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Due to the coming holidays the next issue of LA PLAYA (No. 35) will be distributed one week later than usual. You can find LA PLAYA again on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. We have to rest and relax at least a little bit, for our magazine came out exactly and unfailingly every Wednesday during the whole year, except for two little delays of one day for printing reasons. Also this coming year LA PLAYA will try to entertain its readers and help the advertising companies to enhance their business.

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A difficult Year Sales dropped 30 percent in 2010 / Electricity and Crime

Life of the Dominicans have not become easier this outgoing year. The president of the National Retail Federation (Fenacodep), Fausto Figuereo, estimated that this year's retail sales dropped about 30 percent compared to last year. He said the situation has worsened in the months of September, October and November. This is mainly due to the lack of cash and this year there has also been a significant rise in unemployment. In a meeting of Fenacodep, owners of convenience stores, supermarkets and other businesses expressed their concern for the permanence of the blackouts in 2010 and the intolerable rise of crime in the country. Drug trafficking will remain a major problem to be solved in the future. In spite of the strategies, inter-agency efforts and substantial investments to modernize state security agencies, and monitor the conduct of its members, primarily in the Police and the National Agency for Drug Control (DNCD), a greater number of agents became involved in criminal offenses, such as drug trafficking, murders and violent assaults in 2010. 1,097 civilian deaths are reported until November. Members of the Police and the Armed Forces have been in-

involved directly or indirectly in at least 300 of them, according to statistics of the press. The most shocking case of drug trafficking in 2010, was the arrest of the head of the anti-narcotics unit in San Francisco de Macorís who carried 400 kilos of pure cocaine in his vehicle from the Cibao region to Santo Domingo. The second major scandal of this kind was the arrest of the head of the anti-narcotics unit of Santiago de los Caballeros. He is accused of stealing drugs accompanied by 13 other officers under his command. This month 18 officers and agents of the DNCD were detained for the attempt of trafficking 145 kilos of cocaine in an airplane to Puerto Rico. Minister of the Interior and Police, Franklyn Almeyda Rancier said that Santo Domingo could be in a situation like Rio de Janeiro during the last weeks, when there was a war-like skirmish between police and drug dealers in the slums, if there was not the program “Barrio Seguro” (Safe Hood). In some of the quarters of the capital the crime rate was as high as 87 percent. After only four months the crime rate sank considerably. “Governments must show presence and control society, but a control where the population can develop freely”, so Almeyda.

Even more Cops on the Streets for Christmas 2,000 Officers employed as Bodyguards / Government pays 18 Million Pesos a Month

The National Police is obviously stung by the reports from the Minister of the Interior and Police, Franklyn Almeyda, who indicated that the Chief of Police was not

really the commander of all the policemen and women in the country since 17,000 were said to be on some sort of duty other than patrolling the streets or fighting crime. Major General José Armando Polanco Gómez said that 4,000 more police agents would now be on the streets, not only 2,000 as he announced before. He showed off his 47 new motorcycles, seven smaller machines, four golf carts and 13 mobile command centers that will be placed in strategic locations in the National District as part of the Safe Holiday Season 2010 until 6 of January 2011. And even later on there will stay more policemen in the streets, according to Polanco Gómez.

After the accusations of the Minister of the Interior and Police that only 15,000 of 32,000 policemen are really doing the job what they were paid for, more than 2,000 policemen will have to get regularized their status by the Human Resources Division of the institution after Christmas. At the moment these officials are giving their service to retired generals or majors of army and police, mostly as bodyguards. The government has to pay more than 18 million pesos a month for this service. Retired high officials have the right to get bodyguards for some's lives are in danger after bringing dangerous criminals behind bars. But many of them never did nothing. There exists a code how many policemen a retiree may have. Some of them take advantage and employ as many as 20 to let them take care of their farms or business or even renting their service to others. The number of 2,000 in work not related to patrol and crime prevention is estimated. It could be higher, since the number of retired officers with “active” policemen in their service is not known exactly. Many times the employees are sons, wives or other family members of the retired. This situation causes uneasiness among the officers who daily risk their lives on the streets. Maj. Gen. Polanco Gómez has met strong resistance already to the change, but he warned that he will be firm and that everyone has to comply with the law. However, the Chief of Police said he was aware that the protected officers were superiors or have held sensitive investigative functions, as well as there are certain public figures, which are not officials, but also have to be protected by the state.

4 Percent of GDP for Education Claim for better Education on “Yellow Mondays” / Government: Not enough Money

Lately yellow is the new colour of protest. The so-called "Yellow Monday", organized by a network of entities of the civil society is aimed at underlining the demand for assigning four percent of the GDP for education. In fact, it has gone from being something done in the capital that is now overflowing into an outreach program of national impact that has grown spontaneously among all sectors of the population.

