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Playa Preciosa

Playa Preciosa is the neighboring beach of Playa Grande, close to Río San Juan.

No Bucks The prestigious project of former President Leonel Fernández, the Metro of Santo Domingo, didn't get any subsidies of the government any more since shortly after the elections, which ended Leonel Fernández' third term. Although officially the Metro generates 65 million pesos annually with 100,000 paying passengers a day, the need for subsidies amounts to eight to nine million dollars a year. To date, the state already owes 500 million pesos to the contractors who build the second line, which should be completed by year-end. Operating company Opret meanwhile stands with its back to the wall, because in addition to the completion of Line 2, Line 1 has to be maintained. There are already problems with filtrations and the electric escalators.

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That's inside today: Danilo Medina at the UN

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Danilo Medina at the UN Secretary-General commends Measures / Hipólito: Not only Chicken Thieves to Justice! nomic growth”, said Medina. Due to the global economic crisis, achieving the desired Millennium Development Goals is in danger in the developing countries. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (photo) praised the Dominican president's plans for reducing poverty after a meeting with him. The measures, which Medina has taken in the first month of his reign, show that the Dominican Republic is on the road to sustainable development, which will be supported by the UN. At the 67th Assembly of the United Nations General, also the new Dominican President Danilo Medina made a speech to the General Assembly. His theme was poverty and development. He explained that poverty is more than just a family with no income. The economy should be at the service of the people and not the people at the service of the economy. “To increase the quality of life and reduce poverty and social exclusion may stimulate a healthy eco-

The demands to bring corrupt officials of the previous government to court culminated in mid-September in the claim to hold a “People's Court” to former President Leonel Fernández. The ruling party, the opposition party PRD and Frente Amplio rejected such demands strictly. If someone is accused, it has to be be done by regular courts, as the law requires. The armed forces initiated an investigation where these demands came from. Ex-president Hipólito Mejía (PRD) called on Präsdident Medina to tell what he found after taking office, and he hoped that also one of “these bandits” will end in court, and not just the “chicken

thieves”. The things for which he is responsible must fall at the feet of Ex-President Fernández. Danilo Medina reaffirmed his commitment to an “ethical policy”, but it was not his job to track corruption, as there is the separation of powers. According to his declaration, the assets of President Danilo Medina Sánchez have a value of 21 million pesos. This figure includes his cash, two houses in Santo Domingo and three SUVs. The president's salary is 135,000 pesos. The vice president and wife of the former president, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, saved a little more: 24 million pesos.

New 200-Pesos Bill More Smokers in the Countryside than in the Cities / Police shoot ten in twelve Days population are smokers. In the cities the number of smokers is at 17 percent. The project to reduce the number of smokers is funded by the National Cancer Institute of the United States. Sergio Díaz of PTD2, who is also director of the hospital Juan XXIII in Santiago, called on the people to demand their right for clean air in public places. It is planned to set up non-smoking areas in the cities.

To make the difference clearer to the 50peso bill, the Central Bank edits new 200peso bills since early October. The old two hundreds will still be valid until their complete replacement. The difference is mainly in the coloration - so the two bars on the front and back side will not be gray any more, but green. For more information on the new 200-peso bill, interested can check it in the Internet: (link: RD$ 200.00), and / BancoCentralRD. The Dominican Medical College (CMD) and the project PDT2 announced at the signing of a plan to reduce tobacco consumption, that in the Dominican Republic, 29 percent of the rural

Some 25,000 volunteers followed the call of the Environment Foundation Vida Azul this year and collected more than 22 tons of trash on 77 beaches and more than 30 rivers on 15 September. Environment Minister Bautista Rojas Gómez said the most rubbish were bottles and plastic lids, followed by Styrofoam containers in which food is brought, plastic cutlery and plastic cups as well as glass and plastic bags. Rojas Gómez praised the involvement of students who have participated with great enthusiasm in the campaign, which is organized every year. Prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso was concerned about the domestic violence that exists among couples for the control of the partner's mobile phone. Another topic of great concern was about the “huge” number of complaints coming to the courts about the sending of very compromising photos of minors by mobile phones.

The Chief of Police, José Armando Polanco Gómez made it clear once more to the criminals of the country on 19 September: There are only three ways for them: the hospital, jail or the cemetery. That the Dominican police is not joking, they showed on 11 and 12 September, when six suspects were killed in shootouts in different parts of the country within 24 hours. In the following eleven days there were added four more. All those who have been killed were sought after by the police. At least 400 police agents who were “out on loan” to private concerns or government officials were returned to duty at their posts around Santo Domingo, following orders from Major General José Armando Polanco Gómez. These officers and many new recruits will be used on patrol duties as part of an initiative aimed at reducing crime in the nation's capital. According to reports, the latest crackdowns have led to a 15 percent reduction in the homicide rate and crime since 15 August.

