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Barely seven percent of all the public or private medical centers in this country have government authorization to operate. This leads to potential serious health risks for the patients. According to the newspaper “Hoy”, of more than 15,000 public and private hospitals, clinics and aid stations, barely 1,044 are authorized to give attention to the citizens. The Ministry of Health works with a very old and very out-of-date database from 2003, according to which the country has 8,783 health centers of which 19 percent are public and 81 percent are private. This list includes pharmacies, laboratories, spas, esthetic centers and other types of activities that involve health.

All over the country, currently the Flamboyán trees are blooming, such as here in Abreu.

Fine Cacao There are agricultural products in which the Dominican Republic is far above the rest of the world. One of these is the production of fine and aromatic cocoa beans, where the country is the second largest producer in the world. Only Ecuador produces more. The two countries provide 80 percent of the world market for fine, aromatic and organic cocoa beans, used in the preparation of high quality chocolate. According to a study, the Dominican Republic supplies just two percent of the traditional type of cacao beans on the world markets. Cocoa produces over six billion dollars in the world market. Again, just two percent of that gets here. However, the 200,000 tons of fine, aromatic cacao is ruled 80 percent by Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, with nearly 60,000 tons coming from here over the past four years.

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Education More Participants than expected / 41 Percent didn't pass Exams / Decrease in Femicides More than 30,000 people have now completed the basic literacy course and those who started in January and the beginning of February will finish the basic course this month. The new goal is that by December, the program ”Quisqueya aprende contigo“ (Quisqueya learns with you) will have 500,000 participants.

The National Literacy Plan has signed on 302,315 beneficiaries, more than the 300,140 expected by 31 July. There are 23,255 learning centers and 25,060 educational material kits have been issued. The highest numbers of those learning to read and write are in the provinces of Santo Domingo with 50,776; Santiago 28,948; National District with 18,761; San Cristóbal 16,398 and La Vega with 14,584. Those with the lowest numbers are Santiago Rodríguez 2,818; Pedernales, 2,711; Dajabón, 2,619; San José de Ocoa, 3,332; Independencia, 3,071, and Hato Mayor 3,354.

According to the Ministry of Education, only 59 percent of the students that are supposed to graduate from high school were able to pass all four parts of the ”Pruebas nacionales“ (Standardized National Tests). The graduates of technicalprofessions schools performed much better, with 74.8 percent passing the tests. By subject, the pass levels were 81.3 percent in Spanish language, 67 percent in mathematics, 81.8 percent in social studies and 73 percent in natural science. A student has to pass all four exams with a grade of 70 or better to gain admission to a college or a university in the Dominican Republic. There will be a second chance next 12 to 15 of August, and teachers, professors and individuals are offering remedial or test-oriented courses in an attempt to help more students to pass.

Attorney General Francisco Domínguez Brito said that from January to June this year, the death of women at the hands of their partners or ex-partners has decreased by 42.31 percent compared to last year. The Attorney General said that the work has included rapid response by the authorities when women have requested assistance after feeling under threat or in danger from their partner or boyfriend. He reiterated to all of the prosecutors and coordinators of the Victims of Violence Units to always follow protocol in these cases, including the removal of the firearm from the aggressor should he have one and warned them not to put the lives of the women in danger. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

¡Paren eso! Initiative against Corruption and Impunity / Fernández: PLD will be Factory of Presidents

About ten organizations from the civil rights movement launched a campaign called "¡Paren eso" (Stop this!). They handed over a document to the President of the Supreme Court, Mariano Germán, and Attorney General Francisco Domínguez Brito, in which the exemplary punishment of corrupt is required. With this campaign, the organizations want to support any civil rights or constitutional action that aims to wipe out that what they call the ”evil“, which slows down the full development of the Dominican Republic. At the same time they signal to the government and the judiciary ”Don't doubt that you will get our full support if you decide to abandon the current passivity and act in the compliance with the principles of the Constitution.“ Manuel Roble of the organization ”tax fairness“ said, ”We can not tolerate closures of files and secret complicity any more.“ ”The Justice of the Republic can not remain indifferent to the scourge, that a minority of the national political class enriches itself at

the expense of the misery of the majority of the population, to the historical, shameful disorder in the institutions and to the inefficiency of basic services such as education, health, safety, drinking water, electricity and transport,“ says the document. In the text the organizations reinforce that the prosecution of those responsible for the deficit in 2012 was completely ignored by the prosecutors, as well as the balance of the Accounts Chamber in which it is established that in the same year, 54 institutions have violated important laws of administrative law, and therefore, they had to be prosecuted by law. ”To archive grand corruption cases is a practice that is continued by the judges, which forces people to organize people's courts in order to at least simulate the application of the laws. But people earn more than simulations. This impunity must stop,“ add the organizers of ”¡Paren eso!“ The initiative appeal to President Danilo Medina to take a clear stance against corrupt officials.

