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Naturalization Project Approval by Chamber of Deputies and Senate / Emergency Call System 911 starts May 31

After President Danilo Medina has met with a large number of representatives of the society and politics during almost eight months to ask them their opinion, how to find out best of the dilemma that was brought to the country due to the sentence 168-13 to citizenship by the Constitutional Court, he now presented his draft to a fair naturalization project to the chamber of Deputies that approved it on a fast run. At the beginning, most sectors were enthusiastic about the solution which could bring legal certainty to tens or even hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent who were born and raised here. But before the final ratification passed

in the Senate, the nationalist worriers started to report objections, the project violates the Dominican Constitution in several points. So it could not be made legal retroactively what was illegal in the previous constitutions. But all the dispute arose precisely because of the retroactiveness of the verdict, that children of immigrants who live in the country without valid documents have no right to Dominican nationality back until 1929. The project aims to make it easier for those affected, to now become Dominicans officially, if they can prove that they were born here and have some kind of birth records, even if they are illegal. But representatives of their lobbies, such as, don't agree with the proposed method. Their argument is that someone who is Dominican citizen already, it did not need to make an application to become Dominican. In the Chamber of Deputies, the project required a two-thirds majority to be adopted. It was adopted unanimously. The Senate also approved the project with the unanimous votes of all present 26 senators. Now it has to be ratified by the President to become law. After the Dominican Republic came under heavy international fire for the judgment of the Constitutional Court, now the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR, Spanish abbreviation: ACNUR), also known as the UN Refugee Agency praised the solution proposed by the President. It now depended how the project was being implemented. And it also should take into account those, whose birth was never registered.

On May 31, the long-prepared emergency call system with the unit number 911 will be taken in operation first in Santo Domingo. Presidential spokesman Roberto Rodríguez Marchena said, after more than 50 test runs, the engineers have now given the okay to start. Depending on the experiences in the capital, the system will then be extended to the whole country gradually. In an emergency, the citizens then can call the number 911 for free, where they will be forwarded to the appropriate department, such as police, hospital or fire brigade. Attorney General Domínguez Brito warned that misusing this number will have legal consequences for the „jokers“ . (Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, Z101)

Leonel beats them all Survey on the Opportunities of the Candidate / President would be reelected - if he could After a survey by the U.S. polling firm Penn, Schoen & Berland in partnership with the TV channel SIN, the Dominican Ex-President Leonel Fernández can have a broad smile on his face in the elections on 20 May 2016 if he should decide to run again as the candidate of his party PLD. According to the constitution, the present, extremely popular President Danilo Medina can not run again - if he does not change the constitution as his predecessors, to be able to be re-elected, which incidentally would be supported by 70 percent of the population. To defeat a possible PLD candidate Leonel Fernández, whose popularity slid down in the polls for accusing him massively of corruption and waste of public funds after the end of his presidency, according to the survey, none of the potential adversaries from the opposition party, the PRD, had a chance against the expresident. So a 30 percent of the interviewees foresee that Leonel Fernández will become the next president again.

Leonel Fernández's predecessor Hipólito Mejía (2000 to 2004) would get six percentage points less than the PLD boss, the same result as Luis Abinader, who has already expressed his interest in running for the PRD. Party leader Miguel Vargas Maldonado, who is in a bitter dispute with Hipólito Mejía, doesn't even have to think about competing. He would get just half of the votes of Leonel Fernández. For his behavior detrimental to the party, which by the way is seen by many as the work of Leonel Fernández to destroy the only serious opposition party, MVM, as he is often called for short, is rejected by 63 percent of the electorate. When asked who should be the next candidate of the PLD, the candidates who have already positioned look bad. About two-thirds want Danilo Medina for another term, about one fifth want the former President Leonel Fernández. Even Fernández' wife Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, who has not yet decided whether she will run, gets more support than the candidates Francisco Javier García and Reinaldo Pared Pérez (see last LA PLAYA).

On the question whether the politician is seen positively or negatively, President Medina is far in the lead. Except for the Vice President all others are judged negatively by over half of the respondents. When it comes to sympathy for the parties the ruling party PLD wins with 48 percent positive votes against 26 percent negative votes. The challenger PRD gets only 19 percent positive votes, but 65 percent are negative. It is amazing that 85 percent of respondents evaluate Danilo Medina's government better than Leonel Fernández' government, but on the question of who now leads the party, both PLD politicians are almost on a par, with only two points difference, although Danilo Medina governs the country for almost two years already.

