There are eleven Blue Flag beaches in the Dominican Republic, located in Punta Cana, Samaná, Puerto Plata, Bayahibe and now Río San Juan.

Blooming Pineapple

New Flights to ? Punta Cana is triumphing with a new flight connection again, while Puerto Plata goes on in a slow agony. Low-cost carrier AirTran Airways has begun flights from Atlanta, Georgia to Punta Cana at 10:20 am and arrive in Punta Cana at 2:55 pm daily. The return flights to Atlanta depart at 4:15 pm and arrive there at 7:20 pm. While Puerto Plata goes on dreaming of long past times and is doing nothing, and Sosúa obviously tries to chase away even the last of the few remaining tourists, Punta Cana is very active. In a 3 hours and 35 minute-flight, Americans can visit Punta Cana, which is the sixth destination of AirTran in the Caribbean. The flight times allow for multiple connections.

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Elections in Haiti on March 20

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Statement of Accounts in the National Assembly Opposition: The President ignores true Situation / Candidate Martelly visits Fernández

Harsh critics of the opposition were some of the reactions to President Leonel Fernández' Statement of Accounts in the National Assembly on 27 of February, the Dominican Independence Day. Representatives of different business, political, religious, union and civilian entities said that the President did not satisfy the people's expectations in his speech in the National Assembly on his administration's performance in 2010. They said, the main issues that affect the country were not discussed nor did Leonel Fernández refer to the issue of presidential re-election. For Javier Cabreja, the executive director of Citizen Participation, the President did not stress issues that the people expected him to emphasize nor did he announce measures to face the situations that the

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country is living. “We all expected that he would dissipate all the doubts regarding reelection.” Nevertheless, the speech also received praise. Monseñor Agripino Núñez Collado said that “it was splendid in the analysis of the several ministries; its end is an invitation to have hope and trust”. In the same way, the Reformist deputy Ramón Rogelio Genao, said that it was encouraging, and Pedro Pérez González, the president of the National Organization of Commercial Enterprises (ONEC), called the speech encouraging, because that is the role of the President. Of course the possible candidate of the opposition party, Miguel Vargas Maldonado (the decision if he or Hipólito Mejía will be the PRD-candidate fell on 6 of March, after press date) did not agree with Fernández: “The President disappointed those who expected that he would make a gesture of compassion for the people, and propose bringing forward the elections of 2012, as they do in other countries when a government fails in all aspects. The President still does not comprehend that showing manipulated numbers on economic growth does not work to improve the living conditions of Dominicans.” Ito Bisono, PRSC deputy, said: “I believe that it was the poorest and most political speech that President Fernandez has given here (in the National Assembly), it seemed to me that he came to market illusions. It is evident that in the Dominican Republic poverty is growing and necessity is too. And the most painful is how he calls Dominicans who do not agree with him 'ungrateful', when he should be the President of all Dominicans.”

Haiti's presidential candidate Michel Martelly met with President Leonel Fernández at the Presidential Palace. In a recent poll, he had 60 percent of voter preference and is the favorite to win the election. Martelly said he discussed the world food situation, migratory problems and the possibility of working closely to improve relations with President Fernández. He attributed the Haitian migration to the Dominican Republic to the economic and institutional weaknesses in Haiti. He said that this would be eased by improving living and working conditions in Haiti. In an interview in Diario Libre, Martelly said that if elected his immediate plans include restoring confidence between the state and the people, eradicate corruption and recover the authority of the state. Martelly's rival in the 20 March election, Mirlande Manigat, has already met with President Fernández. (Sources: Diario Libre, Listín Diario, Hoy, DR1)

Avalanche of Price Increases All Prices shoot up since January / Protests in Santiago / Price Calculation of Plantains

Some of the lists of economic goals that had been drawn up for this year need revision because of the avalanche of price increases. These increases have been in foods, fuels, fares, freight costs, airport services, electricity rates, medicines, interest rates, building supplies, and even the cost of cable television. In January, the governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, called the inflation generated by the increase in prices something seasonal, which tended to occur at the beginning of the year and as something affected by the increased cost of raw materials on the international markets (see LA PLAYA No. 37). Nonetheless, consumers feel that steps should be taken to put a halt to these increases that have been occurring since November 2010. In February, the price of a little packet of coffee went from 8 to 10 pesos, and there were increases in the price of beef, chick peas and powdered milk. In December, it was eggs, that went from 4 to 4.50 pesos, red and yellow onions went from 40 to 50 pesos a pound, garlic went from 100 to 140 pesos a pound. And pinto, black and red beans all went up in price, along with potatoes, herring and cod. However, the big blow was the 11 percent increase in the electricity rates.