The pressure on the government to obey the law and grant for percent of the GDP (the Dominican GDP is estimated at US$50 billion) to education has produced a new way to protest. The demonstrators are no longer the traditional “trouble makers”, union leaders, workers, or persons from the marginal barrios. These protesters are professionals, religious, representatives of the middle class or even the high society. The claim started with a small group of citizens organized by the Coalición Digna. The compliance on Article 197 of Law 66-97 has been forgotten by three administrations of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and one of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), and the groups are calling now for compliance with the law. Without any disturbances the empowerment of the population and their demand for four percent in favor of education and backing "Yellow Monday" has grown to levels so overflowing that in homes and in public places the people talk about what they are going to wear today. Even parents that have their children in private schools received a note, asking them to send their kids to school on Mondays with some yellow article of clothing. In first reactions the government expressed its belief, Law 66-97 should be modified and the modifications should adapt the law to the budgetary realities. "What surprises us is that this law was promulgated in 1997 and

in 13 years, no administration, including those of the PLD and Hipólito Mejía, has been able to assign four percent of the GDP to education. There are several laws that are absurd and make no sense and are impossible to comply with”, said Minister of Finance, Vicente Bengoa. Analyses of the Unesco in 16 Latin America countries with 6,000 students in 200 schools in each country show that the Dominican Republic always occupies the last or the second last rank. It's the country that spend less on education in Latin America. Worldwide the country appears among the first 15 ranks (of 170 countries) with the lowest percentage of education spending. The main conclusion of the analyses: "The levels of educational profiles of the Dominican Republic are the lowest of the region. Inefficiency in the use of educational resources is bigger than in all other Latin American countries ”

Survey on Corruption HOY-Gallup Poll shows great Discontent / Corruption growing in whole Latin America A poll realized by the Dominican diary Hoy together with Gallup showed that 80 percent of the people think that things are going from bad to worse, and 61 percent said that their own economic situation was "bad". A total of 67 percent of the people saw the government as "corrupt", more than the year before. Over 61 percent did not think that their lives were safe, a rate of twelve percent more than the year before. The survey asked 1,200 people aged 18 and over in the country's 32 provinces. Vice President Servio Tulio Casta単os of the Foundation for Institutionalism and Justice

(Finjus) said that the poll is making the state looking very bad. "This is a survey that shows that the state has been separated from society, because the supervisory organ of the State, the Central Electoral Board, the National Police and other institutions are perceived so corrupt, that the state should react, observing it from a constructive point of view," said Casta単os. The public institutions perceived with higher levels of corruption are Justice, with 75.6 percent, National Police, 72.3 percent, the National Congress, 60.9 percent, the President of the Republic, 56.7 percent, Public Works with 55.2 percent, Armed Forces, 55.1 percent, Customs, 51.2 percent. Hugo Tolentino Dipp, national deputy for the PRD (Foto center) acknowledged that

there is a "perception" that in Congress there are levels of "leakage" or lack of transparency in handling public funds. However, he stated that corrective measures have taken place to improve the situation. Jorge Subero Isa, President of the Supreme Court of Justice (Foto right) said that most of those who are critizising the administration of justice have never been users and never have visited a court. However, Subero said that does not mean that the survey is not right, "what I complain of is that people who have this opinion never visited a court and never made a complaint in order that things improve." A group of adolescents in Santo Domingo (Foto left) participated in a song contest against corruption in a TV program to promote values like transparency, honesty and participation in democracy. But the Dominican Republic is not the only country where corruption is perceived as growing dangerously. According to Transparency International one of three Latin Americans think that corruption has been growing in the past three years due to the international crisis. Even in Europe 73 percent of the people feel that corruption is growing, in North America it's 67 percent.

“Cancún Summit returns Hope to Humanity” Climate Change affected 40 Millions in Latin America in ten years / 'Green Fund' signed Rafael Alburquerque, Vice President of the Dominican Republic, predicted a somber and uncertain future for the island of Hispaniola that is shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He said that if concrete steps are not taken to reduce global warming, in a relatively brief period the rising seas could cover 13 percent of the coastal area as a result of climate change. He provided the example of the unstoppable rise in the levels of Lake Enriquillo, located in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. No scientific explanation has yet been given for the rising water levels, which have reclaimed thousands of tareas (a land unit of 629 square meters) of farmlands and caused the displacement of hundreds of families in the region. "It is time to act firmly and with commitment in order to adopt measures that assure us of providing answers to the problems and big challenges posed by climate change. Because of this, we strongly urge the developed countries to take on the

historic and intergenerational responsibility for the obligations that will allow us, beginning in 2011, to act within the framework of a new and efficient world climate regime", stated Alburquerque. The Vice President made these comments in an address during the XVI Summit on Climate Change in the Mexican resort of Cancún. He added that any water level rise along the coastal areas would put the island's ecosystems and its biodiversity in danger. It will also affect tourism, one of the country's main economic activities. A report in Cancún revealed that the change of climate like extreme temperatures and inundations with landslides affected more than 40 millions of people in Latin America

