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Green Book against Impunity Odebrecht Scandal and no End / More than 4,000 Functionaries did not declare Assets An international arrest warrant was issued against the former President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, because he supposedly accepted 20 million dollars in bribes from the international Brazilian construction group Odebrecht. His wife, Elianne Karp, warned the current President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski: “Do not make me talk. I know what you did.” Also Panama has issued 17 international arrest warrants, including for two sons of former President Ricardo Martinelli. According to the US judicial authorities, Odebrecht has paid 788 million dollars to political officials in twelve countries to obtain lucrative public construction contracts like roads or bridges. Odebrecht admitted, that 92 million of these dollars went to the Dominican Republic.

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón February, 22 Koningsdam February, 25 Azura February, 27 Carnival Magic March, 1 - 3 Adonia March, 1 Costa Deliziosa March, 2 Carnival Conquest March, 3 AIDAvita March, 3 Carnival Splendor March, 7 Regal Princess March, 8 Eurodam March, 11 Costa Deliziosa March, 11 Azura March, 13 Carnival Magic March, 14 Carnival Splendor March, 14 Carnival Sunshine March, 15 - 17 Adonia March, 15 Koningsdam March, 15 Carnival Conquest March, 20 Carnival Glory March, 21 Regal Princess March, 22 Crown Princess March, 27 Carnival Magic March, 28 Regal Princess March, 28 Eurodam March, 29 - 31 Adonia March, 29 Carnival Conquest March, 31 Carnival Splendor

In some countries this had severe consequences not only for the bribed ones, as in Peru, where Odebrecht was forever expelled from the country. In the Dominican Republic, the General Prosecutor's Office made an agreement with Odebrecht that the company had to pay double of the bribe money as penalty and the case was settled. Nobody was talking about what should happen to those who have accepted the bribes. Neither names have been published yet. Max Puig, chairman of the opposition party APD (Alliance for Democracy), said that if the names of the bribed officials were not published, the Dominican government made itself an accomplice. This collusiveness and obfuscation has led to massive protests against impunity. In addition to the demonstration of the 22 nd of January against corruption and impunity with thousands of participants, the Poder Ciudadano collective (Citizen Power) has issued a so-called “Green Book”, in which the citizens of the country who are calling for an end to corruption and impunity can enlist. In the meantime, more than 130,000 people have signed. That it is not risk-free to register, a police sergeant (pic) had to learn,

who did this in uniform. Reports that therefore he had been fired, were denied by the police spokesman. The official had been suspended to investigate disciplinary consequences, since he was not allowed to sign in uniform. The corruption scandal, which has now reached a gigantic scale and which drove the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff out of office and put the election campaign consultant and “president maker” João Santana, who also advised President Medina, into jail, began at a small gas station with car wash (therefore “Lava Jato”, car wash in Portugese) in Brasilia, which was investigated for suspected money laundering. More and more company names were quickly added to the maelstrom. How little the laws are taken seriously by many “big shots” in the country, can be seen in Law 311-14, according to which all public officials have to submit their assets to the Audit Court within 30 days after entering or leaving office, which was on the 15th of September 2016. After the president has set a grace period until the 23rd of November, there are still 4.127 officials who did not care yet to comply with the law.

New Traffic Law Monthly 176 Deaths by Accident / Age Limitation for Drivers / No Children on Motorcycles

Despite all efforts on the part of the Dominican government, the massacre on the roads continues unchecked. Every month, 176 people die due to traffic accidents. With the support of the American Surgeons' College, doctors now want to take courses in the US, Colombia or Puerto Rico to mourn fewer casualties in the hospitals. The hospital staff has to know how to recognize internal injuries, and not just visible wounds, which are often not that serious.

