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Carnival buys Hotels in Maimón Organizations against general Prohibition of Abortion / Cardinal apologizes for Insults

According to reports of the local press, the cruise line Carnival, which has built the harbor „Amber Cove“ in Maimón, has bought the hotel complex of the Spanish group RIU, situated right next to this harbor. Other officially also unconfirmed reports say that Carnival purchased land to build another additional hotel. The RIU hotels will be renovated to accommodate guests from the cruise ships. The objective of the largest cruise operator in the world is to make „Amber Cove“ to a so-called mother port, where the cruise ship passengers can start and end their cruise through the Caribbean. This would be the hoped breakthrough for Puerto Plata, since the tourists then will not come ashore only for a few hours, but can combine their cruise with a stay in the province. Even if the guests should stay only in the Carnival-owned hotels, the businesses can benefit because not every visitor will spend one or two weeks in a hotel, but some want to explore the area on their own.

The Dominican Republic is one of only six countries in the world, including the Vatican, in which an absolute abortion ban applies. In the newly adopted penal code, the deputies could not bring themselves to allow any exception. Under pressure from the Catholic Church and the evangelical sects, who demonstrated noisly, even an addition to the former bill was deleted without replacement, which allowed a renegotiation of certain exceptions.

Now more than 60 organizations that are united in the Coalition for the Rights and the Lives of Women called the senators to incorporate a clause in the bill that allows women an abortion under three conditions. Firstly, if their own life is in danger, secondly, if the pregnancy is due to rape or incest, and thirdly, if the baby will have abnormities after birth that will make it impossible to survive. The Coalition pointed out the high maternal mortality in the Dominican Republic, and that 13 percent of these deaths are due to the illegal abortions executed by unqualified quacks and in illegal clinics without sanitary standards. If the Congress will not accept this proposal, the Coalition wants to call the constitutional court.

On the 10th of September, Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez handed the scepter of the Archbishop of Santo Domingo, the highest Catholic post in the country, to his successor Monseñor Francisco Ozoria Acosta. After several months of silence, Cardinal López Rodríguez published a letter shortly before his handover in which he asked God to forgive him for the people and communities he may have offended during his service as metropolitan archbishop of Santo Domingo. He assured that he never felt any bitterness against anyone who had showed resistance or expressed rejection or disagreement with him. The cardinal was notorious for his uncompromising attitude towards the gay community - his attacks against the American ambassador „Wally“ Brewster and his husband Bob Satawake caused a couple of stirs - and against the „traitors“ who give away the country to Haiti. His actions were always moved by the sincerest love for God, for the Church and for the country, said López Rodríguez. „I fought the good battle, I finished the career and kept the faith. Now only the crown of righteousness is waiting for me, which the Lord as a judge will award me on that day.“

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón Sept., 13 - 16 Adonia September, 14 Carnival Conquest September, 19 Carnival Magic September, 26 Carnival Magic Sept., 27 - 30 Adonia September, 28 Carnival Conquest October, 10 Carnival Magic Oct. 11 - 14 Adonia October, 12 Carnival Conquest October, 17 Carnival Magic Oct. 25 - 28 Adonia October, 26 Carnival Conquest October, 31 Carnival Magic

Fund-Raising Drive for Water Senator Sonia Matos causes Indignation / Political Leader Hatuey de Camps died at 69 For months the government was negotiating with the doctors for a raise and better working hours. The last offer to the resident physicians was an increase of ten percent from 2017, an additional ten percent from 2018 and five percent from 2019. The salary of a medical assistant is currently at 28,000 pesos (620 dollars) a month, many of them are already waiting for payment since three months. So the public reaction was an intense indignation after it was known that the senators allowed themselves a generous increase of 70,000 pesos in their salaries to now 320,000 pesos a month. In addition they get 40,000 pesos per diems plus 50,000 pesos for gasoline, mobile phones and other necessary things.

