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The Inside Informer

Panhandle Community Services

By Carol Bettis

A letter from the Interim Executive Director

2nd Quarter 2012


May 25, 2012 Dear Community,

As many of you are aware, Panhandle Community Services (PCS) has been experiencing some difficult times. PCS has been challenged to do good better. Challenged to make sure the public investment made in this organization is protected and used to the benefit of the families we have been charged to serve. Be assured, we are rising to the challenge. The Board of Directors and staff of the agency are working diligently to put in place systems and programs that will protect the assets of Panhandle Community Services. We are very aware of the needs of the families in the Panhandle and that there will never be enough resources to meet all of those needs. However, we are committed to making sure that those resources that are placed in our care be used appropriately. The PCS Board of Directors and staff are putting together a Quality Improvement Plan to address the weaknesses of the current systems. It will state what must be done to correct the problem, who will be responsible, how they will know it has been accomplished, and by what date it will be completed. The Board will be monitoring the progress weekly with a special committee assigned to oversee the progress. However, please remember, PCS did not get ill overnight and will not get well overnight. But, we are going to get healthier every day. Please let us heal and our future will be brighter than ever!

Sincerely, Magi York, Interim Executive Director

Panhandle Community Services 1309 W. 8th PO Box 32150 Amarillo, Texas 79101 Main office 806-372-2531 ext. 0200 Transit 1-800-800-6162 RSVP– 806-373-8389 Office hours Monday –Friday 8 t o 5

Panhandle Community Services Board of Directors President- Pastor Darrell Fincher Vice-President- Judge Harold Keter Secretary– Angie Alvarez Judge Terri Carter Comm. Lynn Cartrite John Haltom Pastor Rusty Hancock Celle Hancock Rita Huron Judge Rowdy Rhoades Julie Smith Robert White

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Amarillo Administration Staff news

Alex Martinez, works in the Finance Department as Accounts Payable He and Kayla Gregory (former PCA employee for CEAP) will be married June 9th in Amarillo They will be heading for Disneyworld in Florida and Then off to New Orleans, and Santa Fe for a two week honeymoon. Congratulations Alex and Kayla. All of us here at PCS wish you both a wonderful life together.



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PCS Family News Atteberry Station From-Marsha Campbell Clarendon/Childress office Marsha sent in an article a few years back about her husband and the band he played with Atteberry Station. This is the latest update on that band. My husband Ed Campbell plays with the band Atteberry Station. They were just in Austin finishing up their 2nd CD, and had the opportunity to work with Cody Braun as the producer. Cody Braun is a member of “Reckless Kelly”. This friendship has opened up the door for Atteberry Station to be the opening act for “Reckless Kelly” in such places as Midnight Rodeo in Amarillo, Wild West in Lubbock and the Womy Dog in Oklahoma City. They will also be playing in various places in Amarillo over the next few months. We are very excited for the band.

Ameeya, beautiful baby Cindy Luera in the CEAP Department, introduced us to her new Granddaughter Ameeya. Born in January. Below is Ameeya with her Mother Marissa Luera. Marissa previously worked in the HUD Department at PCSCongratulations to Mother & Daughter.

Whatever happens, do not lose hold of the two main ropes of life-

hope and faith.

~author unknown~

Atteberry Station band members L-R; Justin Mixon, Kyle McDonald, Kyle Stegall, Dickie Johnson, & Ed Campbell.

The Inside Informer PCS Family News

Kutter Ray Snelgrooes is the nephew of Carissa Snelgrooes in the Pampa office. Wonder if he’ll like baseball? Looks like the little guy is dreaming about baseball.

Farewell Finance Director Keith Rosicker will be leaving Panhandle Community Services to fulfill his own Accounting career & business. He has been employed at PCS for 1 year. We called Keith to came in as an consultant. He helped out so much when we needed him. Shown in the picture, Keith, wife Rita, with their four children. Left to right are Edmund, Simona, Tadas, and Arnuas. We introduced you to the Rosicker family in the 4th quarter 2011 newsletter when the Twins were born during the summer. They are going fast, about 9 months old in this picture. All of the staff wish Keith and his family the very best. We will miss his calm nature and family stories.

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Shannon Gonzales and daughter Nevaeh Shannon is the Payroll Administrator for Panhandle Community Services. She has been with PCS for 11 months and doing a fabulous job. Her daughter Nevaeh is 7 years old. Shannon is a team player with all the staff and programs, and she also works closely with Finance . Shannon has moved to Amarillo from Canyon to be closer to her job. She and Nevaeh are happy to be in their home and have a fun filled summer to look forward to.

