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Recounting by Hand Two-thirds Majority for President Medina? / Fantastic Figures on Economic Growth

A few days before the elections on the 15th of May, the election commission (JCE) gave in to the demands of the opposition parties, to recount by hand a 100 percent of the votes of the election of the president, and thus trust not only in the electronic counting and transmission. If there are discrepancies between the electronic and manual counting, the manual count will apply. But relating to count the votes in the election of Mayors, Deputies and Senators, which take place on the same day, the JCE was adamant. They only will be counted electronically. It was not possible to change everything again so shortly before the election, the JCE had been flexible enough.

In the polls it continues going back and forth. In a survey conducted by Gallup for the daily newspaper “Hoy” 20 days before the election, 63 percent would vote for President Danilo Medina. Challenger Luis Abinader would get only 29 percent of the votes. According to Gallup, this trend has continued since January, in which Medina have continued to increase from 51.8 percent in January and 60.3 percent in March, while the approval for Abinader in January still was at 35.7 percent but on only 30.6 percent in March, and his tendency further shows downwards. The amazing part in this result is that 62.7 percent believe that the government is using state funds for its election campaign illegally. Only 23.4 percent of citizens believe that this is not the case. In addition, 33 percent said in the survey, in the government of Danilo Medina there is more corruption than before, 30.7 percent believe that corruption is the same, and only 33.5 percent said, today there is less corruption. On the 4th of May, the polling agency CIES International published its survey, according to which President Medina would get 47.1 percent, Luis Abinader 42.6 percent. Thus a second ballot would be required. After the elections on Sunday probably all will be a little wiser.

In good time prior to the elections, the director of the Central Bank (BC), Héctor Valdez Albizu, published the figures of his institute for the first quarter of 2016. Accordingly, the gross domestic product (GDP) increased in this period by 6.1 percent, after 7.0 percent at the end of 2015. Thus, the Dominican Republic remains the leader in economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. Furthermore, a total of 173,402 new jobs were created from April 2015 to April 2016, whereby the target of 400,000 new jobs, announced by President Medina after taking office in 2012, had been exceeded easily with a total of 436,912 new jobs. Open unemployment, according to these figures, was at 6.0 percent in April 2015 and declined to 5.7 per cent this April. The expanded unemployment rate was 13.3 percent, the lowest in 20 years. The Central Bank reported that compared with the same period last year, inflation even dropped to a minus of 0.58 percent, which means, life was getting cheaper.

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón May, 10 - 13 May, 16 May, 18 May, 19 May, 23 May, 24 May, 24 - 27 May, 25

Adonia Carnival Magic Carnival Valor Carnival Glory Carnival Valor Carnival Splendor Adonia Carnival Conquest

Environmental Crime Forbidden Shark Fins from Samaná / Power Plant for Biomass in San Pedro de Macorís

Many people still lack the understanding for the environment - or their greed triumphs over it. The crimes range from large-scale deforestation to dredging the rivers to restaurants that offer lobster on their menus in the middle of the closed season. In the middle of the whale watching season, an American tourist on a trip for whale watching at the Banco de la Plata near Samaná filmed a boat that fished sharks illegally to cut off their fins and dry them on the roof of the boat. He published his video on facebook, Eco and ½ Ambiente, a web page where reports of environment violations can be made. According to the information of the tourist, one of the tour

guides asked him to delay the release of the video until the whale watching season is over, as the tour organizer feared reprisals of fishermen against the tourists, if it was published before Cutting off the fins of sharks on live animals and throwing them back out into the sea where they die painfully, is prohibited in many countries. The sharks then cannot move forward any more, which they need to do in order to not asfixiate. Every year, millions of sharks are dying this way, for a business in which are earned billions. The main business is in Asia, where for a plate of real shark fin soup up to 200 dollars are paid.