Increase of Penalties Juvenile Offenders can be jailed for longer / Applause and Protests for tightened Laws Anyone at the age of 16 who kills or robs another one, knows just like a 25year-old that he is committing a serious crime. That was one of the justifications for the claim from all social classes, to increase the penalties for juvenile offenders clearly. For there were many shocking cases of horrendous crimes comitted by teenagers, like that of the underage murderers of several taxi drivers in Santo Domingo, who jeered the relatives of the victims in the courtroom, laughing that in three years they will be free again. Subsequently the Chamber of Deputies now decided to raise the maximum penalties for minors significantly. For the age 13 to 15 year the maximum penalty is elevated from three to ten years and for 16 and 17year olds from five to 15 years. According to a survey of the daily newspaper “Diario Listín”, after the publication of Law 136-03, which still has to be confirmed by the Senate, 70 percent of the respondents agreed with the aggravation, the acceptance among the readers of the newspaper “Hoy” was even higher - in the Internet edition 88 percent clicked “Sí”. But there are also other voices, like Marta Pérez Mencia (photo above), President of

the Psychological Society. She says, longer sentences for teenagers will not reduce the violence in the country. Also, UNICEF and the civil rights movement Collective Woman and Health protested against the increase of penalties. It was necessary to improve the education and quality of life, reduce social inequality and tackle poverty. The fight against crime is directed only against the poor and minors, while the corrupt, that destroy society and the state, would be spared by the judiciary. Police Chief José Armando Polanco Gómez (Photo above) advocates for the tightening, although for him, this can not be the solution of the problem. However, it is no longer bearable that teenagers deliberately commit serious crimes every day, and if they are arrested, they insist on being underage. The society needed to bring under control these juvenile delinquents finally, argues Polanco Gómez. The senators are also divided on the issue. Julio César Valentín, president of the Justice Commission of the Senate said, the retail of drugs must be prevented, where teenagers kill each other. Deputy Teodoro Ursino Reyes said that the country could no longer protect minors who killed, raped and robbed.

The Dominican Council of Evangelical Unity (Codue) has reiterated its stance that the modification of the Minors Code does not resolve the basic problem in a society that is incapable of applying measures for the care, protection and safety of children. Codue president Fidel Lorenzo Meran said that the Minors Code is an achievement for Dominican society, since it confirms the commitments taken on by the State, but that an increase in sentences is a drastic step. He said that he thought that modifying the Code would not make much difference in terms of the behavior of minors on the streets. Therefore, he urged the promotion of a quality integrated education, based on Christian and social values, which guarantee a life based on solidarity, respect and justice.

Former MINUSTAH-Members jailed Haiti bans Plastic Bags and Styrofoam Containers / More Money for Reconstruction had to take a psychological examination. He testified that the violation lasted 15 minutes, on the video taken by the soldiers, the “joke”, as they conceived it, lasted 45 seconds.

With faces hidden by jackets, the four former soldiers of the United Nations stabilization force in Haiti, MINUSTAH, appeared in court in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, to face charges of rape of a Haitian boy in September 2011. They hoped that their case was being shelved, but the judge ruled otherwise. The four, aged between 22 and 29 years, had not been convicted of sexual abuse but of violence on wards, which is defined as “violence or threats applied on someone in order to force him to do, to tolerate or not to do something”, which is threatened with prison up to three years. The Haitian boy traveled to Uruguay in May, where he identified the accused and

The new Haitian government is serious about protecting the environment. From this 1st of October, the import, production and sale of black plastic bags and Styrofoam containers, such as plates, cups and food containers, is prohibited. Like here, these items are omnipresent in daily life in Haiti too - these almost unbelievable polluters that leave streets filthy, clog canals and rivers and pollute the sea. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe says: “Importing and manufacturing bio-degradable items will benefit Haiti’s short-, mid- and long-term environmental interest.” In Haiti the black plastic bags are the primary mode for transporting items among Haiti’s poor who shuffle back and forth to open air street markets on an almost daily basis. They also are a key, but dangerous, ingredient in curbside cooking, helping food cook faster. The bags and containers are then dumped haphazardly into canals.

For environmentalists, the behaviour in many countries of the Third World is a problem because the plastic is cheap and easy to dispose of, but there rarely are existing recycling systems. So billions of plastic bags, together with other plastic trash sooner or later end in the sea where they are killing countless seabirds, sea turtles and other sea animals. Plastic waste doesn't degrade biologically, but only breaks into smaller and smaller parts and pollutes the environment for many decades. Haiti's President Michel Martelly called on the 67th United Nations General Assembly that his country would continue to need international help urgently. The help received until today was mainly needed to feed the population, it is not enough for the reconstruction of the country destroyed in big parts by an earthquake in 2010. Haiti is still a country where everything is missing, says Martelly. The Special Envoy of the UN Office for Haiti announced this week that more than half of the 5,330 million dollars pledged by donors to rebuild the Caribbean nation have already been distributed. However, Martelly said that more financial assistance for the reconstruction is needed, estimated at 12 billion dollars.

Your Horoscope for October 2012 New Doors open for Virgo / Sagittarius' Popularity grows / Taurus should utilize Talents

You are looking for ways to build a new structure for yourself and so, along the way, much of where you’ve been or what you’re qualified to do, or the role others expect you to play will be useful but may now need re-thinking or up-grading so you can feel more secure and get the status or recognition you deserve. It would be wise not to overlook things or allow blurred boundaries when it comes to money or property.

Your base of operations could change, expand or move completely. This is a good time to relocate, or have intermittent access to an environment you prefer, which may be at a distance. You will be learning new things through family, neighbours or those in the community both at home or over the wires, even though it may be a culture or mindset which is strange, exotic or simply not what you are used to.

Change is afoot! Things you didn’t expect to happen will happen - some liberating, some disruptive and uncomfortable, but ultimately freeing you up. It’s not good or bad, it’s just the winds of change ripping off twigs and branches and uprooting you from your familiar rut. Sometimes its not easy and things may feel somewhat up in the air or you are holding your breath as you wonder how this or that thing is going to turn out.

