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Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc.

Volume 2  Issue 1

N O I T C E N N O C E D I S CREEK January 2011 2010 The Year In Pictures

Inside this issue: Rockin’ & Rollin’ with Rod For Sale By Owner

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Much has been accomplished in our Park this

The Gary Dilley Report The Loft

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awhile, we thought you’d like to see

The Cabins The Office

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The Entrance Visits with Vicki

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The Treasurer’s Report The Clubhouse

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The Pull Thru’s In and About Town

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year and for those who haven’t been here in the improvements that have been made.


on eW


And the Winner is... Thank you to all who entered the “Name Our Newsletter” Contest. 56 names were entered.

Congratulations to:

Dorothy Baker for submitting the winning name. Dorothy has won a FREE week of camping! A big thank you to the Journalistic Judges: Betty Ryan, Alma Haury, Sheila Begley and Sue Hernandez, for helping out.

Thanks to the efforts of Elaine Mitchell and Brian Lampshire, PCRV won Honorable Mention in the City of Pismo Beach annual Holiday Decorating Contest!

Photos by Steve Steinberger

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Creek Side Connection

From the Editor: If you have pictures of the New Year’s Party that you would like to share in next month’s newsletter, please email them to Inger at:

Thank You! A special Thank You to Rod Hitchcock for the great new picnic tables and to Bruce Barnett for the special trip he made just to get them over here. And if that wasn’t enough, a great big THANK YOU goes to all those who helped assemble and place those tables. It’s members like you that make our Park so enjoyable.

Board Members

This section of the page was reserved for pictures of the New Year’s Party, however, I did not commission a photographer for the event so… what happened in Pismo, will have to stay in Pismo!

As per Board vote, For more details construction on read The Gary the Clubhouse Dilley Report on starts the first pages 3 & 4 and week in January. check out page 11 for pictures of what has already been accomplished in 2010. Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc.


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As you are reading this we’re two weeks into 2011. I hope your first glimpse into the New Year has been pleasant and that the rest of the year will bring you good health, new friends and many memorable

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Pismo Creek Conference Room

Pismo Creek R.V.

DISCLAIMER: The views or opinions expressed and articles ap-

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Thank you for your suggestions on what you’d like to see in the newsletter. We’ve tried to include more pictures, particularly for this issue. I’m grateful to Steve Steinberger who once again has supplied me with great pictures.


2011 Board Meetings

Resort, Inc.

Vicki Ketchie—Chair Gary Dilley—Vice Chair Susan Hernandez—Secretary Bruce Barnett—Treasurer Mark Bunch—Director Gene Crase—Director Rod Hitchcock—Director

I am so encouraged by the response I’ve received about the newsletter. Thank you for reading it. I hope you feel more “in touch” with what’s happening here at the Park. It’s such a great place to vacation and to work.

January 22, 2011 February 19, 2011 March 19, 2011—Evaluate need for April Meeting

April 16, 2011 May 21, 2011—Evaluate need for June & July dates/ location

June 18, 2011 July 16, 2011 August 20, 2011 September 17, 2011 October 15, 2011

Annual Meeting October 22, 2011 Pismo Creek R.V. Clubhouse

Volume 2  Issue 1

Rockin’ & Rollin’ w/Rod Hitchcock: We came by the Park one day when business was slow and arranged the tables as shown. Rod

The 10 new picnic tables have arrived. Many thanks to Bruce Barnett for delivering them to the Park. Thanks also to the assembly crew at the Park. Total material cost was $422.25—Cost per table was $42.23. The labor was donated.

Corporate Memberships For Sale RV Couch/Daybed. Please contact owner directly. Very light tan leather FlexSteel RV Couch/ Memberships are listed alphabetically. Daybed. As new. 74” long x 32” deep. Joyce Hatzman $ 9,500 666-325-4248 Asking $350 $ 8,340 559-972-6821 Call Bob Kuster at Wayne & Verna Snell Jeanne Valenti $12,000 OBO 559-281-6156 661-809-8426

Happy Trails to You

Can you find it? Somewhere in this newsletter is a Member’s Membership Number. Not a contract number but the Membership Number the same as on your Card/Certificate. Find your number, call the office and win!