Ex-President Leonel Fernández, the strong man of the ruling party PLD (Party of the Dominican Liberation) made it clear at the plenary session of the deputies at the eighth congress ”Norge Botello“ how he envisions

the future: Under his leadership, the PLD will win the next election in 2016 with more than 50 percent and remain in power until 2036. He said, the PLD is a factory for presidents, senators, deputies, mayors and municipal councils. However, Fernández also said that the PLD is not functioning properly inside and the solidarity that characterized the PLD earlier, was lost. The PLD will also have to take notice of civil rights movements and react accordingly. A report highlights that manufacturing and farming are less important in the Gross Domestic Product of the Dominican Republic. The growth sectors are retail and services. The Dominican economy was based on money crops in 1970, and would evolve to depend on tourism and free zone exports in the eighties, and subsequently it felt the impact of the burgeoning telecommunications sector. Moreso, the report says that the size of the Dominican economy has multiplied by 16 over the past 40 years. The GDP increased from 123.4 billion pesos in 1970 to 1,374 billion pesos by 2013. In the meantime, the country went from being a rural nation until the sixties, to an urban country, where today 70 percent of the population live in cities. Meanwhile, in the past ten years there has been an extraordinary increase in the trade balance deficit. This went from 2.15 billion dollars in 2003 to 8.67 billion dollars in 2012. Exports grew at an annual rate of 6.6 percent, from 5.47 billion dollars in 2003 to 9.07 billion dollars in 2012, but imports outpaced these with 10.94 percent growth, going from 7.62 billion dollars in 2003 to 17.75 billion dollars in 2012. The National Council of Business (Conep) says that for every export dollar, imports are 1.65 dollars. While in 1970 the Dominican per capita was 1,500 dollars, today it is at 5,600 dollars. Being now at the middle level, reduces the aid the country can get from foreign countries and multilateral organizations.

Boon and Bane “Chantal” claims three Lives / Rain good for Agriculture / 59 Percent don't register Birth Pedernales, the rains were especially good for farming because those areas had suffered from recent draught,” said the Minister. He said that Emilio Olivo, director for the Agrodosa agriculture insurer company had already told him there were no claims. He recommended producers to maintain preventive measures. Preventive measures taken this year, such as the dredging of irrigation canals, have avoided damages to farms nationwide. Tropical Storm “Chantal”, the third of this year's hurricane season, claimed three lives. The first victim was a baby in the slum area La Ciénaga, adjacent to the Ozama River, when the child fell from its crib to a flooded floor. The second one was a 16 year old boy who drowned in the rising waters of a river in María Trinidad Sánchez province. While having fun with friends. The third victim of the storm was a fireman, who drowned when attempting to unclog a sewage drain in Bonao. The Center for Emergency Operations (COE) reported that 8,141 persons had to leave their dwellings during the heavy rains caused by “Chantal”. 7,474 reportedly took refuge with friends and family. The COE says 1,133 houses all over the country were affected by the rains. Nevertheless, Minister of Agriculture Luis Ramón Rodríguez says that the rains of the tropical storm “Chantal” have been positive for farming in the country. The storm passed well south and the harmful wind gusts were not felt. The plantain farms in Ázua and Barahona, for instance, were sparred from major floodings and loss of crops. “In the four southwestern provinces, that is Barahona, Independencia, Bahoruco and

Much like former president Joaquín Balaguer, who years ago told the nation that the Virgen de la Altagracia (Virgin of High Grace) would not let a hurricane hurt the country, President Danilo Medina called upon the Lord to help the country. “We asked God that this storm may not be very strong, that it doesn't come with those devastating winds and that the rains do not cause flooding,” he said. Obviously it did help, because “Chantal” has brought less rain and took a course further south than originally expected.

A new UNICEF study shows widespread negligence in parents when registering their children at birth. Lack of legal identity is a major problem in the Dominican Republic, where the poor too frequently postpone registering their children. Thousands of children then have difficulties in getting on with their own lives, especially when wanting to continue with high school education. The government gives 30 days for the child to be registered by the father. UNICEF representative in the country, María Jesús Conde Sabala says that of 80,094 births last year in public health hospitals, only 32,468 children were registered. 59 percent of the parents leave the hospital without bothering to register their children. Of the 80,094 children born in 2012, 11,468 were born to foreign mothers, of which only 1,460, or 13 percent, were registered in the Foreigners Book (Libro de Extranjería) available at the JCE offices in the hospitals.

Your Horoscope

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No Minors in Bars

for August

Dogs Asylum Gran Parada

Attorney General warns

Since everybody has to save money these days - unfortunately also many of our advertising customers - LA PLAYA has to join the crowd. With the income for the ads it is only possible to print 16 pages, at least this time. (Also the big magazines and papers all over the world usually have less pages in summer). In order to get more space for the other articles, this time there is only a “slightly reduced version” of your horoscope for August – hoping it's coming true!