Meanwhile the average salary in the Dominican Republic is at about 23,000 pesos, and, according to the Central Bank, about 50 percent of the employees earn just 11,000 pesos a month. The hospital of Hato del Yaque in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Santiago, where numerous dengue and cholera cases are treated, receives only 149.845 pesos state support a month. But most senators think this is right or even too little, as Sonia Mateo, Senator from Dajabón, who complained that this money was not enough. She often had to drive to Santo Domingo up to three times a week, where she it could not even buy a small apartment, sometimes the money was not even enough to buy a small bottle of water. In response to this lamentation, groups on the Internet called for collections for Sonia Mateo, such as “Water for Sonia.” The chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Lucía Medina, sister of President Medina, said she will not allow any increase, which was followed by threats of action.

On the 26th of August, the chairman and founder of the PRSD (Revolutionary Social Democratic Party), Hatuey de Camps died after a long battle against cancer at the age of 69. Hatuey de Camps was born in Cotuí as the son of Miguel Ángel de Camps Cortes, Violinist of the founders of the National Symphony, rancher, deputy, consul in Hamburg and ambassador to Nicaragua. After the PRD returned from exile, Hatuey de Camps oriented himself at this party as a student. In 1965, he called on the people to go to the streets and to defend the Constitution of Juan Bosch and to demonstrate for his return. From 1979 to 1982, Hatuey de Camps was the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies. In his tenure, he created the law, which obliges the officials to diclose their assets in order to fight corruption, but up to now this is followed only by a small percentage. After discussions with the then president Hipólito Mejía about his opinion on the reelection of a president, Hatuey de Camps left the PRD, where he was secretary general, after he asked the people to better vote for the devil instead of Hipólito Mejía, and founded the new party PRSD, because he no longer saw the ideals of José Francisco Peña Gómez, his companion, represented in the PRD. In May, Hatuey de Camps ran as the presidential candidate for the PRSD and he was the only opposition candidate who congratulated Danilo Medina on his election.

Environmental Pollution Traffic in Cities the main Cause for Pollution / Environmental Awareness has increased

The fact that the air in Santiago is not clean, can already be see from afar by the pall of smog over the second largest city of the country. In the capital Santo Domingo, the air can not be clean just because of the immense traffic. But what about the rest of the country? Since there are very few factories in the Dominican Republic, which are primarily responsible for the air pollution in the industrialized countries, the blame falls on the transport fleet, which consists largely of old vehicles, that drain their exhaust gases often completely unfiltered.

In 2009, the Ministry of Environment examined the air quality in the country for the first time. It is planned to carry out a new investigation soon. At that time it was found that the air in the National District (Santo Domingo) is the most polluted, followed by Santiago, the province of Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, San Pedro de Macorís, San Cristóbal, La Vega and Samaná. Carbon monoxide was the greatest pollution caused by traffic, the production of electricity, oil refineries and the non-mineral product manufacturing, such as the sugar factories. But Santo Domingo does not appear on the WHO (World Health Organization) list of the most polluted cities in Latin America. Rubén Mesa, analyst of the Department of Environmental Quality, said that in recent years, environmental awareness in the country has increased and the power generators are producing more and more clean energy such as gas, wind and solar energy, so the air quality and thus the health of the population will improve.

The Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health reported that in the provinces mentioned, air pollution is a major source for most respiratory diseases occuring there. Alone in Santo Domingo there were almost half a million cases in 2015. Between March and November 2013, the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec) examined air pollution at three points of the National Districts on sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and air particles. Except for carbon monoxide all values were above the environmental standards for air quality and emission control. Mesa says the sulfur dioxide comes mainly from fuels, especially diesel, where the sulfur content is much higher than allowed by international standards, which was denied by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. To improve the quality of air, the government is planning a national system for technical inspection of vehicles, in order to truly meet the requirements of the so-called annual “revista”.

Lone Fighter Casa Abierta criticizes Inactivity in Drug Policy / Demanding Amnesty for Consumers

The chairman of Casa Abierta, Radhamés de la Rosa Hidalgo, criticized in an open letter that President Danilo Medina has not yet addressed the issue of drugs in his new term of office. In Casa Abierta, which was founded in 1972 and which is the first Dominican institution that specializes in the subject of prevention and treatment of drug and other psychosocial issues, de la Rosa Hidalgo wrote, we have been pleased that at the drug summit of Latin American and Caribbean States (ECLAC, Spanish abbreviation: CELAC) the Dominican President has confirmed the need, “to open new debates and to explore new ways” and to define a policy and action, in which the focus is on people and the fundamental and inalienable rights of the people are taken into account. President Medina there spoke of the “growing skepticism and frustration of our peoples”, which are the Casa Abierta's and apparently also the president's view of the consequence of a state policy, which focuses on the substances and the abuse of human rights. But despite this progressive position before ECLAC, the President did not touch the subject in his government's plan for the next four years, not even peripherally.

