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Still no Names Fifth “Marcha Verde” in Ázua / Diandino Peña Criqué displaced as Head of the Metro

Thousands of protesters particiated again at the fifth “Green March” on the 21st of May, this time in the impoverished south. They came to Ázua to demonstrate against corruption and impunity for the corrupt. The date 19th of May was a severe additional irritation among the demonstrators. Since this was the date on which General Prosecutor Jean Alain Rodríguez promised to publish the names of the politicians and businessmen involved in the Odebrecht corruption case. Which he did not. On the 19th of April, Rodríguez promised that within 30 days, “all and all of these documents, including testimonies and documentations, will be published so that anyone with access to the Internet can see them.” The documents came from Brazil, and nothing was published yet. Marcha Verde proclaimed in Ázua: “No more silence, Mr President, just do as other Latin American presidents have done. The time to talk has come. The names of the bribed officials have been sent from Brazil, but your general prosecutor continues to go on with his delay tactics, seeking ways to facilitate the horse trade and thus to fool the

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón June, 8 June, 14 June, 19 June, 22

Carnival Splendor Carnival Magic Carnival Magic Carnival Splendor

people again.” President Danilo Medina was accused of “impeding the law and to prefer impunity in the Odebrecht case”. According to Marcha Verde, the corruption and impunity that are exercised and promoted by the National Palace, are the culprits for the high level of poverty which the provinces of the south-west are suffering, where 70 percent of all households are poor. In the border provinces it is almost 100 per cent. The lost money of Odebrecht's overvaluation of their constructions by more than two billion dollars could have improved the conditions in these impoverished provinces. At the end of the demonstration, Marcha Verde repeated its three main demands: prison for the corrupt, the return of the stolen money and the annulment of the contracts with the mafia-like Brazilian construction company. In addition, they protested against the use of police force against deputies and students in front of the building of the general prosecutor, where they wanted to camp and wait for the names on the day announced by the General Prosecutor. Meanwhile, General Prosecutor Rodríguez asked for “patience”. The analysis of the documents and the examination of the data would need a few days before they could be made available to the population. In addition, the documents would have to be translated from Portuguese to Spanish. Whereupon Marcha Verde argued, the names of the corrupt do not need to be translated. The next “Green March” is scheduled for the 11th of June in San Pedro de Macorís, east of Santo Domingo.

After the scandal about Diandino Peña, President Danilo Medina quickly reacted and relieved him as chairman of the Metro of Santo Domingo. The journalist Alicia Ortega had found out that Peña only stated his income as director of the OPRET in his declaration of assets, but not his 26 foreign companies (see last edition of LA PLAYA). The President's critics said it was so quick because Diandino Peña is another close ally of former President Leonel Fernández, who had appointed him as the director of the Metro, and thus strengthened his own power in the ruling party PLD. Diandino Peña accepted the dismissal without dissent, but later complained that after his dismissal he needed spiritual help because of the allegations against him and that therefore he and his family had to search for shelter in a church. In the meantime, the prosecutor's office stated that there was nothing to do for the time being. First, the Accounts Chamber had to examine the accusations.

Hope of the Little Man Gambling Houses cover Country densely / Ferries del Caribe crashed into Quay Wall

No matter where you are, the next “Banca” always is only a few steps away. They cover the entire country in a dense network. So that anyone who makes a peso can stake it immediately, in the vague hope to have the chance for the big winnings and so get rid of all his financial worries. Or at least to have some money for a small party with friends. Apart from the fact that gambling is a very serious but underestimated danger, obviously many of these gambling banks are used for money laundering.

Nationwide, there are an estimated 200,000 of these small gambling houses, but only 30,000 of them are legal. Now the Senate adopted a draft law on money laundering and financing of terrorism, which was then passed on to the Chamber of Deputies, where it was presented to the Legal Department to review it. Surprisingly, this law excludes the gambling houses from control. However, it is less surprising if one knows that two senators and nine deputies themselves are owners of gambling houses. Alberto Atallah, the former supervisor of the banks, turned against the removal of the gambling houses from the law against money laundering, where they formerly were included. The PRM politician, who was himself a deputy, said the Chamber of Deputies had to correct this bill and return it to the Senate. The lawyer Carlos Salcedo called the draft “embarrassing” and “shameful”.

