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Volume 2  Issue 2

Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc.

N O I T C E N N O C E D I S CREEK February 2011

The Big News for February...

Sunshine at the Beach! Wish you were here? Call 805-773-4434 to make reservations.

Beautiful New Landscaping

Inside this issue:

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Visits With Vicki Shout Out’s From Steve

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Clubhouse Renovations Meeting Minutes

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Each Month Volunteers Make It Happen! Check How Many Hours have been volunteered to the Park during the month of January. See Page 9

With Flood Lights for the Flag

Creek Side Connection

To bring everyone up to date on what is currently happening in the Park, I will try to give you the quick version.

Visits with Vicki: Fellow Members: Happy Valentine’s Day. Fellas !!!! I hope you are marking February 14th on your calendars to remember your special someone. And ladies, you too are not off the hook. Don’t forget to remember that special someone on Valentine’s Day as well. A sincere thank you to so many of the members who have written letters, sent emails and phone calls to the office commenting on how pleased they are about the Park upgrades, the newsletter, and the efficiency of our Park Staff. It is so encouraging to hear the positive comments you have shared. Thus far, we have heard very little, if any, criticism of the progress being made in our Park.

Board Members

The Clubhouse work is progressing nicely. The new windows have been installed. That means one can actually open the windows and let that marvelous ocean breeze permeate the Clubhouse What a great change of pace! The fascia boards on the outside eaves are being replaced with all new wood to repair the water damage. The stucco crew is on the property and have already started applying their mud. The dry wall contractors are next in line to complete the inside walls. Then the project will be ready for Steve and crew to paint the inside walls. I realized last week that the television in the Clubhouse would be taken down to avoid any drywall materials from attaching to the front of the T.V. I subsequently realized

Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc.


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DISCLAIMER: The views or opinions expressed and articles appearing in this newsletter are those of the Editor or persons that submitted items for the newsletter and may not necessarily be those of the officers or members of Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc. Page 2

I digress. I will get back now to the condensed report. In addition, other repairs to the Clubhouse will include the laundry facility. The laundry room will be completely gutted and the dry wall replaced.

(Cont’d on Page 3)

Pismo Creek Conference Room

Pismo Creek R.V.

2011 Board Meetings

Resort, Inc.

Vicki Ketchie—Chair Gary Dilley—Vice Chair Susan Hernandez—Secretary Bruce Barnett—Treasurer Mark Bunch—Director Gene Crase—Director Rod Hitchcock—Director

that if it were not replaced by Sunday, February 6th, Super Bowl Sunday, I might as well decide to never return to the Park. Using all of my influence, sharing that my life would be in the balance if the television were not operable by Sunday, the construction crew felt sorry for me and promised they would have it operational. I will refrain from commenting on the outcome of the game, nor which team I will be cheering for, due strictly to diplomacy. Here’s hoping everyone has a great Super Bowl Sunday with friends and family.

January 22, 2011 February 19, 2011 March 19, 2011—Evaluate need for April Meeting

April 16, 2011 May 21, 2011—Evaluate need for June & July dates/ location

June 18, 2011 July 16, 2011 August 20, 2011 September 17, 2011 October 15, 2011

Annual Meeting October 22, 2011 Pismo Creek R.V. Clubhouse

Volume 2  Issue 2 Visits with Vicki Cont’d from Page 2

The Park has had numerous floods in the past years and the result of that is massive water damage. Therefore, if you or your family members plan to be in the Park during the second and/or third weeks of February, please remember the laundry room will be closed. The Board and Staff members are making arrangements with Holiday RV Park for our members to use their laundry facilities or as always there are facilities in downtown Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande. The cabins have been completed and are awaiting paint on the outside. New rain gutters have been ordered and are awaiting the paint on the fascia boards. New window screens have been ordered for the windows and will be installed very soon after the paint is applied. Speaking of the cabins, we experienced a water break under the bathroom sink in Cabin 47 during January and that has resulted in an insurance claim and lots of clean-up and repairs. Additionally, the hot water heater went out in Cabin 47 and has been replaced with a 20-gallon tank. The Clubhouse patio is

completed and the rest of the cement work will begin in the middle of February. The work thus far has been very well done and the rest of the cement project will only enhance the looks and safety of the Park.

“For Donation Closet.”

