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Doubting Poll Results Government rejects new Requirement of the CIDH / Félix Bautista on fourth Rank of TI President Danilo Medina assures in his speeches, that the election on the 15th of May 15 is already decided. Without any doubt he will be the next president, because there is no way around this fact. In the polls he - still - has a clear lead. However, the result of a recent survey conducted by Gallup for the daily newspaper “Hoy” showed a significant drop in support for Medina and an increase for his challenger Luis Abinader. Members of the ruling party PLD reacted vehemently. They doubted the result and demanded to disclose how it came to these absurd findings. Meanwhile, there are analysts who believe that there could be a run-off election, the first time since 1996. The electorate is split in two roughly equal proportions. According to Gallup-Hoy, Danilo Medina would get 51.8 percent of the vote, but Luis Abinader moved up to 35.7 percent.

The topic of illegal Haitians continues to heat tempers. The problem was fueled by a new demand of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH. The requirement of the CIDH is that the country should cease to withdraw retroactively the Dominican citizenship of foreigners born here. The affected persons are mainly descendants of Haitians who came here to work in the sugar cane fields, who were automatically Dominican nationals until the amendment of the Constitution in 2010, which abolished the “jus solis”. The Foreign Ministry rejected the request, since it was drafted with “inaccurate data, prejudices, unnecessary tests and serious omissions”. With the Law 169-14 to regulate the citizenship of the persons concerned, the problem was solved humanely. Meanwhile the Immigration Office (DGM) announced that after the end of the naturalization process, in the last four months of the last year, a total of more than 14,000 illegal aliens from 18 countries were deported. However, 14,244 of the deported were Haitian nationals, while only 90 came from 17 other countries. Some of them as far as from India or Albania.

The global voting of the NGO Transparency International (TI) on the most corrupt politician was closed on the 9th of February. After an initial lead, the Dominican Senator Félix Bautista ended on the fourth rank with 9,786 votes, behind the Ukrainian expresident Yanukovych (13,210 votes), the Brazilian oil company Petrobras (11,900) and Panama's former President Martinelli with 10,166 votes.

The next arrivals in “Amber Cove” Maimón February, 18 February, 27 February, 28 February, 29 March, 1 March, 3 March, 4 March, 4 March, 11 March, 14 March, 21 March, 22 March, 28 March, 29 March, 30 March, 31

Costa Deliziosa Azura Costa Deliziosa Carnival Valor Carnival Splendor Nieuw Amsterdam AIDAvita Carnival Breeze Azura Carnival Valor Carnival Sensation Carnival Ecstasy Carnival Valor Carnival Splendor Carnival Conquest Nieuw Amsterdam

Best Cocoa in the World Conference in Bávaro / Leading Exporter of organic Cocoa / Cruise Tourists quite thrifty

The Dominican Republic, along with Ecuador, is recognized to produce the best cocoa in the world. Cocoa is grown at more than 2.4 million tareas (1.5 million hectares). In organic cocoa, the Dominican Republic is the largest exporter worldwide. Cocoa is one of the four traditional export crops and exported mainly to the US and Europe.

On the 22nd of May, the country will host the Third World Conference on Cocoa, which will be held in Bávaro. It is expected that 1,500 producers of cocoa and chocolate makers from 40 countries will attend the event, which will be held for the first time in a Latin American country. At the event the country wants to get in contact with the member countries of the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) in order to socialize and to deepen and expand already existing trade relations. The ICCO chose the Dominican Republic as the venue of the event because the Dominican cocoa is one of the best in the world, standing out with a fine aroma. In addition, the country has an excellent climate for the cultivation of cocoa, disposes of numerous beauties that make it attractive for tourists, and in the country prevails a stable climate of social and political peace. The Dominican minister for Agriculture, Ángel Estévez, said, the themes of the conference will be moderated by selected experts who have international reputation in their field. The meetings are for invited only, and in each of them is participating one of twelve experts for cocoa.

The cruise industry generated 3.16 billion dollars in the Caribbean and Latin America over the period 2014/2015 (before the opening of “Amber Cove” in Maimón), which were spent by the guests and the crews of the ships. The Dominican Republic has only two percent of the cake, which accounted for 61 million dollars. In the same time, the employees in this industry earned eight million US dollars in wages. According to the consulting firm Deloitte, which supplied these figures, each guest spent an average of 63 dollars during his visit to the Dominican Republic. The expenses were calculated of two persons, as cruise tourists normally travel as a couple. For shore excursions, a couple spent an average of 96 dollars. However, only about 45 percent of the cruise ship tourists booked such a trip. There is a large room for improvement, as this was one of the lowest percentages of the examined 35 destinations.

