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Lessons are canceled All-day Schools do not get Food for Students / Some Schools are not earthquake-proof

The chairman of the Dominican Teachers' Association (ADP), Eduardo Hidalgo, complained that many of the schools taking part in the All-day schools (“tanda extendida”) program have to reduce their teaching hours, because the suppliers of lunch for the students can not provide the meals because they are not paid. He said there were schools that could not teach until 4 p.m. as it should be. They work with the pupils, as long as it is possible, generally until noon or 1 p.m. Then the students have to go home because there is no food for them. Hidalgo says, many of the small companies have stopped deliveries of food because the National Institute for the Well-being of Students (INABIE) has not paid them for three up to five months. The suppliers are small firms from the places where the schools are located. They often had to borrow money to deliver the food.

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón April, 10 April, 11 April, 12 April, 12 - 14 April, 24 April, 25 April, 26 April, 26 - 28

Carnival Magic Carnival Splendor Carnival Conquest Adonia Carnival Magic Carnival Splendor Carnival Conquest Adonia

The Director of INABIE, René Jáquez, however, states that many of the small businesses do not properly fill out their forms and invoices and can not be paid for this reason. Hidalgo said, “This is what René Jáquez says, the providers say something different.” Therefore he now asked the Ministry of Education to take care of the matter. Marino Peralta, director of the Association of Food Suppliers for the Schools of the Dominican Republic (Asupliderd), said the sector he represents provides 1.2 million food rations to schools every day. Each portion costs 40 pesos. He acknowledged that the bureaucracy of the system made payments more difficult, but that this was going to be more flexible and that last year's bills would be settled. Peralta confirmed that some schools have not been delivered food for a month since suppliers no longer have money to cover their expenses. INABIE Director Jáquez assured him that his institute could pay the debts and the food for the schools easily and asked the delivery companies to trust his institute. He promised that the problem of the payments will be solved within one month.

In a study on the structurcal and physical safety of schools in the regionals 10 and 15 in Greater Santo Domingo, the review of 21 school buildings found that ten of them were not earthquake-resistant. Cracks, deformations and filtrations were found, making the buildings highly susceptible to earthquakes or other natural catastrophes. The schools were selected by the Department of Risk Management of the Ministry of Education as part of the “Study of physical and structural Weaknesses in Schools”, carried out by students of civil engineering at the Institute of Technology of Santo Domingo (INTEC). The ten schools concerned are now to be subjected to an in-depth investigation to determine whether further classes can be held in them. Apart from a school built in 1974 and another from 1975, all eight other buildings were built between 1998 and 2016. After an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Dominican Teachers' Association (ADP) on a salary increase of 10 percent from August, the Ministry of Education now broke further negotiations with the ADP as some of their members are striking in some places. Minister of Education Andrés Navarro said it was not possible to negotiate and strike at the same time and warned of severe consecuences.

Protests continue Santiago turned “Green” / “Lukewarm” Reaction / Defendant Judge recedes from Office

Santiago, the second-largest city in the country, hosted another “Marcha Verde”, a green march, protesting against corruption and impunity. After the march on the 22nd of January in Santo Domingo and on the 6 th of March in Puerto Plata, this was the third great demonstration on the 26th of March. Despite the movement, however, the sociologist César Cuello does not see any convincing signals from the government that it is planning to do something against corruption in its own ranks. He says that the

measures the government has taken so far are only “lukewarm”. Social pressure is rising, says Cuello, but the President remains silent. His figure could erode if he does not initiate any conclusive and definite measures against corruption. The silence of Danilo Medina could have a very high price for him, because for the population this means “who is silent, admits”. While the construction works of the Brazilian company Odebrecht had to be stopped in countries like Peru, the company continues to build on the controversial coal power plant Punta Catalina, as if nothing had happened. The only thing the public prosecutor was doing is to interview people, but the public did not see any results. And Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García, who led Danilo Medina's election campaign, together with the Brazilian consultant João Santana, who was sentenced to eight years in his home country for corruption, simply says: “It has been proven that Odebrecht did not finance the election campaign of President Danilo Medina.”

Awilda Reyes Beltré, the judge who is accused of having accepted money from defendants to release them from charges “on instructions from above” and then had been suspended and put on domiciliary arrest in November 2015, is currently standing trial. She complained that the process was a process of lies with a political component. The former Attorney General Domínguez Brito and the chairman of the Supreme Court, Mariano Germán, used her to protect themselves. Germán threatened her directly if she did not do what he asked for. Now Reyes Beltré voluntarily resigned from her magistracy and asked the judicial council to stop the disciplinary proceedings and not to pronounce a sentence, but to roll up the case before a civil court.

