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Import Ban on Dominican Fruit US and Haiti against Mediterranean Fruit Fly / Micro-Enterprises provide Employment

A small fly causes big problems. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the US banned the importation of Dominican avocados, mangoes, tangerines, oranges, lemons, papayas, grapefruits, tomatoes and other fruit after an increased incidence of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), also known as medfly, in the area of Punta Cana with immediate effect to prevent the spread of this insect pest in the United States. However, the Dominican mango exports can be continued under the terms of the program of APHIS after a supervised treatment with hot water. Authorities and producer agreed to work jointly to combat the insect.

A committee of experts from the US now works with local officials on the implementation of the international health protocol established to eradicate the insect. Osmar Benítez, President of the Dominican Council for Agriculture (JAD), complained that the ban would lead to losses of millions in agriculture. He called on the Ministry of Agriculture to urgently create a quarantine zone around Punta Cana and Bávaro, to prevent the further spread of the insect. The consumption of this fruit is harmless for the consumer, though, said Benítez. According to the action of the United States, also the neighboring country Haiti announced a temporary ban on Dominican fruit and vegetables to prevent a further spread of this insect. Meanwhile, Russia announced its interest in any kind of Dominican fruit and vegetables. The Russian Ambassador Vladimir Zaemski said he knew the quality of Dominican fruit, and suggested to transport the goods in the aircrafts which bring Russian tourists to Punta Cana and many times are returning empty. He hopes that this will increase exports to Russia, which has a different climate to the Caribbean.

The micro-enterprises (micro empresas) in the Dominican Republic employ more than 1.64 million people, with growing tendency. According to data of the National Statistics Office (ONE), in 2013 this kind of companies employed 3.2 times as many people as the government and 11.4 times as many as the free trade zones (zonas francas), which are always highly praised for the many jobs they create. According to a study by the Fund for the Financing of Micro-Enterprises (FondoMicro), the country has 772,899 microenterprises, which means, they employ less than ten people. That is 97.7 percent of the so called MIPYMES (micro, small and medium enterprises). These micro-enterprises create a value corresponding to 19.1 percent of the gross domestic product, or 488 million pesos per year. 53 percent of these enterprises are dedicated to trade, 15 percent are smallscale craft and 31 percent are service companies.

It's enough now! Presidential Spokesman rejects “Vinicito's” Insults / “Different Concepts of Fatherland”

The spokesman of the presidency, Roberto Rodríguez Marchena (left), called the deputy of the right-wing FNP, which is represented in the government, Vinicio “Vinicito” Castillo Seman (right), to respect President Danilo Medina. The reason for this warning are the incessant attacks of “Vinicito” to everything that is related to the relations with the neighboring country of Haiti. “It is enough now with the insults of the President, a man who is trying to make a policy with dignity”, Rodríguez Marchena furthermore said, “We were bearing the unruly, disruptive, noisy remarks of mister Castillo Semán with patience, who sup-

posedly is an ally of the government.” He added: “This deputy has called the President soft, a puppet, of little character, influenced, controllable, impressionable, a lawbreaker, a weak man without pants, a traitor of the fatherland, a dwarf, a Constitution crusher and an ambitious.” “Vinicito” rejected these accusations. He respected and admired the President to a large extent. However, he repeated that the president was influenced by the Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, who was working for the international community which has set the aim, to achieve a “fusion” of the Dominican Republic and neighboring Haiti. Even before the reprimand for Castillo Semán, Rodríguez Marchena said that the government had a different concept of fatherland than the extreme right, who called anyone a traitor of the fatherland who does not coincide with their ideas. The current Dominican government was the first to consider the migration of Haitians as a phenomenon and not a problem. The Government acknowledges that there exists

a legitimate concern of the population on the large scale immigration of illegal Haitians. “A government can respond barbarously or civilized in an extreme situation. We decided to chose the civilized option,” said Rodríguez Marchena in an interview in the program “El Día” to the journalists Huchi Lora and Amelia Deschamps, for whom the nationalists demand death for treason of the fatherland because they report on the problems of illegal Haitians. “You can have a concept of an exclusive country, a racist and xenophobic country. We have a very different view of the fatherland”, assured Rodríguez Marchena.

