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Annual Easter Balance Three Dead less than last Year / Thousands of Volunteers / Attendance at just 61 Percent of Christ. Of these, 35 were minor, aged between three and 17 years. There has been a total of 253,084 people using the emergency calls so that the emergency services came to the rescue and saved 38 from drowning.

For several years, it is the job of General Juan Manuel Méndez, director of the emergency center (Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias - COE) to make the number of victims who lost their lives during the holidays known to the population. So again after the Holy Week and Easter, in which traffic accidents were the leading cause of death, as usual. Overall, this year 30 people were killed. 26 died in traffic accidents and four people drowned. There were 995 traffic accidents in which 459 motorcycles were involved, 1,053 people were injured. In addition, 20 pedestrians were hit by cars. 249 people had an alcohol poisoning, while they celebrated the death and resurrection

The spokesman for the traffic police AMET, Diego Pesqueira, praised the operation “More prudence, less accidents”. More than 50,000 women and men participated in the prevention of AMET, to accompany the estimated 3.5 million Dominicans that travel from one place to another in the country during the holidays. AMET confiscated 1,700 motorcycles and stopped 150 trucks that were transporting their goods during the holidays despite a ban on driving. “We have learned to do the right thing”, Pesqueira said in the show “Ojalá” in the TV channel 4RD, where he especially praised the 35,000 volunteers who joined the members of the Civil Defense, the Defense Ministry and the National Police.

Despite the massive effort against irrationality and brainlessness, the balance was rather sobering. During Holy Week in 2014 there were only three more deaths than this year. 319 people were treated at that time due to alcohol poisoning, including 42 minors between four and 17 years of age. After the Ministry of Education scheduled exams in schools immediately after the Easter break last year to force the students to attend classes from the first day of school, which, according to a publication in the newspaper “Listín Diario”, led to a record attendance of around 80 percent the first day of school, this year the usual disinterest overwhelmed again. During a tour through the schools in the capital this year, made by the same daily paper, there was an average attendance of 61 per cent on the first day of school. Anyhow, the Ministry of Education called the 61 percent “encouraging”. It was a sign that parents are aware of the importance of sending their children to school and to overcome the apathy, not to return their children to the schools on the first day after the holidays.

Religious Emotions Main Trial against Senator Félix Bautista declined / Prosecution appeals the Sentence

The sentence of the judge Alejandro Moscoso Segarra in the corruption case against Senator Félix Bautista completely broke all hope in the majority of the Dominican population that something is done to stop the corruption and impunity of corrupt politicians in the country. Judge Moscoso Segarra ruled that the evidence presented by the prosecutor against the senator of the San Juan Province, was not sufficient to open the main case against him. This has led to nationwide protests against the sentence and to accusations of the Supreme Court and the judicial system of the country.

Surveys of the popular radio station Z101 showed that 91 percent of the listeners say that Félix Bautista is guilty of corruption. Discomfort after the verdict also caused the reaction of the senator, who instead of the “Victory” sign showed an “L”, the sign of his close associate and friend, the former president Leonel Fernández. In the newspaper “Listín Diario”, Félix Bautista published a commentary on the Holy Week, in which he called to love and to forgive instead of hating, which got him additional scorn and derision. Meanwhile, the Special Prosecutor to pursue Administrative Corruption (Pepca) appealed against the sentence. The Germany-based non-governmental organization (NGO) Transparency International, which fights against corruption worldwide, called on to reconsider the case against the senator again after the appeal, as the prosecution presented a very good documentation of the huge discrepancies between what Senator Félix Bautista stated as his property, and the sums on the accounts.

“In order to avoid that this case becomes a caricature, as how corruption and impunity prevails against the democratic values in the Dominican Republic, it needs to be revised following a proper procedure and in which the independence of the person responsible must be guaranteed,” says Transparency International. Also Bautista's ally, former president Leonel Fernández, was criticized sharply for an article in “Listín Diario”, in which he wrote about life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and thereby pointed out, that he was betrayed and deserted by his disciples. An allegory on his own situation. In the Resurrection Mass in Santiago, Padre Serafín Coste expressed his indignation against corruption and impunity. He said that he had information that the former president would come into his church to a baptism. Padre Serafín said it is not possible that the corrupt present themselves as great leaders and thereby deprive the people of their money. “He will not enter in this church”, threatened Padre Serafín. Unless to confess and to return the stolen money.

