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“Maker of Presidents” in Custody Inventor of Campaign Slogans / Important Person of Campaign / Inner-Brazilian Affair “Preserve what is good. Change what is bad. Do what has never been done before.” Slogans of President Danilo Medina in the election campaign 2012, messages that came across and sticked in people's minds. This is how elections are won. A campaign needs a clear-cut course, the candidate needs an image. Since the candidates of today rarely have enough charisma or persuasion, specialists are called to take the matter in their professional hands. And if they are needed, then only the best. One of the best was the Brazilian João Santana, who created the above messages. He is known as “Maker of Presidents” and has brought to power people like Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. Even Hugo Chavez used his services, as well as his gloss- and luckless successor Nicolás Maduro. And the Dominican President Danilo Medina made it in the elections, among other things, thanks to the valuable and highly paid consulting of Santana.

But the one who presents candidates as goodie two shoes does not necessarily have to be of the same kind. For some time the name João Santana appears in the Petrobras scandal which currently is crippling everything in Brazil. His two customers Lula and Dilma seem deeply stuck in this swamp. Also the internationally active Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, whose name is also found at almost every major state construction project in the Dominican Republic. Odebrecht is constructing in 23 countries and has 180,000 workers and boasts of revenues of 43 billion dollars.

After it became public that the prosecuton of Brazil wants to accuse Santana and his wife of money laundering and tax evasion, the two traveled back voluntarily, where they were immediately arrested. Attorney General Domínguez Brito said no extradition was demanded from the Dominican Republic. Tourism minister Francisco Javier García, the coordinator of Danilo Medina's campaign, along with former president Leonel Fernández, assures the scandal will have no negative effect on the PLD and its candidate Danilo Medina, since this is a purely internal matter of Brazil. Danilo Medina himself lamented the departure of his assistant deeply. He was a very important person in the election campaign. Meanwhile, it was known that João Santana and his wife Mónica Moura did not specify millions of dollars from five companies in their tax returns, including Polis Caribe Communication y Marketing, which works for the campaign of Medina and the PLD.

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Bicentennial of Matías Ramón Mella On the 25th of February 1816, Matías Ramón Mella Castillo was born in Santo Domingo. Mella is one of the three fathers of the fatherland (Padres de la Patria) of the Dominican Republic, next to Juan Pablo Duarte and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez. He was a member of the Trinitaria, the secret society, which acted in the underground against the Haitian occupiers and tried to convince the Spanish-speaking population of their idea of the Dominican Republic. Mella was a politician, activist and military. He was a brilliant strategist who was significantly involved in the independence of the Dominican Republic. Namely, in two wars. In the War of Independence which ended the 22-year occupation of the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola by Haiti and created an independent country named Dominican Republic for the first time. And one more time, Mella played an important role in the Restoration War from 1863 to 1865, after the Dominican Republic rejoined the old colonial power Spain under General Pedro Santana in 1861. After the expulsion of the Haitians from the eastern part of the island and the independence, Mella became a member of the Provisional Government, from which he was appointed Governor of Santiago. He summoned General José María Imbert to his right hand, who expelled the Haitian army under General Jean-Louis Pierrot after an attempt to reconquest the country

in the “Battle of 30 May” or the “Battle of Santiago” in 1944. After the declaration of independence on the 27th of February 1844, Mella appointed Juan Pablo Duarte president of the Central Board to prevent that a supporter of colonialism takes this position, to which he was exiled by General Pedro Santana. In 1848 Mella was amnestied by President Manuel Jimenes and came back into the country where he joined the Conservatives, led by Pedro Santana. When Mella saw that Santana was planning to rejoin Spain, he turned to the Restorators. On the 16th of August 1863, a new group under the leadership of Gregorio Luperón and Santiago Rodríguez flew the Dominican flag on the hill of Capotillo (Dajabón), which was the beginning of the Restoration War, known as the “Cry of Capotillo”. One city after another in the Cibao joined the rebels, whose number grew to 6,000. They entrenched themselves in front of the Fortaleza San Luis in Santiago to fight against the Spaniards on the 16th of September. The rebels proclaimed a new government under José Antonio “Pepillo” Salcedo, who was called a “traitor” by Pedro Santana, who was in command of the Spanish troops. Salcedo asked the US for help, but was turned down. Mella died destitute in a small house near the Fortaleza San Luis in Santiago on the 4th of June 1864. In January 1864, Mella wrote a manual on guerrilla warfare, which exasperated the Spaniards and finally forced them to withdraw.