This will be a cycle of reaching for better things materially and physically. By utilizing your talents and skills as well as possessions, property or other lines of supply which can nourish or heal - or be transformed into cash. Natural resources, equipment or a better venue will flow more readily towards you over the coming months. The pressure on you could be the trigger for you to be more in the centre of your own power.

You have to lay aside your own desires related to career or general life-direction and make yourself available in a more selfless or nurturing way because it serves or promotes goodwill. A time, great for those involved publicly in the arts or in things like medicine, hospitality, healing, spirituality, charities and anything which serves the common good. This vibration will also support you and spur you towards greater flights of imagination.

You are in a long cycle of having to be better organized with speculative projects, an enterprise, or the kinds of activities you or others find entertaining. Adverse conditions or obstacles are more than likely to affect any of these areas. More structure and discipline will be needed for those involved in romance, or promotional or performance-type activities, so take the long view, as nothing will happen quickly here.

Your familiar way of thinking and interpreting the world will change, maybe in ways you never expected. Certain events could be a revelation to you and you are inspired by the implications. Foreigners or new areas of interest will expand your consciousness and teach you things which are unfamiliar or innovative and unconventional. More travel or contact with faraway places or languages is likely.

New doors in your career sector and your general life direction will swing open, the cards will be stacked in your favour related to advancement in the world - whether that means career opportunities or something coming along to expand your life through new interests. Recognition and success could be coming your way. Communications across a wider stage, travel or foreign connections could be part of the picture.

A wider range of options will open up. Your horizons will broaden in new ways as you touch new areas of interest and get your head around new concepts. Through education, travel or hands-on, direct experience, you are plunged into new ventures and activities which increase your understanding and give you the chance to share your knowledge and abilities with others from different backgrounds.

You’ll be feeling sober and cautious enough to lay the foundations for new conditions and ultimately, a happier, easier life. But nothing happens fast. You’ll have to stick with it and navigate a few obstacles. Over a long period, through your choices, you should be taking basic steps to build into your life those elements and practices which allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding.

You should plunge into unfamiliar social environments and cast your nets really wide if you are hunting for a mate or teacher/ advisor or your ideal business associate or employer. This is a period when you can discover a better outlet or venue to share your knowledge and experience with others. If you work with the public or in one to one situations then you could find your popularity growing over this period.

Work opportunities flow in your direction more easily now, but you should avoid to grab the first thing that comes along. You might get a much wider array of options to choose from, but the danger is that you get greedy and want to bite off more than you can chew. So you will need to separate the wheat from the chaff and get more organized. You should try to cast your nets wider related to health and wellbeing.

Elections in Venezuela Decision on 7 October / Military will guard the Polls / Venezuelan Ambassador withdrawn On this Sunday, October 7, about 19 million Venezuelans have to decide, who will rule their country for the next six years. The election is a choice of direction, whether the leftwing President Hugo Chávez will continue to govern, or whether the right-wing candidate of the party alliance MUD (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática - Table of Democratic Unity), 40-year-old Henrique Capriles Radonski, will become the next president. Capriles tried to take advantage of the cancer of President Hugo Chávez, and traveled crisscrossing Venezuela in recent months to show voters that he is the one who will be there for them. Whether that was successful, will be seen shortly. President Hugo Chávez has reportedly overcome the cancer and assures the electorate that the social programs of the government, the so-called “misiones” which support the poor, will be continued. But if Capriles won the elections, all these benefits would disappear. “Do you think that a government with the greatest rich bourgeois will care about the needs of the people? Do you think the health care system, public, free and of good quality, will be continued by a government of the bourgeoisie?” Chávez asks the voters. Capriles accuses Chávez of squandering Venezuelan assets to other countries. “I have nothing against Chinese or against another brother from another country The reserves belong to Venezuela, Venezuelans must be those who exploit these reserves,” Capriles said a day after Chavez announced that he will sign an agreement with China's Citic Group, who will exploit one of the

largest gold deposits in the world in the state of Bolívar. Moreover, Capriles warned the government that the people will demand “respect” on the streets, if he won the elections on 7 October and the government should not acknowledge his victory. He accuses Chávez to train militia men to make sure to stay in power, even he loses the elections. But the latest survey by Datanálisis gives Chávez clear 14.7 points ahead of Capriles, 18 days before the election. To ensure a smooth electoral process, the Government sent 139,000 men and women of the army to guard the polling stations. The army will ensure peace and tranquility in the elections and stop any violence. About two months ago, Venezuela withdrew ambassador Alfredo Murgas Riva from Santo Domingo, without sending another one. On 15 June, former President Leonel

Fernández planned to accredit the new ambassador Alberto Roy Daza, who didn't come. Now it is speculated that Venezuela will wait until after the elections. They said Murgas have fulfilled his mission in the Dominican Republic. In June, Murgas Riva criticized the high fuel prices in the country, although the Dominican Republic gets special rates far below the world market price for Venezuelan oil through the Petrocaribe Agreement.