Social Inequality Big Challenge of the Future / Tragic Fate of a Nine-Year-old Girl / Suicide in her School President Danilo Medina repeatedly said, one of the main goals of his next term will be the fight against poverty and social inequality in the country. Although the growth of the Dominican Republic is one of the highest, compared to other countries of the continent, still all citizens are not able to benefit from this increased wealth. The Dominican Republic, along with Costa Rica, was the country of the region where social inequality continued to increase in 2015. For a person who is not directly affected by this problem, it is often difficult to imagine what human tragedies poverty can bring. From time to time, such bitter fates are made public when it once again comes to a catastrophe. The daily newspapers “Listín Diario” and “Diario Libre” recently published one of these cases, where a nine-year-old girl apparently has committed suicide due to her tragic fate. Apart from the sad story of an inauspicious little girl, also circumstances came to light in which many of the poor fellow countrymen have to live and suffer.

In her totally rundown school (photo: her classroom) the nine-year-old girl apparently took an overdose of pills she stole from her grandmother. Her 65-year-old teacher, who is the owner of the wretched school building in Santo Domingo Este, has no title, but is a teacher by vocation, she says. She teaches 25 children of various ages. The children come from the poorest families of the barrio, who pay 300 to 400 pesos monthly school fees, and virtually none of the kids has any documents. Most of the children live with a single mother and were not recognized by their fathers.

When the teacher noticed that something was wrong with the little girl after classmates told her that she was walking like drunk, she could take four tablets from the mouth of the girl. She gave her some milk and told her to lie down on a wooden bench. Shortly thereafter, the grandmother, with who the nine-year-old lived since her birth, came and raised the alarm, so an ambulance was called. But the help came too late. The child died eight days later in the hospital Robert Reid Cabral due to the effects of poisoning. The grandmother and an uncle described the girl as happy and joyful, but the teacher and others did not confirm this. The teacher said that she was a troubled girl who called all men “uncle”. She was not accepted by any other school for being too restless. In her bag the teacher found two cards in memory of her father's funeral, shot by unidentified persons before her birth - neighbors say it was the police - and her mother's, who died when she was five. Sometimes the girl brought candles to the classes to light them that her parents protect her.

Power Vacuum Haiti without a President / Martelly leaves without Regret / Opposition stays unforgiving

After Haiti's President Michel Martelly resigned, from his office on the 7 th of February as it is mandatory by the Constitution, and as it was claimed by the opposition, the country is now without a president. With his withdrawal, Martelly thus showed that he was not aferred to power as the opposition accused him and demonstrated often violently against him for months, saying that his plans were to stay in power by delaying elections. Martelly assured for a long time that after leaving office, he will resume his job as a singer. He wrote a song for “Kanaval”, held the same day, in which he insulted a

respected Haitian female journalist with obscene words, which in turn brought harsh criticism for him - “Not worthy for a president”. But the song begins with “I don't care about anything” ... Before parting, Martelly said, he is leaving without regret, without envy, without clinging to something. The presidency was a great honor for him and he did not regret a single day. “I will feel free because I will no longer manage your problems. You are no longer under my responsibility.” He condemned the demonstrations against him: “We love to sell misery without harvesting

anything. We change the government, but the situation in the country does not change. Nothing changes and there is no progress. We must stop fighting for the sake of fighting. We must fight to move forward.” After Martelly's withdrawal, Jocelerme Privert, President of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, took the task to appoint a provisional president and organize elections in the transitional period. What was attacked immediately by the opposition of the eight opposition candidates (G-8): They will not accept anything that has to do something with Martelly's government.

Plastic Surgery Specialist dispels Myths about Breast Implants / No Impairment of the daily Life The plastic surgeon Adolfo Sesto dispelled some myths about breast implants in the radio broadcast “La Receta Médica” on Z101. First, he explained that breast implants are not associated with breast cancer. Even the FDA,

the regulatory authority for food and drugs in the United States, Sesto assured, did not find any suspicious circumstances after eleven years of studies. “There is absolutely no relation to breast cancer.” Even the myth that women with breast implants can not breastfeed, was untrue. It is equally wrong that women with silicone implants have more silicone in their breast milk than women without implants. “They can breastfeed and there are studies which show that the amount of silicone in the breast milk of women with and without implants is practically the same. Processed cow's milk contains more silicone than breast milk of women with implants.” On the contrary to what some believe, the sensitivity of the breasts increases, because the self-esteem of women is higher, even though he can not rule out the opposite, as during a surgery there is the risk that nerves can be damaged.

Moreover, Sesto said, it is wrong that women with breast implants can not lie prone or that they feel pain when their breasts are being touched. “The patient can sleep face down after four months. The breasts can be pressed without causing any problem or pain.” And that the breasts might explode in an aircraft, also was a lie. “To make a breast implant burst, there must be a pressure at which the patient dies before”, assured the expert.