After a fire on the ship of the Ferries del Caribe, which connects Santo Domingo and the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan, the ferry service had to be stopped last August. On the 3rd of May, the shipping route could be re-opened and the first ferry returned. The ship from 1991, which was completely renovated in 2015, can carry up to 1,750 passengers. On the 9th of May, the route was officially dedicated in the port of Santo Domingo. But the joy was only short. On the 18th of May, the ferry arrived at the port of Sansoucí in Santo Domingo and crashed into the quay wall. A mechanical mistake was the reason for the accident, in which luckily no one was hurt. There was damage to the quay wall, the ferry, and some containers that were ready to be loaded on the ship. The repair of the ship takes about two weeks, then it will resume operation. On the ferry there can be transported containers and cars.

Funding Cuts Less than Half for Dominican Republic / One Billion for Latin America / Nothing for Cuba The wind of change in the White House also has a direct impact on the neighboring countries. Apart from the fact that many Latin Americans who live in the United States legally and illegally, including many Dominicans, are afraid to leave the States to visit their home countries, fearing that they might get problems at their return to the US, President Donald Trump has now published a draft for the reduction of aid for the countries south of the Rio Grande. President Trump's first budget proposal includes a substantial reduction in funding for Latin America. The proposal, which can still be changed, has yet to be confirmed by the Congress. According to this draft, the State Department will get a budget of 37.6 billion dollars, of which more than one billion dollars is dedicated to operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. This means 614 million dollars less than in the 2016 fiscal year, which still fell under the government of President Barrack Obama. The Dominican Republic is also affected by the planned cuts. While last year the US

government provided 21.6 million dollars in aid money, the new plan does not even show half of this sum - only 10.5 million dollars. The funds for the countries that are not on the “friend list” of the USA, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador, do not get any support any more. Especially Ecuador will easily get over this, because last year it only received two million dollars. In Venezuela it was also only 6.5 million dollars. And Cuba, which opened after more than 50 years and tried to normalize its relation with the United States, received 20 million dollars last year.

The aid to the neighboring country of Haiti is cut from 190.7 million dollars to 157.4 million dollars. Although the funds will be cut, the United States will continue to provide massive funds for programs to promote security and democracy, as well as to fight against drug trafficking and illegal immigration, which will be distributed as necessary. Even in the poorest and most conflicting countries in Central America, there is a sharp reduction: Guatemala now will receive 80.7 million instead of 131.2 million, Honduras 67.8 (98.2) and El Salvador 46.3 instead of 67.9 million dollars. Trump's favorite enemy Mexico will get 87.7 million instead of 160.1 million dollars. Colombia, one of the best allies, which again became the number one cocaine producer, still receives 251.4 million dollars instead of 299.4 million dollars last year. In addition, there are 391 million for the “Paz Colombia” plan to consolidate the peace process after the 50-year civil war. And to fight drug trafficking, Colombia will get a couple of millions more.

Drug Conference in Punta Cana 88 Billion Dollars Revenue per Year / New Perspective of the Drug Problem in the US?

