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The Decision Re-Election of the President approved / Agreement between Medina and Fernandez The “Project re-election” caused a major stir inside and outside the ruling party PLD. According to the Constitution of 2010, the re-election of the Dominican president is not allowed. But since the current President Danilo Medina is so popular with a majority of the population, there have been calls for some time, that the Constitution has to be changed again so that Danilo Medina may run for a second term. Danilo Medina himself did not say anything to these plans at all, not even if he is planning to stand for election again. Ex-President Leonel Fernández (pic) called on Danilo Medina last year to run as a presidential candidate for a second term, he would support this. Now, after the urging of Danilo Medina's followers, the highest organ of the PLD, the Political Committee (CP), decided to make an application to amend the Constitution to allow a re-election of Medina, a decision binding for all party members. Now Leonel Fernández was up in arms against the decision and threatened to vote against it. Ex-President Leonel Fernández, who has always been an advocate of re-election, gave a televised address in which he re-

jected a constitutional amendment for the re-election of a president in office. In addition, he complained that since he left office in 2012, he stood in the eye of the hurricane and his opponents were trying in a systematic way, as perhaps was never done to a public person in this country, to malign him to revile him and to break him. “They did not reach it and they will not reach it, because as the Word says, no one who trusts in God will be disappointed. So I am protected every day, as I make Psalm 23 my own and say to myself, The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want ... Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” Then for days, followers of Medina and of Fernandez went at each other until the two

met adversary and an agreement concluded met to resolve the intra-party controversy. It was agreed that Leonel Fernández accepted the amendment of Article 124 of the Constitution, albeit with conditions. So deputies who are considered his followers are guaranteed to remain in office, and his wife, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández will stay vice president. Sonia Mateo, Senator of Dajabón, hitherto a fierce opponent of reelection, “not even dead” she would vote for it, said many arrangements have been agreed, but she was not authorized to talk. In the following ballot in the Senate on the 28th of May, all senators agreed to change the constitution after a second reading. 31 of the 32 senators are PLD members. On the 2nd of June, the deputies agreed the constitutional amendment with 148 to 38 votes. Within 15 days, the National Reviewing Assembly now has to inspect and approve the project and put it on the way that it can become law. Vinicio “Vinicito” Castillo Seman of the farright FNP, until recently in government and a close associate of Leonel Fernández, presented a complaint to the Constitutional Court to cancel the amendment.

New Alliances Constitutional Amendment changes Relationships among Parties / PRD facing its End?

The “Project re-election” perhaps did not cause a political earthquake, but at least it prompted a major movement in the parties and in the relationships between them. First, the right-wing extremist FNP left the coalition with the ruling party PLD. The argument was that the planned change of the constitution to allow the presidential reelection was unconstitutional. The director of Migración, José Ricardo Taveras, FNP, stepped back, and suddenly it was discovered that large sums have been wasted during his tenure and Migración owes 80 million pesos to employees of the airports

which airlines already paid for their extra hours. Pelegrín Castillo, FNP, resigned Minister of Energy and Mines, eldest brother of the deputy “Vinicito” Castillo, is said to have procured acquaintances and relatives wellpaid jobs in his ministry. President Danilo Medina, actually an opponent of re-election voted for it, former president Leonel Fernández, normally an advocate of re-election, was against it, at least in the case of Medina. The opposition party PRD, 20 years a fierce opponent of the PLD and also of the re-election, voted with the PLD for re-election. With the result that some of the remaining high-ranking party members left the party in protest or defected to the new PRM that emerged from the PRD after the split of former president Hipólito Mejía from the party leader Miguel Vargas. According to analysts, the traditional party even faces its end. The strong man of the PLD, party leader and former President Leonel Fernandez, seems to have lost some of his power and influence, at least temporarily, due to his his bet against the re-election.

The PLD could hold on to power after the last election in 2012 only with the help of a coalition with smaller parties, the so-called “progressive block” (Bloque Progresista), which was formed in 2006 under Leonel Fernández. After the leaving of the FNP, the PLD now had to look for new partners to ensure the re-election of Danilo Medina. An “Alliance for the nation” was formed, where also the old enemy PRD became a member. The chairman of the PRM, Luis Abinader (photo), was able to sharpen his profile as the leader of the opposition to end the rule of the PLD. The PRM, except two deputies, which now face their exclusion, voted against the constitutional amendment. In an address to the nation, Abinader made his positions clear. He called the constitutional amendment the “destruction” of democracy and wondered what had improved for the Dominican people during the government of Danilo Medina. Because according to World Bank figures, the number of the poor in the country had increased by one million since his inauguration in 2012.

