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Green March International Tens of Thousands of Participants in last Demonstration / Convictions in OISOE Case With the demonstration of the “Marcha Verde” (Green March) movement in Santo Domingo on the 16th of July, it was shown that attempts to doubt the validity and credibility of the movement were fruitless. It was certainly not a million demonstrators, as some say, but tens of thousands of people from all over the country gathered to protest against corruption in the government and against the impunity of the corrupt politicians and businessmen. It was also an additional boost that twelve of the 14 imprisoned in the corruption case of Odebrecht had just been released from jail and placed under house arrest, while in other countries, such as Peru, the former president, Ollanta Humala, is on remand for 18 months for three million dollars. And in Brazil, former President Lula da Silva was sentenced to nine and a half years for corruption. At the same time, demonstrations of the “Marcha Verde” took place in various other countries. So in New York with more than 5,000 participants. But Dominicanans, dressed in green, also went out on the streets in Miami and Boston, in Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, in Italy and France to demonstrate against the corruption in their home country. The movement “Marcha Verde” read a declaration in which it demanded for the first time to bring President Danilo Medina to justice. According to the Green March, there are clear indications that the President and his government are responsible for the irregular public tender and overpriced construction costs of the disputed coal-fired power plant in Punta Catalina. However, a commission of the Government noted shortly before

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón July, 26 July, 31 August, 3 August, 16 August, 17 August, 21 August, 23 August, 24

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the contracts with Odebrecht were signed during the Fernández government and eleven percent under President Mejía. Hipólito Mejía said he was ready for the investigation of the contracts signed during his government from 2000 to 2004 by the prosecutor's office. With the march on the 16 th of July, a first stage of demonstrations was completed. The green activists are now preparing for a Second National Meeting, where further action will be planned to end corruption and impunity at all levels.

that the construction costs of Punta Catalina were within the limits of the normal and even lower than the costs of comparable buildings in the region. Which, however, is dismissed by the critics as a courtesy expertise. Danilo Medina is also accused by “Marcha Verde” of making “maneuvers” to hinder the justice in the case of Odebrecht. Even the former Minister of Defense and Industry, Temístocles Montás, who had now been released from prison, said that he had received money from Ángel Rondón, the agent of Odebrecht, for the election campaign of Danilo Medina. Which both, Rondón and Medina, deny. In addition, an investigation of various highranking members of the PLD government involved in the negotiations of the contracts with Odebrecht is required by the movement. The two fomer presidents Leonel Fernández and Hipólito Mejía should also be included in the investigations of the prosecutor's office. Because 52 percent of

In the case of OISOE, which was about the suicide of a contract partner of the OISOE (Office for the Surveillance Engineers of Government Contracts) in 2015, there now were sentences. The man shot himself in the OISOE toilets because he was extorted by members of the office. He was one of the architects and engineers who won tenders from the Ministry of Education to build schools and then were persuaded by members of the OISOE to take loans for buying materials which they could not pay back, with the aim to extort them later. Now, four OISE employees were sentenced to five and six years of imprisonment for extortion, money laundering and other offenses. An attorney, known as the “man with the suitcase”, who paid the advance payment to the engineers, but who did not work in the institution, got five years.

Misquoted Foundation Juan Bosch rejects Quotation / Illegal Immigration again in the Headlines

In more or less regular intervals, the issue of illegal immigration from neighboring Haiti is coming to the boil in the Dominican Republic. The last time it was during the 2015 election campaign, when the rightwing extremist party FNP tried to win voters with this topic. With little success. But the issue regularly poisons the relations between the two countries, as well as between the immigrants and the locals. The last campaign of the Right, however, had

the unwanted consequence that the Dominican government issued a law which allowed the children of Haitians born here to be naturalized, and that foreigners who are living here for longer without legal documents could apply for a “residencia” at low costs. This opportunity was used by hundreds of thousands of Haitians. However, many cases have still not been completed, especially due to the slowness of the Haitian authorities to issue the documents required. To the detriment of their own citizens, who are increasingly controlled and deported recently. For several weeks now, there has been an increase in coverage of a “mass influx” of illegal Haitians who have supplanted the headlines about the Odebrecht and Tucanos corruption cases. With the wellknown unappetizing commentaries of the readers' letters in the print and social media, which again put the Dominican Republic in no good light internationally.

