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Award Ceremony Protest of the Nationalists against Vargas Llosa / Juan Bosch “Latin American Patriot”

At the opening of the XIX. Book Fair Santo Domingo 2016, the Peruvian Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa was awarded the International Pedro Henríquez Ureña Prize in recognition of his literary work. The award ceremony was accompanied by the protests of the nationalists who declared Vargas Llosa persona non grata for an article he wrote in the Spanish daily „El País“ in 2013, in which he compared the sentence of the Dominican Constitutional Court to citizenship with the racial laws of the Nazis. Before the award ceremony, the representatives of the right-wing FNP gave a protest note to the new Culture Minister Pedro Vergés and demanded not to award the prize to Vargas Llosa. The price then was handed over by the former Culture Minister José Antonio Rodriguez (photo).

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Vargas Llosa said he came to the Dominican Republic for the first time in 1974, and „since then it was a love story, stormy, tropical and Caribbean, which was not free from trauma and hassle and course of criticism.“ But he made it clear that criticism does not equate to hostility. Criticism could also be an expression of love, a feeling of deep solidarity with a country, with feelings, as if it were his own, and one wishes that it would take a better way than the one which it is taking currently. The Nobel laureate for Literature in 2010 said he was moved that he received the prize under „special circumstances“ and he would never forget this recognition. When he knew about the recognition he thought, they must be crazy, after all what has happened. Vargas Llosa praised the Dominican essayist Pedro Henríquez Ureña, after whom the award is named. He never got the recognition he deserved and died depleted in Argentina in 1946. The XIX. Book Fair is dedicated to the national poet Salomé Ureña de Henríquez, mother of Pedro Henríquez Ureña, the eponym of the price, and will be open to the public until the 2nd of October.

Professor Juan Bosch was honored in Argentina as „Latin American Patriot“. Reason of the ceremony was the visit of the PLD functionary Manolo Pichardo, president of the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL) in Argentina. After handing over the certificate, Pichardo held a conference on the Dominican intellectual and his literary and political work. Juan Bosch was both the founder of the PRD, as well as the PLD, which are both members of the COPPPAL. Juan Bosch was the first freely elected president after Trujillo and overthrown in 1963.

Terminals for foreign Currencies Central Bank gives 90 Days to remove the Machines / Rejection in the Hotel Industry The currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso. Transactions for services and the purchase of goods in the country have to be settled and paid in the national currency. Lately many companies or hotels and restaurants, in which many foreign tourists are moving, were positioning ATMs, where it is possible to pay with dollars only. On the 25th of September, the Central Bank (BC) issued a letter in which it gave a 90-day period to companies that have set up such machines, to remove them. Erving Nova Bello, Manager of the BC, said: “We have been following with concern the practice of some commercial, domestic and legally constituted foreign businesses which demand payment of their goods or services

only in foreign currency by installing terminals for the sole purpose of selling points in currencies other than the Dominican peso.” At these “puntos de pago” or POS, the customer is forced to pay in a currency other than the national currency, which exerts unnecessary additional pressure on the market. The Central Bank clarifies that such terminals are only allowed in the duty-free zones of the country. Customers with bank cards issued in foreign currency can continue to use them normally, calms the BC. “The Dominican peso is the official currency of Dominican Republic to pay debts and obligations as well as for the acquisition of goods and services, extends without exception throughout the national territory without prejudice freedom of reference to other currencies.” Recently, some sectors have complained that there is a severe dollar shortage that hampers their daily operations. For instance, when they want to buy goods abroad, but

don't get the necessary dollars to pay what they need to continue their business. The plan of the BC was rejected by the Hotel and Tourism Association (Asonahores) because it allegedly threatens tourism. Rafael Blanco Canto, director of the National Council of Private Enterprises (CONEP), said that billing in dollars allows a greater flexibility, because the prices in the catering and hotel industry of the whole country are usually calculated in dollars. Therefore, it became a daily routine to calculate the service for the customer in dollars, to avoid confusion with changes of the exchange rate. This was a great element for the country's competitiveness is the argument of Asonahores. Also the bookings via Internet are made with dollars.

