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Election Campaign gets going Success Record / President and Challenger present Vice Candidates / “Zero Tolerance”

On National Day, 27 February, President Danilo Medina made his last government declaration of this term, in which he enumerated all his successes of his peaceful, orderly revolution, such as the struggle against illiteracy, and that since taking office 950,000 Dominicans could escape from poverty. The reaction to the two-hour speech was mixed. It was criticized especially for the lack of the two issues that oppress the country most: corruption and crime.

The caravans of the political parties and their candidates now can be seen again all over the country, where they are advertised loudly to gain the sympathy of the population. All rules against noise pollution are in abeyance, when flags wielding supporters or those who are paid are touring through the streets of cities and villages, in order to prove who has the most followers. At events with thousands of supporters, candidates are celebrating and working towards their victory on the 15th of May. At an event of “Women for Danilo”, President Danilo Medina announced that in his next term of office from 2016 to 2020, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, wife of his predecessor Leonel Fernández, will be the Vice-President again. Danilo Medina said, because of the seriousness with which the issue of violence against women needs to be addressed, it could not be a campaign issue, but the government's position always will be “zero tolerance”.

Also challenger Luis Abinader of the PRM presented his candidate for the vicepresidency. It is Carolina Mejía, daughter of former president Hipólito Mejía, who had renounced his aspirations for the presidency in the newly founded party PRM in favor of Luis Abinader. Abinader said Carolina Mejía combined all characteristics that must have a Vice-President.

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón March, 21 March, 22 March, 28 March, 29 March, 30 March, 31 April, 11 April, 12 - 15 April, 19 - 22 April, 25 April, 26 - 29 April, 27 April, 29

Carnival Sensation Carnival Ecstasy Carnival Valor Carnival Splendor Carnival Conquest Nieuw Amsterdam Carnival Valor Adonia Adonia Carnival Magic Adonia Carnival Conquest Carnival Splendor

Courageous Women Selfless Commitment to Fire Department / Advances and Setbacks for Dominican Women Within days three gas filling stations exploded in populated areas. A challenge to the firefighters. When the fire burnt down the gas filling station Mariot Gas in Santo Domingo Este, two firefighters who fought on the front line caught attention. In the middle of this emergency, there was a surprise: the two bravest were women. They are two friends who are volunteering at the fire department in any emergency, without getting one single peso for it. They are the 20-year-old Antoinette Eusebio (left) and the 28-year-old Shelby Noemí Díaz (right), which also regularly do voluntary work in the Holy Week or in any activity of the fire department. Antoinette comes from Bayaguana, Monte Plata. She studies medicine at the University Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU) and later wants to specialize in general or cardiac surgery. Shelby Noemí comes from Ázua. She is married and has two daughters aged five and eight years. She is studying accounting at the University O & M and does freelance accounting for Colmados.

The two women met a half years ago at the Academy of firefighters of Santo Domingo Este, where they became best friends. They are the only two female volunteers in this fire department and join the firemen in any emergency for the fire department, putting on their heavy protective suits to help with fighting fires. “I always wanted to help people, and since the first day at the academy, I was fascinated, it was as if I had found what I always was looking for,” says Antoinette. Both of these brave and noble women devote their weekends and their days off for the fire department.

At the International Women's Day on March 8, the Observatorio Politico Dominicano (OPD) presented a study on “steps forward and backward in the Dominican Republic”. In the report it is complained that it was thought years that the wage-scissors would close in the past few years, but the opposite was the case. Women now earn 24 percent less than men for the same work. There were important disparities in working conditions, such as in programs and policies that seek to improve working conditions and wages of women. Although women have conquered important seats in politics and in the economy, there is lacking structural change in the society, so that unemployment among women was far higher than in men. The study proposes that urgent action is needed to reduce the wage differential, the high unemployment among women, the high number of deaths in childbirth and the ever growing number of murders of women by their partners or ex-partners. The study notes that it is necessary to review the strategies that have been implemented.

More Security in Puerto Plata New Motorcycles for CESTUR / Six Percent Growth / 200 Taíno Settlements discoverd

In Puerto Plata, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPC) handed over 20 motorcycles and ten vans, with which security will be increased. With the 20 motorcycles, the National Police and the Tourism Police (CESTUR) will be more present at strategic points of the city to ensure greater safety for the popu-

lation and the tourists and to reinforce the preventive patrols, especially at the Malecón and in the historic center of the city to reduce crime significantly. The ten fully equipped vans will be stationed along the tourist routes, the cruise ship harbor and the hotel zones and will help to strengthen the already existing network of vehicles of the program for the protection and roadside assistance, to make the streets of the country more efficient and safe. A macroeconomic study of the InterAmerican Development Bank (BID / IDB) predicts good economic prospects for Central America and the Dominican Republic in 2016. Unlike in South America, which will experience a decline of 0.3 percent in the second consecutive year of recession, in Central America and the Caribbean an increase of 4.1 percent is expected, the Dominican Republic and Panama will be the leaders with six percent growth. Another key indicator, according to the report, is the price stability in the region, the price increase in 2015 was at 1.9 percent on average. This was caused mainly by falling commodity prices, which on the other hand are the main reason for the economical predicament of South America.

