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Dubious Electoral Assistance Drug Lord demands Money / Construction of Coal-fired Power Plants “historical Error”

According to a report by journalist Salvador Holguín in his TV program “Hilando fino” (weaving fine), the infamous Dominican drug lord Quirino Ernesto Paulino Castillo, in custody in the USA, wrote a letter to former President Leonel Fernández, asking him to finally repay the credit in the amount of 200 million pesos granted by him for the presidential election campaign in 2004. According to Salvador Holguín, Quirino also said that he gave seven million pesos to establish the foundation of the former president, the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo – Funglode (World Foundation for Democracy and Development). The payments have been made via Margarita Gómez, decorator of Events in the government of Leonel Fernández, the wife of the former minister of the Armed

Forces, General Manuel de Jesús Florentino y Florentino. There was no reaction of the former president to the accusations, but the authenticity of the letter is doubted by many and dismissed as a cheap show to harm Fernández. But Holguin said, he had phoned Quirino again, who told him that he would come soon and show to everybody how the Dominican drug policy is working. Fernández had promised him not to touch him. The last ten million pesos were for the victory party after the election. When he received Quirino's letter, he asked him to identify with certainty, what he had done with his signature and documents such as a copy of his cédula, asserts Holguín. Also, the phone number was identical to the one with which the journalist Roberto Cavada interviewed Quirino live on Teleantillas a few months ago. Meanwhile, Quirino talked with the radio station Z1, saying he gave suitcases full of money to Leonel Fernández for four years. Interior and Police Minister Fadul now announced an investigation to identify who is the probably fake Quirino. (Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Z101, Acento)

José Luis Cordeiro, a consultant at the foundation of the Singularity University, which was founded by NASA and Google, said at the monthly meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (AMCHARRD), the construction of coal-fired power plants by the government was a “historical error”. The two billion dollars would be better spent for the development of alternative solar and wind energy. In the country there is more than enough sun and wind. In these energies the country could become a Saudi Arabia of the Caribbean, Cordeiro said. In 20 years, 90 percent of the energy in the world will be solar energy, he predicted. “To produce energy with carbon does no longer make sense, and even less for the Dominican Republic, that needs to import coal.”

Death Threats against Journalists Ultra-Nationalists threaten 'Traitors to the Fatherland' / Call to defend Freedom of Press The four Dominican journalists Huchi Lora, Juan Bolívar, Roberto Cavada and Amelia Dechamps accused at a press conference at the headquarters of the Dominican Federation of Journalists CPD that they are threatened constantly by the ultra-nationalists who are calling for their death as “traitors to the fatherland”. So Dechamps was insulted in a supermarket on January 16: “You will be the first to be eliminated, then Huchi and Juan Bolívar will follow”. Already on January 10, a stranger told Roberto Cavada: “We will kill the traitors, and the first will be the journalists”. On January 26, the Duarte day, which is dedicated to the founder of the Dominican Republic, Juan Pablo Duarte, the Independent Patriotic Movement (Movimiento Independiente Patriótico) called for the death of the “traitors” in Ázua and Santiago on their meetings. The reason for this hatred is the understanding of the problems of the Dominicans of Haitian descent affected by the sentence 169-14, which the four journalists expressed in their articles.

One million leaflets were printed in Santo Domingo more than a year ago, demanding the death of the “traitors to the fatherland”, Huchi Lora and Juan Bolívar, who supposedly had teamed up with the Haitian President to harm the Dominican Republic. A criminal complaint of the two journalists against the perpetrators had no response from the judiciary. The rightists with their spokesman “Vinicito” Castillo Semán, who calls for a wall on the border with Haiti in order to stop the Haitian “invasion”, are not impressed by the accusations. “Vinicito” said, he had the right to call Juan Bolívar a traitor to the fatherland, because he says that the country has lost its sovereignty a long time already. Juan

Bolívar Díaz blames him, “Vinicito”, of being behind the campaign, while Bolívar himself also had described “Vinicito” as a “traitor to the fatherland”. None of the four journalists have so far filed a lawsuit, everything was just a media show. While there was no response from the government, the right-wing party FNP with “Vinicito” is a member, the opposition party PRM called on the government to provide for the protection of journalists. The PRM stresses, on the list of fundamentalists and neo-nationalists were not only found the names of the four journalists, but also the Jesuit priest Mario Serrano, the director of the Centro Bonó, Roque Féliz, or the entrepreneurs Miguel Ceara Hatton and Pavel Isa Contreras, who all are against the current anti-Haitian propaganda of the right. In addition to the National Council of Enterprises (Conep), the Collective Woman and Health, which emphasized the high professional ethics of the threatened, the United Nations and the International Federation of Journalists called to defend the freedom of press in the country.