Apologizing to Gays and Lesbians Chief Justice attacks Attorney General / Holguín announces Interview with Capo Quirino

After his statements at an election rally in New Jersey, the former President Hipólito Mejía apologized to the community of gays, lesbians and transsexuals. He assured that he did not want make jokes on people who belong to a beleaguered minority at any time. The reason was this statement: “There are people who want to change everything in you, on how you should sit down. I have to sit down like a little fag.” His supporters exploded with laughter. This in turn caused the indignation of Melissa Mark Verito, President of the City Council of New Jersey: “The leaders are called to unite the people, not to divide them. This includes the invitees who remained calm when the discrimination was happening, and even worse, they laughed at what he said.” The words of the expresident were “humiliating and offensive.” Despite his apology, Hipólito Mejía added that he was opposed to the legalization of same-sex weddings. “If I had to sign a law, I would not do it. 'Be fruitful and multiply', this way nothing is growing. There is no way to impregnate your male comrade.”

The President of the Supreme Court (SCJ), Mariano Germán, attacked Attorney General Francisco Dominguez Brito sharply because of his statements in the case Félix Bautista. In an unusual press conference, convened by him, the Chief Justice said, Domínguez Brito showed by his statements that he had no confidence in the judicial system of the country. He was a populist in the legal field. “That functionary even went so far to call for civil disobedience against the justice system, a behavior by which he negates the essence of his own function and ignores the fact that he is part of the legal institutions and part of state power,” said Mariano Germán (photo).

“The behavior of the Attorney General of the Republic was immature, thoughtless and from a legal populism that characterizes him, while we expected a different behavior and other explanations.” His behavior was absolutely inappropriate for someone in his position. He himself was not in a position to demand the resignation of Attorney General and to call for public protests against certain members of the prosecution because of their misconduct, as their links to drug trafficking.

Salvador Holguín, who published the claim of the convict released by the United States, the former Dominican drug lord Quirino Ernesto Paulino Castillo against former president Leonel Fernández to repay his campaign aid in 2004 in the amount of 200 million pesos in his program “Hilando Fino” and thus caused a scandal, announced an interview in the same program with the former Capo. “As long as I am alive and in the media, freedom of expression and dissemination of thoughts will not perish in the Dominican Republic,” assured Holguín and warned exPresident Fernández, Félix Bautista and his colleague Rafael Núñez that none of them could stop an interview with Quirino in his program “Hilando fino”, no matter how many attempts they would take. “I'm not a little boy and I don't give up.” Even if he had to do the interview on the Puente de la 17 (a bridge in Santo Domingo), in Elías Piña or in the Canal de la Mona (strait between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic), or even better in Funglode (the foundation of the expresident) and being shot there, he'll do it anyway because “you are not the owners of the country”.

Foreign Minister of Haiti resigns Historic Meeting in Panama / Cuba participates at Summit / Cuban Exiles protested UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked US President Barrack Obama and Cuba's President Raul Castro on the eve of the Seventh American Summit in Panama to use their “historical” presence at the summit, to accelerate the normalization of the relations between the countries warring more than 50 years. The summit indeed is historical, because it is the first time that all American countries participate, including Cuba, which has never been accepted by the US so far. The Haitian Foreign Minister Pierre Duly Brutus announced his resignation to run as a presidential candidate in the elections that will be held in October. Duly Brutus was in office for only one year and will run for the party United Democratic Committee (Komitee Inite Demokratik, KID), in which also Haiti's new prime minister Evans Paul is a member. Duly Brutus still will sign several documents on cooperation with the Dominican Republic before his resignation, which he has negotiated with the Dominican Foreign Minister Andrés Navarro in order to end the serious crisis between the two neighboring countries. Navarro expressed the hope that despite the resignation of his colleague, the approach to the Dominican Republic will continue, regardless of who will be the new Foreign Minister of Haiti. Duly Brutus was an excellent politician who had the right to seek the presidency, said Navarro.

