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The Eiffel Tower of Santo Domingo Mayor does not know where the Original stands / Abel Martínez has to name Donors Christmas is coming. Also the cities of the Dominican Republic prepare themselves for the joyous season. The mayor of Santo Domingo West, Francisco Peña, erected a replica of the Eiffel Tower close to the Plaza de la Bandera, where usually a huge Christmas tree can be seen. Possibly because its shape reminds of a Christmas tree. Mockery and indignation were the immediate consequences. Peña justified: „I don't know if it's Eiffel, neither if it's from France or where else, what I do know is that I saw this structure at the Hotel Hispaniola and they offered it for a good price.“ The mayor emphasized that the hotel had asked for only half a million, even though the real price of it was two million pesos. The city's spokeswoman, América Pérez, tried to explain: „We have been thinking

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón Dec. 6 - 9 Adonia December, 7 Koningsdam December, 8 Carnival Sensation December, 12 Carnival Magic December, 13 Regal Princess December, 13 Carnival Vista December, 14 Eurodam December, 19 Costa Deliziosa December, 19 Carnival Magic December, 20 Carnival Splendor Dec. 20 - 23 Adonia December, 21 Nieuw Amsterdam December, 22 Carnival Sensation December, 26 Carnival Glory December, 28 Caribbean Princess December, 29 Carnival Sunshine December, 31 Costa Deliziosa

about the use of the tower, because the city it represents is the City of Love. And that is what Christmas reflects – love.“ The mayor's office was trying to entertain the population of Santo Domingo West and other parts of the Santo Domingo area. Which it definitely did. And of course, mayor Peña knows the Eiffel Tower. He was an educated man. And to cap it all off, the mayor invited people to come to his „Christmas tree“ and take a picture there instead of Paris.

Abel Martínez, the new mayor of Santiago de los Caballeros and former President of the Chamber of Deputies, was now condemned to reveal where donations for the City Hall came from. Martínez refuses to publish the names of the donors as these were „personal donations“ to him, and not to the town hall. In the case of ignoring the sentence, he will have to pay 5,000 pesos per day, until he reveals the names.

Rush to the Court of Auditors Deadline / 42 Percent earn less than 10,000 Pesos / Warning of Money Investments

The President's warning bore fruit. Hundreds of political officials concerned stormed the Court of Auditors (CĂĄmara de Cuentas) on the last days to submit their sworn declaration of assets before the deadline set for the 30th of November. The presidency has warned the 5,183 state servants of whom only 244 complied with the Law 311-14 within the legal period of 30 days after assuming their post, that those who do not submit their declaration until the 30th of November will no longer be on the list of salaries of the state as from the 1st of December. On the ground floor of the Court of Auditors, a place was specially created to handle the crowding ladies and gentlemen, from judges to mayors and town councils, to deputies and consuls, who came from all parts of the country.

In October, the Dominican Republic's Social Security (TSS - TesorerĂ­a del Seguro Social) reported that 42.6 percent of the workers and employees insured there earn less than 10,000 pesos a month. This is not even enough to cover the family basket of the poorest part of the population, which is settled at only 12,939 pesos for the coverage of food and basic services, according to the limits set by the Central Bank (BC).

Of the total of 1.8 million people who are insured at the TSS, approximately 750,000 persons of both sexes are registered as formal employees. But who gets more than 10,000 pesos a month still doesn't mean he is living good. A further 22.3 per cent earn less than 15,000 pesos a month. And just 20.1 percent of those insured with the state social insurance earn more than 25,000 pesos a month.

The prosecutor of the National District, Yeni Berenice Reynoso, warned to make business with the non-regulated financial services, where frequnty money was laundered and corrupt people hide their illegal gains. The reason for the warnings are two fraud cases in recent months, where investors have lost nearly two billion pesos. In July, the business premises of a financial and real estate company in the Santo Domingo area were searched, because its investors say that they have been fleeced of 500 million pesos. The owner is on the run. In the other case, the owner of a financial service provider, who has cheated 220 customers out of 1.3 billion pesos, could be arrested. Reynoso called the citizens, who had invested their mostly sourced money at an unregulated bank, to withdraw it and deposit it at a bank registered on the list of the banking supervision.