Water Shortage Rainfalls of the recent Months were not enough / Plans for new Dams and Reservoirs The director of the National Institute of Water Resources (INDRHI) Olgo Fernández, warned that the rains of the past months were not sufficient to put the consequences of the two-year drought right. The majority of the reservoirs in the country are filled only to 50 percent. It was therefore imperative that those responsible concluded to elaborate a “Grand National Pact for the Water” in order to guarantee the availability of the precious water for the coming decades. Olgo Fernández welcomed the decision of President Danilo Mendina to declare the next four years of his government as the four-year period of the water (cuatrienio del agua). Likewise Olgo Fernández praised the weekly surprise visits by the President in the provinces, where he also tries to counteract the deforestation that threatens the forests and thus the water reserves of the country. “Many people were saying that the drought that hit us until February of this year, now is over. But this is wrong. The drought is not over yet, because most of the reservoirs is

still are recovering, which means they still have more than half of the volume, until they are full again,” Fernández said. Each reservoir has a capacity of about 1.2 billion cubic meters of water. In total there are 34 reservoirs in the Dominican Republic. “We have to reach the full capacity of the reservoirs before the hurricane season is over on the 30th of November,” explains Olgo Fernández. But currently there are still missing 1.2 billion cubic meters of water until all the reservoirs are full again. Only when the reservoirs are back to their normal water level, the water supply can be guaranteed in 2017.

But currently the barrier lake Sabana Yegua (Azua province) is 300 million liters below of its normal level, Tavera (south of Santiago) still needs 250 million liters. Valdesia (close to San Cristóbal) still has space for 200 million liters, in Monción (province Santiago Rodríguez) it is 250 to 300 million liters. “We are not only committed to produce drinking water, but also to store it. At this moment, the country is only able to store and regulate 14 percent of the surface water.” 86 percent of the rainwater is lost because there is no means to regulate it. In the planned National Pact for the Water the construction of another nine large reservoirs, 52 medium and small reservoirs and 70 resrevoirs with a storage capacity between 50,000 and 225,000 cubic meters of water is reflected. The construction of these works will cost 88 billion pesos, distributed over 20 years. This is a not too big burden. Furthermore, there will be foreign financing, and thus not only the new dams can be built, but also the old ones can be maintained.

Severe Sentences for Kidnappers Spectacular Mass Escape from Maximum Security Prison in August 2014 / Forced Labor Two years ago in August, the mass jailbreak of dangerous Haitian criminals from a highsecurity prison close to the capital Port-auPrince caused international attention (LA PLAYA 129). The Haitian-Dominican border was put on red alert, as it was feared that the escaped murderers, rapists and kidnappers would try to escape through the porous border to the Dominican Republic.

The most dangerous of these criminals was Clifford Brandt, son of a wealthy family who kidnapped members of other wealthy families, and for whom possibly the prison break had been organized by companions. After a few days, Brandt could be rearrested by the Dominican military just across the border and was handed over to the Haitian police.

Wanted: Helpful Person Any person who is thinking reasonably will stay away from illegal actions, especially in a foreign country. Nevertheless, there may be extreme situations where some people commit a mistake which they regret for years. In the Fortaleza, the prison of Puerto Plata, a now 56-year-old German is hoping for an end of his suffering which lasts already eleven years. Before, he has worked five years in the Dominican Republic as a tourist guide and a travel agent in Sosúa. When times got worse and worse in this industry, he decided to return to Germany. However, it was not possible for him to raise the money for the return trip, so in the end he accepted a “good deal” to come home. Unfortunately he committed this mistake at a time when the Dominican judiciary tried to deter offenders with very harsh sentences. The result for the attempted smuggling of 3.6 kilos of drugs was a sentence of 20 years in prison. During his time in jail, he had to witness how other prisoners came and left the Fortaleza after much less time, often jailed for much higher quantities of drugs, since the laws changed and the sentences were milder.

After half of the detention time, each detainee may request that with good behavior the rest of the penalty may be remitted. So this German prisoner, who have never had any problems neither with the guards nor with other prisoners, applied for half penalty after ten years. And again he had bad luck. The first time there was missing a document and his request was rejected. At the second application after another year he had all the necessary documents, but now the judge refused to accept the required guarantor, who was accepted at him the first time. This guarantor, however, is essential to get free after serving half of the prison term. This prisoner never showed any peculiarity and also meets the other required conditions, such as visiting courses or working for the center. His only problem is now to find someone who agrees to be his guarantor and to sign, so that he can finally be released from custody. If there is a good person who would be willing to do this for him, please feel free to contact LA PLAYA to get in contact with the prisoner, in order to know each other and to talk about the proceedings.

In a trial in Haiti, Clifford H. Brandt has now been convicted to 18 years of forced labor, as well as an other defendant. A third of the gang was sentenced to 19 years of forced labor, three others were released.