Serious Accusation Police or Military are involved in 90 Percent of Crimes / Fernández' Candidacy in Sight

The prosecutor of the National District, Yeni Berenice Reynoso, caused a stir with her statement, that in 90 percent of the cases of drug trafficking on a grand scale, contract killings or in organized crime, police and military were involved. The fact that these offenders were also involved in the investigation of the cases should be even more worrying. This situation requires that other parts of the state have to be included with the investigations, not the prosecutor. Berenice Reynoso, who has a reputation of being an incorruptible prosecutor, said: “From the prosecutor's office, we have said that it is alarming and worrying that people with whom you work, are involved in the same crimes for which they have been called to investigate them.”

The fight against crime needed a strategy plan to be successful, so that it stops to be a mere reaction after the crimes were committed already. Yeni Berenice Reynoso said after a drug discovery at the International Airport Las Américas (AILA) in Santo Domingo, in which Dominican pilots and military were involved, that for years she was expressing her great concern because of the complicity of police and military in these cases. Police Chief Major General Manuel Castro Castillo rejected the allegations of the prosecutor and called them exaggerated. He said the numbers did not correspond to reality and he does not know the reasons why Berenice Reynoso is making these accusations. Castillo Castro referred to the official statistics regularly issued by the National Police. In Naples, Pope Francis in one of his toughest discourses described corruption as “dirty”, a corrupt society “stinks”. The one who allows corruption is not a Christian, but also stinks. The Pope spoke in this way in Scampia, a district on the northern outskirts of Naples, a traditional stronghold of the Camorra.

Ex-President Leonel Fernández obviously is preparing to become the next candidate for the Presidency of the ruling party PLD, after President Danilo Medina is not yet showing any signs of changing the constitution to allow him to be re-elected. Fernández, who currently is accused of taking millions for his election campaign in 2004 from former drug capo Quirino Ernesto Paulino Castillo (El Don), just released from the US prison, in this context met with ex-generals and former police chiefs, whom he asked to help him to fight drug trafficking on the border and at sea in his next government.

Consulates reopened Five Dominican Consulates closed after Attacks / Request not to reduce MINUSTAH

Dominican and Haitian Christians called at an event in front of the seat of government in Santiago to end the hatred against each other and prayed that the tensions between the two countries decrease. These tensions led to violent unrest in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, during which Haitian protesters stormed the Dominican Consulate and replaced the Dominican flag by a Haitian one. The unrest was caused by the still unsolved death of a Haitian who was found hanged in a park in Santiago on the 11th of February. This incident had the consequence that the Dominican Republic

closed all diplomatic missions in Haiti and demanded to make sure that such attacks will not occur any more in the future. After Haiti gave the demanded guarantees, the five Dominican consulates were reopened on the 17th of March. It was agreed that both governments will promote a peaceful ambience. Shortly before the reopening of the consulates, nationalist leader “Vinicito” Castillo Seman once more tried to add fuel to the fire by calling the statement of the Haitian President Martelly an “infamy”, in which he called to “stop the violence against Haitians in the country”. “The President of Haiti shows in the statements that it is the Haitian government that conducts the smear campaign against the Dominican Republic by sending the wrong message to the world, in our country would be exerted violence against Haitians.” And hypocritically the agitator added, “With his statements Martelly spurs the Haitian people on the Dominican Republic with the obvious target to provoke a bigger conflict between the two countries.”

The Haitian government now asked the United Nations (UN), not to reduce its MINUSTAH troops for the time being, as the country is in a tense situation for the upcoming elections. According to the current plan, the UN want to reduce their troops by more than half to 2,370 soldiers to June. The planned and repeatedly postponed elections will be held in October. Since the dissolution of the Haitian military in 2004, the UN forces are in Haiti.


The Page of Health

Cases of Tuberculosis declined By 2035, there will be no more TB / Cramped Living Conditions favoring Proliferation The World Health Organization (WHO) presented a study showing that the cases of tuberculosis in the Dominican Republic are rapidly declining. According to the latest study of the WHO, most cases occur in the National District, San Pedro de MacorĂ­s and in La Romana. The disease is transmitted by coughing or sneezing and primarily affects minors, in which it causes severe damage to the immune system.