In San Pedro de Macorís, President Danilo Medina inaugurated a power plant for biomass, which is expected to produce 30 megawatts of electricity for the Dominican market. According to a study by the Worldwatch Institute, alone with the bagasse (residues) of locally grown sugarcane with the use of technology with high efficiency could be produced up to four percent of the electricity of the country. Added to this, the waste from the production of bananas, coffee and rice could be used, because their biomass possess a high potential for generating electricity. From the pulp of the coffee - only the beans are used - could be produced biogas. Today it just rots.

100 Years US Invasion First Hurricane came already in January / Losses in Agriculture due to Natural Disasters

The official hurricane season starts on the 1st of June and lasts until the last day of November. This year began with a rarity: a hurricane in January. This happened only the fourth time since records began in 1851, the last time in 1978. Alex, who moved across the Atlantic between the 13th and the 15th of January, was a Category 1 hurricane with maximum winds of 140 kilometers per hour, but it caused no damage since it did not touch land. After last year there were fewer tropical storms than on the average, this year are expected twelve tropical storms which will carry a name. Additionally there probably will come five hurricanes and two strong hurricanes, which corresponds to the longterm average, having one hurricane more with six. The names of these tropical weather events this year will be Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Ian, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Matthew, Nicole, Otto, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tobias, Virginie and Walter.

Agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean lost eleven billion dollars because of of natural disasters between 2003 and 2013. A study by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) examined 37 natural disasters in 19 countries. Due to climate change, the production was three per cent less in the specified period, than it was planned. The economic consequences of crop failures due to the climate disasters were that food worth 13 billion dollars had to be imported and exports fell by one billion dollars. According to FAO, the greatest damage was done by flooding, a total of 55 percent of the losses, followed by drought with 30 percent, and storms. Due to the size of its agriculture, Brazil was the country which suffered most losses. Climate change is a major obstacle to the eradication of hunger in the region, according to the FAO.

Exactly 100 years ago in May, US troops occupied the Dominican Republic for the first time in the last century. This occupation lasted eight years, from 1916 to 1924. In 1916, total chaos reigned in the Dominican Republic, which then existed only pro forma. The historian and former president of the country, Professor Juan Bosch, once explained: “The country was not interconnected and therefore was not a country but a composite, and not even a homogeneous one, consisting of many tiny countries that even were different in their way to speak Spanish.” The arrival of the Americans, which was bitterly fought by nationalist peasant armies until 1921, such as the Gavilleros, brought back order to the country. Bosch said, “the country is called country” because of the first American invasion and later because of Trujillo. So the Americans built roads from Santo Domingo to the North (Cibao), the East and the West (border of Haiti), which united the country for the first time.

No more Interventions René Pérez interviews Bernie Sanders / New Relationship with Latin America needed

Bernie Sanders, who theoretically still could become the next president of the United States, was interviewed by the singer of the group Calle 13, René Pérez, in the TV station Univision. Pérez, a Puerto Rican, has lived for two years in Brooklyn and supports Sanders in his campaign. Among other things, the talk was about the problem of heavily indebted Puerto Rico. Sanders said the debt should be negotiated, as the European Union and Greece did. The “vultures of Wall Street” should sit down with the representatives of Puerto Rico to find a result that is to the satisfaction of both. Pérez asked Sanders, if the word “freedom” is the favorite word of the USA, why don't they

give Puerto Rico independence after 120 years as a colony? Sanders replied that there were powerful interests who want to maintain the status quo. Puerto Rico is neither independent nor a state of the US, but an unincorporated territory of the United States, which is not the same as a own separate state. Head of State is the American President, but the the citizens living in Puerto Rico can not vote, even though they have American citizenship by birth. Sanders said it was not his job to determine the political future of Puerto Rico. A referendum was correct, in which the Puerto Ricans can decide whether it wants to become the 51st state of the United States or prefers to become an independent state. Sanders also commented on the relationship between the United States and Latin America. “We have to be honest. The history of the United States towards Latin America was the one of a powerful nation with the strongest army in the world, which said: 'We don't like this government. Let's topple it!'” With all the massacres and chaos that ususally followed,