The Chamber of Deputies has now passed a new transport law, which still has to be promulgated by President Danilo Medina to enter into force. It's intended primarily is to regulate public transport, as the drivers of public transport apparently were identified as the main culprits for the chaos on the roads. Private taxis therefore have to be yellow in the future, taxis of a company have to be white. Taxis that can be booked electronically, such as Uber or Cabify cars, do not need to have a special color, but must show a label on the window that identifies them. Instead of just one license plate behind, in the future a car has to be identified with two license tags, one behind, one in the front. Taximeters will be regularly checked by the National Institute of Transport (Intrant). If they do not work properly, the vehicle can be retained until it is repaired.

Drivers of public transport must be at least 21 years old and 65 at most. A maximum of four passengers may be carried in a passenger car which may not be older than 15 years. The number of passengers also is limited for larger public transport vehicles. Only two persons can sit on a motorcycle, including the driver. Children under eight years of age are not allowed to be transported on motorcycles at all. In cars, children under twelve must sit in the backseat. Passing a red traffic light costs between one and five minimum wages as a penalty.

Land of Dreams Strict Controls when entering US / Dominican Consulate warns legal and illegal Residents The fear of many immigrants, particularly from Latin American countries, has increased significantly since the takeover of US President Donald Trump. The controls at airports and the number of raids in immigration districts are more strict and more often now. The Dominican consulate in New York even warned its countrymen who are staying illegally in the Land of Opportunities to get close to airports and other places where the US immigration authorities are increasing the controls. In addition, Dominicans were advised not to leave the USA without prior consultation with a competent lawyer if they had committed even the slightest infringement of law such as false parking, since otherwise they would be in danger of not being allowed to return. There were also reports that on arrival at the airports of the United States Dominican

citizens are invited to separate rooms by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, where sometimes they are interrogated for hours about what they were doing in the Dominican Republic and why they wanted to come back to the USA. They then were produced the form 407, prompting them to sign it immediately. This would mean to sign the waiver of the residence permit or even the green card. The officials say, the US government would then be ready to pay the flight home. The Consulate strongly advises not to surrender the pressure, since with his signature the signatory waives all rights. Dra. Yadira Morel, an expert in migration questions, said in an interview in a TV show that there are about 30 countries where Dominicans can enter without a visa, but Dominicans are “obsessed by the United States�, although the rejection rate at the American consulate was very high. Many of them were ready to do everything to make their dream come true. Thus, in addition to the citizens of the People's Republic of China, the Dominicans were the

second-largest population group, which attempted to obtain the coveted residence permit with an unconsummated marriage. The majority of the marriages between US citizens and Dominicans are ficticious marriages, according to Morel. The US consulate in Santo Domingo, therefore, has created a special department, which examines every request for a visa down to the smallest detail. And whoever is discovered with a misrepresentation would never get a US visa again. There are also many Dominicans with a legal resident visa, but reside in the USA only for a short time. When they leave, they give their social insurance cards to family members or compatriots who are uninsured.

Jovenel Moïse new President of Haiti “Banana Man” wants to transform Country / Call for Unity / Good Cooperation expected

48-year-old Jovenel Moïse took office for five years as the 58 th President of Haiti on the 7th of February. This has put an end to a more than one-year vacancy, while Interim President Jocelerme Privert headed the neighboring country. Jovenel Moïse is a successful entrepreneur who cultivates and exports bananas. He is not one of the old Haitian politician caste, which made the country bleed over the past decades, but has been chosen as his favorite as the presidential candidate of the PHTK (Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale - Haitian Party

of Shaved Heads) by former president Michel Martelly who originally also was no politician, but a successful pop star. Jovenel Moïse comes from the northeast of Haiti and is the son of a humble family. His father was a car mechanic, his mother a seamstress. In 1974, the family moved to the capital, Port-au-Prince, where Jovenel went to school and studied educational science at the Université Quisqueya. He founded the successful company Jomar Auto Parts, but he was attracted by the idea to move back to the country, where he raised an equally successful project with organic bananas, employing 3,000 direct workers, which led him to the desicion to run the election campaign as “Nèg bannann nan” (banana man). In the election campaign, Moïse promised to change course in Haiti and to form a government that meets the needs of the population. “I come from the countryside and we have a country with enormous potential and we have great ideas to transform this country,” he promised then.

