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Arrests in Odebrecht Case Eight Suspects in Pre-Trial Custody / Politicians and Businessmen / Key Figure Rondón

Ángel Rondón is the key figure in the Odebrecht case, which is currently shaking the Dominican Republic. He is the “man with the suitcase”, who has been advising international companies who want to invest in the Dominican Republic for years and has been awarded the Order of Merit by President Danilo Medina. Marco Vasconcelo Cruz, a former representative of the international Brazilian building company Odebrecht in the Dominican Republic, said that he was one of the big businessmen in the Dominican Republic who is active everywhere, from construction to farming. “Ángel was the key to our business in this country.” He was the key to the contracts with Odebrecht and later to approve the funding by the Senate and later to release the payments to the companies. He charged two percent com-

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón June, 14 June, 19 June, 22 July, 4 July, 5 July, 20 July, 26 July, 31

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mission for his services. When Odebrecht was investigated in the USA, the company confessed that it had paid large amounts of bribes in Latin American and African countries to get lucrative, overpriced construction contracts. In the Dominican Republic, Odebrecht paid 92 million dollars in bribe money which Rondón later had to distribute to the key persons who arranged the contracts. Odebrecht signed an agreement that the company will pay double the sum as a penalty to the country, so this is the proof that Rondón got at least this sum. But Ángel Rondón remains silent on the question to whom he has distributed this money he got for the Odebrecht contracts. Due to the mass protests throughout the country, in particular by the citizens' movement “Marcha Verde”, finally the prosecutor's office reacted and arrested high politicians who have accepted bribes from Odebrecht. General Prosecutor Jean Alain Rodríguez is accused by “Marcha Verde” and others of delaying the whole procedure, to act only under pressure and, in truth, not to carry out his own investigations, but only to wait for results sent to him by the prosecutors in Brazil or the USA. In any case, on the 29th of May the prosecutors office arrested a total of 14 politicians and businessmen connected with Odebrecht. Including Víctor Díaz Rúa, a close confidant of former President Leonel Fernández, whose name has repeatedly appeared in many of the corruption cases of the recent years and whose cases have always been filed, since nothing could be proven to him. Ángel Rondón was also one of the arrested. As well as Temístocles Mon-

tás, Minister of Industry and Trade, and the two Senators Tommy Galán (San Cristóbal) and Julio César Valentín (Santiago). The Attorney General said that these were all of the mentioned in the Brazilian documents. But Temístocles Montás got angry and said, he knew others. Many were disappointed that no “big fish” was arrested. And, of course, all the arrested and their lawyers denied having anything to do with the case, and they know nothing of bribes and had no idea why they were arrested. On the 7th of June, judge Francisco Ortega Polanco ordered pre-trial custody for eight of the 14 arrested, the others were released on bail and were forbidden to leave the country. The lawyers of some announced to appeal against the arrest of their client.

Abortion Law passed No Exceptions possible / Emergency Number 911 from now on also in Puerto Plata

In December, President Danilo Medina rejected the draft for the abortion law in the new Dominican Penal Code presented to the Chamber of Deputies, asking that the temporary exemptions for an abortion in the new law, which had been removed in the draft due to the pressure of the churches and conservative organizations. This would mean that any form of abortion is strictly prohibited. President Medina was asking to allow abortion in certain cases: If the pregnancy is the result of rape, when the fetus has malformations or incurable diseases, or

when the mother's life was in danger before or during birth.. The bill went back to the Senate, who now voted to penalize abortion strictly and without any exception. The protection of life is above all. The Dominican Episcopal Conference congratulated the Senate for this decision. “The nation has given a powerful signal to defend life as an inviolable value and as the foundation of society and its laws.” The representative for Santiago Rodríguez of the opposition party PRM, Nicolás López, said: “You know that the Catholic Church has power here in the Dominican Republic. One must also understand that all people, especially deputies, have a compromise with God.” Lorenzo Merán, chairman of the Dominican Council of the Evangelical Unity (CODUE), said he hoped that the House of Representatives would now approve the draft in a last meeting to become law, because “killing will never be a right”.

