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Facilitating “Residencias” Submission of Documents in Puerto Plata / Only one trip to Santo Domingo necessary For many foreigners who wanted to apply for a residencia for the Dominican Republic, one of the “worst” points of the procedure was that they normally had to travel to Santo Domingo at least twice, and often had to spend the whole day in the Immigration Office (“Migración”). From now on, this is no longer necessary. It is now possible to submit all necessary documents in the branch office of the Immigration Office (Sub-Dirección de la Migración) in Puerto Plata and the obligatory medical test also can be made in Puerto Plata now. This does not mean that you can simply walk in with your pile of necessary documents. You still have to follow the prescribed procedures. And they are based on the type of residence permit that is applied for. The lowest level is, so to say, the first application of the “Residencia”. To this end, it is necessary to submit the requested documents to the Dominican Embassy in the home country of the applicant and to have them legalized there. When these documets are complete, the applicant gets a visa to apply for a residence permit. This is a special visa, which is issued for the sole purpose to come to the Dominican Republic to apply for the “Residencia” at the “Migración”. The applicant is not allowed to enter the Dominican Republic until the Visa de Residencia (RS) has been issued by the embassy in order to submit the application.

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It is then necessary to scan the documents brought along and legalized by the Dominican embassy, and to upload them on the home page of the Immigration Office together with the necessary photos. In addition, a “Póliza de garantía”, a guarantee insurance, has to be bought in one of the admitted insurance companies, with which the applicant makes sure that he can be sent back to his home country in an emergency case. Then the Immigration Office evaluates the digitally transmitted documents and notifies the applicant if something is missing or incorrect. If the evaluation is positive and all documents have been evaluated as valid, the applicant is informed that now he can come personally to the “Migración” and submit the original documentation. If all documents are accepted, the applicant must pay 10,000 pesos for the application, plus 4,500 pesos for the medical examination, which can now be carried out in the admitted health center with the form of the Migración. Here, the change takes effect. While so far the applicant had to travel to Santo Domingo, it is now possible to do the whole procedure, including payment, at the Migración branch in Puerto Plata. This branch is located in Calle Beller. The best way to get there is to go up the street until its highest point, coming from the

Parque Central. The office is located on the right side of the street, where a Dominican flag is hoisted, three blocks before arriving the Metro bus station. After the payment of the fee and the fee for the medical examination, the examination can also be carried out in Puerto Plata. The whole process after delivering the documents for the first “Residencia” takes three to four months. Anyone who wants it faster can pay a VIP surcharge of 5,000 pesos, which shortens the process to 40 working days. When the process is completed and everything accepted, the applicant has to travel to Santo Domingo. There he has to give the fingerprints in the main office and take a photo for the Residencia card, with which he then gets his “cédula” in the JCE (Junta Central Electoral), for which another 4,500 pesos are due. Foreigners who already have a first “Residencia” and want to renew it, will get the first “Residencia permanente”, which is valid for two years. After this the foreigner gets a “Residencia permanente”, which is valid four years. These applications must also be sent to the Migración website with the necessary documents to be checked. Once approved, the next steps also can be done in Puerto Plata. These “residencias”, however, only need seven days after the documents have been submitted, with the VIP surcharge of 1,000 pesos it is possible to get them the next day. A medical examination must be carried out by all the applicants who came into the country after 1998. Anyone who has lived in the country before 1998 does not need a medical examination.

Wine, Women and Song? Alleged Odebrecht Lawyer testifies / Senate denies to lift Immunity of accused Members

The Odebrecht scandal seemed to have just disappeared from the headlines. The suspect politicians and businessmen who were imprisoned have been released, except two of them, and are under house arrest. Then an interview with lawyer Rodrigo Tacla Durán with the Spanish daily newspaper “El País” disturbed the peace. Tacla (photo) said he was the lawyer for the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht until 2016, which admitted to have paid 92 million dollars in the Dominican Republic to get lucrative building contracts.