As this yearSubtitle comes to aText Sidebar close, we would like to extend This our is a sympathy good placetotothe families whoeffectively, have lost a briefly, but loved one and express our describe your product or sorrow at the passing of our services. Pismo Creek R.V. members.

We are glad to have known you. You will indeed be missed…until we meet again.

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Last month the winning number was 1172. It was hidden in Ann Wilson’s article, On the Legal Side. The “winner” James Mericle, never called in to claim his prize.

Dilley Report The Gary

Each of you made our vacations more relaxing, our days more enjoyable and our lives richer.

2nd Contest

Over the past two plus years I've have had the privilege of working with some great Board Members; both past and present. With the leadership of the Board and support of the members we have been able to get the Park back on stable ground financially. We weren't able to make any substantial repairs in the Park for some time so the list of repairs needed is a long one. Now that we are able to make some very necessary repairs to the Parks’ infrastructure, the work has begun.

Repairs to the cabins should be completed by the 1st of the year. These include structural repairs to the walls, replacement of some windows, and the addition of overhangs and rain gutters to protect the cabins from any reoccurring structural damage. Solid skirts on all the cabins will be added by our contractor, and then a fresh coat of paint will be applied by Park staff; the cabins will be in great shape. We need to remember that the cabins, and loft generate over 40% of the Parks’ gate income. (Cont’d on Page 4)

Creek Side Connection

The Loft All old carpeting, pad, tack strip, and baseboards were removed.

Laminate flooring was installed in living room, dining room, and bedrooms.

Two coats of paint were applied to all walls and ceilings.

Two coats of enamel applied to the kitchen.

New baseboards were installed throughout the loft.

Stairs were recarpeted with new commercial grade carpet.

Page 4

The Gary Dilley Report (Cont’d)

For the Clubhouse we will be replacing the old entrance doors, replacing all the rotten fascia boards, removing the sliding glass doors on the north and south side of the Clubhouse (because of a lot of water damage) and replacing them with sliding windows. Before installation of the windows, there is a good amount of repairs to be made to the walls due to dry -rot. The laundry room will have major water damage repairs made as well. Once all repairs have been made to the Clubhouse, the exterior plaster will be repaired. Then it

will receive a fresh coat of paint. When this work has been completed, the entire Park will have been repainted and all buildings will be in good structural condition and ready for many more years of service. Some improvements have already been completed such as the patio in front of the Clubhouse. It has been replaced and it looks great. There were several trip hazards in the old patio that had to be addressed. The missing curb and gutter from the street to the office has been installed, and a curb was installed on the north side of the

Clubhouse to protect the building and landscaping from damage. Next time you’re in the Park, be sure to take a look at how good everything is looking. The Board and Park staff are working hard to make our park the best on the Coast. In the near future, the Board will be soliciting bids to find out what it will cost to make the needed repairs to the roads in the Park. When we have this information, we will pass it along to the members. Gary

Volume 2  Issue 1 

All old carpeting, pad, tack strip, and baseboards were removed from all cabins.

Subfloor repairs were done to cabins 48 and 50. In all the cabins, subfloors were prepped and vinyl flooring installed. All baseboards were replaced.

The Cabins 

Page 5

All 3 exterior entrance ramps were repaired, sheeted with new plywood and recoated with non-skid deck paint.

Exterior siding and trim repairs were accomplished in October.

New paint is scheduled for the first of the year.