Danilo's Popularity continues to rise New Gallup-Hoy Poll: More Crime, less Security / Dissatisfaction with Work of Police

Almost simultaneously with the Penn, Schoen & Berland survey, another survey was published by the opinion research company Gallup in collaboration with the daily newspaper „Hoy“. The focus of the questions was different, but also here the popularity of President Danilo Medina was obvious. A fantastic 89.3 percent of the population acknowledge the way Danilo Medina leads the government, nearly two percent more than in the February survey. But the approval for the president drops dramatically in some subjects. So just 40 percent approve his handling of social conflicts, crime, poverty and public transport. His performance is evaluated even worse on the issues of environment and power supply - here the President gets just 30 percent approval. The President also faces harsh criticism in monitoring the border with Haiti. 60 percent rejection. And more than 50 percent disapprove of his policies for more employment and to combat inflation. His achievements in economic policy are considered as poor by 49 percent, 48.4 percent consider his policy on citizen

security as poor, and 40.3 percent see the same in the police reform. But also the work of the opposition is poorly rated. 56.6 percent, regardless of party affiliation, disapprove of the work of the opposition. Other questions were about whether the corruption in the country has become less. 42.9 percent feel that there is less corruption with Danilo Medina as president as under his predecessor Leonel Fernández, 35.8 percent say it has remained the same, and 19.7 percent think that there is even more corruption now. The main evils of the Dominican Republic were called the crime, unemployment and inflation. For 68 percent of the Dominicans, crime - robberies, assaults and violence - are the main problem in the country. For the residents of the capital, crime is at the top of their concerns with 72 percent. Despite the plan for Public Safety of the government, 45 percent of the citizens believe that in their neighborhood there now is more crime than one year ago, 37 percent believe that it now is better in their residential area. 60 percent say the security situation in the Dominican Republic is alarming, and for 78 percent it has become unsafe to live here. Their own personal financial situation is considered as very bad and bad by 67 percent of the respondents. This is a significant increase since February, when it still was at 55 percent. The minimum wage in the Dominican Republic is from 6,888 to 11,298 pesos, while the family basket, according to official figures, is at 23,398 pesos. 49 percent feel the country is on a bad way, however, for 46 percent it goes in the right direction. Nearly half (49 percent) of the respondents said that they were dissatisfied with the

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protection provided by the police in their area. 87 percent said that last year they did not receive any protection from the police, in the east of the country, this figure is even 90 percent. But people also understand that the main problem of the police is their low wages, for ten percent that is the reason for the corruption in the police force. The poor service also is explained by many with poor education, lack of personnel and the outdated equipment of the police. Asked whether they believe the police has the means to defend themselves and people like them against crime. 67 percent said yes and 31.2 said no.

Peaceful Soccer World Cup guaranteed High Death Toll of Caribbean “Boat People” / Peruvian oldest Woman in the World After there were demonstrations against the high costs of the Soccer World Cup and for better social services in a dozen Brazilian cities, including violent clashes with the police in São Paulo, Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff assured that during the Soccer World Cup, starting on 12 June, there will be no riots. Those who then might be demonstrating will “behave differently”, because the public opinion was against violence and vandalism. Rousseff said the Brazilian authorities had learned a lot from the Confederation Cup in 2013, when there were demonstrations across the country. Unlike the demonstrations last year, this time they were organized. At a press conference for sports journalists, she said she guarantees for the safety of the 32 participating teams and the FIFA representatives.

The IAHCR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) called on the governments of the Caribbean to comply with their tasks in the search and rescue of refugees and to prevent illegal boat trips. In 2014, there were already more than 20 incidents at sea, in which 19 people drowned and twelve are still missing. The last of these tragedies happened in front of Boca Chica, when a boat sank, carrying 18 Haitians that were trying to illegally reach Puerto Rico. Six of them drowned, twelve were rescued by the Dominican Navy . 240 Caribbean “boat people” were killed and 176 are missing since 2010.

Filomena Taipe was born in the Peruvian province Huancavelica on 20 of December 1897, which means she is older than the Japanese Misao Okawa who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest woman in the world, but who was born later than Filomena, on 5 of March 1898. Filomena Taipe was “discovered”, when Peru registered its inhabitants, which was a challenge, especially in the remote areas of the Andes and the Amazon lowlands. According to official data, now 98.3 percent of the Peruvians have a personal document. Taipe, who only speaks Quechua, the language of the Inca descendants, said there was no secret in her diet. She eats what always is there: cheese, milk, potatoes, beans and corn. She never ate food from cans or packets. She still cooks herself when she feels like doing it. The 116-year-old widow spends her days sitting in the courtyard, looking at the chain of the Andes. She has twelve children, 25 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren. Since this month, Filomena Taipe receives the state pension of 89 dollars for the first time, paid by the Peruvian government for over 65 year olds who have no income. Her youngest son Valerio, who is already 75 years old, is taking care of his mother and assures to be proud of her.

Three Years in Office Martelly's Opponents try to derail Elections / Uruguay's President José Mujica visited USA

On May 14, Haitian President Michel Martelly celebrated the third anniversary of his inauguration in front of thousands of his supporters. He highlighted the progress made to date by his government, such as the construction of schools or the successful attracting of foreign investors, and vowed to continue to fight for the good of all Haitians. Talking about the demonstrations against him, Martelly said, he had no prob-lem with these people who take their rights. However, no violence will be tolerated. The opposition again demanded the resignation of Martelly, the release of political prisoners and the withdrawal of the international community for the tense political situation in the country.

Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe accused a part of the opposition to torpedo the elections set for October 26 on the third anniversary of the inauguration of President Martelly, repeatedly postponed since two years. The country is the “hostage” of the “stubbornness” of some politicians that prevented the progress and tried to block the scheduled elections with anti-democratic actions. In the three years, the government Martelly was trying to put democracy in Haiti on a firmer basis, away from the instability that characterized the political system of Haiti since the mid-eighties. It has been working painstakingly for 18 months on these elections, and the “Convention of El Rancho” (a hotel in Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince) is committed to the election date in October. As part of the agreement, the government accepted most demands of the opposition, but still a part of the opposition tries to block systematically the execution of this first joint agreement. “If these politicians get away with this, the spectrum of instability and the return to a time when the corrupt practices only created opportunities for the politicians, but not for the population, is a real possibility,” warned Lamothe. These politicians stood behind the violent demonstrations against Martelly to force him to resign. Until now, these demonstrations have only served to paint a false picture of a chaotic Haiti, and are deterring foreign aid which is needed so urgently to create jobs, on which depends our economy”, complained Foreign Minister Lamothe.

Former guerrilla José Mujica, today highly acclaimed President of Uruguay, met with President Obama for an hour during his state visit to the United States for a talk. Main topics were the student and faculty exchange between the two countries and the acceptance of Guantánamo prisoners by Uruguay. Another important issue was the legal action by Philip Morris against Uruguay and Uruguay's strict anti-tobacco laws. “Every year, worldwide, eight million people die because they smoke,” Mujica said. “In Uruguay we are in a very tough fight and struggle against very powerful interests.” The topic marijuana was not addressed in the conversation of the Presidents, because the U.S. government still didn't find a clear line after the legalization of marijuana in two states. Later Mujica said, that Uruguay for sure will not become a reefer's nation for the legalization of marijuana.

Your Horoscope for June 2014 Good Time to start a Business for Taurus / Capricorn should help a Friend if required

You just have to implement your plans into life. Realize one project after another and do not worry if something will not work from the first time – you will have enough time to try again. Just keep your composure and fighting attitude. In terms of personal relationships, problems will definitely occur. To resolve the current problems you will need to collect all your strength and concentrate on each problem.

Take the most complicated and biggest projects without a shadow of a doubt. The confidence in yourself and the wish to work will be the components of your success. The overall atmosphere will be extremely positive this month. If you encounter a problem that seems too serious for you to find a sudden fix for it, with a maximum possibility, it will just be an illusion, which will dissipate at your first attempts to resolve it.

This will be a great month for you in terms of business and entrepreneurship. Many of your projects, that are either long forgotten by you, or classified as absolutely without potential, will suddenly show themselves as bright and potentially profitable ones. But you should not immediately reach out to all of them, since your luck can pass on to someone else. In addition, it is likely that you will fix your relationships with others.

The first summer month may be an exceptional time in terms of luck. In terms of entrepreneurial activity, you will have a real chance to acquire unheard of profits. This is especially relevant towards those that are just starting their business. Those that work for someone else are urged to consider having their own business as soon as possible. This is a great period for such a beginning.

You may count on an extremely fortunate set of circumstances in all spheres of your lives. Most of the really acute conflicts will resolve themselves with minimal effort on behalf of you, though this does not at all rule out the possibility of difficult situations, in which you must use cleverness, persistence, and finesse. Focus yourself, create a work plan and move forward, towards the realization of your goal.

There will come possibilities for moving your operations to a qualitatively (and sometimes even quantitatively) new level. Only pay attention! The rest will happen itself. Just be attentive to people and events that will be around you. Perhaps, some of your competitors will even allow you to grasp some great opportunity. If you are at the right place at the right time you easily can turn the situation to your advantage.

You will have to mostly rely on your own intuition, as during some events even your mind will not react fast enough to the rapidly changing circumstances. You will most likely get lucky in something, but being pleasant, it is not going to be a significant moment, so you should not count on it. What you should count on is your professionalism. Those that work for themselves should keep their current positions.

This month will be a time that is definitely positive. While some difficulties still may arise on your path of life, they will all be quite solvable, or at a minimum will not present a grand danger. The only thing you should pay attention to is the possibility of a serious conflict with your management. Pay close attention to this! This conflict is unavoidable, but it can be resolved through your correct demeanour.

Many situations will not have a pronounced positive or negative solution. Any path of resolving a complex ambiguous issue will be good and correct in its own right. You will go through a relatively stable period that will lack any negative moments, or positive ones as well. In other words, do not expect a raise. While most likely everything will not go as planned, the situation also will not end up bad either.

This month will be a relatively successful period. Of course, there is some possibility of conflicts and ambiguous situations; however, you should remember that there are no ideal time periods. Do not worry, no matter how hard it gets (though it is unlikely that anything will get hard). You have everything to reach your goal. Do not doubt yourself. Better to doubt others, and do not delegate the most important tasks to others.

Currently any of your initiatives will be accepted positively or at least neutrally. If you have your own business, then no competitor will be able to catch up with you. Draw conclusions and formulate an optimal strategy on their basis. Do not rush and bravely head towards the implementation of your plans. This way you will minimize your risks, and definitely do not lose anything.

If you have your own business then do not try to overcome your competitors during this period. You may even win, perhaps, but the result of this victory will not influence you in the best way in the future. In your relationships with friends, it is quite likely that a situation will arise where one will need your help. Do not deny them this help for any reason, even if it could lead to some problems for yourself.