Amber Cove finished to 82 Percent President Danilo Medina in Maimón / Work is on Schedule and will be finalized in Time

President Danilo Medina came to visit the nearly completed new harbor “Amber Cove” in Maimón, west of Puerto Plata, accompanied by Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García and others. He came to see the progress of the construction and said, Carnival Corporation will not regret this investment. Because not only “the Dominican Republic has it all” (advertising slogan of the Tourism Ministry), but also Puerto Plata. “As you have seen,” Medina told the representatives of the cruise company Carnival, “the Ministries of Public Works and Tourism have a work plan, which will be completed in August, and the operation

will be starting in October. So there is a time frame of two months, in which everything can be solved.” The state was in the best shape to cooperate in solving emerging problems as soon as they should appear. The two Carnival managers David Candib and Jeffrey Rannik assured that “Amber Cove” in Maimón will be the most important cruise port in the Caribbean, with 350,000 arrivals in the first year. In the best of times in the eighties, 174,000 cruise tourists came to Puerto Plata. But dogged by groups of beggars, street vendors and the frequent brawls among taxi drivers drove the cruise lines away until now. Tourism minister Francisco Javier assured that the port will affect the economy of the whole province Puerto Plata positively. Through the four-lane expansion of the road Puerto Plata - Navarrete, tourists can move around the region, including Santiago and Montecristi. In August, the historic center of Puerto Plata and the new amphitheater at the end of the Malecón will be finished.

“Just as people will come and realize that this is a new destination, the tourists themselves will become promoters, which guarantees us that every year more tourists will arrive”, said the Tourism Minister. He also calculated that each incoming guest and the crew will spend at least between 90 and 120 dollars during their eight-hour stay , which will become the largest economic inflow of the zone. José Negrón, the manager of “Amber Cove”, said the port is completed to 82 percent. “The work is so advanced that I can say, on the 6th of October the port Amber Cove will be ready one hundred percent and will open its doors in the time promised by Carnival Corporation," Negrón assured. However, he warned that the arrival of the first cruise ship will be delayed, if by that date the four-lane road from Maimón Puerto Plata will not be finished. The safety of the guests has absolute priority and it has to be prevented that there will be road accidents after leaving the port.

Preparations for Deportation No Prolongation of Deadline / Haiti builds Camps for Emigres / No Mass Deportations

After the 15th of June, the closing date which will not be extended again, Haitians and other foreigners who did not register for a regular residencial status in the Dominican Republic, are in danger to be deported to their home countries if they get into a control or raid and can not show the requested document. This problem arose after a daughter of Haitian immigrants was denied the issuance of her documents, since children of immigrants without residence permit do not have the Dominican nationality any more, according to the new Constitution of 2010. And not only the children born here after 2010, because the law has a retroactive effect until 1928. The woman who already had Dominican documents went to court, but she lost the case and went public.

Thereby the international community and human rights organizations became aware of the problem. Because the primarily affected of this law are children of Haitian immigrants who worked on sugar cane fields and who never cared about a registry because probably no one ever required it. People who were born here and went to school, who have no contacts with the land of their ancestors and actually thought they are Dominicans suddenly were in danger to be expelled from the country. The number of people affected varied from tens to hundreds of thousands, depending of who made the count. Organizations from amnesty international to the United Nations warned about the consequences for these people, and called on the Dominican government to provide a humane solution to the problem. By many this was interpreted as an undue interference in internal Dominican affairs. President Medina enforced a naturalization law against the bitter resistance of Dominican nationalists, which allows the affected to get a regular residence permit and depending on the circumstances they later can apply for the Dominican nationality. The rightists went up in arms against the law and the “Haitianization” the Dominican Republic. Many Haitians complained that an application has intentionally been made difficult for them in the registration offices. And the Haitian government, which should take care of the affected Haitian by helping them with birth certificates and passports, demanded money for the documents, which many of the mostly impoverished descendants of Haitian immigrants could not pay. So the whole thing dragged on and the first deadline passed without that all the