To bring you up to date on the Website, it has been completed in rough draft. Staff and other members are working to make the Website as interesting and helpful as possible. Inger There are pending chang- Hudson is working diligently to es in the Park office as well. let the Website designers know Since the traffic pattern in the our preferences and additions. If office has never been taken into you have thoughts you would consideration, changes will been like to have included in the webmade to some of the interior site, please call Inger or email walls. Did you know that staff her at, have to travel through the bath- with your ideas. We are definiteroom to enter the back portion of ly welcoming of all your help as the office? That will be changing we endeavor to make the webfor obvious reasons. New furni- site as user-friendly and as esture has been ordered for the sential to the Park as possible. front office in order to accommodate the needs of the office staff As one can easily see from in a more efficient way. Current- this litany of updates, your Board ly there are plans to move some and your Park Staff have been staff members around to better working diligently to address the serve our membership. Plans many issues that are hindering are afoot to stock some shirts, the forward progress of our jackets, and other items for the shared interest. As a corporation convenience of our membership. we have for many years tried to So many members have asked address problems with patchabout jackets and shirts, the work and volunteer labor. That Board wanted to make them method works well for a while, readily available to all of you. If but eventually, assets will require you have ideas about what you major attention in both funding, would like to see stocked, please repairs, and upgrades. That is contact Maggie and let her know the situation in which your (Cont’d on Page 4) what you would like to see in our

From the Editor: You know, I kinda feel guilty. I get to work in the most beautiful place and the seemingly most well kept secret in California, Pismo Beach. This month the weather has been just what the Chamber of Commerce ordered, mild and sunny with just a hint of an afternoon breeze. My fruit trees don’t know what to think. So, if you’re tired of the fog and feel like getting away for a bit, give us a call here in the office and come and enjoy the rest of the “winter”. Inger Page 3

Creek Side Connection Visits with Vicki Cont’d from Page 3

current Board has found themselves. Much attention has been paid to fixing all the water damage issues in the Park. Also, much attention has been paid to providing a better working environment for our Park Staff. Upgraded equipment both inside the office and outside in the Park have been provided to Staff members in order to more efficiently complete their work assignments. And that brings us to the inevitable question so many members have ask: Where did the money come from to accomplish all this work? I am pleased to share with our membership that all the work that is pending and has been completed thus far has been paid for out of our regular funding. I am also pleased to share with our membership that funding from our reserves has not been accessed. The current Board shares the belief that the reserves should be preserved for a “rainy day” scenario and that we should do our best to use current regular funding for most Park projects. Currently, there is slightly over $200,000 set aside in our reserve account. I personally, completely share the point of view of our Board, that the reserves should be used for only emergency or “rainy day” situations. It should also be noted that our member shares of the corporation have been steadily increasPage 4


Therefore, why do I feel it is necessary to keep the membership completely informed about the future thoughts of the Board regarding major projects? That is because your Board agreed to have a transparent and open communication at all times with the members. As you hopefully are aware, the road system in the park is in desperate need of replacement. We had, over the years, allowed the asphalt to deteriorate and that failure has allowed water to permeate the base under the roadway. The cost to replace that roadway is expected to be cost-prohibitive using only our current regular funding. Since your Board is philosophically opposed to raising gate fees and/or annual dues, there is conversation being shared to impose an assessment for the replacement of the roadway only. Thus far the Board has received bids to replace the roadway with cement. Bids for asphalt replacement are still pending. The cost for cement replacement of the roadway including all the preliminary precautions that will be required prior to the replacement project is expected to be somewhere between $300,000 and $330,000 dollars. That would translate to an assessment of approximately $400 per membership. There are currently 817 “in good standing” corporate memberships. It only seems fair that those 817 mem-

berships should have much of the input into the conversation of how we raise the funding or, in the converse, whether we, as members, continue to allow the roadway deterioration to occur unabated. If the membership agrees to raise the funding for this project, at no time will those funds be used for anything other than the stated goal. The funding could be raised in two separate payments, possibly $200 in year 2011, and $200 in year 2012, and imposed during the summer months to be as far removed from the dues payment date as possible. Or it could be imposed in one payment, and set up in payments over several months to reach the full amount. Or there may be other thoughts of how better to raise the needed funds. It is the hope of the Board that the membership will forward their thoughts to the office through emails, letters, or phone calls. It is our promise to diligently listen to everything you have to offer and continue to keep the membership regularly informed of any progress being made. It is my hope that this message finds you and your loved ones happy, and doing the things you most enjoy in life.


