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Traffic Authorities newly organized INTRANT new Superior Authority for Traffic / Tickets / Record for Motorcycle Imports Claudia de los Santos is the head of the newly created National Institute of Traffic and Transport (Instituto Nacional de Tránsito y Transporte - INTRANT), now the highest authority for traffic in the Dominican Republic. INTRANT is the national umbrella organization for mobility and traffic safety. The new traffic law, which now comes into force step by step, eliminates and integrates other transport authorities, such as OTTT, DGTT, CART and others into INTRANT. The traffic police AMET (Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte) and the Ametrasan of Santiago are united to the new DIGESETT (Dirección General de Seguridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre). The tasks of INTRANT are also the issuing of driving licenses, technical inspection and certification of vehicles, the application of the ongoing updating of the reports of stolen vehicles to the National Police via DIGESETT to ensure that the laws are met and the prevention of monopolies and arrangements between carriers which could hinder the free functioning of the sector. The chairwoman of INTRANT, Claudia de los Santos, is a civil engineer with a degree in construction management who has been the vice-chairwoman of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPC). She is now responsible for the planning and design of public passenger transport with its routes, services, timetables and services and other urban and interurban aspects. Her career as a public servant began in 1992 as a planner in the State Secretary for Public Buildings. From 1996 to 2000, Claudia de los Santos was the director of road constructions and tunnels in Santo Domingo and Santiago, as in the case of

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various transitions, such as the “elevados” of the Avenida 27 de Febrero, John F. Kennedy and others. Since 2004, she has been Undersecretary of Public Works, responsible for earthquake resistance, fire protection and vertical circulation in public buildings. Furthermore, de los Santos was consultant on the infrastructure of the DirectorateGeneral on Border Development and the Sub-Commission on Transport and Infrastructure before the Joint Bilateral Dominican-Haitian Commission.

Important Note From the 1st of August 2017, there will be new laws for drivers of vehicles: According to law 63-17, from this date, each vehicle must have the following items on board:

Safety Vest First Aid Kit Safety Triangle Fire Extiguisher Offenses will be punished with a penalty of 5,000 pesos per missing object.

In the first five months of this year, the Traffic Police AMET imposed penalties worth 166 million pesos. However, 90 percent of the penalties are not paid and a further percentage is deferred. According to a study by the Foundation Walter Palm, due to this situation, the state loses an annual income of 505 million pesos. The apology of the traffic offenders is that the payment of their tickets is too complicated. In 2008, an effort was made to ensure that the traffic offenders pay their penalties, but this effort failed and the losses are even higher today. A source of the AMET told a daily newspaper, that, in the case of unpaid tickets, actually no certificate of good conduct may be issued. - Actually. The traffic jam through motorcycles is increasing year by year. More and more motorcycles are coming into the country. According to the figures of the Customs Authority (DGA), the number of motorcycles imported in 2013 was 94,565, and in 2016 it was already 141,046. From January to May this year there were imported another 46,314 motorcycles. Most of the cycles come from China. In 2016, these were 97,324 machines, which is 69 per cent of the market. Second is Japan with 21 percent, and third is India with an eight percent market share.

“Dominicana Limpia” Increased Fight against Garbage and Noise / Most Calls at 911 due to Noise Pollution

The Dominican government has now devoted itself to the fight against two evils, which frequently are jumping first and foremost into the eyes and ears of the visitors from Europe and North America: the garbage problem and the ubiquitous noise. With the “Plan Dominicana Limpia”, a public-private initiative was launched by President Danilo Medina, with the aim to resolve the country's dumping problem finally. For the city planner Erick Dorrejo, each solution needs to consider two aspects. First, the collection of the garbage and secondly its final storage.