“This is not consistent with the frequency with which we hear that drugs are an issue, the great concern that is a very serious problem for the country today. This sends out a not encouraging message, which indicates that a mediocre drug policy will be valid further, the rights violated, corrupt, abusive, which will turn us further in a vicious circle which has only negative consequences,” writes de la Rosa Hidalgo in his open letter. He stressed that if the new government loves righteousness, it has the obligation to open new debates and to explore new ways to make a drug policy that focuses on humans. But President Medina also outlined many issues as how society can be protected and risk factors associated with psychosocial problems, such as the use of drugs, can be reduced, which affect the citizens so much and cause their concern, wrote the chairman of Casa Abierta. The President still had the time to stop the “skepticism and growing frustration,” of which he spoke on the ECLAC Summit. The consequences of this policy, which is based on the anachronistic law 50-88, are the great paradox of an inverted and unjust web where the youngest and most vulnerable are caught, but where the great and powerful get away. Still the president had time not to repeat this ultraconservative views for another four years. A new drug law was necessary, which has the prevention and treatment as a priority, which redefines the control strategies that have proven that they are not effective for the reduction of the offer, and which are also penetrated by a shameless corruption.

A new law was urgent, that decriminalized the consumption, which makes drug use a crime by the ultra prohibitionist perspective, with the single argument of fear and repression. But delayed justice is justice denied, says de la Rosa Hidalgo. We can not wait for a modification of the Act 50-88 and therefore he proposes that the President, as an act of justice, proclaims a general amnesty, to return those to their families who were only arrested or convicted for possession of banned substances. Today, the majority of the arrested are people who violated the law 5088 and whose only crime is to have consumed drugs. De la Rosa Hidalgo requires prevention programs based on scientific evidence, and trained professionals, specifically to treat heroin addicts who pose a growing group in the country. Through the current policy they were pariahs, which are absurdly classified as drug dealers by a perverse law. And they also are vectors for the spread of diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, among others. These people are dying in our streets without the attention they deserve. The Dominican society does not deserve the current drug policy, which is based on stereotypes, discrimination and stigmatization, and which could show nothing else but damages. The president in the next four years has the time for politics without absurd fears and pathetic laws. As the president said in his discourse at the ECLAC Summit, quoting Juan Bosch, “It is not enough to have ideas, but they need to be realized in the big and in the small.” Casa Abierta defines itself as an organization that is close to reality and people without prejudices, stigmas and stereotypes.

Peace for Colombia Longest Civil War in History ended / Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff removed from Office

Most Colombians can probably not even imagine how this feels: to live in peace. They have never known anything but the civil war, which is raging for 52 years in the South American country and where more than 220,000 people have lost their lives and more than five million people, mostly farmers, were forced off their land because they often got caught in a quagmire. When their village was raided by the army, the supposed sympathizers of the FARC were arrested or shot. When the guerrillas came, the same happened with those who were suspected of being sympathizers or collaborators with the government. The left rebel group FARC, who fought first for land reforms, but later also got in the drug trade, and the Colombian government fought a merciless war for decades. Now the miracle happened. After more than four years of negotiations, the former enemies agreed on a permanent bilateral ceasefire, which so far has been met with

no incidents at all and which will be followed by a peace treaty, for which the Colombians will vote on the 3 rd of October. Ironically it is not sure, whether it will be accepted by the population. Many Colombians do not agree that the rebels should go unpunished, and the right-wingers under the leadership of former president Ă lvaro Uribe accuse Santos he would give the country to the FARC. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (photo), started the initiative to end the longest civil war in history, and now he is fighting that the treaty will be approved by the Colombian people. The problem of Santos is that he is higher esteemed internationally than in his own country. And the Colombians show little interest in the referendum. Only 35 percent are planning to go to vote. The FARC which at the end consisted only about 7,000 fighters after having lost many of its leaders in the fighting, will transform into a political organization that gets reserved five seats in the House and in the Senate for two terms until 2026, after elections, the number of seats obtained will depend on the votes they will get then. The opponents of the peace treaty complain that guerrillas confessing crimes do not come into custody, but will have to help to rebuild the areas devastated during the civil war up to eight years. The Colombian government committed itself to a land reform and the revision of the anti-drug policy, for which it has received millions of dollars of aid and for the army from the United States. In addition, the government will have to foster the neglected regions of the country.

