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Labeling in Spanish Protection of Consumers / Extension of Deadline for Naturalization Cards / Holy Noise After the conflict with the dairy industry, in which the producers complained and demanded to protect their products by the state, now the Dominican government has launched a permanent commission to supervise the various regulations for food safety, and to monitor the quality and consumer rights. From the 1st of August no dairy products nor their by-products may be traded on the national territory, if they are not labeled in Spanish. The Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ramón Peralta (photo), stated that the aim of the health authority approval of food and proper labeling is to protect the health of consumers and to guarantee their right to information. Non-compliance will be fined from 20 minimum wages, the closure of the business office and the destruction of the products. Minister of Industry and Trade, José del Carmen Saviñón, said, from the 1 st of August, no more dairy products may be offered for sale which do not have the labeling according to the Dominican standard NORDOM 53. And from January 2017 all national and imported foods, regardless of the packaging, must have a label in Spanish, in clearly visible and legible characters that can not be wiped away. Shops get a deadline of 90 days to apply for the health regulatory approval (registro sanitario) on the specialized service at the

Central data Portal for Health Permits at the Ministry of Health, if they did not apply for it yet. Also at customs controls will be strengthened to ensure that the products have the required permissions from the 15th of this month. The chairman of the consumer protection organization Pro Consumidor, Anina del Castillo, announced a program to verify that the products really contain what is stated on the label. Interior and Police Minister José Ramon Fadul said that President Danilo Medina, extended the deadline to get the necessary documents for naturalization, by one year. “The President immediately gave his support. Because it is a human measure, a measure within the law and within the Regularization Plan.” The cards issued normally were expiring on this 17th of July. But many of the applicants who are mainly Haitians do not have the financial ability to procure all necessary documents in time. Fadul also said the measure saves the government an additional expense while continuing to regularize foreigners. Asking about how the Immigration (Migración) will react, Fadul said there should be no problem, since this measure is coordinated. More information will be provided in the media.

Loud protests are coming from the various associations of the evangelists after introducing a bill on religious freedom and to exercise their cult. They believe that the draft is discriminatory and specifically made against them, because it calls for a noise limit at the masses (cultos) of these religious communities. Reverend Adolfo Mateo (photo), chairman of the National Council of the Fraternities of Evangelical Ppastors (CONACOPE) calls for the immediate withdrawal of the bill and wants to have a meeting with members of the Senate to discuss it. The Federation of Evangelical Pastors of the Cibao, FEPERCI, protested that for the “colmadones” (small supermarkets with music and alcoholic beverages) and concerts that “satanize” there are applying no limits, while they wanted to introduce noise limits in the Gospels. Father Kenny Martínez of the Fraternity of Evangelical Churches of Cristo Rey says that churches do not turn against soundproof windows at their “templos”, but no one would be able to prevent them to evangelize in the hospitals, on the streets and in public places. This is precisely the point of the two deputies who submitted the project. The evangelizing on the streets with loudspeakers. Spreading the Word of God with these speakers, is noise, they argue.

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón July, 21 July, 19 - 22 July, 25 August, 2 - 5 August, 4 August, 8 Aug., 16 - 19 August, 18 August, 29 8/30 – 9/2 August, 31

Carnival Conquest Adonia Carnival Magic Adonia Carnival Sunshine Carnival Magic Adonia Carnival Conquest Carnival Magic Adonia Carnival Conquest

New in Office Pope names Outsider as new Archbishop / Former Prostitute becomes Assembly Woman

Bishop Francisco Ozoria Acosta from San Pedro de Macorís was not on the list of candidates from which it was assumed that Pope Francis will determine one of them as the successor of Archbishop Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez. But it fits into the policy of the Argentine pope to set a new course. Bishop Ozoria does not belong to the conservative Catholic clique in robes that railed against the gay US Ambassador and polemicize against sex education in schools.