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The current problems between the US and Venezuela could only be resolved through talks. The United States labeled Venezuela as a “threat” to national security and called for tougher sanctions against the government of Nicolás Maduro, to force it to engage in dialogue with the opposition.

The negotiations between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Colombian Army (FARC), in which the end of the decades-old civil war is the goal, Ban Kimoon was hopeful that they come to a conclusion by the end of the year. Despite all the conflicts and tensions of the region, the UN Secretary-General stressed that “the American continent is the continent of peace and democratic development”. Panama's President Juan Carlos Varela warned Cuban exile protesters who had a violent brawl with Cuban embassy staff in front of the Cuban embassy, he will not allow such actions again. “We are a country that welcomes all, and we demand respect for everyone.” About 20 people were arrested after the brawl, but were set free again after a few hours. Varela said that he acknowledges that there are “deep wounds” among the Cubans. Therefore, the boards of the American Summit were a great “chance for rapprochement”. A group of pro-government Cubans left the opening ceremony to protest against the presence of opponents of the Cuban government. “These people do not represent Cuban organizations, they do not represent the real Cuban people, but at best the darkest interests of the United States”, said Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, a historian who traveled with the Cuban governmental delegation.


The Page of Health

Resistant Bacteria No Patients with Shigella Symptoms in Public Hospitals / Bacteria causes Dysentery The health authorities in the United States reported 250 cases with stomach problems caused by Shigella bacterias. The infection with Shigella bacterias leads to fever and severe diarrhea, known as bacillary dysentery. There are known four Shigella strains, with which world wide are infected 160 million people a year. Approximately one million die from it, mostly small children and elderly and immuno-compromised individuals. Group A, which is mainly occuring

in the tropics and subtropics, is the most dangerous of the four species, while the groups C and D are harmless. Shigella of the group D causes the summer diarrhea in children in Central Europe. The peculiarity of this message from the United States, however, is the fact that the affected persons are infected with a strain that is resistant to the antibiotics with which the infection is usually treated. Many of the people affected recently returned from the Dominican Republic, India and other tropical countries, reported the US authorities. Anna Bowen, a doctor at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), said: “It is the first time that we were able to prove such a large outbreak of antibioticresistant Shigella associated with international travel.” According to Bowen, the

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“superbug” is spreading, but it was too early to decide whether it has taken root in the United States. The Department of Epidemiology of the Dominican Ministry of Health announced that it is reviewing the report whether the sick persons got the Shigelliosa during their stay in the Dominican Republic. The directors of the main public hospitals in Santo Domingo reported that lately they had not hospitalized any patients that showed the symptoms of an infection with the Shigella bacteria. In general, the disease of Shigella bacteria is just unpleasant and goes down after a week. It is a common cause of diarrhea because the bacteria can be transmitted very easily through contaminated food and dirty water. Shigellosis often spreads in kindergartens when the staff does not wash their hands properly. To bring relief here there are sold over the counter medications such as Pepto-Bismol or Imodium. Antibiotics such as azithromycin are given to children or ciprofloxacin to adults.

National Stone Larimar Government promotes Larimar Industry / Tunnel and School / Processing of Stone on Site

Larimar is a mostly light blue semi-precious stone that is found only in the Dominican Republic. More precisely, only in the province of Bahoruco in the southwest of the country. The stone was discovered in 1974 and the finder called the stone after his daughter Larissa, combined with the Spanish word “mar�, because of its color, reminiscent of the sea. In 2011, the Dominican Congress declared Larimar the national stone of the country.

Now the government wants to promote the mining and to offer better living conditions to the workers. Because so far, the stone was a curse and a blessing for workers at the same time. Without any form of protection, often even without shoes, each and every day hundreds of men enter the deep holes that they have dug and which shape the landscape of the area. For the people of the impoverished region, it is often the only source of income to feed their families. A few got rich after they had a stroke of luck and found a very valuable or big piece of

this beautiful stone. However, most of them continue to dream of good luck when they enter the narrow tunnels, their life in constant danger of being crushed by the unsecured walls when they collapse or of being suffocated due to the poor ventilation in the holes. Now, the Dominican government wants to improve these inhuman conditions with a project. A new road, a school and a 400meter long tunnel, which is to go into operation in April, have been built. The European Union has donated five million dollars for the project. Alexander Medina, Director of Mines, said that the tunnel will serve to dig new horizontal tunnels, which will boost the region's economy and make the lives of about a thousand miners somewhat easier, organized in two cooperatives. In addition, last October the government opened a jeweler school in Bahoruco where the residents can learn how to cut and polish the stones and place them in settings. A work that others made so far and thus took the lion's share of the profit. Larimar can bring a few dollars sold on the beaches or thousands in exclusive jewelry shops.