affected have been able to register. Therefore, the Dominican government extended the date until the 15th of June. After that, the government repeatedly assured, there will be no more extension. Who has not been registered until then, will be deported if he is discovered. Another problem was that human traffickers illegally brought Haitians en masse into the country who believed their false promise that here they will get a residence permit or a Dominican passport. It is now clear that after the 15th of June, many Haitians will have to leave the country. Who does not go voluntarily, must expect to be deported. President Danilo Medina affirmed that the deportations, if there should be some, will be “in full respect of human rights” and held in the accompaniment of the international community. Also Haiti has already taken precautions. At the border in Malpasse and Ouanaminthe reception centers will be built, where emigres will find a first shelter. Haitian Foreign Minister Lener Renauld said, Haiti accepted the deportation of illegal citizen unless a protocol was respected. He was expecting a visit from his Dominican counterpart Andrés Navarro to jointly sign this protocol. Since last July, Haiti tried with a Program for the Identification of Haitian Immigrants (PIDH) to equip the illegal Haitians in the Dominican Republic with a Haitian birth certificate, identity card and passport, so that they can participate in the naturalization program. After the expiry of the deadline on the 15th of June, registered Haitians can get their documents at the PIDH during 45 days. Renauld said, there will be no mass deportations and no disaster after the 17th of June .


The Page of Health Warning of Zika

Very similar to Dengue and Chikungunya, but milder / So far, in America only in Brazil After last year, with Cikungunya a new disease struck the Caribbean and caused immense costs in the healthcare system, there are now first warnings about the next possible threat: Zika. The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) asked the health authorities in the region to be vigilant, in the case that the Zika virus should appear, which is transmitted by the same mosquito as Dengue and Chikungunya, the tiger mosquito (aedes aegypti).

“The symptoms of the Zika virus are mild, but similar to Chikungunya. Both are transmitted by the bite of Aedes aegypti, which is responsible for the Dengue and Chikungunya epidemics”, said Christian Frederickson, doctor at the CARPHA. The Government of Jamaica already launched a campaign to prevent Zika. So far, Brazil is the only country in the Americas, where the disease has been proven. It is believed that it was introduced in Brazil by African visitors at the Soccer World Cup 2014. Frederickson said, the genetic structure of Zika and Chikungunya viruses are completely different. The Zika virus, like the one that causes Dengue and Yellow Fever are flaviviruses, while the Chikungunya virus is an Alfa virus. The Zika virus was first isolated in 1947 in rhesus monkeys in the Zika forest in Uganda that were used as experimental animals for the control of Yellow Fever. Zika occurs in tropical Africa and has spread also in Asia and Oceania where in Malaysia and Micronesia it was classified as an epidemic in 2007.

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The course of the disease is far milder than Dengue or Chikungunya. Symptoms are rash that can last up to six days, fever, joint pain and conjunctivitis (pink eye) and in rarer cases it causes muscle pain and headache and vomiting. Deaths have not been reported so far.

No Smoking in Hospitals In allusion to the World Day without Tobacco (31st of May), the Dominican Health Ministry declared all health centers in the country, public or private, smoke-free zones. Doctor José Manuel Puello said: „The hospitals and other health centers are the places where you should smoke least, because most people who visit a hospital, do it because of their health. And if they are exposed to tobacco, their suffering can get worse.“ To date, there are three places where smoking is prohibited in the Dominican Republic: closed public spaces, public transport and flights.

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Jennifer Lopez

María Marte

Rest, Water and Exercises

Best Chef of Spain

“El Abejón” Junior Lightweight Champ

At a press conference before the festival of World Music, Mawazine, in Rabat, Morocco, the 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez revealed her recipe for her dazzling look: “I sleep well, I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I drink a lot of water, make exercisess and don't go to any parties. My life is very healthy.” Soon she will place a new a website with tips for gymnastics. On questions about her success, Jennifer Lopez said that it is important to always know who you are, how you were educated and grew up. “I'm still Jenny from the Block”, she said in allusion to one of her first hits. She assured that there is no alternative to hard work if you want to succeed. Only with hard work it is possible to achieve the set out goals. The “Diva from the Bronx” opened the 14th edition of the Mawazine Festival, where beside popular Arab stars also participated “Western” singers like Sting, Akon, Pharrell Williams, Sean Paul, Usher, Barbara Hendricks or Avicii. The singer with Puerto Rican origins displayed her usual sexy and provocative outfits in her one-and-a-half-hour show, causing angry reactions of extreme moslems.