Who would win? Latest Poll by Gallup-Hoy / Former President Fernández would need a second Ballot

In its latest survey for the daily newspaper “Hoy” the poll firm Gallup asked about the chances of the candidates that possibly will compete for the presidential election in 2016. Four possible scenarios were formed and the people were asked for whom they would vote. First scenario: Former president Leonel Fernández (left) will run for the ruling party PLD, the challengers are ex-president Hipólito Mejía (third from right) for the new party PRM, derived from the PRD, for the old PRD runs Miguel Vargas Maldonado (far right) and for Alianza País runs its chairman Guillermo Moreno (second from right). Leonel Fernández would get 39.8 percent of the vote, Guillermo Moreno would get 23.8 percent, 17.8 are for Hipólito Mejía and Miguel Vargas would get 4.7 percent. Second scenario: President Danilo Medina stands for re-election, which still is prohibited by the Constitution. He would get 70.5 percent, 10.7 for Mejía, Moreno gets 10.5 and Vargas Maldonado 1.9 percent. Third scenario: Fernández runs for the PLD, Luis Abinader (third from right) for the PRM instead of Hipólito Mejía. Fernández then would get 39 percent, Abinader 13.4, Moreno 8.9 and Vargas 3.1 percent.

In the fourth scenario, President Danilo Medina (second from left) runs against Luis Abinader. Medina would then get 69 percent of the vote, Abinader gets 13.4 percent and Vargas 3.1 percent. On the question, who do you think will be the next president, 44 percent responded Danilo Medina, which, as said, would not be possible with the current Constitution. 23.5 percent think it will again be former President Leonel Fernández, 7.7 percent think it will be Luis Abinader, 4 percent think Hipólito Mejía, 1.9 percent, it will be the current Vice President and wife of ex President Leonel Fernández, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, and 1.1 percent think that it will be Miguel Vargas Maldonado (abbreviated MVM). On the question of who the interviewed people would like to become the next president, 53 percent said Danilo Medina, 12 percent long for the comeback of Leonel Fernández, 11 percent would like Luis Abinader as their president, 7.2 percent wanted Hipólito Mejía to return, 3.4 percent wished it was Guillermo Moreno, 2.8 percent Margarita Cedeño de Fernández and 1.5 percent MVM.

63.9 percent of the population want a constitutional amendment to allow the reelection of president Danilo Medina. If he rejects this idea, 31.4 percent say that Leonel Fernández had to compete for the PLD, 21.8 percent then want Margarita Cedeno and 8.5 percent tend to Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García, who sees very great opportunities for himself to become the next President of the Dominican Republic. 44.8 percent of the respondents said that Luis Abinader must run for the PRM, only 15.5 percent say that ex-President Hipólito Mejía should do so. Of the PRM supporters, 69 percent are supporting the candidature of Abinader, 28 percent are for Mejía. If President Danilo Medina remains reluctant for a constitutional amendment and does not want to compete, Ex-President Fernández will not be elected in the first ballot, according to this poll, and has to go into runoff election against Luis Abinader or Hipólito Mejía. A study of the poll firm Asisa, published short before this poll, according to which Fernández would beat clearly every challenger, was rejected as implausible.

Archbishop Romero beatified Assasinated by Rightists in 1980 / 61 Corpses in Acapulco / José Mujica finishes his Term The Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Arnulfo Romero, who had been shot by a paid assassin (“sicario”) on 24th of March 1980, has now been beatified by Pope Francis. Born in 1917 in Eastern El Salvador, Romero was a popular representative of the so called liberation theology, which was particularly strong in Latin America, and which was opposed to the old oligarchies that plunder their countries, and instead assisted the needy, as Jesus did. Archbishop Romero was shot dead during a mass for terminally ill of cancer in the church “La Divina Providencia” by an apparently radical right-wing death squad. His death was received with horror worldwide and was the spark that started the bloody civil war between the FMLN (Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional) and the army, which cost thousands of lives between 1980 and 1992. The alleged author of the assasination was Roberto D'Aubuisson, now deceased, who founded the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) in 1983, which today is most important right-wing party of El Salvador. In March 1994, the process of beatification was started in the Vatican, but came to a halt until 2005. Pope Francis has now signed the decree of the beatification of Romero, after determining that Romero died as a martyr, killed for “hatred against the faith.” So the normally necessary miracle is no longer needed for his beatification.