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Mario Vargas Llosa

Vicente Fernández

Controversy over Award

Free Farewell Concert

Maná Star on Walk of Fame In 2010, Nobel laureate in literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, was awarded top honors by President Leonel Fernández with the Columbus Medal with the rank Grand Cross with Silver Plaque. Fernández was fulsome in his praise that Vargas Llosa has chosen the Dominican Republic as his third home (next to Peru and Spain). Culture Minister Lantigua praised Vargas Llosa's comments on the Dominican Republic in the Spanish daily newspaper “El País”. But that used to be. The affection for the Peruvian writer gave way to brusque rejection when he criticized the sentence of the Constitutional Court to Dominican nationality in the same newspaper and compared it with the racial laws of Nazi Germany. As a result, now the feelings are running high because Vargas Llosa was awarded the International Pedro Henríquez Ureña-Prize by the Ministry of Culture. Nationalists are up in arms and “Vinicito” Castillo Seman announced demonstrations of the radical right-wingers of the FNP. He called the award a “deadly insult” of the country, because Vargas Llosa was a key figure in the international smear campaign against the country.

The Mexican Rock group Maná got its own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood on the 10th of February. The band, founded in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1986, is one of the most popular Rock groups in Latin America. Carlos Santana who had recorded the hit “Corazón espinado” with Maná, led the group members to the star, which is located in front of the building of Live Nation. Maná so far published nine albums, of which 40 million copies were sold. The group has been awarded four Grammys and eight Latin Grammys.

Ricky Martin Star on Paseo de la Fama

In Puerto Rico's capital San Juan, singer Ricky Martin was awarded with the local counterpart, the star on the recently created Paseo de la Fama (Spanish for Walk of Fame). The 44-year-old superstar said at the award ceremony, he had done nothing, in contrast to the communal and social workers of his country, and therefore he dedicates his star to them, his “heroes” who heal the island with their important work.

Vicente Fernández definitely is one of the most successful singers of Mexican Rancheras. On the 16th of February, the day before his 76th birthday, he gave a free farewell concert at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. The concert “Un Azteca en el Azteca” was broadcasted live in Mexico and in the USA. Vicente Fernández struggled with health problems in recent years and already said goodbye in 2012 with a tour through Mexico, Spain, Central and South America and the USA. According to his website, the “Charro of Huentitán” is one of the few artists who can give an hour long concert with his hits without repeating a single song. His hits include classics like “Volver, volver”, “El Rey” or “Cruz de olvido”. Before the concert, a press release said: “Vicente Fernández returns one more time on the stage to a historic farewell concert for his audience, an incomparable event, in which he will show us why he is the King (El Rey) and always will be.” During his more than 50-year career, Vicente Fernández has sold more than 70 million albums. His son is Alejandro Fernández, a singer, popular in whole Latin America, who was presented in LA PLAYA number 18.

What are these Guys singing? “Mi muchachita” by Guayacán Orquesta The concerns of a father from an intact family are subject of this Salsa from 1990. Or does he think only of himself? Mi muchachita, me está diciendo que quiere ir a bailar. Y yo le digo, que no me sale si a ella no la llevo yo. Ella me dice, que tiene un novio para salir a bailar. Y yo le digo que así no riego y que me deje rumbear. Abuelo no quiero ser, muchachita, abuelo no quiero ser, todavía. Chévere que esperes, ¡Ay muchachita! Chévere que chévere, ¡Déjame gozar! Chévere que esperes, todavía no busques eso. Chévere que chévere, déjame rumbear. Abuelo no quiero ser, ¡chévere! Abuelo no quiero ser, ¡Ay que chévere! Abuelo no quiero ser, te repito. Abuelo no quiero ser, dame un chancecito. Chévere que esperes, ¡muchachita! Chévere que chévere, ¡hay todavía no! Chévere que esperes, ¡dame una esperita! Chévere que chévere, ¡muchachita! Abuelo no quiero ser, ¡sí! Abuelo no quiero ser. Te lo pido por favor. Abuelo no quiero ser Dame un chance, déjame vacilar. Estoy muy joven para ser abuelo. ¡A dormir! Señoras y señores, les presento a mi muchachita. ¿A ella le podemos dar besitos? ¿Le podemos dar regalitos? Ok. ¿Le podemos dar cariñito? Ajá ¿Y otras cositas de noche? Ah ah... ¡fuera! Chévere que esperes. Soy rumbero de Juanchito a Nueva York Dame un break. Dame una esperita. Abuelo no quiero ser, te lo pido. Abuelo no quiero ser, te lo repito. Abuelo no quiero ser, muchachita. Abuelo no quiero ser, una esperita. Soy rumbero, soy salsero. Dame una esperita, ay mi muchachita Sí señor: Alexis Lozano. ¿Qué cómo? ¿Qué baila? ¿Qué, qué, qué, qué, qué? Guayacán. Ay dame un chance. Dame un break. En la casa no hace falta nada …