In his opening speech at the 34th International Conference on Drug Control in Punta Cana, President Danilo Medina was deeply concerned about the increase in the amount of drugs, where the confiscation in metric tons is now almost the rule rather than the exception. This is due to the fact that more drug is produced and more drug is consumed, which he described as “very dangerous”. Medina urged the “consumer countries” to do more to reduce drug use. It was their “historic responsibility”, since 90 percent of the profits from international drug trafficking

were generated there and the strategies for this illegal business is developed in these countries. According to the figures of the Joint Inter Agency Task Force South (JIATF-S), coordinated by the USA, a total of 132 metric tons of cocaine were seized in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2013. This figure increased annually, despite the “antidrug war” with thousands of deaths - in the countries of Latin America. In 2014 it was already 158 metric tons, one year later 193, and in 2016, a total of 282 tons of cocaine was confiscated. After signing the peace treaty between the Colombian government and the leftist FARC, which has been accused of protecting and cultivating coca fields and being deeply involved in drug trafficking, there has been a tremendous increase in cultivation areas in Colombia. 90 percent of the cocaine destined for the USA comes from Colombia. Danilo Medina said: “It is important to put these figures in perspective, because if we include the cocaine that reaches its goal, we come to the gruesome number of 2,461 metric tons.” According to JIATF-S, international cocaine trafficking accounts for 88 billion dollars a year. According to President Medina, every ton of trafficked cocaine produces 28 violent deaths in Central America and 553 overdoses in the USA. In addition, the criminal networks are fed with millions of dollars. Therefore, it is important to fight together from different fronts. In the face of stagnation in the achievement of drug trafficking targets, “new models have to be drafted, as the current models do not help us to achieve our goals.”

United States Secretary of Homeland Security, John F. Kelly, admitted that the US is not doing enough to fight drug use in its own country. “The drug flow is caused solely by the demand for drugs in the US, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine. The reason for the drug flow is the demand, and we do almost nothing against it”, acknowledged the general. Kelly showed a completely new view of the US government that has so far been fighting against drugs where they are produced. The craving for drugs in the US triggers violence in the countries where they are cultivated and transported, he said.

Free after 36 Years Lenín Moreno took Office in Ecuador / Mass Protests against Brazils President Temer After 36 years in American prisons and three months under house arrest in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan, the legendary 74-year-old fighter for the independence of Puerto Rico from the USA, Óscar López, is again a free man. US President Obama pardoned the nationalist

Unlike his predecessor Rafael Correa, the new Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno will have to govern with a strong opposition. The 64-year-old took office on the 24th of May, which he will hold until 2021. Ex-President Correa, one of the most popular presidents of Latin America who ruled Ecuador for ten years, moves with his wife to Belgium. Moreno, who has been paralyzed since an attack, wants to continue the policy of Correa. But opposition leader Guillermo Lasso vowed to put an end to the project Socialism of the 21st Century.

in January, known as “Mandela of Latin America”, who was considered the longest detained political prisoner in the world. Óscar López was one of the leaders of the National Liberation Army (FalN), who fought against the occupation of Puerto Rico by the United States.

 Wir nehmen Abschied von unserem unvergesslichen Freund

Fritz Er starb unerwartet im 92. Lebensjahr. Du bleibst in unseren Herzen unvergessen, denn du bist nicht von uns gegangen, sondern voraus gegangen. Deine Freunde Ernesto, Otti und Erich Vista Mar

He did not come to the presidential office a nice way and will probably not leave it a nice way after one year. Michel Temer was the Vice President of Brazil under President Dilma Rousseff, and one of the main wirepullers in her fall in May 2016. The unpopular president now probably is facing his downfall because he was observed when he took money from a business man. This led to violent protests in Brasilia with 35,000 demonstrators. Shortly before the editorial deadline, protesters set fire to the Ministry of Agriculture.


Yubelkis Peralta

First Number-One-Hit

Rearview Mirror stolen

Yvette Marichal Interest in Cannes Since the song “Macarena” of the Spanish duo Los del Río in the remix of the Bayside Boys in 1996, now with the hit “Despacito”, interpreted by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, it is the first time that a song in Spanish gets to the first rank of the list Top 100 of the Billboards in the United States. The Panamanian co-composer Erika Ender says she and Luis Fonsi (see LA PLAYA No. 12) have never imagined such a success. It was a “blessing” for the performers, as well as for Latin music. “The whole world dances and sings in Spanish!”, she rejoices. “This is not only a great success for me and Luis Fonsi, but for music in general,” said the Puerto Rican Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee (see LA PLAYA No. 151). “We overcome cultural obstacles in the world with music.” For now already 16 weeks, “Despacito” is at the top of the Latino hits, and on YouTube the song had ben clicked more than 1.5 billion times. In the history of YouTube, “Despacito” ranks 24th among the most watched videos of all times. Luis Fonsi thanked Justin Bieber, who also sung in one of the versions of the song and so helpred to make the song popular to the average American listener.