Sanders said. “The United States can not continue to intervene in Latin America and overthrow governments or try to destabilize them for economic reasons.” Sanders, who competes for the nomination of the Democratic Party with Hillary Clinton, said that if he becomes president, he would promote a new relationship with Latin America, based on mutual respect, which Barrack Obama unfortunately failed to do. Without naming her, René Pérez was referring to the close relationship of Hillary Clinton with Henry Kissinger, a politician who has inflicted so much damage to Latin America. Sanders agreed and specifically referred to the coup against Salvador Allende. It was no secret that Allende was overthrown by the CIA and after this the United States supported the neofascist regime of Pinochet which killed thousands of Chileans. Sanders also recalled his trip to Nicaragua in the eighties to show his refusal to then President Ronald Reagan and his support for the right-wing Contras that were fighting against the Sandinista government.

Seven Facts about LA PLAYA About the Luxury, not to advertise in LA PLAYA / “Summer Special” until end of June 2016 Many foreign residents in the Dominican Republic, not only on the north coast, read LA PLAYA magazine. Many visitors to the Dominican Republic have read it and go on reading it on the Internet after going back home after their vacation. In a publication of the organization International Media Support about German press in Latin America, LA PLAYA is mentioned under “other major print media”, and is ranked ahead of the German edition of the Cuban “Granma” (see press clipping below).

But there are more facts about LA PLAYA: Fact 1: LA PLAYA will celebrate its seven years of existence in early September. There never existed any other foreign-language magazine which lasted on the market of the Dominican Republic for such a long time. Since the existence of LA PLAYA, there were trying several “competitors”, which all disappeared shortly afterwards. Fact 2: LA PLAYA is the only journal that informs English and German readers of what is happening in the region and in the

Reader of LA PLAYA at the dentist's.

Drivers of “Taxi Amber Cove” waiting for their customers from the cruise ships at El Pueblito.

country. For many readers, many of whom are not fluent in Spanish, it is the only source of information to know what is going on around them. Fact 3: LA PLAYA is picked up in many places almost immediately after distribution and is often literally “ripped from the hands” of the distributor by the already waiting readers. Fact 4: The LA PLAYA website is well visited. Firstly by readers who did not find a magazine available, and secondly by readers abroad who do not want to miss LA PLAYA while away. Recently, after asking about how the website currently was working, the administrator Douglas Lord replied: “I have developed 32 websites this year for clients on the North Coast and LA PLAYA Magazine receives more visits per day than any of the others. 86 people yesterday and 1,704 so far this month. Many of them are downloading a copy to their computer.” He also offered to place new customers on the front page of the website with a link to a free full-page ad, which he then will promote with the 50,000 contacts he has on facebook. This will give advertisers incredible exposure and bring even more people to the website. Fact 5: LA PLAYA is handed out to many of the tourists coming from the cruise ships in Maimón by the drivers of “Taxi Amber Cove”. These are customers who leave the port on their own, without organized tours and the opportunity to visit a business which is advertising in LA PLAYA. They might think about ways what they will do if they liked their trip and plan to return to the Dominican Republic later. LA PLAYA is an ideal platform for real estate companies for this reason. Fact 6: LA PLAYA is a very prestigious magazine, which has worked hard for its good

