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Legend Of Pirates By aBi adeBajO

George was a war leader in his little village but with great ambition. He loved giving orders and loved being the centre of attention as a little boy

He embarked on a quest to get on the ship so he went through the hills and bushes to get to where the ship is

One day he was on a high mountain and he saw a ship from afar and thought to himself he would like to know who and what was on board that ship

On his way he gathered more men as he is not sure of what is happening on board. He was ready for battle which was what they were faced with

On getting on the ship they were faced with hefty men but because they were more they wrestled with these men and they conquered taking with them the gold bars they found in the ship

They were all happy as they all went home with their loots. They celebrated all night long in their small village

tHe end

Abis Pirate Treasure  

Abis pirates life on the mountain

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