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Cancellation of Salaries Sworn Assets Declaration / Miguel Vargas the Richest of all / Only few observe the Law

Poor examples for their fellow citizens, who are required to comply with the law, are most of the officials. Although they are obliged by law to disclose their assets in order to combat the rampant corruption, they show little interest in demonstrating where their often immense wealth comes from and how it often grew within a very short time. Although one or the other official has other businesses beside his political activities and thus could explain how his fortune has

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grown, he so might be suspected of belonging to the corrupt, and thus throws a devastating picture on the already bad reputation of the politicians. Now the Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, has encouraged these officials to comply with the law by the end of November, since otherwise they will not be paid their salaries for their political activities any longer as from December. If a public servant does not submit this affidavit to the set date, this will be interpreted as a „resignation from his functions“, warned Montalvo. According to Law 311-14, anyone who has entered into a public office or who has left office is required to make a sworn assets

declaration within 30 days which he has to submit to the Bureau of Accounts. This day would have been the 15th of October, since the newly elected government took office on the 16th of August. But only 244 of the affected group of persons have completed this deadline. A total of 5,183 would have been obliged to do so. Some have now submitted a delayed statement. Consequently, of the 190 deputies, 143 have broken the law. Of the 32 senators, five declarations of assets are still missing. In the statements made, there were listed sums between zero and more than 695 million pesos, which have been stated by the Foreign Minister and chairman of the former opposition and present government party PRD, Miguel Vargas Maldonado (MVM). The Presidency's letter warned that the government would act „with steadfastness to ensure that the public institutions act as examples of the law, without exception.“

Land submerged! Declaration of State of Emergency on the North Coast / Rains will continue until February

For devastating floods, there is not needed a hurricane necessarily, as the northern coast of the Dominican Republic had to experience painfully. A hyetal region caused a catastrophe, as it had not been seen in many years. For several provinces the state of emergency was declared, houses were swept away, brown floods poured breasthigh in residential areas, roads and bridges were badly damaged. Nature took revenge on environmental sins and rashness and negligence. At the beginning of the extensive rains it was joyfully announced that the reservoirs of the country have finally filled again after

the two years of drought. Now there are warnings that water of the dams must be drained, which led to fears of new flooding. Santiago's Regional Director for Civil Protection, Francsisco Arias, called on the residents of the Rio Yaque del Norte to leave their homes because of the opening of the locks at the Tavera reservoir and the discharge of 250 cubic meters of water per minute. But in spite of all the damage inflicted by the floods, the organization to remedy the hardships of the people worked very well. Already on the following days, the damage was almost completely eliminated in Puerto Plata. Rescue teams were cleaning the streets. The government helped with “comedores económicos” (mobile kitchens), so that the affected people could get a warm meal. There were distributed mattresses and parcels with food. In total, 22,289 people had to leave their homes, 4,152 houses were damaged, 60 completely destroyed. 132 localities were temporarily cut off from the outside world.

A total of four fatalities were reported until the editorial deadline. According to the National Bureau of Meteorology (Onamet), the rains will continue until January and February. The reason is the weather phenomenon La Niña, which follows El Niño and causes the water in the Pacific to cool, which then leads to the formation of more clouds over the Atlantic that provide longer and more intense rainfall than normal.

Zero Tolerance Government wants to crack down on Noise / Access to the Internet unaffordable for many

Once again, the government announced to take action against the noise of ruthless contemporaries. The new Minister of Interior and Police, Carlos Amarante Baret, warned that drastic action will being taken against colmadones which exceeded the opening hours allowed and that there would be “zero tolerance” against those who disturb the peace of citizens with noise and loud music. Nobody has the right to park at a corner with his jazzed up car and molest others with his music on an unbearable volume.

The intention of President Danilo Medina and Amarante Baret was not to pursue the owners of these businesses, but to protect the safety and well-being of all. The now launched campaign “Por una ciudad sin ruido” (for a city without noise) aims at combating the high noise pollution in the Dominican Republic with an awareness-raising campaign and the persecution of the perpetrators of disturbances in order to calm the country and bring peace to its citizens. The businesses will be categorized according to their location and the allowed decibel level will be determined. The Ministry of Interior and Police has the power to permanently close businesses that exceed the permitted schedule, hinder the passage of pedestrians, allow the access to minors, provide access to persons with firearms, and disturb the peace of the families in their neighborhood with their obnoxious noise. Amarante Baret said: “There is no citizens' security without the participation of communities, schools and churches.”