After assuring repeatedly that the government of Danilo Medina is not directly involved in the corruption case, Tacla claimed the opposite. There were very close ties between the Dominican government and the company. Odebrecht even supplied Brazilian women for the parties of Dominican and Panamanian politicians. This was the way of the construction company to show its gratitude to the politicians of these countries. However, later this had been used as a bargaining chip. Tacla says he worked for Odebrecht in the “Division for Structured Operations, a hermetically secured unit for special operations, responsible for election campaigns, gifts, parties, prostitutes; all what is needed for soothing politicians. Tacla says Odebrecht has bribed more than 1,000 people worldwide, half of them in Brazil. Meinl Bank in Antigua and Barbuda worked exclusively for Odebrecht. Through its accounts, more than 2.2 billion euros of bribes for entrepreneurs and politicians went into twelve countries.

Shortly after the interview, Odebrecht made a half-hearted dementi. Tacla had not been Odebrechts' lawyer, but collaborated on “illegal activities”, all of which were already treated in court. The Marcha Verde movement, which fights against corruption and impunity, said Teclas' statements would now criminalize President Danilo Medina, too. The prosecutor must now include the president in the investigations. Max Puig, president of the opposition party Alianza por la Democracia (ADP), said that the facts know now are incriminating highranking politicians, beginning with the President of the Republic, who financed his election campaigns with illegal funds of the criminal company and allowed it to set up its center for bribes in this country, making the Dominican Republic a center of international money laundering. Now, Puig said, the government was trying to divert attention from its criminal activities with distractions, “some of which are particularly damnable, such as stirring up hatred against the citizens of the Republic of Haiti who live in our country." The Senate rejected to lift immunity of the accused senators in the case of Odebrecht, Tommy Galán and Julio César Valentín. And after a meeting of the Political Committee, the highest organ of the governing party PLD, the other accused who were released from jail will resume their political positions.

River Cleaning Río Ozama freed from Shipwrecks / Decades of Efforts to clean Waterways of the Capital

The two rivers of the capital Santo Domingo, Río Isabela and Río Ozama, are heavily contaminated by the wastes of the millions of inhabitants. In addition, owners of rotten old ships discovered the two rivers as a free disposal point for their scrap. In attempting to clean the two rivers, the Ministry of the Environment has now removed 23 shipwrecks, which have been partially rotting there for 50 years. Already under President Joaquín Balaguer, attempts were made to remove the shipwrecks at the beginning of the nineties. This attempt failed at that time for two reasons. In the first place, there were no machines or machines available to move the heavy parts, and

secondly no one knew where to dispose them. At that time, Balaguer also wanted to clear the two boroughs of La Zurza and La Ciénaga, in order to free the rivers from the waste of these slum districts. As early as 1993, the “Green Belt of Santo Domingo” was created by Decree 183-93, with the aim of protecting the rivers, streams and springs in the Santo Domingo area. “The scrapping and anchoring of ships was one of the strongest sources of pollution for these rivers. It was one of the most serious problems of the nineties. Of many of these ships nobody even knows who brought them here”, says environmentalist Eleuterio Martínez. But the plans to get rid of the garbage from the 142 kilometer-long Rio Ozama, which has its source in Peralvillo in the province of Monte Plata, are much older. Already dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo decided to build a housing project for the inhabitants of Los Guandules, Guachupita and La Ciénaga, also with the aim to relieve these rivers. But like other plans, including

those of the Presidents Leonel Fernández and Hipólito Mejía, everything remained in the planning stage. Environmentalist Martínez hopes that the removal of the shipwrecks was not all, but that the cleaning of the two rivers will be pursued further. Thus the leachate from the La Duquesa landfill contaminates the water of the rivers. And the industrial enterprises around the rivers and the highly populated human settlements are difficult to control. Environment Minister Francisco Domínguez Brito now asked 241 companies to treat their sewage by June next year, otherwise he threatened with their closure.

