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Year after Year 20 Traffic Deaths during Christmas Holidays / 400,000 new Jobs in less than four Years

It is the same sad spectacle on every holidays. The day after the celebration the figures on how many people have lost their lives for their own or others' “joie de vivre” are published. Despite the huge number of voluntary and professional helpers, the spokesman for the COE (Emergency Operation Centre), General Juan Manuel Méndez, has the bitter task to announce again and again that also this time there were many unnecessary victims. Mostly caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

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A total of 20 people died in traffic accidents during the Christmas days. Alone on Christmas Eve there were nine dead, including a 14-year-old boy who was driving a motorcycle. During the festive days there were 340 traffic accidents in which 448 people were injured. 200 people suffered alcohol poisoning and seven food poisoning. A boy aged seven years was brought from Moca to the intensive care unit of the Children's Hospital Doctor Arturo Grullón in Santiago in critical condition because of alcohol poisoning, where he had to be artificially ventilated. Between 24 and 27 of December, dozens boys and girls had to be attended in the same hospital, because they had been injured in traffic accidents or brawls. For the weekend at New Year, the COE announced the deployment of a total of nearly 35,000 helpers, including brigade members, police, military, doctors and volunteers who will assist the thousands Dominicans who travel all over the country on these days.

Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ramón Peralta, said, only a few economies in the world have grown as the Dominican Republic in four years. Before the end of the first four-year term of President Danilo Medina, 400,000 new jobs were created. So the President had fulfilled his promise half a year before the end of his first term. The labor market figures, published by the Ministry of Finance, according to Peralta represent a record, which is four times higher than during the government of Hipólito Mejía 2000-2004. The restructuring of the labor market towards formal employment was the result of the support of the economy by the current government, said Peralta.

New Buzzwords 2015 “Chapiadora” and “Segunda Base” / Second Wife against high Murder Rate of Women Dominicans are very resourceful when it comes to inventing new words and expressions. So there are always changes in their vocabulary, which often do not occur in other Spanish-speaking countries or are interpreted differently in other places. Often they arise from the slang of young people in the barrios, but now and then it is even a politician who “enriches” the language of Cervantes in this way, as recently the former PLD deputy of Puerto Plata, Alfonso Crisóstomo, also known as “El Querido”, the loved one (photo right). The wording of the so-called “tígueres”, itself a neologism that refers to mostly young men (but there are also older men who “deserve” this title, “El Querido”, for example, would certainly fall into this category for his womanizing), which take what they are entitled to, according to their own opinion, without wasting time with

such irritating things like honest work, contributed many words that now are in daily use - especially among young people – such as “janguear” or “rulay”, which will probably be understood only by very few non-Dominicans. One of these new creations that are now on everyone's lips, is the word “chapiadora”. The word first appeared in 2014 in a song of Chimbala, an artist of Música urbana, and at Christmas that same year with a song Toño Rosario this expression became a common word for a (usually young) woman who uses her physical charms to seduce a man, or men, to hand her over the necessary loose cash that she can procure the desperately needed. Such as a “jipeta” (SUV), a breast augmentation or an apartment - or at least a nice big phone. Of course a “chapiadora” may not be confused with an ordinary “cuero” (whore). The origin of the word is probably “chapear”, which means the merciless massacre of weeds and bushes with a machete. Everything that stands in the way is taken.

Former deputy Alfonso Crisóstomo caused a scandal when he insulted traffic cops after they stopped the car of a lady last summer because she didn't have her “marbete” (proof of payment of motor vehicle tax) adhered to the windshield of her car, as it is required by law as of January. When it became known that this lady was the lover of the politician, he called her his “segunda base” (second base), which didn't make happy his wife who submitted the divorce. El Querido was invited to all the favorite TV shows where he even gave further explanation. So he advised every man to look for a “segunda base" or even a “tercera base”. This was a proven remedy if a man has to work off elsewhere when he has problems with the wed spouse. And this way even the high number of murders of women could be reduced.

Elections postponed Commission to examine Results / Raúl Castro: Cuba will not sacrifice its Independence A story with no end are the presidential elections in Haiti that were shifted once again shortly before Christmas. Actually, the run-off elections for the future president of the country should have taken place on the 27th of December. But they were postponed another time, as the group of seven non-elected candidates of the first round plus the second-ranked candidate, Jude Célestin, called G-8, did not recognize the results of the first round and accused the counting CEP (Provisional Electoral Council) of falsification of the true results. Therefore, shortly before Christmas, President Michel Martelly ordered a commission that should clear within 72 hours if an electoral fraud had taken place, so that the elections can be held on the 27th of December, as scheduled. For this purpose, he invited representatives of Célestin's party LAPEH and his own party PHTK, to watch the work of the commission and to make it credible this way. After the formation of the Independent Commission for the Evaluation of the Election, LAPEH called this a step in the right direction, but urged caution, what comes out as a result. The other seven candidates rejected the commission, since they could not send their representatives too.