Since 2000, the use of the Internet has grown by 10.6 percent in Latin America each year. 54.4 percent of the inhabitants of Latin America and the Caribbean are now using the Internet. The countries with the most users are Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay with a coverage of more than 60 percent. Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti with 15 percent are left far behind. Despite these advances, there are still problems with the quality (speed of the connection) and the equality of access to the Internet, which is very different, depending on the region and financial situation of the population. The Director of the Alliance for an Affordable Internet (A4AI), Sonia Jorge, said, the prices for the Internet were much too expensive for a large part of the Dominican population. For the part of the population below the poverty line, the Internet would devour 25 percent of their wages. “This is not possible. Nobody can spend 25 percent of their wages on access to the Internet.” But access to information is a fundamental right.

Landslide Victory for Ortega Controversial Polls in Nicaragua / Four other US States legalize “recreational” Marijuana

In Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega, together with his wife Rosario Murillo as Vice President, was reelected with 71.3 percent of the votes for the third time in a row and for the fourth time all together. The Wide Democratic Front (FAD) declared the election as illegal and did not recognize the election result. According to them, 70 per cent of the electorate did not attend the polls, while the Supreme Electoral Council announced an electoral participation of 65.8 per cent. After the elections on the 6 th of November, which ran quietly, afterwards there were violent protests, with several fatalities.

The victory of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) with its chairman Daniel Ortega, according to its own understanding, is based on its inclusive policy and reconciliation as well as the social programs with which it fights poverty. In the past five years, poverty and inequality has been drastically reduced with programs such as “Hambre Cero” (zero famine) or “Usura Cero” (zero usury). In 1979, the guerrilla troop FSLN, of which the party emerged, overthrew the Nicaraguan dictator Somoza. After the election of Ortega as Nicaragua's President with 63 percent of the votes in 1984, there was the US-supported “Contra-War” of supporters of the former dictator Somoza against the Sandinistas.

In addition to the election of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump with the well-known result, there were also polls on other topics in various US states on the 8 th of November. In California, the question was as to whether porno-actors will have to use condoms in their films or not. 53,9 percent of the voters would not want to see this. In California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Nevada and Maine there was voted on the legalization of marijuana. In California, 56 percent voted for legalization, 54 percent each in Massachusetts and Nevada, and a very narrow majority in Maine with 50.3 percent. The initiative was denied in Arizona, where 52 percent voted “no”. Thus, in eight US states plus Washington D.C. marijuana now will be legal for “recreative” use. The medical use of marijuana was approved by the electorate in Florida, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota. Thus, medical marijuana will now be allowed in 28 states plus the D.C.

Your Horoscope for December 2016 Pisces feel better / Aries has to analyze / Volatile Time for Sagittarius / Taurus winning

Now you can summarize all the previous eleven months, or more precisely, the decisions, actions, and accomplishments from this time. All will take place in a rather favorable atmosphere. But don't be too impulsive in reacting to events happening around you, in any case, do not sign documents only because you want everyone to finally leave you alone. Don't miss any details which could create problems.

You will feel much better than during previous stages of life. You will experience the total flow of vital energy. It is indeed a powerful energy “bonus” which is not only useful to you, but it really will broaden your horizons, so to speak, radically, ambitiously, and irrevocably. But this moment will have a downside: once you decide to tackle this particular case, you will have to see it through to the very end.

This month should be a time when thought and comprehensive analysis of the situation will be a priority. Don't be afraid to lose time, don't be afraid to do something too late, don't be afraid to be late. Now, it is better to leave an action unfulfilled than to make it too hastily, or without a clear understanding of its implications. Keep a sober mind and focus on cold calculation. Note who are your allies or adversaries.

You might find yourself in a winning situation on all fronts. But no one will guarantee you this outcome, however, you will certainly have everything you need to make it happen. You will have to act based on the situation because there'll be too many individual aspects to consider. There will be such a powerful positive energy flow that you will literally feel like sharing your happiness with your loved ones.