While the solution of point one is a matter for the municipalities, point two is a job for the central government. There are more than 300 landfill sites where the garbage is stored without any treatment, nor is there any treatment of the often highly contaminated leachate, nor are there any recycling systems. Each of the 158 municipalities and 232 cities of the country has its own place for garbage. Minister of the Environment, Francisco Domínguez Brito, announced that from now on polluters can be reported. “What we want first is that the citizen knows where he can call, what number he has to dial in a possible case of a fire, a violation of the laws on environmental protection, the sale of charcoal, or the illegal cutting of trees.” The hotline to report environmental pollution is occupied from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm. The numbers where the cases can be reported are 809-539-6400 and 809-200-6400 and by WhatsApp the number is 849-356-6400.

People can also post an report around the clock at the address @Ambienterd at twitter, Instagram and facebook. The Internet portal of the Ministry of the Environment,, has a field where the report can be entered. The operational structures of the Ministry of Environment were strengthened nation-wide with 20 new four-wheel-drive vehicles and 15 motorcycles. Their number is to be increased in the coming months. General Prosecutor Jean Alain Rodríguez warned the operators of bars, colmados, drinks, car washes and private car owners in Santiago that they will have no chance to further be noisy. The laws will be applied without mercy, “because it is time to become prudent.” The public prosecutor wants to cooperate with the operators of these businesses, with the aim to reduce the noise in Santiago. There will be patrols of the police and people can call the number 911. Where noise is being made, the loudspeakers will be confiscated according to the legal requirements, and the business will be closed definitely in case of recurrence. The Chief of the National Police, General Major Nelson Peguero Paredes, was also present at Rodríguez's meeting with Santiago's businessmen. He said, most calls of the newly inaugurated emergency number 911 were due to noise pollution.

Big Plans for the South Pedernales will get an International Airport / Foreign Direct Investment rose once more

President Danilo Medina once again welcomed a group of investors to whom he showed the tourist development of the Bahía de las Águilas in the south-west of the country. The neglected and impoverished province of Pedernales is to get an economic boost. This time the visitors were the representatives of the third largest Canadian airline Sunwing, which has about 50 destinations. Sunwing is also the hotel company with the currently fastest growth in Mexico and the Caribbean. According to President Medina, a prerequisite is that investments contribute to the socio-economic well-being of the South

and meet environmental protection criteria. Pedernales should become a new tourist center in the country. The efforts of the government have always aimed at sustainable and inclusive tourism. “The hour of the South has come,” said President Medina. During the talks with the Canadians, it was announced that a new, modern international airport and 3,000 hotel rooms will be built in Pedernales to develop the region, in particular the Bahía de las Águilas. Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García said: “We came to Pedernales to discuss the development and investment plan on the ground, to work and to propose how the state will proceed. The government will build the first 3,000 high-standard apartments in Pedernales. It will work to get Pedernales an international airport and, above all, it seemed like a reunion where it was discussed, that all this was going to start immediately.” In July, the group of investors will return to go on talking about the decisions made with their companies back home in Canada..

A report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) on global investment in 2017 found that direct investment in Latin America and the Caribbean fell by 14 percent in 2016. This is due to the economic recession, low prices for raw materials and currency uncertainty. In Brazil, the main beneficiary of foreign investment, its decrease was by nine percent, in Mexico by 19 percent. The Dominican Republic, which in 2016 had the largest growth in direct foreign investment in the Caribbean, compared to the previous year, had a nine-percent increase. Altogether this was about two billion dollars. “The Caribbean, with the exception of the financial centers, also declined by nine percent to three billion dollars.” However, the Dominican Republic could not compensate the losses of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. For the first time, China is the second largest investor.

Interview with Rafael Correa “Temer is a Traitor” / “Trump disorients the Rightists” / “Prosperity instead of the Wall”

The former President of Ecuador was one of the most popular presidents of Latin America during his term until May of this year. Rafael Correa, who called his government “revolution of the citizens” and brought his country an unprecedented stability, reduced the country's poverty by 38 per cent, and the extreme poverty even by 47 per cent. Now he gave an interview to the news agency EFE in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, in which he pulled US President Donald Trump and Brazil's President Michel Temer to pieces.