during the past ten years. In the seventies this number was only less than five millions. The report indicates for example that the number of storms between 2000 and 2009 multiplied twelvefold compared to the period between 1970 and 1979. In these days the results of these catastrophes can be seen in Venezuela, where more than 120.000 people are affected by the heavy rains, which also killed at least 35 in recent weeks. On the Cancún Summit there has been approved a “Green Fund” that will help developing nations to finance environmental projects. The developing countries accuse the industrialized nations that they have to pay for the damage to the environment caused by the industries of the rich nations. Dominican Vice President Alburquerque said, the agreements signed in Cancun represent the hope of humanity and the commitment of the international leadership to continue to strive to make the world a better place to live. A majority of the 194 countries agreed a deal to reduce greenhouse gases by 25 to 40 percent below 1990 levels and the creation of a “Green Fund” of 100 billion dollars a year from 2020 on to mitigate climate change effects in countries with smaller economies.

Expanded CITYMARKET now open!!! The new expanded CITYMARKET in Sosúa has now been opened. You will find it where the Dollarstore used to be. The General Manager Alexandra Brockmanns said to LA PLAYA: “We will focus in meeting the needs of the local expats from various countries as well as the needs of the local population. Since we offer good quality with low prices, we are confident that our pilot will be very successful. Our corner stones are quality, service and great value for money.” The new CITYMARKET is primarily a US style supermarket with several other retail operations within, like the Pharmacy and Best Deal computer store. The center has now a good variety of own imports together with the products from local major suppliers. What makes the concept interesting is the in-house bakery and food processing facilities. It is the first fully serviced supermarket on the North Coast with total focus on fresh high quality food. Ex pats will be pleased to see a special section for almost every major nationality. The new center has a very modern

and fresh feel to it. The equipment is modern, the interior deco fresh and inviting. When entering the new expanded store you could well imagine being in Miami rather than on the North Coast. There is an in house bakery on the second floor, which you can see into through a glass wall, it will operate continuously 12 hours a day, so there will always be freshly baked bread when you are shopping. The meat counter is equally impressive, and will stop the need to travel any further for your quality meats and poultry. The in-house meat processing is run by professional meat handlers and you can enjoy both domestic and imported meats. If you get hungry or just want to have a break, the New York Café is for you. Here you can have a fresh sandwich with a choice of fillings, fresh cup of cappuccino or espresso, salad or one of many cakes and pastries. The new CITYMARKET brings a new standard to the retail business on the North Coast and is a welcome improvement to the local community. We strongly recommend that you’ll check it out!

Foul Play in Haiti Of every 100 dollars spent on US government contracts for the reconstruction of Haiti, the Caribbean country's companies only earn 1.60 dollar, according to The Associated Press, found in a review of the contracts made since the earthquake on January 12. In addition, the major American contractors of rebuilding Haiti hired fewer Haitian workers than they promised at the beginning. Of 1.583 US contracts assigned so far for a total of 267 million dollars, only 20 of them, worth poor 4.3 million dollars, went to companies owned by Haitians. The Haitians have a limited understanding about the practices of the US government. But the use of foreign aid to give contracts to local firms is one of the most important aspects of reconstruction. "You can imagine that if we can not get the contracts for ourselves, we become totally dependent on foreign companies and nonprofit organizations. This doesn't give us much hope," says Patrick Brun, owner of a warehouse. USAID general inspector found out that 70 percent of the funds assigned to the two major US contractors for the project “Cash for Work” in Haiti were spent on equipment and materials. As a result, only 8,000 Haitians have been employed daily in June, instead of the 25,000 daily workers like it was promised by the companies.

Turmoils after Elections Haitian Candidates divided on Results / French Report: Cholera introduced by Minustah A worldwide recognized French epidemiologist, hired by the Haitian authorities to investigate the epidemic, found out that the cholera outbreak in Haiti originated at a campsite where Nepalese soldiers were stationed, serving in the United Nations peacekeeping force Minustah. "The infectious focus originated in the Nepalese camp" located in Mirebalais, near the Artibonite River. "The starting point was located with precision", said French expert Dr. Renaud Piarroux. "There is no other explanation possible for the development of the epidemic in the context of the fact that there was no cholera in the country and taking into account the intensity and the speed with which it spread and the concentration of the bacteria in the Artibonite delta.” Furthermore the clade of the bacteria is identical to those found in South Asian countries like India and Nepal.