The G-8 accuse the CEP of having falsified the results, so that the candidate of Michel Martelly's party, Jovenel Moïse, an unknown face in Haitian policy, will get on the first place of the voting sheets. They assure that polls have shown that most Haitians wanted Célestin as president. However, a survey among the readers of the Internet newspaper Haiti Libre shows a different picture. Because in this “i vote” between the 29th of November and the 27th of December, only 16.42 percent voted for Jude Célestin, but 83.58 percent would prefer Jovenel Moïse. The US government, which is accused by the opposition to support Martelly and his candidate, because it did not want Célestin as president, called for credible and transparent elections, so that on the 7th of February the next president of Haiti can take office. All parties must work to ensure that the elections can be held on time and peacefully. In his address at the end of the year, President Martelly highlighted the efforts of his government to keep the country on the track of democracy. For this purpose, many compromises with the old forces had to be made in order to keep the peace on the streets and in the hearts. Martelly highlighted the good work of the Electoral Commission CEP, that corrected the errors committed during the turbulent elections on the 9th of August and ensured peaceful elections on the 25 th of October. But although it was recognized internationally that these were the first good elections in Haiti's history, the opposition went out to protest in the streets. Martelly called on the candidates to respect the rules and to call their supporters to go to the polls.

Cuba's President Raúl Castro warned that his country was not prepared to sacrifice its independence only to normalize the relations with the United States, nor will it renounce its right “to chose its economic, political and social system by itself”. On the first anniversary of the end of the Ice Age between the two countries, Raúl Castro said before ministers and leaders of his country: “The Cuban people will not give up its principles and ideals, for which generations of Cubans were fighting during the past half century.” Castro made these statements after US President Barrack Obama was considering to visit Cuba this year - if he could see progress in human rights and was allowed to talk to dissidents and the opposition which is seen as illegal by the Cuban government. Raúl Castro said that in order to achieve normal relations, the United States will have to move away from the policies of the past, which were very harmful for the Cuban people. As examples he called the economic embargo from 1962, which is still in force, the occupation of Guantánamo, which is used as a naval base by the USA, but is territory of Cuba, as well as the radio and television programs that are broadcast to Cuba, with the aim of destabilizing the country. Likewise, Castro accused the migration policy of the United States, which stimulates the illegal and dangerous emigration, promotes human trafficking and is causing problems in other countries, as currently in Central America, where Thousands of Cubans are trapped, trying to reach the United States, to there become recognized as political refugees before the normalization of the relations of their countries.

More than Half is Overweight Cardiologist Warns of secondary Diseases / Brazil allows new Vaccine against Dengue The cardiologist Fulgencio Severino warned that in the Dominican Republic more than half of the adult population is overweight. Two million Dominicans are suffering from high blood pressure and nearly one million Dominicans were diabetics. The director of the cardiology department of the Hospital Salvador B. Gautier says that the Ministry of Health annually reports 30,000 fatalities due to cardiovascular diseases. By changing the eating habits and doing more exercise, many of these deaths are preventable, Severino said. Around 30 percent of these people die a sudden death. “One out of three deaths is due to cardiovascular diseases, and we talk about that one of six people is going to die of a heart attack,” warned the cardiologist. The specialist said that if the risk factors are known, the number of these deaths could be reduced. The diseases of the cardiovascular system are the heart attack, stroke, hypertension and cardiac insufficiency. 50 percent of the persons with cardiac insufficiency will die within a period of five years. Most of these four diseases have a high mortality rate, said the specialist. All four diseases arise in connection with risk factors. They usually are not innate but are caused by consumerism. Severino therefore called on the population to eat healthily and to do gymnastics every day for at least 30 minutes. He furthermore said that around 600,000 Dominicans suffer from diabetes mellitus.

After Mexico and the Philippines, Brazil is the third country that has approved a new vaccine against Dengue. The serum of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur (see LA PLAYA 151) is said to have an efficiency of 60.8 percent. The vaccine “Dengvaxia” is the first drug against Dengue at all and is effective against all four virus strains of the disease. So far, the patients had no other choice but to alleviate the symptoms and wait until the illness is over. In Brazil, last year 1.4 million people had been affected by Dengue. The disease costs the Brazilian state 1.2 billion dollars annually. The Dengue vaccination has been approved for people aged between nine and 45 years who live in severely affected regions. In the Dominican Republic, a total of 94 people died of Dengue in 2015, according to the official figures. This is 71 more than the year before. In 21 of the 32 provinces of the country a Yellow Alert for Dengue is declared. Also the number of deaths from Cholera increased last year: 13 (eleven in 2014).