Temer, who as the vice-president was the main initiator of the toppling of Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff, but now came under heavy fire for corruption, was a “traitor”. The word betrayal should actually be converted into Temer. His government is a complete dead loss and it will be interesting to see the next elections. In Brazil, there was the real possibility that a progressive government would come back to power again. Michel Temer was supported only by economic groups and by the press. He had no backing in the population. Like Donald Trump, Rafael Correa is attacking the press. However, from the other direction. While Trump sees the press criticizing him as his enemy and calls it the “lying press”, Correa says that the press in Latin America is a voice of the right.-wing conservatives and is to blame for the popular voting against its own interests and for the elites. “We saw an example in Brazil, where the overthrow of Dilma Rousseff was a media coup.” Regarding the political map of Latin America, Correa recorded a “step back” to the situation in 2009, when eight of ten governments were leftist. But the situation was “much better” compared to 1998, when the neo-liberal governments were clearly in the majority This changed when George W. Bush became president of the United States (2001 to 2009). The progressive Latin American governments at the beginning of the 21st century had been a reaction to Bush's policy. “And Bush was an intellectual compared to Trump,” Correa mocked. The reaction in Latin America on Trump will again be more left-wing governments, assured Correa.

Due to Trump's politics, the rightists had come into an absurd position, because he disoriented them by his decisions. The world is upside down, because the rightists in other countries take China as a model now, the country that is forcing globalization and free trade powerfully, while the American rightists now propagate protectionism and oppose free trade. To Trump's wall on Mexico's border, Correa said- immigration was not prevented by a wall. Immigration is prevented through prosperity, peace and so on in the countries from which the immigrants come. Regarding US relations with Cuba, Correa said, “Trump has reversed everything that has been achieved so far.” Furthermore, the still valid Cuba embargo is incompatible with international law. Donald Trump had “broken the record of stupidities” and it was “difficult” to find someone similar to Trump who, unfortunately, is the president of “the greatest power in the history of mankind,” complained the former President of Ecuador. COPPAL, the permanent conference of the political parties of Latin America and the Caribbean, which also includes the Dominican governing parties PLD, PRD as well as the PRSD, thinks Donald Trumps's policy of reversing the approach to Cuba in today's reality, whose identification is the opening, has a disturbing effect. COPPAL chairman, the Dominican PLD politician Manolo Pichardo, calls it a mistake with possible fatal consequences for the US to respond with answers from the “Cold War” to phenomena that arise in the era of opening, where trade agreements, trade facilities and community integration processes impose the global agenda.

Status Symbol About the Importance of “tenis” / Police has an Eye on Customers in expensive Boutiques For young people it is important to “belong” question posed by the police is how do to a group, whether it is in the United these young people get the money they States, Canada, Europe or Latin America. need for their “pinta bacana” (cool outfit). Whoever wants to be a part of it must show Since probably only very few of them can what he has. But even in the “rich show a well-paid work, these young people countries”, not every teenager can really in the eyes of the police are first criminals afford to impress his pals wearing the most who get the money for their expensive fashionable brand names. However, the clothing through theft, muggings and drug exhibition of wealth is much harder in poor trafficking. Which possibly in some cases countries, where, as here in the Dominican may be correct, but in many cases not. A Republic, the main consource of income could cern of more than half of also be relatives in the the population is rather USA, for example, who how to get the stomach send money and hip filled. clothes. At the same time, the After a series in the idols of the young people daily newspaper “Listín from the barrios, exDiario” about the life cluded from prosperity, and tastes of criminals, show in their videos how where it was said they the “real” live is: Shapely, prefer to dress with willing bitches who love Nike sneakers, there to be filled with sparkling were angry protests by wine, money to throw, disgusted people who the most expensive said, they also like to Jordan Retro 8 mobile phones, thick wear Nikes, but they golden necklaces, unusual hairstyles and, of were no criminals because of this. course, cool designer cloths. In the cities of the country, there are many Heroes and role models in fashion are the boutiques and shops that specialize in this stars of Música urbana or baseball players type of clothing for young people and they who earn a fortune in the Big Leagues in the make very good sales. United States. General Major Nelson Peguero Paredes, All this would not be a problem if, as said, chief of the Dominican National Police, says poverty in the barrios would not exist. The the police has a special look at the youths in the barrios, who have the “suspect profile”: trousers in their knees, tattoos, attentiongrabbing hairstyles, thick necklaces and expensive “tenis” (sneakers). The police suspect in these cases that the young people have not achieved the money in a