Although animal welfare is an article of the Dominican Constitution, the compliance with this act, however, is usually far from being fulfilled. Therefore it is unfortunately mostly foreigners, who care for abused and outcast animals, like Hanne Meier, originally from Germany. Since her youth, Hanne loves animals and therefore actively worked in animal welfare in Germany and helped with her “favorite animal doctor,” as she says.

Aquarius: Everything will be fine. Pisces: There are no problems this month. Aries: Everything is okay. Taurus: Any obstacles will be removed. Gemini: The future will brighten up. Cancer: The things will work out very well. Leo: A fantastic month for everything. Virgo: All the problems will disappear. Libra: It will be a good month for you. Scorpio: No difficulties on the way. Sagittarius: A very good month for you. Capricorn: There is no trouble in sight. Next month there will be a complete horoscope again, supposed this one comes true!

In 1995, Hanne came to the Dominican Republic, where she operates her finca in La Gran Parada, between Puerto Plata and Sosúa, a shelter for animals, where presently are living 50 to 60 dogs, which can move freely in the pack, as it corresponds to their nature. Many of them have been mistreated, and most are females, which nobody wants. Hanne Meier hereby wants to thank Dr. de la Cruz and Dr. Amelingmeier who often helped her with special prices. Currently she is working more with Dra. Marcela from the animal hospital Heidi in Puerto Plata. Hanne's animal shelter is grateful for any financial support, and happy to give away dogs into good hands. Infos at 809-974-2534 or 809-763-3913

Attorney General Francisco Domínguez Brito issued a stern warning to parents and bar owners that allow minors to be admitted to bars, lounges and discos and the establishments known popularly as “drinks”. He said that he has issued instructions to prosecutors all over the country to take the necessary measures, such as the closing of places that admit minors. He added that minors found in such places would be taken to police stations and handed over to their parents personally. He noted: “We have found 13 year olds drinking beer, alcohol, this is not possible, nor in the middle high class nor in the class with less economic resources.” The commentary was made by Domínguez Brito after a recent brawl at “La Chismosa” bar/lounge in Santo Domingo which ended with serious injuries to a 16-year old boy, a cousin of Dominican Chancellor Carlos Morales Troncoso. The boy was beaten by eight adults. Meanwhile, “La Chismosa” (pic) has been closed by orders of a judge.

Evo Morales, the new Hero Scandal unites Latin America / Spain apologizes / Cuba confirmed Cargo of Weapons

Looking at it objectively, Edward Snowden has uncovered and published a huge mess but unfortunately with the wrong guy. If he had exposed China, Russia, or any of the small “villains” like Cuba or Ecuador, Snowden would undoubtedly be a hero. So, China responded immediately, as the exemployee of the CIA published that the United States spyed almost all communication of friend or foe in every imaginable way. China was outraged that the very country which denounced China as a cyber-spy, spying on the secrets of the USA, was doing exactly the same thing with China, only in a much larger scale. This proved once again the hypocrisy of the former class enemy to China, who according to them cannot claim moral leadership in the world.

In Latin America, in this context, the case of Evo Morales caused outrage. The Bolivian president was forced to land in Austria, as it has been suspected, that in his plane, which was en route from Moscow back to Bolivia, Edward Snowden was hidden. A clear and flagrant violation of international rights. Consequence: the “enemies” of the United States saw themselves fully confirmed again, that the last remaining world power can do whatever it pleases, without having to justify its actions. The European countries were the executors of American commands when they refused the overflight rights to the unwanted Bolivian president, as did Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. The Bolivian Vice President Álvaro García, the leading intellectual in the Bolivian Government, said: “The President of the United States has become the new chief of the campaign for re-election of Evo. Instead of weakening him, he has strengthened him.” Everyone was now on Evo Morales' side, both in Bolivia as in the rest of the world. Thus, the presidents of Latin America - except the Dominican - protested against the forced landing of Evo Morales in Vienna. Spain, meanwhile, has apologized, Paris assured, it will dispel the misunderstandings. Evo Morales saw the United States as the guilty in this scandal and threatened to close the U.S. embassy in La Paz. Evo Morales accused the USA to use Snowden to intimidate him and other Latin American presidents who offered asylum to Snowden. Several Latin American presidents came to Bolivia to show solidarity with Morales. “Why did they act like this to poor Bolivia? Bolivia didn't steal, didn't invade and didn't spy anyone. Either we graduate as colonies or we stay free and independent countries”, said Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa.

Panama found arms on the cargo ship “Chong Chon Gang” which was on the way from Cuba to North Korea. Cuba confirmed that it had loaded carrying missiles, fighter jets and other military hardware on the ship in order to be repaired in North Korea. The weapons were hidden in containers below a cargo of 10,000 tons of sugar. The Cuban Foreign Ministry assured that Cuba respects international laws and agreements. The weapons were not an illegal shipment to North Korea, but material that had to be repaired to maintain the defensive capacity in order to preserve national sovereignty. After nuclear tests, the UN imposed farreaching sanctions against North Korea. Panama's authorities suspected the ship could carry contraband and tried to communicate with the crew, who did not respond.