Relocation of Holidays Hoteliers protest against fixed Dates for Holidays / 9.1 Percent less Cash in Circulation

A peculiarity in the Dominican Republic is the transfer of holidays that fall on the weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday. These days are usually moved on Monday or Friday, with the exception of a few holidays, such as Christmas or New Year, so that the Dominican families can spend a long weekend together at the beach or in a hotel or a resort. This also has the advantage of avoiding bridging days where the Dominicans, known as very eager to celebrate, fail to work because the previous holiday or Sunday was extensively enjoyed and for them it is better to recover at home than at work.

But this particularity, which frequently causes astonishment among the visitors of the country, will possibly no longer exist from next year. For deputies are planning to modify Law 139-97, which regulates the relocation of holidays. So far, six holidays were not allowed to be moved; the 16th of August, the Restoration Day, will remain fixed every fourth year, when a new government is swearing in. Corpus Christi can not be moved from Thursday to Friday, since it has to be on a Thursday. As well as Holy Thursday. The deputies now also solicited that the birthday of Juan Pablo Duarte has to be celebrated on the 26th of January, as well as the Feast of Kings, which also will be a fixed holiday in the list. But it's not that easy. Immediately after knowing the plans there came objections from the economy, since this “means a blow to the Dominican economy that will be felt”. Travel agencies, hotels and even the interurban traffic would be affected of this change in the calendar. Because the Dominicans need the long weekends, not only to spend them in a hotel, but also to “see their father, their mother and their family”. The petrol stations, the entertainment centers and the small restaurants along the highways will also feel when the extended weekends are canceled. Consumption on the long weekends generates profits in a chain. When making a profit, the money is invested in other businesses, keeping the economy of the country running. One of the few who protested was Julio Almonte, the Viceminister for Tourism of the Northern Zone, who asked the deputies to correct the plan, since it harmed the local tourism.

The sensation of many that no one has any money to spend, has now been confirmed by the Central Bank (BCRD). At the end of the year 2016, 118,014 billion pesos in cash were in circulation. On July 17, the figure was only at 107.233 billion pesos. Businessmen in the historic center of Santiago complain that they suffer losses because people do not buy anything anymore. The economist Henri Hebrard says the central bank has a positive obsession with controlling interest rates and inflation in the country.

Voluntary Return Up to 50 Guaguas per Day in Dajabón / Record of Deportations of illegal Aliens to Haiti

While the Dominican government has extended the deadline for the submission of the necessary documents on naturalization for another year, as many of the Haitians are still waiting for important papers due to the slowness of the Haitian authorities, the immigration authority (Migración) has accelerated the control and immediate deportation of the illegals, especially in the north of the country. The Migración announced that in July 13,446 illegal aliens were deported, most of them Haitians. From January to early August, according to these figures, 38,426 persons were deported. Shortly thereafter, the chief of the border police (Cesfront), Brigadier General Sugar Puttzi Frugis Martínez, announced that since January 57,333 Haitians had been deported to their land after raids. In July I write your texts in English, Spanish, German and French. The price is 4 pesos per line (90 strokes) for English and Spanish texts, 3 pesos for German and 5 pesos for French texts. Monika, Sosua, Playa Chiquita. 809-571-2154 or Cel. 829-686-3450

alone, there were 8,312 people who were picked up and deported. Frugis Martínez emphasized that the Haitians who are controlled and arrested show no resistance or rebellion, but can be deported without problems. “We do not want to send someone back, but unfortunately we have to do that,” he said. He said that in the recent past there has been an increasing number of Haitians at the border checkpoints with fully loaded pickups and guaguas who voluntarily leave the Dominican Republic. They are transporting all their belongings they bought during their stay. Frugis Martínez says: “They consider it better to take what they have than to be arrested and leave their belongings behind.” This coincides with reports that hundreds of Haitians leave the Dominican Republic with their families and property every day to prevent a check and expulsion. In the border town of Dajabón, a new stop has been set up where the people can unload their belongings to cross the border. Transporters say that every day between 40 and 50 fully loaded vehicles arrive in Dajabón, which bring furniture, beds, gas tanks and other items that go to Haiti to make a basis for a new life for their owners.