So immediately it was pointed out by rightwing circles that Bishop Ozoria defended the Haitian sugar cane workers. “The cane is the source of wealth of a few, but it generates a lot of poverty,” said Ozoria. Many of the Haitian immigrants in the sugar cane fields did not live like human beings. In the Dominican Episcopal Conference, Ozoria was chairman of the Haitian Pastoral Commission. In 2013, the bishop pleaded for a dialogue with Haiti before the neighboring country imposed an import ban on Dominican products. The now extended period for one year for obtaining the documents required for naturalization, which mainly benefits Haitians, was expressly welcomed by the successor of the ultra-conservative and nationalist Cardinal López Rodríguez. Furthermore, Francisco Ozoria said the Catholic Church agrees with teaching sex education in schools, provided it’s done the right way without diverting the values in students. The Ministry of Education should introduce this subject, so that students learn to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Bishop Ozoria, born in Nagua, will take over as the new Archbishop of Santo Domingo on the 4th of September.

As a girl she was repeatedly raped by a family member, with 16 she married a man who abused her, after that she worked as a prostitute. On the 16th of August, Jacqueline Montero will become the PRM assembly woman for San Cristóbal in the National Congress. Since 2010, Montero is a councilwoman and organized classes for prostitutes so that they can leave this job. With the help of Banca Solidaridad she could give small loans to some 300 women who therefore were able to open own small businesses. She herself is a mother of 15 children, three are her own, the others are children of prostitutes who wanted to abort them. Already as a prostitute, Montero studied nursing, later she helped HIV-infected prostitutes and studied theology at the Universidad Cristiana. Now she hopes that she can help in Congress to improve the situation of these women. But she knows: “How help these women, if they then cannot find work?”

Commonwealth Countries investing France has very close Ties to the Country / 30 Percent of the Investments in Tourism The biggest foreign investors in the Dominican Republic are the countries of the Commonwealth. In the past decade, these countries were investing more than 6.2 billion dollars. Fernando González Nicolás, chairman of the Round Table of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic, said, three of the five main export countries are members of the Commonwealth. Goods worth 1.4 billion dollars were exported to Canada, India and Great Britain in 2015. These goods mainly were bananas, tobacco, sugar, rum, cocoa and products from the free trade zones (zonas francas), such as shoes or medical devices. However, the largest export market is the USA (4,5 billion dollars), followed by Haiti (1 billion). This information was given by González at the opening speech of the seminar “The impact of legal security on foreign investment in the Dominican Republic” at the Sheraton Hotel in Santo Domingo.

“The FrancoDominican ties are much closer than most people can imagine,” said the French Ambassador in the Dominican Republic, José Gómez. French companies are involved in national mega-projects like the Metro in Santo Domingo or Metrocable, a cable car project that once will transport 3,000 passengers per hour between the National District and Santo Domingo North and East. Another French company, Vinci Airport, manages six national Dominican airports, 40 percent of the passenger traffic. In March, the French company Total will officially operate filling stations in the Dominican Republic, after it acquired a 70 percent stake in the Dominican company V Energy, with 130 Shell gas stations also becoming part of Total. Overall, the French Development Agency (AFP) funded projects totaling 450 million dollars in the country.

In the last three years, the Dominican Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) received about 55 applications for the development of hotel and real estate projects that sum 18,000 additional rooms to be built. The total investment amounts to more than 2.5 billion dollars. Technical Vice Minister Radhamés Martínez Aponte said, in 2015 tourism was the sector with the most foreign direct investment, with a total of 30 percent. According Martínez Aponte, MITUR is operating n a territorial reorganization in order to improve the quality of products. The various holiday destinations have to be characterized, to show that the Dominican Republic has to offer more than “sun and beach”, that there are developed also other activities. Martínez Aponte said the country currently disposes over 70,000 rooms. The hotel occupancy lies at 75.5 percent. In the first quarter 2016 it was as high as 86.7 percent.