In Brazil, the Senate dominated by the old caste of politicians, has managed to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office whose second term started only last year. She calls it a coup. The former guerrilla Dilma was hated since the beginning and was never accepted by the dynasties that ruled their states as if they were their kingdom. They accused Rousseff of trickery in the household. But even the prosecution noted that this was no abuse of office. This did not prevent the Senators, some of whom are accused of corruption, money laundering and forming a criminal association, to vote for the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and were firing a president who is considered as honest, even according to the view of her opponents. Then the senators apparently felt some remorse. Because after a dismissal, a politician normally cannot execute an office for eight years. In a second vote they allowed an exception for Dilma Rousseff. The new president of Brazil, Michel Temer (in the photo right of Rousseff), who is not very popular, wants to enforce a conservative turn in Brazil, which will separate the society even more.

Condom Use Trying to change the Mentality / Use of Condoms to prevent Diseases and Pregnancies A real man does not use a condom, continues to be the view of many. That is why the director of the National Council for HIV and AIDS (CONAHIVSIDA), Doctor VĂ­ctor Terrero underlined the importance of rethinking. A national policy on condoms must be established in order to make the programs for the prevention of HIV more effectively. The use of condoms is involved in activities of prevention and education in the National Strategic Plan (PEN).

The activities of the PEN were based on the most affected groups, with the aim to reduce new infections by 50 percent. The plan has the aim to change the behavior of the people, HIV tests will be carried out increasingly and those affected will be treated properly in the health centers. The initiative wants to make sure the distribution and supply of condoms and show the necessity of their permanent and proper use.

But not only the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases is prevented by using condoms. A new study of Profamilia shows that control of teenage pregnancies remains an urgent need. 20 percent of the girls who drop out of school do this because they are pregnant. According to the investigation, every fifth Dominican girl aged 15 to 19 is pregnant or already has children. Nine percent are currently pregnant.

Juan Gabriel

Omega el Fuerte

Died in Santa Monica

Colleagues: Set him free

Zoe Saldaña Mourning for Juan Gabriel

The news of the death of Mexican singer Juan Gabriel caused international grief. The eccentric star died at the age of 66 years in his house in Santa Monica, California, from a heart attack on the 28th of August. Juan Gabriel was considered the biggest star of the popular music of Mexico. He had health problems for years and gave a concert two days before his death, after which he walked off the stage in very frail health. The expressions of grief came from all the international Latino Stars over the Mexican President Peña Nieto up to Barrack Obama. “He was our Elvis,” said a Mexican fan during a spontaneous mourning rally on the Plaza Garibadi in Mexico City. “Juan Gabriel is a music icon. He was a living legend. We are in shock,” said a 24-year-old, with a glass of tequila in her hand. Juan Gabriel, whose real name was Alberto Aguilera Valadez, sold more than 100,000 records and composed about 1,500 songs throughout his career, including classics like “Amor eterno”, which he wrote for his mother after her death, without whom he had to grow up.

US movie star Zoe Saldaña, daughter of a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother, came dressed in black as a sign of mourning for Juan Gabriel at a press conference in Mexico City to promote her new movie “Star Trek - Beyond”. “Yes, I'm in mourning, I'm dressed in black in honor of Juan Gabriel, I grew up with his music,” she said. New Jersey born Saldaña sang on one of his biggest hits, “Ya lo sé que tu te vas” and added, “Juan Gabriel was everything. When you grow up as a little girl at home, no matter where, being Latino anywhere in the world, if your parents are proud, they will always play the music that they like, and Juan Gabriel was a 'staple' for us.”

