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Proclamation of the President 21 Cannon Shots in Front of Congress / Bautista's Representatives don't know about Bribes

The National Assembly proclaimed the next President, Danilo Medina, and the next Vice President, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, for the government 2016 to 2020. According to protocol, the members of the National Assembly must check the files handed over by the Central Electoral Board (JCE). For this purpose, more than half of the 32 senators and 190 deputies must be present. The president and vice-president don't have to be present. After a Commission of Senators and Representatives, chosen by Senate President Cristina Lizardo, has checked the files of the JCE, they give the General Assembly a report and recommend acceptance. After the plenary adopted the decision, a battery of the National Army fires 21 cannon shots in front of the Congress to announce the event. The senators and deputies must wear a black suit, a white shirt and a black tie for this ceremony, the ladies have to wear a black costume.

The opposition parties PRM and PRSC submitted a dissident report to the National Assembly in which they argue, the proclamation of Danilo Medina and Margarita Cedeño was illegal, since the JCE had not presented original documents, but only copies. The National Assembly rejected the report, which was signed by 23 MPs of the two parties and their allies who then left the Congress before the vote. On the 16th of August, Danilo Medina will be sworn in before the National Assembly as the President of the Dominican Republic. The summons of the Haitian Senate to the Dominican Senator Felix Bautista to comment on corruption charges against him, were refused by him due to “lack of time”. Félix Bautista sent two representatives, including the Director-General of his construction company Hadom, who were interviewed by Senator Youri Latortue of the Commission on Ethics and the Fight against Corruption to the contracts that Bautista has signed after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Bautista is accused of having paid bribe money to Haitian politicians to obtain lucrative public works contracts. Latortue said the company Hadom had received 137 million dollars after the signing of two works contracts in 2011. From a total of 29 projects for Hadom, only 22 were completed. According to the Haitian daily newspaper “Le Nouvelliste”, the hearing sometimes

turned to a burlesque event, as when the conditions became clear in which Dominican companies got contracts that slipped through the gaps of deficiencies in Haiti, which at the time after the earthquake brutally came to light. “The answers are not satisfactory,” Latortue said after he and the colleagues of his Commission tried to find out in three hours, where all the millions remained, not only from Félix Bautista, but also from Petrocaribe, the petroleum agreement with Venezuela on which the hearing was focused primarily. Bautista's envoys of course did not know anything of bribes. Andrés Bautista and Jesús Vásquez, President and Secretary General of the opposition party PRM, complained that the Commission of the Senate will not further investigate the allegations of corruption against the senator from San Juan, Félix Bautista, who come from different countries, but instead acquit the senator from all accusations. With this, the Senate of the Dominican Republic became a accomplice of Félix Bautista, strengthening his “armor of impunity” that protects him. While the Dominican Senate relieves Bautista, other countries such as Haiti, Peru or Panama charge him of corruption and illegal funding of elections of another country, as in Peru, where he supposedly supported a candidate.

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón August, 2 - 5 Adonia August, 4 Carnival Sunshine August, 8 Carnival Magic Aug., 16 - 19 Adonia August, 18 Carnival Conquest August, 29 Carnival Magic 8/30 – 9/2 Adonia August, 31 Carnival Conquest September, 5 Carnival Magic September, 8 Carnival Glory Sept., 13 - 16 Adonia September, 14 Carnival Conquest September, 19 Carnival Magic September, 26 Carnival Magic Sept., 27 - 30 Adonia September, 28 Carnival Conquest

Debts repaid No further Liabilities to IMF / Highest Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2016 The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) announced that by the 9th of July 2016, all debts that the country had with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have been repaid. Overall, on the 6th of October 2009, the IMF granted the country a standby credit over 1.7 billion dollars, of which 1.195 billion were paid. The IMF retained 505

million dollars, since the country had not fulfilled some conditions of the IMF. The IMF gave a financial support for the budget of a government for the first time, 338.1 million dollars were for the international reserves of the BCRD, as it is customary with IMF loans. Accordingly, the Central Bank's aim was to stimulate economic recovery in an environment of macroeconomic stability and to strengthen growth prospects. According to the Central Bank, with the timely fulfillment of the payment obligations, the country will get the opportunity to an easier access to such credit facility from the IMF in the future. The foreign debt could now be settled more easily, because the rates for the IMF are paid.