The emergency number 911 has now also been put into operation in the northern region. Since the 8th of June, the citizens can call this number for emergencies in Santiago, Navarrete, Puerto Plata, Montellano, Sosúa, Luperón and Cabarete. According to a video of the presidency, 180 telephone operators are working on the system, which can be reached seven days a week around the clock. 150 emergency personnel are ready to handle an emergency call. The police has 135 cars and 278 motorcycles. 36 ambulances and 42 ambulances on motorcycles will come in medical emergencies, and 21 fire-brigade vehicles come when it burns. AMET, the traffic police has 125 motorcycles, and 125 vehicles are ready for road assistance for cars. According to the Directorate-General for Communication (Dicom), more than one million citizens will be attended by the emergency call system. The service will be of the same quality, as in the already functioning emergency call systems in Greater Santo Domingo, Haina, San Cristóbal and Nigua. Police emergencies, traffic accidents, medical emergencies and fires will be attended. Furthermore, 2,000 new jobs were created in the Cibao region due to 911.

Immigration Authority controls Nearly 5,000 Illegal Immigrants deported in May / Entry Denied / Expo Mango 2017 in Baní

The Dominican Immigration Authority (Dirección General de Migración - DGM) is continuing its controls and the detention of illegal immigrants. After a total of 4,787 people from twelve countries who could not show a valid residence permit were deported in April, there were 4,966 citizens of other countries who had to leave the country in May. For the most part, they are citizens of the neighboring country, Haiti, who crossed the border illegally, or whose visas have expired. But even “exotic” countries like Armenia, Greece, India, Lithuania or Serbia are on the list.

The DGM also presented the figures of the legal entry and exit into and from the Dominican Republic. According to these data, in April, 18,199 entered the country by land, which means they came from Haiti, and 17,193 left the country on the same way in the same month. In May, 16,152 entered by land, and 14.195 left by land. In addition, a total of 107 Haitians returned voluntarily to their country in May with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM - Spanish OIM). At the airports of the country landed 569.971 visitors in April, 613.312 left the country the same way. In May there were 484,343 arrivals and 513,545 departures. 93,803 guests came into the country by ship in April, 93,732 returned the same way. In May, 46.307 came by ship and 52.533 left. Most of these visitors arrived on the cruise ships in “Amber Cove” in Maimón or in La Romana. At the borders, 130 citizens of other countries were denied entry in April, 13 were put on a return flight. In May it was 251 and 23 respectively.

This year's trade fair Expo Mango 2017 will take place in Baní from the 14 th to the 18th of June. Ángel Estévez, Minister of Agriculture, urged the producers and traders of this sweet fruit to pay more attention to quality in order to better serve the demand of foreign markets. He said the production of mangoes could be quintupled in the next ten years. The Dominican Republic could become the largest producer of the Caribbean for high quality mangoes. There is great international demand on ethnic, gourmet and organic markets in the USA and Europe. The main harvest time for mangoes is the month of June.

Trouble at the Border Haiti confiscates imported Goods / Binational Market / Panama's former Dictator died

In the past few weeks, the Haitian authorities have been confiscating goods from their countrymen which they have bought on the binational market in Dajabón after crossing the Dajabón/Ouanaminthe border, which are on the list of prohibited imports. This sparked protests on both sides of the border and the market on Mondays and Fridays was severely restricted. On the Dominican side, the Dominican traders, who cannot sell their goods, are protesting, on the Haitian side the Haitian traders protest, because they are losing their money of the goods they have bought.

The import ban for a total of almost 30 products from the Dominican Republic is justified by Haiti, claiming that often the goods are of inferior quality, and that Haiti also loses tariffs because the goods are brought to Haiti by small retailers who do not pay any taxes. All these goods are allowed to be brought to Haiti by ship where they can be inspected and taxed in the ports by the customs authorities. The Dominican side accuses Haiti of hurting its own poor people with this import ban. This is because when these goods are imported regularly through the ports, customs and transport costs are added, which later will be paid by the consumers, thus increasing the price of the goods which have crossed the border in the form of “ants traffic” so far. In addition, the traders who buy the urgently needed basic foodstuffs on the binational market lose their livelihood. The central government in Port-au-Prince did not care much about the food supply of its own population in this area. In the end, the Haitian poor pay for the import ban. The Director of the Dominican Customs Authority, Enrique Ramírez Paniagua, says the problem is purely Haitian. Goods imported by Haitians are also taxed.