The Dominican Republic complains about the import restrictions for Dominican products by the Haitian government. But as it is well known, every coin has two sides. One example is the import ban for Dominican eggs. In a report from the Haitian newspaper “Le Nouvelliste”, Haitian egg producers complained about the illegal importation of Dominican eggs. The Dominican eggs had a poorer quality but are offered at dumping prices. This can be felt particularly every year from May, when the tourism in the Dominican Republic is plummeting and the consumption of eggs drastically decreases. The Dominican producers then flooded the Haitian market during the whole summer with cheap eggs which ruins the Haitian producers. For a poor Haitian it makes a difference to buy a Haitian egg for 7.5 gourdes or a Dominican egg for five or six gourdes.

David Bisbal

Isabel Allende

Believing in Success

New Love at the Age of 75

Romeo Song about his Penis

David Bisbal was second in the first edition of the Spanish casting show “Operación Triunfo” in 2002 and began a successful international singing career. Each of his six albums released so far conquered the first rank in Spain's hit parades. The new song “Todo es posible” (Everything Is Possible), interpreted by David Bisbal together with the Argentine singer Tini Stoessel, is the title song of the Spanish comic film “Tadeo Jones 2: The Secret of King Midas” which will soon be released in the cinemas. David Bisbal said that noone should be frustrated when he stumbles. “I have stumbled often. Whoever has never failed has never set a big goal to himself. I believe to know that you will frequently fall is important, but also that you will not leave this world without trying.” Bisbal, who has already performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London and Carnegie Hall in New York, sang the song live together with Tini Stoessel at the Teatro Real in Madrid, and says that his dream is to perform at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires Aires, perhaps with Tini Stoessel. “We will knock the doors. Maybe it will be possible”, he hopes.

Romeo Santos, whose Bachatas inevitably become hits in the Dominican Republic and who is one of the top stars among the Latinos in the US, which perhaps has to do a little because it is rumored that he annually pays over 800,000 dollars to the New York radio station “La Mega 97.9 FM” that they play his songs preferentially, has now released his new album “Golden”, from which the song “Héroe favorito” has already become a hit. For the album “Golden”, Romeo invited other stars to sing with him in a duet, such as Juan Luis Guerra, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, or Ozuna, who was searched by the Puerto Rican police at press date, as he escaped after a shooting where one of the biggest drug lords of the area was shot dead. Another guest star on “Golden” is no one less than Julio Iglesias at the song “Mi amigo”. Romeo tells the story of how it came to this song. Julio Iglesias had proposed to sing a song together for his new album. Romeo felt very honored, but told Julio Iglesias, he would prefer to record one of his Bachatas which he had not yet published. Julio Iglesias agreed. Romeo Santos went to Marbella to record the voice of Julio Iglesias for the song which contains the words, “He was my confederate, confidant of my brilliant feats, compulsive hummingbird, the pal of my desires ...” Iglesias' reaction: “The song you wrote is a song about the penis? You are a genius!”

The Chilean writer Isabel Allende celebrated her 75th birthday on the 3rd of August. The militant feminist and most widely-read Spanish-speaking writer alive who is currently fighting for the abolition of the abortion ban in Chile, which was re-introduced by former dictator Augusto Pinochet, lives in San Francisco and recently published her new book “Mas allá del invierno”. Isabel Allende has a long-distance relationship with the lawyer Robert Cukras of the same age since last year, who lives in Manhattan. They plan to live together in 2018.

Boruga Moving to Miami Dominican comedian Felipe Polanco, nicknamed Boruga, has decided to move away from the Dominican Republic to the Miami area with his family because of the crime in his country. He was shocked by the reactions here after publishing this desicion, which went from insults to death wishes.