The first macro study of the region, which is carried out with the financial support of the European Union in the Dominican Republic since 2013, and which is to last until 2019, could so far identify a total of 200 settlements of the Tainos, the indigenous people of the island, in the north and northwest of the country. The project “Nexus 1492” will bring new light on the interaction of the indigenous communities, which populated the region before the arrival of the Europeans in 1492, and the cultural and social transformations that they suffered. Around 50 researchers from various disciplines from several European countries and the region are involved in this project. It is conducted by the University of Leyden and the Free University of Amsterdam.

Cristian Casablanca

Zoe Saldaña

Anchorman goes Bonkers

Too white for Nina Simone?

Vin Diesel He has his own TV show in which he predicts the lucky numbers of the lottery to his believers, the “numerólogo” Cristian Casablanca. Now another presenter, Pablo Toribio, doubted as how Casablanca could afford an SUV for 13 million pesos, since his numbers never win. This caused Adrián Ronato Salcedo Rosario, Casablanca's civil name, to go berserk in his program and to threaten Toribio to hit a chair over his head. He yelled, he was a millionaire, Toribio was a envier, a fucking animal, a peasant, a damned nigger. As a result, the channel Telefuturo suspended his program for 15 days.

Filming on the North Coast Action star Vin Diesel currently is shooting scenes for his new movie “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, where his appearance each time causes a crowd.

Originally, the singer Mary J. Blige was to play the role of Soul singer and activist Nina Simone who died in 2003, but she could not accomplish for scheduling reasons. Thus the Dominican-born 34-year-old Zoe Saldaña took her place, which earned her harsh criticism since she had to “obscure” for her role and needed to put a wig and to widen her nose. There were so many African-American actresses, that physically equaled Nina Simone more than Saldaña. In addition, the biography, which will come to the US cinemas under the title “Nina” in April, was not authorized by Nina Simone's family and did not tell the true story.

Global Strategy needed Aedes aegypti “Mighty Enemy” / Transmitter of Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever Aedes aegypti, the tiger mosquito which transmits Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever, was such a mighty enemy that it only can be defeated with a global strategy, warned experts on the VI. Conference on World Health in Miami. The twoday conference with experts from 19 countries took place in early March. The Brazilian Professor João Bosco Siqueira said it was unbelievable what nature has made with this mosquito. Since the Zika virus appeared for the first time in Brazil in 2015, it spreaded with an incredible speed because the majority of the population has no antivirus. Initially, Zika was not given much attention, because mistakenly it was thought that it was less dangerous than Dengue. In recent months, more than 5,000 children were born with microcephaly in Brazil. A connection to the virus is highly probable, but not yet confirmed a 100 percent.

Siqueira suggests that next to insect repellents curtains on doors and windows should be applied, so that mosquitoes can not get into the house. But the enemy had a perfect biology, because the eggs of the tiger mosquitoes can survive up to 18 months until they are vivified with water. Meanwhile, Health Minister Altagracia Guzmán confirmed, that there are ten suspected cases in the Dominican Republic, where the Gullain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a life-threatening inflammation of the nerves, may be related to the Zika virus. GBS can also be triggered by a bacterial infection or Dengue and Chikungunya. If the disease is diagnosed quickly and properly, GBS can be cured completely.

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What are these Guys singing? “Así es la vida” by El Klan de Porfi Baloa Take life as it comes - the message of El Klan de Porfi Baloa, not to take everything to heart. Don't care too much. Que no quieres nada mas de mi. Que te fuiste con ese infeliz. Qué importa, qué importa. Que me va a matar la depresión. Que voy a vivir en el alcohol. Qué importa, qué importa. Que te fuiste sin decir adios. Que no dormirás en mi colchón. Qué importa, qué importa. Que ensuciaste mi reputación. Que te vale madre este amor. Qué importa, qué importa. Que te quise demasiado. Y que nadie te ha querido como yo. Así es la vida de caprichosa, a veces negra, a veces color rosa. Así es la vida, jacarandosa. Te quita, te pone, te sube, te baja y a veces te lo da. Así es la vida de caprichosa, a veces negra, a veces color rosa. Así es la vida, jacarandosa. Te quita, te pone, te sube, te baja y a veces te lo da. Que me desangraste el corazón. Que me hará justicia la nación. Qué importa, qué importa. Que tu vida es como un carnaval. Que tarde o temprano volverás. Qué importa, qué importa. Y que te quise demasiado y que nadie te ha querido como yo. Así es la vida de caprichosa, a veces negra, a veces color rosa. Así es la vida, jacarandosa. Te quita, te pone, te sube, te baja y a veces te lo da.