The horror in Mexico has no end. The 43 missing abducted students of Iguala (LA PLAYA 134 and 136) still did not reappear. Now the discovery of 61 dead bodies in an abandoned crematorium in the famous seaside resort of Acapulco again shocked the country. Neighbors reported to the authorities because of the stench of corpses that came from from the crematorium, closed since more than a year. The dead were sprinkled with lime to suppress the odor of decay and none of them was burned. None of the bodies had mutilations, as it is common among the dead, who were murdered by the drug mafia. The city of Iguala in which the police handed the 43 students over to the drug mafia on behalf of the Mayor in order to make them disappear, lies 200 kilometers from Acapulco. Caught criminals claimed to have burned the corpses on a garbage dump in Colula, but no remains were found. Recently thousands demonstrated for the return of the missing on the Autopista del Sol, connecting Acapulco with Mexico City.

Uruguayan President José Mujica, who passes his post to his successor Tabaré Vázquez on 1st of March, was a militant leftist in his earlier years, which earned him several years in prison. However, unlike many of his “colleagues”, he remained humble as president of the country and lived his ideals. He did not need expensive luxury cars like other presidents of the continent, but was contented with an old VW Beetle. From his presidential salary, he kept just 800 bucks for himself, the rest he donated to social institutions. Now he said in an interview on the radio station M24, that he donated roughly 400,000 dollars of his income as a president to the “Plan Juntos” during the five years of his government, which helps low-income families. He knows that he will not change the world with this. “Being in a militant political force, it is the moral and ethical obligation to cooperate with our income,” Mujica said. Also the President of his party, Frente Amplio, Mónica Xavier, has donated 150,000 dollars of her salary to the “Plan Juntos” in the past five years. This all matches with the line of how “we think and live”, said Mujica. Government regulation is necessary in order to spread the wealth, because private firms tended to demand and obtain tax relief. This was money which actually is needed by the tax authorities for social work.

Strained Situation Strike for Petrol Price Cut / Canada issues Travel Warning / Preparations for Election

The situation in the neighboring country of Haiti remains tense after the dissolution of the Parliament. Almost daily, Demonstrators are calling for the resignation of President Michel Martelly. Transport associations called for a 48-hour strike to achieve the reduction in gasoline prices by 50 percent. In the capital, Port-auPrince, shops, schools and banks remained closed for two days. The government called for calm and set up circuits where buses transported people for free to reduce the impact of the strike. A further reduction in the price of petrol was not possible. In the northern town of Cap-Haïtien, where the strike barely caught on, there also were riots after protesters built up barricades and set fire to tires. Police had to disperse the crowd with tear gas.

Canada issued a travel warning for Haiti. But not for the whole country, only for Martissant, Carrefour, Bel Air and Cité Soleil, impoverished neighborhoods of Port-auPrince. Canadians who have to do business in these districts should necessarily go with an escort. The police were unable to control the area. It is strongly advised to avoid going out after nightfall. The crime rate is high and the security situation is not predictable. Many of the gang-leaders and criminals that fled from the prison Croix-des-Bouquets last August are still at large. Protest marches, strikes and road-blocks may occur at any time in the capital, throughout the country and on main highways. All demonstrations should be avoided as they could get violent at any time without notice. Also the United States gave out tips for the carnival time, when tens of thousands join in the parades. If an event is getting out of control, it is advisable to leave as quickly as possible. Particular attention should be paid on the Rara bands, traditional music groups. Pickpockets like to use the confusion when these groups come. If the car is stopped from one of the Rara bands, windows and doors should be locked and the passengers better wait inside until they have moved on.