Volume 2  Issue 2

ut ’s O t u o Sh eve t S m Fro Good day to all! Hope your 2011 is off to a great start. I know we are off to a great start here at the Park. Currently, the Clubhouse is undergoing a major face lift which is progressing nicely. We started remodeling the laundry room this morning. It is receiving much needed repairs. The Patio project turned out awesome and more concrete is coming next week to complete all flat work around the Clubhouse. Cabins are still receiving ongoing upgrades to make them comfortable and efficient for your enjoyment. Everyday something good is going on at PCRV to make your next stay at the Park a memorable one. Hope to see you all soon and see your reactions to all the new improvements. See ya soon,

 T.V. Channels 

Did You Know? Numerous suggestion/ comments have been received requesting that ESPN be added back onto the cable to individual R.V.’s. The additional cost is between $400—$500 per month to include ESPN making it cost prohibitive. ESPN is on the big screen TV in the Clubhouse which is available for all to watch. ...And now you know the rest of the story.

Steve Operations Supervisor


Park News






FOX News






Cartoon Network



10. TBS 11. Fox Network 12. CBS 13. History 14. AMC 15. Family 16. TLC 17. Discovery 18. Animal Planet 19. Speed 20. HGTV 21. Military 22. National Geographic 23. Nickelodeon 24. Food Channel 25. Travel Channel 26. NFL 27. Lifetime 28. Fox Movie 29. Oxygen 30. REELZ

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31. WE 32. TruTV 33. A&E

Creek Side Connection

New Year’s Pictures Compliments of Gerrie Cotta

Howard & Barbara Boos

Cecil & Della Anderson

Bill & Lois Harrah, Dennis Chamberlain

Page 6

Jane Garcia, Sharon Souza

Volume 2  Issue 2

PI S M O C R E E K R . V . R E S OR T , I N C .

Treasurer’s Report This financial report will complete the 2010 year, however it has not been without its trials and tribulations. In the short three months your new Board has experienced floods along with a broken water main and a broken sink hose in a cabin that has caused extensive repairs and unexpected expenses. This is why it is imperative that we maintain a healthy reserve. We now have the books in balance for the year ending 2010 and they are on their way to the CPA firm for review and completion of our taxes. We are not expecting any tax liability. In review of the 2010 operating budget-toactual I’m happy to report that we have completed the year with over a $32,000.00 net profit. This was accomplished by keeping a close eye on the expenses and by coming in under the member approved expenses by $56,000.00. As we continue to improve and maintain the Park it will be difficult for the Board of Directors to control the expenses under the approved proposed 2011 budget. This will be necessary because income was overstated by my estimation of over $30,000.00 for years 2010 and 2011. I’m pleased with the progress we have made in improving the Park which has been expressed by the positive comments by those members who have come to the Park and/or have read the newsletters.

Submitted By

Bruce Barnett

Treasurer’s Report Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc. Income and Expense Sheet January 2010 thru December 2010 Income: Member Dues* Rentals Investment Income Misc. Income

$287,063.00 227,744.00 1,493.00 13,600.00 $529,900.00

Total Income Expenses: Wages Payroll Taxes Payroll Services Medical Insurance Worker’s Compensation

149,723.00 14,977.00 1,774.00 12,708.00 7,998.00

Subtotal Bank Service Charges

$187,180.00 $ 4,716.00

Board & Membership Expenses


If you have any comments or suggestions please be advised that the Board meetings have been changed to Saturdays so that you can attend. We thank those members who have come and have given us their input; after all it is your Park.

Park Operating Expenses




Real Estate Taxes


A few members have asked how they can help and the answer is: the best help is for you to use the Park so our income will increase.



Depreciation Expenses


Other Professional Services




Happy Valentines!

Total Expenses


Sincerely, Bruce Barnett, Treasurer


$ 32,640.00

*Includes adjustment of $15,640.00 for 2010 Membership Dues error. Page 7

Treasurer’s Report Cont’d on Page 8

Creek Side Connection

Treasurer’s Report Cont’d from Page 7

Treasurer’s Report Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc. Asset, Liabilites & Member’s Equity January 2010 thru December 2010 Assets: Petty Cash Change Fund Bank Balances Total Cash Accounts Receivable


0.00 670.00 414,026.00 414,696.00




Prepaid Expenses: Liability Insurance Workers Compensation Cash Clearing Other Current Assets