USA cut Support

No further financial Aid for Elections in Haiti / Electoral Council upholds Schedule After Haiti invalidated the recent elections late last year, because of the many irregularities and now will hold a new ballot on the 9th of October 9, the United States announced that they will no longer support financially Haiti to hold these elections. To support the elections in 2015, the United States had spent 33 million dollars (of total costs of 100 million dollars). “We did not plan funding for two more electoral rounds in 2016 and 2017,” said the spokesman for the US State Department, John Kirby. Also the other donor countries Canada, Brazil, Japan, France or the European Union so far made no promise to support new elections because they only wanted a second ballot. The spokesman of the presidency, Serge Simon, said: “We already made ourselves clear: Haiti will make all effort to find the 55

million to do the elections If no one comes to our assistance we will manage because the priority for us is the elections.” The US accuses Haiti that a completely new election was unnecessary, since the irregularities in the first round were not that serious. Even with a recount of the votes there was nearly the same result. All this does not disturb the man who stands behind the whole action. Léopold Berlanger (photo) is the chairman of the newly formed Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), which organizes the coming elections. Berlanger says Haiti should pay for its own election. “Elections are what show that you are truly a sovereign nation. You can’t depend on another country to pay for your elections.” Jocelerme Privert, the still interim president, agreed. “I won’t say that we have this 55 million dollars stashed somewhere. But what I will say is that the state should do all that is necessary to take control of the elections with domestic means. We are not saying that we don’t need international support.”

Berlanger says the biggest change from the previous election will be how poll watchers are accredited. Blank accreditation cards that allowed nearly one million poll watchers, political party representatives, to potentially cast multiple ballots at any polling place they fancied are out. Now, poll watchers will be assigned to the voting centers and polling stations where they are registered, reducing the likelihood of fraud. And that’s not the only change. The names of cheaters will be published, the details of their crimes publicized. Meanwhile, some Haitian lawmakers have accused interim President Jocelerme Privert of dragging out the election to stay in office longer, since his term expired on the 14 th of June. He is the one who has to announce the elections, according to the constitution. Berlanger assured to have done as much as possible to reduce the electoral calendar.

Your Horoscope for August 2016 No Restrictions for Capricorn / Stressful Month for Gemini / Stable Conditions for Aquarius

Work and finances will turn out to be stable, but not the most vivid and dynamic. Sometimes professionalism must rise above personal attachments, otherwise the outcome may not be the most satisfactory. Pull your strengths together and give it some thought at leisure. Even minimal effort on your part will suffice to come up with at least some plan of action. However, how effective this plan will be is another question.

There will be some conflict situations this month, not really exceptional. However, these situations can easily destabilize you by creating a negative emotional background, which in turn will become the forerunner of many more serious and significant problems. So better nip things in the bud. Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and don't let yourself get stiff, regardless of your age and direction of your activities.

Work is not as dynamic as you would like. But it is only an impression, an illusion, behind which you'll find a stable, harmonious process or a whole range of processes. At the moment nothing suggests that there might be any problems. Now the pace of your work will please all: you, your boss or your business partner, and minor shortcomings that might “blur” the big picture a bit, won't produce any damaging result.

You will have to work hard, but not necessarily in order to achieve the desired goals. Currently your goals are unclear even for you. But these are peculiarities of the current cycle, so don't try to find anything negative or unusual here. Such moments sometimes occur, and you should not be afraid of them. Your financial position will be fairly stable and steady and shouldn't cause you a lot of headaches.

This month may seem a little more stressful for you, in some cases even strongly destabilized due to the fact that in addition to your own projects you will have to carry out third-party tasks. Probably right now you will find yourself living the events that will have a crucial impact on your future. Under no circumstances fall into depression or other similar nonsense because such a scenario will clearly lead to negative consequences.

Don't pay attention to scowling and envy of your detractors, because their scowls are the only threat they have in their arsenal. Currently you can count on a truly enormous increase in your performance, with everything it entails. Did you plan on implementing two projects? You even would manage to implement five! This will happen even if you don't try especially hard, so don't load yourself with too much work.

Unfortunately, finances and business operations are not very satisfying this month. Do not rush to implement your plans, simply because you will not be able to implement them the way you intended. It would be better to get engaged into something less important right now, leaving the problemsolving process for later, when the conditions are favourable. Don't get discouraged if things don't go the way you wanted.

In terms of finance this will be an extremely successful month for you. Of course, you'll have to do something for it yourself, however, you already have excellent foundation coupled with all the necessary capabilities and resources. Certainly not everything will go smoothly and you will have to deal with some crosscurrents. So in spite of the good basis you will have to be extremely watchful and face a problem in an early state.