The former dictator of Panama, Manuel Antonio Noriega, who ruled between 1983 and 1989 with an iron fist, died on the 29th of May 2017 in a hospital in Panama City. Noriega was first a US ally in the fight against leftist rebel organizations, but then fell into disgrace due to his contacts with drug cartels and was overthrown.

Salma Hayek

Jimmy Bauer

Malice or Stupidity?

New Start after Arrest

Kate del Castillo Wants to visit “El Chapo” The 50-year-old Mexican actress Salma Hayek reacted strongly to the announcement by US President Donald Trump, the United States will leave the Paris Climate Agreement. She wonders what has caused the American President to do this, “stupidity, malice, or greed,” or whether he is just “so egotistical to destroy the planet, and all for his own advantage, or whether he is really simply stupid.” The activist for things she believes in said at the press release of her new film “Beatriz at Dinner” in Miami, she is like the protagonist of the film, angry about the injustices and the blindness of the people. Miguel Arteta, the Puerto Rican director of the film, said it was clear from the beginning that Salma Hayek would get the lead role of Beatriz. “Like Beatriz, Hayek has a big heart that is visible in her eyes and a tremendous intelligence,” says Arteta. Beatriz in the movie is a direct, loving woman who loves people, animals and the earth, and who always says what she feels. Like at a meeting of a group of millionaires in her employer's home, when she tells them, “the earth has cancer,” but they believed they were safe just because they had money and power.

The meeting of the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and US actor Sean Penn with the Mexican drug lord and then most wanted criminal of the world, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, when he was still on the run, caused a scandal in Mexico a year ago and brought major problems to the actress with the Mexican justice. “El Chapo” has then been caught and deported to the USA. Now Kate del Castillo announced she would visit “El Chapo” in his prison in New York in the third quarter of this year, where he has been detained since January. She plans to talk with the “King of the serial jailbreakers" about the screenplay for the movie about his life. The lawyer of “El Chapo” said it all came from Kate del Castillo. She has the rights on everything that has to do with books, films or series about the life of the drug lord, and she is determined to film this biography. She says she deeply believes in this project and has a group of serious investors who will provide funds for it. There already are several other plans to make movies about the life of the Mexican drug boss. Last year, the director Peter Berg abandoned the filming of his version “The Hunt for El Chapo,” because he became afraid when Guzmán tried to get in touch with him. Sony is also planning a film about the criminal after the still unpublished book “Hunting El Chapo”.

Jaime Jimmy Vargas, born in the USA as the son of Dominican immigrants, had a hit with the song ”Todas tus cosas” as Jimmy Bauer, which became the title song of the Brazilian telenovela “La fuerza del deseo”. Then, in 2010, as a “mula” he tried to smuggle more than one kilo of heroin in 88 capsules in his stomach into the United States. He was to receive 6,000 dollars for this job, but he was already arrested at the Santo Domingo International Airport (AILA) before he could even board the plane. DNCD officials noticed his strange behavior, which was probably due to the fact that two of the capsules had burst in the stomach. During the check, Jimmy Bauer fainted and immediately had to be taken to an emergency surgery in the close-by military hospital. In court, Jimmy Bauer said it was the only time. He wanted to raise money to prove to his supporters, who had turned away from him, that he could be successful without them. He was sentenced to six years imprisonment, of which he served three. After being released on probation in February 2014, he assures to be a new person. Now he is on advertising tour for his new Bachata “Quiero empezar otra vez” - “I want to start again”.