20,360.00 6,300.00 0.00 150.00



Total Current Assets

$ 330,249.00

Fixed Assets: Land


Land Improvement


RVP Equipment


Satellite System


Office Equipment


Computer Equipment


Software Less Accumulated Depreciation Total Fixed Assets Attorney Retainer

1,815.00 (330,051.00) 2,518,943.00 2,500.00 2,521,443.00

Total Assets Page 8

$2,851,692.00 Treasurer’s Report Cont’d on Page 9

Volume 2  Issue 2

March 9-13 International Film Festival in SLO As a premiere 10-day annual event, the SLOIFF showcases contemporary and classic film screenings in a wide variety of venues, from the city's classic art deco Fremont Theatre, to the popular independent Palm Theatre, with a variety of unexpected venues from the wine country of Paso Robles to the seaside towns of Avila Beach and Pismo Beach. Variety is the spice of life, and the SLOIFF is proud to embrace that philosophy in its programming. From cutting edge documentaries to tried and true cinema classics, the SLOIFF celebrates film on the 'big screen' by offering something for everyone. Experience Hollywood & Vines Events that pair excellent local wine with film classics. Or the Red Carpet Events, where we welcome celebrities from Hollywood filmmakers to action sports legends. Enjoy premieres of independent films—films that you may not have a chance to see anywhere else. Filmmakers from all over the world attend the Festival and offer informative Q & A sessions after the screening of their films. For more information visit

Treasurer’s Report Cont’d from Page 8

Treasurer’s Report Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc. Asset, Liabilites & Member’s Equity

Rockin’ & Rollin’ w/Rod Hitchcock: Please be reminded that animals are to be kept on a leash and not allowed to go potty on the grass. I have provided the park with a hitching post at office entrance, where animals can be secured while visiting the office. I would also like to remind everyone to take nothing for granted, for each day is a gift. Yesterday is history, tomorrow may be a mystery, but today is a present. Call a friend that you have missed in the past month and invite them to our Park for good camping and fellowship. Thanks, Rod

January 2010 thru December 2010 Liabilities & Equity: Liabilities Bed Taxes & Other Current Liabilities Deferred Dues

$ 3,342.00 15,640.00

Total Liabilities



Equity Capital Contributed Members Equity Net Income Total Equity Total Liabilities & Equity Page 9

1,975,000.00 825,070.00 32,640.00 2,832,710.00 $2,851,692.00

Creek Side Connection

Clubhouse Renovations Continue by... ...Adding New Landscaping

...Replacing the old sliding glass doors with... ...picture windows and adding:

...New Stucco Page 10

Volume 2 ď Ą Issue 2

...Finishing the


...Preparing for the New Concrete

...And New Interior Paint

Next on the List: Laundry Room Renovations...

Page 11

Creek Side Connection

Saturday, January 22, 2011 Meeting Location Conference Room Called to order: Closed session: 8:24 AM Chair, Vicki Ketchie, called the meeting to order. Directors Present: Vicki Ketchie, Chair Susan Hernandez, Secretary Bruce Barnett, Treasurer Mark Bunch, Director Gene Crase, Director Rod Hitchcock, Director Director not Present: Gary Dilley, Vice Chair Personnel issues discussed. Adjourned closed session until after open session: 9:30 AM Called to order: Open session: 9:45 AM Introductions: Board of Directors, Pat Patterson, Marti Patterson, Robert Kuster, Vivienne Kuster and Gertrude Watrous Member Comments: Pat Patterson: Financial Report Pat stated that he had questions regarding things that he didn’t understand in the Treasurer’s Report and Balance Statement that were included in the January newsletter. He wanted to know what bank service charges of $4,079.00 are for. He also inquired about other professional fees of $5,865.00.. Bruce explained that the bank service charges are for being able to take Visa, MasterCard payments and for the use of the machine. The fee is being lowered as of January 1, 2011. Bruce said that the Page 12

item listed as other professional charges are savings accounts. Pat also questioned an accounts receivable item of $37,250.00 that was listed as a minus. Bruce explained that it is dues paid in 2010 for 2011. Pat suggested that this item should be listed as prepaid dues. Pat asked about fixed assets. Improvements and equipment add up to $836,043.00. Members equity shows a total of $825,070.00. Other assets of $4,414.00 should be listed more specifically. Bruce said the $4,414.00 includes $2,500.00 deposit retainer to the attorney and $1,914.00 workers comp deposit. Under Liabilities Pat asked about deferred dues of $15,640.00. Bruce explained that in 2010 the board assessed the members’ $360.00 dues and the $15,640.00 is the difference between what it should have been at $340.00 and $360.00. Pat said he would like to see this item put under receivables because it will either be paid or written off. Pat also inquired about members equity. He said he thought the net income should flow over to members equity as it did in 2008 and 2009. Bruce said he would research this item and advise Pat and the Board. Bob Kuster thanked the present Board for taking the initiative and fortitude to step out and try to improve our park. When he realized the condition of the club house it could have been a real liability. Approval of Minutes: Bruce said there needed to be a correction to the minutes of the

