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Peaceful Christmas Police and AMET increase Operations / Bibles for Arms Police Chief Manuel Castro Castillo (photo) announced in early December that the operation „Navidad Tranquila“ (Peaceful Christmas) already shows some success. There were confiscated hundreds of guns and stabbing weapons during the first few days. In addition, several persons wanted by the police were arrested. The police forces on the streets were reinforced by 6,000 men and 150 new pickups to reduce crime over the holidays and to give more security to the Dominican population. The operation takes 40 days to 10 January. Castro Castillo called the criminals, „a plague“, because many of them are set free for the loopholes in the law, which means an endless war for the police. The head of the traffic police (AMET), General Juan Pérez Gerónimo Brown, announced 600 additional uniformed police of his unit who will patrol the streets as part of the operation „Navidad Tranquila“ from 15 of December to 10 of January to rigorously enforce the traffic laws and reduce the number of accidents and tragedies during the holiday season.

With the support of the National Police in Santo Domingo in different parts of the city, in the National District and in Santiago, a coalition of evangelist churches and the Youth Pastoral of the Catholic Church collected more than 2,000 weapons and knives in all shapes and sizes, in a three-week long campaign, which were made for the sole purpose of murder and street fights. A great number of knives, machetes, daggers, harpoons, arrows and a great variety of other home-made cutting objects have now been handed over by pastors and reverends at the program of the police „National plan Bibles for weapons, for a society without violence“. One of the men confessed, he had this machete because he wanted to kill his partner. In total, more than 2,000 Bibles were given away in exchange for weapons. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

Orange sold 1.4 Billion Dollars for Dominican Telephone Company / Merger of BHD and Banco León Luxembourgbased company Altice, announced an agreement with Grupo León Jimenes to join as local partners on its telecom investments in the Dominican Republic, including Orange Dominicana and Tricom. The announcement of the agreement with León Jimenes (former owners of Presidente beer) follows the announcement by Altice that it has reached an agreement with Orange to purchase 100 percent of Orange Dominicana. Orange Dominicana is a mobile operator with 3.4 million subscribers and approximately 1,400 employees. The purchase is for approximately 1.4 billion dollars. It includes the continued use of the Orange brand by Orange Dominicana within a defined frame-work.

The purchase follows the acquisition of leading cable operator Tricom. Orange Dominicana and Tricom have approximately four million customers. Altice will be in a stronger position to accelerate the upgrade and deployment of nationwide networks which can provide attractive television, highspeed broadband and telephony services over both fixed and mobile networks. Altice already offers pay-TV, high-speed broadband and mobile services in the Caribbean in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guyana. Furthermore Altice has companies in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel and in the Indian Ocean. The merge of Tricom and Orange will result in a company starting out with 41 percent of the Dominican telecom market. The Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL) has acknowledged that the quality of telecommunications services in the Dominican Republic has declined by 37 percent, as shown in a study ordered by Indotel. President of INDOTEL, Gedeon Santos, was speaking in the presence of the directors of the leading telecom companies. He observed that the rapid growth in the sector has resulted in a substantial reduction in the quality of services currently on offer. The Dominican telecom market is mainly served by America Movil's Claro, now the new merger Orange-Tricom and Viva. The Centro Financiero BHD and the Grupo Financiero León have officially announced the signing of an agreement, which has been approved by the Monetary Board, for a merger of the two financial entities. The presidents of the Centro Financiero BHD, Luis Molina Achecar, and of the Grupo Financiero León, Carlos Guillermo León, said the merger creates the BHD León Financial Center.

They said that beginning with the close of this deal, they foresee that the BHD León Financial Center will have capital of 23 billion pesos, assets of 200 billion pesos and market participation of 20 percent. The merger includes the companies Banco BHD, Banco León, BHD International Bank Panama, BHD Valores, Valores León, AFP Siembra, ARS Palic Salud, Mapfre BHD, Fiduciaria BHD, BHD Fondos, Tecnocom, and the Compañía Nacional de Seguridad (CONASE). The main executives of the financial entities said that this alliance represents a reaffirmation of their confidence in the country's investment climate as well as their commitment towards strengthening the financial sector and the economic and social development of the Dominican Republic. The alliance includes three phases, the first the Centro Financiero BHD León; a second merger in January-March of the two banks and brokerage houses that will turn these entities into the Banco BHD León and Valores BHD León, pending approval from the Monetary Board. The actual merger process is expected to last six months.

Nationalists are marching Commission on Human Rights undesirable / President Medina warned of “Traitors”

The verdict of the Law 168/13 about Dominican citizenship still is stirring up emotions nationally and internationally. It is perceived as purely anti-Haitian, as it applies almost exclusively to children of Haitian workers, who came into the country without papers to work in the sugar cane fields, in agriculture or in construction many decades ago. They are classified as visitors “in transit”, their children, therefore, have no right to Dominican nationality. The law also applies to other foreigners who gave birth to a child as illegals here, but they represent only a tiny number compared to the Haitians.