POP Discover 2012 First Annual Puerto Plata Trade Show in October / Presenting Tourism and Hotel Sector The First Annual Puerto Plata Trade Show, POP Discover 2012 is scheduled for 19-21 October at the Ocean World Park. This is THE event for learning about the great advantages and attractions of the north coast region. The event is

organized by the Puerto Plata Tourism & Cultural Cluster (CTDPP) and the Association of Hotels of the North (Ashonorte). During POP Discover 2012, attendees will learn about hotel renovations and new offers, new tours and

optional activities, natural and cultural attractions and tourist services of all kinds available in the area. Enjoy fun tours in the city, check out industry trends and developments, strengthen existing business relationships with suppliers, and promote business among tour operators and travel agencies.

Enjoy the OKTOBERFEST in the Caribbean with original Munich celebration Beer of Paulaner



The Difference

Here is the solution for chinese bill number 13307819. It can be numeryclized with P=9 points as shown in the picture. Short form: 13307819, 13370819, 13472922, t2, s7, P9.

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

This bill solution was optimized at The Lazy Dog Bar and Grill in Cabarete Beach. Congratulations to staff members who participated in the process! The Lazy Dog is thinking of adopting GameYcles as its official game. So come and enjoy a rum punch and join in the LazYcles!

Sudoku No. 157

Howard is 95 and lives in a senior citizen home. Every night after dinner, Howard goes to a secluded garden behind the center to sit and ponder his accomplishments and long life. One evening, Annabel, age 87, wanders into the garden. They begin to chat, and before they know it, several hours have passed. After a short lull in their conversation, Howard turns to Annabel and asks, “Do you know what I miss most of all?” She asks, “What?” “Sex!” Annabel exclaims, “Why you old bum, you couldn't get it up if I held a gun to your head!” “I know,” Howard says, “but it would be nice if a woman just held it for a while.” “Well, I can oblige”, says Annabel, who gently unzips his trousers, removes his manhood and proceeds to hold it. Afterward, they agree to meet secretly each night in the garden where they would sit and talk and Annabel would hold Howard's manhood. Then, one night, Howard didn't show up at their usual meeting place. Alarmed, Annabel decided to find Howard and make sure that he was O.K. She walked around the senior citizen home where she found him sitting by the pool with another female resident who was holding Howard's manhood! Furious, Annabel yelled, “You bastard! What does she have that I don't have?!” Howard smiled happily and replied, “Parkinson's.”

by Pablo Baqués

Reminder of GameYcles steps: 1. Write the serial number of the bill in the top line. 2. Decide what two-digit number you will use for your Numerycle. 3. Develop the Numerycle. If you are using 13 as in today's example: 13472922. 4. Transfer and add as needed so that you obtain the Numerycles' digits. 5. Figure out P = t + s by adding one point for each transfer (t) and as many points as you added (s). If you still have doubts, come to the Lazy Dog where experts will clarify any obscure points. Next challenge? 84166167, courtesy of Mrs Darcy, in Argentina. See you October 17!


Sudoku No. 158

The man asked God, “Why did you make the woman so beautiful?” God answered, “That you like her!” “But, God, why did you make her that stupid?” And God answered, “That she likes you, too!”

LA SABIA More than 22,000 people might die if the Dominican government does not provide the necessary funds to cover the cost of the drugs for the patients who are living with the HIV virus in the country, says Darío García, director of the non-governmental AIDS coalition.

The Page of Health In Danger

Care of the AIDS-Patients García said that the Global Fund, which donated more than 13 million dollars on drugs for people living with this disease over

the years, announced that they will start to reduce the support for the country gradually from 2013 and stop it definitely in 2015. So the Dominican state has to pay 60 percent next year and guarantee the entire amount for the necessary drugs from 2015. Health insurance covers only 4,000 pesos a year.

What is he singing? “No te quiero perder” by Lápiz Conciente When Cupid's arrow strikes, even the hardest Tígueres (tough guys) get poetic, otherwise monotonous rappers suddenly become melodic. Current example: Lápiz Conciente.

Avelino Yunior Figueroa was born in Los Mina in Santo Domingo on 24 January 1983 and raised by his grandmother after his mother died. At 13 he started rapping and was a member of several groups. As it is common in the genre, “Lápiz Conciente” (Conscious Pencil), as the rapper now called himself, had big differences with various colleagues who incited against each other with their so called “Tiraderas”. With the song “Tengo un bajo a hierba encima” (I stink of grass), he caused a stir because the song was banned. Now Lápiz Conciente tries to make more deliberate music in order to start an international career, hence the title of the new album, “Lápiz mundial”, which contains this song, was recorded for the taste of the “normal” audience.