No Food Shortage 15 Fatalities by Floods in the North / This Year's Hurricane Season is officially concluded

The extreme rainfall of the recent weeks has caused serious damage to infrastructure and agriculture. The government now estimates the damage solely in agriculture to be more than five billion dollars. In the four weeks of catastrophe, at least 15 people lost their lives. Five alone on the last Sunday of November in Villa Isabela in the province of Puerto Plata. 69 bridges and seven roads were severely damaged, the base station of the tourist attraction of the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua near Imbert could no longer be used for days. The traffic from Puerto Plata to Navarrete was temporarily interrupted by the heavy damage of a bridge in Imbert. There were several days of long traffic jams,

because only one track was usable. In Puerto Plata, Maranatha and Sosúa, floods of entire districts occurred during almost every rainfall, as the drains were no longer able to master the water masses, or they could not be freed from clogging quickly enough before the next cloudburst, and the soils were completely saturated. No more water can seep away. Agriculture Minister Angel Estévez reported losses on bananas, rice, cassava, maize and vegetables. However, he assured that there will be no food shortage as the market has been well supplied. In the case of rice, for example, 95 per cent of the harvest had already been collected and stored when the rain started. On the other hand, the chairman of the National Organization of Commercial Enterprises (ONEC), Antonio Ramos, said that it would be necessary to import food, which would result in a price increase, especially for bananas. It was important to react soon and to identify the products that will have to be imported, before the shortage is there, since otherwise any price has to be paid.

This year's hurricane season ended officially on the 30th of November. It was an extremely active season with the most fatalities since the year 2005. The first hurricane of the year, “Alex”, was formed already in January, long before the official start of the season, June 1, what happened last time in 1955. In total there were 16 systems that got a name. The most lethal was “Matthew”, which reached maximum wind speeds of up to 260 kilometers per hour and brought death and devastation to the southwest of Haiti. Ten of the 16 systems hit land. Fortunately, in the Dominican Republic it was only “Matthew” which brought much rain in the south and west.

Fidel Castro Died at the Age of 90 Years / Illegitimate Son / Jovenel Moïse wins Elections in Haiti

Three months after his 90th birthday died the icon of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. Loved and revered by the ones, hated by the others, a man who, as an unyielding fighter for the exploited and oppressed throughout the world, will enter into the books of history. But on the other hand he is accused by his adversaries to have suppressed his own people mercilessly. Fidel Castro was born as the illegitimate son of a rich owner of sugar cane plantations in a village in eastern Cuba. He was raised strictly as a Roman Catholic and studied

law, where he soon became active in politics. In 1947, he was a member of the “Caribbean Legion”, which tried to reach the Dominican Republic with 3,000 men, in order to overthrow the dictator Trujillo. The expedition failed because the ships used for it were intercepted by the Cuban navy. In 1950, Fidel Castro opened a law firm in Havana, which he led until 1953. In the same year he led a group of 115 followers to storm the La Moncada barracks with more than 1,500 soldiers. He wanted to trigger a popular uprising against the military regime of dictator Fulgencio Batista. But the attempt failed. Castro was condemned to fifteen years in penitentiary, but after two years he was released by a general amnesty and went into exile in Mexico. There, Castro met Ernesto “Ché” Guevara during the military training under an officer who had fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. With him, his brother Raúl and other 79 revolutionaries, Fidel Castro returned to Cuba on the yacht “Granma”, where under his leadership they started a guerrilla warfare as the “Movement of the 16th of July” from the Sierra Maestra until they overthrew Batista on the 1st of January 1959. Expropriating US companies, Castro attracted the American's wrath and saw himself forced to resort to the Soviet Union. The US responded with a total economic blockade, which lasted until Castro's death and prevented the economic development of Cuba. Castro frequently used the internationally condemned embargo to excuse his own mistakes. Through Castro's steadfastness, Cuba has become a symbol, especially in the Third World, as a small nation withstanding the imperialist interests of a world power.