Meanwhile the first tourists say, if they had known this, they passed their vacations elsewhere, the nationalists go to the streets to demonstrate against a supposed plan for a fusion of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, hatched by the United States and France. This was a “fascist plan”, bluster people, who burn books themselves as in Nazi times. The visit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Spanish: CIDH) is rejected as an interference in internal affairs, and anyone who has a different opinion, is insulted as a “traitor”. Even respected journalists are not safe from the wrath of the fanatics. So the National Network to the Defense of the Sovereignty, the organizer of this campaign, accused Huchi Lora and Juan Bolívar Díaz to the prosecutor of the National District of hostility and insubordination against the fatherland, because they dared to critisize the verdict. They apply to research, which foreign organization had paid them to hinder the implementation of the Law 168/13. On millions of copies of pamphlets

they are insulted as “traitors” and it is prompted to take action against them. At the Monument in Santiago, the “Network” demonstrated against the announced visit of the IACHR to question the affected descendants of Haitian immigrants about their personal situation. Also, the Constitutional Court, which pronounced the controversial judgment, said there was no need to meet the Human Rights Commission. There is nothing to discuss. The verdict speaks for itself. In addition, the IACHR had formed a verdict already on October 8, when it expressed its “deep concern” about the consequences for tens of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent, said the court. But it is not only foreign organizations who are being attacked by the “Network”. Even President Medina was warned by the nationalists of “traitors with fusionist aspirations” in his presidential palace.

Problems in Schools continue Unqualified Teachers in Schools / Corruption Report 2013 of Transparency International

At the International Congress on Challenges of Education in the 21st Century, arranged by the Dominican Institute for Evaluation and Investigation of Quality of Education (IDEICE), again startling facts came to light. Director Julio Leonardo Valeirón said the topic was disturbing, because in a study made at the Pedagogical School of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) about the reading level of the students it was discovered that most of them have a level of a sixth-grader. Especially bad about this is that a sixth-grader ususally can not read. The majority can only read words or part of a word, but can not understand its meaning and can not put a word in reference to another word. The key to living the most influential life possible See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ. Colossians 2:8 I have a friend who always used to tell about a time he asked his wife why she would cut the ends off the ham before she put it in the pan to cook. She told him it was because her mom did it that way. So a few days later, they asked her mom the same question, to which she responded. “Well, my mom always did it that way too.” So they went to her grandmother’s house one day and said, “Grandma, why do you cut the ends off the ham before we put it in the oven?” The grandma thought for a second and answered, “Because my pan was too small.” Many times, Christians adopt worship practices and habits from others and don’t really know why they do it. Usually, these practices are harmless. But when they keep the Gospel from moving forward and become “sacred cows” in our worship, they need to be rethought. Don’t just keep the status quo because it’s comfortable. Rethink how and why you do what you do in church, as well as in your personal life. Being influential to others is what Christ calls us to do and is done best when we stop just cutting the ends off the ham and do what really works! Pastor Dan

The study showed that 95 percent of Dominican pupils are unable to read after the third year of primary school, 31 percent are even still under the demands of first grade elementary school. In maths it is not better. In a math exam for primary school teachers, only 1.18 percent of them reached 90 of hundred possible points, 65 percent did not even get 65 points. Theme of the congress was “A new teacher for a new school.” Valeirón said, “If we want a new school, we urgently need a new teacher.” According to Valeirón, the poor performance in numeracy and reading shows that not only the basic, but also the secondary and higher education have failed. Especially regarding the training of teachers. At the congress, which was held over three days in the hotel Dominican Fiesta in Santo Domingo, Valeirón talked about the importance of competent and well-trained teachers in the classrooms, which ultimately is the most important element in the educational process. “You can have the best classrooms and a school full of resources, but if you don't have a good teacher, trained and competent, nothing is achieved of what we could achieve,” Valeirón said.

According to the Corruption Report 2103 by the NGO Transparency International, which presents the perceived corruption in the countries of the world, Venezuela and Paraguay are perceived as the most corrupt countries on the continent. The least corrupt countries in Latin America are Uruguay and Chile, on a list from zero (totally corrupt) to hundred points (transparent), they have 73 and 71 points, while the foregoing two countries get 20 and 24 points. The Dominican Republic has a meager 29 points and joins Guatemala and Panama as the countries of the region, who have fallen back. The Director for the Americas of Transparency International (TI), Alejandro Salas, says: “What is particularly striking is the falling back of the Central American countries as a block. One explanation is that the organized crime groups need corruption to deal in drugs, weapons and humans.” According to TI, the public sector remains “one of the greatest challenges”, where the most vulnerable points are the political parties, the police and judicial systems. The world's least corrupt countries are Denmark and New Zealand with 91 points. Germany with 78 points lies ahead of the UK (74), Japan (74) and the USA (73).