In addition, with the repayment of the IMF debt, the Dominican Republic gets a higher reputation on the international markets, which leads to the possibility of lower interest rates. Capital markets get more confident to invest in the country without having to fear any major risks. According to the latest report of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC, Spanish abbreviation CELAC), the Dominican economy has dazzling prospects. This year, a general slowdown in growth is expected. In the Caribbean, the gross domestic product (GDP) will shrink by 0.3 percent, in all Latin America by 0.8 percent. The most difficult situation is predicted for Venezuela, where a fall of 8 percent of the GDP is expected. At the top of the half-continent and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has an expected growth of 6 percent, followed by Panama with 5.9, Nicaragua and Bolivia, each with 4.5, and Costa Rica with 4.3 percent. In crisis-ridden neighbor Haiti the economy this year will grow 1.5 percent. In its “Economic Study of Latin America and the Caribbean 2016�, ECLAC raises the urgency of more investments, by both, state and private sector, to promote the economic recovery of the region and to meet the challenges of the Agenda 2030 for a Sustainable Development.

Number of Accident Victims rising Many serious Traffic Accidents / Most Fatalities in Latin America and the Caribbean

In sad regularity, the country's population is horrified by reports of terrible traffic accidents. As recently, when a truck crashed with a pickup (right) between Sánchez and Nagua. On the loading space of the pickup there were people who came from a religious ceremony. Result: 18 dead. Shortly afterwards, a bus of Transportes Espinal driving towards Santo Domingo fell into the ditch. “Fortunately” only 19 injured. As after every serious accident, immediately started the usual discussion with the demand for tougher laws. But the effect of tougher laws would be little without a profound change in consciousness and without traffic education from an early age.

Engineer Mario Holguín, President of the Foundation Network of Dignity (FUNDARED), said, last year 14,278 people were victims of traffic accidents nationwide. But alone in the first seven months of this year, four hospitals in Greater Santo Domingo already had to attend more than 17,000 accident victims. 64 percent of them were drivers of motorcycles. This is also due to the popular illegal races, the victims mostly are young men from 15 to 25 years. Dr. Félix Hernández, Director General of SRSM (Regional Urban Health Service), says, in many cases the victims are men over 25 years, who generally are the only one who feeds a family. With him, the family loses its single breadwinner when he dies by an accident or becomes bedridden for a longer time or has to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Many families are thereby pushed out of poverty into absolute misery. According to Holguín, a serious accident has not only serious consequences for the direct victim, but usually also for five or more family members.

Thus, the Dominican Republic is again the country of Latin America and the Caribbean with the most fatalities per capita. 29.3 per hundred thousand inhabitants are killed in traffic accidents. Far more than the Latin American average of 17 deaths. Or nearly three times as much as in Europe. The consumption of alcohol plays a major role, which can be clearly seen at the fact that 59 percent of accidents happen on the weekend. Holguín also recalled that there is no traffic education at schools. In addition, there are more and more vehicles on the roads. So countries with low income have over 60 percent of the global vehicle fleet, but 90 percent of the victims come from these countries, says Holguín.

A considerate Thief Anecdote by Joe English

The first time I visited Sosua Beach I stumbled upon Mendy's, shack #113, then a mud-dust-rust color, today a Caribbean blue. Mendy's is smack dab in the middle of the beach. I had walked its entire length and determined that the area immediately in front of Mendy's provides the best swimming place, sandy bottom, no rocks, a few convenient shadows from a brace of tall palms. Attached to my house is a studio apartment named “Casita Blanquita,”--it is not overly large and it is painted white. I rent Casita Blanquita to tourists during the main season. I do not require an additional deposit for the keys, but explain that the key to the safe cannot be duplicated and that, should the keys be lost, the entire safe, at a cost of $150US would have to be replaced. I am sure to tell each about Mendy's. I say that I frequently go to the beach alone and can and do leave wallet, passport, watch, camera, and the other stuff Americans find essential for beachtime bliss--lotions, towels,