But Nepal's army still denies that the cholera, which already has claimed over 2,000 lives in Haiti, was brought in by its soldiers. "The report is based on assumptions, not evidence,” said Ramindra Chettri, spokesman of the Nepalese army. He said the country's soldiers participating in UN missions have to undergo various medical tests. But he also acknowledged that the soldiers did not test for cholera, since there has been no case of cholera in the Nepalese army for more than one and a half year. This sounds like a driver having an accident for overtaking in a curve because there didn't come another car towards him the last five times. After days of violent riots for the results of the elections, Haiti is left in a dangerously volatile situation. Much of the population rejected the official result of the elections on November 28 for fraud.

Former Première Dame Mirlande Manigat and the popular singer Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, who were placed as first and third in the controversial elections, rejected a recount. Madame Manigat has a comfortable lead with more than 31percent of the vote, according to preliminary results, and is almost guaranteed a place in the second round on January 16. Martelly does not trust the provisional electoral council, commonly seen as loyal to President René Préval and his party. He said, this is a trap and he would not accept a recount made by the same people who committed the fraud. Only the ruling party candidate, Jude Celestin, accused of benefiting from voter fraud, supports the review. He just leads by 6,845 votes to Michel Martelly. Meanwhile even the main ally, the USA is becoming annoyed about the blatant intentions of the leading party to stay in power. Democrat senator Patrick Leahy is demanding to suspend direct aid to the central government and visas to senior officials. But US government said it's still too early for this kind of sanctions.

What the heck is going on with Sosúa? “We don't want this kind of tourists” / Study: Tourism shows clear Signs of Exhaustion After inception of the new orders to “clean up” the former stronghold of tourism at the Dominican north coast, LA PLAYA came to Sosúa for the first weekend, December 4 and 5, to check how this will be done. To eradicate street prostitution no single woman is allowed to walk in the street. If a bar or restaurant is serving only one drink to woman who doesn't eat, it will be closed. On Friday evening there was an overwhelming impression of absolute hopelessness in Pedro Clisante street. The bars were full of men but the streets deserted. The only pedestrians: Men and Politur. When Politur was passing: applause from tourists. Then there came two officials of the Tourism Office, a woman and a man, to survey their strange work. LA PLAYA tried to talk with the lady: Is it this, what they want? Does she think that any of the tourists watching this depressing spectacle will come back again? “I don't care. We don't want this kind of tourists!” was her answer. The man said: Look, the bars are full! Yes, sir, full of bored men. There will come families, the man said. Saturday night was even more depressing. Only a very few men were going out alone. Why should they? Everybody understands perfectly that Sosúa wants to change its filthy image. None of the owners of bars and restaurants is objecting to make Sosúa attractive to another public than only sex-tourists. The way of doing it is questionable though. And the one big question is: From where should come the sought-after new guests? (See frame below) What can Sosúa offer to families – right now? Foreign families fly to

Sosúa before ...

... and now.

Punta Cana or Samaná. The affluent Dominican families? Where should they come from? People from Santo Domingo spend their weekends in Boca Chica, Punta Cana or Barahona. If they travel very far they go to Samaná on the new highway, or maybe to Río San Juan. But to Sosúa ... ? People from Santiago? There are the RIU-Hotels of Maimón, new again Cofresí, Costambar with good access now, the beautiful but wasting away Playa Dorada. Each of them closer and with better hotels and beaches than Sosúa. To make Sosúa attractive again as everybody wishes, first there will be needed many, many millions of dollars to invest. Who is ready to face this challenge? LA PLAYA went on asking: A tourist from Sweden said, he would leave tomorrow, if he could. But unfortunately he still has to stay nearly two more weeks. And he adds: Neither he nor any of his friends will ever come back to Dominican Republic. “I don't care. We don't want this kind of tourists!” An American tourist already rebooked and will fly back tomorrow. The owner of a restaurant is thinking of laying off some of his staff, there are no customers any more! And what about the affected women? One of the few remaining girls says she didn't eat since yesterday because she cannot find any

Inter-American Development Bank: Tourists are scrimping According to studies of the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), tourism in the Dominican Republic is showing clear signs of exhaustion. Though there is a “very moderate” increase of the total number of tourists, visitors are spending less money than in other comparable destinations. A guest in the Dominican Republic stays just nine nights and is spending only 109 USdollars on average. The study shows that besides economic factors the dynamism is being stalled mainly due to the monopoly of touristic enterprises, the uniformity of the product,

the poor offer of variety, the decline of the neighbourhood of tourist destinations, the lack of integration of local culture, the very hard price war and the destruction of the environment. The infrastructure to support tourism activities is showing significant contrasts. While the ports, airports, highways and roads have reached significant levels of development, the most serious deficiencies are found in the sanitary infrastructure. The private sector generally is thinking only on short-term, since environmental and social issues are not sufficiently integrated in its operations.