It wasn't until the start of the year when all the prices shot up. Premium and regular gasoline increased by 4.20 and 5.20 pesos each, the interest rates went up two points, the price of bread, plantains, cooking oil, poultry, flour, rice and yucca all went up. Likewise, airport services increased by between 20 and 100 percent, according to governmental approvals made in November 2010. In the meantime, Fenatrado (Dominican National Transportation Federation) increased freight rates by 30 percent. Since the end of 2010 medicines also have increased by as much as 30 percent. At the same time, since July of 2010, the price of soy oil has increased by 38.5 percent. As many items go up in price, the executive director of Fundecom (Foundation for Consumer Rights), Alfonsina Cuesta, demands an increase in salaries. Only 8.8 percent of the 1.2 million workers earn a salary of more than 25,000 pesos, while 57 percent earn less than 10,000 percent.

In Santiago Dozens of angry housewives protested against the high prices, knocking on pans and pots. Larissa Fernández, leader of Fedomusde (Dominican Federation of Social Democrat Women), said that housewives can no longer support the increases in basic needs: “Supermarkets are a house of terror. It is time for everyone to become aware of the seriousness of the situation.”

Plátanos (plantains) are one of the basic foods of the Dominicans. So the trend of prices is watched very carefuly. From the field and farms to the consumers, plantains average a price increase of 6 pesos, due to the chain of intermediaries along the way. On the farm, the wholesalers or truckers buy the unit (one plantain) from the producer at between 6 and 6.50 pesos each, and sell then in the Mercado Nuevo on Duarte Street, the major distribution center for Santo Domingo, at 7.50, 8 and 8.50 pesos. In the market, the retailers buy the plantains from the wholesalers and re-sell them to the market owners at 9 and 10 pesos, depending on what they paid for them. When the retailers are involved, the price for consumers tends to be higher. But if the colmado owners buy direct from the wholesaler, the consumer pays less. For example, the colmado owners, that buy the unit of plantains between 7.50 up to 10 pesos, sell them to the final consumer between 9 and 13 pesos. The price of plantains is between 8 and 9 pesos when they are bought from the tricycle and small pickup truck vendors, since they pay less buying directly from the farms.

CPPP asks Hugo Chávez for Help Venezuela could help to build new Port in Puerto Plata / New Film Studio in Juan Dolio

The CPPP (Committee for the Port of Puerto Plata) used the visit of Venezuela's ambassador Alfredo Murga Rivas, to forward a request to President Hugo Chávez. During his visit in Puerto Plata, Murga Rivas met with local entrepreneurs and politicians. The CPPP files this application in conjunction with the international agreement of Petrocaribe. Chávez is solicited to help to build a commercial and cruise port in Puerto Plata. The port of Puerto Plata (photo) is the most important of the Dominican north coast. The supply and trade of 13 provinces in the nothern and central region of the Cibao are depending on the third biggest port of the country. Due to the lack of interest of the central governments in Santo Domingo the entire once very prolific northern region finds itself in a unprecedented decay. One of the reasons is the deplorable situation of Puerto Plata's port.

Lack of maintenance, damaged walls of the wharf plus the inactivity of exporters and importers led to the practical standstill of the sugar industry of the north, causing the closure of the sugar factories of Montellano and Amistad, with the consequence of high unemployment. The free trade zone (zona franca), once giving at least poorly paid work to local workers, is only a shadow of itself in these days. For years, the government promises a new cruise port to the northern region. But no deeds followed the words. In the 80 to late 90s, hundreds of thousands of tourists in cruise ships landed in the port of Puerto Plata, that can score with a a truly fantastic location in an imperious surrounding nature. As a result, tourism boomed, Puerto Plata was the number one in the country. With the arrival of the cruise ships restaurants, gift shops and travel agencies flourished. Thousands had honest jobs in restaurants, hotels, shops, as tour operators, etc.