Digital Gap Internet often unused

At the second World Congress of Mobile Telephony in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat close to Barcelona, Spain, the study “Digital Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean” was presented. It should be noted that six out of ten people in the region do not use the Internet despite of coverage. The main reasons for this are the lack of local content, the lack of knowledge of how the Internet can be used, and the price of the connection and the devices. In the region, there are 363 million people who do not use the Internet, although they could. 207 million do it. The countries with the largest “digital gap” are Ecuador, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. The main reason for the lack of interest on the Internet is the lack of content essential for daily life, and that only 30 percent of the accessible pages are in the local language. And these page are most for entertainment. This means that the Internet is used primarily for entertainment. The second point is the lack of knowledge, which is why the Internet should be brought to the schools. And the third point is that 40 percent of the potential users do not have the money for paying the rates and buying the devices.

Discussion on Drugs Studies in Chile / Debates in Mexico / Puerto Rico allows medical Cannabis The largest legal marijuana plantation in Latin America is not in Uruguay or Mexico. It is in Chile, where cannabis is still classified as a hard drug, which means five to ten years is in prison if somebody is caught planting or possess marijuana. However, as in many other countries of the continent, a change in the policy and in the minds is taking place in Chile. The pot that is grown here can be harvested in March and 200 cancer patients, whose pain is relieved with it, will be benefitted of it. “Even if people don't believe it, Chile is the pioneer in the cultivation of medical cannabis,” says Ana María Gazmuri, chairwoman of Daya Foundation, an organization that examines and promotes alternative therapies. Since December there is a law that allows the manufacturing and the sale of drugs derived from hemp. The initiative, which was approved by the Chilean government, will produce different remedies from the plants (called phytopharmaceuticals), which are free of charge to 4,000 patients. Thus three major studies will be carried out,

which were developed by the National Cancer Institute and two hospitals. Also in Puerto Rico and Colombia, medicinal cannabis was allowed recently. In contrast, Uruguay is more interested on how to manage the challenge of “recreative” marijuana. According to a survey, 86 percent of the Chileans are in favor of medical marijuana, 47 back legalization for recreational use. After the sentence of the Mexican Supreme Court, when four plaintiffs were conceded the right to use marijuana for recreational purposes, started a debate for and against the legalization of marijuana. With the same old and often refuted arguments pro and con. Conservatives against progressives.

According to a study of the Mexican Senate, the Mexican drug cartels annually earn between one and two billion dollars alone by transporting and selling marijuana to the United States. If cannabis was legalized in Mexico, the total income of the drug mafia in Mexico would be reduced by 15 to 26 percent. With the legalization of cannabis, another problem in the countries of Latin America could be solved. In a study of the Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law (Colectivo de Estudios Drogas y Derecho CEDD), which was presented in Mexico, it is said that one of five people detained in the prisons of Latin America are there for drug offenses. Between December 2006 and December 2014, the number of the detained for drugs in Mexico increased by 1,200 percent. However, this had no impact on the drug trade because the detainees are retailers, consumers and people in a difficult situation. Also there is an alarming increase of women, mostly with a low income or single mothers, who are imprisoned for drug offenses.

No to Re-election Bolivians brush off Evo Morales' Plans / Colombia shortly before final Peace Agreement

In the Dominican Republic, President Danilo Medina achieved with a constitutional amendment, against multiple resistance, that he can be re-elected on May 15 for a second term, which was forbidden by the Constitution of 2010. Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, a popular president, did not want to run for his reelection after two terms, for which he also would have had to change the constitution of his country. Also Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner stuck to the Constitution and did not run again.