Jennifer Lopez Out for Casper

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart now ended their relationship after the dancer preferred to visit a boxing match with friends instead of accompanying JLO to a charity event. But they said they will continue to stay friends.

Artists of Música urbana attended the trial of Omega el Fuerte, who is in custody in Najayo since January, because he is accused to have badly beaten his girlfriend. La Insuperable, El Alfa, Carlito Wey and Toxic Crow demanded the immediate release of Antonio Peter de la Rosa, Omega's real name. The trial was adjourned after one hour. Omega's ex-partner Sahira Valerio described the way how Omega, who already had been in custody a couple of times for using violence against women but repeatedly was set free because the women withdrew the suit, accused her of infidelity in a Cabaña in Santo Domingo and then started to beat her, to pull her hair, to bite her, and to throw her on the floor and on the bed. When she tried to escape, he hit her with two chains, which he wrapped in a towel previously. Reaction of Omega: This one is the worst women which I ever got involved with. The defense appealed against Omega's prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso for partiality. Known as the incorruptible prosecutor of the National District, she said in a previous case, according to a psychological analysis, she considers Omega for capable of killing a woman.

What is this Guy singing? “Sin contrato” by Maluma The video for “Sin contrato” was filmed by Maluma in the Dominican Republic along with former “Miss” Yaritza Reyes. Qué pasó mi reina, estás muy linda, bebé. Buen mozo, te veo en un ratito, sí. Rubi danos un minuto, porfa. Ando buscando, pensando, encontrando una forma de estar contigo un par de horas. No es que quiera hacerte mi señora. Y no te preocupes, luego vemos si funciona. Tú pasas, te miro. Te miro y te ves muy bien. Eres la más sexy, lo sabes. Dame ese cuerpito de una vez. Vamos a divertirnos que esta noche es pa' pasarla bien. Y es que no aguanto las ganas de hacerte mía. Si te cansó la monotonía, yo te daré todo lo que el no te da. Dime dime dime si tú quieres andar conmigo. No tiene caso que sea tu amigo. Y si no quieres solo dame un rato, baby, pero sin ningún contrato Dime dime dime si tú quieres andar conmigo. De todo, todo quiero hacer contigo. Y si no quieres solo dame un rato, baby, pero sin ningún descanso. Uoh Uoh Oh! Dime dime dime si tú quieres andar conmigo. Uoh Uoh Oh! No me importa, no me importa que seamos amigos. No sé si crees en coincidencias. Dime rápido, que se me acaba la paciencia. Hagamos el amor y deja atrás esa inocencia. Vivamos la aventura que no tiene mucha ciencia, bebé. Tú me tocas, yo te toco y la pasamos muy bien. Si nos gusta otro día nos volvemos a ver. A la misma hora y en el mismo lugar. Tú y yo solitos, mami, hasta el amanecer ok! Dime dime dime si tú quieres andar conmigo. No tiene caso que sea tu amigo ... Si te sientes sola, llama a cualquier hora. Toda mi vida te la pongo a tus pies. No pidas permiso, solo ven conmigo. Te subo al cielo y no te dejo caer.

What's up, my queen? Your'e very beautiful. Handsome, I'll see you in a moment, right? Rubi, give us a minute please. I am seeking, thinking to find a form, to to be with you a few hours. I do not want to make you my wife. And do not worry, later we'll see if it works. You are passing, I look at you. I look at you and you look very good. You're the sexiest, you know. Give me that little body immediately. Let us have fun, for this night is there for pleasure. And I can not stand it, the desire to make you mine. If you're tired of the monotony, I'll give you everything he doesn't give you. Tell me, tell me, tell me, if you want to go with me. It makes no sense to be your friend. And if you do not want, just give me a moment, baby, but without any contract. Tell me, tell me, tell me, if you go want with me. I want to do everything, everything with you. And if you do not want, just give me a moment, baby, but without resting. Uoh Uoh Oh! Tell me, tell me, tell me, if you want to go with me. Uoh Uoh Oh! I do not care, I do not care if we are friends. I do not know if you believe in coincidences. Tell me quickly, my patience is running out. Let's make love and let back this innocence. Let us live the adventure, this does not take much science, baby. You touch me, I touch you and we have a very good time. If we like it, we meet again. At the same time and the same place. You and me alone, Mom, until dawn, ok. Tell me, tell me, tell me, if you want to go with me. It makes no sense to be your friend ... If you feel alone, call anytime. I'll put my life at your feet. Don't ask for permission, just come with me. I will lift you to heaven and do not let you fall.