Santa María discovered? Wreck off Haiti's Coast could be Columbus' sunk Flagship

On 25 December 1492, the flagship of the discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus, “Santa María”, was stranded on a reef off the coast of today's Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. His team yet managed to offload the cannons, rifles and a couple of large wooden planks and bring them ashore before the ship sank. The men built the first Spanish fort called Navidad (Christmas) on the north coast, where Columbus left a part of the

crew, as he sailed back to Spain on the smaller “Nina” to report the new found lands to the throne. On his second voyage, he found the fort destroyed and his men killed by the natives. Now, British explorers announced that they have found the remains of the caravel after more than 500 years. According to Barry Clifford, the geographical and archaeological coincidences match out that it is in fact Columbus' three-master. Clifford praised the Haitian Government, which was very helpful with his company. Now he hopes to be able to prove that the remains indeed belong to the “Santa María” with the help of the Spanish and Haitian governments. Also the Dominican Minister of Culture, José Antonio Rodríguez, said to follow the discovery with “great interest”, since it has to do with the Dominican history.

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Fefita la Grande


Finally got her U.S. Visa

Arrest Warrant in Santiago

Jair Rodrigues Idol of Samba has died Due to non-compliance with his probation, the Court of Appeal in Santiago issued an arrest warrant against the star of the Música urbana, Omega El Fuerte. After a shootout in Santiago, where his bodyguards were involved, Omega disobeyed the regular dates for reporting at court and did not pay the bail of two million pesos.

After 13 years, the grande dame of Merengue Típico, Fefita la Grande, or some call her less flattering La Vieja Fefa (The old Fefa), finally got the long-awaited visa for the United States. Her manager Vidal Cedeño is now planning a big event for her numerous Dominican fans in New York in June or July with ten to 15 other artists participating.

Jennifer Lopez First Book: “True Love”

On October 28, Jennifer Lopez will publish her first book “True Love” simultaneously in Spanish and English. The book focuses on a span of two years in which Jennifer Lopez had to face her biggest challenges as an artist and a mother.

Tempo Jair Rodrigues, Brazilian idol of Samba, died at the age of 75 years in São Paulo on 8 May. Throughout his career, he recorded nearly 50 albums, including a duet with Elis Regina “Dois na Bossa” with bossa novas. Two of the songs on his first album in 1962, he dedicated the Brazilian national football team which became world champion in that year. In 2006, Jair Rodrigues was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category “Best Samba Album”.

First Concert after Jail

Jadiel Deadly Accident

The Puerto Rican Reggaeton star Ramón Alberto González Adams aka “Jadiel el Tsunami” or “El Incomparable” died in New Jersey on his motorcycle on May 10 after a visit to his mother for the Mother's Day when he crashed with a car. His brother witnessed the accident driving another motorcycle. Jadiel (“Fashion Girl”) was buried in his home town Ponce, Puerto Rico.

After eleven years in prison for drug trafficking and possessing an illegal weapon, the Puerto Rican rapper Tempo gave his first concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In July, Tempo will come to Santo Domingo.

What is this Guy singing? “Remenéate” by El Alfa In the daily newspaper “Listín Diario”, experts recently discussed on the subject Música urbana, especially the Dembow, and its negative impact on the Dominican youth through the glorification of violence, drugs and sex. The feminist movement apparently has passed these artists completely without leaving any trace. The only women's movement of which is something to see in their videos, is the circling hip movement of rounded minors, if possible filmed from behind or invitingly on the floor. (La Materialista: “Papi, te gustan las chapas que vibran? - Daddy, do you like the butt vibrating?”) The stars of this musical branch come up and die down in rapid succession. Currently El Alfa is on top. Now, switch off your brain and dance! Con el gritico por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo. Por abajo, por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo ... Remenéate re remenéate re remenéate re remenéate Reme reme reme reme reme reme reme reme reme remenéate Rrrrrrrrrrrrremenéate Con el gritico por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo. Por abajo, por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo ... Remenéate re remenéate re remenéate re remenéate. Reme reme reme reme reme reme reme reme reme remenéate. Rrrrrrrrrrrrremenéate. Chupa chupa chupa la manguera de la hookah. Dale, dale, dale, sigue, sigue no te pare. Yo no cojo, loca, conti so pa el lecho. Cuando paso por tu coro intimidation. Wey, tu ere un Rocoloco. Wey, tu no tiene efectivo. Wey, tu no cabe en este coro entiende que tu no tá atractivo. Wey, tu ere un Rocoloco. Wey, tu no tiene efectivo. Wey, tu no cabe en este coro tu no entiende que tu no tá atractivo. Con el gritico por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo. Por abajo, por abajo. Con el gritico por abajo ... Remenéate re remenéate re remenéate re remenéate. Reme reme reme reme reme reme reme reme reme remenéate. Rrrrrrrrrrrrremenéate. Cuando los jefes hablan, el movimiento tiembla. Esto es otra vaina, otro nivel.