What is this Lady singing? “Cambio dolor” by Eh Shawnee There are not many women in the Salsa business. Eh Shawnee is a Dominican from Providence, trying to gain a foothold. Juraría que no sé bien lo que quiero. Pero sé que moriría si me quedo en la mitad. Por eso vuelo a otros senderos para conocer el mundo de verdad. Aún no es tarde, pero así me estoy sintiendo y aparecen tantos miedos que no me dejan pensar. Yo tengo sueños de amores nuevos y me cuesta imaginar lo que vendrá. Cambio dolor por libertad. Cambio heridas por un sueño que me ayude a continuar. Cambio dolor. Felicidad. Qué la suerte sea suerte y no algo que no he de alcanzar. Eh Shawnee. Juraría que no sé bien lo que quiero. Pero sé que moriría si me quedo en la mitad. Por eso vuelo a otros senderos para conocer el mundo de verdad. Aún no es tarde, pero así me estoy sintiendo y aparecen tantos miedos que no me dejan pensar. Yo tengo sueños de amores nuevos y me cuesta imaginar lo que vendrá. Cambio dolor por libertad. Cambio heridas por un sueño que me ayude a continuar. Cambio dolor. Felicidad. Qué la suerte sea suerte y no algo que no he de alcanzar. Cambio dolor por libertad. Cambio heridas por un sueño que me ayude a continuar. Cambio dolor. Felicidad. Qué la suerte sea suerte y no algo que no he de alcanzar. Cambio dolor por libertad. Cambio heridas por un sueño que me ayude a continuar. Cambio dolor. Felicidad. Qué la suerte sea suerte y no algo que no he de alcanzar. Cambio dolor por libertad. Cambio heridas por un sueño que me ayude a continuar …

I would swear I do not know exactly, what I want. But I know I would die if I stayed at half. That is why I fly to other paths, to know the real world. It's not too late yet, but I feel like that, and there appear so many fears, which don't let me think. I dream of new loves, and it is hard to imagine what will come. I exchange pain for freedom. I exchange injuries against a dream that helps me to go on. I exchange pain. Happiness. May luck be luck, and not something that can't be achieved. Eh Shawnee. I would swear I do not know exactly, what I want. But I know I would die if I stayed at half. That is why I fly to other paths, to know the real world. It's not too late yet, but I feel like that, and there appear so many fears, which don't let me think. I dream of new loves, and it is hard to imagine what will come. I exchange pain for freedom. I exchange injuries against a dream that helps me to go on. I exchange pain. Happiness. May luck be luck, and not something that can't be achieved. I exchange pain for freedom. I exchange injuries against a dream that helps me to go on. I exchange pain. Happiness. May luck be luck, and not something that can't be achieved. I exchange pain for freedom. I exchange injuries against a dream that helps me to go on. I exchange pain. Happiness. May luck be luck, and not something that can't be achieved. I exchange pain for freedom. I exchange injuries against a dream that helps me to go on …

Shawnee Taveras is a young Dominican singer from Providence, Rhode Island. When she was 15 year old, she took part in the “Festival de la Voz” in Providence and after that she started singing Merengue and Salsa in different groups. Carlos De Leon, a trumpeter with a good name in Latin Jazz, in whose group she was singing, composed the song “Cuando estemos juntos” for the young singer in 2007. Eh Shawnee, as she calls herself, has graduated in psychology this year and two weeks later she published the presented song. Eh Shawnee is a sort of role model that it is possible to be successful by working hard, and in 2013, President Danilo Medina handed over a recognition for outstanding achievements abroad to her. After being relatively well-known in the circles of Dominican expats in the USA and appearing in all shows and other events to make herself a name, she is now also trying to gain a foothold in the Dominican Republic. As a singer in the category Salsa, however, this is not an easy undertaking, since this musical direction is a mostly male domain.