The Dominican boxer Javier “El Abejón” Fortuna became the new world champion in junior lightweight (WBO) in the Barclays Center in New York with a points win against the Costa Rican Bryan “Tiquito” Vazquez. He is the second Dominican to Joan Guzmán, who became world champion in two weight classes, featherweight (126 pounds) and now in the junior lightweight (130 pounds). Born in La Romana in 1990, Fortuna can convince with 28 victories, 20 of them by knockout, no defeat and one draw.

Paola Núnez Valdez Dominican Miss Canada

Paola Núñez Valdez, born in Santiago and emigrated to Canada at the age of ten years, was elected Miss Universe Canada 2015. After the Russian Natalie Glebova in 2005, Paola is the second foreign-born Canadian who won this title. According to a report of the “Toronto Sun”, Paola became a victim of bullying by her classmates when she went to school.

The Dominican María Marte was awarded the National Prize of Gastronomy as the best chef in Spain by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy (RAG) and the Brotherhood of the Good Table. The 39-year-old Maria Marte from Jarabacoa came to Madrid in 2003, where she first worked as a dishwasher in the Club Allard. She is the first foreigner who gets this prize which is awarded since 1974. Her former boss Diego Guerrero, decorated with two Michelin stars, left the Club Allard in 2014 and opened his new restaurant DSTAgE. Before that, he gave María Marte the opportunity of a lifetime when he promoted her from a dish cleaner to his righthand lady. Due to her diligence and her cooking talent she became the head of more than 30 employees and is only the eleventh female chef who has been awarded this prestigious Gastronomy Prize on the Iberian Peninsula. The jurors of the RAG, headed by Rafael Ansón, also paid tribute to “her boundless creativity that has made her one of the leaders in the restaurant scene of Madrid.” They also stressed out the hard work, perseverance and merit of María Martes.

What is this Man singing? “Rondando tu esquina” by Wilfrido Vargas Wilfrido Vargas is one of the most influential Dominican musicians and one of the artists who made the Merengue internationally known. His songs like “Abusadora” or “A mover la colita” are known throughout Latin America. Wilfrido Vargas is a trumpeter and a singer and had several own music groups. He was also responsible for the success of the legendary “Las Chicas del Can”. His new song “Rondando tu esquina” is a classic of Latin American music, which is interpreted by Wilfrido Vargas as a Salsa, as previously by Raulín Rosendo. But the original is a Tango of the Argentinian Carlos José Pérez, popularly known as Charlo (died in 1990), recorded in the year 1945 for the first time.

Esta noche tengo ganas de buscarla, de borrar lo que ha pasado y perdonarla. Ya no me importa el que dirán y de las cosas que hablarán. Total la gente siempre habla. Yo no pienso mas que en ella a toda hora. Es terrible esta pasión devoradora. Y ella siempre sin saber sin siquiera sospechar mi deseo de volver. ¿Qué me has dado, vida mia? Que ando triste noche y dia rondando siempre tu esquina, mirando siempre tu casa. Y esta pasión que lastima. Y este dolor que no pasa. ¿Hasta cuándo iré sufriendo el tormento de tu amor? Este pobre corazón que no la olvida me la nombra con los labios de su herida. Y ahondando mas su sinsabor la mariposa del dolor cruza en la noche de mi vida. Compañero, soy en noches de verbena. Sin embargo yo no puedo con mi pena. Y a saber que ya no estás solo triste y sin hablar me pregunto sin cesar: ¿Qué me has dado vida mia? Que ando triste noche y dia rondando siempre tu esquina, mirando siempre tu casa. Y esta pasión que lastima. Y este dolor que no pasa. ¿Hasta cuándo iré sufriendo el tormento de tu amor? ¿Qué me has dado, vida mia? Que ando triste noche y dia rondando siempre tu esquina, mirando siempre tu casa. Y esta pasión que lastima. Y este dolor que no pasa. ¿Hasta cuándo iré sufriendo el tormento de tu amor?

Tonight I'm in the mood to look for her, to erase what happened and to forgive her. I do not care any more what they say and the things of which they will speak. At the end people always talk. I always think about nothing else but her at any hour. It's terrible, this consuming passion. And she, always without knowing, without suspecting at all, my desire to return. What did you give me, my life? That I walk sad day and night around your corner and always look at your house. And this passion that hurts. And this pain that does not pass. Until when will I suffer this torment of your love? This poor heart that will not forget her, names her with the lips of his wound. And it deepens its displeasure even more, the butterfly of pain passing in the night of my life. Pal, I'm in the fair nights. But I can not deal with my pain. And knowing that you're no longer there just sad and without talking I wonder constantly: What did you give me, my life? That I walk sad day and night around your corner and always look at your house. And this passion that hurts. And this pain that does not pass. Until when will I suffer this torment of your love? What did you give me, my life? That I walk sad day and night around your corner and always look at your house. And this passion that hurts. And this pain that does not pass. Until when will I suffer this torment of your love?