Get down with the little scream. Get down with the little scream. Get down with the little scream. Down, down. Get down with the little scream ... Move your hips, move, move your hips, move, move your hips, move your hips, Move your hips, move, move your hips, move, move your hips, move your hips, Moooooooove your hips. Get down with the little scream. Get down with the little scream. Get down with the little scream. Down, down. Get down with the little scream ... Move your hips, move, move your hips, move, move your hips, move your hips, Move your hips, move, move your hips, move, move your hips, move your hips, Moooooooove your hips. Suck, suck, suck the hose of the hookah. Do it, do it, do it, go on, go on, don't stop. I don't take it, crazy chick, with you only to the bed. When I pass your group, intimidation. Wey, you are a Loco Roco, Wey, you don't have cash. Wey, you do not fit into this group, understand, you're not attractive. Wey, you are a Loco Roco, Wey, you don't have cash. Wey, you do not fit into this group, You don't understand, you're not attractive. Get down with the little scream. Get down with the little scream. Get down with the little scream. Down, down. Get down with the little scream ... Move your hips, move, move your hips, move, move your hips, move your hips, Move your hips, move, move your hips, move, move your hips, move your hips, Moooooooove your hips. When the bosses are talking, the movement trembles. This is something different, a different level.

Although his little voice, similar to a comic character, can be heard nearly anywhere for some time, there is little information on who is this El Alfa el Taliban. Older hits from El Alfa are “Fuin fuan” or “Muévete jevi”. Also “Suelta ese tipo en banda” along with Don Miguelo is often heard. According to his manager, El Alfa now wants to clean his texts to start an international career.

So sexy


So wild

Three women, very good friends, the first is a single, the second is engaged and the third is married, sit to gossip – and as usual it comes to men. Suddenly they have an idea. They want to know what happens when they dress sexy and see how the men react to it. A few days later they meet again. The unmarried reports: “I dressed in a black leather bodysuit, stilettos and an eye mask. Then I went to the disco, opened my raincoat, a guy saw it, did not say a word, and we had wild sex all night.” The fiancee reports: “I came to his house, with a black leather bodysuit, outrageously high stilettos and an eye mask. He just said, 'Wow!', and we had wild sex all night.” The married woman says: “I first brought the kids to my mother, then I changed my clothes - black leather bodysuit, high stilettos, eye mask. When my husband came home, he took a a beer out of the fridge, sat on the sofa and asked in front of the television: “Hey, Batman, what did you cook today?”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

Two wedding couples are passing their honeymoon in Punta Cana. In the same hotel, their hotel rooms next to each other and with a shared balcony. Both husbands come to the balcony early in the morning, recovering from Wedding night. The one stretches and stretches and looks to his neighbor. That one stretches and stretches too, and then growls: “Well, how was your night?” “Great, and how was yours?” “Fantastic, and how is your wife?” “I think she's fine, she lies in the bed and smokes. And how is your wife?” “Not quite that bad, she's just a little sore.”

Two women are talking: “My husband is always horny. The other day I was bowing over a freezer when he lifted my skirt up and took me from behind. My God, how I have groaned and screamed!” The other: “So what? That's great, my husband did the same some day.” The first woman replies: “But not in a supermarket!”

Two women are talking about their gardens. “This year it seems my tomatoes don't get red, they are still green.” The other answers: “I have a tip for you. Go to the garden tonight at twilight, take off your clothes and walk around the tomato bush – I did so and all my tomatoes got red immediately.” A few days the two meet at the fence again. “Did it work with your tomatoes?”, asks the first one. “No”, answers the other, “but my cucumbers now are five feet long!”

Two women, married for many years, converse at the barber's: “Every time my husband has an orgasm, he does a primal scream, which would make all the glory even to Tarzan!” “You are lucky! This must be a deeply satisfying feeling for you after all these years. Obviously, he still has lots of fun with you in your marriage.” “In principle, you're right, but I always wake up when he does that!”


Sudoku No. 241 (easy)

Sudoku No. 242


The Page of Health Bariatric Surgery

Obesity should already be prevented in Children / Gastric Bypass a Solution for Diabetes? Not only in the rich countries, also in the developing world, obesity has become a major health problem next to the cancer, which should be taken care of already during childhood. According to Dr. Alfredo Alonso Poza, head of the surgical department of the University Hospital of the Southeast in Madrid, today obesity is denoted as the new epidemic of the 21st century by physicians and surgeons. The surgeon said, a morbidly obese has a five times higher probability to suffer a heart

attack than a normal weight person. If he additionally is suffering from high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, calcified arteries, kidney damage or diabetes, he runs a high risk of dying within the next five years. The doctor advises, therefore, to be careful that children will not get too fat, because then there is the risk of becoming a morbidly obese when adult. In morbidly obese, in many cases, a surgical procedure is necessary to prevent or to cure secondary diseases. Also in the Dominican Republic, these surgeries are performed more frequently now in morbidly obese and diabetic patients. But the doctor's opinions are controversial in this so-called bariatric surgery, in which the stomach is reduced surgically. The main criticism is that it is a healthy organ which is operated. In addition, as a result of this intervention, a special diet is required for a lifetime, which is not freely selectable. In the diabetic patients after a bariatric surgery often occurs a significant improvement of health, up to an apparently normal blood sugar metabolism. Due to the hor-

Drinking Problem? Alcoholics Anonymous works. English speaking, 10 meetings a week, in an outdoor, garden gazebo in Cabarete. Saturday noon meeting open to everyone. Call John for times and directions: 809-307-0321

monal changes after stomach stapling or gastric bypass it often leads to normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Often patients don't need any more medication or can reduce the dose significantly after this surgery. However, that does not necessarily mean a complete cure of diabetes mellitus, it can recur later again. But there are no long-term studies about these speculations yet. Young people generally become overweight or obese because they don’t get enough physical activity in combination with poor eating habits. By changing the habits, the weight normally will take care of itself.

