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Don Quixote and the Pirate Ship by V.O

• This is don quixote. He foundthe treasure map on the far end of the Atlantic sea. The map read ‘ Whoever findsthis map will be rich forever. Follow the • Trail around the America. Good Luck’

• Don Quixote set off straight away on the trail. He took the map and looked carefully at the directions. North , then south then East then West. Don found it all very confusing.

He got on a ship that had been moored along the banks of the sea sailed away towards North America. Hay ho this is fun. He whistled and whistled. The sea roared under the ship

• The owner of the ship came chasing after him. Don fought and fought and drowned the owner. The owners servants swam across to join Don on the treasure hunt.They sped off to the North then south then East then West. It was a long windy journey . But they got there e in the end.

• They found some slaves along the way Freed them and got them to join him on the treasure hunt.they searched and searched for the treasure.

• Just as they were about to give, up Richard, one of other pirates saw a big haul under the bushes. Hi ho thwere you a re. They pulled it up and opened it. It was the hidden treasure‌. Bars and bars of shiny gold. Don Quixote and the other pirates laughed and celebrated with bottles of champagne they had found on the ship.

The End

Vicc's pirate adventure  
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