There are currently 1,962 health centers in the Dominican Republic, where the disease is treated. But according to doctor Belkis Marcelino, a member of the National Committee on Public Health, the fight against the disease is lacking the support of society, the government, in order to reduce the death rate among patients with tuberculosis. The first check-up in the hospitals for the detection of TB is free. The Ministry of Health is required to provide medication for those infected, as the disease is curable. Marcelino said that tuberculosis in children is a priority for public health, which is why it was necessary to separate these patients from others in the hospitals to prevent further spread. “Tuberculosis patients do not have a wide selection of medicines, which is why a treatment under a doctor's supervision is necessary. The results of the examination are available after only two hours. " The cramped living conditions, malnutrition and poor hygiene are factors favoring the spread. To prevent this, early detection of the disease is necessary and an adequate treatment of these people.

Want to Deal With Your Drinking Problem? Sosua AA. Get support from sober friends. English speaking meeting of Alcoholic Anonymous on Wednesdays, 3:00 pm in the Sanctuary of New Life Church, La Mulata I. Call 809-718-4747 Cabarete AA. English speaking meetings daily in Cabarete. Saturday meetings open to everyone. Call John 809-307-0323

The National Program of the Ministry of Health hopes to be able to defeat tuberculosis in the country by 2035. The TB patients were discriminated in hospitals due to ignorance about the disease, said Marcelino Therefore, it is necessary to train the staff about the precautions. From the first symptoms of the disease until the start of the treatment usually are passing around six weeks. 32 percent of the patients have no social security and 80 percent have only primary education. The time between the initiation of therapy and the healing of tuberculosis is between six and 24 months. About five percent of the patients die.

Your Horoscope for April 2015 Modest Profit for Taurus / Possibilities for Scorpio / Maximum Harmony for Capricorn

Work might become quite problematic this month. You will have to try extra hard to maintain your status. You may come to a situation leading to bankruptcy or loss of your work. Try to pay attention, to understand what is happening, because right now you are surrounded by mean intrigues, which may have long-standing roots. Even if all your attempts to understand the situation will fail, you should try to be objective.

Right now, it is important that you will be able to live through this time without any losses. Try to pay attention to those around you and during one moment, you will find a useful idea in the flow of irrelevancy. This idea may just change your life. Be attentive and careful; try to consider all of the information that is available for you. Just try to be yourself and do not aim to change the world, though nobody says it is impossible.

Focus your attention on reality, leave doubts, stereotypes and other illusions behind you. They prevent you from having clear and objective vision. A lot will depend on how clearly you see the picture and how logically you act. Do not listen to those that are recommending that you take on risk. Do not take part in doubtful projects under any pretense, it would be a mistake that may cause a whole avalanche of consequences.

Finances and entrepreneurship may bring some relatively modest profit. That means that if you have your own business, then you should not hope for great returns this month, it is likely that in reality the revenue will be less than average. The thing is not that you did something wrong, but that circumstances will have a lot of strength during this moment. And no special dynamic events are forthcoming on your horizon.

First and foremost, you should pay attention to those around you. Some of them have given you cause for suspicion for quite some time. It is time to solve that problem once and for all. You will know what to do almost immediately, but whether you will have enough strength to bring this sudden thought into life is another question. Just one thing: Do everything correctly, if your conscience is clean, fairness may rule.

You can be especially successful this month. You can take on a few projects at once and do so bravely, as you will surely complete them in the due period. Moreover, the projects will be of high quality. You will have to try hard, but all of your efforts will have a very good result. But if you only work for the sake of work, just for material gains, then you are just digging yourself a hole that not everyone can climb out of.

Do not attempt to try anything new, even though everybody around you will probably try to convince you of the contrary. Just do your thing and do not pay attention to your competitors. This month you will have to be as careful as possible, use all your wits. Otherwise, your profits will fall so dramatically that you may not be able to recover. Do not even attempt to get into any agreements with a third party.

You can finish all of your current projects by fully completing your tasks. However, do not rush to put up new goals for yourself. In each specific situation a particular event will happen - you will know which one when the time comes. You should not rush, you should think of all nuances, consider all the factors, and try to predict further development of events. Collect yourself and be attentive. That is required more than ever.

Not everything will go according to plan, but you will resolve the current tasks confidently and efficiently. New projects will arise later and you will simply have to take them on. However, there is a likelihood that you might be betrayed at a certain moment. To avoid this, you should remain attentive. You should pay special attention to your colleagues, as they are the ones that are likely to let you down, even unintentionally.