Tensions on the Border “Haiti broke Agreement” / Haitians go back / Medina cautions against Confrontation

Under the mediation of Venezuela, the Dominican Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo (right) and the Haitian Foreign Minister Pierre-Richard Casimir agreed that direct dialogue between the two countries must come first, especially on the subject 168/13, the verdict of the Constitutional Court to Dominican citizenship. However, the joy did not last even ten days. Because when the Caribbean Community Caricom postponed the request of the Dominican Republic for membership for the citizenship dispute - Haiti is a member of Caricom - the Dominican Republic accused Haiti of an international campaign

against the country. Montalvo cancelled another meeting. Even during the signing of the Agreement, Haiti had acted contrary to the meaning of the Agreement. As a result, Santo Domingo called back the Dominican Ambassador Rubén Silié from Port-au-Prince for consultation. Pierre-Richard Casimir was disappointed by the cancellation of the meeting, but he is sure that the differences between the two countries will be eliminated sooner or later. Haiti accuses the Dominicans, that after the sentence many Haitians were deported, but this is rejected vigorously by the Dominican Republic. In the border region with Haiti, the situation is tense. After apparently Haitian criminals murdered a seventy-year-old Dominican couple in the city of Neiba and stole two sacks of coffee, Haitians fled in police stations out of fear of revenge attacks and asked for a security escort to the border to leave for Haiti. The head of the Dominican army, Major-General Rubén Dario Paulino Sem announced a strengthening of border troops to keep tensions under control. After the incident, a provincial Security Council

was formed, who wants to meet weekly in all border provinces to discuss any incidents. President Danilo Medina called on the army to go ahead ”tactfully” to avoid any kind of confrontation on the border. Defense Minister Sigfrido Pared Perez said the president gave the order to “avoid any kind of confrontation, and to quickly respond to any misinformation that might come up and damage the country's image.” On the Caricom meeting, Haitian President Michel Marelly called the ruling 168/13 “a bad solution, juristcally inconsistent and humanly unacceptable.” Foreign Minister Casimir said the Caricom decision was the result of the diplomatic strategy of Haiti, to bring the case before international organisms. “We would be completely satisfied if the Dominican authorities accepted and understoond that the judgment unjustly punishes many generations for no reason.”

Hondurans have voted Juan Orlando Hernández new President / Protests against the Result / “Inconsistencies” Exhausted by the continuing violence of criminal gangs and poverty, Honduras elected a new president on 24 of November who will be the successor to the controversial Porfirio Lobo, who had been installed by the military after the overthrow of the elected leftist president Manuel Zelaya on 28 of June 2009. More than 20,000 soldiers and police armed to the teeth patrolled the streets on election day in the Central American country. Honduras is the country with the world's most murders (85.5 per 100,000 inhabitants), 71 percent of the 8.5 million

Hondurans are living in poverty - in America only surpassed by Haiti. The drug mafia is controling the country firmly, in entire districts, “war taxes” are collected from bus and taxi drivers, merchants, companies and even of tortilla sellers. The drugs are transported toward the north on dozens of secret airstrips throughout the country. The newly elected right-wing president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, a 45-year-old attorney, wants to continue the neo-liberal policies, while the losing candidate Xiomara Castro , wife of ousted leftwing President Zelaya, wanted a “democratic socialism à la Hondureña “. After the enumeration of 81.4 per-

cent of the votes, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal declared Juan Orlando Hernández the election winner with 35.88 percent of the votes, while Xiomara Castro could collect 29.14 percent. The losing parties now demand a review of the ballot, since there had been accusations of massive fraud. The United States, very meticulous in the elections in Venezuela, where left-wing candidate Nicolás Maduro won the elections, acknowledged Hernández' victory immediately. The election was in order. The “inconsistencies” will have to be clarified by the parties with transparency. The victory of Hernández was irreversible and the United States recognize him as the new president of Honduras. After violent protests against the election, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, accepted that the acts of the polling stations will be checked. According to ex-president Zelaya there were “forgeries”.