What is this Man singing? “Morena linda” by Anthony Cruz A hymn to the grace of the Latin American woman in a Salsa from 1990 on the first album of Salsa star Anthony Cruz. Perdí la razón, y no sé por qué Fué su caminar, quizás su altivez Solo sé que yo, por primera vez, el rey del amor, siento enloquecer. Oye morena, que linda, tu caminar me enloquece Tus labios son tan ardientes, tu corazón transparente. La primera vez que te vi pasar mi corazón galopaba. Todo mi cuerpo empezó a temblar y un gran sudor me bañaba. Y es que tú, calaste en mi mente. Y es que tú, calaste en mi mente. Y es que tú, calaste en mi mente. Me fascinó tu mirada En todas partes hay mujeres lindas. En todas partes las hay. Pero con un cuerpo de sirenas en las latinas la encontrarás. Cuerpos de palmeras. Lindo caminar. Y el sol tocando su piel morena Belleza sin par. Oye morena, que linda, tu caminar me enloquece. Tus labios son tan ardientes, tu corazón transparente. Oye morena, que linda, tu caminar me enloquece. Tus labios son tan ardientes, tu corazón transparente. Oye morena, ven ami. Yo necesito verte. Solo por ti yo estoy aquí, mira, me muero por verte. Oye morena, que linda, tu caminar me enloquece. Tus labios son tan ardientes, tu corazón transparente. Oye morena, te quiero. Trigüeña linda, te adoro. Por ser tan bella te tengo, tu eres mi lindo tesoro. Mi morena linda, como yo te quiero. Morena linda, me estoy muriendo por verte. Mi morena linda, ven a mi, yo te necesito. Trigüeña, mira que me muero por verte. Morena linda, me estoy muriendo por verte …

I lost my mind, and I don't know why. It was her way to walk, maybe her pride. I only know that for the first time, the king of love, I feel like going crazy. Listen, brown girl, how beautiful, your way of walking makes me crazy. Your lips are so hot, your heart transparent. When I first saw you, my heart galloped. My whole body started to tremble, And a great sweat bathed me. This is because you have penetrated my mind, this is because you have penetrated my mind. Your way to look fascinated me. There are beautiful women everywhere. Everywhere they exist. But with the body of a siren you can find them among the Latinas. Bodies like palm trees. A nice way to walk. And the sun touches her brown skin. Incredible beauty. Listen, brown girl, how beautiful, Your way of walking makes me crazy. Your lips are so hot, your heart transparent. Listen, brown girl, how beautiful, Your way of walking makes me crazy. Your lips are so hot, your heart transparent. Listen, brown girl, come to me. I need to see you. Just because of you I'm here, See, I'm dying to see you. Listen, brown girl, how beautiful, Your way of walking makes me crazy. Your lips are so hot, your heart transparent. Listen, brown girl, I love you. Mix of three races, I adore you. Because you are so beautiful, I have you, You are my beautiful treasure. My beautiful brown girl, how I love you. Beautiful brown girl, I'm dying to see you. My beautiful brown girl, come to me, I need you. Trigüeña, look, I'm dying to see you. Beautiful brown girl, I'm dying to see you …

Anthony Cruz was born in New Jersey on the 5th of January 1965. He loved music right from the start, and at the age of five he already won a singing competition in New York. Later he sang in different salsa groups, as with Pedro Conga. In 1990, Anthony Cruz not to be confused with the Reggae singer of the same name - published his first own album, on which the presented song is found. Altogether, Anthony Cruz published seven albums, the last in 2007. His career was interrupted by drug and alcohol problems around the turn of the millennium and he lost his wife and children. He went to a rehabilitation center for a whole year and said he was a new man today - his three pillars were now God, his family and his fans. In an interview, Anthony Cruz said that many do not know how to deal with fame and make mistakes that sooner or later will lead to serious consequences.

World Blood Donor Day Deficit of 69,000 Units per Year / Awareness of voluntary Blood Donation still deficient The 14th of June is World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). To this date, the organization Referencia Laboratorio announced that in the Dominican Republic much too little blood is donated. 180,000 units of blood are needed each year in public and private health centers. In 2016, however, only 111,000 units were donated. In other words, a total of 69,000 units were missing. The haematologist Diana Ramírez nevertheless considers this as a positive fact, since in the years before the deficiency was at 90,000 units.