The preparations for the overdue elections continue after the dissolution of the parliament which according to President Martelly is to blame for the delay. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has sent a draft to the parties and members of the community on 6 February to help to organize the elections. They should submit their objections until February 13, so that the president can publish the result in the official journal “Le Moniteur” in time. Also the Director of the Department of electoral cooperation and observation (DECO) of the Organization of American States (OAS), Gerardo de Icaza, met with members of the CEP. Pierre-Louis Opont, Chairman of CEP, presaged to start with the preparations in March, so that the prescribed period of 120 days can be observed and the presidential elections can be held on the 25 th of October this year. In July, elections for the Senate and House of Representatives will be held.

Miriam Cruz

Ivy Queen

Excluded from her Church?

Four at one Blow

Danny Daniel No Share of Success

Merengue star Miriam Cruz denied that she had been excluded from her church “Mas que Vencedores” (More than winners) because of the lyrics of her songs. She assured that these rumors arose in 2011, when she could not come to her “temple” for two months due to her work. The news of her exclusion were spread by her ex-manager Enrique Crespo, who claims that he himself also was excluded because of his sexual orientation as a confessing bisexual. Next to him there were affected by the exclusion Miriam Cruz as well as the actress Nikauly de la Mota. The church, whose director for praise and worship is the popular singer Juan Luis Guerra, excluded Miriam Cruz because of the lyrics in her hits “Cosa de él” (LA PLAYA 52), in which she sings about her situation as a lover, and “La Carnada”, where she tells the man that if he does not give her what she wants, she has to get it from someone else, assured Crespo. Miriam Cruz, however, said that no one will be excommunicated from the Church, because the church was there for sinners. “One thing is my work and another thing is my relationship with God and my church,” says Miriam Cruz.

The Spanish singer-songwriter Danny Daniel is currently on tour in the Dominican Republic. In an interview he thanked for having had more success here than in any other Latin American country. The singer, whose career started 40 years ago, released his last album in 2011. His first hit “El vals de las mariposas” (The Waltz of the Butterflies) has become a classic, “Por el amor de una mujer” was made famous by no one less than Julio Iglesias. The performer of romantic songs said that he knows the modern Música urbana from other countries, but no Dominican performers of this style. But what he knows, he described as “horrible”. In contrast to many other composers, Danny Daniel is not in favor that his songs are interpreted by others without his permission. Alone in the Dominican Republic, different singers copied at least 23 of his songs and released them as Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. And this, without even sharing one single a peso with him for their success: “They enrich themselves with my songs, but I get absolutely nothing for it,” he complained. Danny Daniel, who was awarded one of the most important Dominican prizes, “El Gran Soberano”, in 2014, described the SGAE, an organization to protect the rights of authors in the Spanish-speaking countries, as “shit” and as a fraud. “Imagine, alone in Mexico there are one and a half million weddings each year. In one million they play 'El vals de las mariposas', and you know what I get for it? Nothing. So everything is a lie.”

The Puerto Rican Martha Ivelisse Pesante, known as Ivy Queen, did what no one has done yet. She published four albums simultaneously, as Salsa, Bachata, Hip-Hop and Música urbana. The album “Vendetta” contains 32 songs, eight for each genre. “I'll show the world that I can do more than just Música urbana” said 42-year-old Ivy Queen who played Reggaeton already 20 years ago when it was still considered underground music. The album “Vendetta”can be purchased as a Deluxe Edition, or the four genres separately.

Enrique Iglesias Accused of Plagiarism The song “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias was one of the biggest hits in 2013 and won three Latin Grammys. Now the two singers Cristián Mauricio Escuti and Germán Schulz filed a lawsuit against Enrique Iglesias, accusing him to have copied “Quiero bailar contigo” which they registered in April 2014.

What is this Guy singing? “Ay vamos” by J Balvin The Colombian musician J Balvin became one of the leading interpreters of Reguetón - even without using dirty lyrics. Cuando no la llamo siempre me hace reclamos. Discutimos, peleamos, pero llego a casa en la noche, la molesto y arreglamos. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. Peleamos, nos arreglamos, nos mantenemos en esa pero nos amamos. Ay vamos. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. Qué pena me daría no tenerte en mi vida, vida mía, mami. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah Peleamos, nos arreglamos, nos mantenemos en esa pero nos amamos. Ay vamos. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. Qué pena me daría no tenerte en mi vida, vida mía. No importa si estás lejos, siempre te siento presente. Y estoy pendiente de tí frecuentemente cuando estoy en la calle resolviendo mis problemas. Es pa' nuestro futuro. Yo no sé por qué me celas. No soy un santo, tampoco ando en cosas mala. Cuando no estoy contigo es porque ando con mis panas. Somos polos opuestos y por eso nos gustamos. Qué más le vamos a hacer si así nos enamoramos. Y ahí vamos. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. Peleamos, nos arreglamos ... Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. Qué pena me daría no tenerte en mi vida, vida mía, mami. Todos los días yo la tengo que ver. Así peleemos primero, mi mujer. Mami, no me celes tanto, que yo siempre me conmuevo con tu llanto. Nena, nena, tranquilícese. Que en la calle a nadie besé, yo solo tengo ojos pa' usted. Relájate, despreocúpate. Nena, nena, tranquilícese. Que en la calle a nadie besé, yo solo tengo ojos pa' usted …