Pablo Escobar's archived Interview Notorious Drug Lord shot 20 Years ago / “Drug Mafia is the sole Investor in Colombia” On 2 December 1993, the public enemy number one was shot in Colombia. Five years earlier, the Colombian journalist Yolanda Ruiz had an interview with the then number seven of the Forbes Lists of the world's richest people, the drug lord Pablo Escbar. The interview had been “archieved” in a box by her superiors for 25 years and was now released and published in the newspaper “El Espectador”. According to Yolanda Ruiz, she led the interview “on a day in August” 1988 on a finca of the capo in the department of Caldas. The contact with Pablo Escobar had been arranged by one of his lawyers, who is also dead. In the interview, the drug boss said, the entire Colombian economy was corrupted by drug trafficking and completely penetrated. “The hot money can be found in all sectors of the economy”, said Escobar. “The state and the government get a share of this money through taxes from people who deal

with illegal drugs.” All these people who are implicated in the drug trade, “are really the only ones who invest in the country.” They were the only ones that gave work to the Colombian people, while the others withdrew their money and invested it abroad. Escobar said he was confident that the drugs will be legalized in the long term. “I am accused of drug trafficking, an activity that at the moment, historically, let me say it this way, is declared illegal, but in the long term, in the future, the tendency is to legalize it.” According to his assessment, “the problem of legalization or the problem of repression in the fight against drug trafficking is not so important. It is more a problem of education and discipline than of the legalization or repression. I say discipline, because everything consumed in excess, is harmful to health.” “It is a reality that they are there, you have to realize that they are there. The drugs need a classification, because whiskey, beer or wine do not have the same effects on people. The same happens to the drugs.” Escobar assured that he “always” was ready for dialogue. The absence of negotiations was the main cause of the carnage in Colombia. He rejected to be blamed for the massacres attributed to him.

Finally, Escobar said, “I am 38 years old. I was poor for 28 years and rode on buses. Of the last ten years, I lived hidden for five years and devoted my weekends for the service of the people in the other five years. I consider myself as happy, I was always satisfied, I was always optimistic.” Pablo Escobar was the archetype of the successful telenovela “El patrón del mal” in which the capo is described as a monster from the perspective of its victims. But in some areas in Colombia, he is still revered as a kind of Robin Hood. Escobar was responsible for the construction of many hospitals, schools and churches in western Colombia, which gained him popularity even inside the local Roman Catholic Church.

Merry Christmas!

Carlos Vives

El Sujeto

Three Latin Grammys

Attempted Murder

Karla Álvarez Died of Bulimia After eight years of absence from the music business, the Colombian singer and actor Carlos Vives celebrated a glorious comeback with three Latin Grammys. He now is the owner of seven Latin Grammys and one Grammy. Two of them he received for the song “Volví a nacer” (LA PLAYA 92), one for the album “Corazón profundo”. Vives said he will concentrate only on the music in future. “As an actor they forgot me. I would love to do it again, I miss it. I grew up with great actors of my country, but one day the music took me on a different path.” Also two Dominicans were among the winners of the Latin Grammy Awards. No, neither Romeo Santos nor Prince Royce, but Juan Luis Guerra and the jazz pianist Michel Camilo, but both could not come to the ceremony. Also the producer Sergio George, who currently has a legal dispute with Prince Royce, got three Latin Grammy Awards, one for the album “Salsa Giants”, the second as producer of the year and the third for the production of Carlos Vives' “Volví a nacer”. The Spanish artist Miguel Bosé was honored as “person of the year” for his outstanding work as a musician.

41-year-old Mexican actress Karla Álvarez is known to many for her roles as a villain in telenovelas. Her surprising death on 15 of November led to speculations about the cause of death. One of her friends said she choked on food, but this was denied by her father. But Karla's family declined to give details of the cause of death. It was known that Karla Álvarez was in medical treatment for bulimia and anorexia.

David Bisbal Concert in Punta Cana The Spanish singer David Bisbal will perform at the ”Weekend of Solidarity”, sponsored by the Meliá hotels and Unicef in Punta Cana on December 21. The money will benefit programs to combat sexual exploitation of children and to campaign for the registration of children after their birth – in the Dominican Republic, 21 percent of the parents don't register their babies after birth - and improve the National Program for Child Protection.

Joan Manuel Nova, El Sujeto (the subject), one of the lead singers of Música urbana, was now jailed in Najayo for one month. Accompanied by a policeman, El Sujeto intentionally ran into a motorcycle rider with his Honda Accord in Santo Domingo Este and then passed over him again. When neighbors wanted to come to help the victim, the policeman shot in the air to stop them. Then “the subject” and the policeman tore the victim in the trunk and drove him out of the city to Cachón de la Rubia, where they took him out and gave him a severe beating up to tell them where he has hidden objects he supposedly had stolen from El Sujeto. The accustion now is kidnapping and attempted murder.

Omega Stomach Ache Arrest warrant and travel ban against Peter de la Rosa, also known as Omega, were lifted after he appeared in court. Previously he could not come to trial because of a stomach ache, “My audience knows that I have a stomach ache.”