legal way that they have to spend for their “pinta”. There is a common denominator among young people who have become criminals: they dress with very expensive baseball caps and sneakers of expensive brands that do not fit into their social environment. Suspects are especially young people, who equip themselves in the expensive boutiques, but are doing nothing the whole day but driving up and down the streets with their motorcycles. A risk for these young people themselves is that they might be robbed by others after a boutique visit. After all, an outfit with cool clothes can easily cost around 50,000 pesos. However, money does not seem to play a role for many of the buyers. Sellers in boutiques say that it is not uncommon for a teenager to buy twelve pairs of different “tenis,” but he also could be a re-seller who brings the stuff to his barrio. At prices up to 25,000 pesos a pair, for example for special Jordan Retro sneakers, whose cheapest versions also cost over 10,000 pesos. Slightly cheaper are Nike, adidas and Reebok.

La Beba Rojas

Omega el Fuerte

Victim of Window Cleaners

Finds God in Jail

Zoe Saldaña Star on the Walk of Fame Not only the normal car driver has to suffer from the often penetrant washers at the crossroads. Also the Venezuelan TV presenter and actress Reymarvi Rojas, known as La Beba Rojas, who appears in the television show “Sábado Extraordinario”, felt the anger of one of those guys when she refused to pay him for his unwanted services. He smashed the rear window of her SUV with a piece of metal. Fortunately, neither she nor anyone from her accompanying family was injured. The window cleaner was caught shortly thereafter and was reported to the police. On Canal 5, La Beba Rojas thanked the Dominican police for their effective work and said, “I am someone who is never generalizing, I respect the work of other people very much, but when you say you do not want them to clean your windows, there is no justification for throwing a dull object on the car. My son sat behind and was terrified. Someone doing such a thing is a potential murderer”, said the outraged Venezuelan citizen. After La Beba Rojas had been traveling between Venezuela and Santo Domingo as she also appeared in TV shows in her country, she now finally decided to move to the Dominican Republic.

Zoe Saldaña, international film star (“Avatar”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”) with a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother, is one of about 24 stars who will be honored with an own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018. But this honor is not for free. The coveted stars have to pay 40,000 dollars to the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood who also makes the selection from the nominated stars. Usually, however, these funds are paid by sponsors such as their film studios or record companies. Sometimes the fans collect this money for their idols.

Ricky Martin Will marry in Puerto Rico

At the end of last year the Puerto Rican world star Ricky Martin and his partner, the Swedish painter and object artist of Syrian descent, Jwan Yosef, got engaged. Now Ricky Martin announced a “great and immense” wedding ceremony in Puerto Rico. Currently, Ricky Martin is acting in a film about the life of Gianni Versace and has a permanent show in Las Vegas. His two sons come to see it every night.

While some stars, such as El General (see the last LA PLAYA), find their way to God because they feel their life desolate and empty without Him, others need an unpleasant experience, like a prison stay, such as the singer Martha Heredia, who tried to smuggle heroin into the United States and found God after being in jail, or now Omega el Fuerte, who has to stay behind bars for five years after being reported by his wife for brutal violence against her in a Cabaña. The star of the Música urbana with his typical style he calls “Mambo”, decided during a visit of Bishop Dr. Luis E. Paniagua, commander of the International Alliance of Caplans, based in New York, to accept God in his heart and expressed his faith. At the La Victoria Detention Center, Antonio Peter de la Rosa broke into tears during a sermon by Bishop Paniagua, and “visibly distressed” saw the need to accept the Lord. After receiving the sacred words, Omega, “the Strong” was humming one of the musical themes he composed as proof of his repentance. He pledged to study the Bible and to walk on the right path from now on. Dr. Paniagua said he will help Omega to really accept God in his heart.