Bolivian President Evo Morales, who still will be in office until 2017, was interested in a constitutional amendment to be re-elected for a third time. Because he was relatively sure that the Bolivian people once again wanted to have him as their president, he held a referendum. But his request was rejected by the majority of the more than 6.5 million voters. In the vote in mid-February, only half of the voters voted for his plans - 48.69 percent. 51.31 percent of the Bolivians did not want a constitutional amendment, although Morales' policy still finds strong support, mainly in the rural population. The opposition triumphed. Samuel Doria Medina, leader of the Unidad Nacional (National Unity) congratulated the “indomitable Bolivian people”. The project to transform the country into the project of a single party had failed. Morales said, he had lost a battle, but not the war. Through a trick Evo Morales has been elected three times as President. His first term (2006 to 2010) did not count, since Bolivia was re-founded as Plurinational State of Bolivia in 2009.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos believes that the peace treaty between the government and the rebel army FARC can be signed in Havana on the 23 rd of March to end the more than 50 years of civil war in the South American country. This means, the three years of negotiation between the two former enemies can be successfully completed, despite many prophecies of doom. Santos said there could be small delays, but some days more or less are no longer relevant. The date has been set to make pressure to come to an end. On a three-day visit to the United States, Santos was received by US President Obama who promised that the United States will increase its financial commitment to Colombia and support the development after the peace agreement with 450 million dollars in 2017. “A country that was on the brink of collapse, is now on the verge of peace,” Obama said. Santos thanked on behalf of future generations, which now can grow up in peace and without fear. The civil war in Colombia cost more than 200,000 lives in more than 50 years of often brutal fighting.

Transitional President in Haiti New Prime Minister appointed / Still 60,000 Homeless People / Drought and Hunger

After the end of office of Haitian President Michel Martelly on the 7th of February, Senate President Jocelerme Privert was elected interim president, in order to organize the next presidential elections until April 24, so that the next president can take office on the 14th of May. Jocelerme Privert is the 57th President of Haiti. He is a member of the party Inité (unity) of ex-President René Préval. He was Minister of Interior under Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In 2004, Privert was arrested during a revolt against Aristide as the intellectual author of a massacre in Saint Marc and spent two years in prison. In 2006 he was released under the government of Préval. Privert always denied any involvement in the massacre. 63-year-old Privert said on his candidacy, he would seek “consensus” between the warring factions in his nearly 100 days in office. He had 35 years of experience in politics and will abide by all agreements that have been made with Martelly. Prime Minister Paul Evans returned after his resignation in the election chaos until a new Minister will be appointed. Privert plans to name a new Premier for the short remaining time until the elections.

According to a report of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), in summer 2015 there still live approximately 60,000 people in camps in Haiti, where they are housed since the horrible earthquake in January of 2010 which claimed nearly 300,000 lives (others talk of 200,000). The situation of these people have started to deteriorate in June 2015 as most of the humanitarian aid programs were ended for lack of money. Also the cholera cases have since risen again.

Nevertheless, the country has made great progress due to the international help. So 96 percent of earthquake victims have left the camps and been resettled in dwellings. However, despite the higher ability to respond to emergencies, three million people have problems of access to food caused by the drought because of El Niño. Also, the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP/PNUD) noted progress in Haiti. For example at the increasing enrollments in primary schools or in the control of HIV/ AIDS. And about 70 percent of the homes today have access to drinking water. But the road to recovery and long-term development is not easy. Haiti still needs further international assistance.

The United Nations warned that Haiti is threatened by the worst food crisis in 15 years. Around 1.5 million Haitians have no secure food supply, more than double the number was malnourished. From the drought caused by the El Niño phenomenon the most affected areas are the northwest and the southeast of Haiti. This is the third consecutive year in which it hardly rains. Wendi Bigham, local head of the World Food Program, said that the situation was alarming. More and more people are selling the little they have to buy food, or they strongly restrict their food intake. Although Haiti imports more than half of the food, the local harvests are vital for the living and survival of rural families. Bigham says that if the drought persists in the coming months, the farmers will lose their fourth crop in a row. Two-thirds of the Haitians live on agriculture, which is still mostly operated with archaic tools. According to the World Food Program, 3.6 of the 10.4 million inhabitants of Haiti are consuming less than the minimum amount of calories necessary for living. Of them, 1.5 million need urgent help, as they are losing strength and energy because they don't have enough to eat.

Your Horoscope for March 2016 Pisces will solve urgent Tasks / Quiet Time for Gemini / Fruitful Month for Virgo

Take it easy if you will have to drastically revise your plans in light of new information. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, it is better to choose a different course now, because later such an opportunity will not present itself. Stay focused on your main task; by no means get distracted by third-party moments. Your personal relations will suffer no losses, even with minimal attention on your part.

You will be successful in solving urgent tasks, either in the field of work or in terms of your sensory-emotional sphere. At this stage it will be much more important to properly allocate your capabilities rather than seek to obtain new ones. You will come across a lot of options, each of which will require certain expenses combined with resources. But you will definitely be able to solve any puzzle you face.

In terms of business, everything will develop in the best possible way. The main thing is not to get carried away and, so to say, get used to the fact that you don't need to take any case seriously; you cannot easily give up without considering how much effort and money you've put into a project. But at the end of the current phase you will receive a well-deserved reward, directly proportional to your efforts.