Pull yourself together and try to define your main operating tasks and directions in the first days of the month. There may be any number of directions but you need to be able to objectively keep track of each of them. And it does not matter who you work for, yourself or someone else. What is more important is that during the working process you stay extremely relaxed and calm. Your performance should be straight.

In work you will have to face your worst fears. If you were afraid of losing your job, then you'll possibly lose it, or you will be very close to it. However, all this will be surrounded by irrepressible positivity, even on your part. You probably will almost immediately find a new job that will be much better than your previous one in all respects. You will need to act as consistently and purposefully as possible.

Work will be rather “calm” in terms of emotions and stable in terms of finance this month. However, this doesn't mean that you won't have to work tooth and nail. On the contrary, it is logical to increase the dynamics of your emanations, repeatedly and irrevocably. Focus on something more largescale, raise the bar higher and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It is your life and you are the one who bears responsibility for it.

This month you won't be restricted in any way and will receive complete freedom of actions and as well as an adequate level of protection from the potentially negative impacts. But this does not mean that you can go on the offensive “on all fronts”, setting the fear of anything and anyone aside. Behave reserved, but at the same time, with confidence. Follow your heart and arrange things the way that pleases you.

Well insured? Dominican Health Insurances refuse meeting the Costs for expensive Diseases like Cancer The spokesman of the Dominican Coalition for the Defense of Health (CODODSALUD), Juan Manuel Pérez, complained that the ARS (Administradoras de Salud), the health insurance

companies of the country, disregarded the Resolution 375-02 of the National Council of the Social Security (CNSS), which guarantees the cost absorption of the comprehensive care of patients with expensive diseases and diseases of highest complexity. “We met thousands of patients, who were denied the cover of various ailments. According to the data of the office for information and defense of members (DIDA), alone in 2014 and 2015 the number of rejections was at 36,253 patients.” Pérez said, now a group of lawyers is working on each individual case, to bring them to justice. “It is unacceptable that if in the articles 4 and 5 of Resolution 375-02 the comprehensive coverage is guaranteed, this is denied by the insurance companies.” This resolution was adopted to guarantee, for example, total coverage for cancer patients.

In the two articles it is defined how patients with diseases that cause high costs have to be treated and it is referred to everything that is medically necessary to promote healing of the patient. Álvaro Gartner, President of the Dominican Society of Hematology and Oncology (SODOHEMO) asked the CNSS to bring in its whole weight, as required by the law: “At present, the resolutions issued by the CNSS seem to have no weight at all, since they are systematically ignored by the ARS and so thousands of policyholders remain without coverage, so that their physical and mental deterioration is accelerated and even the Constitution is violated, which guarantees a decent health to all the Dominicans.”

Fernando Villalona

Aisha Syed

Career of 45 Years

Among the ten Best

El Chuape The Chosen One of Toyota One of the most popular Dominican musician celebrates his 45-year career with a concert at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, on the same stage on which he performed for the first time at the Festival de la Voz in 1971, which was then organized by Master Rafael Solano. Fernando Villalona was the crowd favorite and won the first prize with the song “Lágrimas para un recuerdo” which was popular in the sixties by the Argentine singer Yaco Monti. Fernandito, how the then 15-year-old was called affectionately, then began his career, supported by Solano, later Villalona became a member of the orchestra Los Hijos del Rey of Wilfrido Vargas. He then founded his own Merengue group and published 20 albums with numerous hits over the years, such as “Tabaco y ron”, “La hamaquita” or “Dominicano soy”. Fernando Villalona's brand name was “El Mayimbe”, as the Taínos called their chief or the best man. In the eighties and nineties, Fernando Villalona got into the world of drugs, from which he freed himself by finding Jesus Christ. Last year, the now 61-year-old released an album with Christian songs.

The song “Ponme to' eso pa'lante” by El Chuape now got unexpected honor. Apparently, the Dominican Dembow is getting known internationally. Nobody less than the Japanese car maker Toyota now has chosen this song, which was banned in the Dominican Republic in 2012, because it is “contrarious to the high morale and morality of the country”, to promote the new model Toyota Camry 2017. Virgilio Rodríguez, El Chuape's civil name, sings in the song about a party with with a hookah, whose smoke is intoxicating him. El Chuape did not say how much he gets for the song: “More than the money I see it as a victory for the genre of Música urbana and for the country, because I'm Dominican.”

