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Play Reading Committee Votes

Florida and wife Clara is content to stay and relive her youth every year in the Winter Snowplow Parade. The brutal weather has Gunner wanting out.

Monday, March 30th @ Katie Chafee’s,


Get ready for a rollicking good time folks, cause here come the folks from Bunyan Bay, Minnesota. There will be singing, dancing, drinking, and laughs from the opening curtain to the final bow. This comedy musical is directed by Brenda Bou-Sliman.

on the Upcoming 63rd Season’s Playbill of 4 Main Productions *2 of these may be Musicals *1 may be a Farce More about the New Season in the next newsletter!

Also, there Clara (played by Monette may be a Garn) and Gunner Johnson (with Special Matt Parker) are proprietors of Benefit “The Bunyan”, a bar not unlike Performance the favorite watering hole in your accompanied by Food & own neighborhood, only with a Drinks! different (and maybe funnier) More Later bunch of characters than the ones you’re used to. President Dick’s

The play starts on the coldest day of the year. Gunner wants to move to

Presidential Perspectives Bonnie needs your $$$ GUILD Meeting Minutes

Cast of DON’T HUG ME: l-r Matt Parker as Gunner Johnson; Monette Garn as Clara Johnson; Jaclyn Kromer as the barmaid; Rich Riedmaier as the karaoke salesman. Not pictured is Jeff Bugbee as the barmaid’s jealous boyfriend.

Clara, looking for a way to keep Gunner happy ( mostly by making more money) enlists the help of a karaoke salesman (played by Rich Riedmaier) to bring in more business, and more romance, into their lives. A beautiful barmaid, (Jaclyn Kromer) and her jealous boyfriend (Jeff Bugbee) round out the cast, even though there’s an unseen but omnipresent Sven Yorgensen, hovering behind the backs of everyone’s lives. 3 2 2 3

Do they move to Florida? What about the romance between the barmaid and the

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Playmakers Civic Theatre


P.O. Box 149 Port Clinton, Ohio 43452


Theatre Talk A newsletter about Playmakers Civic Theatre

Published monthly by The Really Useful Media Company Editor, Richard Renn 521 East Second Street Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 Phone: (419) 734-1668 Fax: (419) 734-6468 E-mail: Guild President, RICHARD RENN 521 E. Second St., Pt. Clinton, OH 43452

DON’T HUG ME, a Musical Comedy March 19-22; March 26-29 Evening Performances at 8 pm; Sunday Matinees at 2 pm

PLAYMAKERS CIVIC THEATRE, 604 W. 6th St., Pt. Clinton, OH 43452

PCT Calendar Deadline for Articles to make it into the next THEATRE TALK is: April 5, 2009 Please contact Dick Renn anytime with information you’d like included in your theatre’s newsletter! Email— Cell—419-341-1843 Land Line—419-734-1668

March 19 March 30

Don’t Hug Me opens for a Two Week Run! Playreading VOTING MEETING at Katie’s @7:30 pm

March 31April 1 April 5 April 7 April 15

AUDITIONS for Maybe Baby, It’s You @ 7:30 pm Deadline for material for Theatre Talk Board Meeting @ the Theatre; 7:30 pm “Behind the Scenes” Guild Meeting @ 6 pm


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Presidential Perspectives by Richard Renn Hi, We are now at the middle of our 62nd Season. What a trip so far! With the success of SEUSSIAL the Musical and the weather-caused disappointment of a great show, FAITH COUNTY II, we now look forward to a successful run of DON’T HUG ME and MAYBE BABY, IT’S YOU. This is what live theatre is all about. The directors, actors, and techies put everything they have into crafting an enjoyable experience for our audiences, and, as FAITH COUNTY II showed, whether the weather caused many folks to stay home or not, our production team put on an outstanding show that we can be proud of. Personally, I consider it one of the gems in my 40 years of involvement with Playmakers. I am working with designer Paul Wallen to create an up-to-date Playmakers interactive web site. This improvement will feature a forum through which viewers can express their thoughts on various topics, an e-version of this newsletter, live video clips of shows and other theatre events, a photo gallery of past productions, and extensive copy promoting our various theatre activities, including our renovation plans. More so now than ever before, an extensive web presence is critical for any business and organization as more people surf the electronic universe. This fact is evident when we see the number of newspapers in the country that are experiencing a decline in business because folks are reading these papers “for free” online. Check out the development of our site at You now can watch a video clip showing Monette Garn and Matt Parker singing a number from our current production, DON’T HUG ME. There is a photo gallery showing various shots from last season’s productions. You can contact the theatre by leaving an email comment or question on the site. You can also see a listing of who is involved in the day to day operation of our organization. Soon the Playmaker Forum will be active, with topics on which you can comment. Now you can read the history of the theatre from its inception in 1946. Finally, those of you who will attend DON’T HUG ME, may read in the show program a letter to our Guild and loyal audience members explaining the current state of our renovation campaign as it has been affected by the economic woes of our country. 2