At the 70th Film Festival in Cannes, the Dominican film industry was present again with the DGCINE (General Direction for Cinema) and its director Yvette Marichal. Its mission was to make known the country in the Caribbean as a destination for filming. In Law 108-10 on the promotion of cinematographic activities in the Dominican Republic, article 39 mentions the possibilities of the National Cinematographic Law for foreign projects. It is already the sixth consecutive time that the DGCINE is present in Cannes. At the opening event in the Village International Pavilion, Marichal welcomed a total of 30 producers and directors from the US, Europe and South America who wanted to know more about the conditions for international investment in films shot in Dominican territory. Some of the directors were interested in getting to know the makers and directors of certain films that attracted attention internationally, such as José María Cabral, who recently was included in the official selection of the Sundance Film Festival with his film “Carpinteros”. This year, for the first time the Dominican Republic is showing four feature films at the Marché du Film in Cannes: “Cocote” by Nelson Carlo de los Santos, who was successful already on the International Film Festival in Panama, “Luis” by Archie López, “El hombre que cuida” by Alejandro Andújar, a coproduction of the Dominican Republic with Puerto Rio and Brazil, and the drama “Carpinteros” by Cabral, which was shot in two Dominican jails.

Yubelkis Peralta, the presenter of the TV program “De Extremo a Extremo”, which is broadcast daily from noon to 4 pm on the TV channel Digital 15, complained on her Instagram account that she now also became a victim of the country's rampant crime. The beautiful lady, who formerly also used to work as a model, described, that during a walk through the old town of Santo Domingo, she and her family were robbed of one of the car's rearview mirrors by some insolent thieves. “My beautiful family trip to Zona Colonial ended like this, where 123 security cameras are installed and the specialized security forces are working in changing shifts during 24 hours with the aim to prevent crime and guarantee security for national and foreign visitors. Cestur - Where were they?” Yubelkis Peralta is a graduate in social communication, was a presenter of the Saturday evening show “Sábado extraordinario” and also worked as an announcer on the radio.

What is this Guy singing? “Ni estúpida ni bruta” by Rubby Pérez After a long time this is a new hit for Rubby Pérez, which currently is forcing its way into the auditory canals from all sides. La perdí, se marchó, me dejó y enojada me dijo: No mas cabañas conmigo, no. No mas moteles conmigo, no. Yo no soy tu prostituta, ni estúpida, ni bruta. No mas cabañas conmigo, no. No mas moteles conmigo, no. Yo no soy tu prostituta, ni estúpida, ni bruta. Ay ay ay el que se enamora ay ay ay pasa de moda. Dizque enamorada, ¿pero de qué y de quién? Me cansé de aguantar. Me cansé del pisoteo. De esas cápulas de perro en el jardín. Y de a cambio de qué, quedaré arrugada de vieja en espera que eres para mi. Ni bruta ni estúpida soy. Se te acabó el cuento. Ya no me muero de eso. No mas cabañas conmigo, no ... O eh o eh, o eh o eh o. O eh o eh, o eh o eh o. No mas cabañas conmigo, no ... Ay ay ay el que se enamora ay ay ay pasa de moda. Dizque enamorada, ¿pero de qué y de quién? Me cansé de aguantar. Me cansé del pisoteo. De esas capulas de perro en el jardín. Y de a cambio de qué, quedaré arrugada de vieja en espera que eres para mi. Ni bruta ni estúpida soy. Se te acabó el cuento. Ya no me muero de eso. No mas cabañas conmigo, no. No mas moteles conmigo, no. Yo no soy tu prostituta, ni estúpida, ni bruta. No mas cabañas conmigo, no. No mas moteles conmigo, no ... Ay ombe. No mas cabañas conmigo, no ... No mas cabañas conmigo, no. No mas moteles conmigo, no. Yo no soy tu prostituta, ni estúpida, ni bruta. Ay ombe. Ahora sí morí. No mas cabañas conmigo, no.