These Italians!


These Doctors!

(Must be read with and Italian accent) One day ina bigga hotel ina morning I go down to eat breakfast. I tella waitress I wanna two pissis toast. She brings me only one piss. I tella her I want two piss. She say go to toilet. I say you no understand, I wanna piss onna my plate. She say you better no piss onna plate, you sonna ma bitch. I don't even know her and she call me sonna ma bitch. Later I go to eat at restaurant. The waitress brings me a spoon and knife but no fock. I tella her I wanna fock. She tell me everyone wanna fock. I tell her you no understand. I wanna fock on the table. She say you better not fock on the table, you sonna ma bitch. So I go back to my room inna hotel and there is no shits onna my bed. Call the manager and tella him I wanna shit. He tell me to go to toilet. I say you no understand. I wanna shit on my bed. He say you better not shit onna bed, you sonna ma bitch. I go to the checkout and the man at the desk say: “Peace on you”. I say piss on you too, you sonna ma bitch, I gonna back to Italy.

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 12.

A woman had not had a date or any sex in quite some time. She was afraid there might be something wrong with her, so she went to her doctor who recommended her a well-known Chinese sex therapist, Dr. Chang. Upon entering the examination room, Dr. Chang said, „OK, take off all you crose.“ The woman did as she was told. „Now, get down and craw reery, reery fass to odder side of room.“ Again, the woman did as she was instructed. Dr. Chang then said, „OK, now craw reery, reery fass back to me.“ So she did. Dr. Chang shook his head slowly and said, „Your probrem vewy bad. You haf Ed Zachary Disease. Worse case I ever see. Dat why you not haf sex or dates.“ Worried, the woman asked, „Oh my God, Dr. Chang, what is Ed Zachary Disease?“ Dr. Chang looked at her firmly and replied, „Ed Zachary Disease is when your face rook Ed Zachary rike your ass.“

Sudoku No. 47

 Three Italian nuns die and go to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, St. Peter says “Sisters, you all led such good lives. I'm granting you six months to go back to earth and be anyone you want to be.” The first nun says, “Sophia Loren” and – poof - she's gone. The second says, “Madonna;” and – poof - she's gone. The third says, “I want to be Sara Pipalini.” St. Peter shakes his head; “I'm sorry, but that name just doesn't sound to me.” The nun hands a newspaper to St. Peter. He reads and then says laughing, “No sister, the paper says it was the 'Sahara Pipeline' that was laid by 1,400 men in six months.”


Sudoku No. 48

 Two doctors, a psychiatrist and a proctologist, opened an office in a small town and put up a sign reading: “Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones: Hysterias and Posteriors.” The town council was not happy with the sign, so the doctors changed it to, “Schizoids and Hemorrhoids.” Inacceptable. “Manic Depressives and Anal Retentives.” Thumbs down again. Then came “Minds and Behinds.” Still no good. Another attempt resulted in “Lost Souls and Butt Holes.” Unacceptable again! o they tried “Analysis and Anal Cysts.” Not a chance. “Nuts and Butts?” No way. “Freaks and Cheeks?” Forget it. Almost at their wit's end, the doctors finally came up with: “Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones: Odds and Ends.” Everyone loved it.


The Page of Health Hepatitis C

Probably 300,000 Dominicans infected / Symptoms only at advanced Stage / Liver Cancer It is estimated that approximately 300,000 people in the Dominican Republic live with hepatitis C, of whom 70 to 80 percent don't even know of it because the symptoms are manifested only at an advanced stage. It is important to detect the disease early, as it is then possible to be cured with proper treatment. Here, the doctors play an important role because they are the ones who have the best access to the risk groups and can take hepatitis C virus samples there.

Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood, such as by contaminated blood transfusions, through unprotected sexual intercourse, but also through tattoos and piercings, which explains the frequent occurrence among teenagers. If hepatitis C is not treated, there is a danger that it becomes chronic and later developes into cirrhosis and liver cancer.

No Need for Amputations Surgeon VĂ­ctor Cabrera, specialist in the management of leg ulcers due to diabetes, said that so far this year, in only one hospital in the country, he didn't reveal the name, they have carried out at least 91 amputations on patients who have ulcerated legs due to diabetes. He urged patients to obtain second opinions and alternative treatment, which is available in the country, before going ahead with amputations. There is a Cuban medicine available called Heberprot-P which avoids the need for amputations and is very effective and that those diabetic patients suffering from leg problems should ask their doctor to refer them to hospitals where the Ministry of Public Health has started this treatment.

These data were given by specialist Kenia Torres, a member of the Liver Transplant Unit of the Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud, during an event where the pharmaceutical company Janssen published the latest findings on the treatment of this disease. Torres recalled that hepatitis C is responsible for most cases of liver cancer in the Western Hemisphere and the main reason for liver transplants. She emphasized that the necessary drugs to treat hepatitis C are available in the country.

