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Peaceful Soccer World Cup guaranteed High Death Toll of Caribbean “Boat People” / Peruvian oldest Woman in the World After there were demonstrations against the high costs of the Soccer World Cup and for better social services in a dozen Brazilian cities, including violent clashes with the police in São Paulo, Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff assured that during the Soccer World Cup, starting on 12 June, there will be no riots. Those who then might be demonstrating will “behave differently”, because the public opinion was against violence and vandalism. Rousseff said the Brazilian authorities had learned a lot from the Confederation Cup in 2013, when there were demonstrations across the country. Unlike the demonstrations last year, this time they were organized. At a press conference for sports journalists, she said she guarantees for the safety of the 32 participating teams and the FIFA representatives.

The IAHCR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) called on the governments of the Caribbean to comply with their tasks in the search and rescue of refugees and to prevent illegal boat trips. In 2014, there were already more than 20 incidents at sea, in which 19 people drowned and twelve are still missing. The last of these tragedies happened in front of Boca Chica, when a boat sank, carrying 18 Haitians that were trying to illegally reach Puerto Rico. Six of them drowned, twelve were rescued by the Dominican Navy . 240 Caribbean “boat people” were killed and 176 are missing since 2010.

Filomena Taipe was born in the Peruvian province Huancavelica on 20 of December 1897, which means she is older than the Japanese Misao Okawa who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest woman in the world, but who was born later than Filomena, on 5 of March 1898. Filomena Taipe was “discovered”, when Peru registered its inhabitants, which was a challenge, especially in the remote areas of the Andes and the Amazon lowlands. According to official data, now 98.3 percent of the Peruvians have a personal document. Taipe, who only speaks Quechua, the language of the Inca descendants, said there was no secret in her diet. She eats what always is there: cheese, milk, potatoes, beans and corn. She never ate food from cans or packets. She still cooks herself when she feels like doing it. The 116-year-old widow spends her days sitting in the courtyard, looking at the chain of the Andes. She has twelve children, 25 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren. Since this month, Filomena Taipe receives the state pension of 89 dollars for the first time, paid by the Peruvian government for over 65 year olds who have no income. Her youngest son Valerio, who is already 75 years old, is taking care of his mother and assures to be proud of her.

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