After his election was definitely confirmed by the Provisional Election Council (CEP), Jovenel Moïse said he will promote a “different image of Haiti” to make the good side of the country known, not just “the burning tires in the streets”. He called on the other parties to cooperate to push Haiti forward. In his speech when taking office, he called on the Haitians abroad to come back to rebuild the country together. “Why do children suffer from poverty? Because we are not united.” A change was possible , but therefore the mentality of the people has to be changed. The party of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Fanmi Lavalas, however, announced to continue to fight the PHTK. The Dominican Ambassador in Haiti, Rubén Silié, expects a good cooperation with the new president and hopes that President Moïse will abolish the import restrictions for Dominican products, which were established by ex-president Michel Martelly in October 2015.

Obese Children More Exercise, less Fast Food and Soft Drinks / Increased Risk of sexual Prematureness The number of children who are too corpulent is growing steadily. This is due to various reasons which may already be present during pregnancy, such as intrauterine growth retardation or malnourished mothers. Babies who are born too small or too light are more likely to become obese than children who are born normal. Children with a corpulent parent have a threefold greater risk of becoming plumb, too. If both parents are obese, the probability is ten percent that their offspring becomes too fat during childhood.

In addition, there are the other risks, such as insufficient exercise and bad nutrition. Obese children have a significantly increased risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders or high blood pressure. In addition, they often suffer from weaker muscles, depression, and as a result of school failure or problems in socialization, since fat children are often teased by their classmates. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a further problem, which is getting more and more serious in may countries, is sexual prematureness, mainly among girls under eight years of age.

The effects of overweight continue regularly in youth and age. That is, who was already too corpulent as a little child, will probably remain too heavy for his whole life. Doctors therefore urge parents to ensure that the children are moving more by limiting the time for video games and playing on cellular phones or tablets, forbidding them to eat while watching television, or at least minimizing fast food, to introduce meals at fixed times and to encourage them to drink water instead of soft drinks.

Casa de Ponce de León Historical Site in La Altagracia Province / Conqueror in Search for the Fountain of Youth

One of the most dazzling personalities in the Discovery of America was Juan Ponce de León, born around 1460 in Spain as the son of a noble family. He took part in the reconquest of Granada as a soldier, which finally drove the “Moros” out and ended the 800-years high civilization of Al-Andalus, the Islamic Empire in Spain. As an adventurer he took part in the second trip of Christopher Columbus to the New World in 1493. On this journey, the Spanish conquerors finally settled on the island of Hispaniola. Juan Ponce

Casa de Juan Ponce de León 3 kilometers north of the village of San Rafael de Yuma at the Av. Libertad. San Rafael de Yuma is located at the Autopista 4, south of Higüey, near Boca de Yuma on the Caribbean coast. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Entrance fee: 50 pesos.

de León received the order from Governor Nicolás de Ovando to pacify the east of the island, where he brutally crushed the Taínos' uprising. From 1504 to 1508, Ponce de León was governor of Higüey province, until he heard that there was gold on the recently discovered neighboring island of Puerto Rico. He went there and started to introduce the “encomiendas” system, where the Indios had to do forced labor and were killed when they refused. He also crushed a last rebellion of the Taínos in Puerto Rico. As recognition, he was appointed Governor of Puerto Rico by the Spanish Crown. In 1513, Juan Ponce de León discovered Florida, after hearing rumors that there might be the fountain of youth that gives eternal life. He came to the coast of Florida on Easter Sunday, which is why he called his discovery “Pascua Florida” (Flowery Easter). The Spa-