Pitbull Star on the Walk of Fame

Armando Christian Pérez, Florida born son of Cuban immigrants, the internationally known rapper Pitbull, received a star with his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the 15th of July. His star bears the number 2,584.

Classical music is rather not associated with the Dominican Republic. Nevertheless, there are several international stars of this genre who come from this Caribbean island, such as Santiago born violinist Aisha Syed Castro, daughter of a Pakistani father and a Dominican mother. Already at the age of four years Aisha Syed learned to play on violin and flute. With six, she was a member of the Children's Symphony Orchestra in Santo Domingo, with eleven she was the youngest soloist in the National Symphony Orchestra. In 2002, Aisha Syed was the first Latin American woman who was admitted to the London Yehudi Menuhin School after two years of audition. When she had passed all exams, she received a scholarship from the British government. Now the 26-year-old violinist was awarded The Arts Club Classical Music Award by the exclusive Arts Club in London - one of the founding members was Charles Dickens - as one of the ten best classical musicians of Great Britain. Aisha Syed ended her world tour “Pasión Latina” in early June, also the title of her first album. In her foundation “Music for Life”, Aisha wants to support children and young people in the Dominican Republic and in London, who dream to become great musicians.

What is this Man singing? “Que si me duele tu adios” by Joan Sebastian Joan Sebastian, a popular Mexican musician known as “El Poeta del Pueblo” (The Poet of the People), died one year ago. Que si me duele tu adios me preguntaron anoche. Que si me duele tu adios. Que si me duele perder. Que si te guardo un reproche. Que si me duele tu adios y yo me quedé callado. Y tu ya sabes por que, y tu ya sabes por que. Siempre fui muy reservado. Si no me duele tu adios. No voy a quitarte el sueño. Igual roncarás feliz en los brazos de otro dueño. Y si me duele tu adios eso no le importa a nadie. Eso lo van a saber mi alma, la noche y el aire. Que si me duele tu adios. Eso solo es cosa mia. Que si me duele tu adios me preguntaron ayer. Ayer ni yo lo sabía. Que si me duele tu adios. Y yo me quedé callado. Di media vuelta y me fui, di media vuelta y me fui. Siempre tan mal educado. Si no me duele tu adios. No voy a quitarte el sueño. Igual roncarás feliz en los brazos de otro dueño. Y si me duele tu adios eso no le importa a nadie. Eso lo van a saber mi alma, la noche y el aire. Que si me duele tu adios. Eso solo es cosa mía. Que si me duele tu adios me preguntaron ayer. Ayer ni yo lo sabía.

Whether your goodbye hurts me I was asked last night. Whether your goodbye hurts me. Whether it hurts me to lose you. Whether I'm reproaching you. Whether your goodbye hurts me and I remained silent. And you know why, and you know why. I was always very reserved. Whether your goodbye doesn't hurt me. I'm not going to take your sleep. Equally happy you will snore in the arms of another owner. And whether your goodbye hurts me, that is nobody's business. This only will know my soul, the night and the air. Whether your goodbye hurts me. That's just my thing. Whether your goodbye hurts me I was asked yesterday. Yesterday not even I knew it. Whether your goodbye hurts me. And I remained calm. I turned around and walked away, I turned around and walked away. Always so badly educated. Whether your goodbye doesn't hurt me. I'm not going to take your sleep. Equally happy you will snore in the arms of another owner. And whether your goodbye hurts me, that is nobody's business. This only will know my soul, the night and the air. Whether your goodbye hurts me. That's just my thing. Whether your goodbye hurts me I was asked yesterday. Yesterday not even I knew it.