Héctor Lavoe


Venerated like a Saint in Peru

Honors Latin Composers

Latin Billboards Carlos and Santana honored Salsa star Héctor Lavoe (LA PLAYA 73) who died in 1993, today is venerated nearly like a saint in the Peruvian port of Callao. The worship started in 1986 after six concerts of the Puerto Rican at the Feria del Hogar in the city, which is fused to the capital, Lima. In Callao and Lima, it is difficult to avoid the view of Héctor Lavoe, who is immortalized on countless murals and stickers on cars and trucks. In the past, people tattoed Sarita Colonia, a local saint, today it is Héctor Lavoe. He was the first singer of who a bust was placed in a public place in Callao, even before this happened in Ponce, his natal city in Puerto Rico. And when several busts were stolen in 2011, including the one of the Latin American Liberator Simón Bolívar, only the one of Héctor Lavoe was replaced - required by the residents. The reason for this devotion are the lyrics of his songs that hit directly into the soul of people of the barrios, such as “Calle Luna, Calle Sol”, which, according to the author Mario Aragón, who now published a book about the Salsa singer, is “a guide how to survive in Callao and other dangerous areas, or in 'Juanito Alimaña', in which a thief says that he does not care if he is caught, because anyway he soon will be set free again.”

At the Billboard Awards for Latin American music, the Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos and the Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana will be honored with a special price on this 30th of April. In his 50-year career, Roberto Carlos has sold 120 million albums worldwide and has influenced the music of Latin America significantly. Carlos Santana will be honored for his social commitment through his foundation “Milagro”, which supports disadvantaged children and young people financially since 1998. Both artists will be performing at the event.

Aniceto Molina Ambassador of Cumbia died

After a pneumonia, the Colombian singer Aniceto Molina died at the age of 76 years in San Antonio, Texas. As the “Ambassador of Cumbia”, Molina was very popular in Latin America. For instance with songs like “El peluquero Salvatrucha” about a barber who increased his business on two floors after a lottery win and then advertises: “I shave you up and below”.

The US organization Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) that represents music rights worldwide, in its 22nd edition of the “Premios Latinos” that recognizes the work of composers, honored the American Salsero with Puerto Rican roots, Marc Anthony, the Colombians Carlos Vives and Maluma, the Venezuelan Salsero Oscar d'León or the Spanish singer Sheila Dúrcal. The Mexican singer-songwriter and interpreter of the popular Música norteña, Espinoza Paz (photo) was awarded the prize “BMI Song of the Year” for his song “El ruido de tus zapatos”. His compatriot Horacio Palencia received the award “Composer of the Year” for the five most played songs. Sergio George, manager of artists such as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and Victor Manuelle, got the “Premio Presidencial” as one of the most influential pioneers of Latin American music. BMI represents Latin American composers living in the United States and other countries through reciprocal agreements with organizations in the home countries of the artists.