Deficit in Breastfeeding Last Rank in Latin America / Breastfeeding prevents Diseases and even Infant Death In more than 120 countries in the world, the World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated in the 40th calendar week to make the importance of breastfeeding newborns more conscious. Mother's milk is the natural diet of newborns, which contains everything to feed the child properly and balanced. The immune system is strengthened and breastfeeding prevents diarrhea and pulmonary infections, two main reasons for death in infants. In addition, the physical, affective and mental development of the

babies is encouraged by the close contact with the mother. Children who are fed only with mother's milk in the first six months will later suffer less from allergies, cardiovascular diseases or obesity. On the occasion of the World Breastfeeding Week, the United Nations Children's Fund Unicef - drew attention to the fact that the Dominican Republic is on the last rank in breastfeeding in Latin America and the Caribbean. According to the survey by Enhogar, only 4.7 percent of the Dominican mothers are breastfeeding their baby. The average of the region is at 30 percent. Clavel Sánchez, coordinator of the National Commission, complained that this was a shameful sitation. The awareness of the importance of breastfeeding must be awakened among the mothers. To achieve this, an action by the NGO La Liga de la Leche República Dominicana (LLLRD) with the slogan “For you! Breast-

feed wherever you are!” was started, where nursing mothers presented themselves in the shop windows of some department stores and pharmacies in Santo Domingo to show the passersby that breastfeeding is a natural thing (photo). A similar problem had Mexico, where in 2012 only 14.2 per cent of mothers were breastfeeding. Through campaigns, this figure rose to 30.8 percent in 2015. Like in Mexico, more than 90 percent of mothers get their children in the hospital. It is therefore necessary to point out the importance of breastfeeding to the staff so that they can pass on this knowledge to the mothers. But due to the poor organization of the health care system, an improvement ist difficult to obtain. In addition, the multinational producers aggressively promote milk powder for newborns, which can replace the mother's milk. But the expert Paloma Lerma from the Liga de la Leche de México warns: “Parents do not know that this milk powder is not sterilized, it can contain bacteria that can make babies sick because they have no defenses against them.”

The best Piece


In Vain

The gravedigger still has to work late in the evening to prepare Mr. Steelman's body for the cremation the next morning. He sees that Mr. Steelman has the biggest penis he has ever seen. So he takes his cell phone and takes a picture of the object. At home, he calls his wife and tells her, “I want to show you something. I bet you've never seen anything similar in your whole life.” He gives her the cell phone and she pales: “Oh my God, Mr. Steelman is dead?”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

The luxury cruise ship passes a small island in the Caribbean. Two passengers see a ragged man on the beach, jumping wildly, waving his arms, apparently, to draw attention to himself. They go to the captain and ask him what was happening to the man on the beach. The captain shrugs his shoulders, “Oh, that guy! He is always very happy when he sees us passing by.”

 A man comes to the doctor because his left testicle is all blue. The doctor examines the man and says, “This doesn't look very good. Unfortunately, your left testicle has to be amputated.” After protesting strongly, the doctor can convince the man that it is better to amputate it. After a week, the man comes back and laments, “Doctor, now the right testicle is all blue!” The doctor checks it and says, “Obviously, the disease has advanced. We also have to amputate the other testicle to stop the disease.” The man accepts with a heavy heart. A week later, he is back at the doctor's office. This time with a blue penis. The doctor sees no other solution than another amputation. The man asks how he can urinate without his penis. The doctor quietens him, saying there were elegant plastic prostheses for this problem. A week later, the man comes back to the doctor. “Doctor, the plastic prosthesis is also getting blue!” The doctor looks at the problem and then asks: “Is it possible that your jeans are staining?”

Sudoku No. 403 (easy)

A man comes to the doctor to have a general examination. After checking him diligently, the doctor asks him also for a sperm sample and gives him a glass, asking him to return it the next day with a few drops of sperm. The next morning the man comes back with the empty glass and says, “Doctor, I've tried everything. First with the left hand, then with the right hand. Also my wife tried it. First with the hands and then with her mouth. First with her teeth and then without. Finally, we asked our neighbor for help. She also tried it with both hands first and then with the mouth,” the man explains to the doctor. “What? You asked your neighbor for help?”, asks the doctor, disbelievingly. “Yes,” answers the man. “But nobody could open the damn glass!”

Sudoku No. 404

Paula is complaining after visiting the evening performance in the local cinema, “Gosh! This was a very tough day today. I had to change the seat four times.” Her gal pal asks her, “Why? Has someone molested you?” Paula: “Yes. But only the fourth.”