José Manuel Figueroa was born in Juliantla in the state of Guerrero in Mexico on the 8 th of April 1951. At first he wanted to become a priest, but his father advised him to rather pursue a musical career. After composing a mass as a seminarian, he left the seminary at the age of 17 in order to make music. He changed his name after the producers told him that under his real name he will not become successful in music. There are different versions of why he chose the name Joan Sebastian - expressly without an accent on the last syllable, as in Spanish would be correct - from Johann Sebastian Bach to Joan Manuel Serrat, whom he admired, or maybe from the region where he lived and worked as a farmer's son, Los Llanos de San Sebastián. He recorded his first album in Chicago, where he sold cars. After this album came the breakthrough. Altogether he published 37 albums and composed for each musician of distinction in Mexico, up to Vicente Fernández. His music was romantic, but he also sang in other genres. As “Poet of the People” Joan Sebastian was awarded five Grammys and seven Latin Grammys. On the 13th of July 2015, he died of bone cancer, from which he suffered since 1998.




Two rumdums are thirsty and feel like they need something to drink. Their problem is that one of them has only one euro in his pocket, the other has nothing. Then the first got a great idea. „With the euro we buy a sausage. Then we go to a pub and order us a couple of beers. When the waiter wants to cash, I let the sausage stick out of my pants and you do as if you were giving me a blow job. Then the waiter will throw us out of the bar and we don't have to pay anything.“ They go to the first pub and do as planned. And, surprisingly, the trick works. Then they go to the second bar, and it works again. This continues, until after the eighth bar the one who has to suck on the sausage, says, „Come on, it's enough for now. My knees hurt from kneeling on the floor.“ The other answers, „What dou you want me to tell you? After the second bar I lost the sausage.“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

The philosophy professor takes an empty pickle jar and fills it with stones to the brim. Then he asks the students if they would say the glass is full. All of them agree. Then the professor takes a box of pebbles and pours them into the pickle jar. The pebbles roll between the larger stones. Again, he asks the students if they would say now the glass is full. And again all of them agree. Then the professor takes another box from which he pours sand into the pickle jar, the sand trickles between the stones and the pebbles. Is the glass really full now? Again all the students agree. Then the professor explains that the pickle jar is like life. The big stones are a symbol for the important things in life: family, friends, partners, health. If anything of the other content would be lost, life would still be fulfilled. The pebbles are the less important things, such as work, home, car. Nice to have them, but it also works without them. The sand is the many small unimportant things in life. “Now, when you first put the sand in the glass, there will be left no space for the pebbles or the rocks. As in life. If you spend your energy for small things, it will lack for the bigger things. Take time for health and family. After that there is still enough time for work, household, parties. Everything else is not important.” A student comes to the desk, takes the glass, of which even the professor says it is full, and pours in a beer, “No matter what comes, there's always a space for a beer.”

Sudoku No. 351 (easy)

 A man walks into a bar and orders three beers. The landlord brings the order and asks why he ordered three beers. „This one is for me, the second one I drink for my brother in Canada and the third one for my other brother in Australia.“ Then he drinks all three beers. And so it goes a couple of weeks. The man orders three beers, drinks them and leaves the bar. One day the man orders only two beers. Startled the landlord is asking if something was wrong. „No, no“, the man calms him. „The doctor just told me I should stop drinking alcohol.“

Sudoku No. 352

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FOR SALE BY OWNER 2-story house in Perla Marina, Cabarete (2 min to the beach) plot 1.000 sq.m, building 250 sq.m 3 BR, 2,5 BA, 1 integriated Apartment, all completely furnished, well maintained garden, pool, AC, 24h electricity, water, guarded, cable TV, WiFi, land regisrty (Título), measured (Deslinde), as well as Declaración Propiedad Inmobiliaria (tax-free) available. Price: US$285,000 Tel. 809-571-1310 · 809-866-0188 E-Mail: Luxury Villa in a guarded facility. Plot. 1.255 sq.m, building 400 sq.m, 3 BR, 2.5 BA, Price 350,000 US$. Tel. 849-262-6714 House with fantastic sea view in Sosua, La Mulata. 360o panoramic view, good building, 3 bedrooms, including a detached studio, pool, covered jacuzzi, large garage, covered area about 300 sqm, plot 1500 sqm. US$190,000 o.n.o., minus 10% for direct sales without brokers. Ideal for livestock. Tel. 829-373-1218 Bar and Cigar Shop in Sosúa for sale. Prime Location. Call 809-260-8102