Dick 2008-09 President of Playmakers


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businessman boyfriend? Does the karaoke salesman throw a monkey wrench in the whole works? One way to find out: Come to Playmakers Civic Theatre on March 1922, or the 26th through the 29th for fun, frolic, and kissing too. Rated PG-65. Anyone over 65 must be accompanied by someone 20 or younger. Leave your Reservation on the 419-734-5044 Answering Machine, beginning Monday, March16th! This article was contributed by PIB Gazette feature writer, and cast member, Matthew Parker.

GUILD MEMBERSHIP What does this mean? It means a tried and true hobby for many, or a chance for some to begin an exciting journey on a trip that will fulfill their lives… nothing better than that! Try it by joining Playmakers! Our Membership Secretary, BONNIE SEGAARD, is waiting for your response. All you have to do is present her with $10 and you’re IN! Then you can ACT like an actor, techie, director, stage manager, costumer, light designer, sound technician, theatre manager, Board member, Playreader, etc. But for those past members who haven’t paid their $10 for 2008 (and there are over 50 of you!), Membership Secretary Bonnie Segaard has these words for you. HELP, your theatre needs this money! We “miss” you! And you know it!! Bonnie will soon be sending you tardy folks a statement for this mere $10 for your 2008 (before you know it you will owe for 2009!) dues. Please respond soon with a check. Theatre is a giant possibility for you; that is, it is only what you make it. By joining, or renewing a membership, you can be truly “artsy.” This means contributing to the overall cultural offerings in our Port Clinton area by helping put on live theatre. Bonnie's address is 124 East 6th St., Port Clinton 43452. Call her, or President Dick Renn, if you have questions at Bonnie’s, 419-7342449, or Dick’s, 419-734-1668.

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Playmakers Civic Theatre Minutes, by new Recording Secretary Monette Garn, for the Guild Meeting – February 18, 2009 Social Time:

Pizza and Beverages


Dick Renn, President Call to order 7:08 p.m., 24 in attendance


Monette Garn, Recording Secretary No minutes available from the last meeting on October 15, 2008


Dennis Gordon (absent) No report

Membership Secretary: Bonnie Segaard 56 paid members; will send statements to last year’s members Business Manager:

Ardeth Milefchik 581 Season Tickets; Low sales Faith County II; 405; Lowest attendance due to weather; $1400.00 Seussical;1100 attendance; $8300.00

Building Manager:

Nadine Jensen (deferred report to Dale) Building wall insulation; Contracted with Gordon Lumber; $4850.00 Wants Treasurer to report differences in heating bills to show savings

Theatrical Equip. Manager: Dale Jensen; No report Managing Director:

Dave Baker Seussical In spite of many directorial problems – Great show, good attendance, the show made money Faith County II Unknown play, bad weather led to poor attendance, lost money Don’t Hug Me Hopeful – Familiar show, everyone promote, encourage attendance Maybe Baby, It’s You Auditions soon (March 31 and April 1) Millie Butts Applaud her & her efforts on the past 2 productions

Vice President:

Susan Doell

(absent because of husband Don’s surgery yesterday) New knee; Recuperation at Fisher Titus and Magruder Hospitals

Theatre Talk:

Dick Renn

Need news articles by deadline March 5


Monette Garn One more meeting before The Vote. Reviewing many plays Some that almost made the vote previous years New plays; Possibly 2 musicals; May take parts of 2 plays to make one production: Mere Mortals & It’s All In The Timing Dave Baker received permission from author, David Ives, to combine them

“End of Season” Party Chair: Margot McCann (absent) August 15; Yacht Club (reserved) and The Garden (Caterer) Old Business:

President’s letter (attached) Re: Big Renovation Plan Motion: Put plan on hold by Bob McConnell; 2nd Jan Huston; Motion passed Motion: Have Board & Guild review Renovation Plans (about) every 6 months by Bob McConnell; 2nd Jan Baker; Motion passed Web site Revision & update - Under construction Tonight’s entertainment (video) will be on site Dick working on photos from Steve Fillmore to put on site No need to pay royalties for anything 5 minutes & under Dave Baker volunteered to update History of Playmakers Meeting adjourned: 8:00 p.m.; Motion by Dave Baker; 2nd Jan Huston; Motion passed

Entertainment: Selections from Don’t Hug Me; with cast members Matt Parker and Monette Garn

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Theatre Talk - March 2009  

Playmakers Civic Theatre - Port Clinton, Ohio

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