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Cancellation of Salaries Sworn Assets Declaration / Miguel Vargas the Richest of all / Only few observe the Law

Poor examples for their fellow citizens, who are required to comply with the law, are most of the officials. Although they are obliged by law to disclose their assets in order to combat the rampant corruption, they show little interest in demonstrating where their often immense wealth comes from and how it often grew within a very short time. Although one or the other official has other businesses beside his political activities and thus could explain how his fortune has

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grown, he so might be suspected of belonging to the corrupt, and thus throws a devastating picture on the already bad reputation of the politicians. Now the Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, has encouraged these officials to comply with the law by the end of November, since otherwise they will not be paid their salaries for their political activities any longer as from December. If a public servant does not submit this affidavit to the set date, this will be interpreted as a „resignation from his functions“, warned Montalvo. According to Law 311-14, anyone who has entered into a public office or who has left office is required to make a sworn assets

declaration within 30 days which he has to submit to the Bureau of Accounts. This day would have been the 15th of October, since the newly elected government took office on the 16th of August. But only 244 of the affected group of persons have completed this deadline. A total of 5,183 would have been obliged to do so. Some have now submitted a delayed statement. Consequently, of the 190 deputies, 143 have broken the law. Of the 32 senators, five declarations of assets are still missing. In the statements made, there were listed sums between zero and more than 695 million pesos, which have been stated by the Foreign Minister and chairman of the former opposition and present government party PRD, Miguel Vargas Maldonado (MVM). The Presidency's letter warned that the government would act „with steadfastness to ensure that the public institutions act as examples of the law, without exception.“

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