Promotion of Ecotourism Germany wants to share Experiences / Second World Fair for Ecotourism in Jarabacoa Hiking, mountaineering and ecotourism are the trend in Germany and the rest of Europe. Sabine Bloch, the German Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, said in a communiqué of the Foundation for Science and Art (Fundación Ciencia y Arte) that Germany was ready to share its experiences in the areas of ecotourism, hiking and mountaineering with the Dominican Republic. This is also of interest to the tropical country, because mountaineering and hiking in the remote and less developed Alpine regions have led to an economic upswing with the creation of new jobs that gave the local population a secure existence. But it is not only new local jobs in tourism that are created. Also traditional trades such as mountain farming could be preserved, which have become a new source of income to people who otherwise would have had to move away, says Bloch. “In the year 2005, 870,000 guests stayed overnight in the huts of the German Alpine Club”.

With 250,000 visitors a year, German tourism is the third most important in the Dominican Republic after the USA and Canada. Most come because of the beaches, but also inside the country there are numerous things to discover for ecotourists, reminded the ambassador.

In addition to the dream beaches with white sand and coconut palms like in a picture book, the country is also lushly covered with waterfalls and other natural beauty, which sometimes are situated almost in front of

the door, but often are living an undeserved and undeveloped hidden existence. “The Dominican Republic has already been very successful with classic offers for beach holidays, but it could present new offers for ecotourism in the future. I hope that we can build bridges and establish lasting contacts together between German tour agencies and organizations for ecotourism and Dominican companies and communities”, said Bloch. With its participation in the Ecotourist World Fair and Production Jarabacoa 2017 in November, Germany would help the Dominican Republic on its way to a mountain and hiking tourism, which would also attract sportspersons and adventurers, assured the German Ambassador. “In this way, it is not only possible to create new jobs, but also to improve the infrastructure. Good traffic, a general supply of water and electricity and a clean nature help not only the tourists, but also the local dwellers”, said Ambassador Bloch. (Photo: Franz Lang)

Floodings Peru in State of Emergency / Climate Change / 2016 hottest Year since Climate Records

A scene like in a horror movie. People are filming a raging current, where usually there is a dry creek bed. On the other side of the stream, a few boys save a pig from the floods. Then comes a container, which remains stuck under a bridge. The water gets staunched. On the side of the filming, boards and other parts of a house are floated to the bank. In the middle of these shambles something is moving and suddenly one can realize that it is a woman, in the same bright mud color as the floods and the boards, like a zombie emerging between the boards. Slowly she gropes over the boards to the shore, where she is pulled up by helpers. Unlike at least 91 other Peruvians, she has survived the most severe flooding of the Andean country for years. 811 localities on the Pacific coast, which is very dry and where 60 per cent of the population live, have been declared an emergency area, the capital Lima had no drinking water for days. The last time there were reported such floods in Peru in 1982 and 1998. In 1998, 374 people died. The unusually heavy rainfall occurs when the waters oft he normally cold South Pacific warms.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently announced that the year 2016 has broken all records and reached a world temperature as never before. The sea level and the water temperatures of the oceans are rising without interruption. The Arctic ice and the glaciers melt incessantly. The world temperature is now 1.1 degrees above that in the preindustrial time. In each of the 16 years since 2001 the temperature was at least 0.4 degrees above the average of the period 1961 to 1990. The sea level is 20 centimeters above the level at the beginning of the 20 th century, mainly due to the expansion of the water by warming the oceans and the inflow of the molten waters of the ice caps and glaciers. The icing in the autumn of 2016 was exceptionally slow as well as the expansion of the sea ice which on some days in November even declined. The WMO highlights the fact that it is possible to establish a link between the climate change caused by man and many devastating extreme weather phenomena. These extreme weather phenomena, in addition to the severe drought that has led to food insecurity for millions of people in southern and western Africa and Central America, include hurricane “Matthew”, which led to disaster in Haiti and was the first hurricane of category four since 1963 that met on land. The WMO warns that these extreme phenomena will continue this year, because

in the northern winter, three warm waves were recorded in the Arctic, there were huge storms in the Atlantic, which caused warm and humid air to enter the eternal ice and made that the temperature was rising close to the melting point. In the Antarctic, too, a low level of sea ice has been registered again, the contrary has been observed in recent years. Although there have always been weather extremes such as long-lasting drought or extreme precipitation, these have accumulated in recent years in the Dominican Republic. So there was an extremely long drought period from 2015 until last year, when agriculture suffered from the drought, which was followed by unusually heavy rainfall since the end of last year, as well as now again in March, leading to severe flooding and crop failures especially in the northern provinces. The picture above was taken recently on the mainroad between Sosúa and Puerto Plata at the entrance of La Unión.

