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December 2013 Park Cities Presbyterian Church Prayer for World Missions and Urban Ministries Sun




3 Young Life West Dallas: Praise the Lord for the many kids who came to know the Lord at camp!

4 Pray for Rick & Pam Box (Colombia) and their aging parents’ health back in the U.S.

5 Serve365 Boxes of

6 Pray for David &

Blessing: Please pray for PCPC families and ministry partners that will be filling 7000 boxes on Dec. 7!

Pam (Undisclosed Loca- the Holiday Home tion) as they prepare to Tour benefit on Dereturn to the field in cember 8th. 2014 and spend Dec. with family; for visas .

12 Pray for Charles & Dawna Debter (U.S. Based) for financial provision and for PCPC members to join them on shortterm trips in 2014.

13 Pray for PCPC’s

19 ARM: Pray that the Christmas Dinner on December 21 would be a blessing to the residents.

20 Pray for Bill &

21 ACT: Pray for the

Akemi Rhea (Cambodia) to be in the Word regularly and for the center they have opened

“Shelter of Peace.”

safety and protection of the staff as they work in the streets of West Dallas to rid the neighborhoods of crime & drug houses.

27 Austin Street Center: Praise the Lord for a new executive director! Pray for wisdom and guidance for the staff.

28 Pray for Peter Dishman (Colombia) and Lauren Fritz as they get married today and start a new life together.

1 Interfaith Housing Coalition: Pray for more mentors for the IHC families.

2 Pray for Andrew &

8 Pray for PCPC ESL Christmas parties on 12/11 and 12/12 and for the students to respond to the Gospel.

9 WDCS: Pray for the 10 Pray for PCPC

11UGM: Praise the

students and families, as the holidays can be a difficult time for them. Pray for comfort, strength, and provision.

Friendship Partners with SMU International Students to have opportunities to share during the Christmas season.

Lord for a wonderful 30 years of faithful service to our King! God has richly blessed UGM’s ministry to the homeless.

15 Write-Way Pris-

16 Pray for Tim & Jenny Martin (Japan) as they & their children spend their first Christmas there; for their belongings to arrive safely and soon.

17 Mercy Street: Pray for each of the children that Mercy Street ministers to on a daily basis.

18 Pray for Rick &

23 Exodus: Pray that the Lord would change the lives of the women who are recently released from incarceration.

24 Pray for Michelle

30 Pray for Ben &

31Voice of Hope: Pray that the Lord would provide a PCPC Ministry Coordinator to serve VOH.

on Ministries: Pray that the Lord would continue to work in the lives of the students who have been released from prison.

22 Pray for Tricia Schoon (Japan) for the Lord to be in charge of all the details as she continues to raise support to go overseas.

29 ROD: Pray for ROD’s efforts to reach the young before they have a chance to be put in prison.

Becky Bronson (Thailand) as they spend time in Dallas this week and have a PCPC reception 12/8.

Anna Graber (Germany); for continued healing for son Peter after eye surgery; that glaucoma would not develop in his other eye.

(India) and Carrie Jussely (Cambodia) as they celebrate Christmas away from families this year for the first time.

Kathy Ragan (U.S. Based) and son Jason who has respiratory problems from serving in the army in Iraq; for correct treatment.

25 DPRC: Pray that the Lord would provide nurses to volunteer during the day.


26 Pray for Bryan & Lois Varenkamp (U.S. Based-Asia); for plans for daughter Elin’s wedding in July and for Amy’s decisions for college next year.

Pray for God to stir your heart to see how YOU may be involved in Urban Ministries or World Missions in 2014!


ESL students who will be shopping at the Treasures of Hope Store. Pray for the salvation of those who do not know Christ.



7 NFNL: Pray for

14 Pray for LPF families as they reach out to non-believers and for many to attend their Christmas party.

December 2013 - World and Urban Missions Prayer Calendar  
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