Wilfrido Vargas Radhames Martínez was born in Altamira, Puerto Plata, on the 24 th of April 1949. He released his first album with his group named Wilfrido Vargas y sus Beduinos in 1972. In 1979, he sang together with the legendary Fania All-Stars at the Festival „Havana Jam“ in Cuba. In the eighties, Wilfrido Vargas had his greatest success. The song of the World Cup in South Africa, „Waka Waka“, Shakira copied of the Merengue group Las Chicas del Can, produced by him, in which only women played, including Miriam Cruz (LA PLAYA 52), with the title „Qué es lo que quiere el negro“. Wilfrido Vargas did not file a lawsuit for plagiarism because he had copied it himself.



Stupid Bet

Genuine complaints at “Thomas Cook” from dissatisfied customers:

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 12.

An elderly lady comes to the main office of the Bank of America, holding a bag in her hands, and demands to talk with the director. She insists on talking only to the director, because in the bag there is really a lot of money. As her wish finally is granted, she pours the money on the table in front of the director. It is more than seven million dollars. The Director wants to know how it comes that she has that much cash. “Well, you know, I love to bet.” The Director becomes curious: “What kind of bets?” The old lady. “Well, any kind. I bet 50,000 dollars, for example, that your balls are square.” The Director bursts into laughter. “With such absurd bets, but you can not have made this much money.” The Lady answers: “You wanna bet or not?” The Director laughs: “Of course I am sure, however, that my balls are not square. That's absurd.” Since this is a lot of money, says the lady, she would like to have a lawyer when reviewing it. “Would it be okay tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock?” The bank Director agrees. The next morning the lady comes to the manager's office with her lawyer. There she asks the director if she can do the check personally, it finally is a lot of money. Well, the director thinks, for 50,000 dollars I can drop my pants for a moment. While the old lady is playing with his bells, the Director sees the lawyer slamming his head against the wall. “Oh, that?”, laughs the lady. ”I bet with him one million dollars that today I will hold the balls of the Director of the Bank of America in my hand at 10 a.m.”

“They should not allow topless sunbathing on the beach. It was very distracting for my husband who just wanted to relax.” “The beach was too sandy. We had to clean everything when we returned to our room.” “We found the sand was not like the sand in the brochure. Your brochure shows the sand as white but it was more yellow.” “No-one told us there would be fish in the water. The children were scared.” “I was bitten by a mosquito. The brochure did not mention mosquitoes.” “It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England. It took the Americans only three hours to get home. This seems unfair.” “Although the brochure said that there was a fully equipped kitchen, there was no eggslicer in the drawers.” “We went on holiday to Spain and had a problem with the taxi drivers as they were all Spanish.” “When we were in Spain, there were too many Spanish people there. The receptionist spoke Spanish, the food was Spanish. No one told us that there would be so many foreigners.” “On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don't like spicy food.” “I compared the size of our one-bedroom suite to our friends' three-bedroom and ours was significantly smaller.” “We booked an excursion to a water park but no-one told us we had to bring our own swimsuits and towels. We assumed it would be included in the price.”


Sudoku No. 293 (easy)

Sudoku No. 294

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Sudoku No. 293

Sudoku No. 294

Central Sosúa Apartments for rent. Clean, quiet, 1 bedroom and studio, balcony. From 10,500 RD$. Phone 809-303-3900 Studio, private entrance, pool. Caribe Campo, Sosúa, next to the Palms US$150 per week. Monthly negotiable. Call David 829-850-1709 Small fully furnished house by the sea for rent, long term or short term available. Infos at Verena's Café, Playa Chiquita. Please call for further information: 809-571-3027 270 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine. Big swimming pool and green territory, gated parking. High speed internet 4 Mb. Price incl. water and electricity. Nice, quiet, green and safe place. Aparthotel "Nathalia", tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos - http://www. 300 -350 US$ in Cabarete Center (close to Police Office, first line to the beach across the road) for rent – 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, 1st or 2nd floor, furnished, terrace, washing machine, parking. High speed internet - 4 Mb. Price incl. water and electricity. Apartamentos "Balcon del Mar", tel. 809-875-7701 Penthouse, Blue Green, 5 bedroom, Ocean front, unfurnished. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406 Family Home, 4 Bedroom, Ocean view, Gated Community. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406