Sherry Reeves , Director of HUD Housing. is getting granddaughter Mackenna (shown below) ready to her little HUD assistant. Haven’t I have seen Sherry wear those pink cheater glasses here at work? Mackenna looks just like her Grandmother, can’t you see Sherry as a little girl with that beautiful blond hair? Now there’s an angel!!

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Holy Cross Students from Amarillo experienced religious history, with a special recognition from Pope Benedict XVI who extended a special blessing upon the students, and the school This was an honor for everyone. LaRue Johnson, Director of RSVP with Panhandle Community Services has a granddaughter Jena Rizcallah, ( see arrow) who was with the 22 people that went. They also toured Greece and Rome.

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A Little Bit of History

Boise City, Oklahoma News Paper Ramblings: B y Norma Gene Youn g This has bee n a whoopee week for people who like to celebr ate. July 4th has been the day for longer than any of us can reme mber. But the next day—July 5th —is the day many older people recall. What were you doing that night in 19 43?? Most of us were home in bed, sound asleep, but m any were roused when sounds like bombs dropp ing on the town were heard. That's righ t, friends, Boise City w as under attack! The bomber was a B-17 , from Dalhar t Army Air B ase. The crew's orders were to bomb a s ite about 30 m iles to the southeas t of Boise City , bu t their usual navigator was sick that night and his replaceme nt was a young m an ver y ne w to his job. He saw four lights (around the cour thouse) and thought he was looking at the ir targe t, so he gave the word to “hit „em!” and the crew did its best! The first bomb fell across the s treet nor thwes t from the cour thouse an d hit a small dilap idated garage a few doze n feet from the red brick two-s tory br ick bu ilding which still stands there. The plane circle d a few times and o ther bombs fell. One landed about two feet from the west wall of the Baptis t Chur ch , digging a hole almost wais t deep. The next one lande d a few feet from the Style Sh oppe building nor th of the cour thouse. Next in line was sever al blo cks north of the cour thouse. It was a good tr y, bu t the y did miss the lar ge gasoline truck parke d near the McGowan house (presently the Walton Agen cy), then after circlin g the town ano ther time or two the y let fly se veral blocks wes t of the cour thouse, le aving a cr ater on a vacan t lot. The las t bomb was rele ased abou t a mile southe ast of the courthouse , near r ailro ad tr acks . By the time the last bomb fell, the air base had re ceived the word that all was no t well at Boise City . Harr is “Hook” Powell was sher iff at that time and his family lived upstairs in the cou rthouse. Others near by aware of what was happen ing were the Hurle y Reed fam ily. Hazel grabbed the ir baby to m ake sure he was all righ t an d Hu rley heade d for the telephone office about a blo ck away. Hurley and Hook managed to convince the air base what was h appen ing and the cre w was ordered to return to base. At about the same time Frank Garrett, an e lectric company emp loyee, kne w wh ich s witch to flip to plu nge the city into darkness. The raid was then over. Boise City s urvivors calmed down, the B-17 crew was re primanded se verely, an d according to my husb and, Robert Young, (who was stationed at Dalhart at the time ) a notice was prominently displayed on a bulle tin bo ard at the b ase: “Remember the Alamo, r emember Pearl Harbor , and for Lord's sake, re member Boise City!” Copied from th e Boise City N ews, October 2006

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History Mattlee Rose Fischbacher (Little Show Pig, in picture! ) Lylene Springer's perfect little granddaughter. She was born June 11, 2011, and now at one she is a perfectly healthy, happy little girl. And as you would expect, Lylene thinks she is the best. Imagine that!!

The Panhandle Community Services past and present RSVP Directors met for a lunch and reunion in February. Covering 20 years of history (From left to righ t;)

Carol Bettis 1995-1997 Bonnie Prigmore 1995-2000 Nova Neuhaus 2001-2003, LaRue Johnson 2006-Current Ginger Robertson 2003-2006

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Wedding Bells are Ringing for John Austin Garvey and Melissa Jean Parsons Austin is the son of Dennis Garvey IT Director for Panhandle Community. The couples engagement picture tells the story of the passion they share for each other, and also for the snow packed mountains and ski slopes at Vail Colorado. Congratulations to Austin & Melissa from the Staff at PCS.

Panhandle Community Services - Spring 2012 Newsletter  

Panhandle Community Services - Spring 2012 Newsletter

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