Creek Side Connection

The Office

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Volume 2 ď Ą Issue 1

The Entrance

New Sign

New Curbs

New Landscaping

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Creek Side Connection

Visits with Vicki: Fellow Members: Happy New Year to all! 2011 came in with a bang in Pismo. We had lots of water to go around during the latter days of December and into the new year. R.V. parks and campgrounds around us took on too much water to the detriment of their property. Fortunately, Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, sits on higher ground and withstood the onslaught of rain. However, we did have some residual damage due to the deterioration of our road system. It seems once the asphalt begins to break up (ours is in serious need of repair) the water intrudes into the base and then begins to break down the soil. When large R.V.’s traverse the road over time, coupled with heavy rains, we get, among other serious problems, broken water lines. On December 30th, we had a major water break, causing most members to do without water for several hours. Thanks to Steve and crew for their quick response to the break. The City of Pismo and the contractors called, worked diligently to get the Park water turned back on. The future of the system is now a question that will have to be researched. Along with many of the repairs and upgrades we have been forced to perform in the Park, it appears this presents a new priority on our collective agendas. It is the intent of the Board to keep all members informed of the status of our Park and the priority of needs. It appears that water intrusion into the cabins, the office, the clubhouse and now the roads over long periods of time, is going to be our ongoing battle to stay ahead of the water and resulting damage. Inger, our Newsletter Editor, intended the newsletters’ focus this month be a view back in time. It was Page 8

my plan to interview Sharron Thornton and Bill Schmall who were in the Park during the last week of December. I wanted to ask them if there is life after the Pismo Creek Board of Directors service. I was pleased to find out that there is life after Board service.

thoughts of downsizing some to a smaller motorhome with more maneuverability and easier driving. Bill smiled when he said he hoped to fit into any space at Pismo Creek R.V. I know Maggie will be pleased. The new motorhome they are thinking about is going to be in Amarillo, TexSharron shared with me that as, so a trip back that way is in the she is enjoying a much-earned rest after serving three years as the Chair- planning stages as well. Sounded like man of our Board. She indicated that great fun to me. Since Texas is my second home I thought about jumping she and Mitch decided to sell their on board for a trip “back home.” Bill Fifth Wheel and purchase a beautiful Motorhome. Their thoughts were that shared that his time on the Board had instead of coming to Pismo to stay two been an enjoyable one and he wished the new Board the best in the future. weeks every month, they would get on board their motorhome and see the A Park goal in my mind would be that all Board members upon leaving would world. Sounds like most of our have a positive word for the new dreams. Sharron smiled when she told me she was spending much more Board and lots of encouragement. Thanks so much to Bill and Sharon as time with her children and grandchilthey plan their future wanderings. dren and that for Christmas she reHere’s wishing Bill and Sharon every ceived a plane ticket to Minnesota to happiness, along with smooth roads visit with her daughter. I found myand beautiful campsites. self feeling very happy for her and could see the rest in her eyes and the A big thank you to all of the joy at having her life back. It ocmembers who participated in the curred to me that unless someone has Name the Newsletter Contest. actually worked on the Board, they Wow!!!! I was so impressed at the may not have the perspective of apnumber of people who sent in names. preciation for all the volunteer hours It was a hard contest to judge and I these Board members put in on our know the judges had a hard time debehalf. So hats off to Sharron and ciding which one was the best since so Mitch and may their upcoming travels many great ones were entered. Conbe many, restful, and blessed. gratulations to the winner! I don’t know who that is as I write this mesMeantime, I spoke also with sage, but I am sure Inger will include Bill Schmall and his wife, Sharon as well. They were enjoying their time in it somewhere in this newsletter. their beautiful motorhome and talking about traveling to the Avi Casino in Arizona. Their plans were to spend three days catching up on movies at the theater at the Avi Casino. Doesn’t that sound like fun....just going to the movies whenever you felt like it for three days? Well I thought it sounded like freedom at its utmost. They were going to leave the Avi and head for Quartzite to spend time with friends in the warm sunshine. Lately, in Pismo, a little sunshine would be a welcome change. They shared with me their

Did you make it until midnight, California time, on New Year’s Eve? I say California time because I was aware it was midnight somewhere much earlier than here in the Park. I made it this year at the New Year’s Eve party which is something I haven’t done in years. I was very glad I did stay awake, although my husband kept making me get up so as to not dose off during the festivities. The party was a great success with lots of people in attendance.