Do not be afraid of new possibilities, conservatism will not be the best tendency. Aim to do everything quickly, but think first. If you want to risk then risk. Do not be afraid to ask and find out something new, raising your qualification is always a plus. It is a minus to show incompetency. Right now, any actions will serve you well. Do not get upset if some of your plans will not be realized into life. It may be for the best.

You should try to find your allies as soon as possible and realize who is not among them. This will allow you to avoid many caveats in the future, even though the complexity of the moment may be that a traitor does not even exist. In that case, the heart of your problems is you and you will have to work hard to truly realize that and to perform the necessary transformations. Step forward with no fear.

The most precise definition of the upcoming life period is “confident stability�. This is a great time to relax. Your relationship will take on a form of maximum harmony, friends will support any, even the most absurd idea, and relatives will become incredibly sympathetic. That means that you can take a full rest - from everything! You can calmly relax in a hammock, without thinking about any everyday problems.

Rodner Figueroa

Toño Rosario

“Planet of the Apes”


Natalia Jiménez Recipe for Heartaches

The TV-chain Univision is the leader of the Spanish-language television in the United States. TV-host Rodner Figueroa, a native of Venezuela, has been fired after the show “El Gordo y La Flaca” where he compared the wife of US President, Michelle Obama, in an analysis of how a person can be changed by makeup, with the actors from the movie “Planet of the Apes”. In an open letter to Michelle Obama, the television presenter denied to be a racist, and said his comment was “misinterpreted” and was not directed to her but to the work of the makeup artists, who delivered a work that “left a lot to be desired”. He had always been an activist for the protection of minorities and was the first television presenter on Univision who openly acknowledged to be gay. Furthermore some of his ancestors also were Afrodescendants. Figueroa expressively stated his admiration for President Obama and declared that he voted for him twice, since he admires him for being “a great man who respects the minorities”. In his work as a television commentator he had never offended someone because of his skin color, sexual orientation or nationality.

Natalia Jiménez, singer of the Spanish group La Quinta Estación until 2009, gave a recipe for heartaches when she presented her new album “Creo en mi” (I believe in myself): “I firmly believe that if you have you heart broken, you must learn something from it. Sometimes you have to learn to suffer, to cry, to be alone, to feel and to process this loss. You feel like someone has died, it is horrible. This loss must be accepted and given time to heal, otherwise you will continue to suffer and take this into your next relationship.”

Stephanie Sigman Mexican Bond Girl

The Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman is the second Latin American Bond Girl in the new movie “Spectre”, the 24th Bond movie, which also plays in Mexico City. The 28year-old already played a role in the telenovela “Narcos” about the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The Merengue star from the Rosario Dynasty of Higüey, Toño Rosario, admitted in the show “Primer Impacto” in Univision to be broke. Many wondered where has all the money gone, which the eccentric singer has earned over the many years of his career. “There are always bad businesses which are led by bad people who tell you, let's do a business, and you think that that business is doing fine, when everything changes and then there comes the fiasco,” Toño Rosario recognized.

Premio Soberano Statues now in Platinum The Premios Soberano are the main prizes to the artists of the Dominican Republic. This year, the Soberano will be awarded on the 14th of April. To emphasize the value of this award, the statues for the first time are not just made of gold, as the international awards usually are, but they will be of platinum.