customers any more. A foreign tourist gave her a hundred pesos to buy some food. She's coming from Samaná but she doesn't know if she will be able to see her two kids at Christmas. She tells us that many of her friends are jailed since two days, without food and water. The floor of the jail is wet and full of urine. There is no possibility for the girls to lay down somewhere, so they have to try to sleep crouching. By the way, do human rights also apply to Dominican and Haitian wives, mothers and daughters? In Los Charamicos, a hood of Sosúa, home of many of the “butterflies of the night” the hotels and boarding-houses are empty. No one is coming to hairdressers or nail-studios. The clothes shops, colmados, eateries and internet-cafes are deserted. Families in the villages won't get money any more. Children, the main reason for most of the girls to be a prostitute, won't have food on Christmas. Some of the women have a house built or open small businesses from this money. How will they go on now? The woman of “Turismo”: The whores must go home to work there. Sorry again. What should they work? A woman from La Unión, known to LA PLAYA, is trying very seriously to find a “decent” job since many months. She was working in Playa Dorada as a waitress until the hotel was closed. After months of searching, she found another job as a waitress in a restaurant in Puerto Plata. Her salary was 3.000 pesos in two weeks. Working hours from eight in the morning to seven in the evening. Most of the days even longer. When she wanted to eat something, she had to pay for it. So she didn't eat. The tips she couldn't keep. To get to her work she had to pay 200 pesos for transport every day. Working six days a week this makes 2.400 pesos in two weeks. The remaining 600 pesos she had to use for her little girl, to pay rent and food and so on. After three weeks she gave up. Shortly after she found another job in a bar on the beach of Sosúa - including the animation of male clients. Two weeks later she was fired. There did not come enough customers. She always dreamed of selling dresses to the Sosúan girls she knows. A few days ago she found a foreign “sponsor” - guess what she had to do for it? He bought her a big pack of dresses to sell. She was very happy to do something useful at last, short before Christmas. But now she lost all her customers ...

Bad luck



A woman awakes during the night, and her husband isn't in bed with her. She goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front of him. He appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he wipes a tear from his eye and takes a sip of his coffee. "What's the matter, dear?" she asks. "Why are you down here at this time of night?" The husband looks up from his coffee, "Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 16?" he asks solemnly. "Yes, I do, honey" she replies.. "Do you remember when your father caught us in the back seat of my car making love?" "Yes, I remember," says the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him. The husband continues, "Do you remember when he shoved the shotgun in my face and said, 'Either you marry my daughter, or I'll send you to jail for 20 years?'" "I remember that, too," she replies softly. He wipes another tear from his cheek and says, "I would have gotten out today."

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Some of the definitions may be known already, but it might be important to remind them sometimes:

Sudoku No. 65

Before and after:

ď‚Ť A police officer was patrolling the highway when he sees a nude guy tied up to a tree, crying. The officer stops and approaches the guy. "What's going on here?", he asks. The guy sobs: "I was driving and picked up a hitchhiker. He pulled a gun on me, robbed me, took all my money, my clothes, my car and then tied me up." The cop studied the guy for a moment, and then pulled down his pants . "I guess this isn't your lucky day, pal!"


A Religious act where there is created one martyr more and one virgin less. B The only life sentence that can be shortened by bad conduct. C A situation whre no woman got what she expected and no man expected what he got. D Mathematically: ads feelings, subtracts freedom, multiplies problems and divides goods. E They say it's the main reason for divorces. F The only war in which enemies sleep together. G It helps to solve problems which you never had not being married. H If it wasn't for marriage, many couples had nothing in common.

Sudoku No. 66

A Before: You let me without breath! After: Let me breathe! B Before: Don't stop! After: Don't start! C Before: I ask myself, what should I do without you. After: I ask myself, what should I do with you. D Before: Erotic After: Neurotic E Before: It seems like we've been together always! After: It seems like we are together always . F Before: Last night we did it on the sofa. After: Last night I slept on the sofa.

Alexis y Fido

Mario Vargas Llosa

Plans with Black Eyed Peas

Annotations to WikiLeaks

They try to conquer the anglosaxon market without singing in English. Alexis y Fido want to bring their special rhythm, the “Perreo”, a subdivision of Reggaeton, to discothecs and radio stations specialized to this beat. Fido says Reggaeton will go on growing for it's the music the youth wants to hear. Lately Reggaeton experiences a renewal, mixed with romantic music, Tropical and Hip-Hop. Very self confident Alexis y Fido, whose new album “Perreología” will be released soon, anounced plans to tape with Black Eyed Peas.

La Potranca A Letter to Papa

Benicio del Toro Debuting as Director

Puerto Rican movie star Benicio del Toro will be one of seven directors of the movie “Seven days in Havanna”. Del Toro said, he established very a close connection to the Cuban people, visiting that Caribbean island already twelve times.

After several years working in Europe, Altagracia Reyes, known as La Potranca, returns to her native country to promote her third album “La mecánica”. The song “Carta a papá” (Letter to papa) is dedicated to whom she claims to be her father, merengue-star Johnny Ventura. But she admits being illegitimate and having no closer relations to him.