What is this Guy singing? “El aparatico” by La Nueva Escuela feat. Kinito Méndez After a long break, “El Hombre Merengue” Kinito Méndez published a song in his typical style with La Nueva Escuela. Tu vas a cambiar, mi amor, por un iPhone, Phone, Phone … La Nueva Escuela con Kinito Méndez. Ponte que ponte, pa fiesta. Ponte que ponte, pa fiesta. Ay, perdimos la mujeres. Las mujeres no nos entienden. Tu las ves muy concentradas con su cabeza abajo y tocando su teclado y mirando su pantalla. No 'tán puestas pa nosotros, no nos dan ni un cariñito. Las mujeres están casadas ¿Con quién? ¿Con quién? Con el aparatico, el aparatico ... Ponte que ponte, pa fiesta. Ponte que ponte, pa fiesta. Nos lo han puesto tan difícil que me tiene preocupado. Ya no bailan con nosotros cuando suena un merenguito. Bailan con sus celulares el baile del aparatico. Eso es habla y habla y habla. Ya no te brinda un cafecito. Las mujeres están casadas ¿Con quién? ¿Con quién? Con el aparatico, el aparatico ... Oye, aparatico celular, a mi mujer no me la vas a quitar. Oye, aparatico celular, a mi mujer no me la vas a quitar. Aparato, aparato, tu amigo, tu amigo. Vámonos para la fiesta, que es que quiero bailar contigo. Suelta ese celular, que no te quiero en el limbo. Vámonos para la fiesta, vámonos, vida mía. Suelta ese celular, que no te quiero perdía. Ha, qué no lo baila. Ha, qué sí lo bailo. Ha, qué no lo sabe. Ha, que yo lo sé. Celular arriba (Ya!) Y con las dos manos (Ya!) grabando un video (Ya!) y a la vez bailando (Ya!) Arriba te mueves (Ya!) y abajo meneando (Ya!) Las mujeres están casadas ¿Con quién? ¿Con quién? Con el aparatico, el aparatico …

You will change, my dear, because of an iPhone, Phone, Phone ... La Nueva Escuela with Kinito Méndez. Get ready for the fiesta. Get ready for the fiesta. Ay, we have lost the women. The women do not understand us. You see them very concentrated with their head lowered and pressing the keypad and looking at its screen. They are no longer on us and give us no more tenderness. The women are married With who? With who? With the small device, the small device ... Get ready for the fiesta. Get ready for the fiesta. They make it so hard for us, that it worries me. They do not dance with us when a little merengue plays. They dance with their cell phones, the dance of the small device. That's talk and talk and talk. She doesn't serve you a coffee any more. The women are married With who? With who? With the small device, the small device ... Listen, small device cell phone, you won't take my woman from me. Listen, small device cell phone, you won't take my woman from me. Little device, little device, your friend. Let's go go to the fiesta, because I want to dance with you. Drop off this cell phone, because I don't want you to go crazy. Let's go to the Fiesta, let's go, my life. Drop off this cell phone, because I don't want you to get lost. Ha, she does not dance with him. Ha, yes I will dance with him. Ha, he does not know it. Ha, yes I know. Cell phone up (Ya!) And with both hands (Ya!) recording a video (Ya!) and dancing at the same time (Ya!) Above you move (Ya!) and below you move the hips (Ya!) The women are married With who? With who? With the small device, the small device ...

José del Carmen Ramírez Méndez was born in Padre Las Casas on the 18th of November 1961. After his father, who was called Kino, he became Kinito, little Kino. In the eighties, Kinito Méndez founded the very successful merengue group Coco Band together with Pochi Vásquez (hits: “La flaca” or “La faldita”) and also the successful groups Rokabanda (1991) and Rikarena (1992) before he started his solo career in 1995. With his refreshing style and funny lyrics, Kinito Méndez became one of the leading Merengue artists in the country. The texts of the “Hombre Merengue” as Kinito also is called, are based on the daily life of the Dominicans. A specialty of Kinito Méndez are the socalled “Palos” or “Atabales”, traditional religious African-American music in honor of saints such as San Miguel (Archangel Michael), Santa Marta la Dominadora (the dominating) or Anaisa Pye, a folklore which is threatened with extinction. The group La Nueva Escuela has already been presented in LA PLAYA 120.

Cultural Difference



A Greek and an Italian were talking one day, discussing who had the superior culture. Over coffee, the Greek says “Well, we built the Parthenon.” The Italian replies “We built the Coliseum.” The Greek retorts, “We Greeks gave birth to mathematics.” The Italian, nodding, says “But we built the Roman Empire.” And so on and so on until the Greek comes up with what he thinks will end the discussion. With a flourish of finality, he says, “We invented sex!” The Italian replies, “That is true, but it was the Italians who included women!”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 12.