A logical question might arise in your mind what's the catch? In fact, everything is simple: the final month of this year will indeed be extremely positive for you. But what is more important is that the current position will be the natural and logical result of the actions you have taken before. So this month will largely depend on “karmic” developments, so if something goes wrong, you should blame only yourself.

This month might bring a lot of ambiguities; ambiguous and potentially dangerous situations. However, the overall level of negativity will be not so high. And secondly, there will be a test that you will pass, at least your odds of such an outcome are extremely high. The main thing is to believe in yourself and to perceive the world as easy. Sometimes it is necessary to look deeper than we are accustomed to.

This month you will experience a fairly curious, largely original, and frankly difficult situation. But anyway, this month can make a difference in your life. Or it can end up being gray and monotonous with a sparkle at the end. Most will depend directly on your own actions, and not from the actions of external factors, some trends in any case will take place. And mostly the key of these trends will be a focus on success.

This can be an extremely successful time, but in this case not all will depend on you personally. At the same time, this month you will have to try really hard. You will repeatedly have to overcome yourself; overcome the desire to give up. Even a series of setbacks is not enouhgh to get frustrated and to give up your goals. But when you stumble on the same obstacle for the tenth time, it should definitely bring you to think.

At the end of the year you will be required to work tooth and nail to achieve the most extraordinary results. The level of your ambition will increase significantly, which can be a precursor to serious problems. You will have to limit yourself to obtain the successful completion of all current projects. The opinions of friends are more valuable than the opinions of relatives, but it is worth it to listen to as many as possible.

You can count on the successful completion of any activities, and in this case, much of the success will depend directly on you and not on the circumstances or other factors. You will get a lot of opportunities and have enough resources to implement any task, no matter of its scale and direction. In other words, this is one of those rare moments when desires fully coincide with the possibilities. But be careful and do not rush.

This may be a very volatile time, but not necessarily negative. But you might find yourself in some rather difficult dilemmas It is also worth mentioning the fact that the emotional sphere of your life will be under a high influence from all the celestial objects. It means that you have to analyze your own experiences clearly, correctly and comprehensively and under no circumstances make hasty decisions.

You will face a number of the most unusual and controversial situations that could be called negative. But in the end everything won't be so bad. Any situation “with a minus sign” will actually not be a negative development. Now it is important to consider the future, especially when it comes to permanent income. But be very careful with financial investments, especially those that cause real doubt.

Vaccination against HIV There is no Medication / Suppression of the Virus possible / 69,000 infected with HIV In animal experiments, the number of viruses in the blood could be reduced by therapeutic vaccination in combination with a stimulation of the immune system, in HIVinfected animals. Dan Barouch, the chief author of the study of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), said: “The goal of our study was to identify a functional cure for HIV. It is not a question of killing the virus, but of controlling it without an antiretroviral therapy. We

thought that when we activate the cells that cover the virus, the response of the immune system that is caused by vaccination, will be more effective when it detects them.” The anti-HIV drugs of today do not heal, nevertheless, they save lives. They keep the

virus under control. Barouch says: “We are trying to develop strategies to achieve a long-term suppression of the virus without antiretroviral treatment.” In the Dominican Republic, according to the National Council against HIV and AIDS (Conavihsida), there are about 69,000 people infected with the HI virus, of which 45,000 are registered with names, addresses and identification numbers. 40,000 are supplied with drugs and antiretroviral agents by Conavihsida.

Richard Gere

Johnny Ventura

Environmental Protection

Offer for Porn Movies

Aventura It all started 20 Years ago

The new Minister of the Environment and the former General Prosecutor, Francisco Domínguez Brito, received a celebrity visit. “Perhaps I am not as handsome as Richard Gere,” he wrote on Instagram, “but it is a pleasure to have him in our country to support the environmental topic.” The 67year-old Richard Gere is known as an environmental activist. However, there was no more detailed official information on how this support looked like.

Jennifer Lopez Admiration for Selfie Within a short time, a selfie of the 47-yearold singer and actress with Puerto Rican roots, Jennifer Lopez, ignited the social networks. The image, which highlights the rounds of the mature star, was clicked over a million times within a few hours on Instagram.

