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For the  past  several  months  the   Amarillo  PCS  office  has  been   under  construction.    We  wanted   to  create  a  better/more  private   atmosphere  for  our  clients  and   guests  by  constructing  new   enclosed  offices  in  our  CEAP  &   CSBG  area.    In  addition  we   wanted  to  give  our  employees   efficient  work  areas  with  new   enclosed  offices,  wall  partitions,   and  doorways  unifying   departments.    The  construction   also  included  a  new  conference   room  and  we  even  remodeled   the  employee  break-­‐room.  

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Office Location:    PCS  PLAZA    1309  West  8  Avenue  Fax:  (806)  373-­‐8143  

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New door-­‐ways  joining  departments   that  work  closely  together.  

New storage  space  and  wall   partitions  for  privacy.  

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PCSVCS Newsletter - Spring 2013  

Panhandle Community Services - Spring 2013 Newsletter

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