nish Crown appointed him military governor of Florida. After an absence of eight years, he returned to Florida in 1521 to establish Spanish settlements there. But the Calusa Indians did not agree with that idea and attacked and repelled the Spanish invaders. Ponce de León was hit by an arrow, causing the wound to be inflamed. He died in July of the same year, after returning to Cuba. The house where Ponce de León lived as Governor on Hispaniola, today is a museum after reconstructing it under President Balaguer and a reconstruction in 2010. It is located at San Rafael de Yuma, not far from the tourist center Bayahibe. In the museum can be seen furniture and utensils from the 16th century, some of them are originals, some are replicas. The house, which is more a fortress with thick walls and only one entrance door, is located in a little park west of the Yuma River.

What is this Guy singing? “El preso” by Fruko y sus Tesos One of the most famous Salsas of Fruko's group, who works with different singers, such as here with Wilson Manyoma. Oye! Te hablo desde la prisión! Wilson Manyoma. Lleva ya! En el mundo en que yo vivo siempre hay cuatro esquinas. Pero entre esquina y esquina siempre habrá lo mismo. Para mi no existe el cielo ni luna, ni estrellas. Para mi no alumbra el sol. Pa mi todo es tinieblas. Ay ay ay. Qué negro es mi destino. Ay ay ay. Todos de mi se alejan. Ay ay ay. Perdí toda esperanza. Ay adios. Todo de acá mis quejas. Te hablo desde aquí, campante. Lleva ya! Condenado para siempre en esta horrible celda. Donde no llega el cariño ni la voz de nadie. Aquí me paso los días y la noche entera. Solo vivo del recuerdo eterno de mi madre. Ay ay ay. Solo espero que llegue, ay ay ay, el dia de la muerte. Ay ay ay. Me quiero estar con ella. Ay, al fin, a cambiar a mi suerte. El testamento, Villanueva! Cómo? Y vuelve otra vez! Ay, qué solo estoy. Solo me espera la muerte. Ay, qué solo estoy. Cuándo cambiará mi suerte? Oh, qué triste soledad. Vivir en esta condena. Ya no quiero sifrir mas, te lo digo, Magdalena. Ay que solo estoy. Solo me espera la muerte. Ay, qué solo estoy. Cuándo cambiará mi suerte? Compañeros de prision, gente de toda la clase que no tienen corazón y no saben lo que hacen. Solo con mi pena. Solo en mi condena. Solo con mi pena. Solo en mi condena. Oye Fruko, solo voy con mi pena en esta celda. 30 años de condena. Ay!

Listen! I'm talking to you from prison. Wilson Manyoma. Here we go! In the world I live in there are always four corners. But between corner and corner there always will be the same. For me there is neither heaven, nor moon, nor stars. For me the sun is not shining. For me everything is darkness. Ay ay ay. How black is my destiny. Ay ay ay. Everyone moves away from me. Ay ay ay. I've lost all hope. Ay adios. All here are my complaints. I'm talking to you from here, unmoved. Here we go! Condemned forever in this terrible cell. Where no tenderness comes in nor the voice of anyone. Here I spend my days and the whole night. I only live on the eternal memory of my mother. Ay ay ay. I'm just waiting for it to come, ay ay ay, the day of death. Ay ay ay. I want to be with her. Ay, finally, to change my destiny. The testament, Villanueva! What? And it comes again! Ay, how lonely I am. Only death awaits me. Ay, how lonely I am. When will my destiny change? Oh, what sad loneliness. To live with this punishment. I do not want to suffer anymore, I tell you, Magdalena. Ay, how lonely I am. Only death awaits me. Ay, how lonely I am. When will my destiny change? Fellow prisoners, people of all class who have no heart and who don't know what they are doing. Alone with my pain. Alone with my punishment. Alone with my pain. Alone with my punishment. Listen, Fruko, I am alone with my pain in this cell. 30 years of imprisonment. Ay!