Leading British film studio PinewoodShepperton is the operational partner in an almost 142,000 square meter (35-acre) film and television studio in Juan Dolio, going up to serve the growing Caribbean and Latin American entertainment market. Pinewood filmed movies like “James Bond”, “Batman”, “Harry Potter” or “Slumdog Millionaire”. Construction is expected to take a year, with an opening date set for early 2012. It will be funded and managed by the Indomina Group, part of the Vicini group, the leading Dominican asset management company with investments in food and beverages, retail, energy, finance, tourism and real estate in the Caribbean and Central America. “The satisfaction of working with one of the most important companies in the world, ensures the desired success,” said Felipe Vicini, CEO of the Vicini Group during the ground-breaking ceremony. UK Ambassador Steven Fisher said that the construction of the studio is an example for other Dominican and British companies. The studio is under construction in Juan Dolio beach area, about 40 minutes from Santo Domingo, and is to be known as Pinewood Indomina Studios. The almost 142,000 m2 site will include a more than 4,000 m2 water effects facility including a 75 m x 75 m exterior water tank with natural ocean horizons, blue screen capabilities and a fully equipped diving and marine department. When completed it will be the only tank of its type and size in the region. The tank will be used for filming exterior water scenes. It will give the impression of natural ocean horizons. Pinewood Indomina Studios will target production companies wanting access to the Caribbean, Central and South American markets and its population of 580 million as well as the 47 million-strong Hispanic and Latino market in North America. Pinewood chose the Dominican Republic based on what it describes as well-established infrastructures, reasonable labor costs, a technically skilled workforce, and a secure and stable environment. Making the difference in its site choice is also a new film law that provides a tax credit of up to 25 percent for feature films and TV series shot in the country. Ivan Dunleavy, Chief Executive, said: “This represents further progress in Pinewood's strategy to leverage the strength of our brand specifically to the growing Latino film and television market.”

Elections in Haiti on March 20 Symposium: “Haiti: A Time Bomb?” / Neighborhood Councils to Trial / 30 Points Lead

Santiago's public prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso (picture left), warned neighborhoods councils of the city (placard on the second pic) to solve the problem with Haitian illegals violently. These councils threatened to expel them with their own hands, if migration is not able to repatriate them until the 27 of February. Reynoso said they are human beings and therefore their fundamental rights have to be respected. The Director of Immigration, Sigfrido Pared Pérez, said those who favored the expulsion of 420 Haitians in the sectors San José and La Mina in the province of Santiago will be put to justice, for allegedly committing acts against the law. He said, it can not be allowed people to assume the role of justice. He also doubted that action has had the desired effect, because most of the expelled hide or go to other places, affecting migration operations carried out in order to take control of illegal migration.

The immigration problem was the main topic on the symposium “Haiti: A Time Bomb?”, organized by the newspaper “El Dia”. According to Sigfrido Pared Pérez, only 9,341 Haitian nationals of about one million estimated to be living in the country, have some type of residencial permission. 19,751 Haitians have cards for migrant seasonal workers, which are granted for a period of six months. The Director of Immigration said that the flexibility introduced for illegal Haitian migrants after the earthquake of 2010 caused the entry of 200,000 undocumented Haitians. Pared Pérez said, close to a million Haitians are living in the country, equivalent to ten percent of the population. A dignified solution has to be found to resolve this situation. The historian Bernardo Vega called it totally inacceptable that children of illegal Haitians are not allowed to go to school. He stated that the only damage the Haitian presence is causing in the country is in economic terms, because the cheap workforce of the Haitians prevents an increase of salaries. According to Vega, the situation in the neighboring country following the earthquake last year, inhibits the discussion of immigration policy in relation to Haiti. The work of immigration is hampered due to lack of money and qualified personnel.

The Group of Friends of Haiti in the Organization of American States (OAS) reviewed the preparations for the second round of presidential elections in Haiti, to be held on 20 March. Haitians will have to choose between former first lady Mirlande Manigat and the singer Michel Martelly (picture above right) The elections will be supervised by the OAS and international observers. It is expected that the elections will be quiet and peaceful. Martelly says that the polls put him over his opponent Mirlande Manigat for more than 30 points, but he hopes to win the second round with even a higher margin. Hip-Hopstar Wyclef Jean, who tried in vain to be a candidate, too, said that he supports Michel Martelly, “my brother, my friend”.

Former Dictators accused for Kidnapping Bolivia's retired Boss of Narks arrested for Drug Trafficking / Meeting Obama-Calderón

Argentina's former dictators Reynaldo Bignone and Jorge Videla had to stand their trial again. This time they are accused for a systematic plan to take away the babies of pregnant women detained during the military dictatorship. Videla and Bignone are charged along with six other military men. Fourteen years after the “Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo” pushed this cause, the Federal Court of Buenos Aires opened the trial accusing the former strong men for ”removal, retention, concealing and replacing the identity of children under ten years.” Most of the mothers disappeared or have been killed after the kidnapping of their children. The defendants, who entered the hall in handcuffs, didn´t greet even their families in the audience and listened to the accusations with a deadpan expression. For ten months, the three judges of the court heard over 370 witnesses. They will have to judge 34 cases of theft of babies to women who mostly gave birth in the detention centers of the Mechanics' School of the Armed Forces, the military garrison Campo de Mayo and so called Pozo de Banfield in Buenos Aires. Dozens of human rights activists agreed on the importance of the trial.