Juan Luis Londoño Arias was born in Medellín, Colombia, on the 28 th of January 1994. As a a little boy he dreamed of becoming a soccer star, but soon other people became aware of his creative talent. He won in music contests and wrote love letters for his classmates to their beloved. At 16, he got a studio recording of the song composed by him “No quiero” as a birthday gift. Here he was advised to change his name, for which he chose Maluma after the first syllable of the names of his parents and his sister - Marlli, Luis and Manuela. After he had reluctantly decided against becoming a soccer star and for a musical career, Maluma took music lessons. Sony Music offered him a contract and in 2013 and 2015 Maluma was nominated for the Latin Grammy. Except for being a singer and a composer, Maluma also is working successfully as a fashion designer. Maluma filmed the presented song in the Dominican Republic, and his sexy video partner is Yaritza Reyes, Miss República Dominicana of 2013.

Oh my God!


Ask the Doctor

Two nuns go shopping late in the afternoon. When they get past the drinks fridge one of them says, „Wouldn't it be heavenly to enjoy two cool beers on this hot summer evening?“ The other nun replies: „By the Lord, yes. But isn't it embarrassing for a nun to buy beer? The cashier surely will look at us in a strange way.“ „Let me do it, I have an excellent idea,“ says the first nun, bringing a six-pack from the refrigerator. At the till, the cashier looks at them somewhat surprised, as expected. „We need the beer to wash our hair,“ explains the nun. „At the convent we call this 'Catholic shampoo'.“ After paying, the cashier reaches under the counter, puts a pack of pretzels on it and says to the nuns, smiling, „The curlers are on the house.“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Interview with the Japanese specialist Dr. Take-Ito Eesiman. Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it. Don't waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live longer; it like saying you extend life of car by driving faster. Want to live longer? Take nap. Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake? A: Oh no. Wine made from fruit. Fruit very good. Brandy distilled wine, that mean they take water out of fruity bit so you get even more of goodness that way. Beer also made of grain. Grain good too. Bottom up! Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program? A: Can't think of one, sorry. My philosophy: No pain - good! Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you? A: Food fried in vegetable oil. How getting more vegetable be bad? Q: Is chocolate bad for me? A: You crazy? Cocoa bean! Another vegetable! It best feel-good food around! Q: Is swimming good for your figure? A: If swimming good for figure, explain whale to me. Q: Is getting in shape important for my lifestyle? A: “Round” is shape! Remember: Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “Woo-Hoo, what a ride!”

Sudoku No. 359 (easy)

A nun in a car is running out of gasoline on her way home to the convent. Since she doesn't have a spare canister, she takes her chamber pot and walks to the gas station to get some gas. Back to her car, she fills the gasoline from the chamber pot into the tank. A passerby sees this and says, „Wow! I'd like to have your faith!“

An emergency call at the police station: „This is the nunnery Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, we want to report that there just was a rape!“ „Oh my God! That's horrible. And who has been raped?“ „The postman.“

Sudoku No. 360

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Building Land for Sale in the Gated Community of Lomas Mironas located between Cabarete & Sosua (opposite Sea Horse Ranch) Just under 2,800 sq.m of Building Land with Ocean Views & fantastic breeze. Frontage about 75' long. Price: Just US$39 sq.m. with Title & Dwslinde. Sale by Owner. Tel.: (809) 853 6158 or e mail: johnmdonaldson Los Castillos. Furnished house, 2 BR + 2 BA and garage, 60 sq.m. Ocean view terrace with a part without French grapes, but chinola. Lots of books and paintings. Owner lives there again. Price was 50,000 euro, now again 60,000 euro. Tel. 809-5712118. Small hotel in Sosua for sale or lease, with customer base and included tennis club with 4 tennis courts. The hotel has 15 apartments, 3 rooms, pool, bar, restaurant and lounge. Installation to organize large live concerts. Parking at the hotel. Total area 8,000 sq.m. For information call 809 869 8649 House with fantastic sea view in Sosua, La Mulata. 360o panoramic view, good building, 3 bedrooms, including a detached studio, pool, covered jacuzzi, large garage, covered area about 300 sqm, plot 1500 sqm. US$169,000 for direct sale. Ideal for livestock. Tel. 829-3731218 Bar and Cigar Shop in Sosúa for sale. Prime Location. Call 809-260-8102 Apartment for sale, 80 sq.m, completely furnished, 2 BR, 2 BA, living-room with bar and integrated kitchen, terrace, Pool, parking, guarded, in the beautiful condominium of Puerto Chiquito for only US$ 60,000. Info: Tel. 829-373-1218 See pics at

