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Since 1989 the Governor’s Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana was established to provide a coordinated effort to address drug and alcohol problems in each of the 92 counties. The grass roots model is unique to the Hoosier State and has the capacity to identify conditions specific to the county and also provide the means to fund the programs and strategies by the collection of counter measure fees collected from the arrest and conviction of substance use offenders. The Local Coordinating Council (LCC) has been the backbone of the substance disorder use movement dedicated to advancing a shared agenda and building trusted relationships within the community. The LCC was able to coordinate grant funding to community organizations that represent Awareness and Prevention; Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; and Treatment, Intervention and Recovery efforts for a total of $172,098.44 this cycle. The Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant was awarded Year 5 of funding with the possibility of receiving additional dollars for a total of ten years. Senior Grant Manager Stephanie Stephenson recently celebrated her first year with the Council. She was able to organize an active Youth Committee representing all county high schools and mentor raw leadership skills to create a successful Youth Festival that touched hundreds of attendees. The festival was supported by funding and in-kind from the Anderson Foundation, Attorney David Butterfield, Thorgren Tool and Molding, Inc. and a host of others. The Department of Mental Health Association (DMHA) continued funding through the Partners for Success grant. The additional funding has allowed the Council to extend prevention outreach efforts to support focus groups and community surveys to obtain snapshots of the community to analyze local conditions in urban, suburban and rural locations of the county; increase INSPECT prescription medication monitoringprograms and increase school and community presentations in collaboration with the Overdose Lifeline “This is (Not) About Drugs” strategy. Celebrating her first year with the Council, Senior Grant Manager Patti Lembcke has led the charge in piloting new hybrid programming in a partnership with Chad Clifford, owner of

Front Porch Music, to engage youth in the evidence-based Media Ready program. An offshoot of the partnership was parlayed into non-traditional music therapy sessions to reinforce strength and purpose for Recovery Connection clients supported by the Local Coordinating Council. The Anderson Foundation funds allowed us to increase our efforts to reduce youth substance experimentation by creating a positive youth networking base; supporting youth leadership opportunities and promoting prevention and awareness strategies in an effort to spark community engagement and pride in Porter County, Indiana. By all accounts we have a remarkable coalition comprised of over 145 active professionals and community advocates from all walks of life that volunteer their time and talent to become change agents in the community. A robust sampling of community sectors are Making a Connection when planning strategies and initiatives that impact outcomes for local conditions and best fit. As a coalition we have listened to the community voice and continue to engage members and community in the shared goals and mission of reducing substance use in our county. This report encapsulates the activities and outcomes of the coalition and all the multiple disciplines that work together to make Porter County a recognized leader in Indiana. We would like to inspire and motivate You to join us in the shared vison of creating long lasting, large scale change in our community by collectively moving the needle forward in our efforts to reduce substance use disorder in our county.

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Larry LaFlower, Vice President Chris Buyer, Treasurer Chuck Harris, Secretary

BOARD MEMBERS Board Members April Russ Chris Buyer Bradley Campbell



Stephanie Stephenson, MAE Senior Grant Manager, Drug Free Communities (DFC)

Patti Lembcke, AA

Senior Grant Manager, Partners for Success (PFS)

GOALS & PURPOSE OUR GOAL: Porter County Substance Abuse Council goal is to reduce the incidence of substance abuse in Porter County.

OUR PURPOSE: To formulate and implement a

county wide comprehensive plan and to advocate legislative concerns both locally and statewide as it relates to the goal and vision of the Council.

The Comprehensive Community Plan is an assessment tool used to determine the problems associated with substance abuse/ use in the community. It identifies community problems, root causes and local conditions. This document is a compilation of data collected from key sectors and acts as a snapshot of the community and pinpoints prevalent drug trends, risk and protective factors and harm reduction measures. In an effort to cover all aspects of the plan, the CCP committee meets weekly for a series of months and collects data that is relevant to the program areas, developing a clear and concise picture of the substance abuse issues in the county.

This CCP covers three problem statements in the areas of prevention/education; intervention/treatment, and law enforcement/justice. It acts as our overall strategy and helps to determine how funds are granted throughout our county.

PROBLEM STATEMENT #1 Abuse of Prescription Drugs, Opioids, Heroin, and other illicit drugs is a significant problem. In fact, heroin and prescription overdose fatalities are at an all time high in Porter County.

PROBLEM STATEMENT #2 Alcohol use and abuse by both Porter County youth and adults is a problem within the county.

PROBLEM STATEMENT #3 Porter County continues to have a problem with marijuana use/abuse by both adults and youth.