René Sanabria (pic) was well known and respected for his work at the head of the Bolivian Special Force against Drug Trafficking (FELCN) between 2007 and 2009. An example: in 2006 were seized 14 tons of cocaine while in 2008, when Sanabria was running antinarcotics police operations, it exceeded 25 tons. The paradox is that, between jokes, Sanabria was known as “the best student of the DEA.” Moreover, he was outstanding among his colleagues for his high qualifications, a training he received from U.S. anti-drug forces, with which he never ceased to have good relations during his tenure as head of the FELCN, at least in public. Now René Sanabria was arrested in Panama and brought to Miami to be judged there. He is charged with preparing a shipment of cocaine from Bolivia to the USA via Panama, in addition to already having introduced in Miami 144 kilos of the drug. And of course this story also has a political dimension. Bolivia's president Evo Morales kicked out the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) in 2008, for alleged espionage. Evo Morales said that after the arrest of the retired police general, there is a black hand that wants to tarnish the process of change in Bolivia. Felipe Cáceres, Deputy Minister of Social Defense and Controlled Substances said, the DEA operated behind the government in order to leave “bad off” the current administration.

Felipe Calderón, Mexico's president, qualified his fifth meeting with US-president Barack Obama just as “a follow-up” of the bilateral agenda. But after the attack on two US-agents, one of them was killed, it is very different to other meetings. On the other hand, the meeting comes one week after the Mexican President lamented in an interview with the newspaper “El Universal” that the institutional cooperation between both countries is “clearly insufficient.” “The two countries can do more in all scopes of their territories,” said Under Secretary Julián Ventura, who acknowledged that “there are limitations and shortcomings in the cooperation.” One of the Mexican claims is the long prohibited sale of assault weapons in the United States. In 2004 expired the regulation that prevented the purchase of automatic weapons. According to the Mexican government, there is a direct relationship between the lifting of this ban and the rise of violence in Mexico, which has cost more than 35,000 lives since 2006. 90 percent of the weapons used by the cartels come from across the border, according to the Mexican authorities. Analyst John Ackermann of the Institute of Social Research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) says: “Mexico it is required to combat drug trafficking, including with military forces, but in the USA is not done the same. It's Mexico who is placing the dead.”

(R)Evolution in Northern Africa Latin American Left divided / Only Ortega backs Gadhafi / Greetings a “Bloody Joke”

History will tell, if the current course of events in Northern Africa and other Arab countries are already a revolution or just the evolution of peoples' wish for freedom. First the fall of the Tunisian government, then Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, and now the rebellion against Libyan Muammar alGadhafi, a kind of idol for some leftists. But probably his greatest “merit” is to be AntiWestern and Anti-American. Gadhafi was labeled a terrorist and Libya a “rogue state” for many years by American governments for supporting the Palestinians' request for an own state and independence movements in the Third World. A couple of years ago the Western countries softened towards Gadhafi. Italia's Berlusconi became a good neighbor, buying Libyan oil and negotiating about stopping the streams of Arab and African refugees that arrived in Italy via Libya. But there has been more. After the first dead in Libya the Western countries said they want to stop the arms sales to Libya. Sorry? Arms sales? Again there is rising the question, who is more shameless, a bloody dictator or the ones that supply him with arms and make possible his tyrrany.

After all the incidents and bloodshed in Libya nearly all of the Latin American governments unanimously condemned the behavior of Gadhafi and ask him to step down. The lone dissenters were Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Those three countries did not vote against a resolution of the United Nations booting Libya from the Human Rights Council, but they expressed disagreement with the decision. In one of his strange speeches Gadhafi insisted, he can not resign because he is not president and can not dissolve the parliament. While Cuba's former president Fidel Castro and Venezuela's president Hugo Chávez have not expressed support for Gadhafi, Nicaragua's president Daniel Ortega has. Ortega reaffirmed his position, saying he “firmly maintained” his support for Gadhafi, whom he said has been the victim of “a ferocious media attack.” The former guerrilla leader and now president called the situation in Libya “tough and difficult,” adding that he hoped for peace. Both Chávez and Castro have been careful to not praise Gadhafi, but they have espoused similar theories that the violence in Libya has been caused and/or overinflated by the West in order to take advantage of Libya's oil. Fidel Castro, one of the few who can claim to have ruled their country as long as Gadhafi, said the unrest may be a pretext for an invasion of Libya by members of NATO - the ghost of the invasion of Iraq, justified with lies, is still in the heads of many. “We'll have to wait to know for certain how much is truth or lies, or a mixture of facts of all kinds which, in the midst of chaos, have been produced in Libya,” Castro said.