Now, even the Foundation Juan Bosch reacted to a publication of an alleged quotation of Juan Bosch without an indication of source, in which he is supposedly warning against a peaceful invasion of the Haitians, who are in the most primitive stage of mankind, which can be seen in their savage behavior and the destruction of their own country. Juan Bosch, who died in 2001, was probably the greatest thinker in Dominican history, he was a writer, historian and politician, who led the opposition to dictator Trujillo for 25 years. He was elected president of the Dominican Republic on the 1st of November 1962, but overthrown only six months later by the military. Juan Bosch founded both today's ruling parties, PLD and PRD, and was a bitter opponent of corruption. The Dominican nationalists like to quote him, because after an incident in the Dominican embassy in Port-au-Prince, he warned to take military steps against Haiti to protect the embassy of his country. The foundation Juan Bosch now announced that the quotation of Bosch, which is reproduced by the nationalists, is false. After reviewing all his publications on Haiti, it is absolutely clear that he has neither said nor written this quotation at any time. On the contrary. As a supporter of a leftist ideology, he has always shown great understanding for the poor of both countries.

Survey among Immigrants Statistics Office wants to know Number of Foreigners / 19 new Tourism Projects approved

Alexandra Izquierdo, Director of the National Statistical Office (ONE), announced that a survey of the population will be carried out for the first time after 2012, with the aim of finding out how many immigrants live in the Dominican Republic and under what circumstances. The National Survey of Immigrants (Encuesta Nacional de Inmigrantes - ENI) will start on the 1st of August. The interviewers are planning to visit around 70,000 households this year, including in the “bateyes”, the villages of the Haitian sugar cane workers.

At the beginning of 2018, it is hoped to have first data on this survey. The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) has agreed to accompany the course of the survey and the European Union is financing the costs incurred. The data obtained in the last ENI-2012 survey served as a basis for the Naturalization Law, which was passed on the sentence 168-13, according to which Haitians of illegally immigrated parents who were born here were abjudicated their Dominican citizenship, which led to serious international problems. According to the survey ENI-2012, 524,632 foreigners were living in the Dominican Republic at the time, representing 5.4 percent of the population. Of these, 458,233 were born in the neighboring country of Haiti (87.3 percent), 66,399 in other countries. A further survey is already being prepared for the year 2020. A cartography for the National Population Survey and the Housing Area, where all the buildings and their inhabitants will be counted.

In the first half of 2017, the Tourism Promotion Council (Confotur) approved a total of 19 new tourism projects with an estimated investment of 1.4 billion dollars. Through these projects, 6,150 housing estates are being built and around 8,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created. Twelve of these projects are located in the province of La Altagracia, which means in Punta Cana, one each in Barahona, El Seibo, Samaná and San Pedro de Macorís, three in Santo Domingo. As usual, Puerto Plata is not present. According to the Ministry of Tourism, tourism is still on the rise. This year, more than six million tourists are expected to come until the end of the year. Also in June there was again a new visitor record: 7.5 percent more than in the same month of the previous year. The share of Punta Canas on the cake of the incoming guests is increasing and increasing. With already 68.6 percent, the 70 percent mark will soon be reached, while Puerto Plata is decreasing and has only a lean 6.3 percent now.

Marijuana from the Pharmacy Uruguay as a Pioneer in Latin America / Great Rush for Inscription in Haiti's new Army

In 16 pharmacies in Uruguay, marijuana is now being sold to registered persons for “recreative” purposes. The buyer must be 18 years of age, Uruguayan citizen or legal immigrant. He can buy up to 40 grams of marijuana, at the price of 1.30 dollar per gram. According to official data, 4,959 persons have registered so far. 70 percent of them are male and 60 percent of them live in the capital Montevideo. 30 percent of the registered persons are between 18 and 29 years old, 40 percent are between 30 and

44, the remaining 30 percent are 45 years old and older. There are two companies that are allowed to grow marijuana for the state. Per gram they receive 90 cents, the remaining 40 cents share the pharmacies and the state, which finances prevention programs with this money In addition to the state marijuana, it is also allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants at home. 6,948 persons have registered for this. As a third possibility to legally enlighten the mind, there are cannabis clubs. These clubs, 63 are currently registered, are allowed to have between 15 and 45 members and for them they may grow up to 99 plants. Each person is allowed to chose only one of the three ways to consume legal marijuana. On the 10th of December 2013, Uruguay became the first country to pass the law regulating the cannabis market from sowing to sale. It is the intention to take over the control of this lucrative business from the hands of the drug mafia and to prevent money laundering. Furthermore the consumers of this popular drug will be protected from persecution and imprisonment. The IRCCA (Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis), which is responsible for the sale, announced that “Cannabis blossoms - 'cogollos' - are sold in a dry, natural condition, not ground nor pressed” in two different varieties, in packs of five grams, which ensure the appropriate preservation of the quality of the cannabis. Before the sale in the pharmacies, the government launched a campaign to warn against marijuana consume. The consume of marijuana “limits the the capacity of concentration and the memory” and might lead to “psychological problems”.