(Cont’d on Page 14)

Volume 2  Issue 1

PI S M O C R E E K R . V . R E S OR T , I N C .

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted By

Bruce Barnett

By the time you read this report the New Year will be off to a start. I am working with our staff bookkeeper and the Park’s CPA to close out the books and file the necessary taxes for 2010. I’m also working within the budget submitted by the previous Board and approved by the membership at the annual meeting held in October of 2010 to assure that we live within the figures and projects approved at that time. If any member has a concern regarding the Park’s financial status, please arrange your schedule to attend a Board meeting to present your viewpoint to the entire Board. By the use of the newsletter, we are trying to keep you well informed, however we are always open for your suggestions for improvement.

Treasurer’s Report Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc. January 2010 thru November 2010 Income: Member Dues* Rentals Investment Income Misc. Income TOTAL INCOME

$286,575.00 216,698.00 1,397.00 12,746.00 $517,416.00


Expenses: Wages Payroll Taxes Payroll Services Subtotal Bank Service Charges

* Includes adjustment of $15,640.00 for 2010 membership dues error.

$129,488.00 13,388.00 1,593.00 $144,469.00 $ 4,079.00

Board & Membership Expenses


Park Operating Expenses




Other Professional Services


Real Estate Taxes







233,553.00 $378,022.00

Page 9

Net Income

378,022.00 $139,394.00

Creek Side Connection

Treasurer’s Report Cont’d from Page 9

Balance Statement As of November 2010 Assets: Petty Cash Change Fund Bank Balances


500.00 170.00


Total Cash Accounts Receivable

$451,994.00 (37,250.00)

Total Current Assets


Prepaid Expenses: Liability Insurance Workers Compensation Cash Clearing

$22,396.00 6,930.00 378.00

Other Current Assets


Total Current Assets


Fixed Assets: Land


Land Improvement


RVP Equipment


Satellite System


Office Equipment


Computer Equipment


Software Less Accumulated Depreciation Total Fixed Assets Other Assets Total Assets Page 10

1,815.00 (278,880.00) 2,532,163.00



4,414.00 $2,981,025.00

Volume 2  Issue 1

The Clubhouse

Treasurer’s Report Cont’d from Page 10

Liabilities & Equity: Liabilities


Bed Taxes & Other Current Liabilities




15,640.00 $




Equity: Capital Contributed


Members Equity


Net Income


Total Equity Total Liabilities & Equity Page 11


2,939,464.00 $2,981,025.00

Creek Side Connection

The Pull-Thru Site Project


Page 12

Volume 2  Issue 1

All Now 50 AMP     

All sites were dug and grass areas leveled. All drainage issues were addressed at time of grading All new site pads were bordered with 2x6 pressure treated lumber DG was placed in new site pads 8 inches deep and 10 feet wide the length of each site. An 8-ft wide DG shoulder was added to the length of the entire pull-thru area on both sides.


Page 13

Creek Side Connection

Visits with Vicki Cont’d from Page 8 There was so much food the counter would not hold it all. Lots of dancers made the evening complete. Thanks so much to Tom Anderson for all the balloons. They made the evening look like a New Year’s Eve party along with the balloons that fell from the ceiling. It was a fun-filled night with many good friends and neighbors. Thanks to all of you who had a part in preparing the Clubhouse for the festivities and a special thanks to Elaine Mitchell for all her work in gathering the gifts that were given away. Elaine has headed north to her family in the Sacramento area, and she will be missed. We have Gert Watrous on duty and it looks like she is filling Elaine’s shoes very efficiently. We are preparing for the next Board meeting on January 22 nd in the conference room. It is my hope that if you have concerns or encouraging words for the Board that you will mark your (1389) calendar and attend. We would all love to hear from you whether good or bad, we are hoping for the good, but also know we must deal with the not so good. Please bring your thoughts, ideas and concerns to the Board meetings. It is the proper place to deal with all things Park-related and it saves a lot of misinformation from being broadcast incorrectly. I look forward to seeing you all at a Board meeting in the future. And, thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your Board Chairman.