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a315c Studio Condo Sosua Center, 22.06 sq.m/237 sq.ft. US$29,500, furnished, ground floor, - – athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140. a332 2 Townhouse Style Apartments in 1, Reduced to US$75,000 Owner finance available! 2 BR,2 BA, furnished, 96.6 sq.m/1,040 sq.ft. Andrea: 829-4297887, a339 Furnished 1 BR Studio Apartment – Sosua, 38 sq.m/409 sq.ft, on sale US$32,500. Maint. US$105. – 809-462-8140 a348 Gorgeous 2 BR,1.5 BA Ocean Front Apartment, Cabarete. Size 95.35 sq.m/1,026 sq.ft, now US$ 175,000, Owner finance, www.ready - – 809-462-8140 a353 2 Bedroom Apartment, 2nd Floor – Sosua. 80,52 sq.m/867 sq.ft, Reduced to US$59,900 - Owner finance available, athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 a372 Stylish Furnished 2 BR Apartment, Ocean View, 3rd Floor, Sosua, 116,84 sq.m/1,258 sq.ft, US$175,000, www.bestsosuareal – 809-462-8140

Your dream home in the DR! Beautiful villas and spacious lots for sale, all with magnificent ocean view in the hills above Puerto Plata Buy your home ready, let us build it for you, or build yourself in a quiet, green, rural, forested environment Visit us at or call 849-653-5308 or 809-440-1420

by owner, call 809-753-7541

co518 Furnished 2 Bedroom Villa, Gated Lot 448 sq.m/4,822 sq.ft, Building 110sq.m/1,184 sq.ft, now only US$148,000. athumeyer – 809-462-8140. co547 3 BR/3.5 BA Villa – unfurnished, Sosua/Cabarete, close to ocean, Building 150 sq.m/1,615 sq.ft., Lot 760 sq.m/8,180 sq.ft., Now only US$219,000. athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 co673 Furnished 3 BR, 2BA Villa, Sosua, Building 145 sq.m/1,560 sq.ft, lot 511 sq.m, now only US$195,000, pool. - 809462-8140 co687 Wonderful 3BR/3.5BA Ocean View Mansion – Sosua, Building 240 sq.m/2,584 sq.ft, Lot 1,305 sq.m/14,045 sq.ft, furnished, now only US$184,000. athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140

REDUCED $80,000 from $329,000 to $249.000. New villa just built never lived in. 3 bedrooms 3 bath custom built 10 year warranty, PVC windows double glass sliders. Superb plumbing system (lifetime), Superb electrical system (lifetime), Energy Efficient (eco pool pump, led lighting, on demand water heater), Low maintenance, stucco pool, fiberglass pressure tank, pvc, natural stone floors including coralina, marbol, granite countertops, soft close cabinets, 10 inch deep sink with pull out faucet, hardwood in kitchen & front door, roof membrane light weight clay tiles, grohe faucets throughout. Email david@drlistings .com House on 400 sq.m. plot, 3 apartments, bedroom / bath, kitchenette, quiet location in Los Reyes, Calle 6, callejon 2, Puerto Plata, expansion to 6 apartments possible, EUR 50,000 or US$ 67,500., Phone: 809712-4321, 809-856-8087, 809-6511816 Small Finca, 10,000 sq.m., with fruit trees, nice house, 2 bed / bath, large living room, garage, patio, 3.30 x 8 m. In separate buildings 2 studios of 25 sq.m., bedrooms / bath, closet, pool 8 x 4 m surrounded of terrace of 2 m, 80,000 liter tank, diesel generator + Inverter, 3.5 kw, gazebo with sitting area 30 sq.m., barbecue, water / electricity 24, unencumbered title, US$ 225,000. info@rialto, Phone: 809-712-4321, 809-856-8087, 809-651-1816


Building plot in Villa Cofresi (Los Dos), Puerto Plata, 926 sq.m., quiet location, unencumbered title, US$ 25,000., Phone: 809-712-4321, 809-856-8087, 809651-1816 Double garage, also to use as a storeroom, for sale in La Mulata 2. Apartamentos Caribe. US$ 6,000. Phone 809-493-7049. Beach Front Property For Sale Cabrera exceptional property, terms available call 809-776-1651 or go to for pics and more info. Restaurant for sale in Cabarete. Excellent location. Clean, potential for growth. Good price, good rent. For more info call 1-613-741-7427 or email

Long and Short Term - Rentals - of – bestsosuareal

House in Dominican Style Newly built 1 bedroom apartment attached to a villa. Located in Escondido Bay gated community with 24 hour security. Walk to beach, gym and restaurant in community. Small mini markets nearby. Internet and Cable tv included. Fully furnished with washer/dryer, AC, backup power and water system. Large fenced yard. 650 US$ monthly, email

Plot of land 415 sq.m, House 200 sq.m. 1st floor: Sales area, 2nd floor: Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath. Sosúa, Calle Pedro Clisante

Info: Tel. 809-753-7541

Re#032c Part Furnished 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath House – Sosua, close to Inter. School, Building size 180 sq.m/1,938 sq.ft, Lot 980 sq.m/10,548 sq.ft, no Pool. US$600/month - 6 months and up. – 809462-8140.