En la vida uno nunca piensa que va conocer personas tan maravillosas como tu. Yo no tengo palabras para describir lo que siento por ti, tu eres mi luz y yo quiero decirte que aunque tu no me creas aunque tu pienses que tengo pila de mujere yo quiero que sepas que si las estrellas del cielo se puedan comprar yo compraria el sol para un ser tan especial como tu, tan linda y bella, doncella preciosa, tu ere una rosa que nunca se marchita. Tu ere bonita, tan cariñosa, tan coquetica, tan amorosa, tu mi cosita, mi bella esposa, tan tiernesita, tu ere una diosa. La osa mayor de la constelación, te adoro, amo mi relación contigo por que vales oro. Tu mi vaquita, mami, yo soy tu toro, yo soy el pirata y tu ere el tesoro, que yo encontré, tal vez por que te merecía, encontré el amor que no encontraba ni la CIA Llégale a la armonía, música con melodía. Mira como tu conviertes un tiguere con bujía. Yo te amo tanto, negra, tu ni te imagina quiero tu corazón, no me interesa tu vagina. Por ti yo pago doble y dejo propina. Por ti yo seco el mar y endereso las esquina. Por que ante de ti yo no era nadie. Tal vez un simple vagabundo. Tu le da paz a mi interior y a mi alma. Como tu nadie en este mundo, bebé. Yo no te quiero perder tu ere mi linda mujer, la que yo amo en la vida. Por eso, mami, yo no te quiero perder ... Es que contigo aprendo lo que la calle no enseña. Si no hablara tu idioma lo hicieramo por seña. Y si el negro no te preña que lo traiga la cigüeña. De mi mente y corazón mami chula eres la dueña. No tengo queja, en mi alma se refleja tu la única en mi vida, inseparable pareja. me muero si te aleja, yo soy la miel tu la abeja. Deja que el tiempo fluya y que la relación sea vieja y se ponga como el vino, tu y yo tenemo algo fino, saludable y natural como el ajo y el pepino. Yo nunca te haria daño y si por cosa del destino mi carne te falla seguiré siendo un canalla. Pero que nunca te olvida y si tengo otra vida te lo juro princesita que te volveria a amar. Lavaría mis pecados con las olas del mar. Es que si tu me falta ya nada será igual. Sabes por que te quiero, mi amor no tiene pero. Mi amor es sano aunque no tenga dinero. Mami, perdóname si alguna vez te celo y si muero te seguiré cuidando desde el cielo. Solo te pido no me olvides. Yo voy a amarte hasta la muerte. Recuerda todo lo que hemos vivido y a Dios pidámosle la suerte. Yo no te quiero perder …

In life you never think, that you get to know people, as wonderful as you. I don't have the words to describe, what I feel for you, you are my light and I want to tell you even you don't believe me, even you think, I have piles of women, I want you to know that if you could buy the stars of heaven, I would buy the sun for a being as special as you, so pretty and beautiful, precious princess, you're a rose that never wilts. You're beautiful, so tender, so flirtatious, so loving, you my little thing, my beautiful wife, so tender, you're a goddess. The Great Bear of the constellation, I adore you, I love my relationship with you, because you're worth gold. You my little cow, Mami, I'm your bull, I'm a pirate and you're the treasure I found, because I probably deserved you, I found the love that didn't find even the CIA. Get to the harmony, music with melody. See how you transform a Tíguere with plug. I love you so much, Negra, you don't imagine, I want your heart, your vagina doesn't interest me. For you, I'll pay double and leave a tip. For you, I dry the sea and straighten corners. Because before you I was nobody. Perhaps a simple vagabond. You give peace to my heart and my soul. There's nobody like you in this world, baby. I don't want to lose you, you're my beautiful wife, that I love in the life. Therefore, Mami, I don't want to lose you ... Because with you I learn what the street does not teach. If I did not speak your language, would we do it with signs. And if the negroe doesn't impregnate you, might it bring the stork. Of my mind and heart, Mami chula, you're the owner. I have no complaint, in my soul reflect you, the only one in my life, unseparable couple. I die, if you go away, I'm the honey, you the bee. Let the time flow and the relationship grow old, that it will become like the wine, you and I, we have something fine, healthy and natural as garlic and cucumber. I would never hurt you, and if for matters of fate my flesh fails, I go on being a scoundrel. But never forgetyou, and if I have a different life, I swear to you, princess, I would love you again. I would wash my sins with the waves of the sea. Because if I miss you, nothing will be the same. You know why I love you, my love has not a “but”. My love is healthy, even if I have no money. Mami, forgive me if I'm jealous sometimes, and when I die, I will watch over you from heaven. All I ask you for, do not forget me. I will love you until death. Remember all that we have experienced and God we ask for happiness. I don't want to lose you ...

Carlos Gardel


Born in France

Omega didn't beat me!

Prince Royce Sued by Record Company For many years it was one of the big mysteries, where Carlos Gardel was truly born. Gardel, the greatest Tango-artist of all times, who is a national hero in Argentina, after whom streets and squares are named. Of course, for the Argentineans it was clear that it can only be Argentine. Carlos Gardel died in a plane crash in Medellín, Colombia, on 24 of June 1935. This fact in not controversial at all. But where was he born? Last year there appeared documents from neighboring Uruguay, including a passport from 1927, according to which Gardel was born as Zorzal Criollo on 11 December 1887 in Tacuarembó, 390 kilometers northeast of the capital, Montevideo. Now, the three authors of the book “El padre de Gardel” claimed that they have found the original birth crtificate of the Argentine king of Tango in the town hall of Toulouse in France, issued on 11 of December 1890. For author Esteban this was not very surprising, because France was in a closer choice as the birthplace all those years of uncertainty.

Shakira Confirmed Pregnancy Since June, there were rumors about a pregnant Shakira. Now Shakira tweeted: “Gérard (Piqué) and I are very happy and waiting for the arrival of our baby."

The U.S. Bachata star with Dominican roots, Prince Royce, was surprised of the action of his former producer Sergio George, who accused the artist of ingratitude. He, George, had put all his energy, experience and hope in Prince Royce, who was discovered by him. Prince Royce had broken his contract for three albums and wanted to take his career into his own hands after being successful. George's company Top Stop Music accuses Geoffrey Royce Rojas, so his real name, of breaching the contract, unjust enrichment and escape of a contract and sued Prince Royce for two million dollars, the sum the company has invested in his career. Prince Royce does not understand all the fuss and wrote in facebook that he was “calm and trusting that in the end truth and justice will win. I will always be professional and not be tempted to defame someone. Please let the courts decide, while we continue our music. I adore you all and thank you for the great support.”