Meanwhile Nicaraguas president Daniel Ortega congratulated Gadhafi for the 34 th anniversary of the proclamation of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. “Nicaragua, my government, the Sandinista National Liberation Front, and our people, we accompany these battles that not only represent the defense of dignity and of the Libyan nation and culture, but are also an expression of the struggles that, in many ways, are facing all peoples of the south,” added Ortega to his greetings. The former Sandinista guerrilla Dora María Téllez condemned the solidarity with the Libyan leader, expressed “on behalf of our people” by president Ortega, as a “bloody joke”. Téllez is the leader of the Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS). She called to remember that the Nicaraguan people was bombed by aircrafts of President Anastasio Somoza. Gadhafi is doing the same with the Libyan people. “What Ortega is doing (to show solidarity with Gadhafi) means he is identifying with Somoza and a genocide (in Libya) which is very serious and inacceptable,” said Téllez, a member of a Sandinista commando which attacked the National Palace in Managua on August 22, 1978.



Kids are quick

A couple was dressed and ready to go out into the city for the evening. They turned on a night light, turned the answering machine on the phone line, covered their pet parakeet and put the cat in the backyard. When the taxi arrived and the couple opened the front door to leave their house, the cat ran back into the house. They don't want the cat shut in the house because it always tries to eat the bird. The wife went out to the taxi while the husband went inside to get the cat. Waiting in the cab, the wife didn't want the driver to know the house will be empty for the night. So she explained to the taxi driver: „He's just going upstairs to say good-bye to my mother.“ A few minutes later, the husband came into the cab. „Sorry I took so long,“ he said, as they drove away. „This stupid bitch was hiding under the bed. I had to poke her with a coat hanger to get her to come out! She tried escape, so I grabbed her by the neck. Then I had to wrap her in a blanket to keep her from scratching me. I hauled her downstairs and threw her out into the back yard!“ The cab driver hit a parked car ...

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 13.

TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America. MARIA: Here it is. TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America? CLASS: Maria.

TEACHER: Glenn, how do you spell “crocodile?” GLENN: K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L' TEACHER: No, that's wrong GLENN: Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.

 TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water? DONALD: H I J K L M N O. TEACHER: What are you talking about? DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O. Sudoku No. 75

 A funeral service is being held for a woman who has just passed away. At the end of the service, the pall bearers are carrying the casket out when they accidentally bump into a wall, jarring the casket. They hear a faint moan. They open the casket and find that the woman is alive! She lives for ten more years, and then dies. Once again, a ceremony is held, and at the end of it, the pall bearers are carrying out the casket. As they carry the casket towards the door, the husband cries out, „Watch that wall!“


(for Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen ...)

 TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? HAROLD: A teacher

TEACHER: Millie, give me a sentence starting with “I.” MILLIE: I is ... TEACHER: No, Millie. Always say, “I am.” MILLIE: All right “I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.”

Sudoku No. 76

TEACHER: Now, Simon, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating? SIMON: No sir, I don't have to, my Mom is a good cook.

Prince Royce


Triple Winner

Break until 2013

Just take an old hit, pimp it up a little as a bachata, leave a little bit of the original, sing a part in Spanish - and you are a star. This happened with the song “Stand By Me”, performed by Prince Royce. Admittedly it is a beautiful piece. But why shouldn't a young Dominican also be allowed to do what a others did before him? Such as for example Wyclef Jean with the Fugees and the song “Killing Me Softly”, which made them world stars. In the 23rd gala performance of the prestigious Premios Lo Nuestro (The Ours Awards), where outstanding Latin American artists are awarded, Prince Royce was the only one of three who got three awards beside Wisin y Yandel and Camila. “Stand By Me” is the song of the year, Prince Royce is the best male artist of the year, category Tropical, and the best newcomer soloist of the year, category Tropical, too. “I feel a hundred percent as a Dominican,” says Geoffrey Royce Rojas, even though he was born in the Bronx on May 11, 1989. His father was a Dominican taxi driver in New York and his Dominican mother worked in a beauty parlor.

Since their promise to separate after the album “The Last”, will not become reality, Aventura announced now to take a time-out to relax until 2013. Then they will make a new album and go on tour again - due to a “legal obligation” with their record company, which doesn't sound that enthusiastic. Until then Aventura's singer Anthony “Romeo” Santos wants to concentrate on his own project, an album containing “60 percent of Bachata and 40 percent of a little urban experiment.” Also Henry will publish the first single of his own new album soon. He will be faithful to Bachata, too. But he wants to “add something”. Meanwhile the manager of Aventura and owner of the label Premium Latin Music, Franklin Junior Romero Martín, was arrested in Panama by the Interpol and extradited to the FBI. He is accused of money laundering and drug trafficking. Romero fled from New York to the Dominican Republic to evade justice in the year 2000. Premium Latin Music also contracted other Dominican stars such as Rita Indiana, Antony Santos or Eddy Herrera. Fans of Aventura called to build prayer chains for the liberation of Romero.