What is this Man singing? “A bailar” by Fernando Villalona The latest song “A bailar” is certainly not the best song of “El Mayimbe” Fernando Villalona, but it is suitable for Christmas. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. Soy dominicano, orgulloso estoy, vivo en una tierra llena de amor. Mi gente es alegre y es la verdad, se siente la fiesta donde tu vas. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. Que suene la güira y el acordeón, suena la trompeta y el saxofón, suena la tambora, ta cu ta. Eso es lo merengue que arriba va. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. Me siento orgulloso de mi país, de nuestro merengue y de su raíz. Soy dominicano aquí y allá. Esa es la bandera que arriba está. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. ¡Dominicano! A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. Se baila en la calle y en el malecón, en la discoteca y el colmadón. Coge tu pareja, ven a bailar, esto es el merengue para gozar. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta. A bailar, a bailar, todo el mundo alegre y de fiesta.

To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. I am Dominican, I am proud, I live in a land full of love. My people are cheerful, and it's true, the frolic is felt wherever you go. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. May the güira and the accordion sound, the trumpet and saxophone sound, the drum sounds, ta cu ta. That's why merengue is on top. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. I am proud of my country, of our merengue and its root. I am Dominican here and there. That's the flag which is up. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. Dominican! To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. It's danced in the street and on the malecón, at the disco and the colmadón. Grab your partner, come to dance, this is the merengue to enjoy. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood.. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood. To dance, to dance, everyone happy and in festive mood.

LA PLAYA wi shes a merry Chri stmas to all Readers and Adverti sers

Ramón Fernando Villalona Évora was born in Monteristi on 7 May 1955 and grew up in Loma de Cabrera in the province of Dajabón. In the mid-seventies he became a member of the group Los Hijos del Rey, where he started as a ballad singer and soon stood out with his Merengues. He got the nicknames “Fernandito”, “El niño mimado” (the spoiled boy) and “El Mayimbe” a title for a leader of the Taínos, the former inhabitants of the Caribbean. In 1981, Fernando Villalona started his highly successful solo career, with many hits, such as “La lluvia” or “Soy un hombre feliz”, which remained popular even during the long break due to his lethargy for drug abuse in the Dominican population and in the Dominican diaspora. Fernando Villalona was nominated several times for the Latin Grammy, and in New York he got the ACE Award for his outstanding contribution to the Spanish music. After his drug addiction, Fernando Villalona converted to the Christian sects and also recorded a religious album.

Who am I?


Little Angel

The morning after Christmas a mailman is walking the neighborhood on his usual route. As he approaches one of the homes he noticed that both cars were in the driveway. His wonder was cut short by Bob, the homeowner, coming out with a load of empty beer and liquor bottles. “Wow Bob, looks like you guys had a hell of a party last night.” the mailman comments. Bob replies, “Actually we had it Saturday night. This is the first I have felt like moving since 4 am Sunday morning. We had about 15 couples from around the neighborhood over for Christmas Cheer and it got a bit wild. Hell, we got so drunk around midnight that we started playing 'Who am I?'.” The mailman thinks a moment and says, “How do you play that?” “Well all the guys go in the bedroom and we come out one at a time with a sheet covering us and only our 'privates' showing through a hole in the sheet. Then the women try to guess who it is.” The mailman laughs and says, “Damn, I'm sorry I missed that.” “Probably a good thing you did,” Bob responds. “Your name came up four or five times.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 12.

Santa was very cross. It was Christmas Eve and nothing was going right. The elves were complaining about not getting paid overtime. The reindeer had been drinking all afternoon and the sleigh was broken. Santa was furious. “I can’t believe it!” he yells. “I’ve got to deliver millions of presents all over the world in just a few hours – all of my reindeer are drunk, the elves are on strike and I don’t even have a Christmas tree! I sent that stupid little angel to find one hours ago! What am I going to do?” Just then, the little angel opens the front door and steps in from the snowy night, dragging a Christmas tree. “Oi fatty!” she says. “Where do you want me to stick this?” And thus the tradition of angels atop the Christmas trees.

Sudoku No. 217 (easy)

Why is Christmas just like a day at the office? You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.

 Why is Santa Claus always so happy? Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.

 A lady lost her handbag in the bustle of Christmas shopping. An honest little boy found and returned it to her. Looking in her purse, she said, “Hmmm ... That's funny. When I lost my bag I had a 20 dollar bill in it. Now there are twenty one dollar bills.” The boy quickly replied, “That's right, lady. The last time I found a lady's purse, she didn't have any change for a reward.”


Sudoku No. 218


The Page of Health

Obesity in Latin America Hunger could be reduced by 50 Percent / Cheap “comida chatarra” causes Obesity While in the past the rich were fat and the poor skinny, it is now reversed. In the past 20 years, the Latin American countries succeeded to halve the number of hungry people, from 14.7 to 7.9 percent of the population. “Latin America and the Caribbean is the region of the world that has achieved most in reducing hunger at the global level,” said FAO representative Raúl Benítez at the launch of the “Panorama for food and nutrition security in 2013” in the Chilean capital Santiago.