books--in Mendy's trustworthy care. A likeminded Mendyite, a Swede who then had been coming to Sosua for twenty years, assured me on my very first visit that Mendy is 100% trustworthy--”ace boon coon,” as Americans of African descent put it. And so it has been for ten years now. Never a peso missing. A few months ago I rented Casita Blanquita to an American I shall call Michael, a beach lover whose ardor for sand and surf turned out to be even greater than mine. I escorted Michael to the beach and introduced him to Mendy. I explained that he could feel confident that Mendy would take good and trusted care of him. Indeed all was well and fine for the first week. Late one afternoon I knocked on Michael's door to explain that the water would be turned off for half an hour while a repair was being made. Michael had just returned from the beach. There was a troubled look upon his face. He had been robbed. Wallet, money, sunglasses, change of clothing, sandals. His misfortune was one thing; mine another and, of course, of far greater import. That is the way with homo sapiens: our attention turns immediately to our own selfish needs and concerns. Everything depends on whose ox it is that is being gored. It is terrible that a hurricane killed nineteen and destroyed God know how many homes. What really matters is that Edenorte [“EverNoche”] cut service. The keys! I would have to change locks,

remove and replace the safe, and, I could see it coming, suffer words of dissent as to Michael's responsibility to pay. But then I remembered: it was I who had vouched for Mendy, who had assured Michael that he could without worry trust his belongings to Mendy's tender care. “I do not understand,” I said. “For ten years now, I have never had anything stolen from Mendy's.” “Oh,” he replied, “I didn't feel like walking all the way to Mendy's. So I just put my stuff on the rocks near the entrance. Damn thief took everything!” “It's fortunate, I suppose, that you left Casita Blanquita unlocked.” “Oh, no. Whoever it was took the keys out of my pants pocket and left them on the rocks. Took everything else, but he left the keys.” And so the question is: if I knew who the considerate thief was and I came upon him along Pedro Clisante should I buy him a drink at the Jolly Roger? You betcha.

Protests against Ban on Abortion Joy and Anger over Deletion of Article 110 / Environment Ministry rejects Accusation

Shortly before the end of the legislative period, the Chamber of Deputies voted for the adoption of the new penal code. This now must be approved by the President and the Senate to become law. In addition to new regulations, such as in the case of murder of women, the invasion of land or abduction, which now can be punished with 20 to 30 years, and the increase in prison sentences for certain crimes, the much disputed article 110 has been deleted, after which there should be established a special law on abortion according to which abortion can be legal in certain cases, such as malformation of the fetus, rape or incest. The reaction of the churches was positive, They threatened to publish the names of MPs who want to permit abortion before the elections in May, so the people would not vote for them. Fidel Lorenzo Merán, Chairman of the Dominican Evangelical Unity Council (CODUE), was delighted: “It’s a significant step taken by the country. We have a code in keeping with the times after more than 15 years of struggles and defending the culture of protection of life.” The Catholic Father Manuel Ruiz reacted happily: “This is a reason for joy.”

Much less enthusiastic about the general and categorical ban on abortion, which provides prison sentences for women up to three years, for doctors, pharmacists and others who assist the women even up to ten years, however, were feminists and human rights organizations up to amnesty international. Waldo Suero, president of the Dominican Medical College (CMD), said the decision of the deputies will increase mortality among mothers and the number of illegal abortions. There were situations in which a woman must be allowed to interrupt the pregnancy, as with rape, incest or malformations of the embryo, when the embryo can not survive on it's own after birth and when there is a risk to the mother's life. Sergia Galván, former chairman of the Feminist Forum and member of the Collective Women and Health, called the deletion of Article 110 a shame and a lack of respect for women. Groups of feminists went to the streets to protest. Rafael Mena, chairman of the Association of Private Hospitals, said in the Dominican Republic there are annually about 90,000 abortions. Since they are considered a crime, they are held in secret and under unsanitary conditions. They are the reason for many deaths, because they are often made by quacks with no medical training. As if to confirm this, five doctors were arrested on the outskirts of Santo Domingo, after six aborted fetuses were found in a black plastic bag on the Autopista San Isidro. In addition, two women have been arrested, which are suspected of abortion, one of them is only 17 years old. According to statistics, 38 of thousand women make an abortion in Latin American countries where abortion is illegal. In countries where abortion is legal, there are eight. This also has to do with education.