Whose bed you share, whose fruits you'll harvest - or something like that goes a saying. After prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso certified Música-urbana-singer Omega the potential to become a wife killer after a psychological test and sent him to jail for three months for beating the dancer Yuly Mercedes López (“Renata”), this woman appeared after several weeks, and said that this was not true at all! She had accused Omega unfairly because she was jealous. Now Omega's lawyers set a limit to release him within 24 hours, otherwise they would file a constitutional complaint against Yeni Berenice Reynoso and Ana Andrés Villa Camacho, Commissioner for the investigation of violence against women, and apply for their arrest. Meanwhile, Omega started a hunger strike.

Julio Iglesias Concert in Altos de Chavón Julio Iglesias will say good-bye to 2012 with a concert at the amphitheater of Altos de Chavón close to La Romana. Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, who is also Dominican citizen, spends several months a year at his home in Punta Cana. He will close his artistic activities this year with a big concert. His current tour will end in May 2013.

Specials or a323 3rd Floor 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment - Sosua Center. Building Size sq.m: 61/sq.ft.: 657 low maintenance fee, Reduced to US$52,500 - – 809-4628140 a215 1 BR, 1 BA Pool View Apartment. 83 sq.m/sq.ft.893, furnished, 2nd floor, Sosua, before US$85,000 - NOW only: US$75,000. or 809-4628140 a220 Large 50 sq.m Renovated Furnished Studio Condo. furnished, only US$29,900. www.bestsosua, athumeyer@gmail .com or 809-462-8140 a315a Furnished 2 BR, 2 BA Sosua Center, sq.m: 70,5/sq.ft.: 759, ground floor, low maint, US$51,500 - athumeyer – 809-462-8140. a241 Fantastic Ocean Front 1 BR, 1 BA Condo, furnished, 2nd floor, 72.36 sq.m/775ft., Cabarete, reduced to US$110,000! www.ready or 809-462-8140 a315c Studio Condo, Sosua Center, 22.06 sq.m/237 sq.ft., US$29,500, furnished, ground floor, -, athumeyer – 809-462-8140. a213 Furnished 2nd Floor Studio Apartment, 48 sq.m/sq.ft. 516, Sosua, reduced to US$37,000, - athumeyer - 809-462-8140. a317 3rd Floor 1 Bedroom Condo, Close to Ocean. NOW US$79,900 furnished, owner finance! 58,20

sq.m/sq.ft.626, - - 809-4628140. a258 2 BR, 1 BA 2nd Floor Apartment Sosua, semi fuernished, 80.52 sq.m/sq.ft.867, low maint. -, athumeyer – 809-462-8140 co604 Bargain Unfurnished 3 Bedroom Villa. Lot Size: 292.24 sq.m/sq.ft. 3,146, Building Size 140 sq.m/sq.ft. 1,507, Reduced to US$64,500 - – 809-4628140 co548 3BR, 2BA Villa Plus Construction Lot sq.m: 1,300/ sq.ft. 13,993, furnished, Building sq.m: 150/sq.ft.: 1,615, US$142,500. - 809-4628140. co672 Furnished 2 BR, 1.5 BA Villa, Sosua, Lot Size 434,58 sq.m/sq.ft. 4,678, Building Size 120 sq.m/sq.ft.1,291, now US$119,000, - athumeyer - 809-462-8140 House, Special Offer, to be sold for only US$100,000 US$. Please call 809 571 0089 or mail to House with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, very big lot, in a safe place to be sold for a good price. Please ask at 809 571 0089 or House with 3 apartments, good investment, quiet location in Puerto Plata, later extension to 6 units possible. 60,000 euros, info@rialto, Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321

Small Villa above Sosúa. 150 sq.m. building size, area 1.300 sq.m. view on pool an possibility for amplification. Only US$129,900 or €105,000, private sale. Tel. 829-849-6073. Apartment in Sosúa for sale or rent, 80 sq.m., fully furn., 5 min. to the beach, US$65,000. Call 809-571-18 House for Sale, Sosua. 2,500 sq. 2 BR, 2 Bath. 2 BR. 2 Bath downstairs apartment. Large secured property. Fully landscaped, fruit trees. US$347K. Call Brenda 809-984-9019 or 809-571-1140

Land in Villas Cofresí, Puerto Plata, 926 sqm, in a quiet location, loadfree title, 1 million RD$, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321 Small finca, 10,000 sqm with fruit trees (100 trees), beautiful house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 studios, pool 8 x 4 m, cistern 80,000 liters, electric plant, Inverter, pavilion with seating, water + electricity 24 hrs, title unencumbered, 275,000 US$., Phone 809-651-1816 or 809-712-4321 Lot in Puerto Plata, 900 sq.m, beautiful and quiet location, price: RD$2,800/sq.m, Tel. 809-261-1156 / 809-978-5608

230 s.qm in a „Plaza Comercial“ in Avenida Luis Ginebra , Puerto Plata, complete ground floor, 2 bathrooms, new building, constructed in best quality, 5 parking lots included, US$325,000 O.N.O. Tel: 809-7124321 (English or Spanish)

New Bungalow about 36 sq.m., completely furrnished in a guarded and safe complex, close to the center of Sosúa. Beautiful garden with big swimmingpool, waterfall, pool bar, sun loungers, pavillion with BBQ and seating area. Glosed and guarded parking. 24h electricity and clean water, High-Speed WiFi Internet and all the 247 international TV-programs. Long term rental: US$378 + US$60 add. costs/p.m. Phone 809-801-8686, 809-801-8660 Rentals / Re#021 co548 2BR, 1BA Villa + 1BR,1BA Apartment. furnished, lot ft.13,993, build. size 1,615ft. US$550 per month, 3 months and longer. - 809-4628140.