This month will be a difficult time, but you are in control and able to overcome anything; just don't underestimate your own power. You will hardly see the rise of your profits this month, and the dynamics of your own business won't be as powerful. But throughout the entire month, you will be able to quite steadily and fastidiously lie the foundation for better times. Get ready to take efficient and tactical decisions.

In terms of business, this month should be a relatively quiet time. It is highly unlikely for you to come across some kind of dynamic and vibrant events. Even the signing of especially major contracts at this stage will not bring about exceptional consequences. Perhaps some things will not meet your expectations, but nothing bad will happen. Don't hurry. Instead of gaining more profit you can lose your current position.

You will find yourself in a rather complicated situation, especially for those who work for themselves. It's probable that you will feel everything falling out of your hands, and you may well lose any hope of a favorable outcome for the project you're working on at the moment. However, under no circumstances fall for such tendencies! You will suddenly discover new capabilities and any problem will seem solvable.

You won't need to make any decisions, which will take a lot of weight off your shoulders. But the responsibility for their implementation and a possible initial miscalculation will be on you, which is not very fair, but logical. How to get out of this is up to you, but all the tools you need are at your disposal. Your potential is really immense, so use it to your advantage. But balance your own desires and aspirations.

In work an business, this will be a very fruitful month. It is vital to correctly set your priorities, for you'll have ample possibilities and resources at hand, but timing will be an issue. So do not try to kill five birds with one stone. Estimate your capabilities clearly. Overestimating your forces is much more dangerous than overlooking a subtle detail. Don't worry if at some point something will go wrong - although this is very unlikely.

You will be able to solve all your pressing challenges without difficulty and implement your current projects. It's sufficient to concentrate on your goal and boldly move towards it without thinking about other scenarios. Now you need to learn to focus your attention, at the same time gathering your will, resources and capabilities in "one place"; all this will ensure your victories while dealing with any obstacles.

It's vital to neutralize even the slightest misunderstanding as quickly as possible, because it can be the root of the problem that will provoke or lead to conflict. In principle, you are capable of completing any task, but there's a high probability that some deviations might occur in the course of the project. The main thing is not to doubt the path you've chosen, otherwise success will pass you by.

Everything will keep turning out quite well, but perhaps not always to the full. The most important thing now is for you to use your current capabilities in a way you haven't planned before. This month won't bring a bright finale of anything. Your current stage is the foundation from which you can boost any strategically important point in the future. It is fundamental now to strengthen your forces and focus on specific tasks.

It is unlikely to be an exceptionally bright time. Don't count on a sharp salary rise, promotion up the career ladder, or immediate implementation of your project. Progress will undoubtedly occur, but outward circumstances will keep holding it back. Do not worry about this, as there is little you can do at this stage. Active opposition to circumstances will result in nothing, you will only drain your resources.


FCUK WOK in Cabarete

NEW ERA of Chinese Food / Owners who care / Working for Satisfaction of Customers Chinese food can be wonderful. But in my experience graband-go Chinese food has been about dimly lit storefronts where exhausted owneroperators serve Chicken Chow Mein or Sweet and Sour Pork turned into mush and shoe leather after idling for too many hours in the warming trays. Driving home one evening, I saw the FCUK WOK mascot in the Ocean Dream Plaza in Cabarete which offered me a solution.

“Welcome to FCUK WOK,” said the server, smiling as I walked through the door. I joined the rapidly moving line, surveying the tempting options: Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Honey Chicken, Vietnamese Pork and more. Let me not forget to mention - they offer food for Vegetarians and Vegans as well. The food was in perpetual motion, from wok to serving pan to two- or three-item plate. Neatly stacked bins of raw onions and bell peppers advertised their healthiness (No MSG, Gluten Free and No Transfat) and freshness. The table we settled at was nice and clean, just as it would be within five minutes of our departure, despite the cascades of fried rice, FCUK WOK noodles, and sautéed FCUK vegetables that had me extremely satisfied as I left. For me, FCUK WOK became a destination I don't want to miss any more. As I began eating more meals there, I discovered one secret ingredient: owners who care. The

cooks, cashiers, and counter people work toward something, and that something is the satisfaction of the customer. The mixed clientele - from students to workers, from teenager to families and elderly couples took a certain delight in customizing their combo plates in an atmosphere of friendliness, cleanliness, a can-do attitude. And how can you go wrong with a Chinese cuisine restaurant that sing for a low cost of 150 pesos Simple Meal plate? Call for delivery: 809-571-9451 Website: follow us on:

The Rediscovery of the Lost Sage of Constanza Accion-salva-una-especie has been searching for "The Lost Sage of Constanza" (Salvia praeterita) since 2013. This species has not been found since 1975. In autumn 2014 we found about six small sage plants near Constanza. The plants were not in flower, so we could not ID the species, the dry fruit of the plants contained however about ten small seeds. What's the best thing to do in this situation? We got ten seeds of a sage plant that might (or might not) be something special? We decided to send these seeds to a real Salvia enthusiast. Somebody who would love them and care for them, even if they were a common sage species. So we send the seeds to Rolando Uria. Rolando is not only a sage expert, but also a professional gardener and a close friend! In summer 2015 Miquel Angel Abreu Santos and me revisited the site in Constanza and we finally found the plants in flower. It was immediately clear that

these six plants were in fact the world population of the long "Lost Sage of Constanza". So the ten seeds we had send to Rolando the year before, suddenly got very very important.

Rolando managed to raise three plants from these seeds, thereby increasing the known world population by 50 percent! And now they are in flower (see picture)!

While this is a big success for Rolando Uria (thank you for the picture) and Accionsalva-una-especie this sage species is still far from saved. We were able to harvest additional fresh seeds in 2015. 50 seeds were sent to a botanical garden in California for ex situ conservation. We are looking forward to hear about their germination! The existing small wild population in the Dominican Republic is highly endangered as new buildings were erected very close to it. The plan for this year is to harvest more seeds and start a propagation program in the Dominican Republic in order to support the small existing population in the wild. We plan to raise plants from seeds and plant them out at suitable sites near Constanza. Visit the website of or follow Martin Reith on facebook to keep yourself updated on this story or to support our ongoing efforts to save The Lost Sage of Constanza. (Miquel Angel Abreu Santos/Martin Reith)

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Alejandro Sanz

“El Canario”

Lauded by Antonio Banderas

Disappointed by Justice

Premio Lo Nuestro At a concert of the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, a man among the spectators attacked a woman. Sanz interrupted the concert and went into the audience, telling him: “This isn't done!” and asked the security to throw the man out. He asked the public to pardon the interruption and said he can not stand it when someone is being abused, and much less when it is a woman. For which he received thunderous applause. Then he continued his concert. In addition to numerous positive reactions in the social networks, also his compatriot Antonio Banderas showed himself proud of Sanz. In a message on twitter he wrote briefly and succinctly: “I'm proud of you, Alejandro. No violence against women.” The Spanish singer Mónica Naranjo wrote: “Dear friend, if I have you admired before, today I admire you even more.” Most of the reactions in the web were “Great”, accompanied by an applauseemoticon. There was praise as: “We need many more like him! He is great not only in the music.” Before the festival in the Chilean resort Viña del Mar, Alejandro Sanz said: “Anyone who does these things is a scoundrel, and the one who does not intervene seeing this, is another one.”

Two big Winners

The Premio Lo Nuestro awards Latin American artists. At the celebrations of the 28th issue of the awards in the American Airlines Arena in Miami, the two big winners were Nicky Jam and Ricky Martin with three awards each. Nicky Jam (Photo - see LA PLAYA 140) was awarded Artist of the Year of the section Música Urbana, for the Song of the Year, “El perdón”, as well as for the Cooperation of the Year for the same song in duet with Enrique Iglesias. Ricky Martin received the award for the Pop Album of the Year (“A quien quiera escuchar”), the song “Disparo al corazón” on the same album was awarded Pop Song of the Year, and the Video of the Year was “La mordidita” with Yotuel. J Balvin (see LA PLAYA 142), who got four awards last year, this time was good for two, namely for the second time as Artist of the Year and for the Album of the Year of Música Urbana: “La Familia B Sides”. Likewise two awards went to the Dominican-born Prince Royce in the category Song of the Year of the section Tropical (“Soy el mismo”) and for the album with the same title. Marc Anthony also got two awards: Artist and Male Artist of the Year of the section Tropical. At the event, many of the big stars of Latino music performed, such as Carlos Vives (LA PLAYA 92) who got the award “a la Excelencia” and gave a potpourri of his hits.