Girl-Power Música Urbana opens Doors

Música Urbana opened the doors of the music business for for female Dominican artists. This unconventional music plus the internet helped socially excluded youth of the big cities to become famous. In the 70s and 80s, some women tried to play Merengue, but only Milly Quezada and Chicas del Can were successful. The music managers openly said that they prefer working with men. Meanwhile, there are successful singers, such as Juliana O'Neill in Merengue or the alternative artist Rita Indiana, who published her very interesting first album "El Juidero" (The confusion) recently, after she already was a kind of download-queen on the internet. In Merengue de Calle, selfconfident young women like Milka la mas dura (Milka, the toughest photo above) or La Materialista, “Queen of Hip-Hop”, make themselves heard. La Potranca grew up in Spain and came back telling to be the daughter of Merengue-star Johnny Ventura, which was debarred by a genetic test. In any case, people talk about her now. Alexa lived in Amsterdam and now in Basle-City since the age of nine. She makes catchy Caribbean popular music like “Dame tu amor” or “Súbeme la música”..

What is this Guy singing? “La santa” by Reykon Reykon is a Colombian Reggaeton-Star. According to the press review the text of “La santa” (The Saint) wants to critizise and show the double moral of the girls from a good home, that live lying to “society”, in order to maintain their easy lifestyle. Hard to tell who is more hypocrite - is it the girl or maybe the guy, whose Stone Age hunting instinct is awaking? Soy, Reykon, el líder, qué no se te olvide! Quien la ve tan seriecita, tan de casa y tan bonita, hija de papa y mama. Si supieran que anoche yo la recogí en mi coche y de vuelta pa fumar. No te hagas la santa, sé que te encanta, cuando te levantas de mi cama, mama. Y no te hagas la santa, yo se que te encanta cuando escuchas el ritmo y de la silla te levantas. No te hagas la santa, yo se que te encanta cuando nos rozamos algo a mi se me levanta, baby. No te hagas la santa, yo se que te encanta cuando nos rozamos algo a mi se me levanta, baby, No te hagas la santa, no, no, no. Pa la discoteca te voy a llevar, tu lo vas a gozar. She doesn't know what I know, es que ella pierde el control cada vez que en la discoteca le ponen mi canción. Ella quiere que la toquen, quiere bailar conmigo toda la noche. No te hagas la santa ... El líder, jaja ella quiere que la toquen! Pusimos a bailar todas las discotecas, jajaja! Quien la ve tan seriecita tan de casa y tan bonita, hija de papa y mama. Si supieran que anoche yo la recogí en mi coche y de vuelta pa fumar. No te hagas la santa, yo se que te encanta, cuando te levantas de mi cama, mama. Y no te hagas la santa, yo se que te encanta cuando nos rozamos algo a mi se me levanta, baby. Que toda la gloria sea para Dios el lider, el lider, ey ey que no se te olvide!

I'm Reykon, the leader, don't forget that! Who sees her so serious, so homely and so pretty, mummy's and daddy's daughter. If they knew that last night I took her in my car to go out and smoke something. Don't do as if you were a saint, I know that you like it, when you get up of my bed, Mama. And don't do as if you were a saint, I know that you like it, when you hear the rhythm and get up of the chair. Don't do as if you were a saint, I know that you like it, when we touch each other, and something on me is arousing, Baby. Don't do as if you were a saint, I know that you like it, when we touch each other something on me is arousing, Baby. Don't do as if you were a saint I'll take you to the discotheque, You will enjoy it. She doesn't know what I know, because she's losing control, when they play my song in the discotheque. She likes to be touched, she wants to dance with me the whole night. Don't do as if you were a saint ... The leader, haha, She likes to be touched! Whe made dance all the discotheques, hahaha! Who sees her so serious, so homely and so pretty, mummy's and daddy's daughter. If they knew that last night I took her in my car to go out and smoke something. Don't do as if you were a saint, I know that you like it, when you get up of my bed, Mama. Don't do as if you were a saint, I know that you like it, when we touch each other something on me is arousing, Baby. Be all the glory for God, The leader, the leader, ey, don't forget that!