The left is accusing him to be a “traitor” to the revolution. He would only tell the so called “empire” what they want to hear. With his annotations to the scandal of WikiLeaks Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian novelist and winner of the Nobel Prize of Literature on December 10 this year shows that he still is able to express his own opinions. He calls the publication of the secret documents “formidable” but also dangerous, because it could debilitate “the mere essence” of democracy. “My opinion to WikiLeaks is ambiguous”, he says. “On one hand this transparence is formidable, everything is coming out to the daylight. This is defending us against intrigues and manipulations always connected to policy and power.” But Vargas Llosa adds, that it can be also dangerous. If every private comment is published, there would be a complete loss of all private sphere and confidence. “And I don't see how a nation could function this way”, he says. The former “aficionado” of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution considers it as paradoxical that the most democratic countries are the most vulnerable ones to this kind of revelations.

Was is this guy singing? “Me voy a regalar” by Marc Anthony Since many years Marc Anthony is one of the most popular Salsa-Superstars. One of his biggest hits was this song, a kind of “personal christmas song” on his album “Contra la corriente” (Against the stream), released in the year 1997. Diciembre me parece hermoso me parece bello para olvidarlo todo y comenzar de nuevo. Porque pensándolo bien no tengo por qué seguir dándole largas a esta vida de amarguras que yo llevo junto a tí. Diciembre me parece hermoso se me hace perfecto para hacer una fiesta con mis sentimientos. Para volver a querer como hace tiempo. Para encontrar a la persona que la vida está guardando para mí. Me voy a regalar en esta navidad un cariño nuevo, que me sepa comprender que me ame de verdad. Yo me lo merezco. Me voy a regalar otra oportunidad, un amor eterno sin horarios ni pretextos. Me voy a regalar en esta navidad un cariño nuevo, que me quiera, que me atienda, que se entregue como yo. Me voy a regalar en esta navidad un carino nuevo. Porque en honor a la verdad y pensándolo mejor - me lo merezco. Ya no te quiero. Cariño nuevo - yo me lo merezco. Un cariño nuevo y sincero. Cariño nuevo - que me comprenda me valore y se emocione al sentir que la quiero. Cariño nuevo - Adios, amor del pasado. Ya no te quiero. Me lo voy a regalar esta Navidad porque yo me lo merezco Se me hace bonito, se me hace perfecto. Un cariño nuevo que la vida está guardando para mí. Me voy a regalar otra oportunidad porque me lo merezco. Eeh - Un cariño nuevo ... Un cariño nuevo, tu ves si me lo merezco - yo me lo regalo. Una mujer dulce y bella si me lo merezco, yo me lo regalo. Inteligente y tierna, sincera si me lo merezco, yo me lo regalo. Si tu eres esa mujer este fin de año que yo te voy estar esperando ilusionado. Porque sí me lo merezco, ay! Un cariño nuevo - yo me lo regalo!

December seems so beautiful to me, seems so nice to me, to forget everything and start anew. Becuse thinking it right there is no reason to go on, to prolong this life of bitterness that I'm living beside you. December seems so beautiful to me, it' so perfect to make a party with my feelings. To love again like it was before. To find a person which life is keeping for me. I will make myself a present this Christmas - a new love that knows how to understand me and loves me truly. I deserve that. I'll give myself another opportunity, an eternal love without schedules nor pretexts. I will make myself a present this Christmas - a new love that loves me, that attends me, that dedicates herself like I do. I will make myself a present this Christmas - a new love. Because in honour to truth and thinking better of it - I deserve it. I don't love you any more. A new love - I deserve it. A new and sincere love. A new love that understands me, that appreciates me and gets excited when she feels that I love her. A new love - Adios love of the past. I don't love you any more. I will make myself a present this Christmas because I deserve it. It's nice for me, it's perfect for me. A new love that life is keeping for me. I will give myself another opportunity because I deserve it. Eeh - A new love … A new love, you see. Yes I deseve it, I give it to myself. A sweet and pretty woman, yes, I deserve her, I give her to myself. Intelligent and tender, sincere, yes, I deserve her, I give her to myself. If you are this woman I'll wait for you full of illusions at the end of the year. Because I really deserve it, ay! A new love - I'll give it to myself!