Long and Short Term-Rentals – of bestsosuareal Re#106 Furnished 2 Bedroom Townhouse Style Condo, 108 sq.m/1,162 sq.ft, close to Puerto Plata, Rental: US$750 per month or US$700 12 months and longer. or 809-4628140 Re#212 Furnished 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Condo, 47 sq.m/500 sq.ft, Sosua Center, US$75/night, US$660 to US$770 per month, – athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140. Re#151 a379 1 BR Apartment, 2nd floor, Sosua Center. US$425 per month, 41 sq.m/ 441 sq.ft². – athu – 809-462-8140. Re#215 3 Bedroom Ocean View Villa, Gated - Puerto Plata Area, US$100/night or US$1,100 per month, 2 months and up, – athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140. Private villa for long term rental, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a 3rd room for office with sofa bed, furnished, new kitchen, new bathrooms, private pool, parking, close to the beach. Call 809-9632052 Quiet 1-bedroom apartment, unfurnished, with pool, for rent in Sosúa. Tel. 829-720-3722

House, La Mulata I, 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining room, 100 sq.m, for rent. Long-term from 3 months US$450/month., Call 849262-6714, mail Apartment and room for monthly rental in Playa Laguna. Apartment from US$350, room US$220. Tel. 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015

Looking for work in Sosúa. At home or as a cleaner in a bar or the like, only in the morning. I speak Spanish and Creole. Call 829-944-3702 or 849-405-1281

Large gas boiler, 150 L, for RD$6,000, hand basin for RD$500, electric heater for RD$2,500, refrigerator door for RD$7,000, Call 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015

Looking for a furnished apartment, possibly a small house only by private owners, think about long term rental, reliability is a prerequisite, I am retired (German or French) or 809-2716682.

Canadian Solar, 260 W, High efficiency, 16.5%, with certification, US warranty, Price: 9,000 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809

Looking for professional business English teacher, twice a week, Call 809-861-0078 (Hauke)

Solar inverter Sma Sunny Boy 10 kW! Price: 136.000 RD$. Cell: 849626-5809

German retiree is looking for an apartment in Sosúa or Cabarete, if possible out of town. Tel. 049-51 53/23 52 (I'll call back), or by email: Looking for cribbage players. Please contact me. Joe 829-754-3948 or via email at

All kind of LED lighting! Call for best prices on the island! 849-626-5809

Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467

White rattan furniture with cushions, 1 table, 6 chairs, 1 sofa, 2 armchairs and coffee table. Pick up price P10,000. Tel. 809-974-3073 German Nailstylist in Costambar. Specialist in Gel, Acryl, Shellack,, Tel. 829 7276845

Solar Panels PolyCrown 250 watt, brand new, with certifications and 25 years of warranty, polycrystalline! Special Offer, Price: 7.450 RD$. Discount for quantitiy! Cell: 849-6265809

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Avenida Luis Ginebra 115, entrance beside Blackberry King, upstairs, Tel. 809-708-7618, eMail:

Cleaning Service with high pressure cleaner. We clean your house, tiles, floors, car, plastic furniture looks like new. We are independent of electricity or water connection. Tel. 829-868-8467

Translations to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day.


Yamaha 100 cc, 2014, as good as new, little used, color: blue. Price 35,000 RD$. Call 809-426-8723 For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, automatic, power windows, AC, 4door. Price US$ 110 per· week, US$ 18 per day. Tel. 809-727-9850 or 809-261-6001


Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

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