But still 47 of the 600 million Latin Americans suffer from hunger. The FAO pointed out that the distribution of food remains an enormous problem, depending on the region and the access of the population. Therefore it is particularly important to create better social security systems and better programs for school meals. In Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, Cuba, Dominica and San Vicente and the Grenadines, hunger has been completely eradicated. The countries with the most hungry people in Latin America and the Caribbean are Haiti (49.8 percent), Guatemala (30.5), Paraguay (22.3), Nicaragua (21.7), Bolivia (21.3) and Ecuador (16,3 percent). In Costa Rica hunger is increasing (8.2) due to the inequality and the low economic growth. The positive trend to reduce hunger now has caused another concern - the rise of obesity in Latin America. Already 23 percent of adults and seven percent of children are affected. According to FAO, obesity is a phenomenon that significantly intensified with the rising food prices in Latin America since the global economic crisis of 2008. The poor part of the population was forced to change its diet habits and turned to

cheap junk food (“comida chatarra”) which now is used instead of full-fledged, healthy food. Eve Crownley, consultant of the FAO for strategies to support agriculture and reduce hunger, warns: “Obesity causes heart and circulatory problems and diabetes, but also problems in the budgets of the countries, because the productivity in relation to work force decreases, caused by diseases in relation to obesity.” The counselor advises nutritional education, physical activity and the promotion of greater access to better and cheaper food. In Latin America, Mexico is the country with the most obese (32 percent), followed by Venezuela (31), Argentina and Chile (both 29 percent). Argentina (9.9), Peru (9.8) and Chile (9.5) have the most obese infants.

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Beachfront lot For Sale 2,835 sq.m, almost 3/4 acre, sandy beach, coco trees. Las Canas, Financing available. Deslinde, US$155,000 Please call 809-383-8279

a349 Large Furnished 1 BR Apartment, Close to Beach, 78,68sq.m/635 sq.ft, US$98 maint. fee, now US$69,800, athumeyer – 809-462-8140 a359 1 BR Studio PH, Cabarete – On sale! US$134,000. 142,23 sq.m/1,530 sq.ft, elevator, 2 min. to beach. – 809462-8140 co673 Furnished 3 BR, 2 BA Villa, Sosua, Building 145 sq.m/1,560 sq.ft, lot 511 sq.m, now only US$195,000, pool. – 809462-8140 co687 3 Bedroom Ocean View Mansion In Sosua, lot 1,305 sq.m/14,046 sq.ft, Building 240 sq.m/2,583 sq.ft, furnished, now only US$198,000. – 809-462-8140. Small new house with 700 sqm allotment or land suitable for growing vegetables. 4 minute walk to the center of Sosua. Floor area 60 sqm. Well protected. Covered parking spaces. Starting at US$ 98,000. Ready to move. do, 1 809-815-3130 or 809-571-3335 Land, 1,290 sq.m., located in Playa Laguna, with título and deslinde. US$ 22/sq.m., info: 829-721-6146 or 809586-0669, email: katy-krueger@ Bungalow, luxuriously furnished, 110 sqm, built 7/2011, area 870 sqm. Large eat-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, TV room, 1 ½ bath (with whirlpool luxury bath and shower), pantry, terrace. 24 hours electricity, own water supply, no additional costs. Electric gate, tiled pool with modern power-saving pump system, quiet, safe residential area in Sosúa-La Mulata. Large outbuilding w. Caribbean Party roof terrace and sea views, outdoor kitchen, outside toilet, carport, lots of space, high quality furniture, kitchen, household equipment, internet, cable TV, etc. Price US$ 179,000. PS: I only speak German. Phone 809-438-4283 or email: New Experience Restaurant at Hotel Plaza Europa / Main road in Sosua to lease or sell. Fully equipped, modern kitchen and modern billing system. Only for professionals. Inspection at any time. Info at real.state or 1 809-815-3130 or 809-571-3335

Small finca, to sell for health reasons. 10,000 sqm with fruit trees (100 trees), beautiful house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 studios, pool 8 x 4 m, cistern 80,000 liters, electric plant, Inverter, pavilion with seating, water + electricity 24 hrs, title unencumbered, 225,000 US$., Phone 809-8568087, 809-651-1816 or 809-7124321 Plot 3,000 sqm (or two x 1,500 sqm) for 31 US$ per sqm, price negotiable, in one of the top locations between Sosúa and Cabarete, with well working security. Fees for roads and lighting, dumping and security for knockdown price 100 Euros/ monthly. Deslinded land. Serious requests only. House with 3 apartments, good investment, quiet location in Puerto Plata, to sell for health reasons. later extension to 6 units possible. 55,000 euros, info@rialto, Phone 809-856-8087, 809-651-1816 oder 809-712-4321 3 bungalows, 1 small House, small restaurant with bar and kitchen, laundry and separate building in a tropical garden with 2,000 sqm, as well as 1,000 square meters of building. Deslinde available. Near Cabarete, VB US$ 149,000.00. Phone 809-877-1900