Jake Kheel, vice president of the Foundation Grupo Punta Cana and producer of the film “Death by a Thousand Cuts” (see LA PLAYA 177), complained at a meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR), that the illegal exploitation of forests in the south of the country is done partly with knowledge of the authorities. He called on the Chamber of Commerce and the Dominican government, to prevent the large-scale industry for the production of charcoal. While the trade with Haiti, where 80 percent of people cook with charcoal, is fought as illegal, the Dominican Republic became a competitor of Brazil at imported charcoal into the US. “The worst thing is that all this is done with the approval of the Ministry of the Environment”, Kheel said. The Environment Ministry rejected the allegations. The forest areas of the country are not less today, but more. The reason for this also are the permits for the husbandry of parts of the forest.

Intimate Shaving No Health Advantage / More Infections through small Incisions in humid Zone / No Lice Although it is not very pleasant to shave the pubic hair or to epilate it, this is becoming more and more common worldwide. Most often the reason given is hygiene, often also to be sexy or because the partner likes it better that way. Now the American magazine “Dermatolgy” published a study on this subject. After this study, 59 percent of the total of 3,316 female respondents in the United States said they do it “due to hygienic reasons”.

62 percent of the respondents answered that they had a total shave at least once in life, 84 percent said they had at least partially depilated. Contrary to what the interviewees in this study believe, the researches on this subject did not find even one single health or hygienic advantage of shaved to non shaved, with the sole exception that depilated had no lice. Dr. Luisa Dillner who published an article on the subject in the British newspaper “The Guardian” wrote that when shaving the

genital area, however, there is the risk of infection, because often the sensitive skin is hurt with small cuts. Waxing and shaving are leaving the pubic area “unprotected”. She writes: “Your pubic eminence is your own affair. But the pubic hair is there for a reason: to protect your genitals from rubbing and infection. It is more hygienic, not to shave.” According to a another study published in the “American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology”, 60 percent of the shaved once had problems such as abrasion or growing inward hair. “In a humid zone cuts and open follicles increase the risk of infection by viruses and bacteria.” People were not aware that shaving the genital area is different to shaving elsewhere.

Selena Quintanilla

Alba Reyes

Figure at Madame Tussaud's

Ex-Miss sells her Trophy

Claudia Brant “Quality is diminishing”

Selena Quintanilla, who was shot by the chairman of one of her fan clubs on the 31 st of March 1995, will now be immortalized at the wax museum of Madame Tussaud's in Hollywood. The wax figure of the popular Tejano singer, daughter of Mexican immigrants, born in Lake Jackson, Texas, was designed in the presence of the Quintanilla family after her appearance at the concert “Selena Live!” in Corpus Christi, Texas, on the 7 th of February 1993 for which Selena was awarded a Grammy in 1994. The figure, which has a value of about 350,000 dollars, will be unveiled on the 30 th of August. Selena became a legend in Mexico and in the United States through her untimely death. To date, she is still one of the most popular Latino singers. Her biggest hit “Amor prohibido” from 1994 is still very popular today. Besides music, Selena also worked as a fashion designer or played a mariachi singer in the movie “Don Juan DeMarco” next to Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando and Faye Dunaway.

The Argentinean composer Claudia Brant (among other author of “Livin La Vida Loca”) says that Latin music has made progress in the merger with other markets, but has its quality diminished at the same time. New artists are forced by the recording industry to produce according to the general public taste. “It is as if you play the radio for three hours and always listen to the same song.” There were very few new artists where she could say, “What a talent!” Brant says, she composes daily and annually there are recorded around 40 of her songs, such as Luis Fonsi's hit “No me doy por vencido”.

Gilberto Santa Rosa Advice for Salseros Puerto Rican Salsa superstar Gilberto Santa Rosa compared the current effervescence of Salsa in the Dominican Republic with the time when he became big. The “Caballero of Salsa” praised the talent of young Dominican musicians who dedicated themselves to Salsa. The singer advised young artists to focus on what they do. “Discipline is important, creativity and work. We all like it when we are accepted. But sometimes we get drunk by success.” He advised the young artists, also “to go to foreign beaches” to get more experience.