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For Sale - Se Vende 2 lots next to Centro Medico Sosua (CMC) Deslinde, excellent commercial/ residential, Ocean View, 870 M2, US$65,000.00, some financing Please call 809-383-8279

Sudoku No. 241

Sudoku No. 242

Re#123 a332 Furnished,1 BR, 1 Bathroom Townhouse Style Condo, 1 Minute to new supermarket, pool, gated, 41 sq.m, starting US$330/ month, – 809462-8140 Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546 Big apartment with kitchen, bath and garage in Maranatha. RD$ 3,000/ month. Cel. 809-497-6913 New apartment with 65 sq.m. (unfurnished), 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, in Sosua at the Hotel Las Cañas for rent for 12,000 pesos including electricity, water and internet! Tel: 829-977-1676 Apartments in Los Castillos with one or two bedrooms for rent. Furnished or semi-furnished, 24 hrs water and electricity. More information at 809493-7049.

Kiters, enjoy the best location on Kite Beach. Seeking a long and short term rental for a lovely 50m2 ground floor oceanfront studio. fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, terrace, pool, 24 hour power, security, gated parking, HiSpeed internet, cable TV, 2 queen beds, spacious bright bathroom with double sink, large tiled shower. US$690 per month all included. Enjoy the sunset all year round. Seeking a long term and short rental for the nicest 100 sq.m, 2 bedroom oceanfront apartment in Cabarete. It is fully equipped with air conditioning, 2 terraces, pool, 24 hour power, security, gated parking, HiSpeed internet, cable TV, bar restaurant, easy walk to town, Janets. $1,750 per month all included. One bedroom apartment US$1,000 per month. icabarete1

Salesperson, computer knowledge, Spanish and English, real estate, a sixfigure income is possible. Apply for appointment: 829-292-1892 Canadian/Dominican Family looking for a profesional chef with experience and/or study in culinary school. Under 35 years old. Also to help in administrative work and help in the house. Sosua area. Send email to: Advertising Sales Job Click on “Contact” Phone (+1) 260-624-4414 Great opportunity to sell Legal Insurance and have residual income Full or Part time call 809-776-1651

Apartment and Studio in Cabarete, Villa Mar, for rent. Furnished, Inverter, dog no problem, garden with barbecue place, beach in a walking distance. Apartment RD$ 9,000, Studio RD$ 8,000. Tel. 829929-4389 oder 829-478-8238. Nice apartment in Sosúa. 2 minute drive to the center, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 terrace, kitchen, furnished. Washing machine, swimming pool, free WiFi, Internet, cable TV, etc. 24 h security and electricity, US$ 299 + US$ 100 a.c./month. English, Spanish, German spoken. Call 829-802-8686 / 809801-86 60 260 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine. Big swimming pool, billiard, parking. High speed internet - 6 Mb. Price incl. water and electricity. Nice, quiet, green and safe place. Aparthotel Las Palmas, tel. 809-8757701 (fotos -http://www.facebook. com/laspalmas.cabarete) Studio with aircon, private entrance, pool. Caribe Campo, next to the Palms US$150 per week. Monthly negotiable. Call Fabianne 829-8200726 Apartment in Sosua, El Batey, 2 bedrooms, living room, 1 bathroom, kitchen, terrace, garden, parking space, Rent US$ 400 + electricity + 1 month deposit. Phone 829-885-8617

German janitor, versed in technology around the house, is looking for employment. Phone 809-571-1276

Young Canadian/Dominican family with kids looking for a professional chef with experience and/or studied in school. Preferred under 40 years old. Also will be required to work in business administration and assist executive. English preferred .Sosua area. Send email to: david@drlis

New Roland F8 Fantom piano and heavy duty stand plus factory rolling padded travel case. The very best electric piano you can play. 10 inch screen, full sized 88 keyboard. more features than you mention. US$3,000. Paid $5,000 after shipping import and duties. Call 809-885-2668 Minolta AF 7000, SLR Camera for films, tele 70-210 and 28-70 and flash Minolta AF 2800, camera bag, little used, all together RD$ 5,000, to get in the LA PLAYA Office, Phone 829373-1218 Brand new in box - 2 amazing biometric door entry systems, Use up to 100 fingerprints, easy to use, never lose a key. Great for rental condos. left or right entry. US$200 Boxes of luxury living magazines, Showboat, Watch Time, Robb Report, Design, Architectural Digest, GQ, like new. FREE 809-8852668 Website Design. Best prices anywhere. We will create you a Website to meet your needs. Personal, Business site or online store with shopping cart. Just tell us what you need. Email or call 809-776-1651

Studio apartment, furnished US$325 per month. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, unfurnished US$400 per month, inverter, 1st floor. Call 809-383-8279