I lost her, she went, she left me and angrily she told me: No more cabañas with me, no. No more motels with me, no. I'm not your prostitute, neither stupid, nor dumb. No more cabañas with me, no. No more motels with me, no. I'm not your prostitute, neither stupid, nor dumb. Ay ay ay, who falls in love, Ay ay ay, is out of fashion. Saying in love. But in what and with who? I am tired to hold out. I am tired of the trampling. Of these dog piles in the garden. And all in exchange for what? I will be old and wrinkled, waiting for you to be mine. I am not dumb nor stupid. Your story is over. I do not die therefore. No more Cabañas with me, no ... O eh o eh, o eh o eh o. O eh o eh, o eh o eh o. No more cabañas with me, no. Ay ay ay, who falls in love, Ay ay ay, is out of fashion. Saying in love. But in what and with who? I am tired to hold out. I am tired of the trampling. Of these dog piles in the garden. And all in exchange for what? I will be old and wrinkled, waiting for you to be mine. I am not dumb nor stupid. Your story is over. I do not die therefore. No more cabañas with me, no. No more motels with me, no. I'm not your prostitute, neither stupid, nor dumb. No more cabañas with me, no. No more motels with me, no. Oh, dude. No more cabañas with me, no ... No more cabañas with me, no. No more motels with me, no. I'm not your prostitute, neither stupid, nor dumb. Oh, dude. Now I am dead. No more cabañas with me, no.

Roberto Antonio Pérez Herrera was born in Haina on the 8th of March 1956. The dream of his youth was to become a baseball player. But this dream was ruined by a car accident. After studying music at the National Conservatory in Santo Domingo, he sang in various groups such as Los Hijos del Rey (see LA PLAYA 137) and with the Merengue star Wilfrido Vargas (LA PLAYA 149) at the beginning of the eighties. In 1987, Rubby Pérez decided to try a solo career. He made himself known as „the loudest voice of Merengue“ and, according to himself, has sold more albums than all the other Merengueros. Rubby Pérez had his greatest hits in the nineties. „Tu vas a volar“ was one of the most successful and last ones. Only now it is that one of his songs, the presented one, is heard at every corner. Rubby Pérez has spent a lot of time in the United States in recent years and has been touring Europe or Canada. He released about a dozen albums and was awarded the Casandra in two categories in 2005.

Conjunctivitis Doctors warn against Self-Treatment / Hygiene protects from Infection / Summer Disease For several weeks now, people come to the hospitals, plagued by inflamed eyes. In schools, children are sent home by their teachers so they do not infect their classmates. According to the Ministry of Health, the long-lasting rains of the recent months as well as the environmental pollution are responsible for this epidemic which is one of the strongest in the recent years. The population is called to go to a health center when they notice symtoms of conjunctivitis. The authorities strongly

advise against self-treatment. Conjunctivitis can be the result of a cold, but can also be caused by a virus. It is therefore recommended to avoid contact with other people who are already suffering from conjunctivitis and to wash the hands with water and soap frequently. In addition, the eyes should be protected from strong sun, heat, dust, smoke and other irritants. If you have conjunctivitis, you should take the medication prescribed by the doctor. You should not use cloth handkerchiefs or towels for cleaning the eyes, but only disposable handkerchiefs or napkins. In normal cases, conjunctivitis lasts about one week. During this time you should be careful and have little physical contact with others.