Julio Ernesto Estrada Rincon was born in Medellín, Colombia, on the 7th of July 1951. He started singing and making music with his friends at the age of six, often at competitions, to make a contribution to the income of his family. In 1963 he signed his first record contract. In 1967, he became a member of Los Corraleros de Majagual, with whom he worked for seven years and came to New York with them. In the beginning his nickname was Joselito. Later he was called Fruko because he looked like a character who made advertising for the canned tomatoes of the “Fruco” brand. He founded his Los Tesos group in 1970, after returning from New York to Colombia. It means “the tough guys of the hood”. The bloom of the group was in the seventies, when singers like Joe Arroyo (LA PLAYA 54) or Wilson Manyoma participated. Fruko y sus Tesos was popular not only in Latin America, but also played at the Madion Square Garden and was awarded the title “Best Tropical Group” by the magazine “Record World”.

Indian Oracle


Lucky Men

Two Indians come to their medicine man and ask him for a forecast for the next winter. The medicine man reaches for a bag hanging from his neck and takes a few herbs, three differently colored stones and breaks a small branch with a red flower. He sits in front his fire and sings an ancient shaman's song. Then he throws everything into the fire. White smoke rises. „It will be a bitter cold winter. Collect as much wood as possible.“ The next day more Indians come to ask the same question. And always the wise man's answer is: „It will get bitter cold. Collect a lot of wood.“ Since it is known that he is a good seer, Indians from other tribes come to ask the same question. He also advises them: „Collect a lot of wood.“ Autumn is coming and the medicine man gets a little unsure whether he has advised the right thing. So he calls the Weather Service and asks what is their prediction for the coming winter. The man of the Wheather Service answers: „This will be an extremely cold winter. The Indians are collecting wood like crazy.“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Some of the reasons why men can or even should be considered the luckier sex. They can never be pregnant. They can wear a white T-shirt in a water park. They can wear no shirt in a water park. Car mechanics tell them the truth. The world is their urinal. They never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. People never stare at their chest when they are talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle their feet. One mood all the time. Phone conservations are over in 30 seconds. A 5 day vacation requires only one suitcase. If someone forgets to invite him, he or she can still be his friend. Their underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. They are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes. Everything on their face stays its original color. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe even decades. They only have to shave their face and neck. Their belly usually hides their big hips. One wallet and one pair of shoes one color for all seasons. They can wear shorts no matter how their legs look. They can do their nails with a pocket knife. They can do Christmas shopping for 23 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.

Sudoku No. 379 (easy)

When filming in Texas, an old Indian appears and warns the director: „Tomorrow you will not be able to film - it will rain!“ And true: The next day it comes down in buckets. The director engages the Indian for 100 dollars a day as his weather prophet. But on the fourth day the Indian does not come. When he returns on the fifth day, the director asks what happened. „I was not able to come. The radio was broken. How should I know how the weather will be? "

Sudoku No. 380

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Wait a Minute! Patient: “In my dreams rats play football every night.” Doctor: “Take this tablet and you will be okay.” Patient: “Can I take it tomorrow, tonight is the final match.”

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Sudoku No. 380

A unique Offer in Sosúa! Villa with 2 separate Apartments and a detached Guest House in best Location

Main House built in 2004 · Renovated in 2016 · Guest House, Technic-Pump House and Glas Ceramic Pool built in 2016 All in best condition!

           

9 Rooms 4 Bathrooms 5 Terraces 1 top Pool (ceramic) Detached Guest House 1 Garage for 2 Cars Electric Gate 3 Entrances 24 h Electricity / Water Own Well Open BBQ/Fire Place Tropical Garden

 Doors Windows Aluminium

          

Cistern Wastewater Treatment Plant Work Shop Casita Mini Gym 3 Devices Washing Machine Air Conditioning Ceiling Fans Garden Paths Ceramic Safe Area 2 Min. to the Beach 2 Min. to the Super Market

La playa 192en  
La playa 192en