What is this Lady singing? “Así fue” by Isabel Pantoja Isabel Pantoja is one of the great singers of Spain. As an interpreter of the copla, promoted as the typical Spanish music during the Franco dictatorship, she revived this style at a time, when the public's interest in this kind of music was on the wane. In the course of her later career, “La Pantoja” melted ballads and romantic music with the copla. After a money laundering scandal, Isabel Pantoja had to go to jail for two years in November 2014. Perdona si te hago llorar, perdona si te hago sufrir. Pero es que no está en mis manos. Pero es que no está en mis manos, me he enamorado. Me he enamorado, me enamoré. Perdona si te causo dolor. Perdona si te digo hoy adiós. Como decirle que te amo. Como decirle que te amo. Si el me ha preguntado, le he dicho que no. Le he dicho que no. Soy honesta con el y contigo. A el lo quiero y a ti te he olvidado. Si tu quieres seremos amigos. Yo te ayudo a olvidar el pasado. No te aferres. No te aferres a un imposible. Ya no te hagas, ni me hagas mas daño. Tu bien sabes que no fue mi culpa. Tu te fuiste sin decirme nada. Y a pesar que lloré como nunca, yo seguía de ti enamorada. Pero te fuiste. Y que regresabas, no me dijiste y sin mas nada por qué? No sé. Pero fue así, así fue. Te brindé la mejor de las suertes. Me propuse no hablarte ni verte. Y hoy que has vuelto ya ves, solo hay nada. Ya no puedo ni debo quererte. Ya no te amo. Me he enamorado de un ser divino, de un buen amor, que me ensenó a olvidar y a perdonar. Soy honesta con el y contigo. A el lo quiero y a ti te he olvidado. Si tu quieres seremos amigos. Yo te ayudo a olvidar el pasado. No te aferres. No te aferres a un imposible. Ya no te hagas, ni me hagas mas daño.

Sorry if I make you cry, sorry if I make you suffer. But that is not in my hands. But that is not in my hands, I fell in love. I fell in love, I fell in love. Sorry if I cause you pain. Sorry if today I say goodbye. How to tell him that I love you. How to tell him that I love you. When he asked me, I told him no. I told him no. I am honest with him and with you. I love him and I have forgotten you. If you want, we will be friends. I help you forget the past. Do not cling. Do not cling to an impossible. Don't do any more damage to yourself and to me. You well know it was not my fault. Your left without saying anything to me. And while I cried like never before, I still was in love with you. But you left. And you came back, you did not tell me without nothing else, why? I don't know. But that is the way it was, so it was. I toasted the best of luck to you. I determined not to talk to you or see you. And now that you are back you see, there is just nothing. I can and I may not I love you. I am no longer in love you. I am in love with a divine being, a good love, who taught me to forget and to forgive. I am honest with him and with you. I love him and I have forgotten you. If you want, we will be friends. I help you forget the past. Do not cling. Do not cling to an impossible. Don't do any more damage to yourself and to me.

María Isabel Pantoja Martín was born in Triana, Seville, Spain, on the 2 nd of August 1956. Born into a gypsy family, she began her musical career at the age of seven years as a flamenco dancer. At 17, she met a master of the Spanish copla, who composed her first songs. Isabel Pantoja published her first album with Spanish pop music in 1983. In the same year she married the popular bullfighter Paquirri, with whom she formed the perfect couple of romantic Spain. Not even a year and a half later Paquirri died and Isabel Pantoja became the „Widow of Spain“. She hid from the tabloids and after a long silence released her album „Marinero de luces“, which sold more than one million copies in Spain. In 1988, she produced album „Desde Andalucía“ with the Mexican idol Juan Gabriel, from which is the presented song. Overall, Isabel Pantoja released more than 20 albums.

Shit happens



On Good Friday, a man comes to Mount Calvary, where Jesus was crucified just a few minutes ago. He comes closer to the cross and Jesus asks if he can help him. The man answered that he would always want to do good, but in the end everybody just calls him “asshole”. Jesus looks down at him and says, “I think I can help you. But for that I have to get off the cross.” The man says, “No problem. I can get a ladder and pull the nails out.” Jesus agrees, “Okay, go ahead.” The man climbs the ladder and pulls out the first nail in Jesus' left hand. Jesus lowers his hand with ease. Then the man gets to the other side and pulls the nail on his right hand. As he falls forward, Jesus yells desperately: “Feet first, you asshole!”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 12.

God created the monkey and said, “Oops!” Then He created man and said, “Oops! I better stop now, this is getting worse every time!”

Sudoku No. 283 (easy)

Two old friends decide to have a good time at a girls' night out. On the way home in the early morning both are pretty drunk and suddenly feel an urgent necessity. But they cannot find any toilet, nor any hedges to hide behind. So in their distress and pain they choose to do their business at a nearby cemetery. Then there arises another problem, because none of the two can find any handkerchiefs in their purses. So the first one decides to sacrifice her new panties and to throw them away afterwards. The second friend hesitates because she wears brand new designer panties, which she recently got as a gift from her husband. Then she discovers a new grave next to her with a garland with a ribbon. “To hell!”, she thinks. “This is an emergency.” She tears off the ribbon from the garland, to cleanse herself. The next day, the two husbands of the close friends meet. Displeased the husband of the first one says, “It can't go on like this. This morning my wife came home dead drunk and did not even have her panties on!” “That's nothing yet”, replied the husband of the second. “My wife still had her panties on, but between her buttocks stuck a red ribbon with the words 'We will never forget you! The Glee Club of Anaheim'.”