After the withdrawal of MINUSTAH, the United Nations Stabilization Unit for Haiti, the country is beginning to set up its own army, which was dissolved in 1995, after it was repeatedly involved in coups d'etat. In 2004, MINUSTAH took over the task of curbing the violence in Haiti, which broke out after the fall of President Aristide. As the situation in Haiti is now stable, the foreign forces are leaving the country. Hundreds of young men and women between 18 and 25 years of age came to the enrollment for the new army. In the beginning it will be an army of 500 soldiers.

Your Horoscope for August 2017 Busy Phase for Libra / Taurus keen to make good Impression / Capricorn to be alert to Omens

There’s a brighter more spontaneous vibration around. So that could manifest as more opportunities to do the kinds of things you enjoy, or things which let you shine your light in your own unique way. Relationships may mean more physical demands put upon you for whatever the reason. Someone elicits strong reactions, or maybe you feel a strong pull towards someone or they feel a strong pull towards you.

Property may be a feature or it may be about a particular space inside or outside. In some respects your gaze will tend to be more inwards and you may be pondering things and feeling things more deeply. For some of you, links with the past may be felt in the present. Whatever you are doing, there may be more laughs or you feel more creative and empowered. You also can do well when negotiating, buying or selling.

You may be more conscious of the material/financial angle but you are likely to be more than a little aware of the emotional side of things and you will tend to keep a lid on certain opinions as you may feel somewhat sensitive to anothers feelings. It’s also likely you’ll have to tread carefully or compromise with certain people. Just try to avoid allowing a passing mood or unfounded worries to rule your actions.

For some reason you may be more aware of your reputation or image, and how well you project yourself or package something. You’ll be keener to make the right impression in certain situations You could get frustrated with the restrictions imposed by rules or red tape. Some of you will have more contact with parents, guardians or bosses or others who are important to your short term aims or long-term ambitions.

Conversations tend to have a more financial or property orientated slant. Useful resources, money, possessions or equipment will tend to be emphasized thus highlighting the basic physical/material aspects of life. You may be watching the piggy-bank, but you may be also be striving to manifest whatever would be best for yourself or others. Information gathering or sharing may centre around income or material things.

Finances, goods, property or anything which affects your material security or physical wellbeing is likely to have your attention. So a theme this month is centred around ‘stuff’ – and perhaps maintaining it, protecting it, moving it, weighing it up, ditching it or acquiring more. The paraphernalia and the money we trail through life with, but also other resources which underpin basic survival like water, shelter or food.

This is a period to draw firmer boundaries and take more time for self-nurture and healing. So wherever possible, let go and let others take the strain. Another way this can work is through the subconscious and so you also can choose to use this energy for artistic work or spiritual practices, healing or psychic development. Emotions or imagination will have the volume turned up and there will be lots going on inside of you.

The physical aspects of life on earth will be highlighted. It might mean dealing with more chores or niggly details, or, this may be the moment to get to grips with health issues or a better diet and exercise regime. You may also be putting more effort into maintenance, repairs, or applying teaching or advisory skills. Dealing with the ‘to do’ list will get things running smoothly this month. You will also have a chance to have a laugh.

It’s a busy and progressive phase when friendships, new contacts or more involvement within a community or a group of kindred spirits is highlighted. This is a period when you can further things which have been on the back burner for a long time. Unexpected or unconventional influences are more prevalent and you should be more flexible and adaptable in your response, perhaps seeing things in another light.

You and someone could be hitting it off, bonding, negotiating a deal, forming a united front or maybe it’s another type of alliance. But however it is for you, there is a feeling of mutual interaction and you may be depending on their contribution or vice versa. Basically you cannot go forward as successfully on your own. You could also be sharing a joint interest in something you share with another person.