My little girl is telling me that she wants to go dancing. And I tell her that she does not go, if I don't bring her there. She tells me she has a boyfriend, to go out to dance. And I tell her, that will not work with me, and that she has to let me party. I don't want to be a grandpa, little girl, I don't want to be a grandfather, not yet. Cool, you must wait, little girl! Cool, how cool, Let me enjoy! Cool, you must wait, Don't seek this yet. Cool, how cool, Let me celebrate! I don't want to be a grandpa, cool! I don't want to be a grandpa, oh, how cool! I don't want to be a grandpa, I repeat it. I don't want to be grandpa, give me a chance. Cool, you must wait, little girl! Cool, how cool, oh, not yet! Cool, you must wait, give me some time! Cool, how cool, little girl! I don't want to be a grandfather, yes! I don't want to be a grandpa. I beg you, please. I don't want to be a grandpa. Give me a chance, let me celebrate! I am very young to be a grandpa. Go to sleep! Ladies and gentlemen, I present my little girl. Can we kiss her? Can we give her gifts? OK. Can we give her affection? Aha! And other things at night? Get out! Cool, you must wait. I am a partygoer from Juanchito to New York. Give me a break. Give me some time. I don't want to be a grandpa, I beg you. I don't want to be a grandpa, I repeat it. I don't want to be a grandpa, little girl. I don't want to be a grandpa, a little time. I am a partygoer, I am a Salsero. Give me some time, oh my little girl. Yes, sir: Alexis Lozano. That what? That she dances? What, what, what, what, what? Guayacán. Oh, give me a chance. Give me a break. At home nothing is missing …

The Colombian Salsa group Guayacán Orquesta is often mentioned along with Grupo Niche. This has the reason that Guayacán-founder Alexis Lozano, besides Jairo Varela also co-founder of Grupo Niche, like other members of the band, who together recorded four albums with Grupo Niche, left Grupo Niche in the year 1983 and that the music of the two groups has a certain similarity. Guayacán was founded in 1979 in Bogotá. In the nineties the Guayacán Orquesta had its great hits (“Pau Pau”, “Yolanda”, “Oiga, mire, vea”) in Colombia and the United States and then throughout entire Latin America. Currently the orchestra is not very productive. The last of a total of 18 albums had been released in 2013 for the 25 th anniversary of the band. The presented song “Mi muchachita” is found on the fifth album of Guayacán Orchesta and was on the top ranks of the charts in Colombia, Venezuela and Central America for six months.

That's so mean!



The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem is on mission in England. One morning he wakes up very early. It is Yom Kippur - the highest Jewish holiday on which everything is forbidden, except praying and fasting. He steps onto the balcony of his hotel on which he directly overlooks the golf course. He thinks: „This early in the morning there certainly is nobody who will see me.“ So he picks up his golf equipment and goes to the tee of the first hole. Up in the sky Saint Peter says to God: „Do you see what the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem is doing on Yom Kippur? Won't you punish him for this intolerable sin?“ God nods. The Chief Rabbi tees off and makes the hole with the first strike: a „holein-one“ - the greatest and rarest event for a golfer. Saint Peter, „I don't understand – Didn't you want to punish him?!“ God answers, smiling mildly, „That's what I did. To whom will he tell this now?“

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

Three men boast about who was the best in bed. The first says, “Last night I made love to my wife three times, and this morning she whispered in my ear that I am the best!” The second says, “I made love to my wife five times last night. This morning when she woke up she told me I was the greatest lover of all times.” The third says, “Last night I made love to my wife one time.” “What? Just once? So what did she say this morning?” “Please, please, don't stop yet!”

Sudoku No. 329 (easy)

 Three secretaries sit in the break room and have a coffee. Says the first, „Yesterday I found a condom in the desk of the boss.“ Says the second, „I made a little hole in it.“ Says the third, „I think I'll faint.“

 The door bell rings. Little Tina runs to open the door. „Good morning, we are collecting for the municipal retirement home.“ „Mommy, there are two ladies who collect for the old people's home.“ „Well, give them grandpa!“

Two women are on the racetrack. Because they do not know which horse they should bet on the first one asks, “How many times have you cheated your husband?” “I think five times, and you?” “Me? Six times. That makes eleven.” They bet on number eleven and win. At home they tell their husbands that they have won in the horse betting. So the men decide to bet themselves next week. On the track, the men think of the number to bet on. The first one asks, “How often do you have sex in a week?” The second one replies, “About six times.” “So do I. Let's bet on number twelve.” They bet on horse number twelve. Number two wins.

Sudoku No. 330

Three kids are conversing. The first one says, “We are three children, each of us has his own bicycle!” The second says, “We are five and each one has his own room!” The third, “So what? We are eight and each of us has his own dad!”

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