November 20, 2010 Regular Meeting. Steve’s title needs to be corrected to Operations Supervisor. Rod made a motion to approve the November 20, 2010 minutes as corrected, seconded by Gene. Approved. Treasurer’s Report: Bruce said that we already covered much of it. We have a shortened form this year. We had a net profit for 2010 of $34,404.00 which is less the $15,000.00 that was taken out. Equity went up by that amount. All bank accounts are in balance. Petty cash is in balance. We fell short on our income in 2010 and he thinks it may be the same way this year as it may be hard to keep the park full due to the increase in gas prices, but on the other hand it may be the only vacation that many members will be able to afford so we don’t know which way it is going to go. Repairs that are being made on the cabins are worth it as the income from cabins is a large part of our gross income. We are below budget and put $4,000.00 more into reserves than it was stated that we would. Our dues income for 2011 will be less than the budgeted amount of $300,000.00. We will probably have to tighten our belt a bit in order to show a profit at the end of this year. We do have good reserves and need to hold onto them. He is still looking for a new format for the financial reports. Bob Kuster suggested that we offer the opportunity to let members bring friends or family into the park for half price as a way to help members sell their memberships

Volume 2  Issue 2

and it would be a means of additional income. Bruce reported that three (3) CD’s at Capital Source Bank were closed in January and the remaining one (1) will be closed when it matures in February. A small account that was with Wachovia Bank was closed and move into the main account at Wells Fargo Bank. The special project account was also closed and moved into the main account. Bruce reported that as of January 20th we have received about 75% of the 2011 dues. There are four (4) to five (5) members that are still delinquent. Vicki said that Ann Wilson is researching the law for how we can end these memberships and this will be addressed in the new by laws. Bruce made a motion that the treasurer’s report be accepted as presented, seconded by Rod. Approved. Old Business: Thanksgiving Dinner Update: Vicki requested that we change providers of the turkeys. A member has been providing them for no charge, but in return gets five (5) weeks of free camping at the park. Many members have complained to the Board about a member receiving five (5) weeks for this. The Board agreed that we should purchase the turkeys elsewhere in the future. Vicki will send a letter to our member. By-Laws Update: Vicki said that Ann Wilson had planned to have Page 13

the rewritten by-laws available to the board members at the January, 2011 board meeting, but had to prepare for a case and appear in court so they are not finished. They should be completed and sent to Board members for review prior to the February meeting. New Year’s Eve Party: Vicki said that the DJ we’ve had for numerous years charges $675.00 to play CD’s. There was a lot of participation by the members and the party was very nice. Steve told her there is a member couple in the park that would volunteer their services. Patio Update: Vicki reported that the patio area has been redone. There will be no barbeques on the patio because the grease discolors the cement. Cabin Update: Vicki told those present that the cabins are finished except for the paint and screens. The screens are ready and will be installed when all outside work has been completed. Technology Update: Inger gave an update on the computer system, new web-site that is being developed and that Channel 2 now has park and local area information being presented. Newsletter update: Inger reported that the newsletter now has a name “Creek Side Connection”. The winner of the naming contest was Dorothy Baker. She will receive a week’s free stay at the park. Inventory Update: Vicki reported that the inventory of park property is almost complete. Three cabins, the office and outside remain to be done. Hopefully they will be fin-

ished during the beginning of next week. New Business: Discussion regarding pickup truck: A memo from Cliff Ketchie was distributed to Board members for them to read. Vicki had asked Cliff to drive the Chevrolet pickup that belongs to PCRV and evaluate its soundness for safe operation. It was determined by Cliff that the vehicle is unsafe to drive. Also, the registration expired October 31, 2010 and it was not renewed. After reading the memo a discussion followed. A motion was made by Susan that the pickup be sold for salvage, seconded by Mark. Passed. Club House: Bruce advised the Board members that he had the flooring checked and there is no asbestos. He has a certificate from the company verifying that there is not any asbestos. We also need to obtain verification that the walls are okay. Vicki wanted it noted in the record that a vote of Board members was taken regarding the repairs to the club house. There were five (5) yes votes and two (2) no votes. Mark asked about the flooring. He was advised by Bruce that the flooring would be addressed at a later time and after the walls are completely finished. Estimates were provided by J.D.S. Building and Construction Inc. for the work to repair the club house including the laundry room. The total amount is $29,580.38. Vicki said we have an estimate from Advanced Pools, Inc. for $15,713.00 to complete the cement work on the back and south side