Discussions could centre members of the family, neighbours, a community or property. You may be mulling things over and your mind is going back over the past. Whatever is going on feelings tend to be nearer the surface and conversations or communications may stir things up or touch you deeply. Either way it tends to be chattier at home or not too far away, and you may be on the move more than usual.

Discussions, correspondence and ideas may be centred around short-term plans or longer term considerations like where you are going from here in life. Career, lifedirection, a new enterprise, or those who may facilitate your aims could all be highlighted. You may find your goals and schemes are being validated or rejected by the way things are unfolding across a wider stage – so be alert to the omens.

Fausto Mata

Cristian Castro

With a new Partner

No Luck in Love

Rubén Blades Presidential Candidate?

The comedian Fausto Mata (“Boca de Piano”) considers the departure of his two colleagues Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes from the TV station Telemicro a mistake. Telemicro on channel 5 was “the house of humor”. Similarly, it was a mistake of the sender to let both go. He wished them luck, but did not want them to be his competition, because the two were stars. He himself has no intention of changing the TV station. In the interview given by Fausto Mata to the journalist Kenny Valdez, he also said that he had been separated from his wife for a year. After photographs of him and a woman in Miami became public, he said that they had separated by mutual consent and that he now had a relationship with a young Canadian, but he does not plan to marry her at the moment. Fausto Mata said he paid a self-imposed amount to his ex-wife, Celi Pujols, with whom he lived for 18 years, and his three minor children he has with her. He did not want her life standard and that of his children to deteriorate. His ex-wife told journalists that in due course she would reveal some of his secrets.

The Doyen of Salsa, Rubén Blades, said at the presentation of his farewell tour of Salsa “Caminando, Adiós y Gracias” in Madrid that he was thinking of the possibility to run as a presidential candidate in his home country Panama in 2019. But before his decision he had to know what Panama really wants, whether the country is ready to change its cronyism against a national longterm plan. He is ready to work out an independent program that makes sense. “My experience in the civil service has served me to see that problems can be solved by the government,” said the musician, who was the Tourism Minister of Panama between 2004 and 2009. As an independent candidate, it was possible for him to reach an “enormous” number of people, who are no longer willing to live with the current policy. His idea was nothing that was already decided, but a possibility that required “masive support” from society. In the Latin American countries, the problems were similar everywhere, he said. There are solutions for these problems, which, however, are not applied by the governments. Rubén Blades said he would not stop with making music. But he was going to suspend his Salsa tours. There is a moment “at which we understand that we have more past than future.” Therefore, it is necessary to organize the time that remains. He will continue to record albums and participate in the series “Fear The Walking Dead”, but he also wants to start to paint.

The Mexican singer Cristian Castro declared on the Argentine TV that he had no luck in love. On the question of the presenter Marcelo Tinelli, what happened with his marriage with the violinist Carol Victoria Urban (see LA PLAYA 198), which was already divorced in the honeymoon after only 28 days, the eccentric singer said: “Shall I put it in Argentine or Mexican? I always bet on love, but that always goes to hell prematurely.” It was already the third marriage of the star.

Quino Mafalda's Creator is 85 The creator of the comic figure Mafalda, Joaquín Salvador Lavado, called Quino, who made the readers in Argentina and the other Spanish-speaking countries - and hopefully also the readers of LA PLAYA - laugh and reflect with her wisdom, celebrated his 85th birthday in Buenos Aires on the 17th of July.

What is this Man singing? “Llorarás” by Óscar D'León The first international hit of the Venezuelan Salsa-Star Oscar D'León from the year 1974 with his band Dimensión Latina. Sé que tu no quieres que yo a ti te quiera. Siempre tu me esquivas de alguna manera. Si te busco por aquí me sales por allá. Lo único que yo quiero no me hagas sufrir mas. Oye bien. Por tu mal comportamiento te vas a arrepentir. Y en vano tendrás que pagar todo mi sufrimiento. Llorarás y llorarás sin nadie que te consuele. Así te darás de cuenta que si te engañan duele. Pa ra ra rara. Oye, mira! Y después vendrás a mi pidiéndome perdón. Pero ya mi corazón no se acuerda mas de ti. Llorarás y llorarás sin nadie que te consuele. Así te darás de cuenta que si te engañan duele. Te lo juro que sí! Bandolera. Venga pa'llá. Llorarás, llorarás, llorarás. Llorarás Como lo sufrí yo. Llorarás. Oye tu llorarás. Llorarás. Nadie te comprenderá. Llorarás Todo lo malo que hiciste Llorarás. oye, mira, lo pagarás. Llorarás. Llorarás, llorarás. Llorarás. Lloraras lloraras. Llorarás. Tu me hiciste sufrir. Llorarás. Ahora el que rie soy yo. Llorarás. Qué no, que no, qué sí, que sí. Llorarás. Ahora yo voy a vivir Llorarás. mi vida como yo quiero. Llorarás. Echa pa lante que me voy. En esta navidad, mamá. ¡Llévatela!