Born on 16 September 1969 in New York, Marco Antonio Muñiz was baptized by his parents, humble Puerto Rican immigrants, after a Mexican singer. To avoid confusions he changed his name to Marc Anthony later. Initially he was reluctant to become a salsa musician and declined an offer to make a salsa album, because he sang in Freestyle and House Music groups without much success. In 1993 he started to record ballads and pop songs in Spanish, and more and more Salsa. This made Marc Anthony one of the most successful Latin singers with more than 30 millions sold albums. He was the first Latin star with a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden. Marc Anthony won two Grammys, three Latin Grammys, twelve Billboard Latin Music Awards and 19 times the Premio Lo Nuestro. From 2000 to 2004 he was married Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe of 1995. Less than one week after his divorce Marc Anthony married another superstar, Jennifer Lopez. The same year he taped “No me ames” (Don't Love Me) together with her. On his album “Valió la pena” (It was worth it) he sang another beautiful song together with his wife: “Escapémonos” (Let's Escape).


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Avoidable Mortality 180,000 Babies a Year / 97 Percent of Childbirths are in Hospitals / Shocking Numbers In state-run hospitals, 182 women have died while giving birth until now this year. 35 of them were adolescents aged from 13 to 19 years. What is especially tragic is that 79 of the 182 cases were preventable deaths, which means a 43 percent. Dr. José Deláncer, director of Maternal and Child Health, a subdivision of the Ministry of Health, confirmed in the Dominican newspaper “Hoy” that in at least 34 cases doctors are liable for the deaths. Complicity of doctors and hospitals also appears in other 23 cases, while solely the hospital's fault is charged in five cases. Last year 176 women died giving birth, which means a clear missing of the Millennium Development Goals. One of the goals in the Dominican Republic is to reduce one third of preventable deaths of birthing mothers. For the president of the Dominican Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Miltíades Albert, the figure means a scandal. All the efforts to train the doctors and nurses have

The hospital with the highest number of deaths is José María Cabral y Báez in Santiago with 26 cases. On second place is San Lorenzo in Los Mina, a poor quarter of Santo Domingo, where there have been counted 23 deaths. The number of births in the Dominican Republik sank from 225,000 two years ago to now 180,000 births a year.

been in vain, he says. He suggested the formation of care teams who get a special training to attend women during childbirth. The most common causes of maternal deaths this year were hypertension in 32 cases, bleedings to death occurred in 23 births, and infections claimed twelve lives, according to official numbers. Investigations show that these mothers mostly die for lack of adequate care, and this although 97 out of every hundred births are carried out in hospitals and other health centers of the state. During the past ten years, the average maternal mortality in the Dominican Republic was 156 deaths on 100.000 live births, while the current mortality rate among mothers is 159 per 100 000 live births.

Your Horoscope for 2011 LA PLAYA wishes a very happy and successful new year to all its readers and advertisers

2011 will be a fantastic year. It can bring promotion for professionals. Financial problems which lasted for years can be solved without more efforts. Friends will show more care and loyalty. The year can bring some problems for your health. So it is better to take some extra care. Even though the prospects are very bright, you behave like a butterfly. You want to touch every flower but will never own one.

Sometimes it will be necessary to state firmly to defend your position, but you do not have to split up, because messages will be clearer than usual. If you are looking for a new job, wait for more opportunities in the third quarter. You must evaluate your relationship. For those who have no partner, there are no unusual events in perspective. There could be disorders in bones or teeth. Do not overlook dairy products.

This will be a restless year. You should make an effort to find the tranquility you need regularly. You’ll spare no effort at work this year. The emotional life will be a roller coaster this year. If you’re currently in a complicated relationship, things will be looked in better perspective. Many will find a long-term partner. People around you will steal more energy than usual, you should avoid debates. Try to stay cool always!

Creativity will grow in people born under the sign of Taurus. You will have a better quality of life and working conditions, which will return the pleasure of life in general. The finances will improve this year, in the economic field will be a greater harmony. With your partner you will have more time to live, create, improve and maintain your relationship. To maintain healthy kidneys, remember to drink plenty of water.

New options are possible, despite confusions may be intense sometimes, your personal path is facilitated by your environment and your influence. All efforts done last year will bear fruit, mainly in the area of relationships. Conditions are favourable to expand your career ambitions. Do not go into romantic complications, you’re wasting time and you’re not happy. There can be annoyances that absorb your energy.

The dialogue with new people in your life will open new doors. Your efforts of last year are beginning to yield results. Changes are in the air, whatever your current situation might be. Creativity will be one of your best assets. Consider your emotional ties with more objectivity and serenity than the last year. Do not to allow yourself to be swept by the heart. To open up yourself to others. will consume a lot of your energy.

Saturn casts a deep shadow that can bring a certain melancholy of the past. But beyond this, there are many opportunities to be glad. A positive realism will help you effectively. New opportunities in your job materialize, and your personal efforts are beginning to have effect. Your relationships will be relaxed, with more space for exchange ideas and dialogue in depth. Be careful with the consumption of fats.

Free your mind and you’ll gain speed, and develop your projects in a constructive direction. This year you will go in a higher speed in all areas. New contacts will be a great help. Passion is calling at your door if you’re single. Partnerships will be very favourable. The material plane can only be positive. You will be able to advance. Excess of energy might affect your nerves, you have to establish a rhythm of rest.