Andrés Robledo was born in 1986 - a very rough time in the metropolis of Medellín, Colombia, which was the center of the war between the state and the drug mafia. His parents loved the romantic music of Latin America, which has still a great influence on Reykon, as he calls himself now with his artist's name, what can be felt in his lyrics, that are much gentler than those of many of his reggaeton colleagues. In 2002 Reykon started to make music together with two studio colleagues. The cassettes they sold in the streets of Medellín. With one of the two, Musik Man, Reykon landed his first hit "Adicción”. In 2007 he published his first own song "Como me cuesta", a romantic song with a good text. "Señorita" was Reykons first internationally played record. Then with "No veo la hora”, Reykon became finally a star in Colombia. In 2010 Reykon won two nominations for the prestigious Premios Nuestra Colombia: as the best new artist of the year, as well as the best interpreter of the Música Urbana. Reykon is known as a spiritual artist, and he says the he draws his strength from his faith in God.


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What to do in Case of an Accident? Police only report the Case / Imprisonment on Remand / Good Insurance can be helpful If a foreigner is involved in an accident, he has to face several authorities. The interpretation of law and order in the Dominican Republic many times can be difficult to understand to a foreigner. The traffic police (AMET) will never decide who is guilty and who is not. They just report the accident and charge their special kind of fees. A civil process finally will determine who was guilty. Schedule and orientation: Only property damage: If the third party has claims, the best is to come to the office of your insurance company that can explain the next steps. Then you have to go to the police station (AMET) to make the police report (Acta policial). Now the other driver has to deposit his documents (MatrĂ­cula, driving license, estimate of damage). The process will now take between two weeks and three months, mostly depending on the insurance company.

With Injured persons: If persons are injured or even dead, you must directly report to the police (AMET). Attention! Never get involved personally to help the injured persons; they have to go to the clinic by themselves. Any service you will be charged, will not be paid back! Get in touch with your insurance company or call the hotline of your insurance as soon as possible, so the lawyer can be informed. After the police report is made, you will be transferred directly to the “Fiscal� (judge), who will determine the guarantee, which your lawyer will deposit for you. Now starts the civil process. In the following 36 month the parties have the chance to claim their rights. The damage regulation with the insurance companies is running at the same time.

What can happen? In all cases the other party can demand you. Most of the lawyers in this country have experience in handling cases against foreigners. The normal share for a lawyer is one percent of the claim. That is why often millions of pesos are added to the demand. The police has the right to put you in custody, if heavy injured or dead people are to bemoan. This also can happen if no higher official is in service for example at weekends or at night. Like already mentioned the police do not declare who is guilty. Sometimes a foreigner has a disadvantage, for not knowing the laws, their interpretation and for lack of knowing the language well. What can you do? 1.) A higher cover of the guarantee (Fianza) at a minimum of 500.000,- pesos helps to take the first hurdle with the authorities. 2.) For problematic cases when custody is requested, the addition of a protective custody in a hotel is recommended (Casa del conductor). The police and the juridical authorities are the law and they have their interpretation, so that every case can be handled differently. Foreigners need to understand the development the country is going through. It is absolutely essential that your insurance broker understands your language and your needs.

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Beautiful apartment near Sosúa, 53 m², fully furnished, 1 bedroom, bath and great area connected to the kitchen, Inversor, TV, terrace with garden and parking lot, very calm in La Mulata 1. For longterm-rent 320 US$ pm + electricity + deposit. Call 809-571-9942, 829-877-9826 3-Bedroom-House in Sabaneta, electric included, 6.000,- RD$, call 829-586-3620 Apartment in Maranatha, garage, RD$ 3,000 a month, 809-497-6913 Bungalow in Sabana Grande de Palenque for sale. 140 m² , area 1.350 m², Terrace, tropical garden, fully furnished, close to Playa Najayo, Playa Palenque, 129.000 Euro or 180.600 US$. Call 829-431-3397, 829-255-3397. Million-Dollar-View: Forest, Coastline, Sea. 10.000 m2, 17 – 30 US$ depending on location, size eligible from 1.000 m2. If you want to buy all, the owner will make a super special price. Call 809-880-4551

FOR SALE in Santo Domingo, Malecón

Well known Swiss Restaurant with tropical Garden, Bar etc. and adjoining residential house. 2 floors and terrace with ocean view. 3 rooms, salon, 2 bath rooms, big storeroom, patio and maid's room with separate entrance, shower


Cel. 809-390-8796 Tel. 809-483-1411 Tel. 809-274-8103

Apartment in Sosúa, 1 bedroom, kitchen living, 45 m2, always electricity, always water, price on request. Call 809-571-3383 Apartment, 79 m2, living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, big terrace, 2nd floor. 39 US$ daily or 500 US$ monthly: 829-669-1605. Frestanding small house, bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, little terrace, for rent all incl. 500 US$, Call 809-571-3027 Small shop in Sosúa, 20 m2, price on request. Call 809-571-3383

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Looking for Job as a tiler or similar. I speak 4 languages and can work with tourists, too. Pavan Franco, Tel. 829-810-3978