I know you don't want that I love you. You always avoiding me in any way. If I look for you here, you are leaving there. The only thing I want is that you don't make me suffer any more. Listen well. Because of your bad behavior you will feel sorry. And in vain you will have to pay for all my suffering. You'll cry and cry, Without anyone comforting you. Like this you will recognize that it hurts when you are deceived. Pa ra ra rara. Listen, look! And later you will come to me to ask me to forgive. But my heart will no longer remember you. You'll cry and cry, without anyone comforting you. Like this you will recognize that it hurts when you are deceived. I swear it to you! Bandit. Come here. You'll cry, you'll cry. How I suffered it. You'll cry. Listen, you'll cry. You'll cry. No one will understand you. You'll cry. All the bad things you did to me You'll cry. listen, you will pay. You'll cry. You'll cry, you'll cry. You'll cry, you'll cry. You made me suffer. You'll cry. Who now laughs, am I. You'll cry. No, no, Yes, yes. You'll cry. Now I will live You'll cry. my life as I want it. You'll cry. Go ahead, I'll go. On this Christmas, Mama. Take her with you!

Óscar Emilio León Simosa was born in the Venezuelan capital Caracas on the 11 th of July 1943. Although as a child he loved Caribbean music, such as the Sonora Matancera, he began his musical career only relatively late. Óscar D'León worked as a mechanic and a taxi driver, he studied topography, and learned to play bass by himself. At the age of 28, he sang in the choir in the band La Distinción, which was playing in a brewery. When the singer of the band was absent, he sang for the first time as a lead singer. The owner of this restaurant wanted to have a Salsa group in 1972, when Salsa came out big in New York. So Óscar D'León was looking for musicians and founded his first group, Dimensión Latina. Its first great international success was “Llorarás". In 1976, he separated from the group and founded La Crítica. In 1983, Óscar D'León traveled to Cuba, a dream since his youth when Cuban music was his favourite. This gave him harsh criticism: he supported Fidel Castro. In 2013, Oscar D'León was the first Venezuelan to receive a Latin Grammy for his musical work.

Cheap Implants Health Tourism massively promoted in Punta Cana / Little Control in Import of Prostheses In Punta Cana, President Danilo Medina inaugurated the International Medical Group, a medical center that invests 80 million dollars and will have 350 direct employees. It is to become the first project for health tourism in which more than 20 medical specialties will offer their services to tourists. In the first phase, 17 million dollars were spent on the highest quality standards. The geographical location, easy access, low cost, the Dominican warmth and highly trained doctors will make the center a medical showcase for the region.

After nine patients had been infected with microbacteria at cosmetic surgery, the International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) in Santo Domingo was temporarily closed by the Ministry of Health. According to the Ministry of Health, biosafety precautions were not observed. The center furthermore offered services for which it is not equipped. After the death of three women after beauty surgery, the clinic was closed already in 2013 but could reopen again later. It was not the first time that this clinic was in the headlines. In 2011 and again in 2016 was reported a death. Another problem is the import of implants of inferior quality. After 40 years with virtually no regulations or protocols on the import of orthopedic implants, such as hip and knee joints, nails, plates, screws and fixers, now the Ministry of Health is trying to introduce rules and controls for the health system.

Two orthopaedists said in separate interviews that they frequently were rejecting implants approved by the insurance companies, because by using them they would endanger the patient's health and their own reputation. Seven or eight years ago this was not a problem, because there were only three or four importers of these materials, who offered only materials from internationally renowned manufacturers. Today, there are implants from many importers, who often are importing their products from not very clear origin, after the insurance companies have given their consent. Another weakness for the health system in the country were the operating rooms. One of the doctors said there were no more than ten operating rooms throughout the country that were suitable for a correct and safe implantation of prostheses. If one of these three conditions for an implant was lacking, which are the quality of the implant, secondly the doctor's skill and finally the conditions in the operating room, problems were inevitable.