In Haiti, the elections of last year were declared invalid by the Provisional Electoral Commission (CEP). Now Jovenel Moïse from the party PHTK of the former President Michel Martelly won the elections for the second time on the 20th of November. At this elections, he got 55.67 percent of the votes. In the previous elections, he got 32.81 percent. And again the opposition parties protest and reject to recognize the result. First and foremost, Jude Célestin, who again was only second, with even fewer votes than last time (25.27 percent in 2015, now 19.52).

Leptospirosis and Cholera Ministry of Health recommends Caution / Less Dengue and Zika Cases reported this Year The Ministry of Health warns of a possible increase in the number of illnesses caused by the standing water after the weeks of heavy rainfall. A particular danger is leptospirosis, which is transmitted by the urine of rats, which frequently can be found in the standing puddles. Through small skin injuries, the pathogens can penetrate into the body and cause severe diseases, which can even lead to death. So the Dominican Ministry of Health reported at least 37 deaths from leptospirosis this year. The danger in leptospirosis is that many times it is recognized too late, since it is similar to a flu in the first stage: fever, chills, headache and limb pain, often also conjunctivitis. After this stage, which lasts three to seven days, the patient feels better for two or three days, until there comes a new fever stroke, which can last up to 30 days. However, antibiotics only help in the first five days. Thereafter, it is ineffective, since the condition of the body is due to an immune reaction. Now the fever, loss of fluid, and possible organ damage can only be treated symptomatically.

In the most severe form of the disease, the patient may get ill with the Weil's syndrome, which can lead to death due to liver and kidney failure. With the dirty water, cholera continues to be transmitted. This year a total of 1,097 suspected cases of cholera were reported in the country, 23 people died. Recently a new focus of cholera appeared in San Pedro de MacorĂ­s, 13 cases were confirmed. On the other hand, there was a slight decline in the numbers of Dengue and Zika. There were reported 279 cases of the Guillain-BarrĂŠ syndrome and ten cases of microcephaly in neonates associated with Zika. 29 people got ill of malaria, all in the east and south of the island.

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What is this Guy singing? “Corazón de seda” by Ozuna A beautiful, gentle Reggaeton by a new Puerto Rican singer, as it has come into fashion very recently. Qué hay de malo en querer besarte? Cada mañana despertar contigo. Qué hay de malo el poder tenerte? No quiero ser solo tu amigo. Corazón de seda. Que no lo tiene cualquiera. Yo te quiero aquí conmigo. La espera me desespera. Corazón de seda. Que no lo tiene cualquiera. Yo te quiero aquí conmigo. La espera me desespera. Corazón de seda. Muchas cosas quiero hacerte. Abrir mis ojos y contigo despertarme. Corazón de seda. Suavecito como sus besitos. Olorcito de esos que se queda. Cubanita ella es mi consorte. Me patea como una R Porte. Chamaquita tiene torque. Nena buena de university. Ella está pa mi y yo pa ella. Somos superiority. Corazón de seda. Que no lo tiene cualquiera. Yo te quiero aquí conmigo. La espera me desespera. Corazón de seda. Que no lo tiene cualquiera. Yo te quiero aquí conmigo. La espera me desespera. Corazón de seda. El tiempo es testigo. Ella se porta bien, pero se porta mal conmigo. Se suelta el pelo se transforma. Me muerde en el cuello dice que rompemos las normas. Sin piedad le mete. Solo tiene 17. Vive su vida de soltera, no se compromete. No tiene hora de llegada. A su padre se le hace buena, conmigo es nena mala. Qué hay de malo el querer besarte? Cada mañana despertar contigo. Qué hay de malo el poder tenerte. No quiero ser solo tu amigo. Corazón de seda. Que no lo tiene cualquiera. Yo te quiero aquí conmigo. La espera me desespera. Corazón de seda …