“Son, since you're old enough, I can confess you now that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus always was me!”, the father explains to his son. The son replies, “I know that for a long time already! Only the stork was not you, but uncle Herbert!” The boyfriend of the sister comes to a visit on Easter and praises after the meal, “The food tasted great, I did not get something so delicious a long time.” Replies the brother, “Nor did we!”


Sudoku No. 284

The teacher hears cat noises coming from the class, and she discovered little Jimmy with a cat up his jumper. She asks, “Why do you bring your cat to school?” Little Jimmy started crying. “I woke up this morning to hear the postman tell my mum, 'I'm gonna eat your pussy today'!”

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Sudoku solutions from page 11:

Sudoku No. 283

Sudoku No. 284

Family Home, 4 Bedroom, Ocean view, Gated Community. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406 One of a kind. House Rental Puerto Plata. Fully Furnished. View of Ocean and Mountain, high up fresh air, always electric and water, security, A/C, Karaoke Bar, Gym, Entertainment Area. RD$20,000. Call 809-303-0091

Searching an electrician in the area of Cabarete/Sosua for Satellite, TV, Internet? German, English, Call 809677-5879, Email:

Apartment in Sosúa, 200 m to the beach, 1 room, 80 sq.m, RD$13,000 RD$/month, Tel: 809-607-4403 Central Sosúa Apartments for rent. Clean, quiet, 1 bedroom and studio, balcony. From 10,500 RD$. Tel. 809303-3900

Buy your old batteries (from inverter) at fair prices. Cel. 849-8831016

Well-kept apartment in Sosúa-Los Castillos, 1 bedroom, living room, open kitchen, 2nd floor, balcony, RD$ 6,000, Tel. 809-493-7049 House for rent – Long term: 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, private pool, BBQ area, roof top terrace, beautiful yard, parking, walking distance to the beach. Call: 809-963-2052 Studio, private entrance, pool. Caribe Campo, Sosúa, next to the Palms US$150 per week. Monthly negotiable. Call David 829-850-1709 Penthouse, Blue Green, 5 bedroom, Ocean front, unfurnished. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406 Small fully furnished house by the sea for rent, from April, long term or short term available. Infos at Verena's Café, Playa Chiquita. Please call for further information: 809-571-3027 260 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine, Bar, billiard. Price incl. water and electricity. High speed internet - 6 Mb. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809875-7701 (fotos - http://www.face 450 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big Penthouse, 3nd floor, furnished, 2 BR, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 large terraces. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine, bar, billiard. Price incl. water and electricity. High speed internet 6 Mb. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos - http://www.

Used books for sale at the Meeting Place, Puerto Plata, Calle Juan Bosch 60, open Tuesday to Friday 11-5, Saturday 11-3. Body Shaker, new, RD$ 12,000. Please call 809-866-0188 Retired luthier is liquidating inventory of professional quality electric guitars and basses with prices staring at $450 USD. Here's your chance to own a one-off hand made instrument at below wholesale pricing. Phone 809-261-1703 Puerto Plata for details. PM Inverter, Automatic Inverter Charger, Model MA3524, 3,500 W, 24 V DC, including 4 batteries, RD$ 20,000. Phone 829-850-1709 3 screens LG 23'', 2,000 RD$; 1 UPS 450 W, 1,000 RD$; 1 support for 2 screens, horizontal, 1,300 RD$; 1 support for 2 screens, vertical, 1,300 RD$; 1 printer HP Laserjet Pro 400, 6,000 RD$; 1 printer/scanner HP 3515, 1,500 RD$; 1 microwave Panasonic, stainless steel, 3,500 RD$, 1 vacuum cleaner, 1,500 RD$; 1 irontable and 1 steam iron, 600 RD$. For information call 829-883-2637 Small meat grinder, 550 Watt / 220 Volt, knife and 3 slices according to DIN. Tablegrill, 220 volts. Car vacuum cleaner 12 u. 220 Volt, voltage converter 110 ~ 220 V. 100 watt iron with ironing board and hairdryer each 110 Volts. Area Sosua / Cabarete, low prices. Tel.829-8700297