20 years ago started the career of the Bachata group Aventura with its boss Anthony Santos, who today calls himself Romeo Santos or simply Romeo (album cover, below). At the very beginning of its musical career, the later Aventura was performing under the name Los Tinellers (spoken: teenagers). The songs of their first album “Trampa de amor” (love trap) from the summer of 1996, according to film critic Máximo Jiménez, today are slumbering in the eternal anonymity. The songs of that time were very simple and conventional in the style of the time, without the later gimmicks and special effects of Aventura. Of the ten tracks of the album, three are Merengues, which sound pretty similar to Kiko Rodríguez, for example, but with the little voice of Anthony “Romeo” Santos.

Romeo Santos With a new Haircut

“What do you say, with or without hair? Should I leave it like this or should I let it grow?”, US Bachata star with Dominican roots, Romeo Santos asked the opinion of his fans about his new haircut on a photo he published on the social networks, to find out how his new look is accepted by them.

At the Latin Grammys, Merengue doyen Johnny Ventura was nominated for his album “Tronco viejo”, on which are also participating Gilberto Santa Rosa and Omara Portuondo, in the category Salsa. “El Caballo Mayor” (the big horse), as he is called teasingly, was acting at the “Person of the Year” segment, which was dedicated to the Puerto Rican Salsa super star Marc Anthony this year. On the “Dparranda Radio Show”, Johnny Ventura gave an exclusive interview in which he said, among other things, that because of his physical qualities he several times had been offered to participate in a porn movie by foreign producers, but he always rejected it. The only part he would play in a movie would be the role of Johnny Ventura.

Gilberto Santa Rosa Guinness Book of Records Gilberto Santa Rosa now is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest number of albums (12) in the category “Tropical” of the billboards.

What is this Guy singing? ““Juana la rompe cama” by Geovanny Polanco A typical Merengue in the older style with a naughty text, but far from the vulgarity of many of the recent productions. Juana, la rompe cama. Juana, la rompe cama. Se llama Juana, la rompe cama. Juana, la rompe cama. Bailando en la discoteca, he conocido una dama. Bailando en la discoteca, he conocido una dama. Seguido me le acerqué le dije ¿cómo te llamas? Seguido me le acerqué le dije ¿cómo te llamas? Con su mirada de coqueta y sus labios de manzana. Con su mirada de coqueta y sus labios de manzana, me dijo me llaman Juana, pero dime rompe cama. Me dijo me llaman Juana, pero dime rompe cama Y yo le dije: Juana, la rompe cama ... Juana se mueve muy bien con su cuerpo de guitarra. Juana se mueve muy bien con su cuerpo de guitarra. Pero yo quiero saber por qué es la rompe cama. Pero yo quiero saber por qué es la rompe cama. Esta noche yo la espero, aunque me vaya mañana. Esta noche yo la espero, aunque me vaya mañana. Porque con esa cintura ... Juana, Juana, uno es humano y la carne es debil, muchacha. Juana, la rompe cama ...

Juana, the bed-destroyer. Juana, the bed-destroyer. She calls herself Juana, the bed-destroyer. Juana, the bed-destroyer. When I danced in the disco, I met a lady. When I danced in the disco, I met a lady. I approached her immediately and told her: What is your name? I approached her immediately and told her: What is your name? With her flirtatious look and her lips like apples. With her flirtatious look and her lips like apples, she told me, they call me Juana, but call me bed-destroyer. She told me they call me Juana, but call me bed-destroyer. And I said to her, Juana, the bed-destroyer ... Juana moves very well with her body like a guitar. Juana moves very well with her body like a guitar. But I want to know, why she is the bed-destroyer. But I want to know, why she is the bed-destroyer. Tonight I will wait for her, even though I will leave tomorrow. Tonight I will wait for her, even though I will leave tomorrow. Because with this waist ... Juana, Juana, one is a man and the flesh is weak, girl. Juana, the bed-destroyer ...