If I do not call, she always complains. We discuss, we argue, but when I come home at night, I neck her and we get along. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. We fight, we get along, that's how we go on, but we love each other. So it goes. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. How sad it would be for me, not to have you in my life, my life, mami. Ah ah ah ah ah ah. We fight, we get along, that's how we go on, but we love each other. So it goes. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. How sad it would be for me, not to have you in my life, my life. It does not matter if you are far away, I feel you always present. I think of you regularly, when I'm on the street, solving my problems. It is for our future. I don't know why you are jealous. I'm not a saint, but I also don't do bad things. When I'm not with you, is it because I am with my pals. We are opposite poles, therefore we like each other. What else should we do, if this way we fell in love. And so it goes. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. We fight, we get along ... Ah ah ah, ah ah ah. How sad it would be for me, you do not have in my life, my life, mami. Every day I have to see you. So we argue first, my wife. Mami, don't be so jealous, because it always touches me, when you cry. Baby, Baby, calm down. On the street I kissed nobody, I only have eyes for you. Relax, don't worry. Baby, Baby, calm down. On the street I kissed nobody, I only have eyes for you …

José Álvaro Osorio Balvín was born in Medellín, Colombia, on the 7th of May 1985. At school, he played with in various Rock groups. In the seventh semester, he interrupted his studies in International Relations at the University EAFIT in Medellín to fully concentrate on his music. He was a member of a group of artists who played Reguetón (Reggaeton) and Rap, and so he managed to come to Miami through an exchange, where he met the Colombian rapper Fat Al, who gave him the stage name J Balvin. In 2007, J Balvin released his first album, which was not very successful, like the three following ones. His first number-one hit in Colombia he finally had in 2011. The first international success was „Yo te lo dije“, followed by „Tranquila“, which made popular the refreshing Reggaeton style of J Balvin around the world. J Balvin was nominated for three Latin Grammys. Furthermore, with more than 300 million views on YouTube, J Balvin is one of the leading Latin American musicians in the networks.

In the Army


During Creation

Letter of a recruit to the parents: Dear Mother, Father: I'm okay here. I hope you too. Tell Carl and Willie, that being in the army beats the pants off any farm work. At first I was restless because we have to stay in bed until almost 6 o'clock, but now I kind of like to sleep in. We just have to set up the bed and polish a few things before breakfast. No need to feed any animals, to make fire, to muck out the stable nor to chop wood ... practically nothing. The men have to shave first, but that's not bad either, because here they have warm water. We have to do a lot of “overland marches” and the sergeant says, marching is good for endurance. An “overland march” is about the distance from our farm to the post office, but when we get there, the townspeople have sore feet and we all ride back in trucks. Carl and Willie surely will laugh: I get awards for shooting! I don't know why. The black is much bigger than a rat's head and does not even move. All you have to do is to make yourself comfortable on the ground and shoot it. Then there is “close combat training”. It's very entertaining since we have to wrestle with the townsfolk. But I have to be very careful because they break easily. I'm the best, except Joe Fuller. Maybe it's because I am only five feet four and weigh a 140 pounds, while he is six feet six and weighs 260 pounds. Tell Carl and Willie quickly how it works here before others will notice it and will come in crowds. All the best, your daughter Maria

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 12.