Hospital Ricardo Limardo Provincial Hospital got long in the Tooth / Renovation and Extension at 200 Million Pesos The hospital of the city of Puerto Plata was built in 1958, when the number of its inhabitants was significantly lower than today. Actually, it has been built for 15 quarters of the city to provide medical care to the inhabitants living here. However, since there is no comparable public hospital in the surrounding area, today the patients come from the other villages of the north coast up to Río San Juan and even Cabrera. The patients from Gáspar Hernández normally should go to the hospital of their province of Espaillat in Moca, but Puerto

Plata is much easier to reach for them. Of course, they too are treated here without any restriction. The hospital's director, Benjamín Antonio Reyes, says that without giving the hospital this status, it is actually the regional health center of the North.

Between 2013 and 2016, 83,000 medical treatments were carried out, with a monthly subsidy of just 1.8 million pesos. Of these, 40 percent go to the program for the most important drugs (Promese), which must always be in stock. In the hospital, 90 doctors are attending, many of who are also practicing in private clinics to earn some extra money, as well as 500 paramedics, nursing staff and the administration. For four years, the hospital has been renovated and expanded on government orders. This will cost 200 million pesos (planned: 85).

Cuco Valoy

Marc Anthony

Gran Soberano

New Dominican Partner

Wiz Khalifa Indignation in Columbia

The Soberano trophies are awarded annually by the Association of Art Critics (Asociación de Cronistas de Arte - Acroarte) to the best Dominican artists in the areas of music, popular and classical art and entertainment. It is the most coveted prize for Dominican artists. The 33 rd edition of the ceremony was held at the National Theater in Santo Domingo on the 28th of March. The Gran Soberano, the highest award, went this year to Cuco Valoy (LA PLAYA 156), called “El Brujo” (The Magician), for his influence on Merengue and the worldwide distribution of this typical Dominican music. Another important prize, the Soberano of the Audience, went to Mozart La Para again.

US rapper Wiz Khalifa, who has registered a marijuana strain on his name in Oregon, has provoked indignation after a concert in the Colombian city of Medellín. The 29-year-old star showed photos on Instagram as he is laying flowers and a marijuana joint on the grave of Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar is the founder of the drug cartel of Medellín, shot on the 2nd of December 1993 by Colombian police officers. He was made responsible for at least 4,000 murders and terrorized the South American country in the 1980s and 1990s. The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, called it a “glorification of the crime”. Wiz Khalifa should rather have put flowers on the graves of his victims. Gutiérrez complained that Escobar was being transfigured into a heroe in TV series and that many people from abroad came to Medellín to visit their “heroe”. Escobar was an extremely dangerous criminal and is to blame for the deaths of thousands of civilians, soldiers and policemen, and some people thought it was “very funny” to honor this kind of people. “This really arouses indignation, pain and anger,” says Gutiérrez. Pablo Escobar is considered a legend in the world of the rappers.

After his divorce from the Venezuelan model Shannon Lima, Salsa-superstar Marc Anthony has again a new partner. It is the 21-year-old Dominican-born model Mariana Downing, whom he described as “a little ugly, but a good person” in a TV show, which did not have a very friendly echo in the social networks. Marc Anthony is 46 years old.

José José Down with Cancer

The Mexican singer José José (“Lo pasado pasado”, “El triste”) announced that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer and warned of scammers collecting money for him. He just asks for the love of his fans and their prayers.

What is this Guy singing? “Ese tipo soy yo” by Roberto Carlos An old song of the Brazilian superstar Roberto Carlos currently is reheated again as a “new” Salsa by two Salseros. El tipo que piensa en ti a toda hora. Que cuenta segundos si tu te demoras. Y que todo el tiempo él te quiere ver, porque ya no sabe sin ti lo que hacer. Y en el medio de la noche te llama para decir que te ama. Ese tipo soy yo El tipo que firme te lleva del brazo y no deja que nadie interrumpa tus pasos. Pase lo que pase te va a proteger. El héroe esperado por toda mujer. Y por ti él encara el peligro. Tu mejor amigo: Ese tipo soy yo. El tipo que te ama así como eres. Que despues del amor en su pecho te duermes. Que acaricia tu pelo, te habla de amor. Te dice otras cosas que te dan calor. De mañana despiertas sonriendo tu mirada diciendo: Ese tipo soy yo. Ese tipo soy yo. Yo soy el tipo exacto para ti. Que te hace feliz y que te adora. Que seca tu llanto siempre que tu lloras. Ese tipo soy yo. Ese tipo soy yo. El tipo que siempre te espera sonriendo. Que te abre la puerta del carro diciendo que está apasionado, que es loco por ti. Te besa en la boca y vuelve a decir que ha sentido tu falta y reclama, porque te ama. Ese tipo soy yo. Ese tipo soy yo. Ese tipo soy yo. Ese tipo soy yo. Ese tipo soy yo.