Two men walk into a bar. One sits at one end of the bar and the other at the opposite end. The bartender asks the first man what he wants. “I'll have a Frizzle … that's a beer with a splash of tonic, a splash of orange juice, a squeeze of lemon, no lime.” Then the man at the other end of the bar orders. “Make me a Frizzle. It's a beer with just a bit of tonic, a bit of orange juice, a squeeze of lemon, but no lime.” The astonished bartender makes the drinks. Then he asks the first man what he does for a living. “I am a theoretical mathematician at the university.” Then he asks the other man what he does. “Theoretical mathematician at the college.” “This is remarkable,” says the bartender. “You both order a drink that I've never heard of. You have the identical profession and you both walk into my bar on the same day at the same time. What are the odds on something like that happening?” Both men look up and answer in unison, “Twelve trillion, nine hundred, and eightyseven billion to one.”

 A cruise ship with passengers of different nationalities collides with an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic and is starting to sink. Since all lifeboats are jamming and can not be lowered into the water, the captain asks his first officer to take care that the passengers will put their life jackets on and jump overboard. Of course they refuse to jump into the ice cold water. So the captain has to take matters into his own hands and after ten minutes all of the passengers are overboard. The first officer is amazed and asks how the captain did achieve this. The captain explained, „It was quite simple: The British I told that it was unsportsmanlike not to jump; the French I said, it's chic to jump; the Americans that they were insured; the Germans that it was a command, the Japanese I told it's good for their potency; and the Italians that it is forbidden.”


Sudoku No. 285 (easy)

Sudoku No. 286

A mathematician moved to a new house a few blocks away. When he left home, his wife gave him written directions on how to come back, since she knew he was absentminded. But when he left his office, he couldn't remember where he put her note, and he couldn't remember where the new house was. So he drove to his old neighborhood. He saw a girl and asked her, “Little girl, can you tell me where the Wieners moved?” The girl answered, “Yes, Daddy, Mommy said you'd probably be here, so she sent me to show you the way home.”

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Sudoku No. 285

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Re#135 co716 Pretty 3 BR Villa + Studio Apartment, Cabarete. Lot 1,116 sq.m/12,020 sq.ft, Building 170 sq.m/1,830 sq.ft. US$1,800, athu – 809-462-8140. Haciendas El Choco, large studio apartment for rent - only long-term $ 450 per month. Electricity, aircon, internet, gas, pool, 24 hour security. Tel. 809-841-2226 www.cuevade One of a kind. House Rental Puerto Plata. Fully Furnished. View of Ocean and Mountain, high up fresh air, always electric and water, security, A/C, Karaoke Bar, Gym, Entertainment Area. RD$20,000. Call 809-303-0091

260 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine, Bar, billiard. Price incl. water and electricity. High speed internet - 6 Mb. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809875-7701 (fotos - http://www.face Penthouse, Blue Green, 5 bedroom, Ocean front, unfurnished. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406 Family Home, 4 Bedroom, Ocean view, Gated Community. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406

Searching an electrician in the area of Cabarete/Sosua for Satellite, TV, Internet? German, English, Call 809677-5879, Email:

Apartment in Sosúa, 200 m to the beach, 1 room, 80 sq.m, RD$13,000 RD$/month, Tel: 809-607-4403 Central Sosúa Apartments for rent. Clean, quiet, 1 bedroom and studio, balcony. From 10,500 RD$. Tel. 809303-3900 Well-kept apartment in Sosúa-Los Castillos, 1 bedroom, living room, open kitchen, 2nd floor, balcony, RD$ 6,000, Tel. 809-493-7049 House for rent – Long term: 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, private pool, BBQ area, roof top terrace, beautiful yard, parking, walking distance to the beach. Call: 809-963-2052 Studio, private entrance, pool. Caribe Campo, Sosúa, next to the Palms US$150 per week. Monthly negotiable. Call David 829-850-1709 Small fully furnished house by the sea for rent, from April, long term or short term available. Infos at Verena's Café, Playa Chiquita. Please call for further information: 809-571-3027 450 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big Penthouse, 3nd floor, furnished, 2 BR, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 large terraces. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine, bar, billiard. Price incl. water and electricity. High speed internet 6 Mb. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos - http://www.