Looking for houses, facilities that are suitable for seniors requiring assistance. Only private offers. Tel: 849925-9157, Email: gabybenner@ Buy your old batteries (from inverter) at fair prices. Cel. 849-8831016

We offer professional help with care in this country or in moving abroad. Property management, pet care, to marketing on individual circumstances and personal needs. Psychological support in really all walks of life. Identification of unexpected perspectives based on many years of experience. Personal contact at: Here I give you my Skype – or telephonic availability (as needed). Comfortable lazyboy recliner chair, color brown microfiber, RD$14,000. Call 809-963-2052 5 small Bose speakers + stands RD$ 4,000; Paradigm sub woofer + 2 speakers, worth US$600, asking RD$10,000; 2 CD stands RD$500 each. Jean 809-752-0369 I offer my help for English, German and Spanish translation at dentist, hospital, government, insurance and much more on request. Cel. 829-5152232 I still have appointments available for building cleaning. Clean, accurate, reliable at fair prices. Household and Industrial cleaning. Info at Cel. 829-387-2223 Very elegant king size bed with a very nice dresser including a large mirror and 2 night stands. All hardwood and very good condition. Less than 2 years old. Nice style. A must-see if you have a large bedroom. RD$80,000 firm for the whole set. We will also consider selling just the bed/mattress for RD$40,000. Pictures are available at chjopf/library/. Call 829-633-1018 (Spanish only). For English ask for Charles or email The Meeting Place: Summer Season Hours 1:00 – 4:00 pm, Tue – Fri; 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Sat. Juan Bosch 60, Puerto Plata. www.Meetingplace

Casio Digital Camera with charger, USB cable, manual, RD$ 2,500. Tel. 809-866-0188 All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra, 2nd plaza left of Palace of Justice. Tel: 809-708-7618, email: info@rialto

Translations to German, Spanish and English without waiting a long time at the office of LA PLAYA. Just bring the text and pick it up again the same or the next day

Jeep KIA Sportage, 2000, in Sosua, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. 4 doors, 4-cylinder engine. In a good state. Price: US$ 2,650 or RD$ 120,000. Contact Rafaelo: ralf.p@ For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, 2005, automatic, AC, power windows, CDPlayer. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. Tel. 809-727-9850 For rent: Chevrolet Tracker, air conditioning, automatic, tech. impeccable. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. German / English / Spanish. Phone: 809-988-7376 Harley-Davidson XL1200 C, red, 30.09.2014, original price US$ 19,000, to be sold for US$ 14,900, no negotiation. Cel.8293872223 Left rear light for Hyundai Tucson, 2008, RD$ 2,500, Tel. 809-866-0188

For rent: Honda CRV, 2000, power windows, A/C, 1,000 RD$ per day, Puerto Plata, Tel. 809-727-9850.

To place an ad, please send a mail to laplaya.dominicana@ for further information or visit our office in Sosúa

CAR & MOTORCYCLE FOR RENT eg Hyundai Santa Fe from 1,300 RD$/day eg Supermoto 250 cc from 850 RD$/day eg Streetscooter 110 cc from 650 RD$/day Vehicles in top condition and insured! Rialto Group S.R.L., Puerto Plata Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra 2nd Plaza left of Palace of Justice Further infos at Tel: 809-261-8786, 809-708-7618 Email:

Do you want to learn Spanish, English or German? I give private lessons. More information at 829515-2232

Rottweiler Puppies at a good price. Mila: 829-868-6465 Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

What is Sex? A sweet little girl runs out to the backyard where her father is working, and asks him, “Daddy, what's sex?” So, her father sits her down, and tells her all about the birds and the bees. He tells her about conception, sexual intercourse, sperm and eggs etc. He tells her about puberty, menstruation, men and women and love... He thinks what the hell, and tells her the works, thinking that to tell it all is the only way to tell truth. The girl is somewhat awe struck with this sudden influx of bizarre new knowledge, and her father finally asks, “So why did you wish to know about sex?” “Oh, mommy said lunch would be ready in a couple of secs...”

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