Shop Talks

A motorcycle police officer stops a driver for passing a red light. The driver is a real jerk, steps out of his car and comes striding toward the officer, demanding to know why he is being harassed by the Gestapo! So the officer calmly tells him of the red light violation. The motorist instantly goes on a tirade, questioning the officer's ancestry, sexual orientation, etc., in rather explicit offensive terms. When the officer finishes writing the ticket he puts an “AH” in the lower right corner of the ticket and hands it to the violator to sign. The guy signs the ticket angrily, and and demands to know what “AH” stands for. The officer says, “That's so when we go to court, I'll remember that you're an asshole !” Two months later they're in court. The violator has a very bad driving record and is in danger of losing his license, so he hired a lawyer to represent him. On the stand the officer testifies to seeing the man run through the red light. The defense attorney asks; “Officer is this a reasonable facsimile of the ticket that you issued to my client?” Officer responds, “Yes, sir, that is the defendant's copy, his signature and mine, same number at the top.” Lawyer: “Officer, is there any particular marking or notation on this ticket you don't normally make?” “Yes, sir, in the lower right corner of the narrative there is an 'AH', underlined.” “What does the 'AH' stand for, officer?” “Aggressive and hostile, Sir.” “Are you sure it doesn't stand for asshole?” “Well, Sir, seems you know your client better than I do.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Jimmy and Dennis, two eight-year-old boys, lie in the hospital and talk. Jimmy asks, “Why are you here?” “I'll have a tonsillectomy tomorrow," Dennis replies. Jimmy says, “That's not that bad. I had that same problem two years ago. They put you to sleep, and when you wake up, you must eat lots of ice cream.” Then Dennis asks, “And why are you here?” Jimmy answers, “Phimosis. I shall be circumcised.” Dennis, with a painful look on his face, “Ouch! They did that to me after my birth. I could not walk for a whole year!”

Sudoku No. 401 (easy)

Two men have a talk at the Alcoholics Anonymous. “It's pretty hard when you want to stop drinking. Once I was able to take it for nearly three months.” “With me it was seven years that I did not drink even a single drop of alcohol,” says the other. “Wow! And then?” “Then I went to school.”

Sudoku No. 402

An unemployed worker comes to the job center and asks the counselor, “Do you have a job for me?” The counselor, “Of course, in Puerto Vallarta, working 20 hours a week, free swimming pool, the salary is six big ones a month, and every morning you get a champagne breakfast served by a bikini girl.” “Are you trying to bullshit me?”, asks the unemployed. “You started!”

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Long & Short Term Rentals of Re#212 Furnished 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Condo, 47 sq.m/500 sq.ft, Sosua Center, US$75/night, US$660 to US$770 per month, – athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140.

Re#242 Spacious Pool Side 1 BR Apartment, Cabarete, 60 sq.m/645 sq.ft, ground floor. US$55/day, US$550/month, www.bestsosua – athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140. Beautiful property in Costambar for rent, with swimming pool and all comfort, well suited for golfers. For further information please call 809881-0600

Inexpensive Apartments in Playa Chiquita. Furnished or unfurnished. Further information at 849-262-5765, or mail: Charming Studio in Sosúa, close to downtown near Super Super. Fully furnished. Stove, fridge, TV, microwave, cable/Internet. Nice private patio. Privacy, safe, A/C, swimming pool, US$25 per night, US$125 per week, US$400 monthly. 849-601-2160, 829-754-3948 Apartment and room for monthly rental in Playa Laguna. Apartment from US$350, room US$220. Tel. 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015 Cozy, furnished guest house in Sosúa for rent from now. BR, livingroom with kitchenette, bathroom with shower, hallway. Ceiling fans. Cable connection possible, internet, pool. Only to a quiet individual. Close to sea, very quiet location, but close to the city. 12,000 + 1,000 ac.. Call 829-686-3450.