What is this Man singing? “La tragedia de un veneno” by Marino Pérez A Bachata classic from the year 1970, still very frequently heard on the radio stations, with a remarkable conclusion. El domingo, si Dios quiere, voy a hacer una visita. El domingo, si Dios quiere, voy a hacer una visita. Voy a la tumba de Mari, voy a la tumba de Mari a ponerle florecitas. Ay Dios, ay Dios, a ponerle florecitas. ¿Pero qué pasó en mi barrio? Recordarme yo no quiero. ¿Pero qué pasó en mi barrio? Recordarme yo no quiero. Fue una cosa muy penosa, fue una cosa muy penosa. La tragedia de un veneno. Ay Dios, ay Dios, la tragedia de un veneno. Una niña que murió. Nadie se lo encuentra extraño. Una niña que murió. Nadie se lo encuentra extraño. Por un hombre se mató, por un hombre se mató apenas con trece años. Ay Dios, ay Dios, apenas con trece años. Lloraban sus familiares, lamentaba allí la gente. Lloraban sus familiares, lamentaba allí la gente. Lo que a mi me parte el alma, lo que a mi me parte el alma que la vi en cuerpo presente. Ay Dios, ay Dios, que la vi en cuerpo presente. Como yo no soy tan serio, también digo mi poquito. Como yo no soy tan serio, también digo mi poquito. Qué se matara por otro, qué se matara por otro estando yo tan solterito. Ay Dios, ay Dios, estando yo tan solterito. Ay Dios, ay Dios, estando yo tan solterito. Ay Dios, ay Dios, soltero y sin compromiso.

On Sunday, God willing, I'm going to pay a visit. On Sunday, God willing, I'm going to pay a visit. I'm going to Mari's grave, I'm going to Mari's grave to put her flowers. Oh God, oh God, to put her flowers. But what happened in my neighborhood? I do not want to remember. But what happened in my neighborhood? I do not want to remember. It was a very painful thing, it was a very painful thing. The tragedy of a poison. Oh God, oh God, the tragedy of a poison. A girl who died. No one finds it strange. A girl who died. No one finds it strange. For a man she killed herself, For a man she killed herself, barely thirteen years old. Oh God, oh God, barely thirteen years old. Her relatives were crying, people there lamented. Her relatives were crying, people there lamented. What is breaking my soul, What is breakng my soul is that I saw it myself. Oh God, oh God, that I saw it myself. Since I'm not that serious, I also say my little. Since I'm not that serious, I also say my little. That she killed herself for another, that she killed herself for another, being me so single. Oh God, oh God, being me so single. Oh God, oh God, being me so single. Oh God, oh God, single and without commitment.

Esteban Astacio Pérez was born in the village of Guayabo Dulce in the province of Hato Mayor on the 26th of December 1946. At the age of 14 he started working as a cane cutter. Nine years later, he moved to San Pedro de Macorís, where he became friends with musicians and started to sing. He had a first hit, “Aclamando el licor” (Cheering the liquor), which was the basis for a great career. “Marinito” or Marino Pérez, as he now called himself, is considered the father of the “Amargue”, the old style Bachata with its bitter lyrics from real life. Marino Pérez led this life according to this and lived in poverty despite his popularity in the seventies and eighties because Bachata had a bad reputation and the singers were badly paid. On the 26 th of July 1991, Marino Pérez died in San Pedro from liver cirrhosis at his mother's house, where he lived with his sister and his two daughters in extreme poverty. But his burial was the biggest in the history of the city.