Gasoline-Generator, 7,5 kW (15 HP), not much used, 33.000,RD$, Sosúa, Call. 829-707-0692 Job Mate Kit - over 150 items, sockets metric/standard, spanners, hammer, level, tape measure, vise grips, screw drivers, allan keys, etc, RD$ 1,500. Call Dennis 829-5863620. 220-foot-steel-container, with separate entrances, interior panels, one prepared for office with desk, the other for storage. 30,000.- RD$ each, both for 50,000.- RD$. 809-571-1666 Unique hand-made silver jewelry from Brazil and Chile for sale. Stone pieces set masterfully in .925 sterling silver. From Colorful agates and Jasper, to amethyst and quartz crystal. Ph: 809-377-1021 email:

Sports - Skate boards children, 3 each, new, 1500. Safety helmet childrens, 3 each, new, 500. Roller blades, mens 11, new, 2000. Misc Tool belt, leather, like new, 7 plus pockets, 500. Contact Dennis 829 586 3620

Lincoln Continental Limo, 90,000 km, dark blue, recent recon. Radio/CD,Auto with power by gasoline & L.P.G. Luxury at low cost. Ideal airport and tourist trips. USA import – view POP. Price includes HLights, Susp. Hub Caps (spares), RD$ 230,000 o.n.o. Call 849-658-8765

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

To place an ad of your business or if you want to offer a service, contact for further informations. If you want to put a

FREE CLASSIFIED AD please use the same address or go to Banker Trust in Sosúa, Pedro Clisante

Car Wash A unique Dominican Attraction / Berlusconi's Dominican Model has “Car Wash Show” A feature in British newspaper “The Guardian” focuses on what Dominicans take for granted - the car wash as an entertainment center and tourist attraction. Writer Saptarshi Ray puts it simply: “for Dominicans, the car wash is the place to party.” He reports: “This phenomenon was illustrated recently by the erstwhile 'acquaintance' of Silvio Berlusconi, Marysthell García Polanco. If you've been keeping abreast of the sex and drug allegations surrounding the Italian prime minister, you may have read that Polanco, a model from the Dominican Republic, is famous in Italy for appearing in the 'sexy car wash' segment of a reality show on one of

Berlusconi's TV stations. This would cause few surprises in her homeland: in fact many would speculate she gave the idea to the producers in a moment of questionable art imitating life.” To give an idea of the festive mood, he further explains: “These places fill up in the evenings. Dominicans definitely know how to enjoy themselves, and booze and music stitch themselves into the most unlikely of institutions. Attendants at petrol stations can be seen taking a tot of rum - not in a belligerent or depressing way, it seems, but more as a statement: this is what we do. We saw a man on a motorbike, his wife sitting behind him, happily guzzling from a pintsized bottle of Brugal rum, tipping us a

simple cheers as we pulled up next to him. Fiesta, mi amigo is apparently the national mantra. ... From Sosúa on the north coast to Barahona in the south, and the country's sprawling capital, Santo Domingo, the early hours will always be filled with the crashing sounds of Dominican music, and if you're smart and up for fun, you'll experience it at the car wash.” Mega Wash in Cabarete, for example, has space for around eight or ten cars on its forecourt and a great-looking bar. Even if you get there earlier than party time (anything after 9pm) you still get to relax with a beer or fruit juice while your vehicle gets a first-class clean. It's worth getting your rental car washed, just for the experience.

Here you can find the edition No. 40 of LA PLAYA on Wednesday, 23 March 2011 (Deadline for adverts is Tuesday, 15 March 2011) IN PUERTO PLATA Supermerc. Tropical Supermerc. José Luis Casa Nelson Eiscafé Mariposa Sam's Bar & Grill Compraventa Rey Barco's Entre Amigos Ceducompp OmegaTech Tienda Jiménez Mega Moda La Red Cyber Café Restaurante Armando Dr. Díaz Meyreles IN COSTAMBAR R & B Bakery Jenny's Market Las Rocas IN COFRESÍ Los Tres Cocos Tiroler Stüberl Le Papillon Liquor Store, Ocean World Hacienda Lifestyle Los Charros IN PLAYA DORADA Mini Market

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IN BONAO Parada Alemana IN LAS TERRENAS Pino de Austria Al Mercado Pamela's Magic Hair Hotel Piedra Marrón Navia's IN SANTO DOMINGO German Embassy Bookstore Caribe Tours Hotel Señorial Hotel Palacio Hotel Condo-Parque Rancho Suizo Chalet Suizo Embutidora Tropicana D'Alemania Gourmet Erdinger Beergarden Pascha La Cafetera, El Conde Knackwurst, Conde/ Duarte

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