Ramírez attributes this reduction to growing awareness in the population through campaigns and educational meetings. In addition, there are private donations for blood donations. The specialist says, according to the agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO), blood production should be about three per cent of the population in each country, which is about 300,000 units. Therefore further educational work is necessary with the Dominican population. On the 10th of June, various blood donation campaigns took place in the run-up to the World Blood Donor Day, where it also was tried to encourage people to donate blood

all year round, as there are urgent emergency situations in hospitals and clinics throughout the year. In addition, regular blood donors were honored to encourage others to follow their footsteps. In the Dominican Republic, only about 20 percent of donor blood comes from voluntary donors. Most of the time blood is donated in the case of emergencies in the family or the circle of acquaintances. A problem in urgent cases is often the bad organization. For example, when the type of blood needed in Santiago is available in Puerto Plata, but the hospital in Santiago does not accept the blood and is looking for other donors in Santiago - “for safety reasons”. At the central event, educational materials on the importance of voluntary blood donations and promotional items on the subject were distributed among the visitors.

Who is it?


Oh my God!

After hesitating for a long time, an employee decides to go to see the boss and says, “Excuse me, could you spend a moment for me?” The boss says, “Okay. I have five minutes. What can I do for you?” The employee, “Well, I've been working for ten years in this great company. But I don't want to beat around the bush for a long time: I would like a salary increase.” The boss sighs “Unfortunately, you have chosen a very bad time.” The employee goes on insistsing, “I understand that, of course. But please bear in mind that I have always done very good work and I was always a loyal worker. For ten years now. And there are four other companies chasing after me.” The boss thinks for a while and then says, “OK. Of course, I am informed of your good work and don't want to lose you. I therefore offer you a 10 percent rise in salary plus three additional days off per year. Do you agree?” “Sure, boss. You will not regret it.” “But I still have a question,” says the boss. “What four companies are chasing after you?” “First, the municipal services, second, the credit bank, third, the car dealership and fourth the telephone company.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Two mastiffs are sitting in the waiting room of the veterinarian. One asks the other, “Why are you here?” The second mastiff answers “Oh, that's a very tragic story: I accidentally bit my mistress. And now they want to euthanize me. And what about you?” “Ah, yesterday, my mistress bent forward before the fireplace to ignite a fire. She was completely naked - I just could not control myself!” “And now you are here to being euthanized, too?” “No. To cut my claws.”

Sudoku No. 395 (easy)

 Two girlfriends meet at the cafe after some time. The first woman boasts, “Yesterday I got fucked by every trick in the book.” The second asks curiously, “By whom?” “I certainly will not say that. And much less to his wife!”

Sudoku No. 396

A lawyer parks his brand new Lexus in front of a colleague's office, to make him envious. He gets out of the car, and at that same moment a truck passes the parked new car much too close and tears off the driver's door. A policeman is standing nearby and comes to take the lawyer's personal data. But the lawyer starts to scream, “What a bummer! I bought this car only yesterday! It is brand new. Even if it is repaired, it will never be the same as before and the loss of value is dramatic.” When he pauses, the policeman says, “To be honest. I really can not believe how materialistic you lawyers are. You are so focused on the loss of value of your damaged car that you cannot even perceive that there are much more important things.” “So? And what are those much more important things?”, asks the lawyer. “Well, for example, that the truck also tore off your left arm.” The attorney starts yelling again, “My Rolex! My brand new Rolex!”

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Good Teacher Banta and and son went fishing one day. Sitting in the boat for a couple of hours gave them not much to do, so the son started thinking about the world around him. He began to get curious and asked his father some questions. “How does this boat float?” Banta thought for a moment, then replied, “Don’t rightly know, son.” The boy returned to his contemplation, but soon came up with another one, “How do fish breath underwater?” Once again Banta replied, “Don’t rightly know, son.” A little later the boy asked Banta, “Why is the sky blue?” Again, Banta replied, “Don’t rightly know, son.” Worried he was going to annoy his father, he said, “Dad, do you mind my asking you all of these questions?” Banta immediately assured him, “Of course not, son. If you don’t ask questions, you’ll never learn anything!” CROSSWORD SOLUTION

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