The guy who thinks of you at any hour. The one who counts seconds when you are late. And who wants to see you all the time, because he does not know what to do without you. And who calls you in the middle of the night, to tell you that he loves you. This guy is me. The guy who takes you by the arm and does not let anyone interrupt your steps. No matter what happens, he will protect you. The hero, expected by every woman. And for you confronts the danger. Your best friend: This guy is me. The guy who loves you as you are. When after love you sleep on his chest. Who strokes your hair, tells you of love. Tells you other things that make you hot. In the morning you wake up smiling, your look saying: This guy is me. This guy is me. I'm just the right guy for you. Who makes you happy and adores you. Who will dry your tears whenever you cry. This guy is me. This guy is me. The guy who always waits for you smiling. Who opens the door of the car saying that he is passionate, he is crazy about you. He kisses you on the mouth and says again, that he has missed you and complains, because he loves you. This guy is me. This guy is me. This guy is me. This guy is me. This guy is me.

Roberto Carlos Braga was born in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo on the 19 th of April 1941. At the age of six he was hit by a steam locomotive and lost his right leg below the knee. In the 1960s Roberto Carlos tried to make a name in Bossa Nova. Later, he turned to Pop and Rock. He was called the Elvis of Brazil and his romantic songs, which he also sang in Spanish, became huge hits throughout Latin America and Spain. “Amada amante” or “Un millón de amigos” are classics. The song “Lady Laura”, also a classic, he devoted to his mother. Roberto Carlos was awarded the Grammy for the “Best Latin Pop Album” in 1989 and was honored with a Latin Grammy as “Person of the Year” in 2015. In his 58-year career, Roberto Carlos has sold more than 120 million albums, making him the most successful singer in Brazil. Among the Latin singers, he is ranked third behind Julio Iglesias and the recently deceased Mexican singer Juan Gabriel. Each of his albums contains at least one international hit. With nearly 76 years of age he still is an active singer and will celebrate his birthday with two concerts in Portugal.

Easter is on its Way



Bernd eats up all chocolate eggs for Easter in the shortest possible time. His mother is horrified: „But Bernd! Did'nt you think about your little sister?“ Bernd: „Of course I did. That's why I ate them that fast!“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Donald Trump, the German chancellor Angela Merkel and Dominican President Danilo Medina are in hell after their death. At Easter, they get the permission from the devil to make a telephone call to their country to inquire about the situation there. First is Donald Trump's turn. He's talking for two minutes, and when he hangs up, the devil says, “That's 2,000 dollars.” Trump is very angry. “That's very expensive. You are a bad, bad man!” Then Angela Merkel is allowed to call. She talks five long minutes. The devil charges 5,000 euros. Merkel has expected this and says: “In view of the circumstances, I must accept this.” The last is Danilo Medina. He starts to natter and puts down the receiver after 59 minutes. In anticipation of the huge bill, he turns pale. But the devil says, “That makes 10 pesos.” Medina is baffled. “How comes? Why did the others have to pay that much and for me it's only 10 pesos?” “There is murder and manslaughter in your country. It has one of the highest death rates in traffic accidents. Men kill their partners and impregnate young girls. The education and health system are a complete desaster and at the highest Christian holidays everyone is getting drunk. This is like hell. That's why it was a local call - and that's 10 pesos an hour.”

Frank asks his friend: „Why do you call your girlfriend always 'my Easter egg'?“ „Because she is hard-boiled inside and painted outside.“

Midnight in a small bar. The host is alone with a few guests at the bar. The door opens, a man comes in and orders a bottle of champagne. When he gets it, he drops the cork and shouts: „Happy New Year!“ „What is this nonsense about?", asks the host. „We are on Easter!“ „Easter?“, the man stammers. „Oh Jesus, this means trouble with my old woman. I've never been away so long!“

Sudoku No. 385 (easy)


Sudoku No. 386

A psychiatrist is asking a patient. „Do you ever hear voices without being able to tell who is speaking or where the voices are coming from?“ „As a matter of fact, I do,“ says the patient. „And when does this happen?“ „When I answer the phone.“

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Sudoku No. 385

Sudoku No. 386

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