Land in Villas Cofresí, Puerto Plata, to sell for health reasons. 926 sqm, in a quiet location, load-free title, US$25,000., Phone 809-856-8087, 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321

Very beautiful Bungalows in Sosúa (Built in 2012, in top condition) From 40 to 80 sq.m. Compl. furnished! In a beautiful gated community under Swiss management. 2 minutes to drive to the center. 24 h electricity and clean water. TV with all international stations, CD, DVD, Radio, WiFi High Speed Internet. Washing machine, BBQ. Big pool, poolbar, 5 m wide waterfall in a dreamlike palmgarden. Closed and gated parking and stand for motorcycles. Weekly rent from 259 US$ incl. AC Monthly rent from 465 US$ incl. AC Purchase of a bungalow is possible. Price from US$ 59,000, US$ 215 AC Tel. 829-802-8686 or 809-801-8660 Beautiful new apartments in Vista del Caribe, Encuentro Beach, Cabarete, Ocean View, 1 and 2 furnished bedrooms, swimming pool, laundry, BBQ area, parking, 24 h electricity. From US$500 to US$800. Phone 829-286-7161

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Sudoku No. 217

Sudoku No. 218

Long and Short Term - Rentals - of – bestsosuareal Re#015 a349 Large Furnished 1 BR, 1.5 Bath Apartment, Close to Beach, 78 sq.m, US$500/month, athumeyer – 809-462-8140. Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment, Sosua, 83 m2, furnished, 2nd floor, US$525/month – athu - 809-462-8140

3 bedroom villa for rent in Lomas del Sol 3, 3km from Sosua. Fully furnished, pool, security, back up power and AC in master bedroom. Long term rental US$800 a month, includes pool maintenance, gardener, water and waste disposal. Contact Alex 809 350-1441. Big apartment, 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, furnished, opposite Banco Popular, Cabarete, Royal Residence, b210, security, tiled pool, 3 a/c, elevator, on the beach, US$ 925/month. Call 809-571-0066 or 829-855-7185

AKAI tape machine w. large coil, and many audiotapes. Price: RD$ 32,000. Phone 809-438-4283, speak only German

Advertising Sales Job Click on “Contact” Phone (+1) 260-624-4414

Re#102 1 BR/1 BA Apartment, Cabarete Center, furnished, 50 sq.m/538 sq.ft., 2nd floor, US$600/month, athumeyer@gmail .com - 809-462-8140.

Studio with aircon, private entrance, pool. Caribe Campo, next to the Palms US$150 per week. Monthly negotiable. Call David 829-8501709 Brand new one bed apartments in Lomas Mironas, Sosua. 24 hr security, gated, Well equipped, with large pool. long term rent $450, all inc. Call 829-891-0585 or mangoblos Central Sosúa Apartments for rent. Clean, quiet, 1 bedroom and studio, balcony. From 10,000 RD$. Tel. 809303-3900 Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546

OFFICE SHARING LA PLAYA offers to share its office in Sosúa. Very good location - close to Playero Supermarket and Pedro Clisante Street - at Beach Way Plaza, beside Check Point Bar. For further information, please come to the office or call 829373-1218

Panasonic flat screen 42”, like new, RD$ 28,000, Phone 829-263-7120 Honda Gasoline Generator, 3 kW, almost new, hardly used. Price 27,000 pesos o.n.o., location Sosúa Tel 829-540-6096 Canox welding machine, Mig-Matic 25, CV.DC ARC Welding, Power source - wire feeder, used, 500 euro, Phone 829-610-8807

Sudio for long term rental, Sosúa, RD$ 11,000. Call 809-571-2546 Apartment with 2 rooms, in La Mulata 2, for quiet tenants, bath and shower, 60 sq.m., incl. use of garden and pool, US$400 all incl. Call 829689-1712 (after 7 p.m.)