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Enrique Iglesias

Ariadna Gutiérrez

Concert in Sri Lanka

Queen for two Minutes

The Estefans On Your Feet! During his world tour “Sex And Love”, superstar Enrique Iglesias also performed in Sri Lanka, where completely uninhibited female fans threw their underwear at him and wanted to storm the stage to hug their idol in the capital Colombo. This was not very well seen in this ultraconservative South Asian island where even handholding of married couples in the public is frowned upon and the police is cracking down on couples when they catch them kissing each other in public. Thus the indignant President of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, demanded that the organizers of this immoral and obscene spectacle “should be flogged with the tails of poisonous stingrays”. This penalty was provided in medieval Sri Lanka for the worst criminals. The women showed a “totally uncivilized behavior that is incompatible with our culture.” After all, the president conciliated: “I do not think that these uncivilized women who undressed their bra should be whipped with tails of poisonous stingrays, but the organizers should.” The entrance fee for the concert of Enrique Iglesias in Colombo cost up to 50,000 rupees (350 dollars). A worker earns about 8,000 rupees a month.

The life and career of the Cuban exiles Emilio and Gloria Estefan and how they realized their personal “American Dream” is now presented as a musical on Broadway. “On Your Feet!” shows how the couple achieved international fame and how they injected a shot of Latino-feeling to the mainstream American music as Miami Sound Machine with their hits “Conga” or “The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”. Since the launch of the musical in November, 85,000 visitors saw the play that sells tickets for a million dollars a week. The percentage of seats sold at the theater, where “On Your Feet!” is shown, is at 80 percent. The piece is almost entirely casted by Latinos or their descendants, at the top Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra, who play the roles of the two stars. Gloria Estefan has sold 100 million albums in her career, and her husband Emilio is a producer wo helped to fame international stars such as Ricky Martin, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. The two were recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their contribution to American culture by President Barrack Obama, the highest honor for a civilian. Gloria Estefan says, with this musical they wanted to praise a country that has been created by immigrants. “No matter where you come from, if you are not a native Indian, you're not from here. At some moment you came from somewhere else, but always it is the last person that arrives who is attacked.”

The cancellation of the coronation of Ariadna Gutiérrez as Miss Universe after just two minutes provoked disappointment and indignation in her homeland Colombia, as her name was read by mistake, but shortly after the Philippine beauty queen Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was crowned the 64th Miss Universe. Ariadna's family complained: “They robbed us the crown. They destroyed the illusion of an entire country with this error. They put her into public disgrace.” But the miss herself didn't see it quite that tragic: “Everything happens for a reason. I am happy with everything I've done to fulfill this dream. Thank you all for your votes.” Ex-Vice-Miss-Universe Paola Turbay gave Ariadna a “welcome to the club” of now five Colombian Vice-Miss-Universe. Shortly after the event, Ariadna got an offer of one million dollars from the American company Vivid Entertainment if she accepted to perform in a porn movie. She even was free to chose her partner. Steve Hirsch, the head of the company, which became famous for its proliferation of sex videos from “stars” such as Kim Kardashian, said he would help Ariadna to get a crown that is far bigger than that of Miss Philippines.

What is this Guy singing? “Vete con el” by El Super Nuevo El Super Nuevo is a new artist of Música urbana. With his squeaky voice, he apparently wants to compete with El Alfa. Si tu te fuiste con el, ¿para qué volverás? Tu le diste una moña al vecino, pa' que no me diga que tu te fuiste con el. Dime, cómo tu pudiste hacerme eso a mi, yo pensando que tu eras mi mujer. Ay, sí, mhm! Maldito el hombre que confía en otro hombre, eso dice La Biblia. Qué pena por mi. Por estar asfixiado de ti como un perro yo me puse en contra, hasta de mi propia familia. Si te fuiste con el quédate con el vete con el. Porque si me lo da yo no lo cojo. A ti no te hago coro, jamás! Aunque mi cosita coja moho. Si te fuiste con el, quédate con el, vete con el. Porque si me lo da yo no lo cojo. Ya te di tu banda. Te voy a demostrar que yo puedo seguir mi vida solo. Voy pa' la calle a rumbear. Y me voy a desacatar. Quiero saber que se siente beberse su propia medicina. Hace mucho que yo estaba por decirte que estoy mangando con la vecina. Me dijeron que te vieron bebiendo romo con tu guare en al esquina. Y si hallo ropa tuya en mi casa te la voy a quemar con gasolina. Plátano maduro no vuelve a verde. Te puedes cuidar, ahora todo el mundo me está diciendo que yo toy muy desacatao y que tu le quieres dar banda al loco porque se te duerme en el primer round. También dice que tu le pegas pila de cuernos, siempre lo dejas acostao. Tu pareces una guagua de concho donde pila de gente se han montao. Si te fuiste con el, quédate con el, vete con el …