OUR MISSION: Porter County Substance Abuse Tim E. Beach, President, PCSAC Dawn N. Pelc, MPA, Executive Director

Council mission is to reduce youth and adult substance abuse by assessing for, promoting through, and educating about effective community-based programs.


Grant Awards Per state mandate 25% of grant dollars collected are to be used for administrative purposes. The Porter County Substance Abuse Council office was granted $43,024.61 for administrative and personnel purposes.


AREAS OF CONCENTRATION PREVENTION / EDUCATION Programs, activities, services or materials aimed at deterring individuals from the use or abuse of drugs. INTERVENTION / TREATMENT Services that offer assistance to persons in need of recovery from alcohol and other drugs and work to identify gaps in program and service areas. LAW ENFORCEMENT / CRIMINAL JUSTICE Deals with the legal consequences of substance abuse: enforcement, prosecution, probation, court & correctional services.


RECIPIENTS Family & Youth Services Bureau Alcohol and Drug Defense (ADD) program ................. $5,000 Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County SMART Girls....... $5,260 Family & Youth Services Bureau Beyond the Influence Workshop Series ....................... $3,500


Wheeler High Natural Helpers ....................................... $2,000

TrautPoint0 Roadmap to Resilience for Veterans ...... $22,000

Valparaiso High School Random Drug Testing ............ $2,000 Family & Youth Services Bureau Strengthening Families program .................................... $3,500

Frontline Foundations Recovery Art program ................................. $8,055

Moraine House Learning Financial Responsibility and Credit program.................................. $1,200

Moraine House Random Drug Testing .................................. $3,500

Wheeler High School Random Drug Testing (Union Township School Corp.) ...................................... $4,050 Drunk Driving Task Force – Education ..........................



Porter County Judges Discretionary Fund Prevention Efforts.............................................................. $5,000 Training PCSAC ................................................................. $4,984

Respite House Random Drug Testing .................................. $2,700 PCSAC Training/Clinical/Treatment Evidence Based training for Treatment/Intervention Sector ................. $1,769

RECIPIENTS Portage Police Department PanoScan 3D details for crime scene evidence and investigations....................................... $14,685 Porter County Prosecutor’s Office Blood Testing Kits ...................................... $20,893 The Drunk Driving Task Force Additional patrols ......................................... $7,500

Porter Count Judges – Treatment Discretionary Funds..................................... $5,000 4

PY 16-17 Year End Report


LOCAL COORDINATING COUNCIL (LCC) Drunk Driving Task Force The Local Coordinating Council is defined and functions as a community based coalition.

Grant Dollars Awarded: $ 172,098.44


are open to the public and advertised on the Council website, print, social media and local radio. All members and guests have an opportunity to update the coalition on agency news and events.

Direct interaction with officers has proven to solidify positive relations between law enforcement and the community. DDTF meets monthly to discuss law enforcement issues, updates and trending substance abuse related data. All agencies are invited to participate and share information. DDTF participates in education and prevention awareness programs that foster local data collection, increase knowledge and reduce use. Goggles and Carts is a program that illustrates the dangers of impaired driving. An officer accompanies each student to discuss actions and consequences, highlighting prevention and awareness measures. DDTF partners with agencies such as Excise to encourages server training twice a year on Election Day and to increase youth involvement in activities such as “Sticker Shock” that creates awareness about legal age for alcohol purchases, Indiana Lifeline law promotion and social hosting laws.

Tall Cop Says Stop is a workshop attended by over 100 police officers that directly resulted in two level 2 Felonies for dealing as well as multiple misdemeanor charges that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Extra patrols that have proven effective in reducing drug and alcohol violation are funded and arrests and convictions have increased. The DDTF also active in awareness campaigns for drinking and drugged driving using radio and billboard promotion. “In 2016 there was 47 drug related deaths and it is clear there will be over 50 drug related deaths in 2017,” says Coroner Chuck Harris who is featured on billboards throughout the community creating awareness of the tragic consequences of drunk and drugged driving.

6 PY 1617 Year End Report

A partnership with the DEA and all local police agencies in the county promotes the collection of prescription meds on scheduled collection days. 2017 Take Back Days were held April 29th and October 28th with a poundage totaling 2,769. A continuous campaign to recover prescription medications include radio spots throughout the year with prevention messages created by Sheriff David Reynolds. The messages encourage residents to dispose of unused and unwanted medications 24/7 at participating policy departments in Valparaiso, Portage, Chesterton, Porter, Hebron and the Sheriff’s Department.


Total Boxes

Total Weight

NTBI XIII - April 29, 2017


1,623 lbs.

NTBI XIV - October 28, 2017


1,146 lbs.



16,387 LBS.