Creek Side Connection

and curbing on the south side of the building and replace the sidewalks on the north side This is the same company that did the patio and curbing on the north side of the club house. Gary has prepared a proposal to repair the roads and had hoped to have it available at this meeting but was unable to get it to the park. He also obtained a proposal from Advanced Pools, Inc. for $199,306.50 to cut, take out the entire road system, put in rebar and replace it with cement. A second estimate has been provided to remove and replace the valley gutters with cement for $51,071.25.

work together on obtaining the preliminary report and present it at the February meeting. A motion was made by Bruce that we reevaluate the size of the curb to complete the sidewalk section and evaluate if the curb should be moved closer to the club house or lowered to make the sites on the north side of the building more accessible, seconded by Susan. After much discussion it was decided to adjourn for lunch. Vicki will call Gary to find out what he has to say regarding the curbs and flower beds.

Susan asked if it would be a good time to check all the pipes running under the roads to make sure they are all okay before being cemented over again. Bruce said, yes and there is a company that will send a tractor with camera to run the pipe to insure that nothing is broken. Mark asked how much sub grade work will need to be done. Vicki said that Gary told her that it is included in the proposals. After a lengthy discussion Bruce made a motion that all preliminary work required be done before repairs are started to roads and valley gutters, seconded by Mark. Passed. Vicki said Mark and Gary will Page 14

Bill Graham: The new patio is nice, but the new light is too bright. Bulbs should be changed to something subtle and aim the domes downward so the light doesn’t shine in our eyes. Gloria Kerker: A group of members would like to see a Sunday breakfast or brunch started every other Sunday between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Will Sheldon: I believe the age restriction on the pool table should be changed from eighteen to sixteen with parental supervision.

Meeting adjourned: 12:00 noon Meeting reconvened: 1:15 pm

Vicki said Gary is very happy with the above proposals. He thinks the proposal for asphalt could be upwards of $350,000.00 $400,000.00 or even higher. The higher gas goes the higher asphalt will cost.

TV cable package.

Vicki spoke to Gary. He told her that he has already instructed Steve to dig out the flower beds completely and lower them. The roads will be made to grade but the valley gutter makes the difference. Water will flow into the valley gutter. It won’t affect the sites; it will still grade into the valley gutter. That side of the road will be lower. The curb has to go from the lift tank to the edge of the patio on the existing spot. From there on back it can be moved closer to the club house on the south side if that is decided on. After further discussion a vote was called for regarding the above motion. Passed Suggestion Box Comments: Lucia Ray: How about a TV guide on Channel 2 – or some other channel. Darren Bennett, Tim Conners and Cecil & Lucia Ray: They all ask that ESPN be added back onto the

Crystal Kelly: I would like to have an ice cream and soda machine. Bill Schmall: Turn the heater up in the club house. Director’s Reports: Gene Crase: He would like to have two (2) horseshoe tournaments a year. He would like to have one in October during the annual meeting weekend and one in the spring. The May meeting will be held on the 21st. He will try to plan to have a tournament that weekend. Bruce mentioned that if we know the dates for craft sales, horseshoe tournaments or other activities Inger could put them in the newsletters. Susan suggested that if there are members that do any art or craft maybe they could hold a class and teach others. Vicki said someone asked her if we were planning to do something special for Valentine’s Day. There was some discussion regarding summer meetings. The need for meetings during the summer will be decided at the May meet

Volume 2  Issue 2

ing. Mention was made of when we need to choose an election committee, when candidate statements must be received and when ballots need to be mailed and returned. Rod Hitchcock: He reported that we finally received our 2008 – 2009 Workers Comp audit overpayment of $2,400.00. This year for the 2009 – 2010 audit we received a little over $1,100.00 back. He said we will leave the pickup on the insurance until it is disposed of and PCRV is removed from the title. He reported that we paid a down payment of $1,918.00 on the Workers Comp policy before the policy went into effect and we have no record of getting credit for it. He will check with the agent regarding this matter. Mark Bunch: He said more camp hosts have been recruited. One issue that needs to be discussed is multiple camp hosts. When there are multiple camp hosts one tries to take the alpha role and when that happens problems arise. If there are going to be multiple hosts working together and they need to come to an understanding as to how duties will be divided. It was noted that during the summer it is too much for one host. Vicki told Mark that he is in charge of the campground hosts and he should decide and report to the Board as to what we are going to do. Mark said he has been calling the hosts on a regular basis.