Super Killer Annually 750,000 Dead due to Mosquitoes / Difficult Fight against constant Mutations If someone is asked which he considered the most dangerous animals in the world, his answer will probably be: lions, sharks, crocodiles. But the most deadly animal for humans is a small insect that can be found in every country around the earth and can bring death and destruction to humans. The mosquito. “Discovery Channel” is currently showing the documentary film “Mosquito” which was filmed on four continents, in which true stories are presented by people who are

telling the story of their disease transmitted by these nasty insects, in order to strengthen the awareness of the danger posed by them. It is a deep look with unprecedented pictures of the life of these dangerous creatures that are able to mutate fast and in unpredictable ways, which makes it so difficult to eradicate them. In addition to interviews with experts on the matter, also Bill Gates is speaking, who describes the danger posed by the mosquitoes and the fight against them as a global priority. Four of the diseases transmitted by different mosquito species are also found in the Dominican Republic: Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Malaria. In other tropical countries, yellow fever and the infection of the West Nile virus have to be added. In the USA alone, 146 people died from the West Nile fever in 2015. One fact is that the mosquitoes are spreading ever further. Through global warming, they are now able to survive even in temperate zones, as the winters are not cold enough any more and their eggs can survive, which was not the case only a few years ago. Due to the increased international mobility (tourism) and transports of goods, these blood sucking insects are able to reach all regions of the world today. The danger to public health, which is caused by the mosquitoes, is immense. About 2.5 billion people worldwide are exposed to a possible Zika infection. If all were treated, this would cost more than 500 billion dollars, according to experts.

Every year more than 750,000 people die of diseases that have been transmitted by mosquitoes. Since 2016, Zika has been classified as a health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO), after it was found that one of ten newborns whose mother was infected with Zika during pregnancy have brain damages. Dengue is the disease transmitted by mosquitoes, which is spreading most rapidly. From 50 to 100 million infections a year today. Due to the eagerness to fight the mosquitoes, there are often “collateral damages”. Thus, when the mosquitoes are fumigated, useful insects, such as bees or butterflies, are also killed and so the balance of nature is disturbed. But there are also attempts to fight insects with other insects, without chemical means. Or by genetically modified mosquitoes, as in the case of experiments by the US company Oxitec, after which, according to their own data, the treated mosquito population could be reduced by 82 per cent.

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Bad Luck

Scarlett Johansson and a young man are the only two survivors of a plane crash and can save themselves on a deserted island. While she does not know him, of course, he knows her because of her movies. During the first few weeks life is quite hard, but the young man is good at improvising and builds a simple accommodation and takes care for the food. Scarlett is grateful and feels kind of drawn to the young man. When he rescues her from an attack of a shark, they spend a hot afternoon on the beach. They live for several weeks like a couple freshly in love. But then Scarlett notices that the young man was getting more and more sad. But any time she asks him what happens, he says it is nothing. She cares a lot about him and finally tells him she would do anything for him to make him smile again. “Really anything?, he asks, insecure. “Yes, you are my savior,” she says. So he asks her to put on work pants that recently were washed up in a crate on the beach. Scarlett is confused, but fulfills his wish. “And now lace in your breasts so you're flat in front, and then put on this plaid shirt.” “Now put this baseball cap and paint yourself a beard with the soot at the fire place.” When she did all that, he said, “And now put on these sunglasses and stroll around on the beach. I'll be right there.” She does as he told her, when he taps her on her shoulder from behind and says excitedly, “Hey, dude, you'll never believe with whom I'm fooling around for already six weeks!”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A locomotive driver is thinking about his life in the driver's cabin: “Today definitely is not my day. First I got up too late. Then I cut my chin while shaving. Then my dog bit me. Then my wife left me. And now a train is coming towards me on the same track!”

Sudoku No. 399 (easy)

Two good old friends are talking about horse racing. “It was the 11 / 11 when I went to the horse racing for betting. My son had his eleventh birthday this day. And in the eleventh race, which took place at 11:11, eleven horses were at the start. So I put all my money on number 11!” “And? Did you win?” “No, the stupid nag became eleventh!”

 “I survived!", sighs the man with relief when he wakes up after the operation. “Don't rejoice too early," his bed neighbor answers. “They had to operate me a second time because the professor had forgotten a tweezers in my stomach.” At that moment, a nurse enters her head into the door and asks, “Has anyone seen the professor's eyeglasses?”

Sudoku No. 400

The prison guard tells the convict: “Your wife is coming to visit you today.” “Which one?” “Are you kidding me?” “No, I'm here for bigamy.”