Kitchen Cabinet





Bathroom Cabinet


Locked Cabinet



24.14 %

27.59 %

19.54 %

Throw in Trash

1.15 %





Flush down toilet Give them away Keep for future use Return to pharmacy Other

* Responses from a survey conducted by PCSAC at the 2017 Porter County Fair

Funding Workshops In an effort to include interested agencies in the area of prevention, treatment, recovery and law enforcement and criminal justice, the Council offered workshops and training to prepare potential candidates for community funding opportunities to address substance use disorders. An evaluation component was also created for grantees in an effort to collect, analyze, evaluate and report data to measure community impact of funding.

THE TREATMENT AND RECOVERY COMMITTEE has an active and engaged meeting monthly. A Town Hall style meeting is in the planning stages and scheduled for a community conversation in March 2018.

Porter County National Take Back Day


A GRANT WRITING WORKSHOP was offered to all potential grant applicants. The course was offered with CEU’s available to participants. This 3 hour class allowed applicants to hone their proposals to be submitted to the Council for grant funding. Attendees were invited to bring their work in progress or start from the beginning of the process with assistance in very basic and understandable terms for those new to the process. A LOGIC MODELING WORKSHOP for grant proposals. Five Continuing Education Units were available for attendees. Council funded national expert, Kyle Barrington, from PFS grant to present information from CAPT model/SAMSHA.


DRUG FREE COMMUNITIES (DFC) Red Ribbon Artist Reception

Drug Free Communities is a federal grant that addresses youth through prevention and awareness strategies.

Grant Dollars Awarded: $ 125,000 Council Staff Commitment to Excellence and Community Collaboration Executive Director and DFC Senior Grant Manager completed the CADCA National Coalition Academy training emphasizing community collaboration, leadership, strategies, action plans, capacity building and sustainability. SAMHSA has awarded the Council continuation status as a DFC recipient for Year 5. A potential commitment of 10 years at $125,000 a year for youth prevention strategies in Porter County.


PY 16-17 Year End Report


Surveys & Focus Groups The coalition members conducted surveys/focus groups throughout the county at the Kout’s Porkfest, PC Fair, Popcorn Fest, European Market, Hooked on Art and numerous other venues. Questions were asked to both students and parents regarding alcohol and drug use/misuse. Raw data collected, analyzed and evaluated will be available on line at our website: for professional and research purposes. Focus groups in high schools have been facilitated to collect information about local conditions and trending substance use. Locations represent urban, suburban and rural populations.


36.44 %

reported alcohol use at parties


have taken alcohol from home without permission


have friends who use prescription drugs to get high


have taken prescription drugs from home without permission






store alcohol at home on a shelf in plain sight


store alcohol at home out of sight in an unlocked location



73 % 20.45 %

store prescription medications in their home in an unlocked location store prescription medications in a locked location

Prevention Campaigns Youth Sector distributed over 1,575 postcards with the “Social Hosts Lose the Most” theme to inform parents of the dangers of hosting parties for their youth; distributed over 1,000 promotional pieces to recruit peers of local high schools pairing them with police officers and retailers selling alcohol for an awareness and prevention campaign called Sticker Shock. Over 4,256 stickers were adhered to containers of alcohol with an awareness message that purchasing for minors is illegal and the consequences for doing so are a fine and possible jail time. A local grocery chain, Strack and Van Til’s has been enthusiastically working for the past 2 years with the Council at the Portage and Valparaiso locations with this project. Recently, Walgreens and K-Mart in Valparaiso agreed to host the campaign.

Combating marijuana use/abuse The NWI Alliance trio of the Local Coordinating Councils in Porter, LaPorte and Lake Counties collectively strategized about marijuana and community implementation and produced a video entitled, “I Wish You Would Have Told Me” that has been featured at cinemas throughout Northwest Indiana. The :60 spot features a diverse segment of local youth regretting the decision to use marijuana and the negative consequences that may jeopardize their future. A companion brochure about marijuana was available at the concession stand as a take away.

Art creations from students in grades K-12 are presented to community, parents, school teachers and administration. Partnered with the Porter County Museum (POCOMuse) to render a sophisticated curated collection of student art that illustrates the importance of abstaining from substance use. Prevention, esteem building, youth recognition from community members. All artwork received a RED RIBBON certificate of participation. POCOMUSE ARTIST The October POCO Muse Red Ribbon Attendance during 10-13-2017 thru 10-28 total was 1,323 visitors.

Coalition member Ana Brocksmith, Union Township School Advisor and Chairman of the Red Ribbon Committee presented Kadie Spoor with a $500 scholarship for her moving essay about her decision to lead a drug free life.


Media Ready is an evidence based program designed for middle school age

Partners for Success is a state grant that address youth prevention and awareness through programs and strategies.