Salsa Star José Alberto “El Canario” was born in Santo Domingo, but emigrated to Puerto Rico with his family when he was a child. Later he returned and lived in the Dominican Republic a couple of years. Now he said in an interview with the daily newspaper “Listín Diario”, he will no longer live here. “In reality, I left because of family matters, but I am disappointed of the Dominican justice system and what happens in the country with the crimes.” In September, he had been stolen a million pesos after a visit in a bank. An elegant woman came up to the car and asked if the driver had lost money. When the driver got out, he saw bills lying on the ground, which led up to his car. When he picked up the bills, two thieves stole the money inside the car. The police arrested them and they even confessed to have stolen the money and there were videos, where one of the two can be seen, as he watched his victim. But then a judge set both free for lack of evidence. “El Canario” warned that these clever tricksters often are Colombians and Venezuelans who come here to commit their crimes and then leave again. They sleep in Motels and small hotels and had no address.

What is this Man singing? “Estos celos” by Vicente Fernández “Estos celos” also was interpreted by David Kada as a Salsa in 2012 at the start of the Dominican Salsa Renaissance. Te miré. Estabas tan bonita, tan sensual. Te imaginé ajena y me hizo mal. Ay, ay, amor, ay, ay, qué dolor. Qué tarde comprendí, contigo tenía todo y lo perdí. Te miré Con tu melena al viento y tu mirar al ras de tu escote, tu lunar. Ay, ay, amor, ay, ay, qué dolor. Hoy muero de pensar que no voy a ser yo al que vas amar. Estos celos me hacen daño me enloquecen. Jamás aprenderé a vivir sin ti. Lo peor es que muy tarde comprendí, sí, sí. Contigo tenía todo y lo perdí. Contigo tenía todo y lo perdí. Te miré. Me confundió el llanto que rodó surgió una esperanza pero no, no, ya no hay amor. No, y fue mi error. Y hoy muero de pensar que no voy a ser yo al que vas a amar. Estos celos me hacen daño me enloquecen. Jamás aprenderé a vivir sin ti. Lo peor es que muy tarde comprendí, sí, sí. Contigo tenía todo y lo perdí. Contigo tenía todo y lo perdí. Música Ranchera is what a Música “Gringo” imagines when he thinks of Mexican Music: Mariachis with wide-brimmed hats with blaring trumpets. A fiery-eyed, hot-blooded tenor who can melt the heart of señoritas. The origins of this music lie in the 19th century. It became very popular after the Mexican

I looked at you. You were so beautiful, so sensual. I imagined you with another, and that was bad for me. Ay, ay, my love, ay, ay, what a pain. How late I realized that with you I had everything and I lost it. I looked at you. With your hair in the wind and your glance, at the edge of your neckline your birthmark. Ay, ay, my love, ay, ay, what a pain. Today I die thinking that it will not be me, who you will love. This jealousy hurts me it makes me crazy. I'll never learn to live without you. The worst part is, that I realized very late, yes, yes. With you I had everything and I lost it. With you I had everything and I lost it. I looked at you. The tears confused me, that fell, a hope awakened, but no, no, there is no more love. No, and it was my fault. Today I die thinking that it will not be me who you will love. This jealousy hurts me it makes me crazy. I'll never learn to live without you. The worst part is, that I realized very late, yes, yes. With you I had everything and I lost it. With you I had everything and I lost it. Revolution of 1910, when the deeds of the revolutionaries were praised. With the Mexican cinema, the Rancheras became popular throughout Latin America. Vicente Fernández is one of the most famous singers of this genre, which today mainly consists of very romantic songs.


Vicente Fernández Gómez was born in Huentitán el Alto in Guadalajara, Mexico, on the 17th of February 1940. At 14 he won a singing contest and sang in restaurants or weddings. Beside this, he sold home-made tequila. In the sixties, Vicente Fernández sang with Mariachi groups and slowly became known on the radio stations. In 1966 he had his first hits. With “Volver, volver” he became internationally known and became one of the most popular Rancheras singers with this song. Fernández had roles in a total of 32 movies. In 2007 the presented song “Estos celos” was ranked number one of the most important charts for Mexican music more than three months. In 2009, on the Zocalo, the main plaza in Mexico City, he broke all records with 220,000 fans. Vicente Fernandez produced more than 80 albums. He got two Grammys, eight Latin Grammys and 14 Premios Lo Nuestro, which honors Latin American artists. Moreover, Vicente Fernández has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



This Alcohol!