Waterbed, 2.10 x 2.00 meters, Price 7,000 RD$, Inverter 2,3 kW, price 6,000 RD$. Tel. 829-557-0800 (Cabarete) Cigars, candy, perfume, tattoo guns, imported from America. Wholesale only. Cheap prices. Phone 809-8035653 1.5 KW, 24 V, Trace Inverter, works great, RS$ 12,000. For info call 829916-5806

Long and Short Term-Rentals – of bestsosuareal Re#102 1 BR/1 BA Apartment, Cabarete Center, furnished, 50 sq.m/538 sq.ft., 2nd floor, US$ 600/month, – 809-462-8140 Re#106 Furnished 2 Bedroom Townhouse Style Condo, 108sq.m/ 1,162 sq.ft, close to Puerto Plata, Rental: US$750 per month or US$ 700 12 months and longer. athu or 809-462-8140 Central Sosúa Apartments for rent. Clean, quiet, 1 bedroom and studio, balcony. From 11,000 RD$. Tel. 809303-3900 2 bed, 2 bath, ocean front condo. Centrally located in Sosua, close to all amenities. Direct access to Playa Alicia beach. Stunning Ocean View. US$1,200 per month. Call 809-5711748 or email Apartment and room for monthly rental. Apartment from US$350, room US$220. Tel. 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015

For rent from Aug. 1, 2016: House, 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, kitchen, living-dining room, terrace, garden, pool, near Pola, US$ 650 + electricity, unfurnished, deposit 2 rents, Phone, Engl. 829-262-8075, German: 809-455 -8272

Looking for work from mid-August in Sosúa. At home or as a cleaner in a bar or the like, only in the morning. I speak Spanish and Creole. Tel. 829944-3702

Looking for cribbage players. Please contact me. Joe 829-754-3948 or via email at

Wanted a BBQ gas, good condition. 829-858-4658 Looking for stepladder with 5 or 6 steps. Offers to 809-963-6314

Big furnished Apartment, 125 sq.m, 2 BR, 2 BA, Pool for rent. Phone 829-720-3722

German Nailstylist in Costambar. Specialist in Gel, Acryl, Shellack,, Tel. 829 7276845

Large gas boiler, 150 L, for RD$6,000, hand basin for RD$500, electric heater for RD$2,500, refrigerator door for RD$7,000, Call 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015 Cleaning Service with high pressure cleaner. We clean your house, tiles, floors, car, plastic furniture looks like new. We are independent of electricity or water connection. Tel. 829-868-8467 Solar Panels PolyCrown 250 watt, brand new, with certifications and 25 years of warranty, polycrystalline! Special Offer, Price: 7.500 RD$. Discount for quantitiy! Cell: 849.6265809

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Avenida Luis Ginebra 115, entrance beside Blackberry King, upstairs, Tel. 809-708-7618, eMail: Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467

Land Rover Discovery 3, 2006, color black. Perfect condition. Price 18,000 US$. Cabarete. 849-861-5070

Solar inverter Sma Sunny Boy 8 and 10 kW! Prices: 116.000 – 149.000 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809

Lexus GX, 2004, color grey, cream leather. Perfect condition. LCD display, CD-changer, climate-control. Exterior with metal and plastic decorations, LED lamp. Well serviced in foreign garage, no problems with nothing. Reason of selling - changed for a new one. Price US$ 13,000, Cabarete, 809-875-7701

Paneles Solares Suntech STP/300 watt, brand new, with certifications and 25 years of warranty, polycrystalline! Price: 11.800 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809

For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, automatic, power windows, AC, 4door. Price US$ 110 per· week, US$ 18 per day. Tel. 809-727-9850 or 809-261-6001

Charge controller Outback flex max,original 80 amp,150 V, Price: 28.000 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809

New Batteries,100% from USA, original, Trojan Roja T-105 re (205, 225, 250 amp). Special Offer Price: 5.300 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809 Canadian Solar, 260 W, High efficiency, 16.5%, with certification, US warranty, Price: 9,300 RD$. Cell: 849.626-5809

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

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