Grant Dollars Awarded: $ 119,000

youth and guides them through the identification and evaluation process of advertising messages that are used to entice consumers to purchase and use various substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and prescriptions. The Council has partnered with a local musician Chad Clifford, owner of Front Porch Music in Valparaiso to provide the element of music therapy to reinforce the prevention lesson plan. This program is popular at the Boys and Girls Clubs and quickly gaining traction in the community as additional sites are being added throughout the county.

Prevention Minute social shares with a variety of topics for weekly distribution to alert parents and professionals of trending substance use disorder data in the community.

Youth Fest

As prescription opioids and heroin use increases at an alarming rate, the Council revamped the Speaker’s Bureau to address this public health crisis Porter County is facing along with state and national spikes of abuse. The Partners for Success grant allowed the Council to collaborate with Overdose Lifeline and adopt the “This is (Not) About Drugs” educational program designed to encourage students in grades 6-12 to make good choices and provide them with the skills to combat peer pressure, gain support, and resources for making decisions about their own body and health. The 45 minute presentation will help raise awareness to the risks of misusing prescription opioids that can lead to addiction, heroin use and overdose.


Rate per 1,000







2016 Q3

Doses Dispensed

2016 Q4

Indiana County 1,364,327 45,860 89,840,249 2,713,415


65.88 59.24

2017 Q1

2017 Quarter 2 Prescriptions Dispensed Doses Dispensed


39.93 DOSES

46.71 DOSES





2017 Q1

2017 Q2

2017 Q2

Indiana County 132,585 4,012,150 264,302,884 7,832,775







is a popular strategy in the high schools that coordinates with School Resources Officers (SRO) and patrol officers and rewards students for their positive contributions to the school environment and community. Focus groups repeatedly indicated that youth do not feel recognized, appreciated or acknowledged by the community, their neighbors and adults. A billboard for positive youth engagement and recognition was designed and posted for 30 days on US 30/Hayes Leonard in Valparaiso and another in Portage on Willowcreek Road for 30 days.

Drug Testing Kits

June 2017





Prescriptions Dispensed


“Take Back Day” Billboards

Positive Ticketing



N umber o f Do ses

The INSPECT program is an Indiana database that collects and stores the list of controlled substances a patient has been prescribed, the practitioner who prescribed them and the dispensing pharmacy where the patient obtained them. This program is designed to serve as a tool to address the problem of prescription drug abuse and diversion in the state. By compiling controlled substance information into an online database, INSPECT is able to maintain a clearinghouse of patient information for health care professionals and provide an important investigative tool for law enforcement. The Partners for Success grant coordinates with the Indiana Professional Licensing Board to organize training for police officers, veterinarians, podiatrists, dentists and healthcare prescribers throughout the year.


The Youth Sector with representation from each of the county high schools has been meeting to discuss peer-to-peer solutions for the prescription drug epidemic. The committee proposed an October 7, 2017 “Youth Fest” at the PC Expo Center. The committee supported by the Drug Free Communities grant, Partners for Success grant and Local Coordinating Council was able to collaborate with the students in all county high schools, youth serving organizations, YOUTH FESTIVAL media, businesses, healthcare, and more for a COMMITTEE successful festival that included presentations by local experts and preventionists. Additionally local school bands and community members partnered for a memorable evening.

On average each person in Porter County received 46.71 doses of prescribed controlled doses of prescribed controlled substances during 2017 quarter 2, which is higher than the Indiana state average of 39.93 doses.



This event was supported by the law enforcement community and received additional assistance from the Partners for Success grant. The grant allowed prevention and awareness promotion through billboards in high traffic areas throughout the county, postcards distributed at Walgreen’s Senior Days and in over 5,000 backpacks distributed at local events such as the Kouts Porkfest, Valparaiso Popcorn Parade, and Chesterton’s Hooked on Art event.

is a standardized evaluation routinely used to determine if any substances have been delivered to the body and to what degree. The Council has six panel drug tests available to parents for a nominal fee. Tests are distributed at community events where parents are expected to attend and may also be obtained at the office throughout the week.


57 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 103 Valparaiso, IN 46383 219.462.0946 (office) “This annual report was developed in part under a grant number 1H79SP019998-01 from the Office of National Drug Control Policy and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The views, policies, and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of ONDCP, SAMHSA or HHS.”

Making a Connection  

The Porter County Substance Abuse Council is an Indiana coalition that acts as a conduit for community sectors Making a Connection to reduce...

Making a Connection  

The Porter County Substance Abuse Council is an Indiana coalition that acts as a conduit for community sectors Making a Connection to reduce...