Miss Puerto Rico 2004 and Vice-Miss Universe that same year, Alba Reyes, offered her trophy of Miss Photogenic on the Internet. She got this trophy in the same year and wants to sell it now for the price of 10,000 dollars. Through a series of misfortunes the beauty got into financial difficulties. Alba Reyes who also is a trained lawyer, has been unemployed for a year and now lives in Houston, Texas. In 2006, she lost her baby in the last weeks of pregnancy and divorced a year later. A few months ago, her mother was killed in her presence by unknown persons in her home in Cidra, Puerto Rico. She was shot once in the head and twice in the chest from a car. Alba Reyes also was an active volunteer, like after the earthquake in Ecuador, where the Miss Universe 2004 was held. Alba Reyes is confident of finding a buyer for her trophy. “As an emergency measure, I decided to sell one of my trophies of Miss Universe. I know that this is not a great value for many, but for some fans or collectors these are unique objects that usually are never available on the market”, she says.

What is this Woman singing? “¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor?” by Raquel Arias There are not many Merengue típicos that resound at every corner. “¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor?” is one of them. Te dedico estas letras, ahora que yo estoy llorando. Te dedico estas letras, ahora que yo estoy llorando. A ti que te quise mucho, a ti que te quise mucho y todavía te amo. A ti que te quise mucho, a ti que te quise mucho y todavía te amo. Ay no me olvides, corazón, aunque estamos separados. Ay no me olvides, corazón, aunque estamos separado. Aunque aún después de muerte, aunque aún después de muerte yo te seguiré amando. ¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor? Te fuiste dulce amor. ¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor? Tu me dejabas sola y triste y muy llena de dolor. ¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor? Te fuiste dulce amor. ¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor? Tu me dejabas sola y triste y muy llena de dolor. El es un eco para mi que retumba en mis sentidos. El es un eco para mi que retumba en mis sentidos. Siempre te llevo presente, siempre te llevo presente aunque tu no estes conmigo. Siempre te llevo presente, siempre te llevo presente aunque tu no estes conmigo. Ay, no te lleves de la gente, siempre viviré feliz. Ay, no te lleves de la gente, siempre viviré feliz. Por eso, mi corazón, por eso, mi corazón, siempre tenlo junto a mi. Por eso, mi corazón, por eso, mi corazón, Siempre tenlo junto a mi ¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor? Te fuiste dulce amor. ¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor? Tu me dejabas sola y triste y muy llena de dolor. ¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor? Te fuiste dulce amor …

I dedicate you these letters, now that I'm crying. I dedicate you these letters, now that I'm crying. To you, who I loved you much, to you, who I loved you much and I still love you. To you, who I loved you much, to you, who I loved you much and I still love you. Oh do not forget me, heart, although we are separated. Oh do not forget me, heart, although we are separated. Although even after death, although even after death I will still love you. Why did you leave sweet love? You left, sweet love. Why did you leave sweet love? You were leaving me alone and sad and very full of pain. Why did you leave sweet love? You left, sweet love. Why did you leave sweet love? You were leaving me alone and sad and very full of pain. He is an echo for me that resounds in my senses. He is an echo for me that resounds in my senses. I always have you present, I always have you present even though you are not with me. I always have you present, I always have you present even though you are not with me. Oh, do not listen to the people, I'll live forever happy. Oh, do not listen to the people, I'll live forever happy. That is why, my heart, that is why, my heart, always keep that with me. That is why, my heart, that is why, my heart, always keep that with me. Why did you leave sweet love? You left, sweet love. Why did you leave sweet love? You were leaving me alone and sad and very full of pain. Why did you leave sweet love? You left, sweet love …

Raquel Arias started her professional musical career at the age of 13 and made herself a good name in the genre of Merengue típico. Her nickname was “La Estrella”, the star. In her time, she was well positioned internationally. She even toured the United States and Europe. Then in 2007 there came the turn. After six years of absence from the stage, Raquel Arias turned to the Música cristiana, the Christian music. “I grew up in a Christian home. But playing the Merengue típico, the relationship to the things of the Lord cooled off somewhat.” Since then, Raquel Arias only performs now and then at Christian events. Now a song is played in the radio, which Raquel Arias recorded 16 years ago and which has been reissued by another Merengue típico singer, María Díaz, and of which Raquel Arias also published a Christian version. María Díaz was accused of having stolen the song “¿Por qué te fuiste dulce amor?.” But Raquel Arias was generous: she wanted no quarrel and therefore ceded all rights of the hit to María Díaz.