Looking for small, clean house in very quiet surroundings(!) In Sosúa, with permanent water and electricity. Very happy to purchase on pensions or rental basis. Up to US$350/ month, long term! Offers to 829-3731218

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, Plaza Turisol, Local 12g. Tel: 809-708-7618, email: info@rialto

Air Compressor: Schulz Twister Bravo, CSI 7.4/50 - 1.5hp. 140 psi max. 110/220 volts. New over US$700. Now offered at HALF cost: US$350. Compressor works great. Perfect for around the house/garage use - runs nailers, impact guns, ratchets, sprayers just fine. Phone 809-261-1703 POP Wide selection of VCR tapes, 10 pesos each. Or make an offer for the lot. Sold as is, no returns or refunds. The Book Nook, 829-918-4307 Satellite dish, used, 185 cm in diameter, sturdy GRP-design, inexpensive, near Sosua, Call after 10 am: 809-852-83 88

Moringa-seeds for sale: 20 pieces = 100 RD$, 50 pieces = 200 RD$, 100 pieces = 350 RD$. Moringa-leaves on inquiry. Call 809-571-0471 Cabarete Hardware & Tools: Air Compressors: “PowerMate” (HeavyDuty, 20-Gallon, 1.5-HP, 135PSI, Electric) / “Pro-Force” (Portable, 3Gallon, 1-HP, Electric)/ Professional, Heavy-Duty Rotary Hammer Drill “Bosch” (GBH-4-DFE SDS Plus) Variable Speed, Quick Change, 3 Operation Modes/ Electric Clamp Multi-Meter: “ExTech” (EX830) 1000A True RMS AC/DC Meter w-IR Thermometer. Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Estate Sale: Mahogany Furniture (Night Tables, Dressers)/ 6-Light Chandelier/ 11-foot Market Umbrella/ Commercial Treadmill (“Landice” L-7 Pro Sports Trainer) And much more Call: 829-3228982 / Email:

Espresso Machine: (New) “Mini Moka Demoka” (M593) Full-Auto, Pump Pressure System, Integrated Grinder, Portion System, 2-Cups/ Extreme Blender: (New) “Waring” (MX1000XTS), Hi-Power, HeavyDuty, Stainless Steel, 64-oz, 3.5-HP (45,000 RPM)/ Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

For rent: Chevrolet Tracker, air conditioning, automatic, tech. impeccable. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. German / English / Spanish. Phone: 809-988-7376 Computer Equip: Sony VAIO MiniLaptop (New / Pink color) (10.1”, 1.83GHz, 250GB-HD, 1GB-RAM)/ “HP” Deskjet 6980 (Wireless) Color Printer (4800 dpi / 36 ppm Black, 27 ppm Color)/ Laptop Expansion Base (Docking Station): HP-Compaq (XB3000)/ Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

Skoda Octavia, 2.0., 2002, white color. Good condition, no problems with motor, suspension, exterior. Interior is ok. No problems with documentation, 1 owner from 2009. Very good price US$3,900. Cabarete. 809-875-7701. (Reason for sale - change for jeep).

CAR & MOTORCYCLE FOR RENT eg Ford Explorer from 2,000 RD$/day eg Supermoto 250 cc from 850 RD$/day eg Streetscooter 110 cc from 650 RD$/day Vehicles in top condition and insured! Rialto Group S.R.L., Puerto Plata A. Luis Ginebra 57, opp. Palace of Justice Further infos at Tel: 809-261-8786, 809-708-7618 Email:

Mercedes Benz, silver Grey, model 2007, SLK 350 convertible, 20,000 km, two door, in excellent condition For immediate sale in Puerto Plata by Canadian owner. Financing available. Call 809-2617595 or 829-745-1331 (Cell)

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or FOR SALE AND FOR RENT Tel. 809-571-1027 · Cel. 809-779-9949

Dumb Blondes?

Well, there was this blonde who just got sick and tired of all the blonde jokes. So one evening she went home and memorized all the state capitals. Back in the office the next day, some guy started telling a dumb blonde joke. She interrupted him with a shrill announcement, ”I've had it up to here with these blonde jokes. I want you to know that this blonde went home last night and did something probably none of you could do … I memorized all the state capitals!” One of the guys, of course, said “I don't believe you. What is the capital of Nevada?” “N”, she answered.

IMPRESSUM Editora LA PLAYA Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

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Bermuda Hills

Escondido Bay

A brand new 2 bedroom 1 bath house with swimming pool. 120 sq.m. bulding on a lot of 600 sq.m. In Sosúa, very nicely located next to schools and church, just minutes away from everything. US$ 149,000, with 35% down the owner with finance, then US$ 711 monthly. More informations at 809-571-2406.

Condos from 1 to 3 bedrooms in a first class, gated community close to the beach near Sosúa for sale and rent. Spectacular oceanview from the terrace on the roof of the building. Prices from US$ 99,000, rent from US$ 795/month or US$ 595/week. All apart-ments are furnished. Further infos at 809-571-2406.

by phone: 829-373-1218 LA PLAYA office in Sosúa at the Beach Way Plaza Mon. - Fri. 1- 4:30 p.m. PRESS DATE FOR ISSUE 124 (11 JUNE 2014): 3 JUNE 2014.

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