God created the donkey and said to him: “You shall carry heavy loads on your back from morning to night, eat grass and be little intelligent. And you shall live 50 years.” The donkey answered, ”To live 50 years this way is way too much. Please give me only 30!” And so it was. Then God created the dog and said to him, “You shall watch over the goods of the humans and you will be their most loyal friend. You shall eat what man will leave and you shall live 25 years.” The dog answered, “To live 25 years this way is way too much. Give me no more than ten years, please!” And so it was. Then God created the monkey and said to him, “You shall swing from tree to tree and you shall act like an idiot. You shall be funny, and you shall live 20 years.” The monkey answered, “To live 20 years this way is way too much. Please give me no more than ten years!” And so it was. In the end, God created the man and said to him: “You shall be the only rationally thinking creature that will inhabit the earth. You shall use your intelligence to subdue all the other creatures. You shall dominate the earth and live 20 years.” To which the man answered, “20 years is far too little. Please give me those 20 years that the donkey did not want, give me those 15 of the dog and the ten years of the monkey.” So God made that the man lives 20 years as a man, then he marries and works as hard as a donkey for 20 years. Then he gets children and lives 15 years like a dog, guarding the house and eating, what the family leaves for him. When he is old, he lives ten years like a monkey, behaving like an idiot and amusing his grandchildren.


Sudoku No. 279 (easy)

Sudoku No. 280


The Page of Health

Fighting Tuberculosis Number of Infected decreased significantly / TB will be eradicated completely by 2050 The Ministry of Health has set the target to reduce deaths from tuberculosis by 90 percent by 2020. As a part of the National Tuberculosis Program there will be developed the Strategic Response Plan, in which the entire population must be involved with the aim to integrate the affected persons socially, said the coordinator of the program, Belkis Marcelino. With the help of this plan there will be set strategies for financial assistance

and priorities will be focused, which are related to the new strategy of the World Health Organization (WHO), “End of tuberculosis”, which aims to completely eradicate this lung disease until 2050. Marcelino said the short-term goal is to reduce deaths from this disease by 90 percent, to reduce the rate of infection by 20 percent and to alleviate the human suffering caused by this disease, which mostly is an expression of poverty. The people of this vulnerable group must get a better support from the social politics.

Deal With Your Drinking Problem Get support from sober friends. New English Speaking meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous on Wednesday, 3:00pm in the sanctuary of New Life Church, La Mulata 1, Sosua. Other meetings in Cabarete, Saturday meeting open to everyone. For more information call John 809-307-0321 or

She added that the Dominican Republic achieved the Millennium goal to reduce the incidence and deaths from tuberculosis by half before 2015, as the WHO recognized already in its report of 2013. In the provinces of Santo Domingo, the National District, Santiago and San Cristóbal are registered 60 percent of all TB cases occurring in the country. Nationally, in 2014 a total of 4,500 cases of tuberculosis were reported, although this figure is not yet final. Nevertheless, the report points out that this is a significant decline in numbers compared to 2013. In 2013, between 1.3 and 1.5 million deaths were associated with tuberculosis worldwide.

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House in Central Sosua, walk to all, near Super Pola, Deluxe, large 2 BR, 2 BA + Apartment, rent or sell? Furnished or not? Rental US$ 2,500. Owner 809-571-1140 Small Finca, 10,000 sq.m., with fruit trees, nice house, 2 bed / bath, large living room, garage, patio, 3.30 x 8 m. In separate buildings 2 studios of 25 sq.m., bedrooms / bath, closet, pool 8 x 4 m surrounded of terrace of 2 m, 80,000 liter tank, diesel generator + Inverter, 3.5 kw, gazebo with sitting area 30 sq.m., barbecue, water / electricity 24, unencumbered title, US$ 200,000. info@rialto, Phone: 809-712-4321, 809-856-8087, 809-651-1816 Land in Loma de la Bestia, Puerto Plata, 25 tareas, call for further information 809-419-7630 Building plot in Villa Cofresi (Los Dos), Puerto Plata, 926 sq.m., quiet location, unencumbered title, US$ 20,000., Phone: 809-712-4321, 809-856-8087, 809651-1816 House on 400 sq.m. plot, 3 apartments, bedroom / bath, kitchenette, quiet location in Los Reyes, Calle 6, callejon 2, Puerto Plata, expansion to 6 apartments possible, US$ 40,000. info@rialto, Phone: 809-712-4321, 809-856-8087, 809-651-1816