What is this Girl singing? “Hacer el amor con otro” by Alejandra Guzmán The song “Hacer el amor con otro” was sung by Alejandra Guzmán in 1991. This hit of the Mexican still is very popular. Amanecer con él a mi costado no es igual que estar contigo. No es que este mal, ni hablar. Pero le falta madurar, es casi un niño. Blanco como el yogur, sin ese toro que tu llevas en el pecho. Fragilidad de flor. Nada que ver con mi perverso favorito. Sin tus uñas arañándome la espalda. Sin tus manos que me estrujan todo cambia. Sin tu lengua envenenando mi garganta. Sin tus dientes que torturan y endulzan yo no siento nada. Hacer el amor con otro, no, no, no. No es la misma cosa. No hay estrellas de color rosa. No destilan los poros del cuerpo ambrosía salpicada de te quieros. Hacer el amor con otro no, no no. Es como no hacer nada. Falta fuego en la mirada. Falta dar el alma en cada beso y sentir que puedes alcanzar el cielo. Quise olvidarte con él, quise vengar todas tus infidelidades. Y me salió tan mal, que hasta me cuesta respirar su mismo aire. Los mechones de tu pelo negro crespo, tus caderas afiladas y escurridas, esa barba que raspaba como lija y tu sonrisa retorcida son lo mejor que hay en mi vida. Hacer el amor con otro, no, no, no, No es la misma cosa, no hay estrellas de color rosa. No destilan los poros del cuerpo ambrosía salpicada de te quieros. Hacer el amor con otro, no, no, no, Es como no hacer nada. Falta fuego en la mirada. Falta dar el alma en cada beso y sentir que puedes alcanzar el cielo.

To wake up with him on my side is not the same as to be with you. It's not that bad, no way. But he needs to mature, he is almost a child. White as yogurt, without that bull that you carry in your chest. Fragility of flower. Nothing to do with my favorite perverted. Without your nails clawing at my back. Without your hands that squeeze me everything changes. Without your tongue poisoning my throat. Without your teeth that torture and sweeten I feel nothing. Making love with another, no, no, no. It's not the same thing. There are no pink stars. The pores of the body don't exude ambrosia sprinkled with I love yous. Making love with another no, no no. It's like doing nothing. The fire in the eyes is missing. Missing to give the soul in every kiss and to feel that you can reach the sky. I wanted to forget you with him, I wanted to avenge all your infidelities. And it went so wrong, I even have trouble breathing his same air. The locks of your curly black hair, your hips, slim and drained, that beard that scratched like sandpaper and your cunning smile are the best things in my life. Making love with another, no, no, no. It's not the same thing. There are no pink stars. The pores of the body don't exude ambrosia sprinkled with I love yous. Making love with another no, no no. It's like doing nothing. The fire in the eyes is missing. Missing to give the soul in every kiss and to feel that you can reach the sky.

Alejandra Gabriela Guzmán Pinal was born in Mexico City as the daughter of the Mexican rock musician of the sixties and actor, Enrique Guzmán, and the actress Silvia Pinal on 9 of February 1968. So Alexandra was involved in showbiz already as a little child. Alejandra was a rebellious girl who often escaped from home to make party. But she never neglected school. After she starred in several telenovelas, in 1988 she published her first album, “Bye, Mama”, the song with the same title was a cry for independence. Alejandra Guzmán was always good for scandals. Such as publishing photos in the “Playboy”, where she presented her many tattoos. In 1997 she admitted that she was using drugs and had made a drug withdrawal. In 2007 she defeated mammary cancer, but since 2010, Alejandra Guzmán suffers from a botched plastic surgery when she had biopolymers injected into her buttocks. Doctors recently told her that she would suffer from the effects of this surgery for the rest of her life.


Elvis Crespo

Success against de la Rúa

“I got a Drinking Problem”

Martha Heredia Has she been drugged? The plan of Shakira's former boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa, to make the real big deal after his nearly decade-long relationship with the Colombian superstar, was stopped now by a court in Geneva. De la Rúa demanded to get access to an account of Shakira, as he had managed her, and she only became a star due to his successful management. Therefore the beau claimed one hundred million dollars. The Swiss judge said there was not enough evidence for de la Rúa's allegations. De la Rúa claimed that there was a verbal agreement between Shakira and him, but he could not submit any written contract. On the other hand, the Columbian had written evidence: she showed an email from 2011, what she received from the now greedy, in which he wrote her that he had nothing to do with her business: “I'm not a partner in any of your companies. You are the sole owner of all of them.” Shakira furthermore submitted a treaty from 2006, in which mutual financial claims, except of 10,000 dollars of a common account, in the case of an end of the relationship were excluded. Antonio de la Rúa now additionally has to reimburse the defense costs of Shakira.