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Super Offer! Apartment-House in Sosúa, 4 apartments, pool, parkstation, 5 min. to the beach US$299,000. Tel: 809-753-7541 or mail to

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For rent in Sosúa Furnished apartment, 140 sq.m. on 2nd floor, separate entrance, 40 sq.m. Terrace with sea view. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one with whirlpool. Generous kitchen, eating space, livingroom, washing room, safe and secured compound. Close to town, 24 h electricity, own well, cable TV, generator, big pool in tropical garden. Long term rental US$650 plus electricity according to use.

829-333-5403 or Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment, Sosua, 83 sq.m, furnished, 2nd floor, US$525/month - andrea@ready or 809-462-8140 Re#60 2 BR, 2 Ba Town House, Sosua. Building Size sq.m: 126 /sq.ft.: 1,356 – AC, Balcony, Garage, US$600/month, or 809-4628140 Apartment in the center of Cabarete, completely renovated, to rent. Please ask at 809 571 0089 or Apartment, Sosúa, 5 min. to the beach, 80 sq.m., 2 bedrooms w. bath, fully furn., kitchen, terrace, pool, tennis court, guarded, UD$450/ month extra costs incl. 809-571-1822 Top portion of house 2,500 sq. feet, 2 Br, @ bath, Furnished house, Vacant. Sosua. Conveniently located. Secured property, US$950 per month. Call Brenda 809-983-9019 or 809-571-1140

Small Business in Costambar fully furnished and equipped, incl. apartment. Further Infos at


2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with tub and showers Long Term Rental price US$400 plus electric First floor, no steps, perfect for handicaped Air Conditioned, Great Internet, 24 hour non-stop electric Cable TV/Hot Water/Electric safes Flatscreen TV 32 inch Sony Fully furnished including kitchen Micro Wave/Stove/Refrigerator /Coffee Maker Excellent location, Clean and Secure, Quiet Located on the Sosúa Strip walk within a few steps to Shops, Bars Restaurants, Beach, Banks/ATMs, Fruit Market, Grocery Store etc. Call 829-381-0511 or email

Boat for sale, 19ft BAYLINER, 115 HP Evinrude / trailer Following is new VHF system, Bimini top, paint Color fishfinder/gps/chartplotter, anchor+200ft rope, 10 rod holder also included: Life vests, compass, 1000watt sony mp3/cd/iphone radio, bilge, stainless steel fitting, fenders, much more. 12.500 US neg. 809-884-5858 Thermos jugs, ice bucket, bottle cooler, pump cans of the German World Company ALFI / WMF. Duty free, without freight charges, different models, all new. As long as supplies last. Info. Phone 829-392-7165

Lower Apt., Duplex 2 BR. 2 Bath, Vacant. Secured property Sosua. Conveniently located. US$375 per month. First & last month rent. Call Brenda 809-983-9019 or 809-5711140

German beer dispenser from Bavaria, ceramic column blue and white, carbon dioxide cylinder, pressure gauge, hoses, keg, very good tap, top condition, RD$20,000. Please call 829-392-7165

Beautiful apartment in La Mulata, 1 bedroom, bath, great dining area with open-plan kitchen, tastefully furnished, 58 sq.m. TV, WiFi, Inverter, beautiful garden and parking lot, very calm. For Long-term-rent available US$ 320 pm + electricity + 2MM Deposit. Call 809-571-9942

Kubota 6.5kW Diesel generator, used as a stand-by genset only (= 867 hours), very economical, with manual, 2,900 $ obo. Further details from: or call 809248-2803

For rent: Apartment in Puerto Plata, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, RD$6,000 + utilities,, Phone 809-6511816 or 809-712-4321

Dining table (1.70 m x 1.00 m), with 2 armchairs and 4 high-back chairs, seat patterned light beige, 1 year old, like new, from a German household, factory price RD$17,500, now only RD$9,500. In Moca, Tel: 849-9419000 or 829-561-2308, ask for Klaus.

Apartment in Maranata, furnished, with garage, RD$2,800/month. Cel. 809-497-6913

(New) Prof Portable Massage Table 30”, (PriceSmart 13,000), Only 10,000, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

Small house in Sosúa, El Batey, in a safe, small compound, living and dining room, American kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, covered terrace, carport, US$450, incl. water, Cable TV, electricity. 2 months deposit. Internet possible. Tel. 809969-1333.