Looking for Lego-bricks. Please call 829-566-1901 (German) Buy your old batteries (from inverter) at fair prices. Cel. 849-8831016

GOVINDA – Vegetarian Restaurant Menu of the day RD$ 150, open Mon – Sat 11 am – 2pm. Puerto Plata, C/Francisco Ulises Espaillat 14, near Edenorte of C/Beller. Info: 809261-8562 or 829-673-3838 Used books for sale at the Meeting Place, Puerto Plata, Calle Juan Bosch 60, open Tuesday to Friday 11-5, Saturday 11-3. Playpen, high chair, security door, walker and stroller with carrycot and car seat, all brand goods imported from the US. Please contact us for more at 809-889-1445 during daytime. Body Shaker, new, RD$ 12,000. Please call 809-866-0188 PM Inverter, Automatic Inverter Charger, Model MA3524, 3,500 W, 24 V DC, including 4 batteries, RD$ 20,000. Phone 829-850-1709

UPS series IL3624 inverter (3.6 KW/24 V DC), complete with 4 Dyno 6 Volt batteries, used very little for 3 months, sold as a unit only! RD$ 35,000 firm, Call 829-572-3487 (English)

Small meat grinder, 550 Watt / 220 Volt, knife and 3 slices according to DIN. Tablegrill, 220 volts. Car vacuum cleaner 12 u. 220 Volt, voltage converter 110 ~ 220 V. 100 watt iron with ironing board and hairdryer each 110 Volts. Area Sosua / Cabarete, low prices. Tel.829-8700297

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra, 2nd plaza left of Palace of Justice. Tel: 809-708-7618, email: info@rialto Retired luthier is liquidating inventory of professional quality electric guitars and basses with prices staring at $450 USD. Here's your chance to own a one-off hand made instrument at below wholesale pricing. Phone 809-261-1703 Puerto Plata for details.

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For rent: Honda CRV, 2000, power windows, A/C, 1,000 RD$ per day, 5,000 RD$ per week, Puerto Plata, Tel. 809-727-9850. For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, 2005, automatic, AC, power windows, CDPlayer. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. Tel. 809-727-9850 For rent: Chevrolet Tracker, air conditioning, automatic, tech. impeccable. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. German / English / Spanish. Phone: 809-988-7376 For rent: Skoda, mechanical, Aircon, good condition, RD$ 900 per day, Phone 849-873-5598

eg Hyundai Santa Fe from 1,300 RD$/day eg Supermoto 250 cc from 850 RD$/day eg Streetscooter 110 cc from 650 RD$/day Vehicles in top condition and insured! Rialto Group S.R.L., Puerto Plata Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra 2nd Plaza left of Palace of Justice Further infos at Tel: 809-261-8786, 809-708-7618 Email:

JMD Scooter, 150 ccm, excellent condition, no smoke, new tires, new shocks, new belt, 36,000 pesos. For mor information 829-391-8779 Suzuki Grand Vitara, 2005, black, 4WD, CD-Player, RD$ 370.000 o.n.o. Tel. 849-916-7243

Spare parts for Jeep Cherokee for sale. Tel. 829-925-1804 Hyundai Santa Fe, 3.5L V6. 4x4, 2005, marine blue, working A/C, running very nice, full equipment, US$ 7,500, Tel. 829-702-0066 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab, 2005, 89,000 miles, ABS, A/C, sliding rear window, power windows, power door locks, cruise control, tilt wheel, CD player, radio, very good condition. US$12,000, make an offer. Call 829-682-4004 or 809-222-3737, e-mail: Jeep KIA Sportage, 2000, in Sosua, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. 4 doors, 4-cylinder engine. In a good state. Price: US$ 2,650 or RD$ 120,000. Contact Rafaelo: ralf.p@ Hyundai Santa Fe, 2005, marine blue, working A/C, running very nice, full equipment, US$ 8,000, Tel. 829702-0066 CROSSWORD SOLUTION

Cats and kittens given free to good and loving homes. All colours, all sizes. Must be home with garden. Please come Monday to Friday to villa 30, Villas Karibic 1, La Mulata before Las Cañas. We'll deliver the cat you chose. 829-630-7330, Joy Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

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