In a first interview in prison, Latin American Idol winner of 2009, Martha Heredia who walks on crutches because of an ankle injury, said that she had been drugged to smuggle 1.3 kilograms of heroin to the United States. Even the shoes with the drugs in the heels, were not hers. But she could not say who was behind all this. She was aware that it was hard to believe, but she trusts in divine justice and the judiciary here. Perhaps it would be helpful for “La Baby” to have a closer look at the Bible at her present search for God, to find out that lying is a sin, too.

Recently, the singer of the Merengue hit “Suavemente” (Softly), Elvis Crespo, was anything else but soft in a hotel in Puerto Rico. After he had been drinking a bottle of alcohol at the bar, he started to bother the boss of the restaurant where his wife works. When the bartender asked him to pay and leave, Elvis Crespo hit him in his face. The bartender grabbed Elvis and took him outside, where he beat the singer until this evacuated in his pants. The tourism police arrested Crespo temporarily, but the hotel manager didn' want to make a demand. A few days later, Elvis Crespo announced that he would participate in a program for alcohol withdrawal in the United States. He had a drinking problem.

José Luis Rodríguez

Good Camaraderie


The Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez, known as “El Puma”, assured, with his 70 years, he feels like a man of forty, when he now and then takes the “blue pill” in order to satisfy the needs of his young partner Carolina Pérez. “El Puma” is one of the speakers of Viagra, who advertises the advantages and benefits of this medication, that gives back passion to weary couples.

Yiyo Sarante Yiyo Sarante, whose Salsa “Pirata” is currently one of the most played songs, assured, that in contrast to Merengue, in Salsa there is a good camaraderie between the performers.

Specials of – best co518 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Villa, Gated, Sosua/Cabarete, furnished, Lot 448 sq.m/4,822 sq.ft. Building 110 sq.m/1,184 sq.ft, only US$148,000. – 809-462-8140 a215 1 BR, 1 BA Pool View Apartment, 83 sq.m/893 sq.ft., furnished, 2nd floor, before US$85,000 Now only: US$65,000. athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 co638 Cute 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Villa – Gated, furnished, gated, shared pool, now US$118,000, Size: 445 sq.m/4,790 sq.ft, Building Size 72 sq.m/775 sq.ft. athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 co656 Furnished 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Villa – Sosua, Lot 408 sq.m/4,391 sq.ft, Building size 100 sq.m/1,076 sq.ft, private pool, not gated, now only US$128,000. athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 co687 3 Bedroom Ocean View Mansion in Sosua, Lot 1,305 sq.m/14,046 sq.ft, Building 240 sq.m/2,583 sq.ft, furnished, now only US$198,000. – 809-462-8140. a342 Furnished 1 BR condo, 2nd Floor, Sosua, 65 sq.m/700 sq.ft. US$79,000 reduced to US$59,500! – 809-4628140. co688 3 Bedroom Villa with 1 BR Guest House – Sosua, furnished, pool, jacuzzi, carport, only US$149,000, Lot 2,109 sq.m/22,630 sq.ft, Building Size 200 sq.m/2,153 sq.ft, - 809462-8140

a351 Elegant 1 Bedroom Apartment - Ocean Front! Szie 72.36 sq.m/775 sq.ft², 2nd floor, now US$129,000, – 809-4628140 a349 Large Furnished 1 BR Apartment, Close To Beach, 78,68 sq.m/840 sq.ft, US$98 maint. fee, now US$69,800, athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 a247 Furnished 2 BR, 2 BA 3rd floor condo, Sosua, 80 sq.m/861 sq.ft., US$75,900/cash US$60,000! athu – 809-462-8140. a352 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Apartment – Sosua, 48 sq.m/517 sq.ft, furnished, ground floor, now US$45,500. – 809-462-8140 Land in Villas Cofresí, Puerto Plata, 926 sqm, in a quiet location, loadfree title, US$25,000., Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321 Small finca, 10,000 sqm with fruit trees (100 trees), beautiful house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 studios, pool 8 x 4 m, cistern 80,000 liters, electric plant, Inverter, pavilion with seating, water + electricity 24 hrs, title unencumbered, 225,000 US$., Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321 House with 3 apartments, good investment, quiet location in Puerto Plata, later extension to 6 units possible. 55,000 euros, info@rialto, Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321 Beach Front Lot for sale, 2,835 sq.m, located in Las Canas, G.H., nice area, sandy beach, coco trees, deslinde. Price reduced for quick sale: US$113,500 ($40/sq.m) owner will carry financing, 60% down balance due in three years, payable monthly. interest negotiable %. Call: 809-3838279

VECINOS SATURDAY MARKET @Cabarete – 300 m east of Texaco every Sat 8 – 2 pm / Pulga Garage Sale Delicious Lunch Specials / Cheese Cakes Sell your stuff – Vendor tables RD$200 Join the fun (809-571-0260) Reception Hall Rental / 20 - 250 people Fiestas, Cumpleaños, Anniversaries