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Apartment and room for monthly rental in Playa Laguna. Apartment from US$350, room US$220. Tel. 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015 Apartment in Sosúa, 2 BR, 1 BA, living-dining room, terrace, close to Super Pola and CMC, for rent now. US$ 550 + 2 months deposit. Call 809-455-8272

Looking for villa/house 20 km around Sosua in quiet area - 2-3 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms, kitchen, garage/storage area, garden min 600 m2, pets allowed, pool (not a must). Property must be in good maintenance condition and not furnished. Long term renting for retired European people. Eventual villa/house for rent with option to buy. Offers welcome only by: Looking for a Washing machine Front loader, E-mail:

Looking for work in Sosúa. At home or as a cleaner in a bar or the like, only in the morning. Call 829-9443702 or 849-405-1281

Reliable island-wide transports, moves, also larger volumes, to Santiago, Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, E-mail: Just Nails in Costambar is closed from July 25 until August 18. www.face, Tel. 829 7276845 Computer for sale. Installed: Windows 10, flat screen, camera, mouse, keyboard and printer. 4,500 RD$ all together. Tel. 829-821-3236 Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467

Harley Davidson, Special Edition “Custom”, 1.200 cc, red, new US$17,900, for sale for US$13.700. E-Mail svenbuddenbrock@ or Tel. 829-772-0028

Rottweiler and American Pitbull Supermix. Nine weeks old, for sale for 5.000 pesos. Sosúa, ThaiRestaurant, Tel. 809-481-7511. Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Spanish Lessons by a long-time, professionally experienced teacher, on the beach or private. Contact Email: or call 849-262-5765

IMPRESSUM Editora LA PLAYA Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

Translations to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA in Sosúa without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day. For information please call 829-373-1218


For rent: 2017 cars, automatic, power windows, A/C, 4 door, very good gas mileage. Price US$133 per week. Call 809-727-9850 or 809-2616001. Restrictions apply. Mitsubishi Montero, 1998, Jeep 4x4, Gas & petrol g.w.o., new tyres, new battery, fully serviced, 5,250 US$, Call 829-678-3311 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited, 2008, Motor 3,8 V6, Extras in excellent conditions, service up to date, no Off-Road, first owner in the Dominican Republic, US$23,500, Tel./Whatsapp 809-866-0188

Copies: English 1,250 German 1,250

Your ads by mail:

by phone: 829-373-1218 LA PLAYA office in Sosúa at the Beach Way Plaza Mon. - Fri. 1- 4:30 p.m.

PRESS DATE FOR ISSUE 203 (26th of July 2017): 18th of JULY 2017

Do you want to renew or apply for a RESIDENCIA? Do you need help, because your Spanish isn't good? Do you need a translation, legalized or not legalized? Ask at the LA PLAYA-Office in Sosúa at Beach Way Plaza CROSSWORD SOLUTION

Last Week on a Cruise Ship A couple is on a luxury cruise ship vacation. The woman would like to sunbathe naked, which is not easy, without being seen by the other guests. So she sneaks to the top deck with her husband while the other guests of the ship are having their lunch. While she is laying naked on her belly to brown herself, her husband takes care that nobody comes close to disturb her. Suddenly there comes a steward and says tensely: “Your wife is not allowed to sunbathe naked!” “Why not? She does not bother anyone here. Nobody can see her,” says the husband, trying to calm the steward. But the steward insists, “Your wife really can not sunbathe here.” “She's lying on her belly, and from the backside we're all looking the same,” the man tries to convince the steward. The steward keeps insisting, “Please, sir. Your wife is lying on the glass roof of the dining room.”

Tech support: “I need you to right-click on the open desktop.” Customer: “OK.” Tech support: “Did you get a pop-up menu?” Customer: “No.” Tech support: “OK. Right-click again. Do you see a po-up menu?” Customer: “No.” Tech support: “OK. Can you tell me, what you have done until this moment?” Customer: “Sure. You told me to write 'click' and I wrote 'click'.” Sudoku solutions from page 11:

Sudoku No. 399

Sudoku No. 400

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