Long and Short Term - Rentals - of – bestsosuareal Re#060 2 BR, 2 BA Town House/Apartment, 126 sq.m/1,356 sq.ft, AC, Balcony, Garage, US$620, 3 months and up, athumeyer – 809-462-8140 Re#068h Huge, Furnished 5 BR/3BA Ocean View Villa, Sosua, 400 sq.m/4,305 sq.ft, Lot size 1,160 sq.m/12,485 sq.ft. US$850/Month for 1 year and up. athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 Re#156 co724 Furnished 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Ocean View, Sosua, 110 sq.m/1,183 sq.ft, US$100 per night, 2 nights and longer, – 809-4628140. One of a kind. House Rental Puerto Plata. Fully Furnished. View of Ocean and Mountain, high up fresh air, always electric and water, security, A/C, Karaoke Bar, Gym, Entertainment Area. RD$20,000. Call 809-303-0091 Apartment in Sosúa, 200 m to the beach, 1 room, 80 sq.m, RD$13,000 RD$/month, Tel: 809-607-4403

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Big apartment with kitchen, bath and garage in Sosúa-Maranata. RD$ 3,000 per month. Cel. 809-497-6913 Well-kept apartment in Sosúa-Los Castillos, 1 bedroom, living room, open kitchen, 2nd floor, balcony, RD$ 6,000, Tel. 809-493-7049 House for Rent – Long term: 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, private pool, parking, walking distance to the beach. Call: 809-963-2052

Small fully furnished house by the sea for rent, from April, long term or short term available. Infos at Verena's Café, Playa Chiquita. Please call for further information: 809-571-3027 270 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, 1bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine. Big swimming pool and green territory, gated parking. High speed internet 4 Mb. Price incl. water and electricity. Nice, quiet, green and safe place. Aparthotel "Las Palmas", tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos-http://www.face

Buy your old batteries (from inverter) at fair prices. Cel. 849-8831016

Electric scooters without battery 35,000 RD$, Solar water heater 180l 27,000 RD$, Solar Fridge 30,000 RD$, High quality! Cel: 849-6265809, E-mail: panelesolaresRD UPS series IL3624 inverter (3.6 KW/24 V DC), complete with 4 Dyno 6 Volt batteries, used very little for 3 months, sold as a unit only! RD$ 35,000 firm, Call 829-572-3487 (English)

Villa in Sosúa, 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, furnished, fully equipped kitchen, spacious living and dining room, private pool, garden, internet and cable access, Close to La Nueva Vida and main street. US$600 per month. or call 829-747-1717 Studio, private entrance, pool. Caribe Campo, Sosúa, next to the Palms US$150 per week. Monthly negotiable. Call David 829-850-1709 Family Home, 4 Bedroom, Ocean view, Gated Community. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406 Penthouse, Blue Green, 5 bedroom, Ocean front, unfurnished. Tel: 809399-9069 and 809-571-2406

300 - 350 US$ in Cabarete Center (closed to Police Office, first line to the beach across the road) for rent – 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, 1st or 2nd floor, furnished, terrace, washing machine, parking. Price incl. water and electricity. High speed internet 4 Mb. Apartamentos "Balcon del Mar", tel. 809-875-7701


from 50 Pesos Please come to our office

in Sosúa at the Beach Way Plaza

Professional massage table, American luxury brand "Earthlite", brought from denmark where it cost 1,200 dollars , it's almost not used, fixed price 16,000 pesos, please call 809949-3081 or email poulsenrd@

We move and sell an almost not used dishwasher, half size floor model, ideal for small apartment, best quality only 4,000 pesos new price around 20,000, a wooden cabinet for hang on the wall (American antique style 7,000 pesos), one sofa, small, American import, very comfortable, for 2 persons, used but very good quality! (much better than Dominican ones), only 4,900 pesos, and different other good things, call 809-949-3081 or Used books for sale at the Meeting Place, Puerto Plata, Calle Juan Bosch 60, open Tuesday to Friday 11-5, Saturday 11-3. PM Inverter, Automatic Inverter Charger, Model MA3524, 3,500 W, 24 V DC, including 4 batteries, RD$ 20,000. Phone 829-850-1709 All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra, 2nd plaza left of Palace of Justice.. Tel: 809-708-7618, email: info@rialto