According to the Institute against Blindness by Glaucoma (Incocegla), since the beginning of January, 38,107 patients have come to this institute, of which 3,177 showed symptoms of the virus. 1,980 of the patients were between 15 and 64 years old, 812 were between five and 14 years old and 205 patients were older than 65. There are many patients with red and tearing eyes in the emergency rooms of the hospitals and the waiting rooms of the private clinics. Ophthalmologists say they treated up to 20 patients daily, which show this symptome. Many of the patients say that another family member was already suffering from conjunctivitis recently. According to Dr. Terrero of the Children's Hospital Robert Reid Cabral in Santo Domingo, most of the ill are children. It was normal that there are more infected by conjunctivitis in summer.

In the Pub


Not this Way!

“What's the matter with you?”, the barkeeper asks his sad, dreary looking guest. “My wife left with my best friend. Everything is so senseless without him!”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Two good old friends meet at a party after a long time. The one asks the other one: “How are things going?” “Not that well”, answers the other. “I'm living in divorce.” “How comes?” The friend explains, “One day my wife asked me, 'Did you notice that we didn't have sex for six months?” “And that's a reason for divorce? Or did you say something else?” “I only answered, 'Maybe you'.”

 “What is it that you are cutting out of the newspaper?”, the barkeeper curiously inquires a regular visitor. “It's an article about a man who has killed his wife because she constantly was searching his jacket pockets.” “And what do you need that article for?” “To put it in my jacket pocket.”

 “From now on, a wind of change will blow here”, says the barkeeper to his guest, who often does not pay his bill. “From now on, I will make no more notes for your credits!” The guest looks at him, disbelievingly: “Oh my goodness! Do you really think you can keep that all in mind? “

The doctor sits beside the deathbed and says to the husband, “I don't like how your wife looks like.” “Me neither, but it will not last very long any more, will it?” Sudoku No. 393 (easy)

 “One beer!”, Orders the guest in a somewhat grubby pub. “For me another one,” yells another guy. A third says, “Another one - but in a clean glass!” The waiter comes with the beverages, looks around and asks, “For whom was the beer in the clean glass?”

 The young priest preaches: “Whenever I see a drunken man leaving a pub, I tell him, 'You are on the wrong path, turn around!'”

 “Doctor, please, be honest. What is the problem about my health?” “Well, I will prescribe you a couple of mud packs.” “And that will help?” “No, I don't think so. But you will get used to damp soil.”

Sudoku No. 394

A man sentenced to death is awakened at five o'clock in the morning. The executioner asks him kindly, “Do you have a last wish?” “Yes, thank you. I'd like to have a last cup of coffee.” “With or without sugar?”, asks the friendly hangman. “For God's sake, no sugar. I'm a diabetic!”

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Small house in Lomas Mironas, 1 bedroom, 1 BA, 52 sq.m, pool, garden, in guarded area, only 450 US$, electricity & internet included. 829-726-5174. (004-RC-LM) 2-bedroom villa with pool & garden in Lomas Mironas, guarded, 125 sq.m, electricity & internet included, only 800 US$. 829-726-5174. (018-RC-LM) New apartments in Cabarete in different sizes, center close to the sea, large pool, guarded, long term, 1 bedroom: 500 US$, 2-bedroom: 700 US$,, 829-7265174 New Studios in Cabarete ProCab, 35 sq.m, pool, garden, long term from 600 US$. 829-726-5174 – tbarge, (154-RC-1BR) 4-bedroom luxury villa in Perla Marina, guarded, 240 sq.m, electricity & internet included, 1900 US$ / month. 829-726-5174. tbarge www.dominican-re (015-RC-PM-XL) 1-bedroom duplex apartment in Perla Marina, 75 sq.m, balcony, large garage, long term 450 US$. 829-7265174. Twice in the first row to rent "The Victorian" Beachfront Apartment "Blue Fish" Penthouse 180° sea view 24 hours electricity, security, Pool, 809-912-5126

Translations to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA in Sosúa without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day. For information please call 829-373-1218