The judge yells at the defendant: „I know you! I've seen you already umpteen times! How often have you been convicted by me?“ „Never, Your Honor. But I am the porter of the local pleasure house.“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

In a bodega that is known for its exclusive wines, the sommelier is deceased. So the owner of the bodega hangs a job application on the door and after less than five minutes, the first man comes in who looks as if he had not seen a bed nor water for weeks. He introduces himself and says he wants to work as a sommelier. The horrified owner is thinking of how he can quickly get rid of this foul-smelling bum, because he fears for the reputation of his bodega. So he brings him a glass to prove if he knows about wine. The applicant lets the wine unfold on his tongue and says: “This is a muscat, three years old, processed from grapes from the northern region, matured in French oak barrels. The quality is not perfect, but still quite high.” “Correct”, admits the surprised owner of the bodega. “Another glass!” The bum sips a small mouthful of the wine and says: “This is a Cabernet of eight years, harvested in the southern region of the province, matured in a barrel of American oak at eight degrees Celsius. There are still missing three years up to its highest quality.” “That's absolutely correct. Another glass!” “A champagne from Pinot Blanc grapes of high quality and very exclusive.” Shortly before despair, because he can't get rid of the unpleasant fellow, the boss sends a waiter to the office to get a glass of urine from the secretary. The bum again takes a sip and says: “This is a 26-year-old blonde who was born in the south of the region. She is healthy and pregnant in the third month. And if you don't give me this shitty job right now, I will say, who is the father.”

 A man wants to pay at the till in a store. As a little boy enters the store, the cashier whispers to the customer: „This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch out!“ He puts two one-euro coins and a five-euro bill on the counter and asks the boy, „Hey, get one of these. Which one do you want?“ The boy picks up the two coins and leaves the shop. „You see?“, triumphs the cashier. „Never saw someone this stupid.“ The customer leaves the store and sees the boy two blocks away, as he comes out of the ice cream parlor with an ice cream in his hand. He stops him and asks him why he took the coins. The boy answers, „If I took the bank note only once, the game would be over immediately!“

Sudoku No. 353 (easy)

A robber storms the bank at gunpoint and gives a note to the cashier. After reading it, the cashier gives the note back, „This must be a mistake, on the list it says: three pounds of potatoes, six eggs - and do not forget the laundry!“

„Your spelling is getting worse each time“, blames the teacher. „If you are in doubt, how a word is written, just look in the dictionary!“ Ralph replies, „But I'm never in doubt.“

Sudoku No. 354

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Apartment for sale, 80 sq.m, completely furnished, 2 BR, 2 BA, living-room with bar and integrated kitchen, terrace, Pool, parking, guarded, in the beautiful condominium of Puerto Chiquito for only US$ 60,000. Info: Tel. 829-373-1218 See pics at

Re#106 Furnished 2 Bedroom Townhouse Style Condo, 108 sq.m/1,162 sq.ft, close to Puerto Plata, Rental: US$750 per month or US$700 12 months and longer. or 809-4628140

Re#102 1 BR/1 BA Apartment, Cabarete Center, furnished, 50 sq.m/538 sq.ft., 2nd floor, US$600/month, athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140.