Short Horoscope October 2016 Aquarius (21/01 – 19/02) Love:  Job:  Health:  Pisces (20/02 – 20/03) Love:  Job:  Health:  Aries (21/03 – 20/04) Love:  Job: 

Health: 

Taurus (21/04 – 20/05) Love:  Job:  Health:  Gemini (21/05 – 21/06) Love:  Job:  Health:  Cancer (22/06 – 22/07) Love:  Job:  Health:  Leo (23/07 – 23/08) Love:  Job: 

Health: 

Virgo (24/08 – 23/09) Love:  Job: 

Health: 

Libra (24/09 – 23/10) Love:  Job: 

Health: 

Scorpio (24/10 – 22/11) Love:  Job:  Health:  Sagittarius (23/11 – 21/12) Love:  Job:  Health:  Capricorn (22/12 – 20/01) Love:  Job:  Health: 

Prevention and Exercise Protect your Heart from Young / Idleness everywhere The cardiologist Donaldo Collado, director of the Dominican Society of Cardiology, says that it should go without saying that protecting the heart has to be started already from a young age. Parents should take care that their children do not eat fatty or fried foods, which have high cholesterol, as well as no candies and soft drinks with lots of sugar. Apart from the restriction of these foods, it is important to accustom the children to consume healthy food, like fruits

and vegetables and salads. Moreover, it is important to make exercises to prevent future heart disease, which is becoming an increasing problem of the Dominican health system, as people eat more unhealthy food and at the same time move less. When shopping at the supermarkets, people are too lazy to walk from the parking lot to the entrance, but cars park right at the front the door that the passenger can get off. Idleness also can be testified at the schools where the children are picked up right at the door with the car, so that they don't have to walk one step too far. “If you do not have time for gym, use the environment, climb stairs instead of using the elevator, if you have a car, you can park three corners away from the house and walk home. Eat what is cooked at home, and not the fast food of the street�, advises Collado. Because prevention is the cheapest medicine, it does not cost a cent.

What is this Guy singing? “El prostituto 0.2” by Néxtar With a somewhat strange title, the new star Nextar tries to make himself a name in the Dominican Bachata scene. Romo! Tu sabe que sí! No, ay no me importa lo que digan de ella. Que le gusta el trago y también fumar. Que está conmigo y luego contigo, y con el vecino y también con el. Y con el amigo, el amigo de mi amigo. A mi no me importa que se lo de también. Qué se jodan tó. Yo no la voy a dejar por eso. Qué se jodan tó. Yo soy bacano y no le paro a eso. Cuando quiero un trago ella me lo da. Ella es una bacana, no le para a ná. Y estoy con ella y también con la tía. Con la prima de ella y también con la amiga. Si la dejo por mala tu la coge por buena. Yo me quedo con ella aunque me pegue los cuernos. Al diablo. Yo me quedo con ella, aunque me digan que me pega los cuernos. Al diablo. Yo me quedo con ella, aunque me digan que me pega los cuernos. Yo no le paro que la gente hable. Que soy el venao de la Santa Cachón. Yo no le paro que la gente hable. Que soy el venao de la Santa Cachón. Un cuerno al año no hace daño, nadie está libre de morir, Motón! Qué se jodan tó. Yo no la voy a dejar por eso. Qué se jodan tó. Yo soy bacano y no le paro a eso. Cuando quiero un trago ella me lo da. Ella es una bacana, no le para a ná. Al diablo. Yo me quedo con ella, aunque me digan que me pega los cuernos.

Rum! You know that! No, I don't care what they say about her. That she likes to drink and to smoke. That she is with me and then with you, and with the neighbor, and also with him. And with the friend, and the friend of my friend. I don't care that she gives it to them. Let them all go to hell. I will not leave her for this. Let them all go to hell. I'm cool and I don't care. If I want a drink, she gives it to me. She is cool, she doesn't care about anything. I'm with her and also with the aunt. With her cousin and also with her friend. If I leave her, because she is bad, you take her, because she is good. I stay with her, although she's cuckolding me. To hell. I stay with her, although I am told that she's cuckolding me. To hell. I stay with her, although I am told, that she's cuckolding me. I don't care, what people are saying. I am the deer of Santa Cachón. I do not care, what people are saying. I am the deer of Santo Cachón. A horn per year doesn't do any harm, no one is free from dying, Motón! Let them all go to hell. I will not leave her for this. Let them all go to hell. I'm cool and I don't care. If I want a drink, she gives it to me. She is cool, she doesn't care about anything. To hell. I stay with her, although I am told, that she's cuckolding me.