Long and Short Term - Rentals - of – bestsosuareal Re#001 2 Bedroom, 3 BA Villa, Sosua, 2 to 4 persons, US$100/night A/C, pool etc, minimum stay 2 nights, – 809462-8140. Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment, Sosua, 83 sq.m, furnished, 2nd floor, US$525/month. or 809-4628140 Re#106 Furnished 2 Bedroom Townhouse Style Condo, 108 sq.m/ 1,162 sq.ft, close to Airport, Rental: US$700 per month - 6 months and longer, or 809-462-8140 Re#068a Stunning Ocean Front 1BR, 1BA Condo, 2nd Floor, Cabarete, 72 sq.m/775 sq.ft, furnished, US$750, athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140. Beautiful new apartments in Vista del Caribe, Encuentro Beach, Cabarete, Ocean View, 1 and 2 furnished bedrooms, swimming pool, laundry, BBQ area, parking, 24 h electricity. From US$500 to US$800. Phone 829-286-7161

Very beautiful Bungalows in Sosúa (Built in 2012, in top condition) From 40 to 80 sq.m. Compl. furnished! In a beautiful gated community under Swiss management. 2 minutes to drive to the center. 24 h electricity and clean water. TV with all international stations, CD, DVD, Radio, WiFi High Speed Internet. Washing machine, BBQ. Big pool, poolbar, 5 m wide waterfall in a dreamlike palmgarden. Closed and gated parking and stand for motorcycles. Weekly rent from 259 US$ incl. AC Monthly rent from 465 US$ incl. AC Purchase of a bungalow is possible. Price from US$ 59,000, US$ 215 AC Tel. 809-801-8686 or 809-801-8660 6,500 peso in Cabarete for rent room with small kitchen and bathroom, furnished, 2nd floor, big swimming pool, parking, washing machine. Price incl. water and electricity. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos .cabarete) 11,000 peso in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine. Price incl. water and electricity. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos .cabarete)

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KAHUNA BAR, Cabarete. Looking for girls with good presentation, older than 18 years, must speak English & Spanish. 809-571-0064 Small one bedroom 1 bath apartment in Sosúa near German bakery, pool, inverter, furnished, a/c, quiet area, kids and pets ok. US$300 + elect. Long term, 809-383-8279 Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546 Apartment, 250 m from the beach with seaview, 1 or 2 rooms, furnished, security, pool, RD$10.000 and 20.000/month + 1 month deposit. Call 809-854-3156 Apartment in La Roca, Puerto Plata, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, unfurnished, 24 hour electricity and water, community pool, long term rental US$ 600 + electricity, phone 809970-7627 Furnished house for rent in Puerto Plata, Safe area near Mountain with view, 24 h water & electr., close to everything, private bar, Karaoke & Gym, biliards. 20,000 RD$/months, 1 & last&dep. Call 809-303-0091

Agents required for nationwide distribution of “Memories of London 2012 – Olympics and Diamond Jubilee”. For further information please call Caribepack: 809-5862225

Woman, 45, looking for job in private household. Nursing care, house cleaning, child and pet care. Also speak Spanish and English. Phone 829-270-6143 Looking for work in home and garden. Haitian, 20 years, very reliable and grown up in good environment seeks employment in home and garden, possibly also as a guard. Phone 829-903-9921

2 infrared lamps, 12 V, range 30 m, for RD$ 1,000. Call 809-781-5758 Special type Skorpion Roller Skates, suitable for off-road, new model for fun (new craze from the USA) for US$ 120. Call 809-781-5758

Who has the time (and mood), to clean his Pool three and a half hours every day? Only one: the automatic Poolrobot

For sale from liquidation of a pizzeria, Pomodori Pelati Italiano Peppino's food in cans a 3 kg 106 oz. 1 carton of 6 cans 1.200 pesos. Call 809-863-1910 Sell Black & Decker circular saw, good condition, 3,000 pesos. Phone 829-354-0885 (Peter) Air Conditioner, Split Unit, like new, 12,000 RD$ o.b.o. Call 809-5714020 Very big GE Refrigerator, white, 28'' x 66'', sell for RD$ 38,000. Call 829682-4004 Universal Generator, 1,500 Watt, few hours, 19,000 RD$, Call 829850-1709

Saves chemicals of 1,500 dollars a year Demonstration and sale: Michael 829-387-2223 You want to go on vacation, you have to travel at short notice and do not know who to take care of your favorite pet? You want more than just “feed it”. I take care of your “loved ones”. Feed, walk, play, and everything the animal needs. Years of experience in active animal welfare. Information: 829 574 2243

Big Penthouse-Apartment in Maranata for rent, with garage, 2,800 pesos/month. Cel. 809-497-6913 3 bedroom villa for rent in Lomas Del Sol 3, 5 minutes from Sosua. 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, pool, back up power and AC in master bedroom. Long term rental US $1,000 a month, includes pool maintenance, gardener, security, water and waste disposal. Contact Alex 809 350-1441.

