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Leonel beats them all Survey on the Opportunities of the Candidate / President would be reelected - if he could After a survey by the U.S. polling firm Penn, Schoen & Berland in partnership with the TV channel SIN, the Dominican Ex-President Leonel Fernández can have a broad smile on his face in the elections on 20 May 2016 if he should decide to run again as the candidate of his party PLD. According to the constitution, the present, extremely popular President Danilo Medina can not run again - if he does not change the constitution as his predecessors, to be able to be re-elected, which incidentally would be supported by 70 percent of the population. To defeat a possible PLD candidate Leonel Fernández, whose popularity slid down in the polls for accusing him massively of corruption and waste of public funds after the end of his presidency, according to the survey, none of the potential adversaries from the opposition party, the PRD, had a chance against the expresident. So a 30 percent of the interviewees foresee that Leonel Fernández will become the next president again.

Leonel Fernández's predecessor Hipólito Mejía (2000 to 2004) would get six percentage points less than the PLD boss, the same result as Luis Abinader, who has already expressed his interest in running for the PRD. Party leader Miguel Vargas Maldonado, who is in a bitter dispute with Hipólito Mejía, doesn't even have to think about competing. He would get just half of the votes of Leonel Fernández. For his behavior detrimental to the party, which by the way is seen by many as the work of Leonel Fernández to destroy the only serious opposition party, MVM, as he is often called for short, is rejected by 63 percent of the electorate. When asked who should be the next candidate of the PLD, the candidates who have already positioned look bad. About two-thirds want Danilo Medina for another term, about one fifth want the former President Leonel Fernández. Even Fernández' wife Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, who has not yet decided whether she will run, gets more support than the candidates Francisco Javier García and Reinaldo Pared Pérez (see last LA PLAYA).

On the question whether the politician is seen positively or negatively, President Medina is far in the lead. Except for the Vice President all others are judged negatively by over half of the respondents. When it comes to sympathy for the parties the ruling party PLD wins with 48 percent positive votes against 26 percent negative votes. The challenger PRD gets only 19 percent positive votes, but 65 percent are negative. It is amazing that 85 percent of respondents evaluate Danilo Medina's government better than Leonel Fernández' government, but on the question of who now leads the party, both PLD politicians are almost on a par, with only two points difference, although Danilo Medina governs the country for almost two years already.

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