reputation, also in Dominican circles. In more than six and a half years there is no customer who can say that he was deceived or cheated by LA PLAYA, as it often was the case with new magazines on the market that did not even refund the money for ads before they disappeared. Fact 7: There is no doubt that the Internet is fantastic for most types of trade. It is fast and inexpensive. The advantage of a magazine, however, is that it is sustainable, while the Internet is volatile. Which means, readers always have a magazine at hand, on the Internet they come across something interesting, but usually forget it quickly when it is out of sight. It is pretty difficult to find something again, when it was not marked immediately. A magazine often reminds of something when flicking through which otherwise already was forgotten. Again and again readers from everywhere come to the office of LA PLAYA after returning from home abroad and look for old issues they already read on the Internet, but prefer to hold them in their hand. These readers also may respond to older ads. On the Internet they are lost, unless they are specifically searched for. With so many facts, it is very surprising that businesses that deal with foreign customers, allow themselves the luxury to N O T advertise in LA PLAYA. To possibly attract the still undecided in spite of all these facts, LA PLAYA offers a “Summer Special” until end of June, where new customers get four ads for the price of three - plus a free page on the website.

As hot as Fire Can we live longer by eating spicy Food? / Chinese study shows possible Connection For quite some time, scientists suspect that the active ingredient in the spicy red peppers, capsaicin, inhibits the development of cancer and also can stimulate the cardiovascular system. Smaller studies frequently have undergirded this assumption. Now, a team of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing published the results of a comprehensive study in the “British Medical Journal” (BMJ), a respected medical journal. The team, consisting of

international researchers, performed a longterm study within the framework of the question of whether the capsaicin in chili peppers can also prolong life. The researchers resorted to data from the “China Kadoorie Biobank”, a long-term study, in which nearly half a million people, aged from 30 to 79 years, participated in ten regions within China. In questionnaires, the participants answered, among other things, how often they usually are eating spicy food in recent months: never, sometimes, less than once a week, once or

twice, three to five times or six to seven times a week. Then the observers itemized, how many of the participants died during the observation period from 2004 to 2013. The result was: From the participants, who ate spicy food less than once a week, considerably more people have died than from those who ate hot food almost daily. Who regularly eats spicy food, that is more than three times a week, according to the study, has a 14 percent lower risk of death. Who eats hot food once or twice a week, still has a ten-percent lower risk of death. The study although admits, that it can not be said exactly whether only hot food is responsible for the life-prolonging effect, or if there are also other factors.

Latin Billboard


Enrique, Nicky and Juan ...

Controversial new Song

Sal García Miss Dominicana Universo

The Spaniard Enrique Iglesias, the Mexican Juan Gabriel and the American Nicky Jam were the big winners of the 17 th edition of the Latin Billboard Awards in Miami, Florida. Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias got six of the prizes alone for their joint song “El perdón”. Enrique Iglesias got another one as Soloist of the Year, section Pop, Nicky Jam, son of Dominican and Puerto Rican parents, was honored as Artist of the Year, section Latin Rhythm. Juan Gabriel got five awards, and in addition the special price (Star Award) for his successful career, which was handed him over by the legendary Don Francisco of the ceased show ”Sábado Gigante”. Romeo Santos, who was nominated twelve times, got five statues at the end, including as Artist and Composer of the Year. As so often, he did not assist the ceremony. Alejandro Fernández, who received one of the most important awards of the evening, the prize “Hall of Fame”, sang a touching duet with his daughter Camila. He dedicated the award to his father Vicente Fernández, who recently gave his farewell concert in Mexico City, and to his daughter Camila Fernández.

The most beautiful woman in the Dominican Republic is Sal Garcia. At least when it comes to the taste of the judges of the Miss Universe competition. The 23-yearold professional model represented Maimón of the province Monseñor Nouel. The Dominican Republic participated for the 60 th time in the international competition this year. Sal Garcia often adorned the covers of national magazines and presented at major fashion shows like the New York Fashion Week and Dominicana Moda.

General Larguito Died impoverished

The former star of Merengue típico, Tomás Santana de la Cruz, known as General Larguito, died completely impoverished on the 25th of April at the age of 69 years. He suffered from lung cancer, pneumonia and gastroenteritis, which caused acute dehydration, and at his death his weight was only 50 pounds. General Larguito was known for his peculiar style to play the accordion.