The Pope was very sick and many doctors came, but nobody knew what to do to heal him. Finally, a very old doctor appeared. After he examined the Pope for an hour, he told the Cardinals, he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that the Pope was suffering from a very rare testicular disease, but the good news was that the only cure was sleeping with a woman. By doing this, the Pope could be healed nearly immediately. Well, that was not such good news for the Cardinals, and they were discussing about it a long time. Finally, they went to the Pope and told him the situation. After some thought, His Holiness said, „I agree, but under four conditions.“ The Cardinals were surprised and some of them were angry. In the resulting turmoil somebody asked: „And what would be these four conditions?“ There was silence, and after a pause, the Pope said, „First, the woman must be blind so that she can not see with whom she has sex. Second, she must be deaf, so she can not hear with whom she has sex. Third, she must be stupid, that even if she finds out with whom she had sex, no one will believe her.“ After a long pause one of the Cardinals asked „And the fourth condition?“ The Pope: “Big boobs!“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 17.

A man is sitting in the pub. After his seventh beer he wants to get up and sprawls to the floor. He thinks, “Well, if I drink another one, maybe I can stand upright again.” However, also after the eighth, ninth and tenth pint he always falls to the floor. So he thinks: “Seems that I'll have to crawl home.” The next morning, his wife says, “You must have been totally drunk last night.” “How can you say this?” “Because you forgot your wheelchair in the pub again.”

 John is getting drunk in the local pub and says, “This is already my tenth shot, because I'm so annoyed with my wife. It is incredible how much this old bitch costs me!”

 Sudoku No. 331 (easy)

O'Brian staggers home, completely drunk. In his pocket he has a bottle of an exquisite and expensive Irish whiskey. Suddenly he stumbles and falls face forward. Pulling himself together slowly, he feels something wet running down his leg. “Oh Lord,” he murmurs, “please, please, let it be blood!”

 An old woman is trying a beer for the first time in her life. She tastes it and then says, “Well, this is really strange. This stuff tastes exactly like the medicine that my late husband had to take for more than 20 years!”

 „Every time I see you smile, Miss Suzy, I want to tell you: Please, come to see me one of these days.“ „Well, you are quite a charmer!“ „No, I'm a dentist.“

 Sudoku No. 332

Boy: “I love you so much, I could never live without you.” Girl: “Is that you or the beer talking?” Boy: “It's me talking to the beer.”

Zika transmitted through sexual Contact Two Cases confirm Suspicion / Pharmaceutical Concern to develop Vaccine against Zika The theme Zika remains in the headlines. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed two cases of Zika, transmitted through sexual contact. In addition, another twelve cases are under investigation in which this suspicion also exists. In both cases, the men came from a Zika area and transferred the virus to the woman. At the moment there is no evidence that the virus can also be transmitted from a woman to a man. The

virus seems to survive a long period in the body, because British researchers reported of a 68-year-old man who was infected with Zika in French Polynesia in 2013, and the virus could still be found in his semen, but not in his blood or in his urine. The Director General of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, Olivier Brandicourt, announced that within one year the first experiments with a vaccine against Zika can be started. Sanofi has already developed a vaccine against Zikarelated Dengue, which has already been

approved to be used in some countries. If there was a cross-immunity, that would be very good news, he said. The Colombian health service reported that three people have died from the GuillainBarre syndrome after they had been infected with the Zika virus. The WHO called for caution. WHO Director Margaret Chan said, in the near future there will be an increase in numbers. Whether Zika is really the reason for the frequent occurrence of children with microcephaly (photo), can said safely only at midyear. Circulating conspiracy theories about chemistry scandals or that pharmaceutical companies were creating viruses to later earn by selling drugs, are nonsense.

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a404 Great Price! Furnished 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Condo, Ground Floor, Sosua Center, Building size 58 sq.m/624.27 sq.ft, now only US$37,500, – 809-462-8140