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Inexpensive Apartments in Playa Chiquita. Furnished or unfurnished. Further information at 849-262-5765, or mail: Charming Studio in Sosúa, close to downtown near Super Super. Fully furnished. Stove, fridge, TV, microwave, cable/Internet. Nice private patio. Privacy, safe, A/C, swimming pool, US$25 per night, US$125 per week, US$400 monthly. 849-601-2160, 829-754-3948

Looking for villa/house 20 km around Sosua in quiet area - 2-3 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms, kitchen, garage/storage area, garden min 600 m2, pets allowed, pool (not a must). Property must be in good maintenance condition and not furnished. Long term renting for retired European people. Eventual villa/house for rent with option to buy. Offers welcome only by:

Cozy, furnished guest house in Sosúa for rent from now. BR, livingroom with kitchenette, bathroom with shower, hallway. Ceiling fans. Cable connection possible, internet, pool. Only to a quiet individual. Close to sea, very quiet location, but close to the city. 12,000 + 1,000 ac.. Call 829-686-3450.

Translations to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA in Sosúa without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day. For information please call 829-373-1218


Domincan woman is looking for work as a loving carer of elderly or sick. I have long-time experience in care of foreigners. WhatsApp 1 829579-6290, or call 809-589-0114

Looking for household helper, a young attractive woman up to 25 years, who is clean and correct in the household. Prerequisite for my apartment in Sosua. I'm in Sosua from Sept. 20 – Oct..3, Tel. 809-2716682, tel. In D 0157 39327998; Please photo via WhatsApp

Spanish Lessons by a long-time, professionally experienced teacher, on the beach or private. Contact Email: or call 849-262-5765

Just Nails in Costambar is closed from July 25 until August 18. www.face, Tel. 829 7276845

Pasola Honda Lead, built in 1994, two cooling cells, one cash register Sharp, A420 and A410, one microwave oven, one Fargo refrigerator, 2 doors. Prices by agreement.Tel. 829729-5197 or 809-885-4242. Selling 4 used inverters "Wave Platinum" 1.5 kw (2x2 combinable to 220V / 110V) 6,000 RD$, (combination prce 10,000 RD$ for two), all in good, presentable condition. Call: 809-571-3919, Mail: Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467 German couple is looking for a partner to play Canasta; Skat inthe area of Sosúa. E-Mail doktorkatz@

Dominican woman is looking for an honest man for a sincere relationship. I am in the 40s and have no children. WhatsApp 1 829-5796290, or call 809-589-0114. Only serious calls.

Back in School Looking for used SUV in good condition for long-time leasing, E-Mail Honda Pilot, 2004, 88,000 miles, Instead of 450,000 RD$ for only 350,000 RD$. Further info at 829898-1470 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited, 2008, Motor 3,8 V6, Extras in excellent conditions, service up to date, no Off-Road, first owner in the Dominican Republic, US$23,500, Tel./Whatsapp 809-866-0188 For rent: 2017 cars, automatic, power windows, A/C, 4 door, very good gas mileage. Price US$133 per week. Call 809-727-9850 or 809-2616001. Restrictions apply. Landrover Discovery 3 for sale, 2006, black, Diesel, 13,500 US$. Tel. 849-265-7970 Mercedes ML, 280 Cdi, 2008, silver, 15,500 US$. Tel. 849-265-7970 Mitsubishi Montero, 1998, Jeep 4x4, Gas & petrol g.w.o., new tyres, new battery, fully serviced, 5,250 US$, Call 829-678-3311 Harley Davidson, Special Edition “Custom”, 1.200 cc, red, new US$17,900, for sale for US$13.700. E-Mail svenbuddenbrock@ or Tel. 829-772-0028

Rottweiler and American Pitbull Supermix. Twelve weeks old, for sale for 5.000 pesos. Sosúa, ThaiRestaurant, Tel. 809-481-7511. Looking for small water turtles. Please call 809-571-3027 Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

A man received an invitation to a party which said “Black Tie Only” When he went to the party he was surprised to find all the other invitees wearing trousers and shirts as well.

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