The new song of the singer Manuel Varet, alias Vakeró, did not appeal to the law enforcement officers in the country. In “El hombre gris” (The gray man) Vakeró sings, as how some policemen have to beg because of their meager salary. “Here comes the gray man. I bet he is begging. Today he will tell me: Say, boy, is there something for me?” And even if you can show all the required papers, the man in the gray uniform will ask for money. This song motivated the complaint of a General of the National Police on his facebook page. Certainly it was true that there are many policemen who beg and dishonor the uniform, but Vakeró was not entitled to express himself so disparagingly about policemen. The singer himself was a negative model. Vakeró justified his song in a press release. Music is not just for pleasure and entertainment but also to point at social wrongs and to be the voice of many. What he sings, is the reality. Sometimes the police even follow him after a concert and stop him, only to beg. He expressed hope that the issue will call the attention not only of his fans, but also of the authorities, to tackle this problem together.

What is this Guy singing? “Piel canela” by José Feliciano It is most likely that virtually every friend of Latin Music heard this song in one or another version before. It definitely is a classic of this genre, written by the Puerto Rican Bobby Capó, who also sang the song himself with La Sonora Matancera, and which has been interpreted by many other international stars, such as Los Panchos (Mexico), Celia Cruz (Cuba), Raphael (Spain), Pedro Vargas (Mexico), Lucho Gatica (Chile), Johnny Ventura (Dominican Republic) and José Feliciano (Puerto Rico), up to Caterina Valente (Italy), Nat King Cole (USA) and even Nana Mouskouri (Greece). Que se quede el infinito sin estrella. Y que pierda el ancho mar su inmensidad. Pero el negro de tus ojos que no muera. Y el canela de tu piel se quede igual. Si perdiera el arco iris su belleza o las flores su perfume y su color no sería tan inmensa mi tristeza como aquella de quedarme sin tu amor. Me importas tú y tú y tú. Me importas tú y solamente tú. Me importas tú y tú y tú y solamente tú. Ojos negros, piel canela, que me llegan a desesperar. Me importas tú y tú y tú. Y nadie más que tú. Me importas tú y tú y tú. Y nadie más que tú y tú y tú. Me importas tú y tú y tú. Y nadie más que tú. Ojos negros, piel canela, que me llegan a desesperar. Me importas tú y tú y tú. Y nadie más que tú. Y nadie mas que tú No me importa nadie mas que tu. Corazón, mira, ven que te quiero. Piel canela, ese es el color de tu piel. Oye, morena, oye … Félix Manuel Rodríguez Capó was born on the 1st of January 1922 in Coamo, Puerto Rico. He was a popular singer and composer. Later Bobby Capó, as he called himself more short, moved to New York and became an idol in Cuba in the forties, and his music was heard throughout Latin America. He was a member of the famous orchestra of Xavier Cugat, but Bobby Capó gained worldwide fame as soloist.

May the infinite be left without star. And may the wide sea lose its inmensity. But that black of your eyes may not die. And let your cinnamon skin stay the same. If the rainbow lost its beauty or the flowers their fragrance and color, my grief would not be that immense, like that to stay without your love. I care about you, and you and you. I care about you, and only you. I care about you, and you and you, and only you. Black eyes, cinnamon skin, that drive me to desparation. I care about you, and you and you. and no one else but you. I care about you, and you and you. and nobody else but you, and you and you. I care about you, and you and you. and no one else but you. Black eyes, cinnamon skin, that drive me to desparation. I care about you, and you and you. and no one else but you. And nobody else but you. No one is more important to me than you. Honey, look, come, I love you. Cinnamon skin, that is the color of your skin. Listen, Morena, listen … Some of his best known compositions are the here presented „Piel Canela“ and „El negro bembón“, a funny song about a black man who was killed because of his thick lips, which was not a sufficient motive for the policeman who arrests the murderer - he himelf also has thick lips, hiding them when he writes the report. Bobby Capó died on the 18th of December 1989 in New York of natural causes.