Vicki In and About Town Monarch Butterfly Tours—Nov thru Feb Drove by the Monarch Grove today. The latest Monarch count on the board was 21,000, which is greater than the biggest count from last year’s season. This bodes well for this year’s season.

Photo by Lisa D Walker

Don’t miss this spectacular wonder of nature. These beautiful orange & black “fairy-like” creatures begin to appear in late October in California’s largest Monarch grove. Thousands cluster in our Eucalyptus trees,

Each Week in Our Park: Sunday

Page 14



giving the appearance of golden leaves. The Monarch butterfly grove is located on Highway 1 just south of the North Pismo State Beach Campground. Free admission, parking and docents. For more information, please contact Visitor Information at 800-443-7778 or 805-773-4382 or visit

Horseshoes Daily at 10am and 4pm Wednesday

Potluck 6pm


Farmer’s Markets Wednesday: Arroyo Grande Spencer’s Parking Lot 8:30 am —11 am Pismo Beach Next to the Pier 5 pm — 8 pm Thursday: San Luis Obispo Downtown 6 pm — 8 pm Friday: Avila Beach Downtown Promenade 4 pm — 8 pm Saturday: San Luis Obispo Promenade Parking Lot Near World Market 8 am — 10:30 am Shell Beach Dinosaur Cave Park 9 am — 1 pm Arroyo Grande Downtown Gazebo Noon — 2:30 pm Sunday: Nipomo Monarch Dunes Country Club 11:30 am — 2:30 pm



Ice Cream Social 2pm

Volume 2  Issue 1

February 2011 Sunday


Gate Code is 2104

Tuesday 1

Wednesday 2

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4-14 21

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t’s en id s re

y Da


March 2011 Monday


5-4 13

Daylight Savings Time Begins



5-11 20 rst


f yo Da

g rin Sp

5-25 Page 15

Indicates Peak Usage Day

“Reservations for Corporate members may be made 60 days in advance.” To make a reservation beginning on April 26th, 2011(5-26), call the office on February 26th, 2011.





5-10 19

5-16 25







Month-at-a-Glance Monarch Butterfly Tours See page 14 for details




Saturday 5




29 5-26
































February 14th Valentine’s Day Making Reservations:

19 4-18



4-29 7


Monarch Butterfly Tours See page 14 for details

Gate Code is 3866 1





4-11 18




To make reservations call the office at 805-773-4434












28 4-27


4-15 22

4-3 10



Friday 4



14 Valentine’s 15 4-13





Purchase a full year’s “Cheat Sheet” Calendar from Maggie

5-17 26



January’s Gate Code is 1103

The Kite Expo is the largest kiteboarding event in the country. Get the leading edge information from industry experts about new technology and techniques. Test all the newest kites and boards. Registration is free! Date and Time—TBA Concert in the Park March 27th 1pm—4pm Dinosaur Caves

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: PLEASE call the office and inform us if you have any address or phone changes. Thank you.

Creek Side Connection

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Volume 2  Issue 1

Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc. 98 South Dolliver Street Pismo Beach, CA 93449 Phone: 805-773-4434 Fax: 805-773-4436

January 2011 Sunday


Gate Code is on pg 15





Saturday 1 New Year’s Day Office Closed


3 3-2


4 3-3

10 3-9 16



23 3-23

31 3-30




Happy Birthday to everyone born this month.

3-15 22

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3-22 29


3-29 Indicates Peak Usage Day

January 31st is the last day for 2011 Membership Dues before they become delinquent.

PCRV Jan 2011 Newsletter  

Happy New Year, Contest Winner Announced

PCRV Jan 2011 Newsletter  

Happy New Year, Contest Winner Announced