Looking for villa/house 20 km around Sosua in quiet area - 2-3 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms, kitchen, garage/storage area, garden min 600 m2, pets allowed, pool (not a must). Property must be in good maintenance condition and not furnished. Long term renting for retired European people. Eventual villa/house for rent with option to buy. Offers welcome only by:

Looking for work in Sosúa. At home or as a cleaner in a bar or the like, only in the morning. Call 829-9443702 or 849-405-1281

Apartment in Sosúa, 2 BR, 1 BA, living-dining room, terrace, close to Super Pola and CMC, for rent now. US$ 550 + 2 months deposit. Call 809-455-8272

Spanish Lessons by a long-time, professionally experienced teacher, on the beach or private. Contact Email: or call 849-262-5765

For rent: 2017 cars, automatic, power windows, A/C, 4 door, very good gas mileage. Price US$133 per week. Call 809-727-9850 or 809-2616001. Restrictions apply. Landrover Discovery 3 for sale, 2006, black, Diesel, 13,500 US$. Tel. 849-265-7970 Just Nails in Costambar is closed from July 25 until August 18. www.face, Tel. 829 7276845 Computer for sale. Installed: Windows 10, flat screen, camera, mouse, keyboard and printer. 4,500 RD$ all together. Tel. 829-821-3236 Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467

Mercedes ML, 280 Cdi, 2008, silver, 15,500 US$. Tel. 849-265-7970 Mitsubishi Montero, 1998, Jeep 4x4, Gas & petrol g.w.o., new tyres, new battery, fully serviced, 5,250 US$, Call 829-678-3311 Harley Davidson, Special Edition “Custom”, 1.200 cc, red, new US$17,900, for sale for US$13.700. E-Mail svenbuddenbrock@ or Tel. 829-772-0028


Translations to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA in Sosúa without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day. For information please call 829-373-1218


Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited, 2008, Motor 3,8 V6, Extras in excellent conditions, service up to date, no Off-Road, first owner in the Dominican Republic, US$23,500, Tel./Whatsapp 809-866-0188

Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

Copies: English 1,250 German 1,250

Your ads by mail:

by phone: 829-373-1218 LA PLAYA office in Sosúa at the Beach Way Plaza Mon. - Fri. 1- 4:30 p.m.

PRESS DATE FOR ISSUE 204 (9th of AUGUST 2017): 1st of AUGUST 2017

Do you want to renew or apply for a RESIDENCIA? Do you need help, because your Spanish isn't good? Do you need a translation, legalized or not legalized? Ask at the LA PLAYA-Office in Sosúa at Beach Way Plaza CROSSWORD SOLUTION

Rottweiler and American Pitbull Supermix. Nine weeks old, for sale for 5.000 pesos. Sosúa, ThaiRestaurant, Tel. 809-481-7511. Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Crazy Laws about Animals The Revised Statutes of Kansas, 1923, state: It shall be unlawful for any person to exhibit in a public way within the State of Kansas, any sort of exhibition that consists of the eating or pretending to eat of snakes, lizards, scorpions, centipedes, tarantulas, or other reptiles. The State Housing Act of California, Sec. 74 reads: No horse, cow, calf, swine, sheep, goat, mule, or other animal, chicken, pigeon, goose, duck, or other poultry shall be kept in any apartment house or hotel or any part thereof. In Alderson W.Va, an ordinance states: No lions shall be allowed to run wild on the streets of this city.

The Fourth of July weekend was approaching, and Miss Pelham, the nursery school teacher, took the opportunity to tell her class about patriotism. “We live in a great country,” she announced. “One of the things we should be happy is that, in this country, we are all free.” Trevor, who was a little boy in her class, came walking up to her from the back of the room. He stood with his hands on his hips and said loudly, “I'm not free. I'm four.” Sudoku solutions from page 11:

Sudoku No. 401

Sudoku No. 402

“Zapatitos de Colores” The inscription for the primary school up to the third grade, combined with kindergarten and nursery school for children from 18 months for the new school year 2017/2018 is now open. Fifteen years of experience support the educational work in this small and quiet quiet institution, not far from the heart of Sosúa in Calle Finlandia 19. The founder, Mayra Domínguez (Cuban), and her team are working on a new teaching method which, according to some experts, is very successful. Since the last school year, it has been shown that teaching and learning is easier when the

child is actively involved in its own learning, as Piaget said. We hope that our teaching model, which goes hand in hand with the wishes and projects of the Ministry of Education, brings a new sunrise in education and that others will follow our footfoot steps. Our greatest ally for the fact that children who are only four years old are already beginning to read (without much effort, playfully exploring) is a children's book: “La extraña historia de la familia alfabeto”, which is available at as an e-Book or also as a book.

Zapatitos de Colores

College and Kindergarten Sosúa, El Batey, Calle Finlandia 19 Open from 8 am until 5 pm Phone: 809-571-1091 Whatsapp: 829-847-9899

La playa 203en  
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