If you went with him, why will you come back? You gave the neighbor a thing so he would not tell me, that you went with him. Say, how could you do this to me, I thought you were my woman. Oh yeah, mhm. Damned be the man who trusts another man, so the Bible says. How sorry I feel for myself. Because I depended on you like a dog I turned against all, even against my own family. If you went with him, stay with him, go with him. Because if she gives it to me, I do not take it. I will not make you company, never! Even if my thing gets mold. If you went with him, stay with him, go with him. Because if she gives it to me, I do not take it. I left you. I'll prove it to you, that I can go on living alone. I go to the streets to celebrate. And I'll freak out. I want to know what it feels like, to drink of the same medicine. I wanted to tell you for a long time that I do it with the neighbor. They told me that they saw you, drinking rum with the guy at the corner. And if I find clothes of you in the house, I'll burn them with gasoline. A ripe banana will not become green again. You can be careful, now everybody tells me, that I am very freaky, and that you want to leave the crazy guy, because he falls asleep in the first round. It is also said, that you are cuckolding him a lot, you always leave him resting. You're like a mini bus, where a lot of people got in. If you went with him, stay with him, go with him …

El Super Nuevo is one of the countless new interpreters of Música urbana, which is a vehicle for mostly short-term fame for young men from the barrios. For some time now El Super Nuevo, whose real name could not be found, is classified as one of the rising stars of the Música urbana. In addition to Mark B and El Alfa, whose song “Pal de velitas” (LA PLAYA 152) is considered widely as the hit of the year of Música urbana, El Super Nuevo is produced by Chael Betances. Unlike many other songs of this special genre, “Vete con el” is not explicitely sexist or misogynistic. And although for some it may not be easy to get used to the squeaky voice of the artist, this kind of singing apparently is getting popular for the mostly young audience since the hits of El Alfa. It also has to be admitted that some of the producers of Música urbana now are doing their job well and make higher-quality music than it was the case at the beginning of the so called “movement”, and especially the lyrics have become more “civilized”.

In the Bank



A man comes to an elegant bank branch and walks to an open counter. A snooty bank employee attends on him: “Good afternoon, what can I do for you?” “I want to open a fucking account!” “I beg your pardon? I think I did not understand you properly!” “What's the part you didn't you understand? I just want to open a shitty account in this damn bank!" “Excuse me, but you really should not talk with me in that tone!” “Listen, baby, I don't want to talk with you, I only want to open a shitty account!” “I better call the the manager now.” In the background it can be seen how the excited employee is whispering with a tie wearer, who then swells his chest and holds his head high while he is approaching the customer with her on his side. “Good afternoon, sir, what's the problem?” “There is no fucking problem! I only won 20 million in the lottery and want to open a shitty account in this fucking stupid bank here!” “Oh, and this bitch here is causing you troubles?”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 14.

A woman comes to the welfare office, followed by 15 children. “Wow”, says the social worker, “all yours?” “Yes, all are mine,” answers the exasperated mother, who has been asked this question at least a thousand times before. She turns to the children and tells them strictly: “Sit down, Sasha!”, and all the children sit down. “Well,” says the social worker, “Then let's fill out the application form together. First of all, I need the names of all children.” “This one is the oldest. His name is Sasha.” “Good. And who's he next?” “This is the second one, his mane is also Sasha.” The social worker raises an eyebrow, a little surprized, and continues to write. One son after another, the oldest four, all are called Sasha. Then it is the eldest daughter's turn. Her name also is Sasha. “Well,” says the social worker, “I think I can detect a kind of pattern. Probably all the children are called Sasha?” “Yes, that makes everything so much easier,” the mother says. “When it is time for the children to get up and go to school, I call, 'Sasha! Get up'. And when dinner is ready I call only 'Sascha! Eat!', and all the kids come running. If one of the children is in danger of running into the road, I call only 'Sasha, stop!', and all the children are freezing. To have all the children baptized 'Sasha' was the best idea I've ever had.” The social worker thinks for a moment, frowns and asks thoughtfully: “And what if you want to call only one specific child and not the whole crowd?” “Oh, that's simple, then I call them with their last names.”

Sudoku No. 323 (easy)

 An elegant lady is applying for a small loan to make a three weeks vacation. On the question of guarantees she gives the keys of a new Porsche to the banker. After three weeks, she comes back and the banker asks her, that after reviewing her account they found out that she was a millionaire, so why did she take a loan. The lady answers, “I cannot park my car at the airport for three weeks so cheap and safe as I can do it on your parking lot.”

Sudoku No. 324

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Sudoku No. 323

Sudoku No. 324

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