José Monserrate Feliciano García was born blind on the 10th of September 1945 in Lares, Puerto Rico, as the second of eleven sons of a farmer. At the age of five, he moved to Spanish Harlem, New York, together with his family. When his father bought him a guitar, José Feliciano locked himself in his room to practice up to 14 hours. In the sixties, he made himself a name with Spanish and English songs. International fame came to José Feliciano with his Christmas classic “Feliz Navidad”. With “Che sarà” he was second at the 1971 Sanremo Music Festival, in the Spanish version “Qué será” the song became a mega hit in Latin America. In 1968, José Feliciano was awarded the Grammy as the best new artist of the year, and in 1987 a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame got his name.

More Gas!


More Gas! (2)

The Pope is coming back to Rome from an overseas trip and is picked up by his chauffeur from the airport. After the driver has stowed the Pope's luggage in the trunk of the limousine, the Pope makes no attempt to get into the car. „Your Holiness. We have to go!“, urges the chauffeur. The Pope replies that he would like to sit at least one time at the steering wheel. In the Vatican he never had the opportunity to do so. The chauffeur replies that this could cost him his job. But the Pope insists. So the driver sits on the backseat and the Pope behind the steering wheel of the black sedan. As he drives off, an unholy desire to race comes over him and he steps on the gas. At a speed of a 150 miles per hour through the Holy City! Not long after, the car is stopped by the Carabinieri. The Pope turns down the window and the policeman picks up the phone, when he realizes who he has stopped. He calls his boss and tells him he has stopped a car driving a 150 miles in the city. His boss says: „Arrest him!“ The policeman says that this might not be so easy, it required sensitivity because it was an important personality. „It doesn't matter. Arrest him“, says the boss. „But it's really a very, very important person,“ argues the policeman. „Who is it? The mayor?“, asks the boss. „No. Much, much more important!“ „Who then? Berlusconi?“ „No no. Even more important!“ „Who the hell then?“ „God!“ „God? Are you drunk?“ „No,“ says the policeman. „At the steering wheel sits the Pope as his chauffeur!“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

On my birthday, the canteen offered a delicious bean stew, why I refilled the plate three times. In the evening I went to my boyfriend, who caught me at the door. He said, he had a surprise for me, but he had to cover my eyes. I let it happen, and he led me tenderly to the table of the living room: “Sit down, my dear,” he whispered tenderly. Then the phone rang in the next room. I had to promise him not to take away the blindfold. He put a napkin on my lap and went into the next room. Then the beans started to develop their action. I thought, as long as he is in the next room, I can gently deflate. So I shifted my weight on my left butt cheek. Then a soft fart escaped, though almost inaudibly, it smelled like as a truck with liquid manure had run over a skunk in front of a landfill. I took the napkin, trying to wave away the horrible stench. Fortunately, my boyfriend still was talking on the telephone. But there was brewing further mischief in my intestines. I dismissed three other death winds to freedom. The stench was indescribable. I waved the napkin like a mad woman, and my boyfriend still was talking at the phone. I listened intently, that I don't miss when he hangs up. Meanwhile it happened in quick succession. I waved my napkin like a man drowning, calling a far away boat to rescue him. Then the talk was over and my boyfriend came to take away the blindfold. If I didn't catch a glimpse. “No honey. I swear!” He took away the blindfold and I saw twelve of our best friends sitting around the table, holding their noses and shouting: “Happy Birthday, Ruth!”

Sudoku No. 341 (easy)

Sudoku No. 342

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Long and Short Term-Rentals – of bestsosuareal Re#174 co737 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Apartment, Sosua, furnished, ground floor, 60 sq.m/646 sq.ft, now US$450/month, 3 months and up, close to main beach... – athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140. Re#189 Spacious Studio Apartment, Almost On The Ocean, Cabarete. furnished, 2nd floor, 41 sq.m/441 sq.ft. All incl.! US$400/week, US$ 650/month – www.bestsosuareal - – 809-462-8140. Re#193 a407 Cozy 1 Bedroom Condo, Pool View, Sosua, 69 sq.m/744 sq.ft, US$500/month, 2 months and longer, Deposit! – athu – 809-462-8140.