Organic Moringa Starter Plants in grow bags, Organic Cacao Beans, Dried and Ready to Eat. Organic Raw Cacao in Pods, Giant Bamboo, Cut to Length and Mark at 829-560-3066 (English)

Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546

Apple iMac (24”, 2.8GHz, 500GBHD, 4GB-RAM), (PriceSmart 90,000), Only 55,000 OBO, Call: 829-3228982 / Email:

2010 Cabrinha Skillet kitesurf board 5'0" for sale. New dakine front pad, the stock rear pad, the foot straps and the fins are included. Email: Restaurant Equip: All Items New, Heavy-Duty, Professional, Commercial Grade: Juice-Machine (30-perminute), Tunnel-Toaster, Panini-Grill (Split-top), Xtreme-Blender (3.5HP), Frozen-Drink-Machine, Popcorn-Machine w-Cart, Hobart 12” Meat-Slicer, Stand-Mixer (5-Qt), Espresso-Cappuccino-Latte-Machine (w-Grinder), Gourmet-Displays, Dinnerware & Utensils, Folding Tables & Chairs & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 / Email: HP Pavillion Elite PC (30” Monitor, 2.66GHz, 1TB-HD, 4GB-RAM, Bluetooth Keyboard-Mouse), (New over 150,000), Only 60,000 OBO, Call: 829-322-8982 / Prof Treadmill (Landice L-7), (New 100,000), Only 45,000 OBO, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44 @hotmail .com (New) Sony VAIO Netbook (10”, 1.83GHz, 250GB-HD, 1GB-RAM), (PriceSmart 25,000), Now Only 15,500, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Power Boss (Honda GC190) Gas Powered (Easy-Start) Pressure Washer (3000 PSI), 25-ft Hose, 10” Wheels (PriceSmart 26,500), Used 5times, Now Only 20,000, Call: 829322-8982 / Email: uniq44@hotmail .com Estate Sale: Mahogany Furn (Night Tables, Dressers, Rocking Chairs), Acacia-Wood (Portable Bar w-Stools, Club-Chairs), Folding Tables & Chairs, (New) Security Camera System, (New) Wii & Xbox Game Systems, Popcorn Machine w-Cart, Treadmill, Massage Table, Ladders, Air Compressor, Karaoke Stereo, Computers-Printer-Accessories, & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 / Email: iPhone 3gs unlocked. RD$4,500 Tel: 809-750-7618

Motorcycle leather jacket with fringes, brown, size 52, new, super quality and stable. RD$8,000, Phone 829-392-7165. Motorbike Vento Rebellian, year 2007, RD11,000. Call: 809-261-4061, 809-465-5581 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2009. 4WD, 6.0 cylinder, 4.0L, 31,000 km, Color white. Bargain Price: US$27,500. Call 829 399 0837 Hyundai Elantra 2001; 104,000 km; 4 cyl, 2.0 L; electric sun roof, windows, doors. RD$279,000. Email:

SURFLESSION – all day/every day, loving it: 809-963-SURF (7873), Disco-Nightclub Equip: LED Light Strips (Programmable), Black Lights (24” & 48”), Disco Ball, Bubble Machine, Fog Machine, Lasers, Strobes, Karaoke Stereo, & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 / Email: Security Camera System: (New) Lorex “All-In-One” Professional Security Camera System (PriceSmart 95,000), Now Only 47,500 (50% Off), Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Bosch Professional Rotary Hammer Drill (GBH-4-DFE SDS Plus), (Ochoa 36,500), Now Only 25,000, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44@ Hardware-Tools: 36-ft Ext Ladder, 17ft Multi-Purpose Ladder, 3-N-1 HandTruck (1,000-lb, Adjustable Dolly), 20-gal Air Comp, 3-gal Air Comp, Electric Power Washer (1,450 PSI), Wet-Dry Vac (16-gal, 6.5HP), Steam Cleaning Machine, Mechanics ToolSet (171-pcs), Clamp Meter, 30” Bolt Cutters, Halogen Const Lights, Painting Equip, & more, Call-Prices: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44

Land Rover Discovery L3, 2007, 6 diesel, full loaded, green color, 220,000 km, 30 miles on a galon. US$26,000. Email: info@nicepeople

Licensed and accredited Pharmaceutical Biochemist, Dominican resident, is willing to rent her accreditations and certifications to interested parties to open Pharmacy drugstore in DR. Contact e mail:

Looking for dwarf rabbits. Offers at 829-610-8506 (only German or Spanish)

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or Three adorable Kittens need your help. Beautiful, healthy, playful ginger kittens need a loving home. Call 829-424-0795 or 829-633-4022. Rottweiler-Doberman mix, 18 months old, all vaccinations, alert, used to children, to leave due to relocation, RD$4,500. Phone 809924-9227

Here you find LA PLAYA ... for example at Compucentro in Sosúa

Suzuki Gran Vitara 2008. RD$670,000; 72,481 km; golden. Email: Toyota Sequoia 2003. RD$575,000; 102,385 km; blanco. Email: Cadillac Escalade (2004), Pearl White, Fully-Loaded, Low Miles, Great Condition, Only $18,000 OBO, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Custom 22” Chrome Wheels/Tires, GWG “Savanti”, (New 90,000), Only 45,000, Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

Looking for binoculars. Offers at 829-610-8506 (only German or Spanish)

You got problems with your computer? You look for accessories like ink, software or a brand new or a used flatscreen? All your worries will find a solution at Compucentro in Calle Alejo Martínez in Sosúa (right behind the restaurant Baileys). * The presented delivery points of LA PLAYA are advertisers and are chosen randomly and without any preference.

Except in SOSÚA you also can find LA PLAYA in Puerto Plata, Costambar, Cofresí, Maimón, Playa Dorada, Cabarete, Cabrera, Las Terrenas, Santiago, La Vega, Bonao, Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, Guayacanes, Juan Dolio ...

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