Apartment and room for monthly rental in Playa Laguna. Apartment from US$350, room US$220. Tel. 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015 Inexpensive Apartments in Playa Chiquita. Furnished or unfurnished. Further information at 849-262-5765, or mail:

Spanish Lessons by a long-time, professionally experienced teacher, on the beach or private. Contact Email: or call 849-262-5765

Looking for work in Sosúa. At home or as a cleaner in a bar or the like, only in the morning. Call 829-9443702 or 849-405-1281

Large 2 bdr apartment in Cabarete for short term (3 days to 3 months), 3 km east of Janet's Supermercado. Full kitchen & bath, fully furnished, cable, wi-fi, laundry machine. Covered patio, beautiful grounds, quiet neighborhood. $18/day, $120/week, $395/month. (829) 366-7681 or Spacious 3 bdr/2 bath apartment in Cabarete for short term (3 days to 3 months), 3 km east of Janet's Supermercado. Full kitchen, fully furnished, cable, wi-fi, laundry machine. Covered patio, beautiful grounds, quiet neighborhood. $24/day, $150/week, $495/month. (829) 366-7681 or Casacabarete@ Studio apartment, fully furnished, for short term (3 days to 3 months) in Cabarete, 3 km from Janet's Supermercado. Wi-fi, laundry machine. Beautiful grounds, quiet neighborhood. $10/day, $60/week, $225/month. (829) 366-7681 or Apartment in Sosúa, 2 BR, 1 BA, living-dining room, terrace, close to Super Pola and CMC, for rent now. US$ 550 + 2 months deposit. Call 809-455-8272 Big Apartment, 180 sq.m, 2 floors, furnished, super view on the bay of Sosúa, 2 BR/2BA, US$400/month, only log-term-rental, Mail to, Tel. 809781-5758

For rent: 2017 cars, automatic, power windows, A/C, 4 door, very good gas mileage. Price US$133 per week. Call 809-727-9850 or 809-2616001. Restrictions apply. Mitsubishi Montero, 1998, Jeep 4x4, Gas & petrol g.w.o., new tyres, new battery, fully serviced, 5,250 US$, Call 829-678-3311 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited, 2008, Motor 3,8 V6, Extras in excellent conditions, service up to date, no Off-Road, first owner in the Dominican Republic, US$23,500, Tel./Whatsapp 809-866-0188 Honda Scooter, 2006, 600 cc, Silver Wing,14,000 km, like new, US$ 5,800 o.n.o., Call 829-891-1460 or 809-817-8345

German Nailstylist in Costambar. Specialist in Gel, Acryl, Shellack,, Tel. 829 7276845 For Sale HP – Printer, Scanner, Copier in One, with ink gratis + CD, 1,200 RD$ and big microwave-oven, 3,100 RD$. Mail to, Tel. 809781-5758 Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467

Do you want to renew or apply for a RESIDENCIA? Do you need help, because your Spanish isn't good? Do you need a translation, legalized or not legalized? Ask at the LA PLAYA-Office in Sosúa at Beach Way Plaza


Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

Copies: English 1,500 German 1,500

Four-year-old golden yellow sterile cat is looking for a nice home. For free. Call 829-702-8286 Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Jane and Arlene are outside their nursing home, having a smoke, when it starts to rain. Jane pulls out a condom, cuts off the end, pulls it over her cigarette and keeps smoking. Arlene, “What the hell is that?” Jane, “A condom. This way my cigarette doesn't get wet.” Arlene, “And where did you get it?” Jane, “You can get it in any pharmacy.” The next day, Arlene goes to the pharmacy and asks the pharmacist for a box of condoms. The pharmacist looks at her kind of strangely (she is, after all, over 80 years of age), and asks what size of condom she prefers. “Doesn't matter, Sonny,” says Arlene, “as long as it fits on a Camel.” CROSSWORD SOLUTION

Your ads by mail:

by phone: 829-373-1218 LA PLAYA office in Sosúa at the Beach Way Plaza Mon. - Fri. 1- 4:30 p.m.

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