Now and then a new singer or songwriter is trying to break into the scene of the veterans of Bachata. Some of them are pretty successful, as some time ago Rey John (LA PLAYA 128), who landed two big hits, or now Nextar. Still there can not be found any biographical information of him. Last year Néxtar, who was born in Azua, had a first success with “¿Entonces qué somos?”, a Bachata version of a hit of the popular Mexican Banda el Recodo. Now he is promoting a new song with the somewhat strange title “El prostituto 2.0”, in which it can be clearly seen that it was made in cooperation with the Bachata veteran Teodoro Reyes, in both, the type of music as well as in the somewhat rude lyrics. In the important “Hot Ranking” of the international Latin-American music channel HTV, Néxtar already reached good positions. The song “Son de amores”, which has been interpreted by the Spanish duo Andy y Lucas in the nineties, recently had some success in Central America in the Bachata version of Nextar.

Heaven is full



Heaven is pretty crowded and Saint Peter decides to admit only unusual deaths. There is a knock at the Pearly Gates and Saint Peter says in a loud voice: „We only accept spectacular deaths.“ The newcomer starts to tell his story: „For some time I suspect that my wife is cheating me. So I decided to come home a little bit earlier to to catch them in the act. I climbed the stairs to the seventh floor, so they do not hear the elevator. Then I ran into the bedroom, where she actually was in bed. The balcony door was open and I saw a man hanging on the railing. I took a hammer and hit him on his fingers, so that he fell down to the ground. But he fell exactly on a bush and tried to get up again. I gathered all my strength, took the refrigerator in the kitchen and threw it on the guy. After I saw that I hit him, I had a heart attack.“ „Okay,“ says Saint Peter. „Come in.“ A moment later there was another knocking on the door and Sain Peter again said, „We only accept spectacular deaths.“ „Today I made my morning gymnastics on my balcony. But then I stumbled over a stool so unfortunately that I fell over the railing and could just get a hold on the balcony railing below. Then there came an idiot and hit me on my fingers with a hammer. I was lucky and fell into a bush, but when I tried to get up, I saw that the guy throwing a fridge on me ...“ Saint Peter is satisfied. „OK. Come in.“ Then it knocks again for the third time. Again Saint Peter says, „We only accept spectacular deaths.“ The man answers: „I was hiding in a fridge after having great sex...“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A furious trucker enters the rest stop and yells, “Fucking Audi!” Then he spits on the floor. The publican asks, “What's going on?” The trucker answers, “Ten minutes ago, I drove my truck into a ditch.” He spits on the floor again. “Then there came a fucking Audi and the driver asked if he could pull me out.” And again he spits on the floor. The publican, ”Yes, and what then?” The trucker, “I told this shitty Audi driver,” he spits on the floor, “if he can pull me out with that car, I'd give him a blow job.” The publican, “So what?” “Fucking Quattro”, curses the trucker and spits on the floor again.

 Sudoku No. 361 (easy)

Two rockers come to a rest stop. There sits a trucker at the table, eating a soup. One of the rockers goes to the table, takes the plate and pours the soup over the head of the trucker. The trucker remains calm, asks for the bill and leaves. „What kind of slowpoke was this?“ the rocker asks the patron. „I have no idea“, answers the patron. „And obviously he also don't know how to drive. He just wrecked two motorcycles when reversing.“

Sudoku No. 362

The officer asks the trucker, „Could you please describe how the accident has happened?“ „I was reading the newspaper, in the left hand holding a cigarette in the right hand a cup of coffee. Then my cellular phone was ringing.“

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Five Surgeons Five surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon, says, “I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.” The second, responds, “Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded.” The third surgeon, says, “No, I really think librarians are the best! Everything inside them is in alphabetical order.” The fourth surgeon, chimes in: “You know, I like construction workers. Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over.” But the fifth surgeon, shut them all up when he said: “You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine. Plus, the head and the ass are interchangeable.”

The four Kinds of Sex

House Sex - When you are newly married and have sex all over the house. Bedroom Sex - After you have been married for a while, you only have sex in the bedroom. Hall Sex - After you've been married for many, many years you just pass each other in the hall and say “Fuck you!” Courtroom Sex - When your wife and her lawyer fuck you in the divorce court in front of many people for every penny you've got.

Sudoku solutions from page 11:

Sudoku No. 361

Sudoku No. 362

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