as presented with two (2) designated people as Office Manager and Operations Supervisor, seconded by Susan. Passed. The personnel handbook was discussed regarding accrual of vacations. A motion was made by Gene that the vacation schedules be changed to three (3) weeks after five (5) years and four (4) weeks after ten (10) years, seconded by Rod. Passed. Remodel of the office and repair of the outside of the office on the south side: A chart of the new traffic flow of the office and seating arrangement was presented to the Board members. Vicki asked the Board to consider he office remodel and repair of damage on the outside of the office on the south side at an approximate amount of $10,000.00. She would also like to include furniture (two (2) desks, chairs and possibly file cabinets). Mark estimated cost of the furniture at $5,000.00. Mark made a motion that we remodel the office, repair the outside of the office on the south (back) side and replace needed furniture at a total of $15,000.00, seconded by Bruce. Passed. Susan asked a question about the finances and what is now considered reserves. Bruce said that we have in excess of $233,000.00 in a savings account that he is considering reserves. Estimates are due next month for refurbishing the inside of the clubhouse including the flooring. Next meeting: February 22, 2011

Other Business: Bruce made a motion that we accept the new organizational chart Page 15

Closed session reopened: 2:30 PM

Continuation of Personnel matters discussed. Meeting adjourned: 3:10 PM Susan Hernandez, Secretary

Can you find it? Somewhere in 2nd this newsletter Contest is a Member’s Membership Number. Not a contract number but the Membership Number the same as on your Card/ Certificate. Find your number, call the office and win! Last month the winning number was 1389. It was hidden in Visits with Vicki page 14. The “winners” Lendall & Janet Johnson, never called in to claim their prize.

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Creek Side Connection

PLUS—2 days for the Inventory Team January was a busy month here at Pismo Creek R.V. Resort. Not only for the Staff but for our Volunteers as well. For more than two days, volunteers came and tagged all the valuable items in the Park.

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Volunteer Hours for January

270 260 250 240 230 220 210 200 190 180 170 160 150 140 130 120 110 100

to all who helped.

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Camp Hosts are GREAT! Have you always wanted to help others by making coffee, providing wonderful games, scooping ice cream, watering our luscious grass or sharing in the bounty of a table of goodies at a potluck? Those are the activities that made up Camp Host Gert Watrous’ Volunteer Hours last month. She has been such a wonderful help and the Park would be better off with more Camp Hosts just like her. If you’re interested in Hosting for a month, contact Inger Hudson in the office and you’ll be on your (1540) way to sharing your heart for hospitality. Page 16

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Volume 2 ď Ą Issue 2

Hike to Point San Luis Lighthouse It is sad to report that Mrs. Gayle B. Horn passed away Photo compliment January 29, 2011. s of Maggie Saldi var She was in Kaweah Hospital for a month and a half. Gayle will be cremated and ashes placed in Horn Funeral Site, Sayville, New York at St. Ann’s Church where Herbert and Gayle were married June 3, 1950.

The trail to the Lighthouse (Pecho Coast Trail) starts in Port San Luis and winds up and through the hills to the Port San Luis Historic Lighthouse. The trail runs through PG&E property so each hike is lead by a docent. The trail to the Point San Luis Lighthouse is open to 20 hikers on Wed and 40 hikers on Sat with a departure time of 9am and a return time of 1pm. Reservations are strongly encouraged to avoid being turned away at the trailhead. Reservations need to be made two weeks in advance of the hike. Call 805-540-5771

I want to say thank you to the Board of Directors, Staff and friends who either sent a card or an email or took the time to call us with their kind and loving words on the passing of my mother-in-law. Gene Crase April 1-3, 2011 The Five Cities Orchid Society sponsors the Central Coast Orchid Show and Sale each spring at Arroyo Grande's South County Regional Center, which gives members the opportunity to exhibit their plants in the society's display for judging by the American Orchid Society. The purpose of this society is to provide members with knowledge of orchid culture and habitats, to enable them to grow orchids well in their home environments and share their passion for orchids with other members and societies. For more information visit or call 805-929-6710.

Corporate Memberships For Sale Please contact owner directly. Memberships are listed alphabetically. Bill & Yvonne Sahota Jeanne Valenti Page 17

$ 8,000 661-831-0728 $12,000OBO 559-281-6156

The hike is 3.75 miles and moderately strenuous with uneven terrain, steep cliffs and grades, narrow trails, and crumbling earth. Sturdy hiking shoes are required. At the Lighthouse, an admission fee of $5 per adult, with a $10 charge for a family, will be required of those accessing the Lighthouse Headkeeper's quarters tour. The balance of the site and buildings can be visited at no charge. Children under 12 are free. Please note that hikes will not go out during rainy or inclement weather.