New projects are coming, you will have many rich conversations that will make you learn a lot about many subjects. You’re eager to put some projects into practice. Do not hesitate to consult your accounts and financial expectations. Intuition will guide you in the right direction. This year is full of complicity and tenderness. You’ll find the balance to manage your energy, you will be more reasonable, without special efforts.

You will experience intense personal contacts and concentrated work, with moments of total relaxation. The recovery of the main projects will continue intensively this year. You will have a more global and precise vision for a good result of the activities. In love there will be storms of passion this year. In the financial area, you have to solve pressing issues. Don't forget having a fresh and healthy diet.

You will feel a deep need to guarantee your life and the one you love, and will obtain success without problems. New impulses can overcome all obstacles. You will work hard, perhaps in excess, which can lead to mental tension and pessimism. Relax whenever you can. Your love life will be a mixture of good and bad. Financial issues seem less heavy to bear than last year. Change into a more healthy lifestyle.

This year, the stars will release you in certain material concerns, and you will become more humanistic. Increase your tolerance and understanding in all areas. When you are patient the angles of the relationship will be softened and you will see a growing harmony with your partner. Your financial life experiences very positive improvements. Avoid crowds, meetings and parties. Try to put an end to all your unhealthy habits.

Sudoku solutions from page 9:

Sudoku No. 65

Sudoku Nr. 66

House for sale in Samaná: Los Cacaos, between Samaná and Las Galeras, hillside, view on the bay, 100 m to the beach. 2 floors, 150 m² Wfl., big covered terrace, living room,kitchen, bedroom, 3 adjoining rooms, garage + shop. Inverter und Tinaco, area 149 m² with título 68.000.- US$. Call 829-301-2841. Million-Dollar-View: Forest, Coastline, Sea. 10.000 m2, 17 – 30 US$ depending on location, size eligible from 1.000 m2. If you want to buy all, the owner will make a super special price. Call 809-880-4551 Apartment, 69 m², living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, big terrace, 1st floor. 89.900 US$, Tel. 809-571-1994. Bungalow in Sabana Grande de Palenque for sale. 140 m² , area 1.350 m², Terrace, tropical garden, fully furnished, close to Playa Najayo, Playa Palenque, 129.000 Euro or 180.600 US$. Call 829-431-3397, 829-255-3397. Villa for sale or rent: Playa Coson (Las Terrenas) 1711 m2, European Standard, Internet WiFi, Inverter, TV Sky., 829-886-5039 or 829-820-2235.

Sosúa, Playa Chiquita, Apartment with fantastic view, living room with American kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 165 sqm., big terrace, tropical garden, TV, Internet, Parking., gated condominium, 24 h electr., Tel. 809-974-3073.

Apartment in Sosúa “Los Cerros”, above Playa Sosúa, lux. Condo, 5 Apartments, 3 for rent, furn., W-Lan, Cable V, 24 h electr. (extra counter). Tel. 809-571-4437, 809-514-2777. Apartment, 79 m2, living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, big terrace, 2nd floor. 39 US$ daily or 500 US$ monthly: 829-669-1605.

Hummer, Bj. 2003, only a few miles. 20.000 US$, Tel 809-844-9376 500 SL, 2003, black, only few miles, 35.000,-US$, Tel. 809-844-9376

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

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These are the places where you can find the English version No. 5 (German version No. 34) of LA on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. (Deadline for your ads is January 4, 2011) IN PUERTO PLATA Supermerc. Tropical Supermerc. José Luis Sam's Bar & Grill Tienda Magic Jack Casa Nelson Eiscafé Mariposa Compraventa Holgi Barco's Entre Amigos Ceducompp La Red Cyber Café Restaurante Armando

IN COFRESÍ Los Tres Cocos Tiroler Stüberl Le Papillon Hacienda Lifestyle Liquor Store, Ocean World Los Charros IN PLAYA DORADA Mini Market IN CABRERA Blue Pools

IN COSTAMBAR R & B Bakery Jenny's Market IN SOSÚA Supermercado Sosúa Charly's Jackpot Parada Típica El Choco Restaurant Sägbock Butcher's Bavaria Hotel Don Andres Aparthotel Las Cañas Waterfront Restaurant

Hotel Plaza Europa Hotel El Rancho Hotel Orchidee Pommes & Fritz Verena's Café Restaurant Al Porto Andy's Daniela Sommer Udo Plössl, Massagen Thai-Restaurant Chili Compucentro DSD Pharmacy Super Super

PLAYA CMC Klinik Sol del Choco IN CABARETE Janet's Supermarket ABC Immobilien Yamazato El Rincón Goloso Restaurant Serenade Hotel Villa Taína fun tours Iguana Mama Tropicoco a bailar!

To put an ad in 829-373-1218

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