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4 BR / BA-Villa, Caribbean style, sep. Apt. and granny-flat, fully furnished, 1,100 sq.m, sea view, near Coconut Palm, 217,000 euros o.n.o. From German owners Tel. 829-8586389 Plot 800 sq.m, in Jardín de Cabarete for sale. Electricity, water available, delimited with two sides wall. Information at 829-540-0848 (Frank) The best of the campo, very good views, 4 acres land, close to Puerto Plata, US$75,000. Phone Terry for info, 809-635-2700. Text email for pics House with Oceanview: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, large terrace and large granny-studio, fully furnished and technically equipped, pool, covered Jacuzzi, double garage, garden. Covered Area 300 sq.m - Land 1,450 sq.m. Sold private, only US$ 198,000. Info: 809-260-8102 Newly renovated 2 BR / 2 BA Villa in Residencial Casa Linda / Sosua. 520 sq.m, built 140 sq.m US$ 159,000. Info: helmut.schindler1 - 849-279-7838 (German) 2510-809-804 (Span. and Engl.) For Sale by Owner, 2 BR, 2 BA, Large Deluxe Home + Apt. Sosúa Central, near Super Pola, US$ 395,000, terms, many furnished extras. Call to view: 809-571-1140 Plot, 1.290 sq.m, in Playa Laguna, for sale with Título and Deslinde. US$15/sq.m. Info: 809-769-7194 or 809-586-0669, E-Mail katy-krueger@ Sandy Beach Front Land, Palms, submit offer, Developer retiring. For more info  809-571-1140 Bar in Playa Dorada for sale, Tel. 829-605-7355 (English), Tel. 829-5545894 (Deutsch)

Small hotel in Sosua for sale or lease, with customer base and included tennis club with 4 tennis courts. The hotel has 15 apartments, 3 rooms, pool, bar, restaurant and lounge. Installation to organize large live concerts. Parking at the hotel. Total area 8,000 sq.m. For information call 809 869 8649

Quiet 1-bedroom apartment, unfurnished, with pool, for rent in Sosúa. Tel. 829-720-3722 Furnished Apartment in Costambar for rent. E-Mail: irarena2004, Tel. 829-727-6845 Irina Apartment in Los Castillos with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, parking area, terrace, 210 US $ + electricity, incl. Water. Apartment for 1 person, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, 125 US + electricity, incl. Water. Each 2 rents deposit + 1 rent. Tel. 809-493-7049 Central Sosúa Apartments for rent. Clean, quiet, 1 bedroom and studio, balcony. From 10,500 RD$. Tel. 809303-3900 House in Sosua, El Batey, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living/ dining room, kitchen, terrace, pool, garage, quiet location, for rent US$ 650. Also for sale. Tel. 809-455-8272 Long term rental in a nice gated residential project at walking distance to the beach. 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms villas available. Call 809-963-2052


Looking for unfurnished house to rent. German pensioner, wife, 3 children looking for a house or large apartment for one year or more in the area Sosúa, Cabarete, Sabaneta de Yásica, from Aug. 1, 2016. Tel 829-859-3014, Email. Caribicfan5 Help wanted – Interviewer – has to speak fluent English. 809-803-5653 Housekeeper, German-Dominican couple (married 18 years) looking to manage object, housecleaning and gardening incl. For free rent and appropriate compensation. With private car. Information at 829-5400848 (Frank) or 849-244-4209 Haitian, 22 J., little Spanish speaking but absolutely reliable, is looking for work in house, especially in the repair sector. Losts of tools, in particular a hammer drill and can do almost anything. Please call 829-5873436

German Nailstylist in Costambar. Specialist in Gel, Acryl, Shellack,, Tel. 829 7276845


to Spanish, English and German at the office of LA PLAYA without waiting a long time. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day.


Looking for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Offers to 809-875-7705 Parakeets for sale, all colours, 150 RD$, Call 809-803-5653 Cane Corso puppies for sale, 2 puppy, 5 months old, purebred, from champion blood line. Very good watch and guard dog. Price on request. Tel. 809-863-6123 (Whats App), e-mail

VIP Escort For Her. Private, Party and Business Service. Discreet, honest, attractive and fun for Her. English, German and Spanish. 849886-1472

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

Gas Cylinder, 100 gal. For sale, 4,000 RD$. Telephone: 809-5714100 (English)

Classifieds from 50 pesos

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Avenida Luis Ginebra 115, entrance beside Blackberry King, upstairs, Tel. 809-708-7618, eMail: Do you need help at offices / shopping / negotiations with craftsmen, etc.? I speak Spanish, English and German. Price on request. Tel. 829-868-8467

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Sudoku No. 331

Sudoku No. 332

Vacuum Jipeta (SUV) in Puerto Plata for rent. US$ 25/day. Info at 809-423-4432


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A blonde was playing Trivial Pursuit one night. It was her turn. She rolled the dice and she landed on Science & Nature. Her question was, “If you are in a vacuum and someone calls your name, can you hear it?” She thought for a time and then asked, “Is it on or off?”


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