Queen size bedroom set in Caoba with bed frame, mattress, 2 night table and dresser. Sofa, center table, oriental rugs, bedspread king size with matching pillow sham. Call for info: 809-962-2052

150 US$ in Cabarete for rent - room with small kitchen and bathroom, furnished, 2nd floor, big swimming pool, parking, washing machine. Price incl. water and electricity. High speed internet - 6 MB. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos - s.cabarete) 260 US$ in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine. Price incl. water and electricity. High speed internet 6 MB. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos -http://www. Apartments for rent, furnished, elect. and cable incl. Studio, 1 and 2 bedrooms., Sosúa, 1 block from the German bakery, phone 809-8818063 (engl.) and 829-894-4636 (esp.) Apartment in Urb. Joel/Torre Alta/ Puerto Plata, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bath, incl. cable TV, water, gardener, protected parking, Tel 829-262-2315

Planta (emergency generator), 10 kilos, used, RD $17,000, problem: missing module. Phone 829-6108807

All kind of translation SpanishGerman-English-French. All official documents sealed and with legal certification. Rialto Group, Puerto Plata, just opposite the Palace of Justice. Tel: 809-261-8786, email: Minolta AF 7000, SLR Camera for films, tele 70-210 and 28-70 and flash Minolta AF 2800, camera bag, little used, all together RD$ 5,000, to get in the LA PLAYA Office, Phone 829373-1218 Dishes like new, see below, model: Via melody, dinner plates, soup plates, coffee service, coffee & milk jugs, various bowls, pepper and salt shaker for 12-15 pers. and cutlery, Cabarete, Phone 809-877-1900 Books - Spiritual - Buddhist psychological questions about life, love, happiness, etc. and novels, Cabarete, Phone 809-877-1900


Horseriding items - Dr. saddles, bridles, bits, books, Girths, Whips, Lunging, various auxiliary reins and bridle, etc. Cabarete, Phone 809-8771900

over 30 y, for evening service, good payment, must speak English Hotel Plaza Europa – Sosúa Tel. 809-815-3130 or 809-571-3335

BITCOIN in DR for interesting new possibilities around the virtual currency BITCOIN, please send me an email:

Professional Frozen Drink Machine: “Donper” 12-Liter (3.2-gal), Single Canister. (perfect for Icees-Slushies, Margaritas, Daiquiris, and other great ice drinks) Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Professional Popcorn Machine with Cart: “Nostalgia” Full-size, Vendorstyle, Commercial-grade, 1.5-gal (16cups) per batch. Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Sony VAIO Mini-Laptop (New / Pink color) (10.1”, 1.83GHz, 250GB-HD, 1GB-RAM). Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Video Game Systems: “Nintendo Wii”/ “XBOX 360 Pro (60GB)” (both New with extra Games & Accessories). Call: 829-3228982 / Email: Air Compressors: “PowerMate” (Heavy-Duty, 20-Gallon, 1.5-HP, 135 PSI, Electric) / “Pro-Force” (Portable, 3-Gallon, 1-HP, Electric). Call: 829322-8982 / Email: uniq44@hotmail .com Video Camera: (New) “Sony” HD Handycam (HDR-CX350V) & “Sony” Accessories (Underwater Cases, Shooting Grip-Tripod, Video Lights, Zoom Microphones, Extra Batteries). Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44

FOR RENT Ford Explorer XLT, SUV 2,000 RD$/day, 11,000 RD$/week 36,000 RD$/month Rialto Group S.R.L., Puerto Plata Avd. Luis Ginebra 57 Tel: 809-261-8786, 829-369-1771 Email:

Merry Christmas ...

Renault Koleos, year 2010, 2,500 ccm, silver, only 20,000 km, like new! Price: 22,000 US$. Call: 1-829918-6783 Cadillac Escalade (2004), Pearl White, Fully-Loaded, Low Miles, Great Condition. Call: 829-3228982 / Email:

… and please don't forget your loving wife when celebrating alone! For rent: Chevrolet Tracker, air conditioning, automatic, tech. impeccable. RD$ 1,000 per day, RD$ 5,000 per week. German / English / Spanish. Phone: 809-988-7376 Looking for Yamaha or Honda Scooter. Ex-pat only. We'll pay cash immediately. Phone 809-836-9598

A last one

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

At a monastery high in the mountains, the monks have a rigid vow of silence. Only at Christmas, and only by one monk, and only with one sentence, is the vow allowed to be broken. One Christmas, Brother Thomas is allowed to speak and he says, “I like the mashed potatoes we have with the Christmas turkey!” and he sits down. Silence ensues for 365 days. The next Christmas, Brother Michael gets his turn, and he says “I think the mashed potatoes are lumpy and I hate them!” Once again, silence for 365 days. The following Christmas, Brother Paul rises and says, “I am sick of this constant bickering!”

IMPRESSUM Editora LA PLAYA Director: Werner Rümmele, Phone: 829-373-1218 RNC 5-31-87397-3

5.000 copies: English 2.500 / German 2.500

Your ads: by mail: by phone: 829-373-1218

LA PLAYA office in Sosúa at the Beach Way Plaza between PJ's and Western Union, not far from Playero Open: Mon. - Fri. 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. PLACE YOUR ADS FOR THE NEW YEAR'S ISSUE,

ON THURSDAY, 26 DECEMBER 2013, UNTIL17 DECEMBER Please observe our website You also can book a banner there. You can find LA PLAYA on facebook also at La PLAYA

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