Solar Panels C-SUN, monocrystalin, 260 Watt,high quality, all certificates, 25 year warranty of company. Best price on the island! Cel: 849-6265809, E-mail: panelesolaresRD@ Electric scooters without battery 35,000 RD$, Solar water heater 180l 27,000 RD$, Solar Fridge 30,000 RD$, High quality! Cel: 849-6265809, E-mail: panelesolaresRD UPS series IL3624 inverter (3.6 KW/24 V DC), complete with 4 Dyno 6 Volt batteries, used very little for 3 months, sold as a unit only! RD$ 35,000 firm, Call 829-572-3487 (English)

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra, 2nd plaza left of Palace of Justice. Tel: 809-708-7618, email: info@rialto

Man, 53 years old, in Sosúa, is looking for people to make some music, just for fun. I play guitar. Call 809-707-2079

Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra 175, POP

Tel: 809-708-7618 email: Mediation of architects, building design, construction and control, renovations and alterations, mediation of Construction Machinery, Bulldozer, Transport Service, etc., consulting, planning and execution of agricultural projects such as Greenhouses for vegetable gardening (also for export), Chicken farm or egg-laying operations. Take advantage of our 25-year experience in the Dominican Republic. We work with reputable companies and freelancers who we know personally for a long time and whose quality we are convinced in. Let us advise you without obligation and free of charge. You only pay when you place an order. We speak German, English and Spanish.

Well maintained Pasola X1000, 2007, for sale, Tel. 809-493-7049 Tauro CG 150, 2012, black, 1.270 km, with all original documents, 19,000 DR$. For more information please mail to perfahl.michaela Toyota Highlander, 2002, Colour White, Very well maintained, RD$ 450,000. Tel. 849-257-2473 Suzuki Grand Vitara, 2005, black, 4WD, CD-Player, RD$ 370.000 o.n.o. Tel. 849-916-7243

Cats and kittens given free to good and loving homes. All colours, all sizes. Must be home with garden. Please come Monday to Friday to villa 30, Villas Karibic 1, La Mulata before Las Cañas. We'll deliver the cat you chose. 829-630-7330, Joy Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or


For rent: Honda CRV, 2000, power windows, A/C, 1,000 RD$ per day, 5,000 RD$ per week, Puerto Plata, Tel. 809-727-9850. For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, 2005, automatic, AC, power windows, CDPlayer. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. Tel. 809-727-9850 For rent: Chevrolet Tracker, air conditioning, automatic, tech. impeccable. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. German / English / Spanish. Phone: 809-988-7376 For rent: Skoda, mechanical, Aircon, good condition, RD$ 900 per day, Phone 849-873-5598 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab, 2005, 89,000 miles, ABS, A/C, sliding rear window, power windows, power door locks, cruise control, tilt wheel, CD player, radio, very good condition. US$12,000, make an offer. Call 829-682-4004 or 809-222-3737, e-mail: Jeep KIA Sportage, 2000, in Sosua, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. 4 doors, 4-cylinder engine. In a good state. Price: US$ 2,650 or RD$ 120,000. Contact Rafaelo: ralf.p@ For sale: motorcycle X1000, Bullet 200, 1 year used, 14,000 km, like new. US$800 (RD$32,000). Cel: 829367-1773 Hyundai Santa Fe, 2005, marine blue, working A/C, running very nice, full equipment, US$ 8,000, Tel. 829702-0066

eg Hyundai Santa Fe from 1,300 RD$/day eg Supermoto 250 cc from 850 RD$/day eg Streetscooter 110 cc from 650 RD$/day Vehicles in top condition and insured! Rialto Group S.R.L., Puerto Plata Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra 2nd Plaza left of Palace of Justice Further infos at Tel: 809-261-8786, 809-708-7618 Email:

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Skoda Fabia, 2004, 95,000 km, 5speed manual transmission, Aircon, good condition, RD$ 170,000, Tel. 809-318-9030, Engl., German, Span. JMD Scooter, 150 ccm, excellent condition, no smoke, new tires, new shocks, new belt, 36,000 pesos. For mor information 829-391-8779

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