German Nailstylist in Costambar. Specialist in Gel, Acryl, Shellack,, Tel. 829 7276845 Refrigerator Frigidaire brand, white, two-door, volume 21 cuft. Height 171 cm, width 79 cm, depth 70 cm. Price US$ 200, Tel. 809-863-1910 Waterbed, 2.10 x 2.00 meters, Price 7,000 RD$, Inverter 2,3 kW, price 6,000 RD$. Tel. 829-557-0800 (Cabarete)

Re#174 co737 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Apartment, Sosua, furnished, ground floor, 60 sq.m/646 sq.ft, now US$450/month, 3 months and up, close to main beach – athu – 809-462-8140. 3 Bedroom Apartment, 150 sq.m, newly furnished, after Cabarete, Canta la Rana, US$450. Long term rental preferred. Tel. 849-802-6281, e-mail House, La Mulata I, 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining room, 100 sq.m, for rent. Long-term from 3 months US$450/month., Call 849262-6714, mail Large Studio Apartment in Playa Chiquita, fully furnished and equipped in gated garden setting, pool. All included US$400, only long term, short term price upon request. 829-827-1326 Central Sosúa Apartments for rent. Clean, quiet, 1 bedroom and studio, balcony. From 11,000 RD$. Tel. 809303-3900 For rent from Aug. 1, 2016: House, 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, kitchen, living-dining room, terrace, garden, pool, near Pola, US$ 650 + electricity, unfurnished, deposit 2 rents, Phone, Engl. 829-262-8075, German: 809-455 -8272

Big furnished Apartment, 125 sq.m, 2 BR, 2 BA, Pool for rent. Phone 829-720-3722

2 bed, 2 bath, ocean front condo. Centrally located in Sosua, close to all amenities. Direct access to Playa Alicia beach. Stunning Ocean View. US$1,200 per month. Call 809-5711748 or email Apartment and room for monthly rental. Apartment from US$350, room US$220. Tel. 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015

Looking for work from mid-August in Sosúa. At home or as a cleaner in a bar or the like, only in the morning. I speak Spanish and Creole. Call 829944-3702 or 849-405-1281

Looking for cribbage players. Please contact me. Joe 829-754-3948 or via email at

Wanted a BBQ gas, good condition. 829-858-4658 Looking for stepladder with 5 or 6 steps. Offers to 809-589-0114

Large gas boiler, 150 L, for RD$6,000, hand basin for RD$500, electric heater for RD$2,500, refrigerator door for RD$7,000, Call 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015

Cigars, candy, perfume, tattoo guns, imported from America. Wholesale only. Cheap prices. Phone 809-8035653 Canadian Solar, 260 W, High efficiency, 16.5%, with certification, US warranty, Price: 9,300 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809 Cleaning Service with high pressure cleaner. We clean your house, tiles, floors, car, plastic furniture looks like new. We are independent of electricity or water connection. Tel. 829-868-8467 Champion Juicer $200, three 400 Watt grow light ballasts with six sodium and mercury vapour bulbs $100 each, 4 new 23 watt blacklight bulbs $10, 75 foot 3/4 inch pocket hose new in box $40, brand new large cherry wood watch and jewellery display case $100, big box of various ribbons and gift wrapping paper $25, 250 pound capacity rolling gear cart $50, 40 stainless window closures $40, brand new set of 8 matching chair covers, napkins and placemats $80, three 4x8 sheets of cured fiberglass $100 each, golf clubs $100, two 11 m2 kites with bars $100 each, SHARP toner cartridge SF234NT and box of 8 refill inks FREE, new amazing and spare for parts FREE, moringa seeds FREE, Yamaha R1 special edition superbike $5000., 809885-2668

Solar Panels PolyCrown 250 watt, brand new, with certifications and 25 years of warranty, polycrystalline! Special Offer, Price: 7.500 RD$. Discount for quantitiy! Cell: 849.6265809 Charge controller Outback flex max,original 80 amp,150 V, Price: 28.000 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809 Solar inverter Sma Sunny Boy 8 and 10 kW! Prices: 116.000 – 149.000 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809 1.5 KW, 24 V, Trace Inverter, works great, RS$ 12,000. For info call 829916-5806 All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Avenida Luis Ginebra 115, entrance beside Blackberry King, upstairs, Tel. 809-708-7618, eMail: Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467

For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, automatic, power windows, AC, 4door. Price US$ 110 per· week, US$ 18 per day. Tel. 809-727-9850 or 809-261-6001

Translations to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day.


Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or


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