Taller creativo for kids at Magenta Studio and Gallery @ Infiniti Blu. Hosted by Veronica Agostini. Painting, modelling, collage projects and much more. Open afternoons from 3:00 to 6:00. For info, please call Veronica 829-747-1717 or email me at Magenta Gallery, Calle Alejo Martínez (close to Restaurante Mio and Hairstyling Antonietta Ulisse). Cabarete Spanish lessons, qualified teacher, native speaker, contact 809840-4172, whatsap +34688256845

eg Hyundai Santa Fe from 1,300 RD$/day eg Supermoto 250 cc from 850 RD$/day eg Streetscooter 110 cc from 650 RD$/day Vehicles in top condition and insured! Rialto Group S.R.L., Puerto Plata Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra 2nd Plaza left of Palace of Justice Further infos at Tel: 809-261-8786, 809-708-7618 Email:

For rent: Chrysler PT Cruiser, 2005, automatic, AC, power windows, CDPlayer. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. Tel. 809-727-9850 For rent: Chevrolet Tracker, air conditioning, automatic, tech. impeccable. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. German / English / Spanish. Phone: 809-988-7376 For rent: Skoda, mechanical, Aircon, good condition, RD$ 900 per day, Phone 849-873-5598

For rent: Honda CRV, 2000, power windows, A/C, 1,000 RD$ per day, 5,000 RD$ per week, Puerto Plata, Tel. 809-727-9850.

Hyundai Santa Fe, 2005, marine blue, working A/C, running very nice, full equipment, US$ 8,000, Tel. 829702-0066

Plaza Galsi, Av. Luis Ginebra 175, POP

Tel: 809-708-7618 email: Mediation of architects, building design, construction and control, renovations and alterations, mediation of Construction Machinery, Bulldozer, Transport Service, etc., consulting, planning and execution of agricultural projects such as Greenhouses for vegetable gardening (also for export), Chicken farm or egg-laying operations. Take advantage of our 25-year experience in the Dominican Republic. We work with reputable companies and freelancers who we know personally for a long time and whose quality we are convinced in. Let us advise you without obligation and free of charge. You only pay when you place an order. We speak German, English and Spanish.

I never knew one word in the English language that can be a noun, verb, adj, adv, prep. UP This two-letter word in English has more meanings than any other two-letter word, and that word is 'UP.' It is listed in the dictionary as an [adv], [prep], [adj], [n] or [v]. It's easy to understand UP, meaning toward the sky or at the top of the list, but when we awaken in the morning, why do we wake UP? At a meeting, why does a topic come UP? Why do we speak UP, and why are the officers UP for election and why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report? We call UP our friends, brighten UP a room, polish UP the silver, warm UP the leftovers and clean UP the kitchen. We lock UP the house and fix UP the old car. At other times, this little word has real special meaning. People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UP excuses. To be dressed is one thing but to be dressed UP is special. And this UP is confusing: A drain must be opened UP because it is stopped UP. We open UP a store in the Chevrolet Avalanche, 2005, 6-Cyl., 5.3 Liter, all in good condition, US$ 10,000 o.n.o. Tel. 849-255-5492 Toyota Highlander, 2002, Colour White, Very well maintained, RD$ 450,000. Tel. 849-257-2473 Suzuki Grand Vitara, 2005, black, 4WD, CD-Player, RD$ 370.000 o.n.o. Tel. 849-916-7243 Skoda Fabia, 2004, 95,000 km, 5speed manual transmission, Aircon, good condition, RD$ 170,000, Tel. 809-318-9030, Engl., German, Span. Well maintained Pasola X1000, 2007, for sale, Tel. 809-493-7049

morning but we close it UP at night. We seem to be pretty mixed UP about UP! To be knowledgeable about the proper uses of UP, look UP the word UP in the dictionary. In a desk-sized dictionary, it takes UP almost 1/4 of the page and can add UP to about thirty definitions. If you are UP to it, you might try building UP a list of the many ways UP is used. It will take UP a lot of your time, but if you don't give UP, you may wind UP with a hundred or more. When it threatens to rain, we say it is clouding UP. When the sun comes out, we say it is clearing UP. When it rains, it soaks UP the earth. When it does not rain for a while, things dry UP. One could go on and on, but I'll wrap it UP, for now . . . my time is UP! Oh . . . one more thing: What is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night? U P! Did that one crack you UP? Don't screw UP. Send this on to everyone you look UP in your address book . . . .. or not . . . it's UP to you. Now I'll shut UP!

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