Creek Side Connection

In and About Town

Taste of Pismo Sat and Sun, April 16-17th

The City of Pismo Beach Recreation Division in collaboration with the Pismo Beach Business Improvement Group (BIG) would like to invite you to the annual Easter Egg Hunt from 10:00am – 1:00pm. The festivities will be held at Dinosaur Caves Park, Shell Beach & the hunt is FREE! The celebration will include games, bounce houses, face painting, balloon artist & much more! Participants are asked to bring their own basket or bag to collect their eggs and goodies! In addition, if everyone uses their good manners, the Easter Bunny will be visiting & may even be on-site for photo opportunities so be sure to bring your cameras! To ensure the safety of all participants, there are different hunt times for different age groups! For questions about this year's Easter Eggstravaganza, please contact the City of Pismo Beach Recreation Division at 773-7063 or visit our website at .

From 1pm to 5pm Restaurants of Pismo Beach and local wineries will be showcasing their offerings at this annual event held. 22nd Annual Family Egg Hunt The Arroyo Grande Recreation and maintenance Services Dept invites all children to fill their baskets with plastic eggs and candy at this special fun-filled event! Activities include an egg hunt, sack race, raw egg toss, carnival games, hot dog barbecue lunch, and a special egg hunt just for the adults. Please note, Children are encouraged to bring a basket for their goodies. Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011 Time: 10:00am SHARP! Location: Elm Street Park and Pilg/ Campbell Fields

Only 500 tickets will be sold for this event, which is being held under a large tent in Dinosaur Caves Park. Tickets for this event are $50.00 each and include a commemorative wine glass. For more information, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at

Monarch Butterfly Tours—Nov thru Feb Drove by the Monarch Grove today. The latest Monarch count on the board was 21,000, which is greater than the biggest count from last year’s season. This bodes well for this year’s season.

Photo by Lisa D Walker

Don’t miss this spectacular wonder of nature. These beautiful orange & black “fairy-like” creatures begin to appear in late October in California’s largest Monarch grove. Thousands cluster in our Eucalyptus trees,

Each Week in Our Park: Sunday

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giving the appearance of golden leaves. The Monarch butterfly grove is located on Highway 1 just south of the North Pismo State Beach Campground.

Farmer’s Markets

Free admission, parking and docents. For more information, please contact Visitor Information at 800-443-7778 or 805-773-4382 or visit

Will Return in April

Horseshoes Daily at 10am and 4pm Wednesday

Potluck 6pm




Ice Cream Social 2pm

Volume 2  Issue 2

March 2011 Sunday

Gate Code is 3866


Tuesday 1




5-4 13

5-11 20 rst


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5-19 28


April 2011



5-3 12




19 5-16

25 5-22


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Saturday 5

International Film Festival in San Luis Obispo. See page 9 for details.


5-13 22





Friday 4


5-6 15


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5-5 14

Daylight Savings Time Begins


2 4-29


To make reservations call the office at 805-773-4434






Saturday 2


5-30 4

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5 6-2

6-1 11 6-8

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March 19-21 The Kite Expo is the largest kiteboarding event in the country. Get the leading edge information from industry experts about new technology and techniques. Test all the newest kites and boards. Registration is free! Grand Ave Parking Lot  Call Kinsley at 805-773-9200 For more info

Gate Code is 4862 1


Monarch Butterfly Tours See page 18 for details

Concert in the Park March 27th 1pm—4pm Dinosaur Caves






30 6-27

February Gate Code is 2104


PB Easter Egg Hunt April 3rd 10 am—1 pm Dinosaur Cave Park Bring your own Basket Concerts in the Park Dinosaur Cave Park April 10th Taste of Pismo April 16-17 1pm—5pm Advance Purchase Tickets Required See Page 18 for details Dinosaur Cave Park AG Easter Egg Hunt April 23rd 10 am Elm Street Park Bring your own Basket

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: PLEASE call the office and inform us if you have any address or phone changes. Thank you.

Creek Side Connection

PreSort Standard US Postage PAID San Luis Mail Service 93401

Volume 2  Issue 2

Pismo Creek R.V. Resort, Inc. 98 South Dolliver Street Pismo Beach, CA 93449 Phone: 805-773-4434 Fax: 805-773-4436

February 2011 Sunday


Gate Code is on Page 19

Tuesday 1

Wednesday 2

4-1 6



4-6 13

4-7 14

Valentine’s Day

4-13 20

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26 4-25

Monarch Butterfly Tours See page 18 for details

4-12 19



February 14th Valentine’s Day




4-5 12


24 4-23




Saturday 5



23 4-22




Friday 4





4-26 Indicates Peak Usage Day

Happy Birthday All you February Babies

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