What is bad to want to kiss you? Wake up with you every morning. What is bad if I can have you? I do not want to be just your friend. Heart of silk. Which does not have everyone. I want you here with me. Waiting despairs me. Heart of silk. Which does not have everyone. I want you here with me. Waiting despairs me. Heart of silk. I want do many things to you. Open my eyes and wake up with you. Heart of silk. Soft as her kisses. A slight smell of those that stay. Little Cuban, she is my comrade. She kicks me like an R Porte (bike). Little girl has a torque. Good girl from the university. She is for me and I for her. We are superiority. Heart of silk. Which does not have everyone. I want you here with me. Waiting despairs me. Heart of silk. Which does not have everyone. I want you with me here. Waiting despairs me. Heart of silk. The time is witness. She behaves well, but she behaves badly with me. She looses her hair and metamorphoses. She bites my throat, says that we break the rules. Without mercy she inserts him. She is only 17. She lives her life as a single, she does not bind herself. She has no arrival time. With her father she acts as if she was good, with me she is a bad girl. What is bad to want to kiss you? Wake up with you every morning. What is bad if I can have you? I do not want to be just your friend. Heart made of silk. Which does not have everyone. I want you here with me. Waiting despairs me. Heart of silk …

Jan Carlos Ozuna Rosado was born in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, on the 13 th of March 1992. He is the son of Dominican parents. Ozuna, as he calls himself, produced his own music at the beginning and his first single “Imaginando” opened the doors to the music business.




Two monks want to take a shower late in the evening. They undress and get into the shower. Then they notice that there is no soap. The monk Emmanuel says he still has soap in his room, and since it is so late, he goes out without putting his clothes. He goes to his cell, takes two pieces of soap, one in each hand, and walks back to the shower. Halfway, he realizes that three nuns are coming down the aisle. Since there is no time to hide, he freezes and stands close to the wall like a statue. When the nuns see him this way, they are puzzled. One stretches out her hand and pulls on his penis. He ist startled and drops a piece of soap. „Oh, a new soap dispenser!“, The nuns rejoice, and the second nun also pulls on his penis. He drops the second soap. Then comes the third nun and also pulls on his penis. Nothing happens. Since there is no soap falling down, she pulls a few times until she suddenly yells, „Holy Mary, Mother of God! He also is dispensing hand lotion!“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A long-haired hippie gets on a bus and sits next to a nun. The whole ride he stares at her until he finally says: “Hey you! I'd like to fuck you!” Outraged, the nun rejects his request and makes the sign of a cross, “Listen, I am a servant of God! My body belongs only to Jesus Christ.” But the hippie does not give up and asks her again if he can fuck her. And again the nun rejects his request indignantly, making the sign of a cross, this will never happen, she only serves Jesus Christ. At the next bus station, the hippie wants to get off, but the bus driver holds him by the arm and tells him: “If you really want to fuck that nun, I got a hot tip for you. I know, that she always comes to the cemetery at 10 pm to pray at her sister's grave.” The hippie thanks the driver and gets out of the bus. In the night, he dresses in Jesus' garments goes to the graveyard. And really, at the appointed time he sees the nun kneeling at a grave and praying. He approaches her and says, “I am Jesus and have received orders from my Father to take you.” The nun winces and turns away. “If you are really Jesus Christ and God has given you this order, then take me. But please do it from behind, because out of shame I can not look into your face.” So the hippie takes her from behind. But after five minutes, he tears off his Jesus' garments and laughs: “Ha ha, I fooled you! I am just the hippie from the bus!” Then the nun also tears off her costume, and laughs: “Ha ha, I fooled you too! I am the bus driver!”

Sudoku No. 371 (easy)

 A customer comes to a shop and says to the cashier: „Please excuse me, I was shopping with you this morning and you have been wrong about 30 euros when changing my one hundred euros.“ The cashier answers, visibly embarrased, „And now you are coming? You should have complained this morning!“ The customer turns to the door and says, „All right. No problem I'll keep the thirty euros then.“

Sudoku No. 372

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A little Problem A male elf was so paranoid about the size of his willy that he could never work up the courage to have sex. Then one day he fell in love with an elf nurse. One fine evening, they went back to her place. She put on some soft music and led him into the bedroom. Totally mortified, he told her of his problem. “Don't worry,” she said. “I'm a nurse. I won't laugh.” Blushing the man drops his trousers. “It's OK,” she said. "I've seen lots smaller than that.” “Really?” the relieved elf asked. “Yes,” she chuckled, “I used to work in the maternity unit.”

 The 4 Stages of Life 1. You believe in Santa Claus 2. You don't believe in Santa Claus 3. You dress up as Santa Claus 4. You look like Santa Claus


Sudoku solutions from page 11:

Sudoku No. 371

Sudoku No. 372

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