That you don't want anything else from me. That you left with that unhappy guy. Who cares, who cares. That depression will kill me. That I will live in the alcohol. Who cares, who cares. That you left without saying goodbye. That you will not sleep on my mattress. Who cares, who cares. That you profaned my reputation. That you care a shit of this love. Who cares, who cares. That I loved you too much. And that nobody loved you like I did. Life is so capricious, sometimes black, sometimes pink. That's life, perky. It takes away, it gives, it puts you up, it puts you down and sometimes it hits you. Life is so capricious, sometimes black, sometimes pink. That's life, perky. It takes away, it gives, it puts you up, it puts you down and sometimes it hits you. That you bled out my heart. That the nation will make justice. Who cares, who cares. That your life is like a carnival. That sooner or later you will come back. Who cares, who cares. And that I loved you too much and that nobody loved you like I did. Life is so capricious, sometimes black, sometimes pink. That's life, perky. It takes away, it gives, it puts you up, it puts you down and sometimes it hits you.

Víctor Díaz Porfirio Baloa was born in Caracas, Venezuela on the 19 th of September 1970. In 1975, Porfi Baloa, as he calls himself shortly, founded the legendary Salsa band Adolescent's Orquesta, also known as Los Adolescentes, which to date published six successful albums, with longer interruptions. Meanwhile Porfi Baloa tried successfully with other musical projects, such as with El Klan de Porfi Baloa in 2003, with which he recorded the presented song. Originally Baloa only wanted to make some music, a little different to the Adolescentes who play their music without bass, his favorite instrument. So he made music with his friends privately, which soon drew attention, so he decided to publish the music. Under the name Salseros de Caracas - Manifestación Musical del Caribe Urbano, Baloa published an album with 18 tracks. El Klan wants to awaken the joyful spirit of Latin Americans and create culture with clear messages that sow awareness with colloquial expressions.

Well then ...



A mother comes to the doctor with her 17year-old daughter because she is eating so much and she always feels like vomiting. After the examination the doctor says, „Well, your daughter is pregnant in the third month.“ „That's is completely impossible. She's a virgin and has never been with a man. Say something!“ The daughter answers, „I didn't even kiss!“ The doctor goes to the window and looks outside for a long while, until the mother asks, „Is there something special?“ „No,“ the doctor says. „But the last time this happened, a bright comet appeared in the East. And I don't want to miss this.“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 13.

A handsome man is sitting in a bar. At the other end of the bar sits a very sexy young woman who watches him how he always looks at his expensive, thick watch. Finally, she goes over to him and asks, “So? Your appointment is delayed?” “No, no,” replies the man. “This is a telepathic watch that speaks to me.” “Oh. And what is the watch telling you?” “The watch has just told me, for example, that you don't wear any underwear,” says the man. The woman blushes and replies, “Of course I'm wearing underwear. The watch must be broken.” “No,” the says man. “The watch is certainly not broken. But it could be that it's one hour fast.”

 On the first day, the teacher wants to make herself popular with her new students and tells them that she loves Hip-Hop. She asks the class who also likes to listen to Hip-Hop. All raise their hands, except a girl in the back row. The teacher asks her, „Why don't you raise your hand?“ „Because I don't like Hip-Hop.“ „And what kind of music do you like?“ „Reggae.“ The teacher, „But for heaven's sake, why Reggae?“ „My father plays drums and my mother plays the guitar and met each other on a Reggae Sunsplash. My mother got pregnant with me during their holidays in Jamaica, and therefore I love to hear Reggae.“ The teacher says, „Okay. But you must not imitate everything your parents do. Just imagine, your mother would be a prostitute and your father an alcoholic ...“ „Then I'd probably hear Hip-Hop.“

 Sudoku No. 333 (easy)

Sudoku No. 334

I was sitting alone on a public toilet when I suddenly heard a voice next door, “Hello, how are you?” Usually I'm not the guy who starts a conversation in a men's room, and I do not know exactly what I had in mind when I answered, “I'm great. Thanks!” The other one asked, “What are you doing?” What a silly question! “Well, I think the same as you.” Now I tried to hurry up when I heard the next question, “Can I come over to you?” OK, this question was strange, but I did not want to be unfriendly, and to finish the conversation, I said, “No. I'm really busy right now.” And then I heard my neighbor say, “Listen, I'll call you back in a moment, some idiot sitting next door is always answering to my questions.”

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Sudoku No. 333

Sudoku No. 334

Happy Easter! Young Ernie and his family were invited to have Easter lunch at his grandmother's house. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served. When Ernie received his plate he started eating straight away. “Ernie, wait until we say grace,” demanded his father. “I don't have to,” the five year old replied. “Of course you do, Ernest,” his mother insisted rather forcefully. “We always say a prayer before eating at our house.” “That's at our house,” Ernie explained, “but this is Grandma's house, and she knows how to cook.”


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How many chocolate bunnies can you put into an empty Easter basket? Only one. After that the basket won't be empty.

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