Looking for inexpensive Land/Plot or a smaller house with a garden, also for renovation, between Puerto Plata and Cabarete. Phone 829-9771676 or 829-414-0435, email:

Housekeeper wanted in Boca Chica, without attachments, private room, reasonable wages. Phone 829-3599316. Se busca de ama de llaves en Boca Chica, sin niños, propia habitación, buen sueldo. Por favor llame a 829-359-9316

Seeking management, operations manager, general manager position. American man, bi-lingual, highly educated, ex business owner, ex national manager, living in Puerto Plata 5 years, willing to relocate anywhere in Domincian. Good people skills, management skills, qualified for whatever your needs are. 829-926-0792 or joegennaro108

One queen size mattress Back Care Fitness 60X80 (new) RD$10,500. One leather sofa (brown) 3 place RD$18,000. Call 809-963-2052 Water Pump “Myers” new, 35 l / min, 0.37 kW, 60 Hz for RD$ 2,500. Call 809-781-5758 Large pool pump 230 V, 15 kW, used for RD$ 15,000. Call 809-7815758 5 halogen sensors (motion), new, for RD$ 2,000. Call 809-781-5758

40-foot container, shipping container made of steel, 12 m long, 2.33 m wide, 2.37 m high. 3,8 t, capacity 67 m3 pa US$ 4,000. Phone 829-4987087 Computer on-site service: affordable help and service in Windows, Linux and network technologies for personal and business area. Planning, consulting, repair, problem solving. IT service network by German technician. Call 829 574 2243 The New Book of Knowledge 2000, Hardcover, INC Grolier. Complete Set 1 – 20, Price: 5,000 RD$, Tel.: 809-571-1083

Jeep Nissan Pathfinder, 2002, 5 doors/5 seats, air conditioning, central locking, metallic green, 6 cylinder, technically and optically in good condition, including insurance, sale Sosua / Cabarete, 7,500 euros or 400,000 pesos o.n.o.. Phone 829414-0435 or Mazda 6 Sedan, 2007, color red, 460,000 RD$, Total Cars Sosúa, Phone 829-329-4126 Range Rover 4.6 HSE, 2000, dark metallic blue, excellent condition and well maintained, only 71,000 km, Many extras. 490,000 RD$, call: 809-571-1018


KIA Sedona, 2008, 6 cyl., luxury, 7 seats, low miles, like new, 10,500 US$, Call 809-303-0091


FOR RENT Ford Explorer XLT, SUV

at “Germany Grill & Bar”

2,000 RD$/day, 11,000 RD$/week 36,000 RD$/month Rialto Group S.R.L., Puerto Plata Avd. Luis Ginebra 57 Tel: 809-261-8786, 829-369-1771 Email:

Ctra. Sosúa - Cabarete, Sosúa

August 3, 8 am to 2 pm (each 1st Saturday of the month)

Reservation: 809-571-3407

IMPRESSUM Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or Looking for 2 young dogs, German Shepherd, Pit Bull Terrier, Great Dane, Doberman, etc. for Boca Chica. For offers call 829-498-7087 Young female dog for free, about 4 months old, friendly + loving character, yet good watchdog, in good condition, is urgently looking for a good home. Call 809-5710471, Cabarete

Nissan Murano, 2007, black, very good condition, US$15,800. Costambar, Puerto Plata. Info 809669-7660 / 809-261-4373

Because of emigration. Only to animal-loving gringos! One young female dog (very good guard) is not pedigreed, one young female dog, small, various cats, different ages. Please only a good place. Phone 829-260-1646 (after noon)

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Offer of the Month!


Tel. 809-571-1027 · Cel. 809-779-9949

Bermuda Hills

Escondido Bay

A Brand new 2 bedroom 1 bath house with swimming pool. 120 sq.m. bulding on a lot of 600 sq.m. In Sosúa, very nicely located next to schools and church, just minutes away from everything. US$ 149,000, with 35% down the owner with finance, then US$ 711 monthly. More informations at 809-571-2406.

Condos from 1 to 3 bedrooms in a first class, gated community close to the beach near Sosúa for sale and rent. Spectacular oceanview from the terrace on the roof of the building. Prices from US$ 99,000, rent from US$ 795/month or US$ 595/week. All apartments are furnished. Ask for further infos at 809-571-2406.

Escondido Bay Our offer of the month, reduced US$ 50.000 from US$ 249,000 to now only US$ 199.000. Financing is available! This newly updated 2 bedroom villa has large outdoor covered patio, the pool and kitchen are both large. Best location on the north coast, 15 minutes to Cabarete, five minutes to Sosúa, right beside gym, spa and restaurant. Close to everything you need to live the Caribbean Dream!

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