Geovanny Francisco Polanco de la Rosa was born in Nagua on the 2nd of November 1974. At the age of 15, he started to get interested in the Música típica and his father, who used to play the accordion himself, bought Geovanny an instrument for 350 pesos, on the condition that Geovanny would no longer go to the cock fights he was passionate about, which his father disapproved. He learned to play accordion through his father and his hearing. At 17, his father sent him to Santiago to go to an accordion teacher, and Geovanny began to make music at the Monumento for spectators to earn a living. Geovanny Polanco worked in a car-house in Santiago, whose owner helped him to form his own band, “La Candela Típica”, which was unsuccessful. He moved to Santiago Rodríguez, where he composed a couple of songs and got married. At the age of 24, he returned to Santiago, where he teamed up with a music producer and now has his own record company. Altogether, Geovanny Polanco has published seven solo albums.

Old Acquaintances


Embarras de Choix

Carl is applying for a job and his most important plus factor is to know every person in the world personally. The staff manager, „Do you want to kid me? No one can know every man in the world.“ „Do you want a proof?“, asks Carl. „Call anyone in the world. I guarantee I know him personally.“ „What about Paul McCartney?“ „No problem. I known him for years“, replies Carl. So they go together to Liverpool, where they actually see Paul McCartney in his garden. „Hello Paul! Everything okay?“ Carl calls him. Paul McCartney turns to them and says, „Hey Carl. Didn't see you a long time. How about a glass of wine?“ The staff manager: „Well, that's pure incidence. An old Pop celebrity. And how about Brad Pitt?“ „Sure,“ says Carl, and they are already on the plane to Los Angeles. On a visit to Hollywood, suddenly someone calls, „Hey Carl!“ It is Brad Pitt, who discovered him in the middle of the crowd and waves to him. „Well,“ the says the staff manager annoyed. „Then you also know a couple of people in Hollywood. But how about Pope Francis?“ Carl says, „Sure, Jorge Mario, I know him.“ So they go to Rome. There is no space in the crowds on St. Peter's Square. Carl: „The pope will never see me here. I'll go up to him. The guards will let me pass, they all know me.“ Half an hour later, he stands beside the pope on the balcony and sees from there how the staff manager collapses. He rushes down and asked him what had happened. The staff manager whispers, „When you were standing next to the pope, a man asked me, 'Who is that beside Carl?'“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A high politician is killed in a car accident. At the Pearly Gates Saint Peter does not really know what to do with him, since this kind of people do not show up there very frequently. So he says to the politician: “What we will do, I will send you to hell for one day and then you will spend one day in heaven. Then you can choose where you want to spend eternity.” The politician agrees. Saint Peter brings the politician to an elevator, which is going downwards and downwards until the door opens. There he sees a green golf course. He meets a lot of former colleagues and beautiful, slightly clad girls. They play golf and remember old times. He also meets the Devil personally. A very pleasant and jovial gentleman who tells jokes. In the evening there is a delicious dinner of lobsters in the casino. It is a wonderful day. Then he has to leave and the elevator goes up again, where he is received by Saint Peter. He leads the politician to the court of paradise, where he gets a harp and can walk around on the clouds. Before he is realizing it, the 24 hours are over and Saint Peter comes to ask for his decision. The politician says, “Well, it was very pleasant here. Everybody is very friendly and nice. But I think I prefer hell. There are all my friends.” Peter accompanies him again to the elevator, and downwards it goes. As the door opens, he sees burned land, strewn with filth and stinking excrements, and he hears the wailing of his friends. The Devil comes and grabs him by the throat. The politician, panting, “But yesterday ...” The Devil says, smirking, “Yes! Yesterday was election campaign. You have voted!”

Sudoku No. 369 (easy)

Sudoku No. 370

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Thanksgiving A man in Jacksonville calls his son in San Diego the day before Thanksgiving and says, “I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing.” “Pop, what are you talking about?” asks the shocked son. “We can’t stand the sight of each other any longer,” the father says. “We’re sick of each other, and I’m sick of talking about this, so call your sister in Denver and tell her.” Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. She shouts, “This can't be true. I’ll take care of this.” She calls Jacksonville and screams at her father, “You are not getting divorced. Do not do a single thing until I get there. I'll be there tomorrow with my brother. Until then, don’t do a thing, do you hear me? Nothing!” and hangs up. The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. “Okay,” he says, “they’re coming for Thanksgiving and paying their own way.”

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