Re#195 a403 Furnished Studio Apartment, 3rd floor, Sosua Center. 44 sq.m/470 sq.ft, US$300 monthly, Deposit! www.bestsosuareal - – 809-462-8140. Apartment and room for monthly rental. Apartment from US$350, room US$220. Tel. 809-571-3375 or 809-781-6015 Beautiful house at the beach of Playa Chiquita, Sosúa. Furnished, in a quiet and gated Condominium with 24 h security. 3 bedrooms, with 2 bathrooms, living-dining room with large kitchen, laundry room, maid's room with bath, patio at the 1st floor and balcony at the 2nd floor, central pool with infinity view. US$ 1,300 p.month, excl. Extra costs. Ask for summer price! Tel. 809-974-3073 Quiet 1-bedroom apartment, unfurnished, with pool, for rent in Sosúa. Tel. 829-720-3722

Los Castillos. Furnished house, 2 BR + 2 BA and garage, 60 sq.m. Ocean view terrace with a part without French grapes, but chinola. Lots of books and paintings. Owner lives there again. Price was 50,000 euro, now again 60,000 euro. Tel. 809-5712118. Lovely 2 bedroom apartment in Cabarete for short term, 3 km east of Janet's Supermercado. Fully furnished, cable, wi-fi, laundry machine. Covered patio, beautiful grounds, quiet neighborhood. $20/ day (3-day minimum), $100/week, $350/month. Phone 829-431-1042 or

Townhouses, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, American kitchen, 2 big terraces, fully furnished. Inverter, own water, gas, Internet, parking, in a gated community in La Mulata 4. 24/7 security, illuminated common areas, common pool, BBQ, as from July. 10 min to Sosúa, 20 min to airport. Rental prices 500 US$/month, 250 US$/week (incl. community fees). Information: 809-918-1848 (Oriana) or 829-678-3160 (Andrei) or mail to: or mail:

Looking for unfurnished house to rent. German pensioner, wife, 3 children looking for a house or large apartment for one year or more in the area Sosúa, Cabarete, Sabaneta de Yásica, from Aug. 1, 2016. Tel 829-859-3014, Email. Caribicfan5

Furnished Apartment in Costambar for rent. E-Mail: irarena2004, Tel. 829-727-6845 Irina House for Rent - Long Term, private pool, fully furnished, walk to the beach, gated community. Call for information: 809-963-2052

German Nailstylist in Costambar. Specialist in Gel, Acryl, Shellack,, Tel. 829 7276845

Villa Elisabeth, new independent luxury villa, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, American kitchen, big terrace, fully furnished. Inverter, own water, gas, Internet, parking x 3 cars, in a gated community in La Mulata 4. 24/7 security, illuminated common areas, common pool, BBQ, as from July. 10 min to Sosúa, 20 min to airport. Rental prices 750 US$/month, 320 US$/week (incl. community fees). Information: 809-918-1848 (Oriana) or 829-678-3160 (Andrei) or mail to:

Studio apt. for rent long-term in Sosúa. Close to downtown. Near Super Super Liquor Store. Full stove, refrigerator, microwave, safe, full cable TV, WiFi and Ethernet connection. A/C. Two ceiling fans. Private and quiet. Shares swimming pool with one other unit. US$375 per month for one year. Short term rates negotiable. Calle Pablo Neruda #8 – attached to blue house. 829754-3948

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Avenida Luis Ginebra 115, entrance beside Blackberry King, upstairs, Tel. 809-708-7618, eMail:

For rent from Aug. 1, 2016:. House, 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, kitchen, living-dining room, terrace, garden, pool, near Pola, US$ 650 + electricity, unfurnished, deposit 2 rents, Phone, Engl. 829-262-8075, German: 809-455 -8272,

to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day.



Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467 Professional BBQ, all of stainless steel, with gas tank. New US$3,000, now for RD$25,000. Tel. 829-8876371 Inverter, 12 kW, 6 batteries, 2 years old, RD$25,000. Tel. 829-887-6371 Restaurant Supplies: SS Plate Covers, Bread Containers, M. Kamenstein SS Paper Towel Holder, and much more. WhatsApp: 829322-8982 or Email: IguanaJoe99

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Espresso Machine: (New/ Never Used) “Mini Moka Demoka” (M593) Professional, Commercial Grade, FullAuto, Pump Pressure System, Built-in Grinder & Water Container, Portion System, 2-Cups. Great for Restaurants, Hotels & Bars. WhatsApp: 829-322-8982 or Email:

IMPRESSUM Want to buy a 4-door SUV. Must be in good mechanical order. Gas motor preferred. Power steering, brakes and windows. AC. Will be in Sosua June 6th to the 23rd. Please respond to, phone number will be active when I arrive 829-358-5344. For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, automatic, power windows, AC, 4door. Price US$ 110 per· week, US$ 18 per day. Tel. 809-727-9850 or 809-261-6001

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BUNN Coffee Brewing Station VP17-3 Stainless Steel (with 3Burners), Professional, Commercial Grade, brews 3.9 gallons of perfect coffee per hour (approx 8 pots). Great for Restaurants, Hotels & Bars. WhatsApp: 829-322-8982 or Email: Frozen Drink Machine: “Donper” 12-Liter (3.2-gal), Single Canister. (perfect for Icees, Slushies, Margaritas, Daiquiris, & other great ice drinks). Great for Restaurants, Hotels & Bars. WhatsApp: 829-3228982 or Email: IguanaJoe99 Immersion Blender (New/ Never Used) “Waring” WSB60 Big Stik Immersion Blender, Heavy Duty, 100 qt. capacity, 16" Stainless Steel removable shaft, variable speed motor (5,000-18,000 RPM), continuous ON feature, rubberized comfort grip / Mix, puree, and emulsify up to 50 gallons of soup, batter, or sauce. WhatsApp: 829-3228982 or Email: IguanaJoe99 Refrigerator/ Freezer: “Nedoca” (Very Good Condition) 62 inch Height x 22 inch Wide x 22.5 inch Depth / WhatsApp: 829-322-8982 or Email:

Professional Webcams: (New) Best Webcam in the World - “Logitech” HD-Pro (C910), Full-HD (all directions) 1080, 10MP, Carl Zeiss optics. // Laptop Mobile Surge Protectors (CyberPower and APC). WhatsApp: 829-322-8982 or Email: “XBOX 360 Pro (60GB)” (New In Box with extra Games & Accessories). WhatsApp: 829-3228982 or Email: IguanaJoe99 DJ / Nightclub Equipment: Strobe Light (Chauvet ST-800MX DMX Mega II) with new Bulb / Bottle Glorifiers (6” & 10” Color Changing LED Light Base) / Power Conditioner & Light Module (SMT-PS-08) / Satellite Multi-Switch (2-In, 16-Out – Pica Macom TSMS-2150X-16A) / Speaker Select Control System (Niles – SSVC-4). WhatsApp: 829-322-8982 or Email: Pelican Cases: (with Foam interiors): Protector Cases, Model 1600 and Model 1610. Ultra-high Impact. Unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. Hard Cases made to carry any kind of equipment that needs protection. WhatsApp: 829322-8982 or Email: IguanaJoe99 Misc: Label Maker (Brother P-Touch 1830) / Camcorder Accessories (Sony Brand - New) tripods, extra batteries, underwater cases. WhatsApp: 829-322-8982 or Email: Sex Toys: (New, Un-Used) Boutique Closed, Selling remaining inventory. WhatsApp: 829-322-8982 or Email:

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